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Maybe I've lost a little, but I think everyone does ove

Maybe I’ve lost a little, but I think everyone does over time. People have been writing that I’m getting old every year, and eventually they’re going to be right. There’s nobody in this game that’s doing the same things they once did in the peak years of their career.
Randy Johnson
Individual lives remind us that there is something called a common humanity and that, over the centuries, there have been people who have lived and breathed and sometimes worried about very different things and sometimes worried about the same things we do.
My parents were the same in the pulpit as they were at home. I think that’s where a lot of preachers’ kids get off base sometimes. Because they don’t see the same things at both places.
A lot of people try to take away the things I have done and try to give other people credit for the things they have done and won‘t give me the same amount of credit in the ring for doing the same things or more.
What scares me is what scares you. We’re all afraid of the same things. That’s why horror is such a powerful genre. All you have to do is ask yourself what frightens you and you’ll know what frightens me.
We can’t do the same things the Yankees do. Given the economics, we’ll lose.
When I say, ‘doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it’ to a group of small business owners, they immediately respond. They recognize the experience of doing the same things over and over. Keeping the business afloat without ever getting ahead. And it’s more than frustrating – it’s heartbreaking.
There’s nothing wrong with the screaming style of singing, and I’ll be the first to admit that it conveys an emotion. But I’m getting older, and I can’t scream and shout about the same things anymore. The songs I’m writing with Stone Sour call for a lighter, different approach.
I just get so fed up with seeing the same things written about me. If I see the words ‘ice queenattached to me, I feel like banging my head against the wall. There’s this perception that I can only be in a film if I have a glass of champagne in my hand and a stately home in the background.
The Peas is the mothership you always go to. But when you able to bring something new to the table, it makes you stand out as an artist. I am not chasing the same things as Fergie or
We’re going to create a portable handheld environment, and you should expect the same things you’ve always expected from Playstation – a great quality product, versatility, great value to the consumer.
Ian Jackson
I can tell you what happens to countries that go bankrupt. I’ve been to Argentina. I’m familiar with the history of Mexico and Great Britain. We’ll see the same things here shortly: inflation, huge tax increases, capital flight and, eventually, capital controls.
The same things that lead to disparities in health in this country on a day-to-day basis led to disparities in the impact of Hurricane Katrina.
David Satcher
I think it’s our job to write about what we’re going through at the moment, and being 41, I’m not going to write about the same things I wrote about at 20. I don’t think artists should be farmed out to pasture just because they’re in rock n’ roll.
We’re all not going to agree on the same things, but that’s what makes this country so great.
This is our world and we need the same things to survive. If I’m making my life better and the circumstances of your life worse, that’s terrible because in the end it will affect me, too.
I think the roles in television are better for women right now. At this point, I don’t want to continue doing the same things I’ve been doing in film because it’s very limited.
I listen to the same things that a lot of my fans do, and I grew up in much the same way they’re growing up.
I always try to develop a good relationship with the director on any film and make sure that we want the same things and we’re talking about the same ideas, and that gives me great protection.
It’s important for me to go back into the ghetto, where I’m from. I still get my oxygen from there. I don’t live in the ghetto anymore, but every time I go back, I’m still seeing the same things that I lived.
I don’t think of them as teenage songs. The things that happen to you in high school are the same things that happen your entire life. You can fall in love at 60; you can get rejected at 80.
I never want to do the same things twice. I like surprises.
For every R. Kelly or Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein, there’s, you know, the owner of the grocery store, the coach, the teacher, the neighbor, who are doing the same things. But we don’t pay attention until it’s a big name. And we don’t pay attention ’til it’s a big celebrity.
When you constantly revisit things, it’s hard to know if you’re freezing in time or if you’re a brilliant adult who’s working through it. I think about that in therapy, talking about the same things over and over again.
You can’t keep doing the same things and expecting the same results. So as you get older, you should get wiser. You learn to invest. You learn what to invest in. Then you start having kids and life changes.
I’ve always loved fashion and, of course, enjoyed my experiences walking on runways, but I love watching the shows as well! Now I understand more why it’s such a big deal for the industry and why people work so hard before and during fashion weeks. It’s interesting to see the same things from a different angle.
Tao Okamoto
With a rock band, you play the same things over and over and over.
Ikue Mori
People are basically the same the world over. Everybody wants the same things – to be happy, to be healthy, to be at least reasonably prosperous, and to be secure. They want friends, peace of mind, good family relationships, and hope that tomorrow is going to be even better than today.
