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I knew that if I were the best in the world, my reality

I knew that if I were the best in the world, my reality could change. I was always the person who didn’t conform to the idea of ‘halfway.’
Terezinha Guilhermina
A halfway decent haircut will go a long way!
I did green screen for the first time! I wouldn’t like to do a whole movie of green screen, though. You kind of forget the plot a little – like being in a Broadway play and doing it over and over and forgetting your line halfway through.
I thought that I would have a huge literary novel coming out when I was, like, 29. I quit my banking job, and I was halfway through my second novel – and I will never publish it, because it’s very mediocre.
It felt natural. That is what I remember most about becoming a father halfway through my 20s. As if Mother Nature was giving me the big thumbs up.
Going back to being a head coach entails a full-time commitment to that job and I would not go into it for any amount of money and do it halfway. It would be a total commitment, not part-time.
A novel quite possibly won‘t be good and, even more possibly, will have not-good parts, but at least it won’t shape-shift on you; at least you can say that you’re halfway through and know that this maps onto some clear, visualizable chunk of narrative.
I was so competitive, I wanted to win games but… I lost 13 games in my first three years in college. I lost 13 games in my first month in the league and it felt like nobody cared. So, eventually halfway through the season, I’m like ‘well, why the hell do I care?’ If they don’t care, why do I care.
If you don’t meet luck halfway with really hard work, luck won’t get you all the way there.
My father was weaned on books. I’m halfway between being weaned on books and weaned on television. And if you’re weaned on television, you’re not as good a writer as if you were weaned on books.
James Burrows
An improv team would have eight guys and one woman; that was still pretty standard. If you were a woman improviser, it was actually kind of an advantage because, if you were halfway decent, you’d get a lot more stage time.
In my career as a director, there’s always been some point where you get halfway through it, or three-quarters, and you go: ‘What is this thing all about, and why am I telling the story? Does anybody really care about seeing this?’ At that time you have to say: ‘OK, forget that and just go ahead.’
I learned that if we embrace what’s happening, we are also embracing what is possible – and a road opens up for God to meet us halfway.
Suzan-Lori Parks
After college, I went on a real big classics kick. Read everything by Faulkner, Hemingway, Woolf, Proust, Dostoevsky. And that classics train dropped me off at ‘Dracula.’ Halfway through it, I understood I’d never be going back, never ‘leaving‘ the genre again. Since then, I’ve been on a fairly strict horror diet.
The man who says he is willing to meet you halfway is usually a poor judge of distance.
I hate to do anything halfway so I leave the guitar alone.
When people come up to me and say ‘I hate you’ or ‘I love to hate you,’ it’s not the usual response that I thought I would’ve gotten halfway into my career. And then they say, ‘I love your work.’
Robert Knepper
Some people are so fond of ill luck that they run halfway to meet it.
Douglas William Jerrold
To my mind, ‘Dear Brutus’ stands halfway between Shakespeare‘s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s ‘Into the Woods‘. Like them, it is a play about enchantment and disillusion, dreams and reality.
Every great mistake has a halfway moment, a split second when it can be recalled and perhaps remedied.
I love big, sprawling movies where there are too many characters, and people get introduced halfway through, and you’re like, ‘Wait, who are these people?’
Sometimes you’d come up against a brick wall… or sometimes you go into a fill and you’d know halfway through it was going to be disastrous.
John Bonham
I only halfway paid attention in high school Spanish class, and it may be too late now to catch up, no matter how many levels of Rosetta Stone I order.
I think Juan stopped short – he got halfway to the destination and got off the train. He is certainly an excellent writer and a good person, but I’m not a nationalist.
Change the way you think, and you are already halfway to changing the world.
I love trying to forge a contract between creator and audience in which we are able to meet halfway, each injecting a part of our own experiences into a story that’s being told.
Nate Powell
The hardest part of cooking is shopping, and if you organize yourself and shop once a week, you’re halfway there.
