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Innovation hubs are going to be in cities focused on th

Innovation hubs are going to be in cities focused on the industries and clients of that city. So in Houston, it’s focused on our industrial companies, particularly the energy sector, robotics, and automation.
Social media has shaken up the world of sales, with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offering new ways to hound leads and unprecedented insights into clients.
Lots of stand-up showcases on TV are made by production companies that also represent acts as clients, so there tends to be a demonstrable bias towards a certain group of people.
In Dublin, we open The Dock, our new multidisciplinary innovation R&D and incubation hub where all elements of our innovation architecture come to life. The Dock is a launch pad for our more than 200 researchers to innovate with clients and acquisition partners with a particular focus on artificial intelligence.
How do you actually green the supply chain is a challenge. The easier part is to do what we do; the difficult part is to get all your clients to long process will take time.
There have been some clients who have said, ‘In order to compete, I’m going to put a pool in and then sell the house.’ That’s a terrible idea.
To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your clients’ best interests first. When you do, your personal needs will be realized beyond your greatest expectations.
Anthony Hitt
Tailor Made will help Ferrari‘s clients tailor their cars in a very personal, specific way. It’s a bespoke service, like visiting Huntsman or Anderson & Sheppard or whoever your favourite Savile Row tailor is.
I was representing our chemical company clients, and I would routinely talk with or meet with the DuPont attorneys, would be there representing DuPont at these same cleanup sites. So I knew those folks.
Deloitte Catalyst is enabling Deloitte and our clients to more easily tap the power of innovation.
In the beginning, the clients would say, ‘This is too much,’ but over time, the ones I liked kept working with me. They’d say, ‘It’s not too much. Coco can still be Coco. She still gives 100 percent when she‘s on a photo shoot.’
Clients don’t expect perfection from the service providers they hire, but they do expect honesty and transparency. There is no better way to demonstrate this than by acknowledging when a mistake has been made and humbly apologizing for it.
Decisions made centrally, thousands of miles from the markets clients are operating in, will likely not be as attuned to local market realities.
When I was in high school in Los Angeles, my mother, who was a speech therapist, agreed to stay over the weekend with one of her clients and his little sister while the parents went away on vacation. She brought me along.
With Google, we formed a new alliance to create industry-specific cloud and mobile solutions to help clients advance their digital transformation agendas and improve business performance.
At 16, I started a web development business and had clients from the Netherlands, Caribbean, and across the countrynone of whom knew my age because I could conduct all my business with a phone, scanner, and the Internet.
At the World Bank, we are already working with our clients in developing countries to improve their governance systems, collect taxes, fight corruption, and recover stolen assets.
I don’t buy this thing that our industry is responsible for all the ills of the world. We have great people at JPMorgan Chase. We operate with a lot of rigor. Our clients are happy with us.
I’ve always been on the business siderunning P&L and working with clients.
I was a lawyer for 10 years, and several of my clients had the misfortune, through no fault of my own, of going to prison. I visited them occasionally.
Avoid any exercise that is quad-centric. None of my clients come to me because she wants bulkier quads – you aren’t fitting into your skinny jeans with those!
I have no contracts with my clients; just a handshake is enough.
Irving Paul Lazar
As a lawyer, I can assure you that a lot of document drafting is repetitive, involving cutting and pasting from templates. But the best lawyers bring a unique perspective to the process and anticipate clients’ problems.
I love the brands I’m signed to, and I’m lucky enough to have loyal, high-fashion clients that I work with every season. It’s a blast.
There has to be some limit to what lawyers can take from their clients. Otherwise, cagey attorneys end up with the lion‘s share of the settlement and the victims end up with little more than scraps.
Dennis Hastert
I avoid clients for whom advertising is only a marginal factor in their marketing mix. They have an awkward tendency to raid their advertising appropriations whenever they need cash for other purposes.
Takers believe in a zero-sum world, and they end up creating one where bosses, colleagues and clients don’t trust them. Givers build deeper and broader relationships – people are rooting for them instead of gunning for them.
