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I used to be so intimidated by spin classes. I'd always

I used to be so intimidated by spin classes. I’d always go by and see people on their bikes looking so intense. But one day my sister and I worked up the courage to go in, and now we’re hooked!
When I was a teenager, I thought if any of my friends or people at school see me reading a book, they’re gonna think I’m weak. So I didn’t even do it in private. Then I grew up, got into college, and the teachers turned me on to books, and I got hooked.
I started out wanting to be a naturalist. My obsession in my youth was with bird-watching. I collected things, I spent a lot of time outdoors. I only vaguely realized that science was a little more than natural history, but by then I was hooked.
Matt Ridley
They told me that the hotels had maybe two rooms set up for people with disabilities, but if they got there too late, and didn’t get one of these rooms, they couldn’t take a shower. The room wasn’t hooked up for them, or maybe the sink was too high.
There were times in my career when I would try to write songs like Bob DylanArtists get hooked up in that. To be a follower, you lose.
Del Shannon
I started playing in ’98, but I got hooked by playing celebrity golf tournaments. Tiger had a lot to do with it – his passion, the way that he plays. He’s unique and different, and he inspired a lot of my passion. It’s a sport you can’t master. If you’re an athlete, you can do almost anything, but golf is not like that.
My first tweet was at the CMT Awards when I won an award and typed, ‘Thank you.’ Then I was hooked because the followers started multiplying. It’s a great tool.
I know how addictive videogames are – I have friends who can’t get up off the couch because they’re so hooked. They provide these different virtual worlds that you can live in.
I might not have been academically gifted – I was bad at maths, and science was a struggle – but I was good at English literature and became hooked on theatre.
The speaker‘s role is supposed to be revered, but Pelosi is so hooked on hatred and spite, she brings all of Congress into disrepute.
I am a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan; I have not missed any of his films since I got hooked to ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.’
If you’re an app, how do you keep people hooked? Turn yourself into a slot machine.
Katie McGrath got me hooked on the ‘Great British Bake Off.’ It’s ruining my life.
Jessica De Gouw
It wasn’t until I was 23 and got married to a guy who was really bookish that I got completely hooked on reading and writing again. He had so many paperbacks, I didn’t have to buy a book for four and a half years.
I was so hooked by the fight for freedom that nothing mattered to us so long as we fulfilled the dream of years and years of our people being liberated. I thought normal life would come the day after.
I love working at Marvel, but it was definitely DC that got me hooked as a reader.
I’m completely hooked on polo.
Mike Rutherford
I’ve been a Yankees fan for a long time. When I was a kid in the mid-’70s, the Yankees were really great. They had Reggie Jackson in ’77. I was 8 years old at the time. He hit three home runs to win the World Series in game six against the Dodgers, and I was just hooked.
I wasn’t really driven to be an actor or anything, but in college I decided to study acting, much to my parentsdisappointment. I attended Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers where Bill Esper was, and that is where I really got hooked on the art of acting, and, almost, the chemistry of acting.
Roger Bart
I love to box. I once took a kickboxing class in college and got totally hooked.
I was 10 years old, taking the train by myself to see Saturday matinees, something you’d never let a kid do now. I got very hooked on it.
I get mad at the New York-based environmentalists because if you were truly environmentalists you wouldn’t have a storm surge system and a sanitary system hooked together here that requires you to close your beaches 10 times a year.
Aubrey McClendon
I am big into astrology. My best friend in the whole wide world, Justin, got me hooked on astrology, when I was in high school. I am a Capricorn, but Im a Gemini rising and a Pisces moon.
I became obsessed watching fashion TV shows when I was a teenager and recognized that I had the height and body frame. I especially became hooked when I saw on ‘E! True Hollywood Story’ how much a model can make and how I can achieve a better living for my family and me.
The first horror film I remember seeing in the theatre was Halloween and from the first scene when the kid puts on the mask and it is his POV, I was hooked.
David Arquette
As soon as I found out there was a school you could go to to become a WWE superstar, I was immediately hooked.
I discovered ‘The Shield‘ back around 2010, when the Archie superheroes were licensed to DC Comics. From there, I went back into the archives and discovered this whole universe of characters, and I was hooked.
