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Well, again, a gun sale database is just trying to get

Well, again, a gun sale database is just trying to get the Department of Justice to keep track of the guns that they’re purchasing and supplying to drug dealers and murderers. I mean, wow. Come on, let’s get the government under control before we start restricting the rights of – innocent citizens.
In Paris, everything‘s for sale: wise virgins, foolish virgins, truth and lies, tears and smiles.
Emile Zola
Not just in commerce but in the world of ideas too our age is putting on a veritable clearance sale. Everything can be had so dirt cheap that one begins to wonder whether in the end anyone will want to make a bid.
In the U.S. and much of Europe, the sale, distribution, and use of offset printers are watched closely by anti-counterfeiting units. In Peru, however, the offset industry is a free-for-all.
We spend some days just driving around looking for houses that we like that might be for sale.
William Andrews Clark was caught in a bribery scandal during a campaign for the U.S. Senate – he was said to describe the Montana legislators this way: ‘I never bought a man who wasn’t for sale.’
You can say a lot of things about me, but I own my own opinions. They’re not for sale.
People talk about each other in the worst way, especially when you become a product for sale. You’re just a thing.
Increasing the sale of liquor may benefit the government in terms of revenue. But liquor is a social evil, and its biggest victims are women and their children.
History’s just been made for sale to an inside deal.
When was the last time you bought an American-made radio or television? If you’re Gen X or younger, the answer is ‘never.’ Does the label on that shirt or skirt you’re wearing say ‘Made in the U.S.A.’? If so, you probably got it at Goodwill, or maybe at a Smithsonian garage sale.
It used to be that you would go in to see a CEO, and you would ask them, ‘Is your company for sale?’ and if they said ‘No, we have no interest in selling,’ that was sort of the end of the conversation.
Let’s create a regime that makes sale of bullets to anybody not licensed to carry a gun illegal, makes resale illegal, micro-stamps bullets so they can be traced. No Second Amendment issues here. This would have a remarkable impact on both violence and the capacity to solve shooting crimes.
With the club now in administration and concern about where the money for land sale has gone, I know there are huge commercial difficulties to be resolved, but I hope that football will once again become the most important issue.
Anne Campbell
Your customers are judging every aspect of every transaction and rating everything, from friendliness of people to ease of doing business to quality of product to service after the sale.
Camels are still trained in Alice Springs for tourist jaunts and for occasional sale to Australia‘s zoos.
I was that kid with the glasses and the hungry expression who haunted every library book sale and used bookstore in town: the one who always has a book in one hand and is reaching for the next book with the other. There’s one in every town.
My first attempt at a business was a jumble sale which I ran at the end of my next door neighbour‘s drive. I used to rummage through her garage, looking for anything that I thought people might buy. I’d then set up a table and try to sell what I could to the people walking by.
Anything that won’t sell, I don’t want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success.
The real important thing about DigitalOriginal publication goes beyond the fact that authors make more money off each sale than through traditional publishing. It’s that we get to bypass a system of gatekeepers who have more than ‘quality’ as criteria for what they choose.
Our ports are a vital link in national security and it is extremely dangerous to be considering their sale to the United Arab Emirates government.
Joe Donnelly
I always accepted the libertarian position of minimum regulation in the sale and use of firearms because I placed guns under the beneficial rubric of minimal restrictions on individuals.
Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.
The ‘Patriot Act,’ ‘Enhancing domestic security,’ and ‘Protect America’ all sound greatuntil you realize that they’re catch phrases for programs that contain roving wire taps without a warrant and the collection and sale of your personal information to the U.S. government.
I think another thing is that we don’t really want exclusivity. We accept that it is in the artist‘s interest to be on sale in every place where they sell music.
All business success rests on something labeled a sale, which at least momentarily weds company and customer.
We are a rugby family really. My dad and both granddads played rugby. Dad was good, on his way to Bath until he broke his leg. My brother Harry got an invitation to go and play for Bristol. I go and watch Sale Sharks and have been to Twickenham a few times.
At Sale we’re an up and coming club, wanting to draw bigger crowds. You can’t just run everything, though, you need a balance.
In the twelve months immediately preceding the outbreak; of war, the quantity of spirits, both domestic and imported released for sale in Canada, amounted to over three and a half million proof gallons.