Now, given the increasing importance of artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, and other innovative technologies, we are evolving Accenture Digital to be even more relevant to our clients and drive even greater differentiation in the marketplace.
Investment banking is not a business; it is a personal service where bankers work hand in hand with their clients. And it is a service that must not simply be about making bigger and bigger deals that reap rewards for only a small group of executives.
Felix Rohatyn
I had used the stretch materials for years to shape the inside of garments I made for private clients. Then I just started using them on their own.
When clients are involved in a crisis, we often start at the end. When this is over, where do you want to end up? What’s your endgame? We try to start from that and work ourselves back.
I am the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Marathon Agen

I am the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Marathon Agency, a new venture with my business partner Steve Carless. It’s a management, branding, marketing, and business strategy. I’m in charge of marketing and branding clients like Nick Cannon, Nicki Minaj, and more.
I always encourage my young clients just starting to create a home, to buy at least one piece of investment furniture, or accessory, or piece of art each year rather than following a trend that will come along, be copied cheaply for the mass market and then be gone.
I truly believe Accenture is a magnet for top talent in the new, not only because of the work we do for clients but because our culture supports employees who want to make a difference in the community where we live and work.
Lawyers should not be charged with the same crimes as their clients. Trials related to political charges are not in accordance with human rights.
More and more, our clients expect not only relevant advice, not only setting a road map or helping them plan, but being committed to business results.
I almost can’t believe this even needs to be said, but it’s not unwarranted to burden retirement advisers with a requirement that they act in their clients’ best interest.
What I believe in and the way I work with my clients is we’re so quick to say what we don’t like about our bodies, but it’s really important to say the things we do like about our bodies. If you know you have great legs or a great butt, or if you’re curvy, show it off if you’re proud of it.
Back in 2005 and 2006, I argued as forcefully as I could, in letters to clients of my investment firm, ‘Scion Capital’, that the mortgage market would melt down in the second half of 2007, causing substantial damage to the economy.
Let architects sing of aesthetics that bring Rich clients in hordes to their knees; Just give me a home, in a great circle dome Where stresses and strains are at ease.
All of my clients have athletic or curvy, healthy bodies.
Architects are not clients. We can’t build without something to built.
The process of coming out was critical to getting where we are today: coming out to our friends, our family, our co-workers, God forbid, to our clients.
Fred Eychaner
For me, the way I go about training all of my clients is by using short bursts of interval training – it’s the most effective for burning calories as well as for cardiovascular health and making you stronger.
As a medium reading people in the public eye it really is my job to read information from my clients that isn’t out there publicly and really tap into those private details.
Many of my clients have become close friends, and that informs the clothing I design for them. Julianna Margulies was introduced to me by her publicist many years ago, and we’ve been good friends ever since.
In Hong Kong, we launched an Accenture Liquid Studio where we are bringing together end-to-end digital customer experience services for clients.
We must understand what is on clients’ minds and what their needs are, and we must also be close to our teams who are serving our clients. At day’s end, it is all about delivering value to our clients as defined by them.
Ukrainian business must really embrace global competition. We need to understand that competition for resources and clients is not with competitors from across the street or from another city, but with millions of businesses around the world.
Victor Pinchuk
Every year in consulting is like three years in the corporate world because you have multiple clients, multiple issues – you grow so much.
Unless you have a perception of who you are as a lawyer, you will never be at ease in dealing with legal matters, clients, or courts. But if you know who you are and why you’re there, all you need is the expertise and the information.
Samuel Dash
Samasource’s largest clients are technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Getty Images, and TripAdvisor, which contract with my company rather than a traditional outsourcing company in order to participate in ‘impact sourcing’ – conscious efforts to reduce poverty by moving money into places that need it.
I thought I would spend the rest of my life being a good tax lawyer. The interesting thing about being a tax lawyer is, none of your clients are poor. I had clients come to me and say, ‘Can you help us make investments?’ That led to me getting into the real estate business.
When I was growing up, I just saw my mother as a successful businesswoman and awesome mother, so I never really thought, ‘I can’t do it.’ I saw how she worked hard, served clients really well, was a great mum to us.
