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I crush on a different person everyday, but my longest

I crush on a different person everyday, but my longest lasting celebrity crush would have to be Paula Brancati.
Raymond Ablack
My administration‘s compact with the Filipino people will demand no less than the attainment of lasting peace and equitable prosperity. We will employ all the tools at our disposal to achieve this.
I am assuming the post of the president in order to preserve and strengthen Ukraine‘s unity, ensure lasting peace, and guarantee reliable safety.
Jackie Kennedy was the most appropriately dressed first lady we’ve ever had. You can see how lasting Jackie’s style is.
Parents should be vigilant and spiritually attentive to spontaneously occurring opportunities to bear testimony to their children. Such occasions need not be programmed, scheduled, or scripted. In fact, the less regimented such testimony sharing is, the greater the likelihood for edification and lasting impact.
The reasoning for our civil-military plan is that lasting success will be when the Afghan government, security forces and people can resist the insurgents and terrorists themselves.
Denuclearization and the lasting peace on the Korean peninsula cannot be abandoned or delayed, as they are the historical assignment.
My primary and secondary education was in French, which had a lasting influence on my life.
Baruj Benacerraf
With ‘Cold Skin,’ I believe we can create a lasting psycho-physiological horror film. It is one of the most atmospheric, terrifying, cinematic, and original stories of the human spirit.
Labour has repeatedly emphasised that in order to avoid a cliff edge for our economy there will need to be a time-limited transitional period between our exit from the E.U. and the new lasting relationship we build with our European partners.
In his first year in office, President Obama pulled us back from the brink of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression and worked to lay a new foundation for economic growth. The president identified three key strategies to build that lasting prosperity: innovation, investment, and education.
Only a consistent, ongoing, deep experience can make a lasting media brand: one that has a commitment from a core community and the respect of a larger reading public.
Happiness as a human condition is something I never believed in. I think there are moments of happiness. I don’t think there is a lasting happiness. I think this is unthinkable.
Given the choice between instant gratification and the lasting satisfaction of earning the esteem of someone you respect and admire, all but the most small-minded would choose the latter.
My method of helping someone is saying, ‘Wow, you look amazing. Let me help you look even better.’ I think tearing someone down is an awful thing to do. It has a lasting impression on people.
Carson Kressley
I think the first and principle objective is to repeal Obamacare before it does lasting, fundamental damage to our health care system, to our individual liberty, to the relationship each of us has with his or her doctor.
One of the lasting consequences of the unrest of the late 1960s was the removal of adult authority from the lives of undergraduates at many colleges. And, as a consequence, residential communities developed much as students themselves wanted them to.
Good fellowship and friendship are lasting, rational and manly pleasures.
William Wycherley
Making lasting gifts for animals in our estate plans is perhaps the single most important thing we can do to ensure animals have the strongest possible voice for their protection.
Sound moral principle is the only sure evidence of strength, the only firm foundation of greatness and perpetuity. Where this is lacking, no man’s character is strong; no nation‘s life can be lasting.
Orson F. Whitney
It is possible to take something beautiful and lasting out of the heart-wrenching experience of seeing the animal you love move inexorably toward death.
Although combat operations unseated the Taliban and the Saddam Hussein regime, a poor understanding of the recent histories of the Afghan and Iraqi peoples undermined efforts to consolidate early battlefield gains into lasting security.
My professional and personal roots in Alabama are deep and lasting.
Audrey, it seems to me, never strove or hoped to leave a lasting legacy with her films – she was far too modest for that. But what I think she would have wanted, had she been given more time, would have been to continue her work for children because she knew that is a task with so much to be accomplished.
Robert Wolders
I don’t think there’s ever been anyone like me that’s lasted. And I’m going to keep on lasting.
What gives my art the most meaning is when I can connect with others through it. When people say that my music has helped them, or it makes them feel good, or it inspires them, that is what gives my art lasting meaning to me.
Governments around the world are looking for economic growth and job creation. African economies are no exception, with increasing recognition that growth has to be built on a more diversified economic structure in order to make a lasting contribution to development.
The willingness of America‘s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.
