Top 15 Fine Print Quotes

In this post, you will find great Fine Print Quotes from famous people, such as Pete Seeger, Benson Henderson, Margaret Halsey, J. J. Cale, Simon Schama. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

Do you know the difference between education and experi

Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t.
Just as fighters you have to be smart, you have to read the fine print in your contract and you have to do what’s best for your family.
He has the common feeling of his profession. He enjoys a statement twice as much if it appears in fine print, and anything that turns up in a footnote… takes on the character of divine revelation.
Margaret Halsey
I’m basically a songwriter, man. Songwriters are down in the fine print, you know? And I really enjoy that.
In the Einstein way, I can’t believe in a universe that doesn’t have some sort of prime mover, identical with all of created nature. I have a whole lot of a harder time with supposing the fine print of the Torah was a direct revelation.
I’d say for sure though, read the fine print in the contract. Make sure after you defend your belt for however many times and then you lose, you’re not making less money than a kid who had three fights in the UFC. That’s a shame. That’s laughable. That is a shame.
As both a consumer and producer of newspaper articles, I have no beef with pay walls. But before signing up, I read the fine print.
The fine print in the President‘s Social Security proposal is that all present and future workers under age 55 will have their promised retirement benefits cut.
Mark Dayton
The big print giveth, and the fine print taketh away.
Fulton J. Sheen
Think about your menu, and if you’re not a skilled chefwhich I’m not – follow a recipe. You can’t go wrong if you don’t cut the fine print.
You just have to find a lawyer that won‘t let you sign certain things – and I mean the fine print, because I was gone from Phil Spector and signed with Gamble and Huff in Philadelphia, and Phil bought my record contract back from them.
If the goal of the DOT’s rule is to prevent companies from deceiving passengers about the total cost of their ticket, why is the department mandating that airlines hide the taxes, surcharges and government fees in the fine print?
Families rely on financial services more than ever, but those who need them most – who struggle to make ends meettoo often must contend with sky-high interest rates and tricks and traps buried in the fine print of their loan products.
For me, I don’t even like to promote my films but I have to because it’s in the fine print of my contract.
The letters TSS that I once read in the fine print buried on the bottom of tampon boxes soon came to define me. TSS – Toxic Shock Syndrome: a potentially fatal complication of certain types of bacterial infections.