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One of my brothers, Eric, who is one year older than me

One of my brothers, Eric, who is one year older than me, was actually the first one to start boxing, and being the youngest sibling, I wanted to do what he did, so I pushed my parents to let me join.
Mandy Bujold
I’m the youngest. I had an older brother, and an older cousin. I had to hold my own sometimes.
The name ‘Wiz’ comes from me being the youngest dude in my age group of people that I hung out with. I was pretty good at anything I tried to do, so they would call me a young wiz.
As the youngest of three girls, most of my childhood works were revenge fantasies against my older sisters, so of course the sisters in ‘Pretty Girls’ share some similarities to my own.
On MLB team flights, adult beverages are often enjoyed. Usually, the youngest, most wet-behind-the-ears players will be responsible for carrying the beer and ultimately delivering it to the veterans.
I was the youngest of three kids, and from the age of four, singing was my way of getting attention.
Kiki Dee
My youngest son is a writer. He wrote for ‘The District‘ and ‘CSI: NY.’
My youngest son, who is now the drummer in my band, lives in Brooklyn. My oldest son is about to move out to California, and my daughters are both out of town.
Herbie Mann
There’s a family tradition of fighting in the Kansas City Golden Gloves. My older brother, Tim, did, and so did my father’s two youngest brothers, Trent and Troy. They all won the Golden Gloves. So when my mother asked me to keep the tradition going, I did.
I’m from a big family – I’m the youngest of seven – and my wife is one of four. So we always wanted a lot of kids. It’s what we’re used to, and for us it’s what life is all about.
I was the youngest. The yule lamb. The one who always got away without doing the washing up. My sister was four years older, and my brother six years.
I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, the youngest of five. There’s something about being the youngest and wanting to be seen. You’re like, ‘I want attention, notice me.’
I was a radio jockey after graduation. I was 22, the youngest RJ in Delhi at that time.
I was the youngest of six kids, so yeah, feeding myself was important, but it’s not like I was obsessed with food growing up.
I was India’s youngest producer. I was 21 when I produced my first film. I’ve continued to produce films because of the people who have worked with me and supported me.
I was the youngest of four kids, and Dad, who had a garden centre before he retired, came from a large Lancashire family. Every one of my uncles had their own business, including a post office, two fish and chip shops and a painting and decorating business.
I’ll always be the baby in the family. I’m the youngest sister, but growing up with so many boys, it makes you tough. You get teased. There’s no tiptoeing around each other. You say it the way it is; you’re honest.
Nicola Peltz
But when I was selected, after my very first tour of squadron duty, to become one of the youngest candidates for the test pilot school, I began to realize, maybe you are a little bit better.
I play Captain Lance Van Der Berg, who’s a Union captain who ends up staying with the Confederate family who’s been taken over by the army when they come into the city in Virginia. He strikes up a romance with the youngest daughter in the house, which obviously causes some issues for the family.
McGeorge Bundy was a brilliant man who’d had a meteoric academic career and was the youngest man ever to be dean of the Harvard faculty. But he was also arrogant and looked upon all sorts of people and politicians as not to be taken all that seriously.
I sought my father in the world of the black musician, because it contained wisdom, experience, sadness and loneliness. I was not ever interested in the music of boys. From my youngest years, I was interested in the music of men.
Because I was the youngest boy, I was always my mom’s favorite – and my brothers were always tough on me.
My father was the youngest of six brothers, and he was the brains. I never thought he was making what he should have. He had to split it with five brothers. So I made up my mind: I was going to go on my own and make my own money.
Alan C. Greenberg
Being the youngest, I was a bit of a daddy‘s girl and sought attention from an early age by singing. I don’t know where I got my voice, but ours was always a musical house.
Kiki Dee
As the youngest, I don’t think there was any doubt I was spoiled.
Woody Hayes
My grandmother made her home at Fox How under the shelter of the fells, with her four daughters, the youngest of whom was only eight when their father died.
Mary Augusta Ward
In the year 2000, the very youngest members of the Baby Boomer crew were in their mid-30s while the oldest Boomers were mid-50s. That year, the Boomers were a generation divided somewhat equally between the GOP and Democrats.
I knew from my youngest age I wanted to be a fashion designer. I was always draping fabric and working with color palettes.
Catherine Malandrino
I was born in Akron, Ohio, on June 6, 1943, one year to the day before D-Day, the allied invasion at Normandy. The youngest of four children, I was brought up in a wonderfully stable, loving family of strong Midwestern values.
We had four guys in the family, so somebody was always hitting somebody or chasing somebody or getting mad or fighting or wrestling – that was just what you did. So when you’re the youngest, it’s good for you. You figure out real early how to get out of headlocks and holds.
I won F4, and I won F3 – F3 by, I believe, the biggest margin in history and as one of the youngest drivers in history. I’m just pointing out facts. I’m not bragging or anything.
