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I've been nominated twice before as actor in a leading

I’ve been nominated twice before as actor in a leading part. Now I’m nominated as actor in a supporting part. If I don’t win, I’ll just wait until I’m nominated for being in the theater during the show. Do they have one like that?
Being nominated is such a tremendous honor. An Oscar win for me and for the ‘Strong Islandteam would be the cap to an incredible journey. But it would also mean that my brother will not disappear from history.
It’s rare that anybody gets in the Hall of Fame, and to be nominated is good enough for me.
I started off making music that made fun of pop; now I’m nominated for helping produce pop songs that aim to be as honest as possible.
There’s a lot of money in doing score music. You can get a chance to get nominated for an Oscar; I would love to get nominated again.
It hasn’t been hard getting nominated, but winning it is another thing. The competition is tough.
Gary Burton
I got nominated for my second film as best young director in the Aikido Film Festival in Japan.
I think I got nominated in the MTV Brand New Top 10 because I’m 3x world time karate champion, and I’d probably just beat everyone up if they didn’t put me in it. They were all scared!
Well, I have a CBE and I accepted it with glee because it’s not bestowed on you by the royal family, it’s not bestowed on you by the government, you have to be nominated by the public.
Beauty and the Beast became the first animated feature ever nominated for best picture.
Leonard Maltin
Winning is a different thing, but even being nominated for an award like Filmfare is an honour.
Well, it was the beginning of my film career. It was amazing to me that I got nominated for an Academy Award.
Sally Kellerman
I’ve been invited to the Grammys with other friends who were nominated. I’m like, ‘Naw, I’m not gonna go until it’s my time.’ And who knew it was gonna be, like, the next year? It’s crazy.
I am definitely not the best wife, and no one has nominated me for ‘Mother of the Year.’
You have had presidential candidates over the last 30 years who would have had a very hard time getting nominated under the old system. One example is John Kennedy.
I just want to be nominated; beggars can’t be choosers.
People always sayhumbling,’ but I actually think it’s quite inflating being nominated for an award. It’s wonderful; it’s a great feeling.
I made films, like ‘Shadow of the Vampire,’ and I did not like the work I did on it and then Willem Dafoe was nominated for the Oscar. I made films like ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio‘ with Martin Landau. I thought I would get nominated and it flopped. You never know.
The fact that I’ve been nominated for a BAFTA is insane.
Mum and dad thought I was going to say I was pregnant. I said oh no, no, I’ve just been nominated for a Golden Globe. They were like, oh that’s lovely, love.
Melissa George
Well, you just know, as a writer, I didn’t really write one of the five best screenplays of the year. There were lots of brilliant screenplays; I was just one of the lucky ones who got nominated.
I am always a little surprised when anyone sees anything I make, so being nominated for the Oscar is beyond amazing – what a tremendous honor.
Even if I hadn’t have been nominated for an Oscar, to have won the Golden Glove was just fantastic.
Brenda Blethyn
I literally have over a thousand emails in my inbox that need to be returned. I’m sure all of my friends and certain family members are like, ‘Oh, look who got nominated for an Emmy and doesn’t want to write me an email back!’ I need a good few hours to just sit and get on the phone.
If you think about it, I made history. Not only was I the first black British woman to be nominated for an Oscar, I was the first black British person.
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
I know a lot of procedurals have huge viewership, yet they’re never nominated for awards.
Before ‘Titanic,’ yes, I had done some things and, yes, I had been nominated for an Academy Award, but I had never been sort of world-famous. And I suppose, yes, I am really famous now. But I feel embarrassed to say that because it’s just a bit daft for me.
The awards world can be ridiculous, but I’m not one to bash it. I love awards! When I’ve been nominated for Emmys and when I won my DGA Award, I couldn’t have been happier. I always liked getting a gold star in class.
I’ve been nominated for Academy Awards, I know what I’m doing.
When I got nominated class clown in school, I remember my mom said, ‘Don’t be no clown.’ So I went to my vice principal in my school and said, ‘Can we change this to just the funniest?’
It's always lovely to win trophies, have nice things sa

It’s always lovely to win trophies, have nice things said about you, and be nominated for individual awards. But I feel I can give more – a lot more – to both Lyon and England, and that is definitely my focus.
Since I was first nominated to serve as Treasury Secretary, I have been maligned as taking advantage of othershardships in order to earn a buck. Nothing could be further from the truth.
We were thrilled when we were nominated for best new artist at the Grammys, but we were even more so when they asked us to play live.
At the end of the day, it’s my choice to do the lap. At the end of the day, it was my choice not to be nominated for the Madden medal. I had my last football responsibility as the club Best and Fairest and that’s what I was looking for.