Adam Christopher
When I was a child, my father used to take me for walks, often along a river or by the sea. We would pass people fishing, perhaps reeling in their lines with struggling fish hooked at the end of them. Once I saw a man take a small fish out of a bucket and impale it, still wriggling, on an empty hook to use as bait.
Anything I did with the WWE was not therapeutic by any stretch of the imagination. The reality is that nobody‘s going to tell you that, because they have an umbilical cord hooked to Vince McMahon. I, ladies and gentlemen, do not.
Only a geek would say this, but my first true love was a game called ‘Wizardry’; that was the game that hooked me forever.
I grew up watching 'Dawson's Creek,' and I started watc

I grew up watching ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ and I started watching ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ when I was auditioning because I wanted to get a feel of it… then I totally got hooked!
We should at least make sure that patients are given the opportunity to opt out of spending their final days in a hospital, hooked up to tubes and running up enormous bills.
I believe that there is a simple demand and supply rule that works on television. While many are hooked on web series, some enjoy non-fiction. Similarly, there are people who love watching supernatural genre.
Growing up on stage, I was introduced to makeup at a young age and I will never forget the first time I tried on a L’Oreal Paris iconic lipstick – it was instant glamour and I’ve been hooked ever since.
How many times have you been watching an episode of ‘South Park‘ and thought, ‘I’d like to be able to watch this on my television while hooked into my mobile device, which is being controlled by my tablet device which is hooked into my oven, all while sitting in the refrigerator?’
The thing about reading is that if you are hooked, you’re not going to stop just because one series is over; you’re going to go and find something else.
Eoin Colfer
For some reason, I shied away from watching Telugu films but now I am hooked to them.
I love the house we’re in, but at the same time, I’m hooked on the romance of house-hunting.
I busted out of the place in a hurry and went to a saloon and drank beer and said that for the rest of my life I’d never take a job in a place where you couldn’t throw cigarette butts on the floor. I was hooked on this writing for newspapers and magazines.
Queen were the first western band I got hooked on. I got a bootleg – there was hardly any legal buying of CDs in Georgia.
I’m hooked on food competition shows. It’s unique, different… I definitely understand the importance of strategy.
‘Joji’ is a special film, the story will keep audiences hooked till the end.
I was 17, and a friend said, ‘Man, you’ve got to listen to this song,’ and he played ‘Man to Man.’ From there on, I was hooked on country. Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Clint Black. Every show that came through America West Arena, I was there.
If you’re like me, I get hooked into to-do lists, you know. I’ll say I checked that off. Okay, I did that. And you have all these things you’re doing.
The first proper mystery novel that I read was ‘Murder On the Orient Express‘ with a gaunt David Niven and a cherubic Peter Ustinov on the cover. ‘Orient Express,’ you’ll recall, is the one where everyone did it, which delighted me no end, and I was immediately hooked.
The time I spent working in the wild west show in Paris had a pretty big impact on me. A friend of mine had hooked me up with the gig over there and I literally left Texas with a hundred dollar bill in my pocket and one way plane ticket to Paris.
I have a toy giraffe on my bed. I’ve got photographs over my desk as well as a mask of a giraffe in my kitchen. I am totally hooked.
I actually only started listening to house music around the time I started making it. I got hooked both to making music and to house music.
Passion is all but soft, it’s not tender, it’s violence to which you get hooked by pleasure.
I remember vividly seeing ‘Tarzan‘ and Fred Astaire, the Chaplin films, Fred Astaire musicals, MGM, because of my mother. She was just interested in everything and she took me to opera and ballet, and then ballet got me hooked.
I mean, look at the people we celebrate – a lot of people who really don’t do anything. They just walk the red carpets and go to all the parties, and they’re hooked up with the right people, so they’re celebrities. But what for?
I ride my bike for transportation a great dealoccasionally I ride it for fun. But I also have a generator bike that’s hooked up to my solar battery pack, so if I ride 15 minutes hard on my bike, that’s enough energy to toast toast, or power my computer.
