Top 15 Professional Writer Quotes

In this post, you will find great Professional Writer Quotes from famous people, such as Will Self, Zoya Akhtar, John Green, Joe Haldeman, Markus Zusak. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

The life of the professional writer - like that of any

The life of the professional writer – like that of any freelance, whether she be a plumber or a podiatrist – is predicated on willpower. Without it there simply wouldn’t be any remuneration, period.
So at 19, I faced my first blank page as a professional writer.
Chicago is the Great American City, and it was really great to live there during a time of economic expansion and opportunity and growth. I felt like I was living at the center of the world. Unlike New York, no one expects you to be a professional writer.
I think I would have been a writer, anyhow, in the sense of having written a story every now and then, or continued writing poetry. But it was the war experience and the two novels I wrote about Vietnam that really got me started as a professional writer.
Joe Haldeman
I’ve heard some writers say things like, ‘Well, I’m a professional writer. I only start books I know I can finish.’ I look at it maybe the other way: I only want to write books I’m not sure I can write.
For the professional writer, stories must be presented as a series of individual scenes, each one dramatized with dialogue and telling descriptions of who is present and what they’re all doing.
I think my first story sold for $550. This was in 1954, and it seemed like quite a lot of money, and I said to myself, ‘Hey, I’m a professional writer now.’
I’ve been a professional writer for 20 years, and there are contours in that time, crescents and troughs.
I’ve had menial jobs, and ‘professional writer’ isn’t one of them.
My personal opinion is that, if you’re a professional writer, that you do have quotas. So every day I do try to write 800-1,200 words. I don’t always achieve it, and the reality is that a lot of the words I write will end up on the cutting-room floor.
Anyone can write one book: even politicians do it. Starting a second book reveals an intention to be a professional writer.
Len Deighton
I’m not like a professional writer with professional skills. Songs kind of come into my head the same way they did when I was a kid. I say I’m an overgrown kindergarten kid. I work on songs.
I am not a food critic. Or a chef. Or even a professional writer. What I am schooled in the art of, however, is enjoying myself.
Jewel Staite
Don’t let anyone discourage you from writing. If you become a professional writer, there are plenty of editors, reviewers, critics, and book buyers to do that.
As a professional writer of detective stories, I string along with the ballplayers. I love a ball game.
Rex Stout