Any time you’re nominated for anything, it’s a true blessing and something you should be really excited about, but it’s sort of time to not be considered new anymore because I don’t really feel like I’m new. I’m just glad people still see me as fresh. I wish there was a ‘fresh country artist categoryrather than ‘new.’
‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ is one of the first unrated movies to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. But many video stores won’t take a movie that’s not rated, so I had to make the movie an R.
I’m awkward at these things. Just being nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Karate Kid was a real surprise and I was a little uncomfortable.
Pat Morita
Every time ‘Lady Macbeth‘ and everyone involved in the film gets nominated, it’s amazing.
It’s amazing to be nominated for two Brits, and I’m in great company. I’m not a politician out blagging votes, but if people like what I do and feel like giving me a vote for British Breakthrough, imagine how mint it would be if I actually won.
I have sung many songs in Tamil and have been nominated for Filmfare Tamil this year for Neeyum Naanum for Naanum Rowdy Dhaan.
My acting is still being recognized for the fact that I wasn’t nominated.
You know, watching Dan Marino and Steve Young get nominated to the Hall of Fame… those guys are unbelievable and they did it for so long. I’d love to play like those guys, but there’s still a long way to go and a lot of growing.
And even Moonstruck – for some reason the audience were just in the mood for a very romantic film, because it’s one of the few romantic comedies to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.
As parties began to develop around the turn of the 19th century, you had party nominees for President nominated in caucuses made up of party members in Congress.
When President Donald Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve on the Supreme Court, I said that he deserved a fair hearing and a vote. I said this even though Senate Republicans filibustered dozens of President Obama‘s judicial nominees and then stopped President Obama‘s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Merrick Garland.
‘Groundhog Day’ was one of the greatest scripts ever written. It didn’t even get nominated for an Academy Award.
I guess winning an Oscar is the ultimate dream. A lot of amazing actors go their whole career without even being nominated. So that would definitely be a goal to reach. It’s a difficult one, but I’m aiming for it!
Yeah, I think that’s the best part of being nominated and receiving awards is whatever you care about that you have given time to, have served different people, you get to spotlight and highlight that.
My first Grammy nomination? I was 24 – I was nominated for best new artist of the year.
There are so many great records that when you grow older, you’re like, ‘Oh man, this is the best record ever made.’ And you’re like, ‘Oh it didn’t get nominated or win a Grammy.’ It’s countless, how many amazing, classic American records haven‘t been knighted or whatever.
You want to win. Everyone says, ‘It’s just an honor to be nominated,’ but that’s so not true. You want to win.
Chris Kirkpatrick
My favorite Oscar story was a year my brother had been nominated, my whole family went.
Beau Bridges
The bottom line is, when it comes to an actor and his performance, whether nominated or not, it simply has to do with whether that character had enough resonance with the audience. You know, to the filmgoers. And that something that you can’t control.
I just have always felt that I think we know that it’s an ensemble show, and it’s very hard to pick a show to submit when you’re nominated, because usually everyone has a very strong part in every episode.
In honor of Surgeon General Koop’s legacy, we should ensure that the position of surgeon general is protected from political interference, funded appropriately and nominated from the ranks of career public health professionals who merit consideration, as is done in the other uniformed services.
The liberal groups spent months raising money so they could take down anyone President Bush nominated. But they have not been able to touch judge Roberts.
Michael Oxley
Award season is such an exciting time of the year and I enjoy seeing who is nominated, who wins and – like most women – the fashions.
It’s a great way to start the day, hearing you’ve been nominated for an Emmy. It’s just thrilling.
I would like to go to the Oscars. I’m not even talking about being nominated – although that would be lovely. Even if it was I won a competition on the back of a crisp packet to go to the Oscars I would like to go to the Oscars.
None of my costume designers have ever been nominated for an Oscar ’cause I don’t do period movies that have ball scenes with a hundred extras in them.
The first songs I made brought me to the Grammys. I was a five-times nominated teenager off voice memos and songs that were clearly recorded off different mics.
I've watched the Emmys for almost my whole life, so it

I’ve watched the Emmys for almost my whole life, so it was crazy to finally be there in the audience clapping and actually going on stage. Hopefully one day I’ll get to be actually nominated.
When I got to New York, all I wanted to do – or so I thought – was win a Tony award or, at least, be nominated.
I had been told by so many people that I was going to be nominated, that I should be nominated, that there wasn’t any question about my being nominated. I don’t think it was a surprise.
Gloria Stuart
I got nominated for an Academy Award(R) for writing ‘Borat.’