In general, shorter is better. If you can encapsulate your idea into a single captivating sentence, you’re halfway home.
I’ve always, for whatever my faults have been, felt like I’ve never done anything halfway.
Have you seen a marathon race? Some runners will be leading right from the first – but after the halfway mark, it is the runners at the back who take over while the early leaders fade out.
We can collaborate with a Netscape employee or partner who’s halfway around the world. We can distribute information and software to customers and shareholders, and get their feedback.
I think everybody wants someone who understands them an

I think everybody wants someone who understands them and is able to compromise and meet them halfway. I mean, it goes both ways, you know?
Every patient tends to bury the most important story inside some other story, just the way new writers often ‘bury the lede.’ ‘Burying the lede’ is an old journalism term for when you only find out the real point about halfway into the article, but it also applies to therapy.
I live here in Vermont, in a village of barely a thousand people halfway up the state’s third highest mountain.
Many people send me letters in England saying, ‘I want to be a war photographer,’ and I say, go out into the community that you live in. There’s wars going on out there; you don’t have to go halfway around the world on an airplane where there are bombs and shells. There are social wars that are worthwhile.
Having reached the halfway mark in the alphabet, my prime focus is on writing each new book as well as I can.
Sue Grafton
In 1999, I had my back against the wall, and WWE had a ghostwriter working on an autobiography for me. He was halfway through, and it was awful, just boring. I took over as a way of trying to fix things, as I thought I could probably do a better job.
There are definitely times – and I think this is pretty common among cartoonists – where you spend an entire day trying to think of an idea, and you’re like, ‘I give up.’ And then you go and take a shower or run an errand, and halfway there, you get an idea.
The albumPhysicist,’ I erased all the work that I had done halfway through. I think that’s probably why that contributed to that album being sort of sub-par for me, just because by the time I had to go back and do it, I was just over it.
The cuckoo who is on to himself is halfway out of the clock.
I grew up in Morocco. I was born a Muslim, and, every year, I celebrated Christmas in a big white house in the country, halfway between Meknes and Fez.
The thing about Netflix is that you get more minutes in your episode because there are no commercial breaks. You have time to let things breathe and be quiet. You get to see an entire scene play out instead of just jumping halfway in.
When I was 18, I was halfway up the Eiffel Tower with my friend, Tom, when we decided to stick our heads through the railings. The gap between the railings was exactly the right size to be able to put your head through and nearly get stuck. Which is exactly what happened.
I didn’t know the term ‘synesthesia’ until I was working on ‘Cruel Summer.’ Halfway into writing that, I really understood that, my entire life, I had been trying to describe this condition of mine: through painting, through this seven-screen Surround Vision film we shot in Qatar, through all these things.
My mom always wanted to go to Maryland to live there. Baltimore, actually. She had a best friend who lived there. She kept saying that she was going to move there and make that her home, but she only made it halfway across the country and got stuck in Iowa.
As a halfway decent college DJ, I had been exposed to some great progressive stuff and always took pride in unearthing musical gems.
With Skype video calling, teachers can provide their students with first-hand knowledge from experts around the world and with other classes who are studying the same subject halfway across the world.
Tony Bates
God doesn’t do things halfway. He goes all out! When God does something, it’s not just barely enough, mediocre or lukewarm.
What is a moderate interpretation of the text? Halfway between what it really means and what you’d like it to mean?
We’ve been seeing a lot of brides buying two dresses for their wedding, especially in America, and a lot of brides are talking about changing shoes halfway through. It is a very long day to be wearing one pair of shoes, however comfortable they are. It is about marrying that combination of style and comfort together.
Quit now, you’ll never make it. If you disregard this advice, you’ll be halfway there.
I was halfway through writing a gothic, country house mystery when, out of the blue, I received an email inviting me to audition for the ITV show, ‘Popstar To Operastar.’
