Top 18 Local Economies Quotes

In this post, you will find great Local Economies Quotes from famous people, such as Frans Lanting, Deb Haaland, Rick Renzi, Tae Yoo, Gordon Smith. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

Tourism is important because it can create sustainable

Tourism is important because it can create sustainable local economies. I’d much rather have 1,000 tourists going up the Tambopata than 1,000 gold miners.
Frans Lanting
Time and again, it has been proven that SNAP benefits are the most valuable government stimulus we can have for local economies.
If we can produce more ethanol and bio-diesel to help fuel our vehicles, we will create jobs, boost local economies and produce cleaner burning fuels. This will keep dollars here at home where they can have a positive impact on our economy.
Rick Renzi
Since girls and women represent 50 percent of the world population, enabling them to participate in their local economies helps broaden the employment pool.
Broadcasting‘s best days lie ahead as both an engine of local economies and as an integral part of tomorrow‘s technological world.
The invention of the micro-loan was a big surprise to me. Who would have guessed loans of less than $20 made to poor people in undeveloped countries could create thriving local economies? And, even more surprisingly, that they more reliably pay off their debts than the wealthy of the world.
Joel A. Barker
We can choose food that doesn’t lead to illnesses like diabetes and cancer. We can choose food that doesn’t contribute to water pollution and climate change. And we can choose food that keeps local economies vibrant and farmers on their land.
When you increase productivity, economies become better – local economies become better, society becomes better.
I represent the top agriculture district in Texas, and Texas is the top agriculture state in the country, so I know just how important agriculture priorities are to our state and local economies.
The spy boom has been a beautiful windfall for architects, construction companies, IT specialists, and above all defense contractors, enriching thousands of private companies and dozens of local economies hugging the Capital Beltway.
A strong Commonwealth is built on a foundation of strong communities. Friendly, welcoming, bustling neighborhoods and downtowns. Great schools. Safe, accessible, attractive places to play. Growing local economies. And a belief that anything is possible.
Local economies are suffering as people spend more on fuel and less on consumer goods and travel.
Illegal immigration is not just a matter of interest in states along our border with Mexico. It is having an effect on local economies, schools, health care delivery, and public safety all across the country.
Home Star is a common sense idea that would create jobs and provide a boost to local economies, while helping families afford their energy bills. By encouraging homeowners to invest in energy efficiency retrofits, Home Star would create 170,000 manufacturing and construction jobs that could not be outsourced to China.
As a member of the House Committee on Small Business and because of my own experience as a small business owner, I am appreciative of the impact these small businesses have on our local economies.
Understanding where your food comes from, trying to bolster local farmers and local economies and having a better connection to the food around you and the people around you, only good can come of that. I love to be involved with things like that.
In the Gulf region and nationwide, small businesses are an integral and crucial part of local economies and communities. They should not be overlooked.
If we are serious about Global Britain, we must recognise that international students bring huge benefits to our universities, our local economies and our soft power.