History does not record in its annals any lasting domination exercised by one people over another, of different race, of diverse usages and customs, of opposite and divergent ideals. One of the two had to yield and succumb.
One of the most lasting pleasures you can experience is the feeling that comes over you when you genuinely forgive an enemywhether he knows it or not.
Orlando Aloysius Battista
Of all the Beauties, it is that which attracts the most lasting Admiration, gives the greatest Charm to every thing we say or do, and renders us amiable in every Station, and thro’ every Stage of Life.
Eliza Haywood
And what unity is to be had, at a time when orchestras

And what unity is to be had, at a time when orchestras are dying out, and when opera houses are about to close their doors; what’s going to come next – when nothing new in music, for the orchestra, is truly lasting: pieces are performed once, and then they’re thrown away.
When I create and write for TV, I build universes that will have arcs lasting seasons, whereas theatre allows me to explore storylines that will open up for two hours or less. Both are wonderfully fulfilling, but they couldn’t be more different.
I never believed marriage was a lasting institution. I thought that to be married for five years was to be married forever.
People always ask me how long somebody can last as long as I’ve been lasting and continue to keep doing it, so I figured that people didn’t really know how to do that.
Using a big word like ‘plagiarism‘… always causes some damage. It will always do lasting damage, like accusations of racism.
Michel Houellebecq
When you work for something it will eventually happen and it will be lasting, whereas when things are easy they do not always hold the same value.
I was very blessed to have family and friends, but particularly family, who told me I was not only all right, I was just right, so I believe that my brain is a good one, and it’s lasting me very well.
I had been on four other series that never lasted more than a year and a half. I’d done fine, so you start to wonder, ‘Will I ever be one of those lucky actors who get to be part of something lasting?’
The world is full of novels in which characters simply say and do. There are certainly legitimate genres in which this is sufficient. But in real and lasting writing the character is.
Ruth Park
A lasting architecture has to have roots.
Some people care about their work lasting forever – I have little interest in it.
I’m a good role model. I have an amazing marriage, and it will be long lasting. I think I’m a good mom. I could run for office, no problem, because there are no skeletons in my closet.
The bonds we create in the household are the most important and lasting. Savor them; they’re sacred.
No oppression is so heavy or lasting as that which is inflicted by the perversion and exorbitance of legal authority.
There is lasting kindness in Heaven when no kindness is found upon earth.
It’s hard work if you want a proper and a lasting career.
I hope I will have achieved something lasting.
Graham Chapman
The opportunities which the present position open up for a lasting and radical solution of the most vexing problem of the Jewish state are so far-reaching as to take one’s breath away.
The book that made a lasting impression was the one my mother gave each of us when she decided we were ready for our first ‘adult novel,’ Lucy Maud Montgomery‘s ‘The Blue Castle.’
Hallie Ephron
There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings.
Tax incentives might spur hiring in the short run, but how lasting are those gains if the jobs expire with the tax credits and they come at the expense of investing in the new technologies of the future?
Myron Scholes
I am not sure what my stand on lasting really is.
Eva Hesse
Whatever possession we gain by our sword cannot be sure or lasting, but the love gained by kindness and moderation is certain and durable.
Alexander the Great
Not all problems have a technological answer, but when they do, that is the more lasting solution.
Take Tom Sachs as an artist. His brain is more brilliant than anything, so of course, anything he puts out over a ten-year period is going to continue to be super relevant. But if you look at some artists, they have one good idea, but unless you know where it’s coming from, it’s not going to be lasting.
Informed by our sad experience of history, we require nothing short of a foundation for lasting democracy.
In particular, for younger researchers on whom the future of mankind may depend. We believe that they are working with all the scientific wisdom at their disposal for the preservation of the inheritance of the earth and for the lasting survival of mankind.
Kenichi Fukui
To achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East takes guts, not guns.
Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul. Peace is not merely the absence of war. It is also a state of mind. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people.
Nevertheless, whether in occurrences lasting days, hours or mere minutes at a time, I have experienced happiness often, and have had brief encounters with it in my later years, even in old age.
By harnessing our teammatesunique skills and passion for giving, our professional networks and partnerships, and our financial resources, we will inspire the dreamers and doers of tomorrow and drive positive, lasting change in our communities across the globe.
