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I prefer to make my own coffee at home because I love t

I prefer to make my own coffee at home because I love the experience of measuring out the beans and finding the right grind setting, messing with water amounts, etc. It’s truly an art form, and I’m obsessed with it. In L.A., I love Blue Bottle and Intelligentsia and used to hang at Bru in Los Feliz.
The thing I don’t miss is waking up in the morning, hurting, the grind of the game.
I have no ax to grind. I was lucky. I played. How many guys play high school, college football never play pro football?
Art Donovan
Poets yearn, of course, to be published, read, and understood, but they do little, if anything, to set themselves above the common herd and the daily grind.
If you‘re not going to put in the effort, your size is not going to take you so far. As long as you go out there and grind and go hard, good things will continue to happen to you.
You’re confronted with the quandary: do I grind things to a halt? Ideally you would, but I have better things to do than educate people.
I was a smaller kid when I was growing up so I had to learn some defensive skills. I had to grind a little bit and win points by scrapping it out.
The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.
I’ve really been writing a lot of country songs. I used to get criticized for doing a ‘Bump & Grind,’ then turning around and doing a gospel song. But the truth is I’m glad I have a gift that allows me to switch lanes.
I grind my teeth and keep my thumbs in so tight that I’ve dislocated them, just not to scream. Sometimes as an actor one is lucky enough to be asked to scream.
If I go anywhere, and I don’t have my coffee, I don’t drink coffee. When I travel, I carry it with me – and I ask hotels to grind it and brew it for me if I can’t have it in my room myself. I’m dedicated that way.
Grace Hightower
On tour, I’ll get up at 5 p.m. and go to bed at 8 in the morning. With fishing, it’s the exact opposite. Fishing is the only healthy thing I do. Touring is such a grind; it’s the opposite of healthy.
Dean Ween
The home is the center of life – a refuge from the grind of work, pressure of school, menace of the streets, a place to be ourselves.
I’m thankful to God that my life changed, but I’m also still on my grind.
The grind never ends.
Mr. Freeze is motivated by different things. He doesn’t really have that much of an axe to grind with Batman. Batman is an irritation and an impediment to him, not an enemy that he hates. He doesn’t have the hatred that the Joker has for Batman.
When people are pushing me against the cage, in the past I was more susceptible to allowing it to happen because I had that jiu-jitsu mentality that I’m not going to grind back.
You have to stay focused and be mentally tough. That’s what I’ve really learned: every day is a grind, and you have to go hard.
Chris Gronkowski
Working in TV films has a lot of advantages over the daily grind of doing an hour series.
Joe Penny
Giving Northern Europe a veto over Southern Europe’s budgets will not hold a monetary union together. The euro zone will continue to need the weaker countries to stomach decades of high unemployment to grind down wages.
Nothing can substitute for just plain hard work. I had to put in the time to get back. And it was a grind. It meant training and sweating every day. But I was completely committed to working out to prove to myself that I still could do it.
Like, even going to Duke Ellington School of the Arts, like, they slept on me. I think they thought I was talented, but for whatever reason, they didn’t want to give me a lot of solos or any type of just love like that. But I don’t know. I think that’s what encouraged me to grind so hard.
What I lack in talent, I compensate with my willingness to grind it out. That’s the secret of my life.
As much as I love scores of wonderful sites across the web, most of them are driven by the daily grind of the display/pageview hamster wheel. They create 20, 30, 40 ‘content snacks‘ a day, and I miss far more than I consume.
There’s times when I’ll see a show, or something cooking on TV, and think, ‘That can really be fun when it’s working.’ But it’s a grind. I did that at NBC, it was five days a week. I was doing ‘Talk Soup‘ and ‘Later‘ at the same time. It’s a hard job, more difficult than people realize.
Just being in Europe was a grind.
If you take guys that love the grind of football and who are passionate about football, it should click regardless if they have the proper talent.
I’m not ashamed to admit that for many years, most of my fitness information came from a VHS series by MTV called ”The Grind Workout.”
I love the grind. Gucci taught me to never stop working.
Everyone has different things they like in terms of board setup. The grind of the board and how it’s waxed – you want to make sure that the speed of the board is right for the conditions of the halfpipe. And then there’s the edges and the bevel of the edge.
HopefullyMississippi Grind’ will be good in the theater.
Training camp is a grind, and it truly is all about emb

Training camp is a grind, and it truly is all about embracing that grind and coming out here and forgetting about the heat and working to get better every single day.
