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Shipping middle-class jobs to China, or hollowing them

Shipping middle-class jobs to China, or hollowing them out with machines, is a win for smart managers and their shareholders. We call the result higher productivity. But, looked at through the lens of middle-class jobs, it is a loss.
I’ve been lucky to travel and work all over the world through the lens of the back of the house, and I love that monocle. I love that lens, because it’s real people.
Just as theater has to be where people live, actors have to go out in the marketplace – not be cut off by a lens. Either an artist grows or he stagnates.
Ralph Waite
I feel that doing theater does give you a good grounding to work on camera. The audience is the lens.
Julian Ovenden
If you don’t have a lens that’s been trained to look at how various forms of discrimination come together, you’re unlikely to develop a set of policies that will be as inclusive as they need to be.
When people of color and their allies say today that Black Lives Matter, the nation must hear and see it through the lens of all that has come before and understand that they speak truth.
I look at the world through a green lens now, but you can’t make yourself crazy. That feeling of green guilt can be really inhibiting. It’s about a changing mind-set, remembering to turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth.
So often when we historicize material, we use this big wide-angle lens.
Contemporary paganism gives me a subjective lens through which the world in which I live can be interpreted on an aesthetic and an ethical basis. I’m interested in narrative, myth, and story, in folklore and the way we connect to the turning of the seasons and the natural world.
Liz Williams
Shipping middle-class jobs to China, or hollowing them out with machines, is a win for smart managers and their shareholders. We call the result higher productivity. But, looked at through the lens of middle-class jobs, it is a loss.
We’ve seen the worst that human beings are capable of. We’ve seen what happens when leaders abandon common decency in favor of rage and hate. Through the lens of history, the Holocaust happened yesterday, the civil rights movement was this morning, so we are not as out of the woods as we might have thought.
I’m very lucky that I’m not a photographer for hire – people hire me for me. I go into every commercial work with an art focus, with that lens; every brand I’ve worked for just lets me do whatever I want to do. I have full creative freedom.
I definitely have fun commenting on the real world and interpreting through the ‘Dear White People’ lens.
I believe the poet shouldn’t be in the poem at all except as a lens or as ears.
The thing that’s interesting about science fiction is that it is always, when it is done well, a lens on our world. And yet it is a metaphor.
It’s like that with what sort of ideas people outside of the band have of HIM. They all see it through a different lens as well which is beautiful. Hopefully, it makes it an endless topic of conversation.
When you’ve lived as long I’ve lived, you see things from a bigger lens, and you try to share that with the young guys coming up, including being patient.
Richard DeVos
Starting a company in San Francisco when we did usually meant it was destined to be a data-driven tech company. But that didn’t seem to fully encompass what we wanted with Airbnb. When we tried looking through a tech lens, it didn’t work. The humanity was missing.
Disability in the Middle East is viewed through a different lens because you’re in wartime countries where it’s much more mainstream, so I was just never ‘other’d.
It is good to be in front of the lens to appreciate more being behind the lens.
There is a mystique about psychiatry that people think that you have some kind of a magical lens, you know, Superman‘s X-ray vision into the soul. One of the reasons I left psychiatry is that I didn’t believe that.
I’m hard-wired to view everything that Albany does through the lens of a local town, city, county official.
Kathy Hochul
When you’re used to looking through a stills lens and you have to capture an emotional moment, and that picture is not moving and yet it has to have impact, I think that’s the first influence on my style.
When I turned 40, I noticed I couldn’t read the label on the back of a jar of food – it turned to be the result of presbyopia where the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus on near objects due to age. So now I wear multifocal contact lenses – and they’ve been a real blessing.
I’m not trying to blow out a camera lens or make the audience’s hair go straight back from my sheer volume, sheer energy level.
The lens is the actor‘s best criticshowing his mind more clearly than on the stage. You can get wonderful cooperation out of the lens if you are true, but God help you if you are not.
Sydney Greenstreet
Every time I look through the lens with Denzel, I’m like a 12-year-old kid. It’s hard for me to look at the monitor because the fun is in watching him.
From the first moment I handled my lens with a tender ardour.
Julia Margaret Cameron
You know, as a child of Palestinian immigrants, again, every corner of my district is a reminder of the civil rights movement, and I bring that lens, and I try to – you know, many of the Palestinians, they have called me, reached out to me via social media.
I don’t know one lens from another. That’s not my job. It’s the cinematographer‘s job. But I can talk to people.
There was no market for poetry about trauma, abuse, loss, love, and healing through the lens of a Punjabi-Sikh immigrant woman.
If I'm watching 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta,' there

If I’m watching ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ there’s a part of that that’s just escapism. I’m not watching it with a political lens, but there is a part of me that certain things trigger and pull up, where I’m like, ‘Oh, that was really problematic.’