I wasn't thinking of the longevity of any of my songs,

I wasn’t thinking of the longevity of any of my songs, but I am extremely pleased with the lasting effect.
But one of the most important and lasting things my father taught me was a love of the outdoors and how to respect it. I have tried to pass that curiosity and respect on to my kids and to others.
When you dehumanize a group, there’s lasting consequences because they know that they’re being dehumanized.
I feel that an understanding could be reached with Germany which would result in a lasting peace with Europe and believe that a German victory is preferable to a British and Soviet victory.
Pierre Laval
I maintain that nothing useful and lasting can emerge from violence.
A lasting marriage, they say, is one where the two reach for different sections of the Sunday paper. Me, I go right for the obituaries, just like those very elderly characters in Muriel Spark‘s spooky novel, ‘Memento Mori.’
We are trying to build large, lasting businesses.
Lesson to would-be fame seekers: It’s not really a new world when it comes to celebrity. There are no shortcuts. It’s still talent, perseverance and hard work. Even the speed and reach of the Net can’t create lasting value and income overnight.
One irreducible residual of 38 years in the business is the number of lasting, loving friendships I have made.
Carroll O’Connor
As many as half of Ethiopia‘s girls become wives before becoming adults. But Ethiopia is also a place where lasting solutions to child marriage are starting to make a difference.
A lasting two-state solution requires two credible partners, and not just one sideIsraeltaking superficial steps simply to placate world opinion.
I’m a guy who wants to make a lasting impression on hockey, and if I’m going to do that, I have a lot more work to do than just one season.
We had many books and pictures… my parents‘ way of life doubtless left a lasting impression on me. They created an atmosphere in which a certain kind of freedom could exist. This may well account for my seeking a related sense of liberty as I grew up.
Alfred Stieglitz
Conservation means the wise use of the earth and its resources for the lasting good of men.
Gifford Pinchot
A high-quality childhood education program has long lasting benefits on our society as a whole.
Cinema has a greater impact as it leaves a long lasting memory. Television, on the other hand, is also good but requires a lot of time.
I recorded songs with a great deal of meaning, songs of lasting material. That’s the legacy I want to leave behind – a legacy of love.
What I needed was a connection to life that was real and lasting.
In order to acquire a growing and lasting respect in society, it is a good thing, if you possess great talent, to give, early in your youth, a very hard kick to the right shin of the society that you love. After that, be a snob.
There is no memory or retentive faculty based on lasting impression. What we designate as memory is but increased responsiveness to repeated stimuli.
There are some people who leave impressions not so lasting as the imprint of an oar upon the water.
Kate Chopin
I have not that joy in the Holy Ghost, no settled, lasting joy; nor have I such a peace as excludes the possibility either of fear or doubt.
The effort to create a work of art that is true and potentially lasting, that is the very best work of art you can create at that point in your life – a book that may only reach or move a few people but will seem to those people somehow transformative. That’s the ideal; that’s always the motivation.
He lives who dies to win a lasting name.
Henry Drummond
The beauty one can find in art is one of the pitifully few real and lasting products of human endeavor.
Britain loves a bargain, but you don’t get good, lasting architecture on the cheap.
Mankind will never win lasting peace so long as men use their full resources only in tasks of war. While we are yet at peace, let us mobilize the potentialities, particularly the moral and spiritual potentialities, which we usually reserve for war.
John Foster Dulles
A timeless piece of jewelry, like pearls or stud earrings, has lasting value. I bought a vintage ring for $600 with my first paycheck; I plan to pass it down to my daughter.
The only solid and lasting peace between a man and his wife is, doubtless, a separation.
I’m also interested in creating a lasting legacy for collectors because bronze will last for thousands of years so I’m not really selling the art to this particular collector but it is being passed on.
You cannot have lasting success if you are only looking for short term gains.
I've tried to educate myself in the world and what's be

I’ve tried to educate myself in the world and what’s beautiful and what has meaning and is lasting. Then I just follow my intuition and see how it fits.
