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I spent my time chasing rucks and never managing to hit

I spent my time chasing rucks and never managing to hit any, so I quickly switched out to the backs.
Look at the English league. Everyone down there backs it. That’s why it’s so highly spoken of. If Scottish football can do that, it will make it a lot more appealing to some fans who are maybe not coming.
I always feel a rise in my scalp or in the backs of my wrists when something is special, whether it be a song or a man.
Doris Day
No one cuts backs like he did. No one knows what a back is anymore.
Diana Vreeland
I realize that I put my body through a lot, but I’ve always thought at the same time if I was a plumber or any kind of worker in that industry, which a lot of people that I grew up with are, I would imagine that their bodies feel the same, their backs are wrecked.
If people really liked to work, we’d still be plowing the land with sticks and transporting goods on our backs.
Pixar has been compared to fine furniture makers who polish the backs of drawers – even if you don’t see everything in a particular scene, you still feel that every little detail has been met.
Finn doesn’t have as much respect for Han’s legacy as everybody else does, and Han finds that a bit charming. They team up and go on a mission together. The banter is very choppy, and the dialogue is pretty funny. Chewie enjoys the banter and the friction between the two, but they definitely have each other’s backs.
I don’t really compare myself to a lot of other running backs – that’s no offense to any other running back, but just the fact that I can see and avoid hits.
I root for people who I think authentically love each other and have each other’s backs, and there’s no questioning that.
The truth is I don’t think actors should have to do anything but come in and act. I feel the film companies should pay for proper advertising to see that the movie will sell instead of putting it on our backs.
Sometimes I get all the credit, and it makes me feel bad because I’m not the only one out here sacrificing everything. There are people out here on the road with me with kids and families, and they’re out here busting their backs for me.
We cannot turn our backs on Europe. We are part of Europe.
In fact, it works the other way: A government as big and bossy as this one is maintained on the backs of the middle class and those who hope to join it.
There are a lot of leaders that talk about ending things like oppression – whether it’s discrimination or getting a job – but the reason for all of this stuff is somebody‘s making a profit off our backs. That’s the reason why black people were brought here in the first place. It was a profit motive.
It’s often hilarious to me that I’m writing about Tonga or some tropical place and there’s a blizzard outside and the cows are on their backs with their hooves in the air.
At fullback you have a little bit more defensive responsibility. You have to help out with your center backs a little bit more. As a wing back, you can be a little bit more aggressive with getting forward.
Baltimore, it’s been an amazing place and experience. It’s opened my eyes a little bit just of other organizations. I’m proud to be a part of this team, proud to be part of this group of men that really challenged each other, never pointed the fingers, never turned our backs on each other.
You’ve got to be careful of guys trying to chop-block you. You know, running backs, the receivers. You’ve got to just hope that your knees are fine and you can avoid those chop blocks.
Mario Williams
We’re removal men. It’s hard labour. I’ve come to the conclusion being a forward is probably the worst thing in rugby. Looking at backs, they play kick and laugh, run and clap and we get absolutely flogged.
This is a country that was founded on racism. It was built on racism. It still continues to thrive through wealth disparity, and housing disparity is all built on the backs of racism.
It was clear to many American working men and women that the Homestead Steel Strike of the early 1890s, when Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick broke the backs of the steel workers, that that was a watershed.
We can code wills, escrows, trusts, notaries, revokable charge backs, proof of contracts, intellectual property enforcement. What Wall Street does can be done in code by Bitcoin.
When your arms are out wide, you’ll capture love and joy and golden moments but other things, too. Mistrust will sneak in on a wave of that joy, and complications will ride the backs of the golden moments, and there will be both love and the risks of love. That’s the way it is. That’s the design.
When the phonies are expelled from their leadership roles and the Republican Party backs a moderate gubernatorial candidate acceptable to the rank and file with proper financing and the intestinal fortitude to fight the good fight, the rank and file will rejoin the fold.
We made the mistake of trusting the Chinese and then compounded it by allowing our men to go out to face them with their hands literally tied behind their backs. Galwan was a totally avoidable tragedy.
I never talk about me mates behind their backs, you know. I might have a laugh, but whatever I say about them I’ll certainly say it to their faces.
Every guy has different strengths in the NFL. Receivers are different, running backs are different, but they all have that one thing that they do that’s special: that thing that keeps them on the roster every year.