It’s the same mindset I had in college. As long as I come in and work every day, it worked in college and I’m just going to continue to grind my tail off here in the NFL.
I don’t lecture and I don’t grind any axes. I just want to entertain.
Gregory Peck
It’s one thing to watch the NBA, but when you have to be there for every film session, every practice, it’s a grind. It’s a lot of hard work.
I’m not your average talk-show host. This is a tough grind. Morning TV, you wake up at 5:30 in the morning, and you go all day.
Sometimes the intensity and the grind of doing television can wear you down, but at the same time there’s something about the repetition, the sheer mass of work that you do that’s also liberating.
It’s a tough grind sometimes. Playing 82 games and the travel, it can wear you down. It’s definitely something you have to learn and adjust to. If you don’t, you can play your way out of the league very quickly.
I worked in an office. I was like an assistant. So, I would just answer phone calls, coordinate events. It was a great day job. I worked with amazing people, but obviously, whenever you are doing something that’s not your dream, you kind of feel like, ‘Oh, I’m on this grind.’
You really got to be hustling, you got to really be on your grind… you have to be a person that people want to listen or learn from.
I’m a worker, I’m someone who loves getting better and embraces the grind.
It’s good to be taken out of your comfort zone – it’s part of the NBA grind – a challenge I’m ready for.
I think one of the biggest lessons I continue to learn is having humility and being thankful for what you have because everything‘s a grind and it doesn’t get easier.
I love competing. I love doing all these things, coming to the rink, talking to the guys, doing the routine, working out in the summer, going through that grind.
I first heard Trouble in 2008. At that time I was on my grind, trying to work with all the next-up artists. I had sent him a couple beats; he had done a couple songs. We was always around the same age.
The Ping 51-degree makes for a nice transition from the irons. On my 60, it says 8 degrees of bounce, but I grind it to about 5 or 6 degrees. I tried a head with less bounce, but it just didn’t look right.
Goal line is goal line. You go down there and it’s the grit and grind of the game.
The thing that drives most coaches out of coaching in college is they get tired of the grind of recruiting.
I had to realize that you can’t try to get money, support yourself, and grind doing whatchu need to do at the same time. The music is the grind. You really gotta grind. You gotta find your way around. You can’t be stuck tryna get there.
I’d sometimes go to Paris by myself – it was an easy two-hour train ride – to get a break from the everyday grind, to walk around a big city, ride a subway, feel the energy of a world capital.
I just say rise and grind and hustle for the muscle.
I like playing tennis. I’ve always enjoyed the process of being a tennis player; I’m just not sure that I enjoyed the travel at the end, and my body didn’t recover from the day-to-day grind.
Brexit is a ceaseless grind of conversations about customs unions and backstops. Anything that can add an air of whimsical, childlike wonder to proceedings can only be a good thing.
Often the grind of book promotion wearies you of your own book – though at the same time this frees you from its clutches.
As far as television is concerned, I’m just not interested in working on a series. Why should I settle for being someone’s second banana? And that weekly grind is unrewarding and too demanding.
Normally, I’m a grumpy old man – whenever I read about celebrity, I start to grind my teeth and pull my hair; it seems synonymous with idiocy.
As long as you’re having fun, that’s the key. The moment it becomes a grind, it’s over.
I’ve been the type to just get up and go or I’m finding something to do, I’m on some type of grind every single day.
My main thing that I like to push on my fans – or even if you’re not a fan and just tuned into my career – you can like the music or not like the music, but I want you to appreciate my come up, my hustle, my grind, my dedication to what I do.
I’m a pro. I understand you check your ego at the door. If you don’t have it that night, you don’t have it that night. But sometimes you’re like, ‘Give me that opportunity to grind through this’.
Jason Hammel
The mill cannot grind with the water that is past.
Daniel D. Palmer
My career has been successful, but it’s been a grind of hard work.
In the '60s and '70s and early '80s, the trainers would

In the ’60s and ’70s and early ’80s, the trainers would grind you, and eventually they would break something – they would break an ankle in ways that it would heal. It was just the way of the business, to ensure that you learned respect for wrestling.
I’ve been on my grind to be the best player I can.
If I didn’t have a great right hook, the bigger, heavier fighters would grind me down and smother me.
I don’t really feel like I done made it all the way. I feel like, ‘OK, we did this. Then we grinded enough to get to this point. Now we gotta grind enough to get bigger and bigger,’ you know?
I think every credit you get and every film you have your name attached to makes things a little bit easier. It definitely opens doors up, but it’s still a grind.
