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I often get mistaken for all different kinds of ages; s

I often get mistaken for all different kinds of ages; some of them flattering, some of them not.
People are mistaken if they think the Foreign Office can get you out of jail. We can’t, but we will work hard to try and ensure your safety, and that you get a fair trial.
That though we are certain of many things, yet that Certainty is no absolute Infallibility, there still remains the possibility of our being mistaken in all matters of humane Belief and Inquiry.
Joseph Glanvill
Unfortunately, many parents reject helmets for their kids out of a mistaken perception that helmets are unsafe for children.
Though I’m Punjabi, I’m often mistaken to be a Mexican or Spaniard.
Deep Roy
Poe is the only impeccable writer. He was never mistaken.
He was so benevolent, so merciful a man that, in his mistaken passion, he would have held an umbrella over a duck in a shower of rain.
Douglas William Jerrold
I did not expect to encounter what has beset me since my elevation to the presidency. God knows, I have endeavored to fulfill what I considered to be an honest duty, but I have been mistaken; my motives have been misconstrued and my feelings grossly betrayed.
When you talk about running big venues, obviously the WWE has sold out arenas all over the world throughout the years and it seems like every WrestleMania sets a new record. But, I believe l and I’m not mistaken that the first guy to run a dome was Bill Watts when he ran The Superdome.
I remember where I was when I heard Yngwie Malmsteen for the first time. It was such an epiphany for me, and it really shaped the way I play today. I think I heard him in ’83, if I’m not mistaken – I was 13 years old – and it really was amazing for me.
He who is mistaken in an action which he sincerely believes to be right may be an enemy, but retains our esteem.
Congress has shortchanged not only foreign aid but foreign policy. A mistaken notion that diplomats are unimportant and hence undeserving of support grips conservative legislators, especially.
Anthony Lewis
I also had a mistaken attitude towards certain comrades.
Bela Kun
There was one week where I got mistaken for Hasan Minhaj, who is on ‘The Daily Show;’ Kunal Nayyar, who’s on ‘Big Bang Theory;’ and Karan Soni of ‘Ghostbusters.’ This was one week.
One thing that’s likely: How you look as you age is hereditary. Some of my family members, for example, look younger than their real age. And people have mistaken me for 30, even 25.
The middle way is a view of life that avoids the extreme of misguided grasping born of believing there is something we can find, or buy, or cling to that will not change. And it avoids the despair and nihilism born from the mistaken belief that nothing matters, that all is meaningless.
For years, I’ve been mistaken for Rhys Ifans. All the time. People come up and say, ‘Notting Hill?’ I nearly got beaten up once for not being Rhys.
I always had short hair, and I hated my short hair. I was always mistaken for a boy, but my mom wouldn’t let me change my hair because she was always chasing me around with a hairbrush, and it was always tangled, so she just would cut it off, and she’s right: short hair did suit me.
Whoever utters ‘Kafkaesque’ has neither fathomed nor intuited nor felt the impress of Kafka‘s devisings. If there is one imperative that ought to accompany any biographical or critical approach, it is that Kafka is not to be mistaken for the Kafkaesque.
People have more dimensions to them than we give them credit for. The person you meet on the street that you think is someone, and it’s someone else. I’m mistaken for someone else all the time.
I think that people who make films and think they’re changing the world are sorely mistaken. If that really is your goal, there are far better ways to do it. I’m making politically observant films for audiences.
I subconsciously mimic whomever I’m talking to, so I’ve been mistaken for a Canadian, a South American, and somebody from the West Country.
Do not flinch from experiences that might destroy your beliefs. The thought you cannot think controls you more than thoughts you speak aloud. Submit yourself to ordeals and test yourself in fire. Relinquish the emotion which rests upon a mistaken belief, and seek to feel fully that emotion which fits the facts.
And for anyone who ever thought that Ellen and I broke it off because of sexuality, you couldn’t be more mistaken. And for anyone who thought my mother‘s prayers had anything to do with me marrying a man, forget it.
Anne Heche
If we notice a few errors in the work of a proven master, we may and even will often be correct; if we believe, however, that he is completely and utterly mistaken, we are in danger of missing his entire concept.
I’ll never be mistaken for Pat Boone.
Sal Mineo
He that speaks much, is much mistaken.
A beautiful sunset that was mistaken for a dawn.
Claude Debussy
I also had this mistaken dream, fantasy really – perhaps because I’m good at languages – of being able in both Italy and France to become someone else through my fluency in the language.
There’s a difference between being politically incorrect and boorish. And we’ve seen that line crossed a dozen times by smart people who’ve mistaken politics for punditry.
Mistaken identity, of course, has been the province of much postcolonial fiction. An important feature of this writing is the manner in which misrecognition has haunted all cognition.
