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Men secretly respect a woman who is strong, has confide

Men secretly respect a woman who is strong, has confidence and has dreams of her own. There’s nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who has dignity and pride in who she is.
Sherry Argov
I was like little-miss wannabe punk-rocker; I would go home and secretly listen to Pink, and dance around, like, ‘Ugh, she understands me so well!’
I saw clearly that war was upon us when I learned that my young men had been secretly buying ammunition.
I was kind of secretly hoping one of my kids would go out and make a million bucks. So when they put me in a home, at least I’ll have a window with a view.
There’s this famous observation that I totally believe: Great startup ideas are the ones that lie in the intersection of the Venn diagram of ‘is a good idea’ and ‘looks like a bad idea.’ So you want most people to think it’s a bad idea and thus not compete with you until you get giant. But for it to secretly be good.
I don’t have a manager who’s secretly on Interscope. I’m the complete opposite of an industry plant.
I suppose that every one of us hopes secretly for immortality; to leave, I mean, a name behind him which will live forever in this world, whatever he may be doing, himself, in the next.
‘The Catcher in the Rye’ was targeted by some schools as a book too risque to read and certainly not appropriate for young minds. My parents certainly would not have approved of the book, but I secretly read it when I was in 7th grade. I felt so rebellious, and my young mind loved it.
My favorite music isn’t necessarily the songs that One Direction come out with. That doesn’t mean to say I don’t secretly really love some of our songs, which I do.
My mother had taught shorthand and typing to support us since my father died, and secretly she hated it and hated him for dying and leaving no money because he didn’t trust life insurance salesmen.
When I was growing up, I idolised my father. I thought his ghost followed me around the house. I had been told how he adored me, how I was funny, just like him. Because of our lovely Catholic upbringing, I secretly assumed that he would eventually come back, like our good friend Jesus.
Jesus made clear that the Kingdom of God is organic and not organizational. It grows like a seed and it works like leaven: secretly, invisibly, surprisingly, and irresistibly.
Os Guinness
I think, increasingly, despite what we are being told is an ever more open world of communication, there is a terrible alienation in the ordinary man between what he is being told and what he secretly believes.
I love boxing. I really respect the guys and admire the guys who do it. But, I’m very, very happy with my career as an actor. I made the right choice and things are really working out for me right now, but I won‘t pretend that there isn’t a part of me that always secretly wanted to be a boxer.
Holt McCallany
Many manufacturers secretly question whether advertising really sells their product, but are vaguely afraid that their competitors might steal a march on them if they stopped.
Secretly, I wanted to look like Jimi Hendrix, but I could never quite pull it off.
I’m secretly like 800 pounds and 90 years old.
Secretly we’re all a little more absurd than we make ourselves out to be.
I so miss musical theater. Secretly, I’m in awe of Broadway performers.
Brianna Brown
I remember being in high school, and you had to draw those lines and define yourself. I don’t think when I was in high school I would have been willing to admit that I liked the Shins. I was into TSOL and Black Flag. I probably would have listened to the Shins secretly in my bedroom.
Secretly, I had always wanted to go to Vegas, and have my own really bad act!
I secretly think reality exists so we can speculate about it.
Slavoj Zizek
In 2007, when I was a lawyer for the public interest group Free Press, I helped draft the complaint to the FCC against Comcast for secretly blocking BitTorrent and other technologies.
Oh, my, yes. I was raised in this Southern culture where if a guy was sarcastic, that just meant he didn’t know how to show his love – but secretly he cared! I completely bought that. The men I chased and the things I put up with – it was criminal.
‘Horse Soldiers’ is the untold story of how a small band of U.S. Special Forces soldiers secretly entered Afghanistan in 2001, just five weeks after September 11, saddled up on horses, and rode to an improbable victory against a vastly larger Taliban and Al Qaeda army.
I think women are by nature competitive – secretly, privately within their own selves, on lots of different levels, on the way they look, perform.
Talent is a gift which God has given us secretly, and which we reveal without perceiving it.
I am not so secretly a comedian. I write a lot of my own material if you’ve seen videos I’ve done. I write jokes.
When I was 10, I had dyed red hair, and I used to paint my nails – I think my mum secretly loved it.
I don’t know what would happen if the media starts picking up a theme that Google is secretly building AI weapons or AI technologies to enable weapons for the defense industry.
My heroes and heroines are often unlikely people who are dragged into situations without meaning to become involved, or people with a past that has never quite left them. They are often isolated, introspective people, often confrontational or anarchic in some way, often damaged or secretly unhappy or incomplete.
I always felt as a kid that I was underappreciated, inv

I always felt as a kid that I was underappreciated, invisible or weird, but I’ve always secretly thought people would one day appreciate what is different about me. I’m always putting that message out there.