‘EastEnders’ has been wonderful to me and it’s no secret that it changed my life all of those years ago. I’ll be so sad to leave Peggy behind; she’s such a wonderful character to play. I have had the pleasure of working with a marvelous cast and crew and have made many lasting good friends.
Barbara Windsor
An artist sees that which does not yet exist. He or she imagines a future others cannot perceive. The artist – and the writer – reshapes reality so that it becomes even more vivid and lasting.
A lasting order cannot be established by bayonets.
Ludwig von Mises
Hate is more lasting than dislike.
Adolf Hitler
For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.
The damage done to this country by its own misconduct in the last few months and years, to its very heart and soul, is far greater and longer lasting than any damage that any terrorist could possibly inflict upon us.
Vision without power does bring moral elevation but cannot give a lasting culture.
Any trend that is developed too fast and is disposed right away is not going to have a lasting impression on the culture, you know?
If you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured, it may never arrive. Mountains will not be climbed, races won, or lasting happiness achieved.
Maurice Chevalier
What we want is a lasting peace. We will oppose soft measures which invite the breaking of the peace.
I think Donald Trump has put America in great danger, and I think he’s done a disservice to us even if he doesn’t win. I think his effect is going to be kind of lasting.
To me, there’s two kinds of music these days. There’s ephemeral music, and there’s music that has lasting power and depth.
I feel like I’ve made good friends with people I’ve worked with, but in terms of lasting inspiration, it is probably Matthew Vaughn who directed ‘Kingsman’ who’s been really supportive, loyal to me, and been a really good person to work with.
While some doubted that connecting the world was actually important, we were building. While others doubted that this would be sustainable, you were forming lasting connections. We just cared more about connecting the world than anyone else. And we still do today.
My lasting impression of Truman Capote is that he was a terribly gentle, terribly sensitive, and terribly sad man.
Alvin Ailey
The popular, and one may say naive, idea is that peace can be secured by disarmament and that disarmament must therefore precede the attainment of absolute security and lasting peace.
Pixar is a community in the true sense of the word. We think that lasting relationships matter, and we share some basic beliefs: Talent is rare.
Success is fine, but success is fleeting. Significance is lasting.
Beth Brooke
When I got on Twitter, that was the first time I was able to have lasting relationships with outsiders. And even though they were limited to those 140 characters, it was the duration of the friendships and the rapport we were able to develop.
Only by addressing the root causes of conflict and disputes can we hope to find lasting peace in a just and equitable world.
Mwai Kibaki
I think it was Dad who gave me my nickname ‘Katy Custard,’ recognising my deep, positive and lasting relationship with it.
Like ‘Uncanny X-Men,’ ‘New Excalibur’ is the story of people thrown together by fate and wild circumstance who find their way to true and lasting friendship.
The real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war.
I’ve worked for some amazing leaders, and I’ve worked for the opposite, and that gave me the perspective of what I knew I never wanted to be, and the perspective of what had lasting, sustainable impact.
Diversity is valued, and it is prized. We learn to appreciate each other and each other’s struggles. From diversity, we draw our enormous and our lasting strength.
Neutrality, as a lasting principle, is an evidence of weakness.
You ask somebody right now who are the top two or three sack persons and they couldn’t tell you. You’re a professional and you want to perform and you want to achieve those goals. But being out with the people and giving back to the community, it’s going to be more impactful and long lasting.
I believe activism is the true source of change in the world. Pushing to change social structures in communities that you are a part of is critical for making real lasting change.
I don’t think a man should be alone all his life. But I want to be ready for marriage I want it to be a lasting thing.
There will be no lasting peace either in the heart of individuals or in social customs until death is outlawed.
There can be no lasting prosperity for our people, if w

There can be no lasting prosperity for our people, if we do not protect our planet.
Rishi Sunak
The paradox of faith is that when we conform our lives to Christ then we gain our true freedom. And its fruit is profound and lasting happiness.
You can’t just beat a team, you have to leave a lasting impression in their minds so they never want to see you again.
The idea of lasting consequences isn’t your usualArchie‘ trope.
Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.
You should hurry up and acquire the cigar habit. It’s one of the major happinesses. And so much more lasting than love, so much less costly in emotional wear and tear.
