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I can't see any reason why a dramatic story can't be in

I can’t see any reason why a dramatic story can’t be in 3-D. I thinkLawrence of Arabia’ would have been fabulous in 3-D.
As a girl growing up in Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and then India, the idea of cracking the industry in America seemed crazy. So thankfully, the way I was raised was to be an open person.
By facilitating a peace agreement and leading the reinvestment and reconstruction in Yemen, Saudi Arabia can turn around a failed state and bolster its standing as a global and regional leader.
We are a G20 country. One of the biggest world economies. We’re in the middle of three continents. Changing Saudi Arabia for the better means helping the region and changing the world. So this is what we are trying to do here. And we hope we get support from everyone.
I’ve been on camels before, lumbering slowly through the desert – not hugely exciting, but I enjoyed the ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ vibe.
But Saudi Arabia is surprising in a lot of ways. Like any place, or any people, it relentlessly defies easy categorization.
I began to feel whatever narrow space I had in Saudi Arabia was getting narrower. I thought it would be better to get out and be safe.
Over the years, I’ve spent time in Saudi Arabia, the Bekaa Valley, Afghanistan, Jordan, and Kenya, among other vacation hotspots.
The U.S. economy will tank if either China withdraws its money from the U.S. Banks, or Saudi Arabia stops depositing its oil money in U.S. bonds, or even if the oil trade goes off the dollar.
The funny thing is that I’m the girl who no one sees at the beach. Ask anyone who’s traveled with me. Normally, I’m in so many layers, I look like Lawrence of Arabia!
As someone who cares about human rights, I am deeply dismayed to learn that Mr. McCain‘s charity has accepted money from Saudi Arabia. Their track record of oppressing women, gays, Christians, and political opponents is notoriously horrific.
I’ve always loved the old epics that tell a simple emotional story, whether it’s the tumultuous relationship between Rhett and Scarlett or Lawrence of Arabia’s passion to get lost in a faraway place.
When I speak of the fear, intimidation, arrests, and public shaming of intellectuals and religious leaders who dare to speak their minds, and then I tell you that I’m from Saudi Arabia, are you surprised?
A first difficulty of the Arab movement was to say who the Arabs were. Being a manufactured people, their name had been changing in sense slowly year by year. Once it meant an Arabian. There was a country called Arabia; but this was nothing to the point.
In effect, Saudi Arabia legitimizes fundamentalism, religious discrimination, intolerance and the oppression of women. Saudi women not only can’t drive, but are also told by some clerics that they mustn’t wear seatbelts for fear of showing the outlines of their bodies.
The Democrats are up to their necks in foreign meddling. Nancy Pelosi took money from Ukraine lobbyists. Chuck Schumer took money from Saudi Arabia and Mexico.
The name Muhammad is the most common name in the world. In all the countries around the world – Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon – there are more Muhammads than anything else. When I joined the Nation of Islam and became a Muslim, they gave me the most famous name because I was the champ.
Whether we like it or not, we don’t choose Saudi Arabia’s leaders. They do.
Obama has created a new world where countries ignore the U.S. without consequence. It’s so bad that Saudi Arabia doesn’t even want to serve on the Security Council with the U.S. because it might ruin their reputation.
Like Afghanistan before it, Iraq is only one theater in a regional war. We were attacked by a network of terrorist organizations supported by several countries, of whom the most important were Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.
Michael Ledeen
The anchors of the Arab consensus have long been Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and both are now weakened forces in Arab politics and diplomacy.
The Syrian border town of Qa’im was the main gateway Islamic radicals used to go to Iraq. Syria became the passageway for extremists from Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations to fight a jihad against American forces in Iraq.
But the key thing is that Iraq, while it’s got very large oil reserves, has marginalized itself as an oil exporter and these days its exports are only about one tenth that of neighboring Saudi Arabia.
I wouldn’t write anything autobiographical. If you’ve lived a life like Laurence of Arabia, it might be a consideration, but otherwise it’s a little bit vain, it seems to me.
James Lee Burke
I was 15 when my family moved to Jidda from Britain in 1982. Living in Saudi Arabia was such a shock to my system that I like to say I was traumatized into feminism.
I am waiting for the day when the German Bundestag debates the violation of human rights in Saudi Arabia.
Mr. Trump has been consistent in some areas. Since the late 1980s, he has nurtured a set of preoccupations, chiefly that America’s alliesJapan and Saudi Arabia among them – are ripping America off.