My explosiveness, I really couldn’t show it at UCLA. It’s still there. It’s always been there. It was not a lot of running. It was a half-court game. Coach Howland came from the Big East, and so you know that’s a grind out game.
Shabazz Muhammad
I’m not a player that’s going to grind at the baseline – I like to dictate and control the point and try to use my drop shot as a weapon.
I don’t think I’m a gay icon. I have no axe to grind. I mean, I’m clearly not homophobic! I’m not pro or con.
Everybody was in struggle, in the grind trying to make it.
Young Buck
I think I’ve been lucky enough not to have to do movie after movie after movie for financial reasons, so I’ve been able to live life and also make movies. I didn’t have to grind them out. I could go long periods where I was living life rather than tripping over cables.
My experience with music, I’m not going to say extremely negative, but it’s definitely been a grind; it’s been grimy – it hasn’t been a pretty process. It’s left me crying, you know, on the carpet in my tiny apartment with, like, no money. But it’s been worth it, it’s my passion, my dream, it’s what I love to do.
People just don’t understand the art form of what we do. It’s a mental and physical grind. You can’t be a dolt in this industry. On the opposite end of that, you can be the smartest guy in the world and not understand what it is to have a presence on stage.
I’d rather grind slow because when it land in my lap and when I get it, it’s going to last longer than just shooting straight to the top and then the plane crashing because I done shot up too fast. I’d rather grind, figure the steps out and stay up there.
Everything from the lyrics to the production, solos to the writing – it’s all democratic. At the end of the day, you know, when you’re all done with the grind – which it is always an incredible grind for us to write records – I think it makes it that much more special to hear the final product.
If you look at the players, they need more of a break. Some players only get as little as three weeks after a major tournament and it’s straight back to the grind.
When you’re coming up, and you have Matt Hughes, Tim Sylvia, Jens Pulver and Pat Miletich, Jeremy Horn to train with and compete with – guys that have fought in Japan, all over the world – and you see these guys every day, you just embrace the grind and get after it: you have no choice but to succeed.
If you win, you have to get your feet straight back on the ground and grind out another win. You can enjoy the moment, but remain level-headed and always think ahead to the next challenge.
A teenage foot that never tapped to ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ in the ’50s probably belonged to a hopeless grind.
For me, the main thing is to continue to work, continue to grind on everything and stay focused.
I’m not a player that’s going to grind at the baseline – I like to dictate and control the point and try to use my drop shot as a weapon.
Yeah, I blew up. But people don’t see the other side of it. They don’t talk about how I played on a broken foot. They don’t know about the everyday grind.
Interviews are usually a follow-up, like a press junket or a publicity junket, or something like that, and I’m not doing any of that right now. I don’t have any axes to grind.
I didn’t want to keep forcing myself to grind out book after book.
I love standup, but not the grind of traveling and dealing with club owners.
You know you’re going to have 162 games. You’re going to have six months to play this game and playing every day is going to be a grind.
I think what I came from and what I saw molded me into a certain person. Nothing was ever wrapped or a silver spoon, so I don’t think I would know how to live and I don’t think I’d want to live if it wasn’t a grind.
Keep going. Grind for what you want. Pray. Listen to your mama.
I ain’t going to sit here like, ‘My neighborhood was hard, and I had to get out there and grind.’ We made it hard for ourselves. We chose to stay on the streets.
Well, obviously it’s clay. It’s slower. You have to grind more. You move a lot more. You have to slide.
It sounds so innocuous but the difference between 99 percent and 100 percent is huge. You can finish at 99 percent and you’ll be hurting but if you push a tiny bit more – and that’s the bit that makes the difference to your training – your legs just grind to a halt. It’s like your engine is seizing up.
I have been a figure skater for so long that when I stopped that competitive day-to-day grind, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I don’t know how the world works outside of being barked at by a Ukrainian woman and watching my weight.
I used to grind. I be telling people, you don't grind,

I used to grind. I be telling people, you don’t grind, you don’t sell. I was like 15, 16 getting dropped off in the city by myself, with my own beat CDs.
Learning something new is a fabulous way to be refreshed. When work can grind you down, something about learning a new activity thrills the soul. It reminds you that the world is bigger than your desk and your to-do list.
I wish everyone well, but you need to focus on yourself. You need to stop putting your hand out. Everyone wants hand outs. Everyone wants things for free. You’ve got to put in the work. You’ve got to grind. You’ve got go through the struggle, and you’ve got to get it.
