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Analysts may be correct that the presidential election

Analysts may be correct that the presidential election won’t primarily turn on entitlements reform, but by choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney can, contrary to conventional wisdom, make it a winning issue and lay the foundation for a reform mandate when he wins.
There is one nickname that my mate wants me to have… it’s The Ace. I’m happy for a campaign for people to start calling me that!
What do I think about when I’m fishing? I don’t really know. Mate, I just think about how I’m going to catch my next fish.
I would never imagine a mate based on a certain sex or race.
I always wanted to get married. I was very drawn to the idea of a partner with whom you went through life, a mate who was always in your corner.
It’s a great relationship when you can work with the person who you consider to be your soul mate.
Rick Derringer
Valentine’s Day: Rubbing singlesnoses in their lack of a mate and the noses of couples in their lack of time.
I was the Republican governor of the heavily Democratic state of New Mexico. I focused on good government, and I got it done – just like my running mate, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld. The people of New Mexico reelected me by a comfortable margin. Ditto for Weld.
Sometimes it can be difficult when you’re talking to a journo after the game, saying, ‘Yeah mate, I was on the burst.’ And then the translator is trying to translate that into Japanese, and apparently there is no actual translation.
The gay bunting erects his white crest, and gives utterance to the joy he feels in the presence of his brooding mate; the willow grouse on the rock crows his challenge aloud; each floweret, chilled by the night air, expands its pure petals; the gentle breeze shakes from the blades of grass the heavy dewdrops.
Every girl on TV, in real life, sure you want to meet that soul mate and fall in love and have the big thing, but until that happens, you gotta kiss a lot of frogs.
When I wake up, I always drink tons of Guayaki organic yerba mate tea.
I really love animals. My cat is my little soul mate. He’s not just a cat, he’s my friend.
I truly have a village supporting me. My son has godmothers, godfathers, grandparents and so many others in his life who love him as much as I do. They’re there for both of us. I may not have a mate or husband, but I’m definitely not a single parent.
I would love to meet my soul mate. I’m always kind of keeping my eyes open for somebody.
Vogue is my best mate.
I wouldn’t trade a thing. Even the troubles that I had. I have become the husband and mate to my wife that I have because of what I went through, including the bad times. I wouldn’t trade that.
I’m away so much I’ve had to learn to cook, and I find it relaxing after filming. I make stews and liver and bacon, and an Italian mate taught me how to make a mean puttanesca sauce.
What’s hilarious is people taking photos and they think you don’t know. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Like taking a picture of their mate for example but about three foot wide of their face – and the flash is on half the time!
John McCain‘s choice of Sarah Palin as running mate is the towering example of his poor judgment. Palin’s ignorance of public affairs is monumental.
We should send a load of bad celebrities to colonise Mars. They would have to mate in space, and then their children would be sent back to Earth in 50 years‘ time.
Mate I’m eating the most rancid stuff, like frog legs and all sorts of weird stuff. Mate, I’ll try anything once.
Mama grizzlies mate later than other bears. They have two cubs instead of four. They wait four years – about twice as long as other bears – between having cubs. And after they’re pregnant, if winter is hard or their health is not good or the food supply is uncertain, they re-absorb the embryo into their body.
We’re a miserably violent species. But there’s a complication, which is we don’t hate violence, we hate the wrong kind. And when it’s the right kind, we cheer it on, we hand out medals, we vote for, we mate with our champions of it. When it’s the right kind of violence, we love it.
Let me tell you what changed my mind: it was when Donald Trump picked Mike Pence to be his running mate. I was convinced that Donald Trump knew exactly what he was doing, and he knew that was rounded out the ticket in many ways.
I think being ambitious, successful, powerful, making a lot of money – I don’t care what color you are as a woman; it’s difficult to find a mate. I think the natural order is that men want to be providers.
Stephanie Allain
Nobody until very recently would have thought that their husband was supposed to be their best friend, confidante, intellectual soul mate, co-parent, inspiration.
