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You have to have a bag of Yorkshire Tea bags. It is the

You have to have a bag of Yorkshire Tea bags. It is the best tea that England has to offer, and that comes with me everywhere I go.
My closet is a sea of black pants, skirts, tops, and bags, so it’s great to come across a brand that makes me want to break out of my fashion rut! The Sequence Collection is an accessories line that is all about color, from funky woven bracelets to brightly-patterned bags.
I’ve had my eyes done twice. I have had the bags removed, upper and lower. When you get older, your lids get heavy and you look tired all the time. That was fantastic. It freshened up my eyes.
I guess over the course of time, I started to open up to a lot of the issues surrounding the oceans. From my personal experience, being out in the water and seeing plastics floating around and thinking they are jellyfish and realizing they’re plastic bags. I’m always that guy that will take it into the shore.
People don’t throw your bags out of windows because of lies; they throw them out because of the truth.
Russell Brand
I’m incredibly sentimental, although I’m not one of those people who doesn’t chuck anything out; I don’t keep used tea bags – just special mementos.
Fashion nowadays is all about product – bags and shoes – and you’re kind of a product yourself, aren’t you?
Politics is not bean bags. It’s serious, tough stuff.
I wore miniskirts when I was younger. We used to hide them in our bags before going out.
Brigitte Macron
My dad loves boxing, so he used to hold up his hands when we were little kids, and we would punch his hands, and he slowly got us little gloves, and little punching bags that he’d always hold for us.
Obviously if it’s a larger bag, you can always debut it at a nice lunch or a good shopping datemaybe like a luncheon or a Dodger‘s game. Obviously for smaller bags, clutches and stuff, you can always wait for something in the evening like a big party.
I don’t get much sleep, so I have really bad bags under my eyes.
I buy sleeping bags, food, gloves and warmers, and I just usually go out in Bath, which is where I’m from, and hand them out. I’ve done it on Christmas Eve, schedule allowing.
Until fishing is properly regulated and contained, we should withdraw our consent. Save your plastic bags by all means, but if you really want to make a difference, stop eating fish.
I saved everything, all my gear over the years: my trench coats and stuff that I have saved. It is all packed away nicely and neatly in vacuum-sealed bags and all that stuff.
It makes my skin crawl to think about the violent ways snakes, lizards, alligators and other exotic creatures are raised and killed for boots, bags and belts.
In fashion, the time is so short, and even with pre-collection, there are not only dresses, shoes, bags, and furs but now raincoats and T-shirts. It’s just an endless amount of work that we have to produce in no time.
When I was 15, I worked as a bag boy in a grocery store. I also needed to walk old ladies to their car and put their bags in the car, and they would give me two dollars. I felt like the richest man in the world.
At home, I make a large batch of tomato sauce and freeze it in meal-size portions in freezer bags.
I tried putting teabags under my eyes because they say that the green tea – the caffeine – will help with under-eye bags and moisture. It worked! That’s a new tip.
I’ll tell you what me scares me is plastic. Plastic bags and plastic bottles and these things. Why does my water have to be in a bloody plastic bottle? The landfill and the ocean. And I don’t know, I’m just terrified with the proliferation of plastic.
I carry my own food around on tour; I permanently have carrier bags full of cereal and bananas.
I played competitive golf all my life. Then all of a sudden, when I quit playing the game, I’ve got all this spare time and this energy. And certainly I wasn’t ready to pack up my bags and go sit in front of the television with a shawl on.
I couldn’t live without tea. I have two cups in the morning, one at lunch, two in the afternoon and one in the evening – Assam with milk and sugar. It has to be leaf tea – no bags – and drunk from a china cup.
It is not like if one film of mine doesn’t work then I am going to pack my bags. It all depends on how much determination I have to want something.
I love Christopher Bailey and Burberry, Mulberry for bags, and Hudson for jeans. I like a little bit of designer with a bit of vintage and High Street mixed in. I love it when you find those one-off key pieces, which end up becoming investment pieces. I always go for comfort, and like feeling confident and casual.
I came to New York with two bags, my guitar and my laptop. I set my stuff down and immediately ran to an audition.