Politicians in this country have always been for sale. That is nothing new.
Peter Schuyler
The strategic plan to transform Valeant smartly focuses on rebuilding the company’s core franchises in ophthalmology, dermatology, and gastroenterology while simultaneously using the proceeds from the sale of non-core assets and operating cash flow to de-lever the company.
My soul is not for sale.

My soul is not for sale.
Caryl Chessman
I’m sure I’m not the only artist to flinch remembering some of the tacky merchandise sold at gigsflags, pillowcases – which I’d only seen for the first time when they were already on sale in the foyer.
In the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, I sent a letter to EPA Administrator Stephen L Johnson urging him to waive regulations to allow for the early sale of winter grade fuel to help with gasoline shortages and gasoline prices.
Background checks, waiting periods, reports of transfers, and access to mental health records have not stopped the legal sale of firearms to legitimate buyers.
Colleen Hanabusa
Is the button white or orange or green or yellow? Does it say ‘sell’, or ‘sell now’, or ‘on sale’ or ‘for sale’? You test, you test, you test and most of the ideas you try fail and so I would argue I failed my way to success.
Fabrice Grinda
While other individuals or institutions obtain their income by production of goods and services and by the peaceful and voluntary sale of these goods and services to others, the State obtains its revenue by the use of compulsion; that is, by the use and the threat of the jailhouse and the bayonet.
There is no one policy that can end gun violence. But a ban on the sale of assault weapons to the general public is a critical goal that must be achieved if we are ever going to have peaceful communities.
After I had done the first ‘Piratesmovie and ‘Secret Window,’ I went on vacation to escape with my kiddies and my girl, and someone said that there was an island down the road for sale. I said, ‘Oh well, let’s go see it.’ I looked at it, I walked on it, and I was done. It had to be.
After the sale of Celtel, I really wanted to give the money back, and I had a number of choices – to go and buy masses of blankets and baby milk or to go into Darfur or Congo. That would have been very nice actually, but it’s just like an aspirin: it doesn’t deal with the problem.
Oh there are lots of doctors and medical professionals out there who buy my devices at whole sale price.
Alex Chiu
I would love to retire a City player and I have my fingers crossed it is something that can still happen. When I did leave in 2005, I broke down crying on the way to sign for Chelsea, but back then, we needed the money my sale brought in.
Celebrity these days is completely for sale; it’s not remotely mysterious. But there’s something that remains glamorous and mysterious about royalty.
I loved Anne Rice’s ‘Interview with a Vampire‘ and ‘The Vampire Lestat’. I found a copy of ‘Interview’ when I was in seventh grade at a garage sale for 25 cents. It had a crazy cover.
These are estimates that are done by the experts as to how much they expect we could get from the first lease sale that would take place in ANWR, and the estimate is about $2.5 billion.
Gale Norton
Too often, sales reps simply regurgitate their presentations and expect to land the sale. It doesn’t work.
Gadgets are usually the last thing I think about, and if there’s something new, I’ll get to the store for the final shipment of the first generation when it’s on sale. So I have last year‘s stuff.
My advice to many ICOs is to start reading about startups and focus on the product, customer, and market as soon as the sale is over. And don’t get distracted by post-ICO euphoria and the price of ETH or BTC.
I feel ashamed of how many houses I’ve actually crept inside of when they were up for sale. I’m not a snoop, but I love looking and imagining.
Even before my dad passed away, people tried to buy the Lakers. Sony tried in the 1980s. People have always wanted to buy the Lakers. They’re not for sale.
I don’t go to the sale rack. But I wouldn’t say I am decadent in my spending. I am careful.
We must permeate the stores with creativity and offer service when and to the degree the customer wants it. Of course, it means offering all the omni bells and whistles they want, like in-store pickup, same-day delivery, and mobile point of sale, and all of this must be done every hour of every day the store is open.
Everything is for sale in Hollywood; the fairy tale, the costume, the pumpkin, the footman and the mice.
Amanda Eliasch
I’m very happy for whatever plaudits might come the way of my work, but I never ever sit down to write x with y in view – whether it’s a reader, a prize or a sale.