I feel like girls in general will always worry about the same things, and it’s all appearance related. That will always be there. When you grow older, you grow more confident with who you are.
Sometimes you see things in a script, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the director sees the same things. And if you think you’re going to be making a different film, then that’s not gonna work.
People are so caught in a routine, doing the same things over and over.
I do the same things I did when I was 12 years old: I r

I do the same things I did when I was 12 years old: I ride bikes, I read books, I walk in the woods. And I listen to music.
My life is essentially not so unique. On some deeper levels we feel the same, we know the same things. Therefore if I show my life 365 days, moments from those days, it will reflect and it will have connection with lives of all of us.
I live with myself. I wake up with myself, I eat, and I take a dump with myself. I don’t see anything special there. I do all the same things other human beings and creatures do. I don’t see any need to be telling the data of the day of this particular human being by posting it on online. It’s not interesting to me.
Video games are a special kind of play, but at root, they’re about the same things as other games: embracing particular rules and restrictions in order to develop skills and experience rewards. When a game is well-designed, it’s the balance between these factors that engages people on a fundamental level.
It seems that everywhere I go, people want the same things – security, education, family. It’s just that so many people have no avenues through which to obtain these things.
There is still refinement needed – we are working on being able to do the same things at lower light levels and with a larger field of view.
Stefan Hell
When you talk, you realize that the pains and worries you feel are universal; you no longer feel alone in your sadness. You relate and find comfort in the fact that there are other women going through the same things as you are.
I like being married to someone who does what I do, and we can talk for hours about all of this stuff that I struggle with and all this stuff that he struggles with because we’re struggling with the same things. If I was married to a banker, I don’t know what we’d talk about.
I feel like I wear kind of the same things on stage that I would wear every day, unless I’m being lazy, and then I just wear trackies. But actually, if I’m honest, I wouldn’t really walk down Kilburn High Street in a leotard, and I would wear that onstage.
The same things we’ve done the past couple of seasons. We’ve worked on the engine and clutch. We’ll try and pick up the performance and consistency of the car and go back out there.
Larry Dixon
I don’t get embarrassed by the same things that other people do. I would say that probably the biggest thing that holds people back is, ‘If I do this, I’m going to look like an idiot if it doesn’t work out.’
I was one of the first people in the Palestinian world, in the late 1970s, to say that there is no military option, either for us or for them, and I’m certainly the only well-known Arab who writes these things – and who writes exactly the same things in the Arab press that I say here.
Edward Said
Journalism wishes to tell what it is that has happened everywhere as though the same things had happened for every man. Poetry wishes to say what it is like for any man to be himself in the presence of a particular occurrence as though only he were alone there.
Archibald MacLeish
Home will always be Northern Ireland but my schedule means for the next few years I won’t be there as much. I can’t do the same things that I did a year ago. That is I’m something conscious of, but I’m not sad about it. It’s fine.
Teens like a lot of the same things adults do: smart people doing amazing things against awful odds.
Kim Harrison
I’ve always been into asking the big questions; I’m the last guy out the door at closing time cuz I was sittin’ around ’til the wee hours with the other ones who were asking the same things.
It’s hard to reconcile my personal beliefs with an entire institution like the Church or the Republicans. Or with people within those political persuasions who have such different ideologies but confess the same things I confess spiritually.
I had to go through the same things that anyone‘s son went through. And you know, there aren’t that many guys whose dads played who got to the league.
When I was an Independent I believed the same things I believe now as a Democrat. I was an Independent because I was a military officer. I felt like that was the best thing to do because I wanted to be a leader and I didn’t want to influence people under me in that way.
To like and dislike the same things, this is what makes a solid friendship.
If something I do now sounds like something I did in the past, it’s because I played it. I can’t help sounding like myself. That’s going to happen. The things that I play on guitar that resonate with me are probably the same things that resonated with me when I started playing in Joy Division.
I want to find a way to reach young women emotionally and also to start providing clothing for them so that they can wear the same things their thin friends can wear. I really want to do evening wear and prom dresses for these girls.
The minute you got the Nobel Peace Prize, things that I said yesterday, with nobody paying too much attention, I say the same things after I got it – oh! It was quite crucial for people, and it helped our morale because apartheid did look invincible.
There’s nothing new under the sun. We talk about the same things all the time on air.