My mother's the youngest of 10 children too, so we have

My mother’s the youngest of 10 children too, so we have sort of a special bond in that we know what that feels like. It’s a strange spot to be in.
The youngest children have a great capacity for empathy and altruism. There’s a recent study that shows even 14-month-olds will climb across a bunch of cushions and go across a room to give you a pen if you drop one.
I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, as the youngest of four children and the only girl. My father died when I was only a year and a half. He was killed in a car accident when he was 26.
Ann-Marie Campbell
My relationship with my dad was exceptional, being the youngest in my family. I was his favorite.
I was the youngest in the world in history when I started, 15. That’s illegal now.
I have a really big family, and pretty much all my work is about my brothers and sisters. I’m the youngest of eight – my mom had seven kids in seven years, and then she had me 11 years later – so I was basically raised by all these teenagers.
Ryan McGinley
I’m the youngest of five kids, and I wanted attention. And in Santa Barbara, there was lots of theater going on, so for that area, it was a little bit like playing Little League baseball. There were dance classes, theater classes, and I just loved it.
I’m the youngest of three sisters, and my parents have always encouraged all of us to do whatever made us happy.
I’m the youngest of three boys, and my oldest brother was super into Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton and played guitar. I wanted to be like him, so I asked for a guitar of my own for Christmas in ’93.
Our country is one of the youngest in the world. Our youngsters need to be told inspirational stories.
I love to run. I was challenged to run the New York marathon four months after having my youngest son, and since running isn’t a big part of softball, the thought of a marathon was a stretch for me.
From my second son Gustav, I bought one of his complaints for 200 kroner. He was complaining that he was a middle child – he wasn’t the beloved first child, and he wasn’t the cute little youngest child. So I said, can I use that same wording in a film? And he said yeah. So I bought it from him.
I remember my first meeting with my management team when I became Indonesia‘s Minister of Finance. I was the youngest person and the first woman ever to hold that job. Everybody else in the room was male. I knew then that I had to work harder than any man to prove to them that I was capable.
I am the youngest of six. There’s the smart one and the pretty one, and I am the loud one.
I want to be one of the youngest actors ever to direct a feature. That would be a nice thing to hear. It might prove to be a bigger challenge than I can take, but that’s the career I want, like George Clooney.
Tony Revolori
I would love to have kids one day. In fact, I’m pretty good with them. I grew up with five half-siblings, the youngest of whom is 11 years younger than me, so I think I learned some pretty cool parenting skills quite early on in life.
I’m the youngest sibling of a very outspoken, very popular character. As much as I love to share the stage with him and share the narrative with him we we have had our entire lives, I have my own creative outlook on things.
My oldest grew up on Disney, but my youngest is all about Snapchat and YouTube.
My first break wasn’t professional – I was in ‘The Sound of Music’ when I was five. I played Gretel, the youngest one, because that was what kind of took off for me in terms of loving acting.
Megan Park
It’s funny, ’cause it seems like just yesterday that I was the youngest player just starting out. But now there are young players all over the league, and they’ll ask me questions about playing overseas or finding an agent.
There was definitely a point in my thirties when I thought, ‘Oh, wow, I’m not the youngest person on the set anymore.’ But I like it. Working with younger artists is totally exciting.
I feel more and more, every day of my life, how much my dear mamma has done for my establishment. I was the youngest of all her daughters, and she has treated me as if I were the eldest, so that my whole soul is filled with the most tender gratitude.
Millennials tend to appreciate regular feedback because they want to feel that their work matters and that they are making a difference in the workplace. As the youngest generation at most organizations, they also tend to be hungry for growth and development opportunities.
I was by far the youngest of the family, and at times it was like being an only child.
I’m the youngest of four, and I’m always the clown – making the jokes, wanting attention.
I was a bratty little sister. I was the youngest of three, and I often felt as though I didn’t fit in.
My sister Edith died at the age of 43. She was the youngest sister and the funniest. I had to harrumph and snort a few times to stop the weeping.
I’m the youngest of three boys. Both of the older two are very heterosexual, football-watching, married, child-rearing, cornfed Midwestern guys.
I did my first show when I was five and I was the King of the Oompa Loompas in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ The kids’ theater company, I was the youngest one, so there wasn’t a part for me, so they made me the king of the Oompa Loompas.
Max Schneider
I was the youngest champion of the UFC.
At one point, I was the youngest owner in major league sports.
I'm the youngest of six. When you're in a big family, y

I’m the youngest of six. When you’re in a big family, you get put to the test right away. Do I like being the center of attention? Or do I not like it? You have to make that decision a lot growing up. I knew from a very young age that I liked it.
