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Close friends, or those in my pay, sometimes call me a

Close friends, or those in my pay, sometimes call me a literary polymath, while others say that I’m just a shallow dilettante, superficial and breezy, with a faux-naif style.
For me, the only thing that mattered was getting married in the presence of my family and very close friends. We did not want a big fat wedding.
I don’t have any close friends that are my competitors. I think that’s just the nature of being a sprinter.
The first time I ever saw snow skis was when I was 62 years old and that was 19 years ago and I’m still skiing. So, we’ll be skiing with some very close friends of the Carter Center letting them know what the Carter Center is doing around the world. We have programs in over 65 countries.
I would never put my close friends or a real relationship on a show.
Although I’ve got lots of pals in showbiz, I haven‘t got that many close friends.
If you‘re not comfortable with public speaking – and nobody starts out comfortable; you have to learn how to be comfortable – practice. I cannot overstate the importance of practicing. Get some close friends or family members to help evaluate you, or somebody at work that you trust.
I was awkward in school. I didn’t really fit in with any kind of crowd in school. I didn’t have a lot of friends. But the friends I had were very close friends.
Jonathan Bennett and I are very close friends.
I do visit the church every Christmas, spend time with family and close friends at dinner.
I read everything that Tolkien wrote, and also read biographies of him. I was fascinated by his experiences in World War I, which includes the loss of life of some of his very, very close friends. I think he writes about that a lot in ‘The Hobbit‘ and ‘The Lord of the Rings.’
I just never have really been the kind of person that’s out in public being inappropriate, I guess. I like to have fun as much as the next person but I tend to do it in private and just hang out with close friends. If I’m going to go out, I’ll just do it with my really good friends.
I didn’t see conflict during the Vietnam War, but I did lose close friends.
I am so honest that at times people get offended by what I say. In our industry, truth is not really appreciated. I love to be of my own. I try spending quality time with my family, my two very close friends and my pet Liam.
Neeru Bajwa
I never really had any close friends in India, and I felt a terrible loneliness and isolation for many years. Westernized Indians don’t like my books and I tend not to like westernized Indians – so we’re quits.
As for me, I was a lonely kid, with few close friends until I was an adult – even when I might have been perceived as being on the inside, I felt like I was on the outside, kind of like viewing the world through a sheet of glass.
I don’t know anybody that is like super close friends but also competing for the same medal. That would be kinda odd.
I don’t have an acting coach, but the closest thing I have would be some of my peers that are my close friends. We bounce ideas off each other and help one another run our lines all the time.
Richard Harmon
Actually, if you ask my really close friends, they would say that ‘Honeymoon‘ is more me than anything else I’ve written.
I’m still very close friends with his first wife, Neile, who is now remarried.
I’m not shy. I’m quiet. With my close friends. I talk a lot. But if I’m at a big dinner, I’m not gonna walk in and go introduce myself to everybody.
I only entertain very close friends.
I wish I could go to the school where my close friends go, but I obviously can’t. The good thing is, they’re really good about inviting me to all the football games and all that stuff. So I end up having an adopted team spirit for a school I don’t go to.
David Gallagher
I am not someone who likes cocktail parties or large dinner parties, but I have to attend them often. I much prefer very small dinners with close friends.
No man has more than a handful of close friends. He may find some of them early in life, some later.
Tupac and I were just close friends because we had such an insatiable drive and passion for acting and entertainment.
I’ve got many close friends, but there’s an awful lot about friendship that is not demonstrative in my case.
I am really a loner after all; I am really not a social person. Because of my job, people think I am out every night, but I really hate all that. I am somebody who likes to be alone and see some close friends. I am a shy and introspective person.
I believe that I am very lucky to have close friends who are faithful. From my friends, I have learned the importance of perseverance.
I kind of made the decision early on to be extremely open about everything and just pretend like all of these people watching were my close friends that I could tell stuff to and be honest with.
He’s very concealed, Polanski. We became very close friends, but I don’t think I ever saw him drop his guard. I didn’t see him upset or anything like that, we just did the work.
Ronald Harwood
When I do get free time, I spend a lot of it at home wi

When I do get free time, I spend a lot of it at home with my family and my close friends and I think that’s what keeps me happy, healthy, grounded, and totally in check.
Whether it’s golf or writing, you have friends, and then you have ‘friends’ friends. Friends who are like family. I can count my close friends on two hands, which is good, I think. That’s a lot. Some are at home in Spain, others are elsewhere, and some are in golf.
Sergio Garcia
I had a lot of conversations with my family, my close friends, with my pastor, with God, and kind of came to a revelation that maybe I should be honest with myself about who I am and let that person – this woman who has lived inside me for my entire lifefinally have an opportunity to live.
My father was the president of the Hearst Corporation, and my parents were close friends of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and they all had pugs.