I think we’re all hooked, I feel my own hook-ness on immediate gratification you know. I want what I want.
I was about 14, and I got hooked on the music of the Stanley Brothers.
I got really hooked on this riff in the middle of this song called ‘Minor Miracles‘ by my friend Eric Johnson from Fruit Bats. I got the tracks for that from him, and that turned into ‘Here in Spirit.’
The trouble with Nixon is that he’s a serious politics junkie. He’s totally hooked and like any other junkie, he’s a bummer to have around, especially as President.
As soon as I was introduced to ice speed skating, I was instantly hooked. I never thought about pursuing skating professionally; I just enjoyed doing it.
Shani Davis
I was a very sickly kid. While I was in the hospital at age 7, my Dad brought me a stack of comic books to keep me occupied. I was hooked.
I became hooked on ‘In Treatment,’ which was so finely written and performed. Such a simple idea, and yet it delved into very complex territory with real grace and humanity.
Hattie Morahan
I joke that I learned the essentials of storytelling from Hanna-Barbera, but I pretty much did. That kind of television is what enamored me as a kid, and that’s what really got me hooked. You could say that’s where it all began.
I was 17, still in school, and my manager saw me in school, and then we hooked up, and after that, I went straight into making music.
Erik Hassle
I am such a 'True Detective' fan. I was anticipating it

I am such a ‘True Detective‘ fan. I was anticipating it each Sunday as it came. I’m kind of a sci-fi fan. I was really hooked on the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ series. I think I owned every box set of ‘Battlestar Galactica.’ I also really love ‘Bob’s Burgers.’
January 14, 2000, was my first time on stage, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I got discovered nationally in Seattle by the now-defunct HBO Comedy Festival, and that led to an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and a path to a professional comedy career.
By that time I was hooked on a career in academic research instead of one in the pharmaceutical industry that I had originally considered in deciding to get a PhD.
Paul Berg
I hooked up with Warner Bros, and I was dying to play Ensign Pulver in the ‘Mr. Roberts‘ series, and I didn’t get the part. Instead they cast the with Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch in ‘F Troop.’
When I was 16, I was in a film called ‘The Patriot.’ I spent every second I could on the set watching the director and his team bring America circa 1775 to life. From that moment on, I was hooked.
Gregory Smith
I one time hooked up with somebody off an app who gave me an autographed copy of a book he wrote.
Scott Evans
I got so passionate about technology. Hacking to me was like a video game. It was about getting trophies. I just kept going on and on, despite all the trouble I was getting into, because I was hooked.
When I came down south, I went to one of the early Wigan Challenge Cup victories at Wembley, and I was totally hooked from then.
I was hooked in before hacking was even illegal.
It was Elvis who really got me hooked on beat music. When I heardHeartbreak Hotel’ I thought, this is it.
I think we’re rapidly approaching the day where medical science can keep people alive in hospitals, hooked up to tubes and things, far beyond when any kind of quality of life is left at all.
It was quite a surprise when I realized that with a single wormhole you could have time hook up towards the future or towards the past and that you can actually manipulate the wormhole and change how time hooked up.
My dad was a theater actor, so I would follow him backstage. And my mom was a casting director. The moment I heard the applause and realized it would get me out of school, I was hooked.
Jim Crockett could just advertise Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair, and we would do great numbers just off of the two names being hooked up for the evening. Fans knew we’d go out there and give them a hell of a match, win, lose or draw.
The court dramas shown in films and TV are often superficial. They should have a gripping storyline, which can keep the audience hooked.
I’ve loved mountains since I was a girl, and when I discovered mountaineering fiction after college, I was hooked.
My first camera job was filming workplace safety videos, which involved months of watching and videotaping people doing their jobs. I was hooked – from there, I wanted to know where they lived and the rest of their habits and desires.
My mother ran away from my father after 16 years of being married to him. She was 16 when she hooked up with him. She left him after having six kids.
It would not be fair to choose one between them, as I am equally addicted to both the iPad and the Blackberry. In fact, there are times when I am simply hooked to both.
Making loans accessible to millions of the previously unbankable customers is a noble goal. Getting them hooked to such loans isn’t.