Based on my pool of coached clients, 90% of the challenges for business owners exist in a lack of personal development.
Darren L Johnson
While designing, sewing and cutting patterns for clients, my mother was always telling me to make sure the upper part of the body was balanced with the lower part, an A-line skirt to minimize hips or shoulder pads if a client was smaller on top. I was training my eye to create balance.
New York state ethics rules prohibit lawyers from soliciting gifts from clients ‘for the benefit of the lawyer or a person related to the lawyer.’
I know how hard authors work on their books and how far out of their element many are when it comes to doing the sales and marketing. So when I see someone doing it wrong and giving bad advice, I do my best to help – even when they’re not my clients.
As a small business owner, you may not have the luxury to throw good money after bad, but if you can ascertain the ‘why’ of the failure, you can draw some significance from it and then turn it into something that clients will buy.
With couture, it means I get to show fall in July with delivery in September. My clients will be getting their pieces in season.
Above and beyond, not only are we an innovation company, we are in service of our clients.
Be influenced by nothing but your clients’ interests. Tell them the truth.
Arthur C. Nielsen
Clients usually come to me when they want to update the

Clients usually come to me when they want to update the look of an existing room.
To enable large U.S. banks to support their clients better, the Volcker rule should be clarified.
From the beginning, Mandela and Tambo was besieged with clients. We were not the only African lawyers in South Africa, but we were the only firm of African lawyers. For Africans, we were the firm of first choice and last resort.
You can never be satisfied as an entrepreneur, and the basis of any successful, growing business is new clients.
For me, people see me working with my celebrity clients, but it’s important to show people how they can make their lives their own red carpet every day.
What’s best for advertisers on Twitter’s platform isn’t for there to be 20 different clients.
Prior to the 2008 recession, many financial institutions were engaging in ‘proprietary lending,’ where a bank would invest funds for its own gain instead of earning revenue through commission by trading on behalf of clients.
Every profession will have its rogues, of course, no matter what oaths are sworn, but many health care professionals have a real commitment to serving the best interests of their clients.
Divorce is the cheapest thing in Pakistan. About 30 cents. Cheaper than fish and chips. I’ve had clients married to very rich men for 40 years, then turned out on the road with nothing.
Your ability to communicate is an important tool in your pursuit of your goals, whether it is with your family, your co-workers or your clients and customers.
We want all clients to think of us first when they want to hire an auditor or if they want to have an adviser to solve difficult corporate problems. We want the best talent to join our firm.
People think that buying something for their home which is up-to-date is chic, but often it’s a cliche. I call people who simply give clients the current ‘thing’ stylists not decorators.
You define yourself by either what your clients want or what you believe they’ll need for the future. So: Define yourself by your client, not your competitor.
My secret desire is to be an interior designer. I’d love to make houses for rich clients who can afford to do things right.
Adecco and Penna have a long history of working together, and Penna represents an excellent strategic fit for Adecco in U.K. HR services, expanding the breadth and depth of services Adecco is able to offer to its clients. The acquisition of Penna also offers meaningful synergy potential for Adecco in the U.K.
We are pushing hard to find quality advertising clients.
Ben Nicholson
With high underemployment – currently over one million part-time workers in the UK want to work more hours – sanctioning clients who cannot increase their hours seems to be both unworkable and unfair.
I think that designers have an incredibly broad creative repertoire. They solve. They create images of perfection for any number of clients. I could never do that. I’m my client. That’s the difference between an artist and a designer; it’s a client relationship.
My clients were always poor folks, working folks, people who were in trouble and couldn’t afford to pay a whole lot. I found it very difficult to say no to somebody who needed help, so most of my work turned out to be pro bono. It didn’t start out that way, but it turned out that way because I never got paid.
The first thing I tell clients is get off the couch! Just start making some small lifestyle changes such as walking to work instead of driving or taking the stairs instead of the lift. The small things you can change all add up.
I want to keep my clients happy, and the pressure‘s on me as the boss to manage my three assistants and make sure that everything is getting done. There’s less time for tears and more time for bossing people around.