During the war, women without nylons drew lines up the backs of their legs to give the illusion of silk stockings. Painting over grey hair with spray-on root touch-up – or even dark eyeshadow – is the Covid-19 equivalent.
As any mother knows, we just want our babies to feel better quickly, and we all do whatever we have to do to help them – no matter how much it inconveniences us or hurts our backs!
Donald Trump talks about everyone behind their backs.
I remember players talking to Willie Brown in my presen

I remember players talking to Willie Brown in my presence. Receivers asking, ‘Is this who you drafted? I can’t believe this is who you drafted.’ I was hearing it from my defensive backs: ‘Man, you got a long way to go.’
True humility is expressed in deeds, not words. The humble are those who truly walk the same ground as everyone else – not necessarily with grovelling, hunched backs, but certainly not lording it over others, either.
When I saw that Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion, I was dumbfounded! Why would Google get into bed with thieves? They’ve built a huge audience on the backs of copyright holders – and then they say I have to monitor them?
We center backs had to cover a lot of ground, and we had to be very physical with the opposing strikers.
When you let those defensive backs know that you’re a physical player, they don’t really want to tackle. That’s it. That’s why you see me get a hurdle every game. Those guys don’t want to tackle me when I get to the second level.
The Republican agenda is a radical vision in which Medicaid is slashed to the bone – in which we start to balance the budget on the backs of, literally, our most vulnerable citizens.
At a World Cup it’s hard to look much further than the traditional big-name teams: history backs that up.
The danger that we have right now are people who get the same information as I do and, therefore, think they’ll reach the same conclusions that haven‘t traded as long, don’t have bear claws up and down their backs like I do.
For all his tactical genius Guardiola is also a manager who can be patient and loyal, who backs players to come out of bad patches and hit golden patches.
The Constitution is not neutral. It was designed to take the government off the backs of people.
William O. Douglas
Just as we should never balance the budget on the backs of the poor, so it is an economic delusion to think you can balance it only on the wallets of the rich.
I was not going to balance the budgets on the backs of communities.
When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies at all. And actually, one of the genesis points for ‘Mandy’ and ‘Black Rainbow‘ was this memory I have of being in video stores, reading the backs of videos and looking at the art, imagining some kind of non-existent imaginary film based on that.
We need to dismantle the systems that were built on racism, that were built on the backs of black people.
The sole literary presence from my childhood was my grandfather, a Jewish immigrant from Latvia, who eccentrically copied poems into the backs of his books. After he died, when I was 8 years old, my grandmother gave his books away, and his poems were lost.
Catalan society is divided. There’s one bloc – which isn’t a majority – that backs pro-independence parties. But there’s also a bloc that doesn’t, which favours the current state, the statute of autonomy, and either increased decentralisation or even increased recentralisation.
Pedro Sanchez
It’s hard for the donkeys to win the race if they’re going to carry the elephants on their backs.
The self-made man that some people believe is a myth? It could be, because you do it on the backs of other people.
We, the artists, make the stuff they sell and they’re like ticks on our backs, sucking the life out of us.
Malcolm Wilson
Now I meet people with full-color Wolverine tattoos on their backs. Thank God I did okay, because I think if I hadn’t, they’d spit on me in the street.
We need health care reformincluding promised Medicaid reform in New York… but it shouldn’t be done on the backs of already overburdened City residents who will undoubtedly have a tax increase forced on them to fill in the hole.
Some running backs do different things to get away. My move is to spin.
When I was living in L.A., first of all, I had actually tried out or submitted to be on ‘Tough Enough‘ when I was living in L.A. and then I ended up getting, like, a few call backs, but because I had just moved out there for the Lakers, I just felt like I couldn’t have done both.
After the threat of war is gone, we should not turn our backs on the men and women who eliminated that threat. We should embrace them and keep our promises we made to them.
I think better of our behaviour as individuals than I do when we see ourselves as members of a group. It’s when people start forming groups that we have to watch our backs.
We must continue to honor America’s commitment to keeping families together and not turn our backs on refugees and asylum seekers.
Catty is not cool. I can’t think of anything less becoming than a man who talks about people behind their backs.
We feel good about our running backs as we have them right now, and we will continue to see how they progress.
Look at baseball, with its defensive shifts – outfielders looking at cards on the field much like a quarterback would. It’s possible that someday defensive backs will be playing with similar cards based on where receivers are lined up and what those receivers’ route-running strengths are. The possibilities are endless.