It is in Saudi Arabia’s best interest to allow women to fully participate in its society, and this includes the right to vote and run for office.
We import a lot of oil, particularly to eastern Canada, from Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, a lot from the U.S. So if we’re looking at how do we phase out fossil fuels in the period in which we’re phasing them out, let’s only use Canadian.
In my travels, which have been wider than ever man yet accomplished, I have seen many, many wild beasts of Arabia and India; but this beast, that is commonly called a Tyrant, I know not how many heads it has, nor if it be crooked of claw, and armed with horrible fangs.
Most dramatically, and perhaps least noticed, is the violence inside Saudi Arabia itself.
Can you imagine what will happen to the global economy

Can you imagine what will happen to the global economy if Iran comes out with a nuclear weapon? The whole area will enter a nuclear race – Saudi Arabia, Turkey.
I want to produce champions from Saudi Arabia and throughout the region.
We have to review our foreign policy and stop rolling out the red carpet for countries we know to be funding fundamentalism: countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Actually, King Abdullah, under his supervision and guidance, has established a dialogue in Saudi Arabia whereby all the population, whether Shiite or Sunnis from north, south, west or east, they can get together and exchange their views.
The Islamic Revolution of Iran has been killing Americans, hundreds of Americans, for 35 years in Iraq and Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.
Additionally, any Human Rights Council reform that allows countries with despicable human rights records to remain as members, such as China and Saudi Arabia, is not real reform.
It’s one thing to say you’re feminist, but then what does that mean? Not selling arms to a regime that is the most repressive and probably one of the worst human rights violators, particularly towards women, like Saudi Arabia?
Even non-democratic allies no longer trust America. Barack Obama has alienated our most important and longest standing Arab allies, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Both the anti-Muslim Brotherhood and the anti-Iran Arab states have lost respect for him.
I was in Saudi Arabia on 9/11 and was part of the initial leadership team to execute the initial combat operations in Afghanistan.
Weapons systems the U.S. sold to the Shah of Iran wound up in the hands of Islamic militants who seized power there in 1979; a comparable scenario in Saudi Arabia is hardly impossible.
Like so many Boomers, I saw ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ in 1962 when it was first released and when we were young teenagers. I’m not quite sure why – I really wish some psychologist would explain this – but that movie had a tremendous effect on many of us.
Mary Doria Russell
Other places are also generators of far-flung violence beyond their own borders – Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are obvious examples – but none has as long a history of war, resistance, and terror as Chechnya.
Saudi Arabia inflames the Sunni-Shiite divide and sets a pernicious example of intolerance by banning churches.
If Iran and North Korea, by some horrible, devilish, nightmarish scenario, got together and went to war at the same time, one against Saudi Arabia and one against South Korea, I don’t know what we would do about that. I don’t know that we could stop them short of using nuclear weapons.
I mean, it was a mummy movie. It was a good film independent of its source. It that looks like Lawrence of Arabia on steroids in a lot of ways.
I went to Saudi Arabia in 2010, and spent most of my time in Jeddah and the King Abdullah Economic City.
I’m rooting for Saudi Arabia getting a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council.
I can’t imagine David Lean justifying why he went to the desert to shoot ‘Lawrence of Arabia.’
Our relations with brothers in Gulf Cooperation council are good and developing, either bilateral relations or with the G.C.C itself, also we have good brotherly and solid ties with Saudi Arabia.
Ali Abdullah Saleh
The international community should pressure Iran to get the Houthis to agree to some peaceful understanding in Yemen. But at the same time, Saudi Arabia also needs to believe truly in democracy for Yemen.
Very few people are fortunate enough to walk through countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, and I had seen them all. I had spoken to many on the street.
Ashleigh Banfield
To allow the construction of places of worship other than Islamic ones in Saudi Arabia, it would be like asking the Vatican to build a mosque inside of it.
Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, like other countries in the region, rejects the acquisition of nuclear weapons by anyone, especially nuclear weapons in the Middle East region. We hope that such weapons will be banned or eliminated from the region by every country in the region.
Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
I was born in Karachi, where my father used to work in the sales department of a pharmaceutical company. The nature of his job required him to travel, so we moved to Athens, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Riyadh and then went to Manchester during the Gulf War, moving back to Lahore closer to my father’s retirement.