I look at WorldstarHipHop in the morning, Bossip, Global Grind, and everything in between, but it’s all so quick, I don’t even think about it. And I’ve never been a fan of lyrical or socially conscious rap music.
I was helping my mom grind meat at our butcher shop, and it just hypnotized me. I don’t remember sticking my hand in, but it sheared off the three middle fingers and left me with a pinkie and a thumb.
It can be a grind, training and fighting and waiting for your chance. But when that opportunity presents itself, you have to be ready because you never know if or when you’ll get another shot.
I ain’t follow nobody path; I did it my own way. It’s just grindin’, ya feel me? You just gotta grind.
I’ve been acting for 30 years. It’s a grind.
It’s definitely a grind. Come to the gym early, leave late.
When I decided to become an actor, I realised that every role that we play on screen requires a different kind of prep. I learnt wrestling for ‘Dangal,’ went through an emotional grind for ‘Photograph‘ and stepped out of my comfort zone and shed too many inhibitions for ‘Pataakha.’
You constantly have to grind, work harder than anyone else.
Just being able to grind, day in and day out. You have to be a different kind of person to not just do the workouts, but to not make money for months at a time.
I see N.Y. hip-hop like I see N.Y. streets. N.Y. streets are grimy; it’s a grind. N.Y. rappers are hustlers – whatever sound is in, we can adapt to that; there’s nothing wrong with that.
You’re going to have to grind it out on some drives.
There’s always times when, the organization, we’re losing 90 games at a time, and it always feels like we’re developing players. But you just continue to grind and continue to do your job.
I feel really humbled and really grateful to have the opportunities that I’ve had over the past couple of years to work with some amazing people. I think, at this point, I just want to put my head down and grind and do honest work.
You have students in America, in Britain, who do not want to be engineers. Perhaps it is the workload, I studied engineering, and I know what a grind it is.
Embrace the grind because it was once taken from me.
I think that if you grind your spices and keep them in small batches, you can use them in endless ways. The key thing is to have a spice mill or a coffee grinder, and to keep your spices cold and in tightly lidded boxes.
Whenever you ain’t afraid to grind and ain’t afraid to put in that work, that’s a hustle, man.
It was taunted as reality. It was dangled as a carrot. In terms of people’s hopes and dreams, to say that that is less of a reality than the daily grind they find themselves in is maybe not correct.
Martin Mull
I get quite fed up being on a film set day after day, six days a week. It can get to be a grind.
It’s easy for a player to stand out in two or three days. But the grind of a camp, and just the level of consistency in performance that requires, that needs to happen.
Guys want to go out here and get the job done. Guys want to fight. We’re going to fight and grind every single pitch and try and do anything we can to help win games.
My body had given up on me at one point. And as many injuries as I’ve had over the years, I truly believed that my body needed to rest and not be on the grind like it’s been for the last 15 years.
Let me tell you something about Tunechi – about that boy. That boy comes to the studio every day and grind as if he doesn’t have a dollar in his pocket.
I tell inmates all the time, ‘Don’t complain about your grind. Do your time.’
O. J. Simpson
Grief is a terrible, painful place. You can’t grind away on grief in a solid way and say, ‘I’m going to work on this until it’s over’ because it will be with you for the rest of your life, whatever you do. So, you deal with it and move on.
Pam Ferris
People just see the shine. They don’t see the grind, the bags under my eyes. It was a lot of grinding, setbacks… I ain’t finna let nothing stop me. Wherever I stop at, I already know who I am.
Kodak Black
Look, we’re the Miami Heat, so we know how to work, we know how to grind.
I think the elements to shock the world is either the ability to wrestle and grind somebody out or the ability to knock someone out.
The wheels of Hollywood grind very slowly so I'm going

The wheels of Hollywood grind very slowly so I’m going to have some collagen or some sort of plastic surgery.
If you come from Jersey, you’re tough. You’ve been through the grind.
If every woman who’s had an abortion took tomorrow off in protest, America would grind to a halt. And that would be symbolic: because women grind to a halt if they are not in control of their fertility.
It doesn’t matter if we get a hit, a walk, hit by pitch; just trying to grind out at-bats.
As the son of a feminist mother, I grew up with the idea that work was a sort of salvation for women as it would give them freedom from the domestic grind. Now it seems work is a form of slavery, undertaken out of apparent compulsion rather than choice.
I like to grind and not think too much about the good stuff. I like to focus on the stuff I need to get better at.