The fight against terror cannot stop as long as terrorism itself is not stopped, but the path of war must change: it must lead directly to terrorists and not be waged on the backs of three million Palestinians.
Yossi Sarid
The music and everything we’re doing on the stage and on television backs itself up. If that’s what gets people’s curiosity going or brings their attention to us, that’s fine.
Talking to people from the heart matters, and it's unfo

Talking to people from the heart matters, and it’s unfortunately something brands have forgotten about. Celebrity endorsement deals try to gain recognition for brands, but at their core, what matters is if the celebrity truly backs the brand.
We cannot afford to balance the budget on the backs of America’s middle class and seniors and must do what it takes to strengthen Social Security and Medicare, including enabling the government to negotiate the price of prescription drugs.
Every great team has multiple backs. Very few times do you have just one back.
States should not balance their budgets on the backs of students.
Maybe modern tactics mean that making the switch from defence to midfield is easier. Many years ago, full backs were more limited – you were just supposed to defend, and it didn’t matter if you could get forward too.
Whenever I over-indulge – usually by eating too much dessert – I see the results in my thighs. The backs of my thighs begin to lose their smoothness as the hints of cellulite threaten to turn them into ‘cottage cheese.’
It is not easy to imagine how little interested a scientist usually is in the work of any other, with the possible exception of the teacher who backs him or the student who honors him.
Whatever the raw material, the material itself is unimportant until it’s catalyzed by emotional fervor. So in the ideal exchange between me and my listeners, they wouldn’t ‘figure out’ my music. They would feel their pulse racing and the hair standing up on the backs of their necks.
Steven Stucky
People do not come to a Penn & Teller show to see a magic show. They just don’t. They come to see weird stuff that they can see no place else, that will make them laugh and make the little hairs stand up on the backs of their necks.
Perusing colorful storylines on the backs of book jackets, I realized that none of them could possibly be as dramatic as my life to date. Then sadly, I also realized I could never find the ending of my story from the safety of an armchair.
Sarah Kay
The kids you turn your backs on when you take away their stories are the ones who lose, as well as you as a community of adults who may appear to fear their truths.
I am not into self-exploration. My family would lose their eyes in the backs of their heads if people talked about personal journeys or finding oneself.
There is just as much evil in all of us as there is good. We’re all continuously guilty, even if we’re not doing it intentionally to be evil. Here we are sitting in luxury hotels, living it up on the the backs of others in the third world. We all have a guilty conscience, but we do very little about it.
You have to be physical. If you are not, defensive backs will try to pick on you.
There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts.
Mass migration and the refugee crisis is one of the biggest problems facing the world. In this country we assume that everyone just wants to come to the U.K. – but it’s an issue in Germany, Greece, Sweden, all across the E.U. Why should we be the first to turn our backs on the problem?
The society of dead authors has this advantage over that of the living: they never flatter us to our faces, nor slander us behind our backs, nor intrude upon our privacy, nor quit their shelves until we take them down.
Really hairy backs on men turn me off. I’m not into the ape thing at all. Or beer bellies and flabby arms, either. Also, one random nose hair which is longer than the others… that’s gross.
If I’m contested, I’m not going to shoot the pull-up 3. But if I’m wide open and someone backs up off me, I’m gonna shoot it.
Government spending clearly needs some adjusting. But a budget is a statement of our priorities, and balancing our spending on the backs of our nation‘s seniors is not the right approach.
Paul Tonko
I don’t think anyone went the polls and said, ‘I am casting my vote to make sure that Wall Street has better chances to make bigger profits off the backs of the American people.’
You break down the tape of the top five backs, all those guys can catch the ball out the backfield. They’re special with the ball in hand. Something I strive to be.
Most of us tend toward muscular imbalance. Typically our chest and front shoulder muscles are stronger than our upper back and rear shoulder muscles. As a result, our chins jut out, our shoulders round, and our backs sway.
We need to cut the capital gains tax; we need to take regulations off the backs of business and allow banks to once again lend.
I once went on the most grueling radio tour. Living in hotel rooms, sleeping in the backs of rental cars as my mom drove to three different cities in one day.
I like to play as a No. 10. I think I have more freedom offensively. For Belgium, we have full backs who run hard and create a lot of space, which is good, and I like to play there.
I don’t think anybody running the ball, besides some running backs, like to get hit.