My youngest brother and I went on a ten-day canoe trip in Bowron Provincial Park in British Columbia years ago. Believe it or not, we took only granola, thinking we’d be eating a lot of lake trout. Well, we neglected to bring along a net, and our fishing line was only 8-lb. test.
Will Hobbs
Both my daughters scold me. I am the youngest in my family.
When my mom, Mercedes, and her younger sister, Juanita, first came from Puerto Rico, they were the youngest in the family. They had to jump into a new community and really learn English, assimilate, and adapt – and I saw that. I grew up in that community.
It’s a funny thing… I started touring at nine or ten years old, and for the first ten, fifteen, almost twenty years of your career, you’re the youngest guy on stage and the youngest guy in the room.
As I was always the youngest, I had to fight for everything.
I was the youngest world champion in history when I won the WSOP in 1989 at age 24.
I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, the youngest of four girls, including my oldest sister, Lisa, who has special needs. My mom was a special education teacher, and my dad worked on the Army base. We weren’t wealthy, but we were determined to succeed.
The simplest toy, one which even the youngest child can operate, is called a grandparent.
Sam Levenson
When I won the World Title at 24 and became the youngest, I knew that was huge.
I come from a massive family, and the youngest is twentysomething years younger than I am, so I grew up with children.
I’m the first, youngest person in country music to sing at Coachella.
Khloe has the youngest hands. You can tell a woman’s age by her hands, and she taught me that. She has way younger hands than I do because she’s addicted to wearing sunscreen on them. I’m not consistent with it, but maybe that will be my new year‘s resolution.
I was elected to Westminster when I was 25; I was Britain‘s youngest MP.
I’m the youngest of four kids. There’s something in me that will always be the youngest child, will always look up to people when they don’t necessarily need it.
The Kennedy assassination is one of the ghostliest parts of our history. The Kennedy family – that’s our royalty. It’s fascinating and tragic and just strikes to the heart of our country. Here’s the youngest president ever, full of hope and promise, and he made government service seem like it was dignified.
I’m the youngest of five boys.
Ace Young
I have a sister, in particular, who’s 13 years older than me. So growing up and watching her – watching her go to work, especially – was hugely influential to me. As the youngest, with a sibling that’s a decade older, I had certain things that I would go to her about instead of my mother.
I was more like a middle child. My youngest brother was the baby, so he got all the attention that the baby gets. And my older brothers were getting into so much trouble that I was left in the middle, doing plays. I was up to no good, but my mother didn’t know it!
I was extremely close to my dad. I think all daughters are very, very close. But I’m the youngest in the family and I think I was my father’s pet. So I was the closest to my dad.
I’m a blue-collar kid who went on to become a successful entrepreneur. I was the youngest CEO in the history of the New York Stock Exchange. Now I’ve served my country for six years in the House of Representatives.
History offers us vicarious experience. It allows the youngest student to possess the ground equally with his elders; without a knowledge of history to give him a context for present events, he is at the mercy of every social misdiagnosis handed to him.
We all must educate children at the youngest ages that private parts are private, ‘no’ means no, and there is only one code of honor for everyone.
I get up at 6 A.M., and sometimes I make lunch for my two youngest kids. Usually my oldest sleeps late, and I get my kids out the door to school. For years, it was me just doing all of that and then driving to a carpool or this or that.
I got my black belt First Dan at the age of 12 and I was the youngest in my training centre. I practised karate till a few years ago and it has helped enhance my flexibility, stamina and mental toughness.
My dad was a construction worker. I was the youngest of eight kids. There were not a lot of extra resources around.
I grew up with my mom, and my mom had six kids, and I was the youngest, but I had a different father than my brothers and sisters, and I only met him when I was ten years old. Then he introduced me to his other children.
I was the youngest of six, with four older sisters.
I was the youngest girl among my siblings, a simple village girl, who perhaps was luckier than other siblings as I have the chance to go to school.
When I first left Indianapolis, I was only 20 years old and moved out to Utah and had no friends or family there. I had my teammates but I was the youngest player and everyone had a family so video games and being able to play them with my friends, it was like I was hanging out with them.
My most vivid memory – it’s actually one of my first memories – I was three, and I was the youngest angel in the show production. And I remember being absolutely desperate for the toilet. I needed to wee really badly. So I was crossing my legs when I was walking down.
I am the youngest of three boys, and I was super-inform

I am the youngest of three boys, and I was super-informed by what the older ones were into.
My youngest sister belonged to a group called the Twelve Tribes for many years. She recently left, with her husband and four children. Talking to her about her experiences in the group is fascinating, moving, and enlightening.
My boyfriend, who I love to death – he’s only 17 so he’s the youngest guy I’ve ever dated – he just moved here from Hawaii to be with me and I met him when I was 10. Anyway, in Hawaii they have such a different mentality and different priorities.