I cultivated this fan base that I really didn’t really understand or appreciate until I put my first headlining tour up for sale. 500- to 1,000-capacity rooms weren’t an underplay for me at the time. I’d never done a tour before!
I am mortified to be told that, in the United States of America, the sale of a book can become a subject of inquiry, and of criminal inquiry too.
I’m nearsighted in my right eye, have glaucoma in my left, and the nerves in my hands are on Medicare. Basically, I’m on the wrong end of a short sale.
Gary McCord
Things are worth what they will fetch at a sale.
Edward Coke
In 2001, Texaco was bought by Chevron, and during deliberations concerning that sale, an 800 page document listing the problems and liabilities connected to Texaco was brought forward at their stockholder meeting by Amazon Watch, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the Amazon.
I definitely think there should be stronger gun safety laws, including prohibiting the sale of assault weapons, probably banning the sale of certain magazines that allow you to fire a large amount of bullets.
I’m supporting plans in Congress to fully ban bump stock devices and prohibit the sale of high-capacity magazines.
My very first acting gig was in a movie for Russ Parr. He did this movie called ‘Love for Sale,’ and that was my first role in any film.
Terrence J
My first short story sale was to a magazine that sat on

My first short story sale was to a magazine that sat on the story forever… and never did publish it.
I wasn’t one of those kids who stole Richard Pryor records. I wasn’t a comedy-nerd kid. I had no concept of stand-up. Actually, the only inkling of stand-up I had was I read one of Paul Reiser’s books when I was, like, 12. I found it at a yard sale, and I carried it around with me for six years.
You want to look fashionable and put-together, not like you hit every sale rack this season.
I think as working actors, it’s like sales. You’re only as good as your last sale, so you put your all into something and you just hope that from that you can get your next job.
Josh Peck
Number one, you can sell before you buy. I call it reverse e-commerce. You take a picture, you list it for sale, you sell it, you collect the revenue, then you go buy it and send it to the customer.
Have you heard about the Irishman who reversed into a car boot sale and sold the engine?
Frank Carson
This mass destructive weapons were sold to Iraqi government by the United States. And Mr. Rumsfeld has been one of the man responsible for this sale, for this bargain, for this market.
Jacques Verges
Take the time to create an easy-flowing process that makes the sale, saves time, and gives you the best chance to scale a system that can pay off as you grow and scale.
The federal government needs to do a much better job of managing our resources, but the sale or transfer of our land is an extreme proposal, and I won’t tolerate it.
Donald Trump doesn’t necessarily stay mad for very long. He’s a transactional guy. If you can offer him something, he will take it. Or from a salesman‘s point of view, if he’s not making the sale, you’re of no use to him. But if you suddenly come back into the showroom and are willing to buy, he’s willing to sell.
Although most products will soon be too costly to purchase, there will be a thriving market in the sale of books on how to fix them.
We have a product for sale called news, and I’m a salesman.
Shepard Smith
I was long brought up to think that it was nothing short of a crime to miss a sale.
Every newspaper feels it must have an astrology column, and even in the Carleton University bookstore this morning, I found books on astrology for sale.
Gerhard Herzberg
I think that a really good agent should be able to get the right publisher, which the agent has already figured out, get as much money as she can from that publisher, and make a deal, rather than have the amount of money determine the sale. That’s what the best agents do.
A ‘For Sale’ sign in your yard during the holidays is like a ‘kick me’ sign. You are telling buyers you are a distressed seller.
Ray Brown
If you can’t afford the upkeep of your home, it makes no sense to do a reverse mortgage. You will just end up having to sell eventually when you realize you can’t afford the home, and whether you have any equity left after the sale depends on the size of the reverse loan that must be settled.
Virtue has its own reward, but no sale at the box office.
We’re chipping away at our capacity for wonder. When hologram TVs eventually go on sale, they’ll cost £20,000 and be bought only by those strange, heroic, friendless men who live in flats piled high with giant 80s mobiles and DVD players weighing eight stone.
Peter Baynham
You shouldn’t talk about yourself all the time – most of us aren’t for sale. Our books are. Talk about them. It’s not a question of whether or not you’re fascinating on a personal level – it’s that your trivia and trials might not have any connection to the tone, tenor and sense of your books.
I’d love to see myself on sale in shops. It tickles me, does the idea of me being marketed.