Ciara Renee
I love bags, shoes and have around 20 pairs of shoes and 10 bags from different brands.
I’ve been so transient, I’ve been on my own since I was 16. I didn’t even have my own place until I was 32 years old. I literally lived out of bags for 16-plus years.
My children are grown… my husband is an international human rights lawyer and all of his work is outside of Canada. So, I have bags, will travel.
Whether you are checking luggage or bringing a carry-on, always weigh and measure your bags to make sure they are below the airline‘s size and weight restrictions. Excess baggage fees can be costly. Avoid all baggage fees by only bringing a carry-on.
The coronavirus pandemic and fears about its spread hav

The coronavirus pandemic and fears about its spread have brought to a screeching halt years of efforts to get Americans to do one small thing: bring their own bags to the grocery store and stop using plastic ones.
I’m more of a handbag girl; my guilty pleasure is bags. I don’t even have a clue how many I own.
Sometimes it’s better to look at things than own them… owning means anxiety and lots of bags to carry around.
Tove Jansson
You can’t just go in and say, ‘I’m going to be tougher that you,’ you know? Heavy bags are tough, but I’ve never been beat by one.
Don’t skimp on the ice. Bags from the grocery store melt so fast and water down your drinks. I prefer beautiful, big squares for my cocktails.
There is something very poignant about plastic bags. These lonely plastic bags that gradually disintegrate.
Joe Hart has bags and bags of talent.
At the zoo, people would gather around the railway to see the snakes being fed, and my brothers would walk around the group, taking from purses or bags or using a razor to cut pockets and take wallets.
April is tax month. If you are having trouble filing your taxes, then you should hire an accountant. They’ll give you the same advice that they’ve given hundreds of corporations – taxes are for douche bags.
Ed Helms
I organize my closet by season, color, and silhouette, but I don’t edit often enough, which causes me to hoard Hermes cuffs in Hermes bags that are crammed into my living room because my closet is overflowing.
I read that all dogs have wolf DNA in them, which seemed preposterous because my dog, Tucker, is… afraid of plastic bags blowing in the wind. I thought, ‘How can Tucker have wolf in him? How can this be?’ So I started researching it.
When I was a boy, I read a terrible article in a big weekly American magazine called the ‘Saturday Evening Post.’ In the middle of this family magazine on my parent‘s coffee table was an article about this family that was camping, and they were all mauled by a grizzly bear in their sleeping bags.
C-17s should be ready to go at various military bases around the world packed with water, food, medical supplies, sleeping bags and tents, all prepared to be air dropped in alongside soldiers and doctors to begin relief efforts.
When I packed my bags to come to Mumbai from Delhi, I did not know a soul here.
I have to make a dress out of recycled materials for my kid‘s preschoolProject Runway‘-like assignment. I’m currently fusing plastic bags.
I think we as women go too far with bags that are super-weighted and I have found that when you give yourself that room to stuff things in you will do it.
I packed my bags and I moved to Bangkok, Thailand. I spent a year there like completely isolated, no Wi-Fi.
My father was the marketing director of a biscuit manufacturer in Berkshire. It meant that every Friday he brought home huge bags of broken biscuits that could not be sold.
I think, on a personal level, everybody, when you go through the checkout line after you get your groceries and they say, ‘Paper or plastic?’ We should be saying, ‘Neither one.’ We should have our own cloth bags.
Ice, to me, is a magical healer. At night, watching ‘Ray Donovan,’ I’ll put bags of ice on my shoulders, knees, and back. It’s a miracle cure.
I enjoy the preparatory elements of travel – packing my bags and choosing my outfits – but my favourite part is getting there.
Your shoes and bags don’t need to match always. It’s perfect to be mismatched, too.
Yeah, when I had Covid all I could eat was fruit. Big bags of pears every day.
Matching shoes and bags immediately age you by 10 years.
Ines de La Fressange
Heavy handedness and entitlement goody bags are no way to solve our immigration and border crisis, but I’ve learned to expect almost nothing from the dimwits in power who feel entitled to take everything.
When I was 16 years old, I went scuba diving in Greece and saw more plastic bags than fish. I wondered why we couldn’t just clean it up. That rather simple question stuck in my head.