I’m Richie Rich. I land in New York, secretly thinking I’m like the coolest guy in the world.
In high school, I would secretly play Joni Mitchell songs all the time. That’s when I started singing and playing at the same time, and I got really into doing that.
I’m still secretly a bit of a punk. Love The Clash and a bit of the Pistols. I guess as I’ve got older I’ve chilled out a bit. But, my teenage angst is still stirring somewhere!
Iwan Rheon
Like most people who live in India, I complain about corruption, but know that I can live with corrupt men. It is the honest ones I secretly worry about.
I secretly want to be a rapper!
The Democrats cannot say that we stand with immigrants if that secretly means we only stand with immigrants in odd-numbered years or when southern Democrats complain.
I think all girls secretly want to be actresses because acting seems so glamorous. But as a child, I was always the villager who had one line in the school play. I was shy and I had a bit of a lisp.
Hannah Ware
Remember: your bosses prefer to keep you in dependent positions. It is in their interest that you do not become self-reliant, and so they will tend to hoard information. You must secretly work against this and seize this information for yourself.
I always loved and secretly wanted to do ‘Company.’ It was produced on Broadway in 1970, and it’s about a successful 35-year-old guy who’s starting to think he should get married.
The work an unknown good man has done is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground, secretly making the ground green.
I’ll meet someone on the street and blurt out my most intimate details. I think everybody secretly – or not so secretly – wants to be understood, and I just want to connect, you know?
Everybody calls everybody a spy, secretly, in Russia, and everybody is under surveillance. You never feel safe.
BeforeVeronica Mars,’ I was not, and probably am still not, much of a crime reader. My mom left out a copy of ‘Helter Skelter’ when I was 10, and I secretly read it, and then I spent all my teenage years afraid of hippies. I kept away from crime books for, like, ten years.
I think a lot of people secretly wish they were a rock star, and I’m no exception.
At the beginning of June 1944, the war was reaching a climax. German troops had been brutalised by the savagery of the ongoing fighting in Russia, where the Red Army was secretly preparing its vast encirclement of the Germans‘ Army Group Centre.
I had a year, where… I was secretly, 100 percent, dead broke.
Pride is an admission of weakness; it secretly fears all competition and dreads all rivals.
Fulton J. Sheen
By the time I was ready for college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I think I secretly wanted a show business career, but I was suppressing it.
I’m secretly very stuffy.
If I told you all the people that have secretly told me I’ve influenced them, you’d never believe it, and you’ll never see it in print, either.
Secretly, I’m a real big nerd. I’d rather stay home and play Scrabble than go to a Hollywood party, any day of the week. And I love reading about history and watching the Discovery Channel.
Sprague Grayden
I went to performing arts camp, secretly taking classes – I got the lead in the musical, and my dad was like, ‘Wait, I thought you were going here for music and knitting‘.
I almost died, secretly, behind closed doors.
In middle school, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup. I secretly bought Maybelline’s SuperStay 24-hr. concealer at CVS. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.
I secretly want to shave my head.
I can’t in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building.
Everybody loves Vegas, and everybody puts it down, especially intellectuals and artists. We have to rub our feet on it, but we’re all secretly thrilled to be there.
Boilersuits are used by everybody from pilots in the army to racing drivers to people who clean your drains. The one piece overall is what all males secretly desire.
These ‘mistakesoccur in my books for a reason. I have an agenda: I’m secretly trying to inspire kids to create their own stories and comics, and I don’t want them to feel stifled by ‘perfectionism.’
Dav Pilkey
As an entrepreneur and a small business owner, you are intimately familiar with goals. You’ve dreamed of the ‘right’ ones, you’ve projected ‘real’ ones for the banker and the investor, and, secretly, you’ve imagined how life can be if you can reach the ones you’ve set.
Enya is a very matriarchal musical force. Her music is

Enya is a very matriarchal musical force. Her music is very feminine and she layers her voice a lot. It leaks into my music secretly on the side. There’s a lot of lush layers of my voice hiding in the cracks.
Men who consistently leave the toilet seat up secretly want women to get up to go the bathroom in the middle of the night and fall in.
Television is where I’m most at home. I’m not one of those TV presenters who secretly yearns to be a Hollywood actress. Live telly is what I thrive on.
You can’t prove Rembrandt is better than Norman Rockwell – although if you actually do prefer Rockwell, I’d say you were shunning complexity, were secretly conservative, and hadn’t really looked at either painter‘s work. Taste is a blood sport.
The moment a man sets his thoughts down on paper, however secretly, he is in a sense writing for publication.
I was a big sci-fi fantasy geek when I was younger… secretly, in my room.