He did not arrive at this conclusion by the decent process of quiet, logical deduction, nor yet by the blinding flash of glorious intuition, but by the shoddy, untidy process halfway between the two by which one usually gets to know things.
Margery Allingham
You don’t jump out of an airplane and stop halfway. It’s all the way.
A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him.
The reason I didn’t fly over from Maui at their beck and call is my wife was about to have a baby at any time. Those guys knew that. These guys would not compromise and meet me halfway.
Every beginning is only a sequel, after all, and the book of events is always open halfway through.
Valor lies just halfway between rashness and cowardice.
I made my entire first tape using Beats headphones – the studio headphones and halfway through the second one, because I finally started making a home studio. But I record and make all my beats with the Beats headphones.
I think, because of the kind of writer I am, I can’t do it halfway. I can’t do it without dedicating my entire life to it. I have to give it a hundred percent.
It’s strange the way Instagram has become a really crazy sourcing opportunity for me. I never thought I’d be saying that, but you see these amazing vendors halfway across the world.
I’m not gonna play a part that doesn’t instill some kind of fear in me. If I read a part, and suddenly, I’m thinking halfway through, ‘I’m not sure I could get away with this,’ I think of everything I can think of to keep me from doing it, that’s the one I should do.
Why would you have a seven-hour show? The fans are goin

Why would you have a seven-hour show? The fans are going to be so tired halfway through the show.
For, behind the scenes, halfway around the world in Mexico, were two decades of aggressive research on wheat that not only enabled Mexico to become self-sufficient with respect to wheat production but also paved the way to rapid increase in its production in other countries.
I’m not particularly interested in painting, per se. I’m interested in a painting that has that mysterious life to it. Anything that doesn’t partake of that magic is halfway dead – it returns to its physical elements, it’s just paint and canvas.
Caio Fonseca
Courage stands halfway between cowardice and rashness, one of which is a lack, the other an excess of courage.
To me, one of the big fears of doing a big huge graphic novel is locking yourself into one style and getting halfway through it and going, ‘Oh I made the wrong choice,’ which is a recurring nightmare I have.
Keep in my mind my dad didn’t become a huge, huge mega actor until I was halfway through high school – so right around the time he’s going through his big renaissance is right when I’m starting to do my high school revolting.
A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.
A goal properly set is halfway reached.
You can’t halfway disrespect me ever in my life and think we are going to be OK later.
I’m such a magpie. I’ll get halfway through one thing and pick up something else. I always have 5 or 6 books open and spine-up by my bed: it’s like a row of tents. I don’t finish nearly as many books as I should.
Traverse City sits halfway between the North Pole and the Equator, and our summer days are long. The light seems to take forever to vanish from the sky, and when it does, it goes out like someone folding a white sheet in the dark. A flare on the horizon. Then a rustle: Goodnight.
The fellow who says he’ll meet you halfway usually thinks he’s standing on the dividing line.
Orlando Aloysius Battista
Knowing what you’re up against is part of the strength of writing something that is even, I guess, considered halfway original, knowing what’s out there to begin with.
Sometimes I really believe in something and I’ll always take it up to God… cuz I always meet God halfway.
There can be no halfway house, where Britain continues to be out of Europe in name but is still run by Europe. There can be no halfway house when it comes to rule-taking and law-making from the E.U., and there is an overwhelming sense of frustration that Britain is being taken advantage of by the E.U.
When I’m putting a story together, I generally know the ending and a couple of the points halfway through, and I’ve got sort of an idea about the beginning, and although I do write the story one sentence at a time, when I’m thinking it up, I’m thinking it up all at once.
I am very proud of The Saints and I’m very glad that I’ve been associated with them all these years, but the next record is the best record… has to be the philosophy for any band that remains even halfway decent or vibrant, and that is kind of where my head’s at.