Wipro Arabia is a joint venture company with Dar Al Riyadh, a well-diversified group in Saudi Arabia.
If China was like the moon, then arriving in Saudi Arabia was Mars. At least you can see the moon from Earth.
Basmah bint Saud
When I was fighting, there was no boxing in Saudi Arabia because it was forbidden.
I was born in England, but then I lived in Calgary, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, India, Vancouver, London, Toronto, and now L.A.
Neom will have a lot of ports, some of them in Saudi Arabia and some of them in Egypt.
When the air forces of the U.S., Russia, France, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others are already engaged with Isis in Syria, it’s a shortage of targets rather than of aircraft that is the coalition‘s principal military constraint.
When I talk about places like Saudi Arabia or Israel or even now with Venezuela, I’m not criticizing the people. I’m not criticizing their faith. I’m not criticizing their way of life.
I will obviously exercise my freedom of speech because

I will obviously exercise my freedom of speech because I live in India, not in Saudi Arabia and Iran; freedom of speech is an integral part of the Constitution of India and I believe in respecting in whatever is lawful in India.
What happened in the region in the last 30 years is not the Middle East. After the Iranian revolution in 1979, people wanted to copy this model in different countries; one of them is Saudi Arabia. We didn’t know how to deal with it. And the problem spread all over the world.
The Taliban, broadly speaking, are Afghans – farmers, subsistence farmers. As I say, most of those people can’t find the United States on the map. Al Qaeda, traditionally, are much more educated, middle-class people, often from Egypt, from Saudi Arabia, North Africa.
I grew up in Saudi Arabia and India and Cyprus, and I lived in a war-zone myself, and, I mean, I had a pretty bizarre, I guess, nomadic childhood, and so I was really drawn to international relations and political science.
Many other countries in the region also have money and oil, but they haven‘t done much good with it – at least not enough to stop the Middle East’s disastrous wars. Saudi Arabia at least has something else: stability, a scarce commodity in the region.
There is nothing remarkable about having media and foreign embassy contacts. When I lived in Saudi Arabia as a journalist, this was a regular occurrence.
And in Iraq we tried to implement the same policy that was so successful in Saudi Arabia, but Saddam Hussein didn’t buy. When the economic hit men fail in this scenario, the next step is what we call the jackals.
John Perkins
That is what I want: I want a better Saudi Arabia. I don’t see myself as an opposition. I’m not calling for the overthrow of the regime, because I know it’s not possible and is too risky, and there is no one to overthrow the regime. I’m just calling for reform of the regime.
So, I think even in Saudi Arabia there is movement. And we have to remember that over the years they’ve stabilized the oil price and that is tremendously important for the economies of the world. I think we have no choice but to work with the government of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia has allowed training on its soil of American forces.
The rise to prominence of the Saudi novel in Arabic is the great man-bites-dog of recent world literature. Saudi Arabia is a country without a free press, where European styles and forms are distrusted and where the female half of the population became literate only in this generation.
You know, in Saudi Arabia, there is a body of 40 people – 34 people exactly, that once the succession comes, they will meet and they will elect a king in there.
I do not understand how people can look at the rapid spread of extremism all across the globe and not understand that it is – that it isn’t coincidental to the concurrent rapid spread of a very conservative strain of Islam that is paid for out of Saudi Arabia.
Can you get a democracy in Saudi Arabia? These people talk about theocracy, not democracy. So I think it’s a very tough situation.
Leon Charney
State oil companies in Saudi Arabia, Africa, Iran, and Mexico have often been intelligence targets for the United States.
As a foreign company and offshore entity we will not be obliged to comply with the rules of Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and countries like that.
Saudi Arabia needs friends. We are in a war in Yemen, in a confrontation with Iran, so we need friends like Canada, Europe.
Saudi Arabia supplies much oil to the U.S. And it is the world’s largest consumer of American weaponry.
Saudi Arabia isn’t the enemy, but it is a problem. It could make so much positive difference in the Islamic world if it used its status to soothe Sunni-Shiite tensions and encourage tolerance. For a time, under King Abdullah, it seemed that the country was trying to reform, but now under King Salman, it has stalled.
The problem with the Iranian regime, of course is, one, its unsettling effects on the Sunnis, particularly Saudi Arabia, and, secondly, its potential threat to Israel.