Brigid Berlin
Massages are my favorite. Sometimes just getting myself outside for a walk if I’m really busy can be an indulgence. I love taking naps. I love to stay up too late with close friends. I believe in everything in moderation. I take what I like and leave what I don’t.
Diwali is chaotic in the Kapoor household, and that’s an understatement. I normally throw a huge card party with all my close friends and my close knit group from the industry.
When I was young, I thought it was normal to go to sleep to the sounds of sirens. People on my block were in the biggest gang in the city. They were my close friends – they showed me the ropes, who to watch out for.
Emily Rios
Never put your family, friends, or significant other low on your priority list. Prefer a handful of truly close friends to a hundred acquaintances.
The one thing I’ve always said: Let your family and close friends be the judge of who you are as a person. Don’t worry about being judged by others who don’t know you, because your family and close friends know what you’re all about, good and bad.
My work is my hobby and if I am not on the sets, I am at home with a bunch of very close friends.
Across Central Virginia, the traditions of Thanksgiving bring us closer together with those we love. We gather with family and close friends, we share memories and laughter, and we give thanks for the profound blessing of living in the United States.
I tend to jot down moments, lines, interactions that don’t really make any sense. I try and explain these scattered notes to my close friends, and they become more and more logical. I see screenwriting as a bit like a math equation which I have to solve.
In the evenings, I like to go for dinners with my close friends.
I ask my close friends to give me feedback.
I’d probably describe my sense of humor as ‘twisted,’ I guess. It’s not hard to make me laugh, especially when I’m surrounded by my close friends, especially my bandmates.
I had two experiences with very close friends of mine who experienced aphasia, the loss of language. It shocked me.
In America, they often don’t know where I am from. The important point is the audience should not be able see through it. It should be so natural that your close friends may even think that you are not a great actor.
A lot of my close friends are musicians and are consumed by the idea of death; their heads are like a torture chamber. I’m not like that – I don’t have death anxiety and I don’t think about it all the time.
I married someone whom I was close friends with first. I think that was a really good move.
All of the people in my life whom I consider to be close friends or colleagues are good thinkers.
When I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time either by myself or with my mom. But when I hit high school, she really became one of my close friends.
It sucks being judged by the world instead of your close friends or family. I try to just realise that the only people who matter are my family and friends.
The most real characters in a great play are those who are so meticulously drawn that the audience could predict how many pairs of shoes they might have in their closet or how many close friends they had in grade school. Have any of our public figures been as fully developed in the media?
Financing for ‘Shotgun Stories’ was initiated with money from close friends and family. This is where the money to go into production came from. After production, a company called ‘Upload Films‘ came on board and provided post-production funds and services. In both instances, people were taking a gamble on us.
I have always looked for growth, and in TV, you are as good as your last show. So I only care about my personal space, my family, and close friends.
I usually only play with very close friends.
Emanuel Ax
I always market research my books before I hand them in by showing them to five or six close friends who I trust to be honest with me, so they are very heavily re-written already.
Helen Fielding
Expats are a self-selecting group of outgoing, confident people – if you’re not those things, you probably don’t choose this adventure – and the lifestyle is very conducive to making fast, close friends.
The people from ‘The State’ are close friends, but also some of the most incredibly funny people I know.
Joe Lo Truglio
When I signed with WWE, a lot of people, even close friends, told me that this place was going to chew me up and spit me out, just because of the way my personality is. It’s been an adjustment for me as a human being.
I want to make as much money as I possibly can so that when my day comes, my mother and sister is fine. My close friends are fine. They don’t have to worry about anything ever again.
I gotta tell you, I don't have many close friends, and

I gotta tell you, I don’t have many close friends, and if I do wind up making friends with somebody, it takes me a long time, usually.
I’ve been an important star and lived a full life, yet I only hve three close friends. I guess that’s all anyone can expect.
I’m lucky in that I have close friends and family and my agent to advise me.
I come from an enormous and very close family. I have over a dozen aunts and uncles in Pakistan, dozens of cousins. I have many close friends. I have received so much love in Lahore that the city always pulls me.
One of my great loves is golf. When I am in L.A., I like to play with a few close friends: no phones, no distractions, the great outdoors and the chance to bet some money to keep it interesting.
Tony Benn and I were very close, very close friends for 30, 40 years. We talked to each other a great deal, and we were great friends. And I was with him shortly before he died, talking about prospects of the world and prospects for peace. And I’m very sad that he’s gone.
When I was younger, I had some close friends who always loved European football, and Real Madrid at that time were the dominant force. I remember family holidays when we used to go to Spain, and we’d bring back replica shirts of Real Madrid and pretend to be the players when we played in the park.
Football is good, but family, close friends, my brothers – I have family everywhere – is the most important thing.