You know I’ve got a chum, a smashing mate, he’s got a dog with no legs, and he calls it a cigarette. It’s true, yeah, because at nighttime he has to take it out for a drag.
The experience of watching other standups is either: 1) you see your mate doing standup and it’s really bad and you’re heartbroken, or 2) You see your mate doing really well and it’s heartbreaking.
Order rooted in and maintained and restored by fear, intimidation, brutality and incarceration is immoral and untenable. Justice is order’s intended soul mate. But serving justice is twice as hard as serving fear.
This bloke in Rome once took his camera off and cracked me round the head with it, and I’m bleeding. He was a bit bigger than me, the Italian photographer, but I thought, ‘I can’t back down now,’ so I sort of squared up to him. Luckily, my mate jumped round and bit him on the neck.
We're incredibly lucky and I get to work with my best m

We’re incredibly lucky and I get to work with my best mate – I don’t know why I’d ever want to stop doing that really.
Marriage can provide a bounty of emotional, practical, and financial support. But finding the right mate is no substitute for having friends and other interests.
I am not arguing that women ought to ‘settle.’ I am arguing that we can now expect more of a mate than we could when we depended on men for our financial security, social status, and sense of accomplishment.
Usually in features, I’m the lead. I consider the director the captain, but I consider myself the first mate, and it’s up to me to keep in contact with the heart of the crew.
Edward Albert
The gunner’s mate came up and started breaking the locks on the ammunition. Everything was locked up for fear that someone might go in there with a cigarette or something.
Barney Ross
I believe everyone has a soul mate that they can spend the rest of their life together.
My wife is my soul mate. I can’t imagine being without her.
Dad needs to show an incredible amount of respect and humor and friendship toward his mate so the kids understand their parents are sexy, they’re fun, they do things together, they’re best friends. Kids learn by example. If I respect Mom, they’re going to respect Mom.
I read the ‘Guardian,’ because it’s a bit like having an argument with a mate. We mostly have the same sensibilities, but where we disagree, it’s infuriating.
As you can imagine I’m disappointed as anything that I was not selected to be the presidential running mate. And I find it continually appalling that it would be a radical thing to have a woman on the ticket.
Kate Clinton
Everybody wants to find their soul mate, and I’m no different. That’s definitely what I want in the future.
I am truly a product of Hollywood in-breeding. When two celebrities mate, someone like me is the result.
I just wanted to be an actress. It never occurred to me that I could become famous, because I’m not one of those people who’s automatically going to be the lead. I always saw myself as the mate.
If you love me I will promise I love you, if you are my mate I will die for you. But if somebody starts giving it me, I will give it back.
In no culture ever studied have women repeatedly preferred to mate with pear-shaped, low-status, tepid men possessing high-pitched, nasal voices.
I will respect Ferrari‘s decision for whoever is next to me and at the end it’s my job to adapt to the person next to me and you can always learn from whoever is your team mate.
I’ll be walking down the street with a mate, and someone will stop and say ‘All right Crouchy, how’s things?’ and so on. Once they’re gone, the person I’m with will say ‘Do you know them?’ and I’ll say ‘I’ve never met them before in my life‘. Happens all the time.
Both sexes like the exercise and challenge of sports, but for men it’s also a basic display behavior for impressing and winning a mate.
When you’re in love, you’ve found your soul mate, you think life is going one way, and suddenly it’s completely apparent it’s not. You have to rethink your whole purpose.
When you look at elephant herds that are nonstressed, the males are never around. They mate, they go; they’re loners.
Mark Shand
I think the country is very settled in a lot of ways, and we saw that after the Democratic Convention. I think a lot of the bump that we enjoyed came when John Kerry selected John Edwards as his running mate.
I’d love to be part Apache Indian. But I’m from Bristol. No Apaches there mate.
After I found April Barrows, I felt I had found a soul mate. Her stuff is exactly what I was looking for.