I had been nominated for an Academy Award for my performance as Sandy Lester, Dustin Hoffman’s neurotic, struggling actress girlfriend, in ‘Tootsie.’ Under Sydney Pollack’s direction, ‘Tootsie’ had been a runaway hit starring Dustin as an unemployed actor who pretends to be a woman in order to land a role in a soap opera.
I was surprised I was nominated for an Oscar because ‘Cocoon‘ was such an ensemble picture. But now I’m certain it wasn’t only for ‘Cocoon.’ It was a lifetime award, so I accepted it in that vein, and it probably meant more from a recognition standpoint.
Don Ameche
The first time I was nominated for an award for professional acting, I was in my mid-twenties. I was married and the mother of my first two daughters. I had been working for near to 15 years.
I am very happy to be nominated by the Congress party to contest the Lok Sabha elections.
It’s been 80 years since the Senate has confirmed a Supreme Court nominee who was nominated during an election. And particularly when the court hangs in the balance, it makes no sense whatsoever to give Barack Obama the power to jam through a judge in the final election year.
I feel an obligation to set the record straight. Actors that say they’re affected by something, that it changes their life, that they take it home with them, they’re just trying to get nominated for an Oscar!
When I was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018, I felt that this should go to all of the Hong Kong people who fight for democracy.
I never dreamed in a million years that ‘The Lord of the Rings‘ would be nominated for an Oscar. Those types of fantasy movies never got nominations.
You know those award shows. The cliche is that it’s an honor just to be nominated, but that happens to be true. Whoever wins it in the end, I don’t know, sometimes it feels arbitrary. Sometimes it feels like it’s deserving.
Our goals, our dreams and ambitions have always been towards performing live music across the globe, and so when we were told we were performing at The Billboard Awards or being nominated for a VMA, they’re like extra bonuses.
I have a CBE, and I accepted it with glee because it’s not bestowed on you by the royal family; it’s not bestowed on you by the government; you have to be nominated by the public.
The Broadway run of ‘Memphis‘ has been like going to the moon. It was so great to actually open at the Shubert Theatre and then amazing to be nominated for eight Tonys and attend all the luncheons and events.
Traditionally, in America, we have accountability as kind of a key feature of each branch of government in some way. So, you know, you obviously have to run for office. Or if you’re a judge, you’ve got to be nominated by political officials and so on.
I don’t think international cinema is ready to embrace mainstream Indian cinema unconditionally. Even Mira Nair’s ‘Monsoon Wedding‘ didn’t get to the Oscars after being nominated for the Golden Globe Awards.
If you buy a lottery ticket, you really don’t expect to win. However, if you do win, it’s a different story. The same is true about getting an Oscar. Of course I knew I was nominated, but I never expected my name to be called. When it was, I’m still at a loss to describe the feelings that I experienced.
George Chakiris
I want to see a game designer nominated for a Nobel Prize.
There are always at least five good films at the end of the year to get nominated, but generally speaking nowadays, it’s more of the independent films that are recognized.
Mark Rydell
Just to be nominated, and especially as a new artist and a female artist, is a feat. Winning anything is just a bonus.
I have the right credentials to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha.
Cyrus Broacha
The funny thing is I’m not even Latin. I was constantly getting Latin roles, and I was like, I even was nominated for an award, and I was like, ‘Let them know at the NAACP, the first white woman. Let them know I’m totally grateful, but I’m not Latin. I can’t do that. I play Latin.’
Vanessa Ferlito
Tennis Canada nominated me a few years ago, and I did some research into it and realized it’s one of the biggest honours you can have as a Canadian. I’ve seen the list of the people, and it’s pretty special.
Daniel Nestor
I earned two Emmy nominations for writing, and two of the shows I had written were nominated for best in their category.
If you were an actress in a film that had been nominated for five Oscars, including one for yourself, you would expect to have scripts landing on the door step.
The Oscar buzz when I was nominated was totally overwhelming. I think I can cope with anything now that I’ve coped with that. It was huge. It makes you realize, coming from a small country like Australia, what an enormous industry it is in America.
There’s nothing I would love more than to host an awards show where I’m nominated for an award – that is so funny to me.
I love watching the Oscars and seeing everybody saying all that ‘it’s an honour just to be nominated’ rubbish. Then you see their faces when the split screen comes up as the winner is announced – the losers are all smiling through gritted teeth and looking as if they just swallowed half a pound of soor plooms.
I’m thrilled when I get nominated. I don’t count how many and I don’t remember how many I’ve had. I just know it’s a lot.
I was in a bluegrass band. I made two records with a ba

I was in a bluegrass band. I made two records with a band called the SteelDrivers. They were nominated for two Grammys. I then I was in a rock band called the Junction Brothers; we made kind of ’70s hard rock music.