I was a tomboy and most of my close friends were male.
I’m still single, but me and Lauren are really really really close friends.
I don’t even sing in front of really close friends. It’s embarrassing. I don’t really sing when I’m alone, either. I just hum enjoyably.
Kim Woo-bin
My close friends are not from the industry. They are those I went to Lower Kindergarten with.
I generally unwind by having dinner with close friends.
Nelson DeMille
I have a few close friends with whom I can practice speaking Italian, but I mostly maintain fluency through reading.
At every stage of my career I have had interesting and cordial colleagues, some of whom are close friends.
Daniel Nathans
I bond well with my mother Raaj, with my wife Ridhima, with my dog Wafer, with all my close friends and also at a deeper level with the almighty.
Once you’re on the pitch, you play for your team, and you want to win. During the year, you can play against friends – you can play against big friends and close friends – but once you are on the pitch, this friendship goes away, and you just focus on winning the game.
I grew up in Florida, and I have a lot of friends, close friends, who are Cuban-Americans, and I have heard the stories of their families escaping, and some of them didn’t even make it to come to the United States for a better life to get away from the Castros.
I also paint and enjoy acrylic medium; some of my close friends have paintings I did for them.
Kiana Tom
Funny you mention my dinner parties when I have just suggested that inviting close friends over to share a meal with candlelight and wine at your table could be a form of religious experience for some people. To me it’s a form of sacrament.
Sally Quinn
Due to my serious kind of roles, people – apart from my close friends and family – did not know the real me.
I have many close friends who are religious Zionists and I think if we can be good friends, work together and serve in the army together, then there is no reason we should not be part of the same party.
I was that gay kid in high school who didn’t have a lot of close friends but circulated amongst groups of people when necessary.
The gossip mill on tour is always turning. I have to be a little careful about what I tell guys who I don’t consider close friends, because even though they might not spread it to other players, they’ll usually tell their wives. And once the wives get it, it’s gone.
If you’re very introverted, you prefer to spend much of your time alone, and when you do connect, you’d rather get together with one or two close friends than face a crowd.
We’re close friends – the American people, the Israeli people, our governments. There’s absolutely no daylightnonebetween us and the Israelis on the question of Israel’s security.
Close friends contribute to our personal growth. They also contribute to our personal pleasure, making the music sound sweeter, the wine taste richer, the laughter ring louder because they are there.
My closest friend is canine. I have precious few close friends, and most of them are not actors.
I have an extended family of close friends, guy and girls.
Actually William wasn’t there for quite a bit of the time initially, he wasn’t there for Freshers Week, so it did take a bit of time for us to get to know each other but we did become very close friends from quite early.
Playing Christ, I began to feel shut away from the world. A newspaper became one of my biggest luxuries. I noticed that some of my close friends began treating me with reverence.
Girl friends tend to drift away after marriage due to c

Girl friends tend to drift away after marriage due to certain responsibilities but Nanda and I remained close friends even after I got married.
A lot of close friends and family members have got married through online dating. I don’t think it would be wise for me to do it.
My close friends call me the bulldozer who never says no. I have never not made a film.
On the highest level, of course there’s a lot of competitiveness and drive in the players. They really want to win. But it’s normal that the players are also just friends. Even very close friends. Or rivals, but in a healthy way.
I party only with my close friends in Chennai and L.A.
I love Facebook and Twitter. Twitter helps me understand and interact with my fans, and Facebook is more for keeping up with my close friends and family.
Among close friends and family members, I say whatever I want to. But, as a filmmaker, I have my responsibilities, and I have to look at so many things at the time of finalizing a script.
Other than my family and my close friends, there’s nothing I love more than owning the team and doing everything I can to make it a success. That’s how I live. That is me.
Close friends consider me a literary snob.
I had told Debina that I’d make our marriage official only when I could afford a home for her. Strangely, the media never got to know. Only our very close friends knew, not our family.
I wanted to marry somebody who wasn’t someone I had to be in any particular mood to want to be around – with close friends, you can be with them no matter what mood you’re in.
I connect with very few close friends in real life.
Pratyusha Banerjee
Many of the crew members I work with and continue to work with were friends or have become close friends, and so we keep working together. And I like casting friends of mine or people I know in parts I know would be perfect for them. I like to bring things and people that mean something to me in to my work.
We are what we are because of the people in our lives. What would I be without my family and close friends?
I grew up in a family where many of our close friends were gay couples. As well as that, every man goes through a period of thinking they’re attracted to another guy.
I don’t like talking unnecessarily, and my communication skills are zilch. I just can’t converse with people. Maybe it’s because of my stuttering or stammering, but I’m not confident of talking with people. I only talk to very close friends and family.
Pritam Chakraborty
My sculpture is very personal; for years my subjects were family and close, close friends.