Top 15 Solver Quotes

In this post, you will find great Solver Quotes from famous people, such as Paul Walker, Herman Cain, Nandan Nilekani, Thom Mayne, Carly Fiorina. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

I'm a problem solver. I love people. The more complicat

I’m a problem solver. I love people. The more complicated they are, the more I get into them, and I just want to understand what makes them tick.
I’m not a professional politician. I’m a professional problem solver, and I believe we should cut the salaries of senators and congressmen 10 percent until they balance the budget. I call that conservative common sense.
Bangalore now wants a person who doesn’t only play politics. Bangalore needs a problem solver, and I am a problem solver. I will be the bridge between Bangalore and the Centre.
Nandan Nilekani
I think my clients would tell you I’m a problem solver. I’m not there to agree with people. I’m there to articulate a point of view. Am I insistent and tenacious? Absolutely. I could not get this work done if I was not.
I’m not a professional politician, I’m a problem solver.
Under normal conditions the research scientist is not an innovator but a solver of puzzles, and the puzzles upon which he concentrates are just those which he believes can be both stated and solved within the existing scientific tradition.
Thomas Kuhn
My mom was a problem solver.
At Cisco, we believe everyone has the potential to become a global problem solver. We strive to inspire, connect, and invest in opportunities that accelerate global problem solving by empowering people everywhere to work toward eradicating poverty, unemployment, climate change, and hunger.
I’m asking people to vote for me because I’m an activist leader and a problem solver.
That’s what you’ve got to be to be an MP: a problem solver. How can I help you? How can I engage? What do you need?
I don’t have much time to read. I’m more of a problem solver. I’ll have an idea or a problem, and I’ll learn what’s necessary in order to do the idea or solve the problem. If I need to read a book, then I will, but it usually comes down to researching on the Internet and reading blog posts.
I don’t care what the political establishment says, Republican, Democrat – I’m a problem solver.
I am a woman, therefore I am a problem solver.
I’m a natural puzzle solver.
I see myself as a problem solver, creating solutions.