You have to be passionate about your business. If you don’t love your business, you are doing a terrible disservice to your customers and clients, your team members and business partners, your family and yourself.
Informed clients are better clients, and they make for better design.
I’ve always kept my word, and my clients have always kept their word.
Robert Shapiro
We don’t think of ourselves as a regional investment bank. We think of ourselves as merchant bankers with clients all over the country.
Warren Stephens
Tom Wall has the unique ability to extract, cultivate and realize a vision that goes far beyond simple bricks and mortar. He has an amazing appreciation of art and beauty and his designs begin with listening to his clients.
There are people who are very highly paid to cover the truth and who will protect their clients.
Mary Hart
There is a small industry out there called media training. It offers instruction on how to ‘control a narrative,’ to use that awful term. Most politicians are clients.
Nasdaq is investing in the technologies, talent, and capabilities that solve the complex challenges our clients face.
And in my world, when I was dealing with this for our chemical company clients, you had lists of regulated hazardous materials, and things were permitted. And if you had a landfill and you had a permit, you had to comply with certain limits.
When clients come to my design agency and say ‘I want to be the Apple of this or that,’ we say ‘Okay, are you ready to be the Steve Jobs?’ Few are up to the task.
We win more business, not because of pitching but becau

We win more business, not because of pitching but because clients say, ‘We like the work you’re doing.’
I try to get a workout for myself in before I work with my clients. I do this to center myself.
I’m usually able to reuse at least 50 percent of the clients’ furniture. Most times, I’ll just clean it up, make it look like new, and that’s the best way to save money.
It’s difficult to make your clients understand that there are certain days that the market will go up or down 2%, and it’s basically driven by algorithms talking to algorithms. There’s no real rhyme or reason for that. So it’s difficult. We just try to preach long-term investing and staying the course.
Warren Stephens
Your goal as an entrepreneur is to understand not only what your business does but the clients that it serves. If you really have your pulse on their needs and wants, then your ‘absolutefailures are always going to have limits.
In combining forces, InMobi will now be able to offer Amobee’s clients greater ROI and reach.
We have to have a business model that can be a sustainable and acceptable one to both regulators and the other stakeholders, clients, and investors.
The innovation of our workplace is key to the development of innovative solutions that address the evolving complex challenges of our clients.
I feel very lucky to have the freedom to do the things I want to do. And as I say, my clients are all my friends as well.
Robert Stigwood
Lawyers claim that their clients have been grossly mistreated, which is what criminal defense lawyers are paid to do.
Ken Starr
I seek to be authentic and engaging, using my own experiences, being as vulnerable as I ask my clients to be, to enhance the process.
Jayson Blair
Architecture is particularly difficult for women; there’s no reason for it to be. I don’t want to blame men or society, but I think it was for a long time, the clients were men, the building industry is all male.
I think, given who the IBM target company is, I feel our purpose is to be essential to our clients.
I measured my success by how many clients I had and how many billable hours I had.
I love changing hair color. I love doing hair shape. I love the social aspect of salons. I love clients, and because of doing hair, I’ve heard so many life stories.
I was fresh from college and worked with my mum and even freelanced on my own with her team of people. I was young and had to face all kinds of tantrums from my clients. I was not disheartened.
Clients trust you to represent their interest in the highest court.
Lisa Blatt
Every business needs to get out of their own mindset and into the aspirational mindsets of their customers and clients and create services and products that are beyond their customers’ imagination but will be what they ‘gotta have’ in the future.
You must look like a money person for clients to trust you.
Michael Lee-Chin
When the business really works is when we hear clients say, ‘I’ve never had jeans that fit me until I got a pair from Stitch Fix.’ We’ll also hear, ‘I would never have tried this dress on in a store.’ It’s not just about convenience. They’re happier in their clothes.
I want my clients to trust me.
As our culture redefines being a gamer, brand partners explore and wait eagerly on a new set of tools to better engage their potential clients.
I always try to find companies I see eye to eye with. It was an easy collaboration with Hyland. They’re a well-rounded player and always try to find certain strategies to give their clients a competitive edge.