Suzy Bogguss
In the early days, I was everything to David. I was his creative partner, his lover, his soul mate.
Angela Bowie
I believe in finding a soul mate. I’ve always been in monogamous relationships. I would never want to be in an open one. It’d be too awful. Monogamy can be hard work for some people. I don’t think it applies to everybody, and I don’t think a lot of people can do it.
I know that Julia has been given to me for my spiritual growth, and this moment is perfect for us both. I know that I love her, and I know she‘s my soul mate.
It’s never over until we’re shaking hands at the net. Then you’ve either won or you’ve lost, and – either way – you look them in the eye and say, ‘Well played, mate.’
The urgency to mate persists in all people as in all other mammals because of the evolutionary drive to continue the species, the inborn imperative for genes to reproduce and hormonal differences that evolved over millions of years.
So it is that one side effect of the HD revolution has been the gratifying and edifying return of the nature documentaryfilms about the hugely varied forms of life that eat, sleep, stalk, mate, fight, thrive, suffer and struggle on our dear and embattled old Earth.
No one’s ever done what AC/DC did out of anywhere, really. Conquered the world, mate, that was the idea from the start. A little Napoleon in all of us.
I would like to work with my mate Gary Oldman again. I think Gary would be an interesting person to bring into ‘Line Of Duty.’
I feel 95 per cent of Indian boys are mama's boys and a

I feel 95 per cent of Indian boys are mama‘s boys and a few of them couldn’t come out of their mother‘s shadows. Salman Khan is one of them. I feel one of the reasons he is unable to find a soul mate is he looks for his mother in every girl.
I got offered a short-term contract at Oldham, to sit on the bench. I was living on my mate’s sofa while I was there. But that’s what you’ve got to do to get by.
Neil Etheridge
Me and my mate used to go across the park, jump on the Met line to get the Tube into Harrow. There was a sports shop we always used to go into, and there was a McDonald‘s. We used to go off with three or four quid in our pocket. That would cover our train fare, mooching around Harrow, and going to McDonald’s.
Ed Sheeran is a good mate of mine, and he just flies around the place doing every single bit of promo or gig or interview, and it’s no wonder that when you combine that with immense talent that he’s playing in stadiums and arenas around the world.
To bolster his right flank and attract women voters, John McCain had cynically opted for a running mate who was, by any stretch of the imagination, unqualified for a position a heartbeat away from the presidency.
Nowadays, ideas can meet and mate very much faster than before, and the Internet is only accelerating this process. So innovation is bound to accelerate.
Matt Ridley
When my boy has lost 4-0 on a Sunday morning, I’m the Dad in the car saying: ‘OK mate, don’t worry, we can do this or do that’. When I got in the car after losing a game I sat in the backseat and had to keep my mouth closed.
If you hear that my soul mate still tells one or more of his exes he loves her, I want to know. Audio recording is preferable.
When I talk to the camera, mate, it’s not like I’m talking to the camera, I’m talking to you because I want to whip you around and plunk you right there with me.
Anybody I grew up with in this area – they’re still a mate. Lots of people in the Prahran area gave me my first go. Sold me my trucks on… I don’t know, 100 deposit and 100 a month. Without the support of those guys, you’d still sort of be driving a truck.
I have no fear of losing my life – if I have to save a koala or a crocodile or a kangaroo or a snake, mate, I will save it.
We’re always asked the same three questions. If we’re on our own we get, ‘Where’s your mate, then?’ If we’re in a car it’s, ‘Where’s your bike, then?’ And if you’re having a meal, we get, ‘You’re not cooking, then?’
In many instances, mate choice is a compensatory process. In other words, both men and women choose prospective mates by combining their scores on several key attributes.
I eat almonds professionally, and I can’t get enough of Yerbe Mate Cranberry Synergy Kombucha!
All work is noble; the only ignoble thing is to live without working. There is need to realize the value of work in all its forms whether manual or intellectual, to be called ‘mate,’ to have sympathetic understanding of all forms of activity.