It’s extraordinary to hear waves of laughter after you’ve been playing something, night after night, to nothing. That’s why I’m still hooked on acting: the terror of the possibility of things going wrong, the thrill when they go right, and the joy of the company.
I don’t know anyone else I could have hooked up with who could have handled me. I’ve got my woman and she’s a very good one.
I got hooked on immersive cinema when I worked on ‘2001,’ which was initially shown on these Cinerama screens, which were all 90 feet wide and deeply curved.
I got hooked up with WWE pretty early on in my career.
My aunt Ruth Brown was a jazz musician. I got hooked on it at a young age, understanding what John Coltrane was doing playing two notes on the saxophone at the same time, which is impossible.
Once an artist explores the vast variety of tools and features available on the great programs, we’re hooked.
What happened is, when I was doing ‘Taxi,’ the last year, we did this thing where we had on top hats and tails, and we pretended to tap-dance. And I said to myself, ‘You know, I always wanted to know how to do this.’ So I got myself a teacher, and I started studying, and I got hooked.
When my mother bought me my first concrete weight set when I was 10, I was hooked. I was doing stuff with the weights that a kid shouldn’t have been doing.
The Yiddish language is so rich and unusual that I’ve always been hooked on its sounds, although I don’t speak it.
The first half of ‘Book Reportsdeals with the history of popular music and rock criticism. When I hooked all those historical pieces together, building on the minstrelsy piece, it became my history of popular music.
It’s called a pen. It’s like a printer, hooked straight to my brain.
Dale Dauten
I am so not hooked into watching TV or listening to the

I am so not hooked into watching TV or listening to the radio, to be honest. Usually, when I do, I get angry.
How many times have you opened a book, read the first few sentences and made a snap decision about whether to buy it? When it’s your book that’s coming under this casual-but-critical scrutiny, you want the reader to be instantly hooked. The way to accomplish this is to create compelling opening sentences.
I’ll always be reading a good book. I don’t have, like, specific genre tastes or anything or things that I kind of get hooked on, reading genre books or anything like that. It’s just really anything anyone kind of recommends or is going around or I hear is good.
As a kid, I was definitely a DC guy. I started reading big time in the ’80s at the height of the Wolfman/Perez ‘New Teen Titans.’ That was definitely the book that hooked me.
Graphic novels are such a visually creative world – it’s really interesting what they can do in one sketch. Now I’m hooked.
Michelle MacLaren
I am a print addict. I have an ebook and a computer but I remain hooked on print.
Annalena McAfee
You tell me the truth, and I am hooked for life, because the one thing that you can’t find nowadays is the person who is going to be absolutely honest with you.
I myself don’t have Netflix. And recently, I was staying at a friend’s place who did, and I was feeling rather poorly one morning, and I sat down and watched the entire series of ‘The Killing,’ the American version of ‘The Killing’ in one day. I just got hooked. I thought, ‘Wow, I’ve never done this before.’
Aden Young
Anthony Bourdain was the one who hooked me on Laos.
I started getting on my feet and clowning around, and they ended up putting me in a play when I was 12. And I was hooked.
I read my first book on Woodrow Wilson at age 15, and I was hooked.
A. Scott Berg
‘Badalte Rishton ki Daastan’ has enough masala to keep the audiences hooked from day one. It is a proper family drama.
To preach is very boring, and nobody wants free advice. But if it’s entertainment, then this changes. If you explain something to a kid through an interesting story, he’ll be hooked.
I not only read Raymond Chandler but read all the crime fiction classics. I was hooked.
Throughout my career I’ve played a lot of parts that might’ve been played by a man. They’re human roles rather than specifically men or women. I’ve never been as hooked into that as a lot of women are, you know, like, ‘There aren’t enough roles for women.’ There aren’t necessarily a lot of good roles for anybody.
Through the years, I found we had Native American blood in us. My great-grandmother came from the island of Martinique, and they hooked up with the Native Americans of Louisiana.
I’ve stated my position, and that is that we do not need a contraption to play the game of golf. I would hope that we’d play under one set of rules, and those rules would include a ban on the long putter hooked to the body in some way, shape or form.