People like me have to have the discipline only to work for clients, corporations, political people, products, services, networks that we believe in and we want to see succeed.
For some reason, many designers are in fashion, but they don’t love women. I love women, and I follow my clients on Instagram.
Clients want to work with us.
Therapy and counseling can do wonderful things for people. But they have emerged so far as what are sometimes called ‘cottage industries’ – that is, as individuals or small groups offering generally quite expensive services to a few clients.
The ad industry thinks their clients are their customers. They think the companies who pay for the production are the ones they are supposed to serve. So the ads they produce make their clients happy… but infuriate the rest of us.
The lawyers who really begin to address the problems of their clients address them without recourse to our courts, although that recourse is absolutely essential in providing leverage.
We saw that our customers required help beyond the data sets they had and that they could benefit from a wider opinion. So we built SurveyMonkey Audience, and we’ve now got 4 million users who signed up to take surveys. Our clients can choose the demographic they want to hear from, and we can provide that sample.
As a professional services company, our people ultimately make the difference in delivering high-quality services to clients. This is why we are so focused on attracting the best people and investing to further develop their skills.
The better job we do of getting the right fans in the r

The better job we do of getting the right fans in the right seats at the right time, the more money our clients are going to make.
We’ve truly transformed Accenture capabilities to help our clients embrace the new, applying innovation and intelligence at the heart of their organizations.
At XL we are continually focused on the rate of change, the increasingly interconnected world and the need to help our clients advance wherever their business occurs.
Mike McGavick
We decided to significantly change the nature of the services we are providing to our clients by creating, really, a digital-first company, and digital first in two main directions: first, being the leader in providing digital services to our clients and second, making Accenture the most digitalized organization.
In 1997, clients balked at self-ordering. They thought it was beneath them. But in 1998, a sea change in perception came, thanks to the rise of the Net and online trading. The concept of doing it yourself was not crazy.
‘Project Runway‘ made my name more high-profile. I’ve gotten to work with a lot of different celebrity clients that I never would have otherwise.
Therapists have tremendous power over their vulnerable clients, and it is very easy to take advantage of this power.
One thing that served me well with clients was that you back your winners and you back your losers.
We have been pushing forward on a new way of storytelling we call ‘collaborative journalism‘ on behalf of a number of our clients.
When teachers try to teach, nurses try to nurse, small businesses try to serve their clients and the police try to arrest criminals, there is always a regulator or three breathing down their necks. Conservatives want to make people’s lives easier.
As a lobbyist, I thought it only natural and right that my clients should reward those members who saved them such substantial sums with generous contributions. This quid pro quo became one of hallmarks of our lobbying efforts.
Jack Abramoff
I’ve advised clients to fire or take other serious action against executives and other managers who, in my judgment, had engaged in harassment or other misconduct.
The pretty girls get all the good stuff. Oh, God. So not true. I unlearned this after years of coaching beautiful clients. Yes, these lovelies get preferential treatment in most life scenarios, but there’s a catch: While everyone‘s looking at them, virtually no one sees them.
Most of my clients don’t realize that the way they look and the way they think about their looks are two separate issues.
The ability to please your shareholders comes because of what you do for clients.
We know from our business with clients around the world that when companies bring together people of different genders, races, cultures, and perspectives, we are smarter, more creative, more innovative, and more relevant.
I’ve had many ideas come from clients.
My clients are the whales and the seals.
Increasingly, we are embedding artificial intelligence into the core of our clients’ businesses across every function and process.
Of course, bankers were always interested in making money. But when bankers had clients, they bore some responsibility for the clients’ welfare.
Barry Schwartz
Having started my career at EPA, having worked on the Hill for two different members who didn’t agree on every issue, and then working in the private practice, where I’ve worked on behalf of different clients – I don’t think I’m biased.
The Tax Division is committed to prosecuting accountants who assist their clients in fraudulent tax schemes.
Dana Boente
Although the most amount of attention went to what happened in the United States and in Brexit, Cambridge Analytica and its predecessor, SCL Group, worked in countries around the world, particularly in the developing world, to manipulate elections for their clients. So it was global.