Growing up biracial and speaking four languagesFrench, Chinese, Portuguese, and Englishgave me a different lens. I was always very acutely aware of coming from a different perspective. I think that definitely contributed to what I chose to do with my life.
Feminism is a lens I see the world through and what I believe in. I don’t ever use it as a tool of promotion.
Senator Blunt genuinely sees everything through the lens of partisan politics.
My lens and my personality, it’s just fluid. The art isn’t just in one place.
Medicine may be the lens through which I see the world, but since I think of medicine as ‘life +’, a place where life is exaggerated and seen at its most vital and poignant, I’ll be writing about life more than I will be writing about medicine.
I see the world from the perspective of a 5’8″ person, not someone who is 6’4″. so naturally, I’m going to choose certain lens heights over and again… Sometimes nature makes choices for you.
Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.
Yousuf Karsh
When you’ve lived as long I’ve lived, you see things from a bigger lens, and you try to share that with the young guys coming up, including being patient.
Richard DeVos
I think we’re living, in terms of media, in a very democratic age, but I think that we still look at everything through the lens of ‘Vogue‘ and through our own point of view.
Having a strong race lens means you understand racism is threaded through and institutionalized in all of our systems and our very perceptions, threaded through how someone looks at you, treats you, thinks about you and your potential.
Looking through the camera lens reduces noise; as humans we see a million shapes, colours and textures. What the lens does, what art does in general, is get rid of all the noise. It hones in and isolates the qualities of a scene.
I like to write stories that read like historical fiction about great, world-changing events through the lens of a flawed protagonist.
Carol Berg
In the winter of 2012, as my fiftieth birthday approached, I began to write what turned into my autobiography, a look at my own life through the lens of food.
I always knew I belonged on the other side of the lens.
That music and the lyrical aspects of Razorblade Romance is so personal to me that, now with me being grown up a bit and meeting new people and doing new things, it makes me look at the same things I was writing about back in the day through a different colored lens.
Every year or so, I try to do something; it keeps me refreshed as to what’s going on in front of the lens, and I understand what the actor is going through.
Queerness is the lens that I live my life through.
If I have to point to something specific with the way I move my camera, I love to do it with a wide lens. I like to show you as much of the space as I can, even if I’m following a character.
Make no mistake: Tackling climate change is vital. But to see everything through the lens of short-term CO2 reductions, letting our obsession with carbon blind us to the bigger picture, is to court catastrophe.
I always wanted to know what lens they were on, how close they were. I didn’t do it with a plan in mind, but I would instinctively gear what I was doing toward what lenses they were using.
Just one step. Just one mile. Just one dollar. Just one kiss. Just one person. When we look at life through the lens of ‘one,’ everything becomes that much more attainable.
Mick Ebeling
I think it’s important for not just me but women of color, trans women, and people who are marginalized to be telling stories of themselves. It’s important for us to be behind the lens.
Flash turns up the optical volume so that whatever lies behind the lens – be it film or a digital sensor – is a little more receptive.
Our leaders do us no service when they fail to recognize that the threat the so-called Islamic State and its allied terrorists represent is a civilizational, not a geopolitical, conflict and can only be understood through that lens.
I think we’ll see, not only with Glass, but the watch wearables, with the contact lens, that each of these things have their own best purpose, but it will take more on our part and society‘s part to figure out what that is.
There is no comparison to me and Nancy Pelosi. On most of the issues I’m going to be more progressive, but I’m going to look at it from the lens of what is best for my community.
I think I am a religious person just by nature. I think I sort of view everything through the lens of some inner undying thing in people that drives them to act as they do or to feel ashamed of not acting in some other way.
Design has always been a driving force in my life: it’s the lens through which I experience the world.
It’s our responsibility to cater to the needs of people who come and enjoy our work who have the same values we do. We’re not trying to change the world. We’re just sort of trying to deal with our specific lens of performance.
I’ve wanted to see beyond the Western, mechanical view of the world and see what else might appear when the lens was changed.
When other people look at K-pop with a more traditional

When other people look at K-pop with a more traditional Western lens, or when people listen to it, it may sound like a combination of all different genres.
The spirit of St. Louis as I view it from my lens is a spirit of giving.
Food is a lens for culture.
Dana Goodyear
An actor’s only perception is of their character, and they’re looking at one piece. A writer is looking at the entire story. They’re going to see things that the writer didn’t see because they’re only looking through their lens.
I started reading and fell in love with the worlds and characters Lev Grossman created. I’m taken with his exploration of an idealized childhood fantasy through the lens of adulthood, or coming into adulthood.
Hale Appleman
When people of color and their allies say today that Black Lives Matter, the nation must hear and see it through the lens of all that has come before and understand that they speak truth.