Have I done more business-related things to help my career grow? Yeah. I took the business end more seriously, hooked up with a manager, got some help, because at a certain point, you get frustrated when you go do auditions, and people say you did a great job, and then you don’t get he part.
Everybody’s always asking me about my blood pressure. They did an interview once where they hooked me up to a blood pressure machine and they’d rile me. I’d yell and scream, and then it would just go back to normal in a few minutes. Everything else is probably rotting, but the blood pressure is spectacular.
My favorite horse was Zenyatta. She got me hooked.
Rashard Lewis
My early memories of ‘Who’ are clouded by time and confused by repeats and reissues. I have no direct recollection of the first two Doctors and none at all of the first season of the Pertwee era. By the last two seasons of the Third Doctor, I was properly hooked.
I’ve been watching ‘Power.’ I’ve been hooked on it.
The hardest part was getting the window net hooked back. I didn’t think I was ever going to get it hooked. I finally got it hooked. If I’d known that I wouldn’t have tried to hook it.
Sterling Marlin
I keep a fiddle hooked up in the music – we’ve got a music room – and try to pick it up.
Johnny Gimble
I love to win, honestly… If you love to win, you should say it. And honestly, I’m hooked on it.
There were years when I was a beer and tequila guy, then I got real fat. And then I found that you could actually go on a diet and drink scotch. Then I got hooked on scotch, and if you get hooked on scotch, then everything else just tastes wrong.
Once you start cycling, the city opens up for you. No longer are you fighting it, hot and frustrated; no longer are you at the mercy of bus drivers, roadworks, decisions made by others and over which you have no control. Believe me, once you’ve tasted this freedom, you’re hooked.
Oh yeah, I grew up with comics. You know, I always like to describe myself as a ‘narrative junkie.’ I love novels, I love comics, movies, TV. If it’s a good story, I’m hooked.
David Liss
When it comes to salt, what was really staggering to me is that the industry itself is totally hooked on salt. It is this miracle ingredient that solves all of their problems. There is the flavor burst to the salt itself, but it also serves as a preservative, so foods can stay on the shelves for months.
I believe once you watch a Miyazaki film, you’ll get hooked.
I was 10 years old, and I went to the Marigold Arena in Chicago, and I was hooked, just like that.
Bobby Heenan
I hooked up everybody in Sidney, including one guy who

I hooked up everybody in Sidney, including one guy who was blind.
Dave Willis
I would love to do Broadway the rest of my life! Because it’s challenging, because it makes me grow as an actor, as an entertainer, as an artist, and that’s what I need; that’s what I’m hooked on.
I hooked up with director Jacques Audiard for this film called ‘Rust & Bone‘ with Marion Cotillard. I loved that experience so much I’m truly sad that it’s over!
Matthias Schoenaerts
I started racing myself and once you get bitten by that bug you really are hooked.
Nick Mason
I was so hooked to ‘The Da Vinci Code‘ that I jumped out of bed at 2 A. M., and could only go back to sleep after I’d finished the final few chapters.
My favorite team is the Bengals. In Idaho, we didn’t really have a home team. But my parents are from Ohio, and when I was a little kid, my aunts and uncles would send me Boomer Esiason T-shirts and Ickey Woods mini-footballs, so I got hooked on those guys.
Nate Holland
My first experience with gymnastics was when I was in daycare. We took a field trip to a gym, and I was hooked.
My mother says I didn’t open my eyes for eight days after I was born, but when I did, the first thing I saw was an engagement ring. I was hooked.
Elizabeth Taylor
I really hate the term ‘historical novel’ – it reminds me of bodice-rippers. But I’m hooked on research, and I really, really enjoy it.
After I got my first laugh on stage, I was hooked.
My agent said the part was that of an eccentric old grandfather-come-professor type who travels in space and time. Well, I wasn’t that keen, but I agreed to meet the producer. Then, the moment this brilliant young producer, Verity Lambert, started telling me about ‘Doctor Who,’ l was hooked.