Chris Bailey
It’s funny, because when you’re younger you’re in a rush to be 18 or 21 or whatever. But then you hit 30. And now, the days go by like hours. You think, 40, man, this could be the halfway point. It could be the three-quarters point, you know? Who knows?
If you dream big and you make it halfway and can find someone else that know the rest of the way you can still get there.
A beautiful print is a thing in itself, not just a halfway house on the way to the page.
Irving Penn
You don’t necessarily have to go to some exotic location halfway around the world. You can find that other world very close to where you live.
Halfway through the decade, we realized that we had a great team and that we could do great things, and that we could probably have something here that we believed we had a chance to reach greatness.
Franco Harris
I went to Australia from England when I was right at that age when you learn to read. It’s a very confronting thing, traveling halfway around the world and having a mother who was deeply unhappy at ending up in Australia, so you look for some way to find comfort, I guess, and I found it in books.
Terry Hayes
I must admit that I was always scared to venture out on my own because I have an issue of getting bored of things. My attention span is very short. I like to start and give up halfway.
It was a disaster. I need to play with freedom, and Hodgson didn’t let me cross the halfway line.
In 2006, I started making a film called ‘Restraint of Beasts.’ While I was making it, I had a personal disaster. My wife fell ill, so we stopped shooting halfway through. And then sadly, my wife died.
I was training in Spain for 15 months, and while I was there, my parents didn’t want to be halfway around the world away from their 14-year-old daughter. So they migrated to the U.K. because they had Hungarian passports, and that’s in the E.U., so they could work there.
As the number of available jobs has decreased in border states like Texas, cities halfway across America have begun to see an influx of illegal immigrants in search of employment.
I think it’s natural when a team has such high expectations, under .500 halfway through the season, they’re going to go after a brand new coach.
I picked up ‘The Hunger Games‘ thinking it was written at my regressed reading level. I’ve spent hours reading it, and I’m not even halfway through. Our bass player, whose name is also Nate, ended up reading all three novels and loved them.
Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
Walt Disney had always tried to get more dimension in h

Walt Disney had always tried to get more dimension in his animation and when I saw these tapes, I thought, This is it! This is what Walt was waiting for! But when I looked around, nobody at the studio at the time was even halfway interested in it.
I can never finish a burger, and even if it’s just a millimetre, I’ll leave it. I don’t know why I can’t finish it. I don’t know if it is physiological, but I just feel like I’m full halfway through it.
You can’t be halfway in this business. If you don’t meet the fans, you lose all you’ve got.
Only by keeping oneself in constant process of growth, under the constant influence of the best things in one’s own age, does one become a companion halfway good enough for one’s children.
When I interviewed a bloke wearing a balaclava on Newsnight. He refused to remove it and halfway through our interview he forgot he was wearing it, took a sip of water and couldn’t find his mouth. It’s quite hard to hold it together when that happens.
The climate is doing its usual tricks. There’s nothing much really happening yet. We were supposed to be halfway toward a frying world now.
We make music for a living. Like I’ve always said, if you like what you’re doing, you’re halfway there; if someone else likes it, that’s even better. If they don’t like it, at least you like it. Not to be selfish, but you kind of have to be.
When I was growing up in the early noughties, I remember the time being very serene, peaceful and innocent. But actually there was Tony Blair‘s oil wars going on halfway across the world.
I’m known for changing halfway through the day if my mood swings.
I know how I felt when I saw things like ‘Fame‘ on television when I was growing up and how that was an exceptional magnet for me to want to explore the theater. I can only assume that ‘Smash‘ is doing that for anyone who is halfway interested in theater already.
Brian d’Arcy James
I’m not a massive reader, to be honest. I try and fill my time with other things. But I remember getting halfway through a book once. It was ‘The Client‘ by John Grisham, which was quite interesting.
I go to the House of Lords in the afternoon and try to walk halfway. I may be thinking about what I’m going to write. It’s much more satisfying than sitting in a chair.