There are some lawyers who think of themselves as basically instruments of whoever their clients are, and they pride themselves on their professional craft.
I have never had a situation where an investee company would have a good value by having a banker. Investment bankers are there to please future clients. You are a temporary client; they are therefore not to get you the best valuation.
Well, I like empowering my clients.
I’m deeply honored to lead Deloitte. I look forward to collaborating with all our people to continue to lead our profession in quality and innovation. Together, we make an impact that matters every day for our clients, the capital markets, communities, and society.
I had seen so many injustices done in the court by well-meaning people. I had lost fourteen clients to gang violence in only seven years. I was angry at a system I thought had failed my clients, and I was part of it.
Richard Helms
I don’t believe in naming clients to get press. I hated it when I was a couture client. If the dresses don’t sell themselves, there is something wrong.
Publicity doesn’t really get me anything. Clients are not going to hire me for a $100 million building because I have a brand. They really want the product.
I like the idea of using all this science and technology to allow for our clients to have a deeper insight into the market.
My clients don't pay me to feel sorry; they pay me to b

My clients don’t pay me to feel sorry; they pay me to bring them money. I am tough, but I have a soft side.
The rate of change and innovation occurring across the entire spectrum of society demands that a company like XL utilize the highest level of analytics and information to solve problems for our clients.
Mike McGavick
Becoming an authority in your industry can be a great way to promote your business and help you better serve your clients.
I think a lot of trainers are forgetting to take care of themselves and focusing only on their clients. You see it with doctors, nurses, and caretakers. If you put too much effort into only helping others, you are neglecting yourself, and your health is the only thing that makes it possible for you to help others.
Through my work as a nutritionist and trainer to celebrity clients, I’ve had amazing opportunities to travel the world. In my experience, I made what seemed to be a remarkable discovery: the farther I travel from the U.S., the easier it is to find foods that are both nourishing and slimming.
It’s especially important to make sure all clients are happy. You don’t want to get stuck into a corner and for people to think you now only have one look.
Clients are becoming more global; they’re realizing that markets are more interconnected. It’s no longer the local regional clients buying the local regional flavors. It’s everybody asking for everything.
Mary Callahan Erdoes
We’ve got to be proactive. It’s my job to look for unconventional situations that achieve what my clients want.
At our company, our Design and Construction Consulting Service Team not only helps eliminate the risks inherent in the construction process, they typically save our clients 5% – 10% on overall construction costs. They also help make sure projects come in on time.
Roger Staubach
I always tell clients you have to be able to remember why you chose to do a movie: to always be able to look at a movie and know, whether it’s good or bad, why you chose to do it.
Bryan Lourd
I have never had anything to do with the kind of fashion that is influenced by the press or identified with the spirit of the season. My clients come for me; they come back each season for my spirit. That’s the reality.
Clients become very attached to the fitter who they feel understands them.
At KPMG, we are intentional about leading with inclusion because we believe it strengthens our ability to make a tangible difference for our clients, our people, and society.
Entire populations of market strategists, fund managers, and economists are employed to try and intuit for clients which securities to bet on for the best possible return each year – or quarter.
The need to go digital remains a top priority for clients, and we are investing aggressively to drive innovation and deliver digital transformation.
My background is around economics and finance; yet, of course, in professional services, talent is key. And for many of our clients, whatever the industry, they all are coming to me saying their No. 1 challenge is getting the right talent.
I think most defense attorneys know, to some extent, their clients are guilty.
My clients train hard. They don’t scream or throw weights – they just push hard, trying to get more out of themselves than their bodies want to give, trying to walk that terrible, beautiful line between controlled aggression and all-out insanity.
John Romaniello
We see our clients saying we want a diverse team and also to attract people particularly the millennials they really care about working in a diverse workplace.
Sales teams use social media to generate leads and track clients as they move through the sales funnel. Operations and distribution teams forecast supply chains, while research and development squads brainstorm product ideas.
One of my closest friends is a trans man who is incredible. And a lot of my clients are trans women.
I tend not to have a ton of clients at any one time, but some pretty interesting ones.