William Hartnell
I’ve had asthma my whole life. My mom used to hook the generator up to the Suburban and roll the extension cord all the way down to the football field and have my nebulizer hooked up to that so I could take treatments in between offense and defense. I was in the fifth grade when she started doing that.
Von Miller
I’ve always enjoyed lifting heavy; I saw extremely good results. I just got hooked, seeing how strong I got and how much my body changed.
That’s why I left Germany and went to L.A., that’s why I hooked up with the lawyers, that’s why I hooked up with a big management company – just to protect us, to keep the kind of image I could live with.
I’ve always been hooked on baking.
I drink booze, I smoke, and I’m hooked on caffeine. I actually have been known to swear at times and belch and even raise my voice when provoked. And I’m not physically repressed!
My father took me to my first game in 1971, and I fell in love with the Redskins and the NFL right then. I was hooked. And we didn’t even win that game.
Daniel Snyder
My wife lovesScandal,’ and I’m hooked on ‘Homeland.’ Sometimes I ask news makers, off the record, what rings true about those shows and what’s ridiculous.
I went to Moses Malone’s golf tournament in Houston, and I’ve been hooked ever since.
Assure a man that he has a soul and then frighten him with old wivestales as to what is to become of him afterward, and you have hooked a fish, a mental slave.
Theodore Dreiser
I stumbled on a joke idea and style that worked, the audience went with it and, from that moment on, I was hooked. It’s an amazing feeling.
Tobacco marketing often reaches children and youth and entices them to start using tobacco while they are still at an impressionable age. Nearly four out of five high school cigarette smokers will become adult smokers, even if they intend to quit in a few years. By the time they want to quit, they’re hooked.
I think the reason why I’m an actress is because I got hooked on the feeling of studying for an audition, going to the audition, and then getting that phone call.
Paula Garces
When my first daughter was born, my husband held her in his hands and said, ‘My God, she’s so beautiful.’ I unwrapped the baby from her blankets. She was average size, with long thin fingers and a random assortment of toes. Her eyes were close set, and she had her father’s hooked nose. It looked better on him.
You find a lot of junk when you’re searching through lost and tossed photo ephemera, but every so often you’ll find a gem, a wallet-sized masterpiece you’re certain could hang on the wall of a gallery if only someone with a name had taken it. Find one or two of those and you’re hooked for life.
Actually, I never liked the idea of bags. I would say, ‘Why do so many of my friends spend so much money on these bloody bags?’ But once I started designing them, I was completely hooked. There are all of these blogs about bags. It’s a whole other industry, and I’m really excited to be a part of it.
Week in, week out, you take a lot of losses and I think that’s kind of got me stuck, got me hooked on enjoying the game a lot more. Still wanting to prevail and to succeed, to go for more and want more.
Cameron Norrie
I started doing MMA and boxing at the same time – I always wanted to try an MMA fight to see what it was like. I had one fight, and I was hooked.
I’ve always been a foodie. My grandmother got me hooked on cooking.
Double J is similar in age, we’re similar in experience. I think if we hooked up, we could be a formidable team. We get along well inside the ring and outside the ring.
I never intended to be a teacher, but once I started teaching, I found that junior high kids are easy to get hooked on, and I stayed for nearly twenty years.
Susan Campbell Bartoletti
I'm hooked on Polanski's films, his psychological thril

I’m hooked on Polanski’s films, his psychological thrillers. I love ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ I love ‘Repulsion.’
I love to eat a lot, but I try to eat healthy stuff. Especially when you’re riding, sometimes I get hooked up with the cycling and when you’re riding three, four, five hours, then you can put whatever you want in your body.
Camilo Villegas
Young people can get very discouraged and get hooked on drugs or on alcohol because of problems they perceive as insurmountable. It is important that they realize a mistake need not ruin their future, but they must also know that not everything in life is a bed of roses.
Maureen Forrester
My high school English teacher in junior year, Dr. Robert Parsons, assigned us some Poe stories, including ‘The Black Cat’ and ‘The Purloined Letter.’ Being an animal person, I had trouble with ‘The Black Cat!’ I got hooked instead by ‘The Purloined Letter,’ a Poe story with detective C. Auguste Dupin.