You need a lot of luck to find people with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Some people manage to find their soul mate. Others don’t. I think love is like a lottery.
I’m always calling people ‘mate.’
David Seaman
Where I grew up, there was only one CD shop, and I didn’t really like school, so we’d register, then bunk off, and we would be round my mate’s house making drum-and-bass mix tapes.
I don’t think I’m unlike a lot of people. I am just someone who is trying to find that mate, and I think it’s a really hard thing to do.
Jeanie McCarthy is the love of my life. She’s the only woman who really understands me, my music, and my heart. It took me a long time to find my soul mate, but thank God I found her before I moved to the other side of time.
As and when I get into a relationship, I’ll flaunt her to the world. I’m looking for a soul mate, and in any case, I’m not very much for casual dating. I’m such a simple guy away from this dating-shating business.
Certainly, when I left New Zealand, there was no career there as a comedian. I was doing more live gigs than anyone, and I was maybe doing three a week. Even then, it would often be the same people in the audience, going, ‘I saw you on Tuesday, mate!’
My philosophy was, if I just do good work, someone will like it enough to employ me. It never made me famous. And I’m way, way too old now, mate. That boat‘s sailed.
Ian Hart
I was on the set of ‘Braveheart’ and my mate says to me, ‘Do you think this film will be any good?’ And I really meant this, too, I told him ‘Let me put it this way – It won’t win any awards.’ Cut to: five Oscars.
I hope that I’ll be able to have kids with a mate. But I don’t know if that’s in the plan.
If your potential mate does not have the same perspective that you do then you’re going to be lost.
Eva LaRue
One thing that’s good is I don’t lose it if some old mate goesbang!’ and hits me in the face.
It is odd that we have so little relationship with nature, with the insects and the leaping frog and the owl that hoots among the hills calling for its mate. We never seem to have a feeling for all living things on the earth.
Sam Nunn might bring us Georgia and maybe even another Southern state but, in my opinion, at an unacceptable cost to our principles and to the concept of change that has stirred millions to rise and work for Barack Obama. Sam Nunn would be a disaster as a running mate and a total anathema to millions of Americans.
If I started something, I had to finish. Like with violin. I started when I was seven only because my best mate wanted to. I hated it and wanted to quit, but Dad made me continue, and I got to grade seven. My parents said I had to know the value of stuff and work for stuff.
I don’t pay attention to Australia, mate.
Yes, it was love at first sight. I feel that after all

Yes, it was love at first sight. I feel that after all these years, I have finally found my soul mate.
Barbara Hershey
There’s something very, very powerful about having a life mate that you are attracted to but then can also have a beer with.
The independent role of morphology in mate choice is revealed by the rare instances where the usual association between song and morphology is disrupted.
Peter R. Grant
It’s naive to think there is a woman in the world who isn’t brought up to believe that they are waiting for their soul mate. You even see it in Disney.
No matter what your laundry list of requirements in choosing a mate, there has to be an element of good luck and good fortune and good timing.
I get on so well with lots of Scots, and a man who had a big influence on my career and was a great mate, Johnny Paton, was Scottish. But I became a hate figure in Scotland because of my views on football. That always made me chuckle, and it still does.
Jimmy Hill
I always believe a woman should have 5 non-negotiables that she should stick to when attracting a mate. If the guy does not have these five major things – then she should not give the guy a chance as she’s wasting her time. The rest is up to the magic and wiggle room the universe gives.
Playing with Angus and Malcolm, that’s a pretty tough gig, mate. That made me the maniac that I am today, no doubt.
Vijay is my husband but he continues to be my best friend and soul mate.
I always had a penchant for falling in love. Every time I found myself without a mate, I fell into a state of low-sizzling panic.
I might be a natural show-off but being your best mate’s best man is a different kettle of fish.
My style became very technical. I sacrificed a lot of things. I was always hunting for the king, for the mate. I’d forget about my other pieces. Until a point it worked, and I won games that way.