Angela Rye
Each album takes two or two-and-a-half years to finish between recording and touring. It’s like being with an old boyfriend every single night watching the same things on TV. There is a world out there going on that I’m missing.
I’m influenced by like, 50 Cent and Chief Keef ’cause they were rapping about the same things I was living.
Fivio Foreign
I hoard and buy loads of the same things over and over – DVDs, clothes, trainers.
What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest.
And what’s nice about ‘Sunny‘ is that it has this honesty with the viewers, which is, like, they’re here because they’re on a television show and they’re locked in this purgatory where they have to keep doing the same things with each other.
I think there’s a danger of becoming too familiar with things, isn’t there? That you kind of, when you’re used to seeing the same things every day, you see those things come what may, and you don’t see maybe the interesting things just slightly out of view behind them.
I think that just because the show is titled ‘Awkward Black Girl’ and it is a predominantly black cast doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to relate to these people. We’re all human beings. We all essentially go through the same things when it comes down to it, so I don’t I think that should limit who watches it.
Being in a band with my wife, I'm very aware of the mul

Being in a band with my wife, I’m very aware of the multitude of ways that can go wrong. We’re best friends and are interested in the same things, so it’s natural to make music together.
My everyday life in which I do exactly the same things as everyone else should not inspire people, and yet I am constantly congratulated by strangers for simply existing.
I have too much product, and I’m trying to rein it in and sell more of my main collection. I wish you didn’t have to design so often; it would be good if you could keep on selling the same things for a few years and not have to do new things all the time.
You can’t keep doing the same things when you get married and have a family. You have to slow down. You have to be responsible.
Twilight‘ fans are different. They’re very civil with one another. It’s a respect because they’re all in this together and they all appreciate the same things.
I am interested in a lot of the same things people are interested in. I am trying to raise kids without them self-destructing. I am trying to hold the marriage together, and I am trying to take off the same 10 pounds everyone else is.
I’ve always experimented with my look. Growing up, I thought it was so weird that people dressed alike and all bought the same things.
The main thing is confidence. I’m gaining more and more confidence to do whatever I want to do on the basketball court, whether it is shooting threes or sprinting to the rim and finishing or ball handling. I’m confident enough because I have worked on it that I am going to do the exact same things in the game.
We’re all the same, and we all want the same thing. We all want to be secure. We all want food on the table. We want to know that our kids aren’t going to be destroyed when they’re not with us. We all want the same things, and if we’ve been hurt in our childhoods, we try and recreate the same hurt.
There’s so many things that I’ve gone through that I want to share because there’s other teenagers that are going through the same things or will go through the same things.
I got used to interrogators asking me the same things. Before the interrogator even moves his lips I knew his questions, and as soon as he or she started to talk I turned my ‘tape‘ on.
As a footballer you’re so in a routine, and you do the same things every day.
For better or worse, I’ve always been curious musically. Whether it’s opera or Judy Garland or pop, I’ve deliberately sought those things out. I’ve never wanted to do the same things over and over. Some think I’ve accomplished what I set out to do, and others consider me a dilettante.
I don’t expect for people to like the same things, so I don’t feel a need to force people to understand who we are.
My mom and I had the same vision, and we want the same things. We would always make a goal list every year.
I think generally the Japanese players have more intensity in practice but generally I do the same things.
‘The Princess and the Warrior‘ is looking at the same things as ‘Lola’ – just from a different angle.
I think it’s good to have surprises in fashion because we always see the same things.
When I was in school I read a lot of comic books and pretend I was in them and kids would tease me and call me names. But now I do the same things and people say that I’m artistic and cool and I’m doing the exact same thing I did in high school.
I am accustomed to sleep and in my dreams to imagine the same things that lunatics imagine when awake.
Rene Descartes
The wise have always said the same things, and fools, who are the majority have always done just the opposite.
Now, I’m a pretty fast and avid reader. But you can’t learn the same things in a book or on the Internet that you can in a personal talk with somebody.
People don’t work as hard as I do. They don’t expect the same things out of the game that I do.
We want to make it so that anyone, anywhere – a child growing up in rural India who never had a computer – can go to a store, get a phone, get online, and get access to all of the same things that you and I appreciate about the Internet.
The night before games, I try to get some shots up. Early on the game day, I come early in the morning to try to get some shots up. I just try to do the same things: go through the scouting, watch some clips before the game, just try to get my body ready.