If I am not mistaken, it was a British poet who said th

If I am not mistaken, it was a British poet who said that ‘no one is properly dressed unless he wears a smile.’
Positive, adj.: Mistaken at the top of one’s voice.
You know, I think many people have the mistaken impression that Congress regulates Wall Street. In truth that’s not the case. The real truth is that Wall Street regulates the Congress.
If I hammer my own thumb while doing some DIY, it’s not nice, but it’s not the end of the world. To care obsessively about similar levels of discomfort in animals seems to be a case of mistaken moral priorities.
The printing press was at first mistaken for an engine of immortality by everybody except Shakespeare.
On my first trip to Havana, I was stopped by a woman who turned out to be a Canadian tour guide and who had mistaken me for a woman who had been part of one of her tour groups.
I do not pretend to know precisely what is on foot there; but I think it pretty evident that there is a very free communication between that country and this body, and unless I am greatly mistaken, I see the dwarfish medium by which that communication is kept up.
Benjamin F. Wade
I believe love just happens once. You can be mistaken, you can think you are in love, but after a while you discover that you’re really not. Real love is different.
I don’t want to impose rules on people, but you have only a short window, and you’re sorely mistaken if you think you can put off having a family. It’s very hard to find a good man, and it’s never a ‘good time‘ to have a baby if you have a career.
Being here allows me to make the case that not all aging, narcissistic movie actors whose children could be mistaken for their grandchildren necessarily act with the same motivation.
Nobody‘s perfect. And if you think they are, you’re sadly mistaken.
A journalist is a person who has mistaken their calling.
Otto von Bismarck
I became famous when I scored that goal for Mogi Mirim direct from the kick-off against Noroeste. It was 18 April 1993, if I’m not mistaken. After that, my name was in all the papers.
In one day, I got mistaken for three different actresses: Wendy Williams, Sherri Shepherd, and Star Jones.
The man that thinks he loves his mistress for her own sake is mightily mistaken.
People are mistaken to view cinema as some sort of gimmick. It’s very much ingrained in the ways in which we understand each other.
There’s an American idea that you want to look as young as you can for as long as you can. If you can be mistaken for a teenager from behind into your 50s, then you’ve won; you’ve succeeded.
There exists, if I am not mistaken, an entire world which is the totality of mathematical truths, to which we have access only with our mind, just as a world of physical reality exists, the one like the other independent of ourselves, both of divine creation.
Charles Hermite
Unfortunately, in our country, crying is mistaken for good acting.
Taking notes at a pub in Salisbury, I was mistaken for a health inspector!
People who like my stuff and know what my agenda is have never mistaken me for being racist or poking fun at the wrong thing.
If someone thinks that education, health, infrastructure all are different sectors and issues and they ought to be fought independently, then they are mistaken. There is an underlying pattern in the process. And that is bad governance.
I have made the mistaken assumption – and I will attempt to be better at this – of thinking that because somebody is on Twitter and is attacking me that it is open season. And that is my mistake.
We gave up some of our country to the white men, thinking that then we could have peace. We were mistaken. The white man would not let us alone.
There was a time I could have been mistaken for Burt Reynolds. I had a moustache and so did he. But he was the number one star in the world, so there wasn’t really much confusion.
There was a time I could have been mistaken for Burt Reynolds. I had a moustache and so did he. But he was the number one star in the world, so there wasn’t really much confusion.
I hope this view of the question may be a mistaken one, because it does not seem to me very unlikely that the suffrage will be granted to women.
John Bright
Those who think in Britain they can push the Brexit button and not have a bill to pay are seriously mistaken.
Charles Michel
When I lived in New York, never in my life had I been more mistaken for another than David Chang.
David Choe
On the set of ‘Girlboss,’ I had to keep introducing myself as the show runnerliterally, ‘Hi, I’m the boss‘ – to a lot of my crew. My first AD said, ‘Why do you keep doing that?’ I said, ‘Because I get mistaken for an extra.’
I never know what I’m going to write next, and when I think I do I usually turn out to be mistaken.
Lawrence Block
You know, I think many people have the mistaken impress

You know, I think many people have the mistaken impression that Congress regulates Wall Street. In truth that’s not the case. The real truth is that Wall Street regulates the Congress.
Companies make a big point of how their culture is all about ‘bad news first,’ but when it comes to people, they are suddenly scared to communicate bad news out of some mistaken feeling of politeness or political correctness.
The Obama administration contends that starting a for-profit business means leaving religious liberty behind. The administration has effectively told the Supreme Court that for-profit companies have no right to act on moral convictions the government opposes. They are about profits. That position is deeply mistaken.