Often people become our friend or follower with an undercurrent of resentment in our having more success than they have. They secretly desire the opportunity to take us down a notch; they have a nose for any misstep on our part they can exploit.
I was going to be a chemical engineer – I was a science nerd – that was the plan. I secretly applied to USC and NYU and got a scholarship to go to NYU based on a dumb animated short I made. It was a huge shock to me and my family.
You don’t have to believe the electorate secretly hankers for a dose of Marxist-Leninism to accept that there are deep levels of justified bitterness out there waiting to be tapped.
I don’t love the fact that gravity is winning as I get older, but there’s also a calmness that comes with it, which I’m secretly enjoying.
Sometimes, I seem to be only able to actually move and get going with things on the razor edge of possibly still managing whatever it is I’m supposed to do. I think, secretly, I might even get a buzz out of it. Maybe I crave the adrenalin like some sort of crazy gambler high on risking everything on the turn of a card.
By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.
When I was a kid growing up, you maybe secretly wanted to be an actor, but you never said.
I gave up painting by 16. I secretly thought I would have been Rembrandt by then.
During the wholeJeopardyexperience, I felt like I was living a bit of a double life, I would be secretly flying out to L.A. to tape new shows, hoping that none of my coworkers would notice the absence and figure out what was going on. ‘Jeopardy’ tries very hard to keep their secrets.
Many people secretly think that gays are a lot happier than they are, and want to punish them.
I have always respected education, which is why I actually went back secretly and taught school for eight years.
Power‘ is a funny thing. Maybe it’s a show that draws people in because they are watching people do things they secretly wish they could do or know they could get away with.
America has a love-hate relationship with celebrity. We love to follow celebrities, but we also love to mock them. And secretly, we believe we’re better than they are.
I was part of a growing community of women who were secretly dealing with harassment by Harvey Weinstein. But I also did not know that there was a world in which anybody would care about my experience with him.
All day long the door of the sub-conscious remains just ajar; we slip through to the other side, and return again, as easily and secretly as a cat.
Walter de La Mare
I always wanted to be an actor. It’s something I always secretly wanted. You know, I had the experience of being picked on as a child, and I would tell people, ‘You’re gonna be sorry when I’m famous!’ And then I learned after they kicked the stuffing out me that you don’t say that out loud.
DJ Qualls
When James Frey’s ‘A Million Little Piecesturned out to be largely bunk, critics everywhere secretly rejoiced. They knew it, they said.
I’ll bet you $10 right now that there are an awful lot of literary writers who started a long time ago and now they find themselves in this place where secretly they feel trapped. And you know what they really read for fun? They read crime fiction.
The revelation that the National Security Agency has been secretly amassing data on countless law-abiding American citizens has aroused great concern about the potential threat such an effort poses to liberty.
Money has to be an explosion of excitement and opportunity, yet we already secretly know that it doesn’t do what it promises. Nothing has ever given us as much pleasure as our pocket money when we were 12, or our first wage at the end of that first exhausting week, paid in folded cash.
Surrounded by soy boys and pallid milquetoasts, left-wing women often secretly hanker for a Neanderthal macho man in their life.
Secretly, I’m in awe of Broadway performers. I would love to perform at that level. I love the exchange with the audience. I love being able to sing and dance to express your emotions and the community and friendships that are formed when working on a theater piece.
Brianna Brown
I had always secretly wanted to write a novel.
I’m often asked, ‘Who has you worked with who you really thought was great?’ and I think Eleanor Parker was the first and one of the only who was a really accomplished actress, a really caring actress, who was most unselfish, and I was secretly in love with her.
To cement a new friendship, especially between foreigners or persons of a different social world, a spark with which both were secretly charged must fly from person to person, and cut across the accidents of place and time.
Cornelia Otis Skinner
Offer them what they secretly want and they of course i

Offer them what they secretly want and they of course immediately become panic-stricken.
I can secretly sing. But I am extremely shy when it comes to singing in public.
I used to think of George Michael as being mechanical, like a scientist in a white coat, working in a laboratory, creating perfect harmonies, and all the while I was secretly admiring him.
People coming up and saying something nice is always welcome. But when you’re being secretly photographed, that’s not so nice. I would rather shake hands with someone and exchange a few words than take a selfie.
I secretly want to skydive, even though it’s my greatest fear!
We writers, as we work our way deeper into our craft, learn to drop more and more personal clues. Like burglars who secretly wish to be caught, we leave our fingerprints on broken locks, our voiceprints in bugged rooms, our footprints in the wet concrete.
Ross MacDonald
The Lord only knows how many times I let my children go hungry rather than take secretly the bread I liked not to ask for.