In all great epochs of history, the existence of standards – that is, the conscious adoption of type-forms – has been the criterion of a polite, well-ordered society; for it is a commonplace that repetition of the same things for the same purpose exercises a settling and civilizing influence on men’s minds.
I don’t know if a novelist ever fully detaches him- or herself from what they wrote and the way they wrote it. I can watch ‘Presumed Innocent‘ again and again, and I will always be bothered by the same things that will never bother anybody else.
Shakespeare wrote about love. I write about love. Shakespeare wrote about gang warfare, family feuds and revenge. I write about all the same things.
Sister Souljah
The same things go on everywhere, whether you’re from the city, the country or wherever.
Bubba Sparxxx
It’s all fun and games when you’re scoring goals but there will be a time when I’m not and I just have to try and keep doing the same things. Hit the target and, you know, see what happens at the end of the game.
I mean, Ed Snowden was basically saying the same things that Bill Binney and Thomas Drake and other U.S. whistleblowers had said before him. But he came out more publicly, and maybe revealed more. He showed that when the U.S. government said, ‘We are not surveilling U.S. citizens,’ that was a lie.
Man is not constituted to take pleasure in the same thi

Man is not constituted to take pleasure in the same things always.
As a celebrity, I understand that people are intrigued about our lives and want to know more. But I am also a human being and I grow angry about the same things that any other person would.
My biggest fear is doing the same things 10 years from now. That would be a failure. It’s something you have to constantly reassess, and asking yourself what you are going to do next makes it a good, long full journey.
As unique as we all are, an awful lot of us want the same things. We want to shake up our current less-than-fulfilling lives. We want to be happier, more loving, forgiving and connected with the people around us.
I don’t really like long flights any more – I find them too tiring. Flying always involves the same things these days – huge crowds at airports, waiting around, late take-offs, weather problems, and so on. I don’t really enjoy travelling. I don’t imagine anyone does except young children.
I’m trying to show people that I’m a person, and I deal with the same things as you guys, and I’m trying to make the best of it.
Charli D’Amelio
I still go have an acai bowl in the morning. I do the same things a 19-year-old kid would do.
Pop artists work really hard, and they might not work for the same things that indie artists do, but they’re still musicians, and they’re still making art.
My game hasn’t changed too much. I’m doing the same things as I did in college, except I’m outside more. It’s tough to go inside in the pros because the players are bigger.
With colleagues in the work environment, we fail to see the source of their envy or the reason for their manipulations; our attempts at influencing them are based on the assumptions that they want the same things as ourselves.
If you make music for the human needs you have within yourself, then you do it for all humans who need the same things. You enrich humanity with the profound expression of these feelings.
The more those young fans get to understand that, ‘Hey, this guy does some of the same things I do,’ it creates a lot of interest and a lot of belief that they could become future big-leaguers. That’s really where it starts, inspiring, entertaining and connecting with those young fans in a way that they can understand.
I use humour a lot because humour is a great equaliser. Everyone laughs at the same things if you set them up properly, and that makes everybody equal. At the end of the day, I see my job as being there to entertain as well as inform and provoke.
All Blaxploitation is, is the opportunity for an African-American cast or lead actor or actress to do the same things that a white action hero gets to do.
Mysteries and thrillers are not the same things, though they are literary siblings. Roughly put, I would say the distinction is that mysteries emphasize motive and psychology whereas thrillers rely more heavily on action and plot.
I’d do the same things, but I’d be a little more quiet.
Jack Whittaker
I want people to know that it’s OK to have feelings; it’s OK to be vulnerable. That no matter where they live around the world, teenagers all go through the same things.
People called me a dude and said there was no way I could be a woman. Some even wanted me to prove it to them. During high school and college, when we traveled for games, people would shout the same things while also using racial epithets and terrible homophobic slurs.
There’s nothing wrong with women saying that we can be ambitious and that we can want the same things that men have traditionally wanted.
I still do the same things, but it’s nice. If people recognize you, generally everyone’s very respectful, very lovely, but I wonder what it’s like for real celebrities.
Girls are worried about the same things: loneliness, falling out with friends, the pain of being excluded, another girl trying to poach their best friend, and worrying about how to make friends or keep friends.
Everybody goes through a lot of the same things, and I talk about those, and that’s the key. You have to connect with your audience, and I might take them on a trip with me, tell them I went here and I went there and they’ll go with me, you know, to hear the stories.