It’s a great thriller or mystery, but on another level it’s a film about the fact that, if you only look at a person through one lens, or only believe what you’re told, you can often miss the truth that is staring you in the face.
It’s important to choose initial investors who are not twitchy and rushing for an exit. Wall Street‘s quarter-by-quarter lens may make the CEO make sub-optimal long-term decisions.
Roelof Botha
I think a lot of Africans in my generation, and especially those of us who have spent time overseas before coming back, are quite comfortable moving between the two worlds, though always with a lens of, ‘What can we do to help our countries or regions?’
I think that focusing all experiences through the lens of the Internet is an example of not being able to see history through the eyes of others, to be so enamored of one’s present time that one cannot see that the world was once elsewise and was not about you.
I look at all good things with a bit of a dark lens, I suppose, especially with something like love.
I don’t see anybody as either ordinary or extraordinary. I see them simply as people in front of my lens.
No lens is quick enough to track the movement of the human body. The molecules are always moving.
The emergence of social media in the Broadway fan‘s life – it’s sort of a serendipitous thing for us and for a lot of shows. I always wonder what ‘Rent’ would’ve felt like through that lens.
My lens of choice was always the 35 mm. It was more environmental. You can’t come in closer with the 35 mm.
The war on terror, sometimes known as the ‘Global War on Terror’ or by the clunky acronym GWOT, became the lens through which the Bush administration judged almost all of its foreign policy decisions. That proved to be dangerously counterproductive on several levels.
There was something about Marilyn. She couldn’t act her way out of a bag, but she became an icon because something happened between her and the lens, and no one knows what it is.
Richard Widmark
I don’t remember the first picture I took, but I actually found a picture of myself on a trip back to my old family home in Malaysia. I’m five years old, sitting on the floor with the family camera in my hand. It was a film camera – not a DSLR – with a fixed lens and a nice manual zoom.
Being behind the lens gives me a completely different perspective, and because of my blog, I get to do projects and attend shows lending me another angle.
Hanneli Mustaparta
It wasn’t until I realised that I could actually take nice photographs that I started to become passionate about it. I then got a few jobs working for magazines in London, and I would get terribly excited and intense about doing a job and taking photographs and looking through the lens to capture something amazing.
You see things through a different lens when you have a child.
One-day cricket and T20s have vastly different identities and one cannot look at it through the mere lens of ‘white-ball cricket.’
Putting any situation through our comedy lens always goes on in our heads.
There isn’t really anybody who occupies the lens to the extent that Lindsay Lohan does. Something happens when she steps in front of the camera. There is this magnetic energy.
You learn tricks to make action look more dynamichaving the fight come toward you or shooting on a longer lens to compress the speed.
The music industry is an interesting lens through which to look at change, because it has had such a difficult time adjusting to the digital age.
My first experience with film was through a still camera. I would sit, very much against my will, with my father in the game reserve, watching some elephant or rhino or whatever, through a 400 millimeter lens and wait, and waiting and waiting.
People believe that art and science are two distinct realms. It is far from the truth because, if you look at science from a microscope or from a different lens, you can see the beauty in science. It is very artistic.
I have a simple rule: when I’m on TV, I’m not talking to just my anchor or my colleague on my right. I’m talking to America. I look into the lens, and in my head, I’m talking to somebody in Nebraska. Why Nebraska? Why the Cornhusker State? I have no idea. But it feels like it’s a good place to talk to people.
I’ve always been shy and that’s partly why I chose a life behind the lens. I like people to look at my work and hopefully it speaks for itself.
Bruce Weber
I like to write stories that read like historical fiction about great, world-changing events through the lens of a flawed protagonist.
Carol Berg
It is not easy acting and directing yourself because yo

It is not easy acting and directing yourself because you have to face the camera as well as look at the scene through the lens.
I’m somebody who looks at things through the lens of being a wife and being a mother and being a United States Marine.
A whopping 89 percent of buyers start their home search online. How your house looks online is the modern equivalent of ‘curb appeal.’ Rent a wide-angle lens and good lighting, get rid of your clutter and post at least eight great photos to win the beauty contest.
The roles I used to be cast for were typically objectified women, so I was always being shown or spoken about through the lens of the guy.
I was bullied in high school, and it’s interesting coming from the other side of the camera lens, finding out that all of these people that I thought were my antagonists in my life were probably just as insecure as I was at that age.
They say a lot of women would like to see me naked, but there’s not a lens long enough for that.
Being able to write about love through a trans lens is something that’s not really represented when it comes to love songs.
Paradigms are like glasses. When you have incomplete paradigms about yourself or life in general, it’s like wearing glasses with the wrong prescription. That lens affects how you see everything else.