I have to confess I’m addicted to Sky Sports News. Just the music can pull me in. And then whether it’s badminton in the Czech Republic, snail pushing or mole hopping, I’m hooked.
Andrew Buchan
I’m hooked on martial arts.
So many people have told me that ‘Wicked‘ is their first musical ever and that they’re hooked for life. I’m like, ‘Wow, you really got it right when you picked this show to be your first one.’
My interest in writing about American history stemmed originally, I think, from a subconscious desire to find roots – I felt like a girl without a country. I have put down roots quite firmly by now, but in the process, I have discovered the joys of research and am probably hooked.
Jean Fritz
When I singed ‘Love Dose‘ with Yo Yo Honey Singh, I heard the song and got hooked to it.
I remember one of my writers on ‘Weeds‘ got a new apartment and didn’t get cable or a dish. He just hooked his computer up to the TV. I was like, ‘This is it. This is how it’s happening.’
I tried Botox, but I don’t want to be hooked on that stuff.
The more stories I told, the more I found I wanted to tell. There was always something left unsaid. I got hooked by my own impulse of ‘Well, what’s gonna happen next?’
There’s more energy-saving innovations in lighting. Smartphone and various devices hooked into the home can control the lights and mood.
I found a book in my elementary school library when I was ten called ‘All about You’ which was a book on the human body. I was hooked.
The script of ‘Hum Paanch’ was extremely powerful, written by Imtiaz Patel. He has written the characters so well, people got hooked with each of them.
Ashok Saraf
My buddies and I were just hooked on beach volleyball. We were obsessed with the game.
I think that baseball games are like soap operas. If you watch five in a row, you know enough to get hooked.
I gravitate much more toward realism, realism in the work that I do, but magical realism got me hooked on film. I think it was my first time realizing that there was something besides popcorn movies.
The way people get hooked on fame… it can behave very much like an addiction.
I’m enjoying it, but I still don’t know why I’m hooked on acting.
I had accidentally gotten a laugh on a line in a play I was in during high school. I got hooked, but I had no idea I would ever be able to support myself by acting. I knew no one in the business. I was from the Midwest. No one within a radius of a thousand miles was doing anything like that.
Plum‘s are probably the funniest, but all the books have their own degree of humor. But if you’re hooked into ‘Ranger,’ you’re reading it for the romance.
I admit that I am hopelessly hooked on the printed newspaper. I love turning the pages and the serendipity of stumbling across a piece of irresistible information or a photograph that I wasn’t necessarily intending to read.
It’s not just a matter of poor willpower on the part of the consumer and a give-the-people-what-they-want attitude on the part of the food manufacturers. What I found, over four years of research and reporting, was a conscious effort… to get people hooked on foods that are convenient and inexpensive.
My buddy lost about 100 pounds cycling. He took me on a 31-mile loop. I was hooked.
If you want a favorite book, Orson Scott Card‘s ‘Ender’s Game’. You’ll be hooked. I think he’s written like twelve or thirteen.
I do listen to some music, but I don’t technically have one band I’m absolutely hooked on.
I was playing a relatively high level of hockey, and I thought that’s what I wanted to do. But I had my first movie audition, and I was hooked.
Robbie Amell
I was a fan of ‘Six Feet Under’ and was very sad when it ended, so I was not ready to switch my allegiance to another show. So I was like, ‘I’m not watching this ‘True Blood.’ Then a friend got a bootleg copy of the first four episodes, and by the third one, I was irrevocably hooked.
I was once a student in a punk T-Shirt hooked on screwed-up scenarios. That’s how I became the esteemed cultural figure that I am today.
A great restaurant is one that just makes you feel like you’re not sure whether you went out or you came home and confuses you. If it can do both of those things at the same time, you’re hooked.
If Beethoven and Bach hooked up with Mozart and made a

If Beethoven and Bach hooked up with Mozart and made a band, they could be a distant runner up to The D.
I was just at home walking around at home, and I started feel, well, just funny. You know how you can feel funny? I had a strange pain in my chest. So my housekeeper took me to the hospital, when they hooked me up and did all these tests turned out I had a big heart attack.