‘I Am Singh’ is about Sikhs, who, despite living in the U.S. for generations, were mistaken for Arabs and Afghans due to their turbans and became victims of racist violence in the aftermath of 9/11. The film takes a look at the discrimination against Sikhs post 9/11.
My detractors would be mistaken to believe that the allegations against me that had no basis and were all lies would distract me. I continue to do my job.
Jejomar Binay
I chose and my world was shaken. So what? The choice may have been mistaken; the choosing was not. You have to move on.
Some fans have a mistaken opinion of the average umpire. He is human, all reports to the contrary. Every fellow who is successful is conscientious to almost a fault.
Billy Evans
There is a certain belief that so long as something is published in cyberspace there is no need to respect the laws of contempt or libel. This is mistaken.
Between ‘St. Anger’ and ‘Death Magnetic,’ we had, if I’m not mistaken, five kids born. And, of course, that would allow things to take time.
For years, I’ve been mistaken for Rhys Ifans. All the time. People come up and say, ‘Notting Hill?’ I nearly got beaten up once for not being Rhys.
Many people and governments share the mistaken belief that science, with new, ingenious devices and techniques, can rescue us from the troubles we face without our having to mend our ways and change our patterns of activity. This is not so.
Henry W. Kendall
There is a strong tendency in the United States to rally round the flag and their troops, no matter how mistaken the war.
I’m a theological writer mistaken for a political writer. My theme is grace versus karma.
I get constantly mistaken for Elijah Wood.
We have mistaken the nature of poverty, and thought it was economic poverty. No, it is poverty of soul, deprivation of God’s recreating, loving peace.
Thomas R. Kelly
I think when people talk about lighter drama, they tend to use that term, not derogatorily, but ‘lighter’ means sort of less to a degree, but if you’re an actor, light drama is often mistaken for easier drama.
Bruno Heller
I’ve had fans coming up to me and speaking Chinese or Japanese. It’s not a case of mistaken nationality. I just don’t think they realise that we don’t all speak the same language.
Something that is funny, that I use sometimes if I’m doing comedy, is the fact that I’m now often mistaken for the rapper Rick Ross. And I don’t know that I’ve ever corrected anyone – like I’ve never said, ‘No no, I’m not Rick Ross, I’m Black Thought from The Roots.’
Back of every mistaken venture and defeat is the laughter of wisdom, if you listen.
I got briefly mistaken for someone who might be good in bed, which was very, very good.
Unfortunately, I’ve never been mistaken as Johnny Depp.
President Obama‘s call for nearly a half-trillion dollars in more government stimulus when America has more than $14 trillion in debt is guided by his mistaken belief that we can spend our way to prosperity.
Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles.
Thomas Browne
Those of us who thought Jorge Luis Borges was a pioneer of magical realism were mistaken; he was a pioneer of science fiction.
It’s no secret – I’ve said this before – people have mistaken me for a P.A. on the set. On my own set.
I’m a Leo, with an Aquarian mid-heaven, so I can be mistaken for an Aquarius. My Sun-Uranus conjunction in Leo makes me an honorary Aquarian anyway.
Lack of pep is often mistaken for patience.
Some books are serials, not to be mistaken for anything else. ‘The Two Towers,’ for example, ought never to be read in isolation.
I was kind of a tomboy when I was the age of the character. I could be mistaken for a boy – sometimes I found it cool and sometimes I found it hard, but I remember the excitement.
I don’t think I’ve ever been mistaken for anyone.
At home, we must reject the mistaken notion – a notion that has dominated too much of the public dialogue for too long – that ever bigger Government is the answer to every problem.
'From Here to Eternity' happens to be fourteen-carat en

‘From Here to Eternity‘ happens to be fourteen-carat entertainment. The main trouble is that it is too entertaining for a film in which love affairs flounder, one sweet guy is beaten to death, and a man of high principles is mistaken for a saboteur and killed on a golf course.
Manny Farber
Personally, speaking as a historian and a storyteller, when it comes to inaccuracy in historical fictioneering, I follow the Shakespeare principle: I’m willing to overlook gobs of mistaken detail if the poetic valence is basically correct.
I often get mistaken for Dumbledore. One wizard is very much like another.
My passion and energy get mistaken for anger.
I get mistaken for Jesy Nelson from Little Mix all the time.
Some people in Silicon Valley are as bad as the ‘Koch Brothers‘, you know? Don’t be mistaken. For every some of those, though, you get people who come up with something like ‘Leafly’, which does what ‘Yelp’ has done, but in a much more specific way, and it’s important because it’s the dawn of this new era.
I’m often mistaken for Spanish or Latin descent.
South Florida, Central Florida, and North Florida could never be mistaken for each other. Each has its quirks and attractions.