I don’t like waiting in airports for my bags. Even worse, I don’t like waiting in airports when my bags are lost.
Steve Waugh
Evening bags should be just big enough for my phone, lipstick, house key, and credit card.
It isn’t that NPR is matriarchal but that it has dedicated itself to not being patriarchal in its outlook and presentation, stipulating from the outset that its headline voices would not resound across the fruited plains from big male bags of air sent from Mount Olympus.
I do splurge on diaper bags. I have a half dozen in different colors and styles.
Foundations are the new Birkin bags. Everyone who is an

Foundations are the new Birkin bags. Everyone who is anyone has one. Giving is now chic.
It’s essential to make sure you have proper kitchen tools for food storage – like cling wrap, bags, and containers – because they help keep food fresher longer.
I had bags of energy as a kid.
Well, shoes, bags and clutches are usually my big weaknesses – my husband always laughs when I call them ‘investment pieces.’
Eat like a horse? Fine, just not six bags of crisps on a matchday!
I will continue to distribute blankets, sleeping bags, warm clothing and food on a regular basis, in the hope that my modest efforts will give some comfort to those people we are able help.
Mohamed Al-Fayed
I sort of took the literal term of ‘The Cleaner,’ and I started bringing janitorial items to the ring with me, so I took garbage bags and brooms and mops.
I drink just as much tea when I’m in Los Angeles as I do when I’m in London. I take my tea bags with me wherever I go.
The truth of the matter is I stayed in L.A. raising my children, and when they went to college, I packed my bags along with them and came to New York and looked for parts in the theatre, because that’s always what I preferred doing.
Andrea Martin
Hermes bags are the only bags that auction houses accept. Given that it’s already valuable to begin with, making it into an even special one of-a-kind piece by painting on it can only increase its value.
When I was 7, I came up with the idea of ‘charm socks.’ My mom would take me to buy bags of plastic charms, we would sew them on frilly white socks, and I sold them at school.
As soon as I put my bags down in the hotel, I’ll do a search on my phone to find which local gyms are in my area.
Buddy Murphy
I ate everything – a lot of pizza, bags of chips and boxes of cookies. Now I love chicken, that’s all I eat.
Robert Iler
A friend of mine from New York asked me what I want to do, and I responded with, ‘I want to make movies.’ He responded with, ‘Guess what? They’re not making movies on Martha’s Vineyard.’ Literally ten minutes later, I was packing my bags.
Austin Stowell
For Christmas I do gift bags for my friends and the cast, and I put ‘treat yo self’ key chains in there. And people send me pictures of ‘treat yo self’ all the time.
I try not to wear too much make-up when I’m not working because I have so much caked on for Strictly. But I always think an under eye concealer is great for banishing dark circles, plus a bit of blush. With flushed cheeks and no bags, you’re good to go.
I love bags, and little bags within bags. Everything is contained.
I grew up on Harvard Square and I watched 50-year old men walking around with green book bags slung over their shoulders going for their fourth PhD, never having left the world of academia to alleged reality.
What I play now isn’t surf music. It’s too powerful. I used to go through paper bags; now I go through brick walls. I play hard.
To be selected was an honor, and in respect of the family member chosen to run, families held feasts and gave away prized beaver coats, quilled tobacco bags and buffalo hides.
Dennis Banks
One of my big pet peeves is single-use plastic bags. I think it’s one of the stupidest ideas in the world.
Before our kids start coming home from Iraq in body bags and women and children start dying in Baghdad, I need to know, what did Iraq do to us?
I always polish my shoes and clean the bottom of them before I go out. I also wipe my handbags. I keep them in little bags to stop them getting dusty. You have to keep your accessories looking smart and clean.
I can’t wait until I’m able to afford really posh bags.
Alexandra Roach
I was always the sniffly kid with bags under my eyes.
I am the despair of my accountant; I am the plastic bags of receipts.
When I fly, I never check my bags. I bring a carry-on, an eye pillow, noise-canceling headphones, a big pillow and a blanket.