It is no secret that many Islamic movements in the Middle East tend to be authoritarian, and some of the so-called ‘Islamic regimes‘ such as Saudi Arabia, Iran – and the worst case was the Taliban in Afghanistan – they are pretty authoritarian. No doubt about that.
Mustafa Akyol
Saudi Arabia makes a billion dollars a day, okay? They make a billion dollars a day.
Donald Trump
As a woman in Saudi Arabia, you have one of two options. You either lose your mind – which at first happened to me because I fell into a deep depression – or you become a feminist.
‘Lawrence of Arabia’ is a film that anyone wanting to become an actor should watch at least six hundred times.
Sid Haig
Too many countries that do not play by the free trade rules of the World Trade Organization – including, notably mercantilist China and monopolist Saudi Arabia – have been allowed in, to the detriment of both the WTO and the liberal trading environment it is supposed to sponsor.
I almost got kidnapped trying to find a taxi in the street. In Saudi Arabia, it’s not normal for a woman to walk in the street alone, and I don’t cover my face, so I am an open target.
Being gay in San Francisco is fun. Being gay in Saudi Arabia – that’s a whole other matter.
I think the real target of al-Qaeda is Saudi Arabia by the way. They hate us and we’re a vehicle to get at Saudi Arabia. I think Osama bin Laden really wants to topple that regime and have his people move in, but that’s a whole other story.
Saudi Arabia must return to fully supporting the Syrian revolution and to ally with the Turks.
Saudi Arabia has stability. The social contract and the political contract between the king and the rulers and the royal family and the ruled people in Saudi Arabia is very strong and the bondage is so solid.
Street protests in Saudi Arabia might warm our hearts, but they could easily lead to $250 a barrel oil and a global recession.
Anytime I've travelled to the Middle East, I've always

Anytime I’ve travelled to the Middle East, I’ve always experience the very best in hospitality. They are some of the most kind and wonderful people I’ve had the chance to meet, and I feel that Saudi Arabia shares those same qualities.
Saudi Arabia is an important country to the United States.
Saudi Arabia is, of course, the keystone of OPEC. Saudi Arabia has had the distinction of remaining stable through all the escalating tumult of recent decades, reliably pumping out its roughly 10 million barrels a day like Bossy the cow in America’s oil import barn.
I feel great about coming to Saudi Arabia.
When Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen erupted in March 2015, there was widespread Saudi popular support for it – including by me.
On the fields of Media, of Arabia, and of Armenia, two great armies will assemble thrice. The host near the bank of the Araxes, they will fall in the land of the great Suleiman.
Traditionally, all the kings of Saudi Arabia have been sons of the founder of Saudi Arabia, and they’ve gone from one son to the next.
Criticism of the Middle East should not be directed only at Saudi Arabia. Human rights abuses are happening throughout the Arab world.
I’m not sure where I’m from! I was born in London. My father’s from Ghana but lives in Saudi Arabia. My mother’s Nigerian but lives in Ghana. I grew up in Boston.
Taiye Selasi
Americans want to democratise us. OK, but why not go and democratise Saudi Arabia. Are we anything like Saudi Arabia? No, we are far from that. So why aren’t they democratising Saudi Arabia? Because they are bastards, but they are their bastards.
Some countries, like Saudi Arabia, where the population growth is very high, whereby you don’t have the mortgage low yet. Still the demand outstrips supply by much.
The crowd and the energy is incredible. I love going to Saudi Arabia because the energy is just awesome.
I expect that I will still wake up every morning and ponder the choice I have made to speak my mind about what is happening in Saudi Arabia. It is a pattern that I have grown accustomed to.
In Saudi Arabia – recognized as one of the worst violators of women’s rights – women outnumber men on university campuses and yet are treated like minors who need a male guardian‘s permission to do the most basic things.
Look, I don’t think President Obama would have bowed to the ruler of Saudi Arabia if he didn’t have oil to the degree that the Saudis do. I think they and other producing states, almost all of whom, except Norway and Canada, are dictatorships or autocratic systems, have thrown their weight around because of oil.
James Woolsey
I move countries every three or four years. I was born in London, and we lived in Canada. Then we lived in Saudi Arabia until the Gulf War broke out, when we were forced to leave. Then we hop-scotched for a while from Holland back to Canada back to Saudi Arabia. Then there was D-day, so we had to get out again.
