Top 20 Entwined Quotes

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I am sure that everyone will immediately discover how m

I am sure that everyone will immediately discover how much ‘The Brightest Void‘ and ‘The Shadow Self’ are entwined with each other but, at the same time, are two independent records which stand on their own.
With music, when you finish a record, you are entwined with it throughout your existence in a way which is both interesting and challenging because it’s a living form, you have to come back to it.
Ecology and economy are becoming inextricably entwined, and the world is becoming more conscious of this fact.
One who neglects or disregards the existence of earth, air, fire, water and vegetation disregards his own existence which is entwined with them.
When I write a song, that process is sort of entwined with a lyric or a chord progression that suits the vibe, and that’ll work off each other.
Well, I’ve been recording myself on a computer since I was about 13 or 14. So it’s completely entwined with my creative process. Essentially, it allows you to make music that’s better and smarter than you are, by using your ears to lead the way.
For a few years, skeins of yarn piled up in baskets around the house. There weren’t enough humans in my mother‘s orbit to wear all the scarves and sweaters and hats she knitted. And then, as suddenly as she started, she lost interest, leaving needles still entwined in half-finished fragments.
As we have sought through the centuries to define ourselves as human beings and as nations through the prisms of history and literature, no small part of that effort has drawn us to the subject of war. We might even say that the humanities began with war and from war, and have remained entwined with it ever since.
Tony Blair is a brilliant politician. Unfortunately, his legacy is entwined with George W. Bush because of Iraq.
I’ve long believed the environmental issue is an economic issue and a political issue. The three are entwined. You can’t build prosperity on any basis other than a long-term basis, and you can’t do that if you don’t have a healthy environment.
Writing is so entwined with my being that I can’t imagine a life without it.
Me and guitar music is so entwined.
For too many of our citizens, Christianity has become entwined with the ecstatic worship of the gun and violence. For the adherents, there is no compassion, no love thy neighbor, no peace, no reason, and God only helps those who arm themselves.
‘I Am Number Four‘ is an action-packed adventure entwined with a romantic story. I play the role of John Smith. John wants to be a normal kid, but he is from a different planet and he has been given this destiny of becoming a warrior.
I’ve been so entwined with technology since I was about 15, recording myself and multitracking and producing things on my own.
Vincent and I are entwined creatively every day of our lives. That is a really big part of the relationship for us and what binds us really.
Writing, for me, when I’m writing in the first-person, is like a form of acting. So as I’m writing, the character or self I’m writing about and my whole self – when I began the book – become entwined. It’s soon hard to tell them apart. The voice I’m trying to explore directs my own perceptions and thoughts.
Gender and race got very entwined in the 19th century, as abolition broke out, and then women wanted the right to speak about it.
With the Union my best and dearest earthly hopes are entwined.
Franklin Pierce
Now I believe that lovers should be draped in flowers and laid entwined together on a bed of clover and left there to sleep, left there to dream of their happiness.