Being a drag superstar, traveling the world and touring, it really is not as glamorous as you’d think it is. There’s lots of airport drama and bags and buses and hotels. Dating and having a social life are impossible.
I’m not much for talking. You know what I do. I put guys in body bags when I’m right.
I loved making ‘Rising Sun‘. I got into the psychology of why she liked to get strangled and tied up in plastic bags. It has to do with low self-worth.
Tatjana Patitz
A Chanel bag will retain its value if you want to sell it to a vintage shop. I’ve got Chanel bags from the 1980s and they have that fashion heritage aspect.
My process is walking down to the locker room, laying e

My process is walking down to the locker room, laying everything out to how I like it. I’m very particular about setting up my bags and my dressing situation. I love to pull out that portable speaker and blare music even if nobody else likes it. To me, its just keeping everything the same every single night.
So-called designer bags are useless, and most are also ugly, faddish and overpriced. Pared down and sleek is always best.
Even clingfilm – if it’s gone over a salad bowl, take it off, use it again. I wash out carrier bags; I save brown paper from parcels. I save string; I save ribbons. I separate all my bits and pieces.
If you see a woman who is struggling with bags or looks struggling in general, help her. Don’t leave her vulnerable to someone else.
More than 30 years ago, in Washington, D.C., I secured a copy of a single by a Los Angeles band called The Bags. The two-song 7-inch, released on Dangerhouse, had a girl on the cover who looked right at you with huge eyes. The songs, ‘Survive‘ and ‘Babylonian Gorgon,’ were great and made many of my mix tapes.
Me and my dad, we go shopping all the time. He helps me pick out clothes and bags and stuff like that. We do share a common love of clothes and traveling.
Everyone has a mobile phone with a camera; every phone can record video. You have to be prepared to be captured. It’s very easy to be misconstrued and presented in ways that you wouldn’t prefer. If I take a selfie with bags under my eyes, it becomes a hashtag.
I’m totally against animal cruelty. I don’t have clothes, shoes or bags made from any animal products.
I say that a university is a house of knowledge, not for showing off Dolce & Gabbana bags. Students should go to university in uniform.
I spend a lot of my time looking into people’s bags and handbags – with their permission, of course.
We know these men are professionals whose services are up for bid and whose bags are packed, and yet we call them our own and take personal, even civic pride in their accomplishments.
Every song I put on a record could be a single and I just pack my bags for it… and the minute it takes off, I’m not gonna be home for a while.
I’ve been blessed to work with amazing designers who have generously given me beautiful bags. Lancaster was very sweet and let me pick out my favorite one when I shot the campaign.
If I look in the mirror when I get up or before going to bed at night, I see a man of average ugliness with stubble, an unruly mane of hair, a squint nose, slightly protruding ears, and bags under my eyes. But I also see a man who’s completely happy with the figure staring back at him.
We’re all just bags of bones and muscle and hormones; I’ll never understand what makes our minds do the things we do. It’s like that statue of the monkey holding a skull. We’re trying to use a thing we don’t understand to understand ourselves.
Penicillin and plastic bags help a lot, fridges and hot water make manliness more comfortable and Tom Ford’s fragrance range makes it smell better, but the idea that has pushed our lives into the light more than any other -ism or -ology is feminism.
There’s parts of touring I like. I like the actual performance part, but the bit when you’re in the airport waiting at the carousel for your bags to come around, I don’t like that a bit.
When I look in the mirror, I see the ageing process at full pelt, the hairline in retreat, the bags under the eyes growing and darkening, that kind of thing. I suppose it would be easier if I weren’t an actor, but I am fairly philosophical about it.
Mustangs are bags of fun too, and they’re pretty practical too so they’re a good option if you’re looking for a cool car. They don’t have many cup holders, but Mustang drivers don’t seem to care too much.
Edd China
People just see the shine. They don’t see the grind, the bags under my eyes. It was a lot of grinding, setbacks… I ain’t finna let nothing stop me. Wherever I stop at, I already know who I am.
Kodak Black
I am mean as catsmeat about handbags: mine don’t ever look chic. I always prefer bags that aren’t made of leather.
I’m never getting too lonely because it’s the kind of disease where you might sit in front of the TV with three bags of biscuits, rather than communicate with the world.