In May 2011, I drove a car in the city of Khobar, Saudi Arabia, to protest the kingdom‘s ban on women driving.
In some countries that are darlings of the West, like Egypt, everyone knows the result of national elections years in advance: The man in power always wins. In others, like Saudi Arabia, the very idea of an election is unthinkable.
Wipro is one of the fastest growing companies regionally and globally, and I am personally very excited with our journey in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia has been commended for allowing women the right to drive; the opening of cinemas and other entertainment establishments; ending the power of arrest of the religious police. In parallel however, there have been arrests of the activists who for years had advocated for these changes.
I have never connected with ‘Gone With the Wind.’ ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ leaves me cold.
While Saudi Arabia tries to usher in the post-oil era, its citizens struggle to adjust to a more diversified capitalist society.
Saudi Arabia is the mother and father of political Islam.
Losing their reproductive rights is the first step to how women live in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.
In 2001, I was an Air Force lieutenant colonel and A-10 fighter pilot stationed in Saudi Arabia, in charge of rescue operations for no-fly enforcement in Iraq and then in Afghanistan.
Most of the suicide hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, a place not lacking in wealth. But due to rapid population growth, the wealth per capita has fallen by about half in a generation.
My father was a Foreign Service officer, a diplomat and an Arabist who spent virtually all his career in the Near East, as it was called in the State Department. So I spent most of my childhood among the Israelis and the Arabs of Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
Kai Bird
Saudi Arabia is a crucial ally in the Middle East, supporting U.S. efforts to fight terrorism and halt the ambitions of a hostile and increasingly aggressive Iran.
I love to look at The Graduate, or Lawrence of Arabia, or things I had nothing to do with. But you could not get me to go back and watch movies that it was a privilege just to be around them when they were being made.
Jeffrey Katzenberg
Non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia can only celebrate Valentine’s Day behind closed doors. Apparently, this has led to a huge black market for flowers and wrapping paper.
I never met Peter O’Toole, but he one was of those rare actors whose success was defined by a single role. His incandescent performance in David Lean’s ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ is one that nobody who saw it will ever forget.
The people of India and Arabia have interacted across t

The people of India and Arabia have interacted across the waters between them for thousands of years.
America is the Saudi Arabia of coal.
Saudi Arabia isn’t just a conservative country with different values we shouldn’t judge. It is a modern Gilead.
I will not summon any new player for the Saudi Arabia match in the 2010 World Cup qualification.
Telegram‘s popularity is spread evenly across continents. We have a substantial user base in Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Germany. Also in Brazil, Mexico and Guatemala in Latin America, India, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Uzbekistan, across Asia.
I want to state clearly that I am a humanitarian, not an activist. I do not follow any agendas – only that of humanity, not only in Saudi Arabia, but all over the world.
Basmah bint Saud
I grew up in Somalia, in Saudi Arabia, in Ethiopia, and in Kenya. I came to Europe in 1992, when I was 22, and became a member of Parliament in Holland.
My own center, my Kingdom Center, which is the highest priced tower in Saudi Arabia, was vacated twice because of terrorist attacks, terrorist threats.
Saudi Arabia is a frightened monarchy. It’s beset by Sunni extremists from the Islamic State and Shiite extremists backed by Iran.
There are different opinions across the Middle East of Al-Jazeera. They’ve been kicked out of Egypt and Jordan and then let back in; they’ve been totally banned from Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Syria.
I suppose I prefer kind of epic dramas like, oh, I don’t know… ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’ or ‘Apocalypse Now’; those are the movies that I have a tendency to be most fond of.
Saudi Arabia is defined and represented by its Islamic stature.
I’m telling you, you can’t compare Saudi Arabia to other countries.
My family moved to Saudi Arabia from Glasgow when I was 15. Being a 15-year-old girl anywhere is difficult – all those hormones and everything – but being a 15-year-old girl in Saudi Arabia… it was like someone had turned the light off in my head. I could not get a grasp on why women were treated like this.
Iran has had a very harmful effect in a variety of ways in the region… fomenting unrest to a degree in Saudi Arabia, undoubtedly in Bahrain, and definitely in Yemen with Hamas, with Lebanese Hezbollah among other activities in locations.
We are a primary target for the Iranian regime… We won’t wait for the battle to be in Saudi Arabia. Instead, we’ll work so that the battle is for them in Iran.