The United Nations is designed to make possible lasting freedom and independence for all its members.
It’s hard to overstate the lasting harm Mr. Tillerson’s tenure will do to America’s diplomacy.
By making the gay character funny and sweet but above all normal, you make a far better, longer lasting statement than you would if you had an entirely gay comedy.
To achieve lasting literature, fictional or factual, a writer needs perceptive vision, absorptive capacity, and creative strength.
Lawrence Clark Powell
I find books that have a moral and spiritual center, that speak to what is really important and lasting, hugely appealing.
It’s great if someone has a road-to-Damascus experience, but I think that deep and lasting faith is a lifetime project, and includes a lot of homework.
It is the paradox of life that the way to miss pleasure is to seek it first. The very first condition of lasting happiness is that a life should be full of purpose, aiming at something outside self.
Hugo Black
The work being done by Linklaters to help organizations understand keys to success in the development sector serves as an important international affairs issue and crucial element in how all of us work to support service provision in impoverished communities in a lasting and effective way.
The one man other than my father who made the most lasting impression was an uncle, Serge B. Benson. He taught me in three different classes – but above all, he taught me lessons in moral, physical, and intellectual courage that I have tried to apply in later life.
In all our contacts it is probably the sense of being really needed and wanted which gives us the greatest satisfaction and creates the most lasting bond.
Our inner beliefs trigger failure before it happens. They sabotage lasting change by canceling its possibility. We employ these beliefs as articles of faith to justify our inaction and then wish away the result. I call them belief triggers.
Successful business leaders who have helped build institutions of lasting value – all are committed to talent and a culture of excellence. This is usually accomplished by the identification, retention, and development of great people.
The material I did was lasting material. A lot of people thought I wasn’t doing anything, but I was in the studio. The biggest factor is the material you choose. You hunt, you cut.
Slim Whitman
My design teachers were teaching us how to mass-manufacture; how to create something, but it’s not lasting – it’s always about the next trend, it’s the next thing.
No one can possibly achieve any real and lasting success or ‘get rich‘ in business by being a conformist.
Some of the most lasting contacts and friendships that I have developed began by just grabbing a drink or breaking bread with a stranger at an industry event.
The economic and political roots of the conflicts are too strong for us to pretend to create a lasting state of harmonious understanding between men.
I would like to stress here that a lasting peace in the Chechen republic and so-called peace talks with the bandits are not the same thing, and I would ask everyone to make no mistake about that.
When I was doing ‘Ordinary People‘ and ‘Taps,’ I never wondered if it would have a lasting impression. I was just wanting to make the best film we could and do my part in that and be true to what my responsibilities were.
How can I render uninterrupted interrogation that has been lasting the last 7 years? That’s like asking Charlie Sheen how many women he dated.
In order to create lasting security you must learn to stand in your truth.
Golf isn’t one of the things I’m best at. You’re in a situation where you’re vulnerable when you’re not a good player. But what I’ve found is that those are the times that you can build the most lasting relationships.
I don’t want to just add another DVD to the pile. So I think, ‘Is this going to have an impact and some lasting value? Is it worth it for me to spend two years of my middle-aged life on this?’ They’re my criteria, and I think that’s led me to more urgent projects.
Larry Charles
The satisfaction derived from the fleeting things of life is not lasting; and our wants remain unfulfilled. There is thus a general sense of dissatisfaction accompanied by all kinds of worries.
Meher Baba
When we look back, what we often find that’s most lasting and meaningful from our experiences in games are the relationships we create and foster.
I had no lasting physical trauma nor a psychological on

I had no lasting physical trauma nor a psychological one. Yet, it was hard to return to the old path. I found myself asking big questions: Why was my life spared? What is my purpose here? And it led me to a life of inquiry.
If I had to name one book that has had the most lasting influence on my work, I would pick ‘The Big Sea’ by Langston Hughes.
Pearl Cleage
New Year‘s Resolutions come and go. Some we keep, some we don’t. In order to make lasting changes in our lives, we must first change our minds. We sometimes forget, and we often feel stuck, but we all have the power to do so.