Each language is a different lens from through which you view the world. So, learn as much as you can!
Henry Lau
Commanded by God dozens of times in the Hebrew Bible to remember their past, Jews historically obeyed not by recording events but by ritually re-enacting them: by understanding the present through the lens of the past.
Dara Horn
When a regular camera focuses physically, what the regular camera is doing is adjusting the lens relative to the sensor to bring different parts of the scene into focus.
Memory is often – perhaps usually – a distorting lens: what we think we remember isn’t the way it was at all. It’s what we’d like to remember.
Whatever my lens is, it’s always going to be trying my best to see something through what I believe is going to be God’s word, and not God’s word in the essence of dogma or in the essence of religion, or to be right and to make other people wrong.
It’s our responsibility to cater to the needs of people who come and enjoy our work who have the same values we do. We’re not trying to change the world. We’re just sort of trying to deal with our specific lens of performance.
Judaism is my life. Everything I do is through the lens of Torah.
Often, when you look at history, at least through the lens that many of us have looked at history – high school and college courses – a lot of the color gets bled out of it. You’re left with a time period that does not look as strange and irrational as the time you’re actually living through.
When I can see things through the lens of the director, it’s like being able to see the whole puzzle – it’s not just about my role, but the whole script.
Justin Baldoni
I believe comedy is a really good lens to filter serious issues through. If people are laughing, they don’t necessarily realize until they stop laughing that they just took something in that’s going to start a conversation.
It helps to see the world through a different lens, and that’s what we wanted to do with Instagram. We wanted to give everyone the same feeling of discovering the world around you through a different lens.
So much of our fictional medievalism is distorted through a lens of Protestantism and the Reformation, slanted even further through Victorian anti-Catholicism. The depiction of actual medieval attitudes toward the Church is remarkably rare.
Judith Tarr
Even though the moniker ‘Vanilla ISIS’ is tongue in cheek, it is a reminder to avoid constantly framing the concept of terrorism through an Islam-centric lens.
I can’t help but see things in life through a humorous lens, so anything that comes my way is gonna probably be, you know, bent in that direction.
Music is a lens through which to see who we are. Every phrase of every piece of music is trying to tell a story.
I tried to render the Afghan war as much as I could fro the perspective of the Afghans. I have served as an advisor to Afghan troops, and much of my war experience was seen through the lens of fighting that war alongside Afghan soldiers.
Elliot Ackerman
Everything I do is gauged under the shadow of ‘Dil Chahta Hai.’ Even ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ and ‘Rock On,’ which are very urban films. So I am always seen through that lens.
Drama is drama, and it’s really… if it’s something small, you put a magnifying glass up to it; if it’s something big, you use a wide lens.
Whenever I arrive on a real location, I have to move around and work out what the best angles are going to be. When I was moving around with the lens, I discovered things that the naked eye would not have.
Warhol was the ultimate voyeur, constantly observing people through the lens. He watched and listened, but did not participate. Behind the camera, Warhol was in control.
I am not a scientist. I have never analyzed the far reaches of the solar system through the lens of a telescope nor scrutinized cancer cells under a microscope.
Everything’s viewed with a political lens in Washington, and that’s just the nature of the beast, and it is what it is.
It was an idea we had when Al was in the Senate – to organize and moderate an annual conference that would look at government policy through the lens of the family to help identify ways that the family can be supported and strengthened.
There can be no better grounding for a lifetime as an a

There can be no better grounding for a lifetime as an author than to see humanity in all its various guises through the lens of the reporter for the town.
I’m from the streets, so I look at investing through a very unique lens.
I really truly respect and honor the fact that the majority of my district is African-American and that I have to make sure that I surround myself with people with that lens.
I know there’s an impression that I’m someone who seeks to have violent confrontations with people. I don’t. Do I regret screaming at some guy who practically clipped my kid in the head with the lens of a camera? Yeah, I probably do, because it’s only caused me problems.
I think that any woman who had a conversation with me and had an opportunity to truly understand my life story wouldn’t view it through a critical lens. There are people, of course, in the world of politics, who look for things to be critical about. But those people are already against you.
My belief is that the U.S. is looking at the world through a short-term lens of tariffs and elections, while China is looking at a 25-year plan of becoming the dominant global power.
Every shot is unique, even if it’s just a close-up, an insert of your hand. You’ve got to work with the guy behind the lens to get it right, focus in. Those are critical little nothing things, but you’ve got to work with the people who are trying to put it down, in order to get it.
Robert Forster
I don’t think my background in Zambia has really affected my lens because my classical training has been Western-style. But it’s fantastically fortuitous to have been born African because I don’t feel I have a vested interest to the U.S. or China or wherever.
From the first moment I handled my lens with a tender ardour.
Julia Margaret Cameron