Over the years, the diamond industry has had a devastating impact in countries such as Sierra Leone, Angola and the Congo, where profits from the sale of diamonds have been used to fund brutal wars, with disastrous effects on local communities.
I was nine when I bought my first guitar at a garage sale.
It is a strange trade that of advocacy. Your intellect, your highest heavenly gift is hung up in the shop window like a loaded pistol for sale.
I’m an absolute sucker for a bargain. If I go into a shop and there’s a sale on, I always head for the discounted stock.
The sale of Treasury bonds, notes, and bills finances the U.S. government, and those securities are, in turn, a primary vehicle for savings for a wide range of U.S. households. Treasury securities are also an important source of collateral within the financial system.
When we became TV presenters, I found a place for myself and Ant bought the house for sale two doors away.
I got a signed document from Bullock’s saying that they had such-and-such drawings on consignment. Of course, nobody bought any of them, but otherwise, I was a big success: I had my drawings on sale at Bullock’s!
The well-satisfied customer will bring the repeat sale that counts.
Buying a company that is number one in its business is hard to do. When something is for sale, it’s often not a leader.
Like I’m seeing Chris Sale; he’s got a similar pitching style and strikes guys out a lot. Why are people only talking about my strikeouts and all that stuff?… Why not the other guys, who have similar numbers and pitch counts?
The last bag that I bought myself was a Madden Girl bac

The last bag that I bought myself was a Madden Girl backpack that’s really cute. And it was on sale for $45! I’m probably going to be cheap with my money for a long time.
I always remember the fact that all businesses are for sale if you bring them the right number.
The restructuring theme can be of various kinds. Some amount of debt gets serviced out of cash flows, some gets back-ended and resolved with sale of non-core assets of the company, and some debt gets converted into equity which might today look like a haircut.
I will never have the willpower to completely swear off pizza or a good summer sale, but I’m working on realizing the difference between the occasional craving and the compulsion to mindlessly consume as a feeble means of self-medication.
I’ve never had a yard sale, ever, in my life. I don’t know if I ever thought about stuff I would get rid of.
When I used to work my 9 to 5, I used to go to this abandoned house down the street. It was for sale, but nobody knew it. It was a mansion. Every day, or at least four days out the week, I would just stand on the porch of the house for like a year straight. That was around 2001 or 2002.
I think there’s a bargain in every garage sale – not as much as there used to be, but they’re still there.
Judith Miller
We have seen the evil of the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors in our midst; let us try prohibition and see what this will do for us.
Thomas Jordan Jarvis
I don’t like losing a ballgame any more than a salesman likes losing a sale.
Early Wynn
There are times when I feel like I’m a traveling minister. I’m trying to go out and get kids to pick-up yard sale instruments and change the world.
Whether it is through stock-market trading or the sale of hotel rooms, the Internet has a way of bringing deflationary forces to all businesses that were hitherto inefficient and involved many middlemen.
We can tell from the imagery a tomb was looted from a particular period of time, and we can alert INTERPOL to watch out for antiquities from that time that may be offered for sale.
I’ve never made a dime from a record sale in the history of my record deal. I’ve been very happy with my sales, and certainly my audience has been very supportive. I make a living going out and playing shows.
What is for sale, what is not? If we really think that making your apologies to your wife or reading a bedside story to your child are activities that we can pay a stranger to do, then, without moralising, what has happened to us?
I do pay performance royalties on others’ songs I perform live, but I’m not recording these songs and putting them up for sale.
When one may pay out over two million dollars to presidential and Congressional campaigns, the U.S. government is virtually up for sale.
Everything is for sale if the price is right.
Lucio Tan
I have always been a strong supporter of public lands and have voted against the transfer or sale of public lands. My position is known and well-established.
We all understand that compromise is part of the legislative process, yet at the same time, I would submit that wilderness is not for sale.
Everyone‘s life is for sale in America.
If you make converting a lead into a sale harder than a trip to the local DMV, then you lose sales to someone else – with an inferior product – who can make it painless. Don’t do that!
When I joined Sale I thought that if I did well there I would have a chance of making the World Cup squad. What I did not expect was how quickly I got back into the frame.
If a lending institution is faced with bids for a package of toxic assets that are less than the carrying value of those assets, the sale of those assets would trigger a further loss and reduce the underlying capital of the institution.