I think, doing a first film, at some point you get halfway through, and you wonder, ‘Is this is good enough to define who I am for the coming decade?’
Sam Jaeger
Usually halfway through a book I have a serious depression, so I go on safari on my ranch in South Africa, or fishing off my island in the Seychelles. When I come back and re-read it, I think: ‘What was all that about, Smith? It’s fine, just get on with it.’
If we know that our own men are in a condition to attack, but are unaware that the enemy is not open to attack, we have gone only halfway towards victory.
I’m a big advocate of starting soccer young and always having the ball at your foot, but that’s because I didn’t do that. If I’d focused more on that when I was a kid, it would’ve been so helpful. It took me, like, halfway through college to feel comfortable with the ball.
You know, I can’t remember the last movie I walked out of. If I pay, I’ll see it through. I can’t be halfway through a movie and think that I know everything that’s going to happen, because I hope that I’m wrong.
Bobby Farrelly
If you hear something you like, and you’re halfway like the public, chances are they’ll like it too.
Chet Atkins
The best way to learn is live, in person, cooking, feeling, smelling and tasting, but TV is the second-best thing to that; it’s a halfway facsimile.
That’s what so sad about a lot of modern music, in my opinion, so many young bands never stay around long enough to fulfill their ultimate promise. They only get halfway there or a quarter of the way there.
That’s why I felt so at home when I went to Africa. It didn’t matter that I was halfway around the world in a foreign country, because all those elements are universal. And I think that’s one thing about my work: It’s universal.
I think I started lip-synching about halfway through the first day, and it’s not as easy as you think it would be. But it’s definitely better than a day job.
Bo Bice
I didn’t get to see Predator until halfway through shooting. It was great to get an education while I was shooting because it made me excited to be part of this legacy.
We’ve grown up watching Dad setting and breaking records – my brother Sam was born when Dad was halfway across the Atlantic, going after a record.
I do whatever entertains me. If it entertains me to throw flowers halfway across the room, then that’s what I’ll do.
I’ve flown halfway around the world to kiss a girl. I jumped on a plane and flew to Australia.
Geoff Stults
I spent the majority of my teenage years in hospitals, rehabs and halfway houses.
You can’t be playing halfway or you are gonna get halfway results.
I started doing sculpture rather than painting. I was halfway through my degree, and I hadn’t really done any introduction courses in sculpture… I’d missed all the technical stuff. I didn’t really know how to weld or forge or carve or model. I’d sort of evaded all those technique classes, so I had no technique.
Certainly to me it has been valuable to have to think through the basics of physics in order to present them in a halfway coherent form for a course. That has led me to ideas in research. Even freshman physics leads to thoughts that lead to other thoughts that are stimulating.
If I play somebody‘s mixtape, if it gets on my nerves halfway through because it’s too loud or everything sounds the same, it makes me want to approach every song I do differently. I don’t want somebody saying, ‘That’s enough of this,’ when they listen to my music.
I got halfway through 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I got halfway through ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.’ I don’t get it at all. What’s the big thrill? It’s boring.
Never look for the story in the ‘lede.’ Reporters are required to put what’s happened up top, but the practiced pundit places a nugget of news, even a startling insight, halfway down the column, directed at the politiscenti. When pressed for time, the savvy reader starts there.
I don’t think I’ve found the perfect job for me, but I know what I like, so that’s halfway there, right?
Colleen Haskell
Because you can’t do anything halfway, you’ve got to go all the way in anything you do.
Jerry Bruckheimer
I love what I do. I take great pride in what I do. And I can’t do something halfway, three-quarters, nine-tenths. If I’m going to do something, I go all the way.
Sometimes I realize halfway through a story, I’m like, ‘Why would anyone care about this? It’s uninteresting.’
Kyle Kinane
A well-ordered life is like climbing a tower; the view halfway up is better than the view from the base, and it steadily becomes finer as the horizon expands.
William Lyon Phelps