I remember, at the Oscars in 1991, ‘Dances with Wolves‘ won that year, and we were nominated for ‘Goodfellas.’ One of my peers said to me, ‘Why‘d you make that bad jump cut?’ I said, ‘Which one? We had about 20 in the film!’ He was really upset about it.
Though I was nominated for awards for films like ‘Tezaab’ and ‘Apna Sapna Money Money’ but I never won an award. Now I am not even nominated for any awards but still I attend the award functions as I love being there despite figuring prominently in a lot of leg pulling that goes around in the award ceremonies.
I was nominated as one of the most promising entrepreneurs by a business magazine a long time back. I worked in Telco way back in 1993 and then started my leather business.
In Hollywood, she‘s revered, she gets nominated for Oscars, but I’ve never heard anyone in the public or among my friends say, ‘Oh, I love Winona Ryder.’
Tonight, tonight we’ve reached a milestone in our nation’s march toward a more perfect union: the first time that a major party has nominated a woman for president. Standing here, standing here as my mother’s daughter, and my daughter’s mother, I’m so happy this day has come.
When I was nominated for an Oscar and seated next to Martin Scorsese, there was nothing in my mind that made me think, ‘Hey, in three years maybe I’ll make another remake of ‘Punisher.”
My father‘s failures inspired me the most and still drive me. He worked for 10 years, but wasn’t invited to award functions, forget being nominated. So winning even one trophy is a high for our family.
As a kid, I dreamed of being nominated for a Grammy.
This impeachment narrative started before President Trump was even nominated to the Repub – as the Republican candidate.
Dagen McDowell
My sixth book, ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes,’ was nominated for a number of book awards, one of which was The Quill Award, and they had it in New York at the Natural History Museum.
A lot of young Latino actors have said to me, ‘Why can’t we get an Oscar? Why can’t we be nominated?’ And the terrible truth is that if you don’t get the right parts, you’re not going to be. Are you going to get an Oscar nomination for one of those Judd Apatow movies? Not likely, no matter what nationality you are.
While the World Bank is an inter-governmental institution, drawing its funds from member governments and run by a board of directors nominated by member governments, its policies have increasingly become sensitive to civil society pressure and NGO agendas.
Well, I’m certainly glad that I was nominated for an Oscar. There is certainly a respect that comes with that nod. Also, a compliment that comes with it, too. Not that I really know what I’m doing. In a lot of ways I feel like some child on set, or like a kid that snuck in the back door.
I started writing because it was hard to find acting jobs. I didn’t like any monologues in auditions, so I started to write my own things. Since then, I have written a couple of shows. I was nominated for playwright of the year for a play I wrote called ‘Potential Space.’
Kirsten Vangsness
I was nominated for a live-action short-film Academy Award in 2003.
I got an email saying we were nominated for a Grammy, and I instantly thought it was a joke. So I started Googling the nominees, and there we were!
Boy, oh, boy, people get jaded fast. I got nominated for an Emmy.
Established in 2001, the Medal of Valor is our nation’s highest public safety award. Officers across the nation are nominated by their peers, but only a handful are selected to receive this honor. Traditionally, this process occurs only once a year.
You know, I respect what Howard Dean has been able to do. It’s good for our party. But I’ve got to tell you this: If money alone decided presidential nominations, Phil Gramm would have been nominated in ’96.
I was so grateful to win an Emmy, but just being nominated, it’s not overrated!
The best thing about being nominated in a category like best new play is realizing there were enough new plays to make a category.
There’s been a few things that have been insane with ‘Rather Be’, and being nominated for a Grammy is, like, the pinnacle one.
I’ve never been critically acclaimed. I’ve never been nominated for no Grammy. I’ve never been on no magazine cover. It’s almost taboo to say I’m actually good.
I do not personally agree with some of the positions that Mr. Gonzales has advocated, but that should come as no surprise, because I do not agree with many of the proposals made by the man who nominated him, President Bush.
Daniel Inouye
You can’t, or you shouldn’t, be nominated for an Oscar unless you’ve turned in a performance that’s special.
A lot of things went incredibly well for ‘Scrubs’: from a ridiculous number of downloads on the iPods, to whenever they issue a new season on DVD it kinda sells out, and we got nominated for an Emmy. To be picked up for six years is all gravy, man.
I know you’re always supposed to want more of everything. But in truth, I’m having a nice ebb and flow of being in my daughter’s life every day and getting to keep my work life alive. I’m not nominated for ten thousand everythings every minute, but I am acting and telling stories I love.
I didn’t get upset because I wasn’t nominated, but I was a little surprised.