I’ve seen promotions rush things to market and not be strategic about it. The first impression is the lasting impression.
I wrote that song for my wife, and it’s what some guy who’s sitting under a tree would be singing to the woman of his life, telling her how wonderful she is. To me, that’s more lasting than something that sounds like it belongs on a movie soundtrack.
Our chief justices have probably had more profound and lasting influence on their times and on the direction of the nation than most presidents.
Being the Republican front-runner was three of the most exciting hours of my entire life. I’ve come to grips with it, and the only lasting effect is that I refuse to go on a stage that has more than one podium on it.
What lists and awards don’t measure – and I feel this strongly – is the lasting value of any work of art. They’re a snapshot of a moment, and one should always consider their judgments in that context.
Perhaps sooner than we think, African innovations will help the rest of the world create lasting social and economic value.
There are many ways to be the odd girl out. Your pain can brief or lasting, visible to all or none, with one or many. One of the longest, quietest ways to be the odd girl out is to be friends with two girls who are closer to each other than to you.
Figuring out how to scale the very human art of personalization is difficult, but I believe that it is also the key to building a lasting connection with customers for the long term.
I was there the night John Lennon was shot, three blocks away. It left a lasting impression on me.
Working with people, the musical part is one thing but the personal part is totally different and just as critical. If the friendship is there and it’s a lasting friendship, then it will take care of itself.
John Mayall
An indigo snake leaves a lasting impression.
Lasting peace and security in Iraq and Afghanistan will be achieved when we establish the conditions for democratic, economically viable nations.
John Warner
I’d love to have a lasting impact as far as growing the game. It would be cool to be remembered as a major champion. I’d like to be remembered as a great golfer but also a great person, as far as growing the game and charity work. The whole well-rounded athlete.
Persevering and getting through hardship makes you tough, and at our house we celebrate stitches. As long as we didn’t do permanent damage to their spine that’s going to have lasting effect, we applaud and celebrate stitches at our house.
Every view, and every object I studied attentively, by viewing them again and again on every side, for I was anxious to make a lasting impression of it on my imagination.
War is never a lasting solution for any problem.
I also appreciate the lasting friendships I’ve made while working with our great sponsors through the years, including Miller Lite, Shell and Dodge.
The issue of Kashmir is both political and emotional in nature. Any pragmatic and lasting solution needs India and Pakistan sitting together on a table and discussing a solution that addresses the aspirations of Kashmiris and does not compromise the territorial integrity of either India or Pakistan.
By addressing generations of trauma in the Black community, Concordance helps people released from prison achieve significant change and lasting success for themselves, their families and the community.
I believe that Common Goal can make a real and lasting impact.
You may gain temporary appeasement by a policy of concession to violence, but you do not gain lasting peace that way.
Anthony Eden
People versed in politics need not be told that the devil is in the detail, and tough solutions implying the use of force cannot produce a lasting long-term settlement.
Creating something that builds lasting value and changes the lives of millions of people requires forging a team that will work hard to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, stand up to the pressures of fame and fortune, and stay true to the original vision long after others stop believing.
I remember playing a high school basketball game where I didn’t eat anything for breakfast. I ate, you know, like a PB and J and some chips for lunch and nothing before the game. I didn’t make it through the first quarter. I wish I hadn’t have learned that way, but it did leave a lasting impression.
The theory of rights enables us to rise and overthrow obstacles, but not to found a strong and lasting accord between all the elements which compose the nation.
Giuseppe Mazzini
No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.
Mary Wortley Montagu
Everybody starts at the top, and then has the problem of staying there. Lasting accomplishment, however, is still achieved through a long, slow climb and self-discipline.
Helen Hayes
Having a long career with real lasting power has always been a goal.
The most lasting and pure gladness comes to me from my

The most lasting and pure gladness comes to me from my gardens.
Lillie Langtry
To be capable of steady friendship or lasting love, are the two greatest proofs, not only of goodness of heart, but of strength of mind.
The Buckeye Build will have a lasting impact on Cleveland, and it is an honor to be a part of it.
I would love every dad to experience paternity or just time off to enjoy the special moments and build a lasting relationship with their children.