We think it’s reasonable to provide mandatory instant background checks for every sale at every gun show. No loopholes anywhere, for anyone.
We have come to expect campaigns to be mean and stupid and politicians to be unresponsive, self-seeking and for sale to the highest bidder. We make jokes about our vice president, and all we ask of a president is that he be likeable. We seem to have given up on the Pentagon‘s corrupt use of our tax dollars.
The view of how America speaks is reflected in our laws. And one of the laws is fair housing. It very clearly prohibits discrimination in the sale and rental of housing in America. It’s been a sad fact of American life that the practice in many communities has been quite the opposite.
Publishing is a very mysterious business. It is hard to predict what kind of sale or reception a book will have, and advertising seems to do very little good.
Thomas Wolfe
I like to read the classified ads every morning. Just the cars for sale. Love to look at cars for sale, Don’t buy them, of course. Just look. But I don’t like to talk to people.
In the face of a big offer, no player is not for sale.
Everything I have is for sale. Material items are just things that pass through your hands that mean very little or nothing.
Lists that segment people into clearly-defined categories are particularly valuable to direct marketers, which can tailor their sales pitch to a particular demographic and, therefore, increase the likelihood of making a sale.
I worry about every newspaper. I worry about the financ

I worry about every newspaper. I worry about the financial undertaking, and I worry that somehow the loss of the sale of the paper version will affect their ability to have journalists and editors and producers. We really need those.
I remember going with my mom to a random garage sale as a kid and thinking what a cool treasure hunt that whole world was. Only to transition as an adult to think, ‘What a gross place that really is.’
I was 8 years old when I went across the street from my house to a fair, and they always had a used book sale. For a quarter I bought a book called ‘Come On Seabiscuit.’ I loved that book. It stayed with me all those years.
Cutting prices or putting things on sale is not sustainable business strategy. The other side of it is that you can’t cut enough costs to save your way to prosperity.
Aged six, I sailed from South Africa to England by steam ship with my family. It was a three-week journey. I remember crying on my birthday when I didn’t get the enormous teddy bear that was for sale in the ship’s shop but, aside from that, I had a wonderful time.
There are competing studies on how much crime drops or doesn’t drop when there are strict rules on gun possession and sale. I don’t think there’s any question that New York City‘s very tough laws have reduced violence.
Plan the sale when you plan the ad.
A universal basic income funded by a value-added tax, which is a tax placed on a product whenever value is added at each stage of the supply chain, from production to the point of sale, would spread the benefits of automation to a much wider group of people.
Cutting prices or putting things on sale is not sustainable business strategy.
For people who grew up in the last four decades of the 20th century, it is hard to grasp the concept of negative interest rates. How is it even possible? If interest rates are the price of money, is the marketplace broadcasting that money is on sale? Are we just giving it away?
I am a sale shopper. I love a discounted item.
Our records are commodities. We’re looking to make a sale. The radio stations are looking to get the advertising dollars. The end.
NBC was trying to convert all of their local programming to color right away to encourage the sale of the sets, so I barely remember working in black and white, although I do know that I did do it, but there was not a major difference, though.
For heaven’s sakes, in the newspaper days, when we had competing newspapers, and the newsstands sale was as important as the circulation – as the agreed-upon circulation, whatever you call that – in those days, why, gosh, the sensationalism was tremendous.
My father – a Lebanese-origin small businessman – had a stroke in 1997 and couldn’t work anymore. I paused my career and made sure he was taken care of by overseeing the sale of his businesses, but after that, I was able to dedicate myself to politics. It’s what I had always wanted.
Valentine’s Day is the biggest single day of the year, the biggest sale day of the year.
This and many others only confirmed me in the opinion, planted when I saw the sale of Martha Ann, and growing steadily thereafter, that slavery was an accursed business, and that the sooner my people were relieved of it, the better.
I think I made my first short fiction sale in 2005. I had been writing unsuccessfully before that.
There is no myth relative to the manners and customs of the English that in my experience is more tenaciously held by the ordinary Frenchman than that the sale of a wife in the market-place is an habitual and an accepted fact in English life.
Privacy is not for sale, and human rights should not be compromised out of fear or greed.