As to those who hoard gold and silver and spend it not in God’s path, give them, then, the tidings of a painful agony: on a day when these things shall be heated in hell-fire, and their foreheads, and their sides, and their backs shall be branded therewith.
Being from Boston, I think we have to get the ‘Good Will Huntingposter tattooed on our backs when we’re like 16 or 17; it’s just a rite of passage. That movie is so, so, so huge.
I’ve gone through guys who want to lay on their backs and play like they’re full of themselves. You know, I don’t care about posing. I mean look at me, do I care about posing?
We must stop trying to protect our planet from every imaginable, exaggerated or imaginary risk. And we must stop trying to protect it on the backs, and the graves, of the nation’s and world’s most powerless and impoverished people.
I love this city. There's Cleveland pride in it for me.

I love this city. There’s Cleveland pride in it for me. Everyone has each other’s backs here.
Friends have each other’s backs.
I do like to keep mementos from my work, whether they be photos, the backs of make-up chairs or even props and clothes.
Adam Garcia
There was no better end than Lance Alworth and no better lineman than Ron Mix. Those are Hall of Fame guys. There was no better guard than Walt Sweeney and no better pair of running backs than Keith Lincoln and Paul Lowe.
Sid Gillman
When we are flat on our backs there is no way to look but up.
Roger Babson
In Sonic Youth, at the end of ‘Expressway to Yr. Skull,’ we’d tap on the backs of our guitars to get this low-level feedback, and if I leaned forward, and the guitar hung off my body, it would resonate differently.
I have unbelievable trust in my offensive line that they will get the job done. Not only them, but the running backs and as a quarterback, I have to do my job in getting the ball in the right people‘s hands and doing what I do best.
Defensive backs are the best players on the field. But when you get an exceptional player like a Deion Sanders or a Darrell Green – these guys are fast and they have very good technique. You have to work a little harder.
Unlike Europe, China can’t be intimidated. Europe backs down if the United States looks at it the wrong way. But China, they’ve been there for 3,000 years and are paying no attention to the barbarians and don’t see any need to.
Don’t have to do anything extra, don’t have to put any S’s on our chests, capes on our backs. We just have to do our job and do our job well.
This country was built and continues to survive off the backs of immigrants and refugees.
I frequently dream of being on these horses‘ backs and running across a field. And the horse and I are one.
Running backs like Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders, you were lucky to get a piece of them.
I’m honored to be compared to some great running backs, but I try to block that out and be myself.
I wanted to go down as one of the best running backs to ever play at Penn State.
‘At Freddie’s’ takes place in 1960s London at the Temple Stage School for child actors. It has a plot that makes you feel sorry for the people who have to write summaries on the backs of books.
Sometimes life has a way of putting us on our backs to force us to look up.
Charles L. Allen
The league is shifting. It’s becoming a smaller league, way more speed-dominant. So you’re seeing more backs like me who can run between the tackles, pass-protect, catch and become matchup nightmares. You also have more receivers who are getting jet sweeps, doing different things with the ball in their hands.
That’s one of the things you get when you’re playing golf. You get bad backs, bad necks.
Last year we had so many people coming in and out they didn’t bother to sew their names on the backs of the uniforms. They just put them there with Velcro.
Andy Van Slyke
Film directing has perfected my theater directing. I think when I first started directing, a lot of my stuff was very lateral; I was afraid to have the actors’ backs turned away, afraid to put them too far upstage, and I think once I did more things with film, I got more interested in composition.
Most people have excellent necks. Now they cover them with curtains, which is kind of ridiculous. But there are some beautiful necklines that you can cut into and create wonderful backs, as well as bone structure for the face.
All couples have been told to schedule regular one-on-one time. ‘Date night‘ is the default answer to most problems in modern marriages. And research backs this up.
You make budget cuts based on what you want to accomplish. You have to decide what is our priority going forward as a country. You cannot do it on the backs of any one group of people… There has to be some balance.
It can be difficult for players who are perceived to have turned their backs on England, as Wilfried Zaha has found out after deciding to play for Ivory Coast.
I have confidence in my players around me – my offensive line, my running backs, my wide receivers, and the defense and special teams.
As Mal’s sister, my role is to be there when she needs me & mind my business when she doesn’t. I expect the same. We will always be sisters, and will always have each other’s backs.
President Reagan was elected on the promise of getting government off the backs of the people and now he demands that government wrap itself around the waists of the people.