I had assumed I’d pack my bags and head elsewhere after ‘Constellation,’ but Chechnya is creeping its way into the margins of my second book.
Gender-neutral clothing is often, for lack of a better term, bags on bags. A baggy shirt with baggy pants, that sort of erases any individuality, as opposed to enhancing it.
I don’t have any children, but I can leave my land to an animal sanctuary. That is what I dream about, not bags, not shoes.
Basically, what we’ve done is, every year we take half the money and allow people who’ve helped us in the industry to give it away. One year, the ladies who put the pretzel bags in the boxes got to give it away.
I recycle and try to reuse bags in shops but, like most people, I don’t do as well as I could.
I collect a lot of eco-friendly shopping bags that serve to separate my shoes other and other small stuff in my luggage.
The day leading up to the Royal Rumble was pretty routine. I got up early, went to the gym, got a good meal in and then packed my bags to head to the Alamodome.
At the start of my two years at Juventus, I had big plans for the club, but it turned out that the Intertoto Cup was the only medal in my desk drawer when finally they told me to pack my bags. We started the first season really well, and Conte was so important for me.
One tip I like is don’t forget your reusable bags when you go to the drug store or to the mall. I think most people think of the bags for the grocery store, but I try to take mine wherever I go.
In Leh, the bazaar is famous for its silver jewellery a

In Leh, the bazaar is famous for its silver jewellery and leather bags, both of which I bought in plenty.
If I had a superpower, it would be to teleport. The idea of seeing the world in one day is exciting, but the thought of not checking bags almost moves me to tears.
I love camping, everything about it – tents, the camping stove, sleeping bags. I’m obsessed with technology, be it synthesizers and speakers or tents and Gore-Tex.
Clean, tasty, real foods do not come processed in boxes or bags; they come from the earth, the sea, the field, or the farm.
I feel like when I carry a bigger bag, it looks like it’s a huge bag because I’m really tiny. But I do think it’s important to have the space that you need, because we throw everything in our bags at all times. I think every woman does.
Filming is long – you get very tired, and your skin breaks out and you get lumps and bumps. It’s easier if you’re allowed to have bags under your eyes.
Shirley Henderson
I love beautiful clothes, shoes, and bags like everyone else. However, I do not put a lot of emphasis on who I wear and how much my clothes cost. If it’s a label, it’s a label. If it’s not, it’s not.
I shopped at Harrods and Louis Vuitton, as they were top on my priority list. And that’s when a friendly shopkeeper told me that I could get mugged as my luxury bags were screaming for attention. And he gave me garbage bags to cover them. So here I was walking around in London with garbage bags in my hand.
I want to be the first person to animate bags – everything done for handbags bores me to tears – I want to make it more playful.
When we get there, if we don’t find any life on Mars, from that point on there will be life on Mars because we’ll bring it there, whether it’s germs and leftover urine bags, whatever it is.
I am an urban vegan. I love the glossy pages of ‘Vogue,’ even though I won’t purchase the leather shoes and bags I see there, and being reminded that the fur trade even exists breaks my heart.
Everyone should wake up and have a fresh-squeezed orange every day. By having a fresh glass of orange juice with American oranges, you are supporting the local economy, you have all the vitamin C you need in a day, and you support the environment because you don’t use any plastic from bottles or bags.
We can get rid of all the plastic bags and plastic straws in the world – and we need to – but nothing is going to get better until we can make the people at the top see that there are changes to be made.
I don’t have a real home. When I got ‘Avatar,’ I sold everything that I owned because I knew it was going to be a long journey. I’ve got two bags, and that was four years ago, and I’ve been working ever since, and I’ve still only got two bags – a bag of books and a bag of clothes. That’s about it.
Thanks to David Attenborough and ‘Blue Planet 2,’ we’ve become aware of the damage to our oceans from plastic pollution. We now know to use textile shopping bags instead of plastic, reuse coffee-cups and refuse polystyrene ones, and avoid plastic straws when ordering a drink at the bar.
Cross-body bags are my favorite, because if something isn’t across my body or in a pocket, I’ll put it down and forget it forever.