One of my goals here in Congress, being the youngest member of the California delegation, is to really try and get the institution to upgrade the way it communicates with its constituents.
I love spending time with my grandkids, and Taimur is the youngest, so everyone is so fond of him. He is not cranky, but a bit naughty and, yeah, smart, too.
But it’s important, while we are supporting lessons in respecting others, to remember that many of our youngest kids need to learn to respect themselves. You learn your worth from the way you are treated.
It is such an honor to be one of the youngest composers to compose for an Amitabh Bachchan film.
Yeah, I try to tell everybody – I don’t think a lot of people believe me – that I’m the youngest and the smallest of eight boys. People don’t believe me until they see us all together. I’m one of the tallest, but size-wise, I’m one of the smallest.
Being the youngest ensures I’m the most pampered one of the lot!
I was the youngest and only girl in a family of two older brothers.
My parents didn’t really understand too much about sport. At that time, we were in a Polish community in the inner city of Chicago, and I was the youngest of a bunch of cousins. Polish families are real big, with cousins and aunts and uncles.
I had three other siblings, and I was the youngest of the lot.
The golden child may be the oldest one, unless it’s the youngest. It may be the toughest one, unless it’s the most sensitive. It’s not even necessary that Mom and Dad have the same favorite – and typically they don’t.
I have two brothers and a sister. I am the youngest in the family and was a bit of a tom boy.
My mother was working on her college degree throughout my childhood, and being the youngest in the family, that meant being dragged to a lot of her classes. She majored in playwriting, so I was exposed to theatre from a very young age, and it was just the most magical world to me.
Valorie Curry
One thing that I can’t avoid the fact, because I am Thaksin’s youngest sister.
Yingluck Shinawatra
My youngest sister does not like tennis at all, and she’ll be the first one to tell you that, which I find pretty funny.
I was the youngest of three, so simply copied my older brothers. It made life very easy. We wore the same yellow jumpers that our grandmother knitted, went to the same school, laughed at the same jokes, and supported the same football team.
Angus Deayton
With a good education and a solid childhood, Marie-Antoinette might have become one of the most admired women in Europe. As it was, the empress paid no attention to her youngest daughter until an accident of nuptial politics made the girl a candidate to marry the French dauphin.
I’m the youngest of three sisters. We were always performing plays for each other.
Well, when you’re the youngest of five, parents kind of lose interest more and more through the children. I think my eldest brother was under loads of pressure to do something amazing with his life, but by the time I came around they were like, ‘Well, let’s hope he doesn’t kill a guy.’
I’m the youngest of four in a large, exhibitionist family. The only way to get attention was to throw yourself off the top of a ladder – as one of my cousins used to do – or make people laugh.
I’m just doing my best to have a tremendous impact on their growth, raising them from boys to young men. We have an open line of communication, from my oldest to my youngest. Everything impacts them differently. There’s nothing I want them to be afraid to ask.
From my youngest days, I always felt certain affinities with the idea of being a preacher.
Maurice White
We had three small bedrooms. There were five boys in the back, top and tail, the girls in the front. Me and Leslie, the two youngest, were in with our parents. I was very happy but when they all got married and moved out Leslie and I thought we were kings.
You used to defend your musical values to the hilt, but now if something isn’t working, you just hop to another band. My youngest daughter went from Justin Bieber to the Jonas Brothers to Joy Division in the space of a few months!
Stephen Morris
Public television works hard to engage young learners and build the skills needed for a jump-start on life. We need our youngest to be curious, resilient and empathetic, and prepared for the jobs of the future.
I’m the youngest of four, and they were all very into sports. I was the first one to express an interest in the arts. I took piano lessons and singing lessons, acting lessons. So it was all new to them, but my parents were great.
Max von Essen
When I was 15, I became the youngest grandmaster in the world, breaking the record set by Bobby Fischer more than three decades earlier.
Being the youngest sibling, I’ve always been the most pampered child.
I’m still not used to the idea of being the youngest circumnavigator.
Laura Dekker
I have been a pampered boy, the youngest in the family

I have been a pampered boy, the youngest in the family with two elder sisters. I have always had someone around me, usually my mom, to take care of everything for me.
For me being the youngest, there was never ever anything that was an issue to cause rivalry between me and my sisters.
Nicole Appleton
When new moms and dads can better support their families and give our youngest Americans the healthiest, most loving start to life, we all benefit.
My band did the Teenage Fair battle of the bandsproblem was we were 11 years old! They gave us a prize for youngest band ever.
I was the youngest child. I got to be myself and ask stupid questions because I was the youngest. It is so important to listen to the questions children have and reward them for the wondrous questions they ask.
May-Britt Moser
Since I was a kid – youngest of five kids – I’ve always been starved for attention, like ‘Look at me! Look at me! Look what I can do!’
My sisters started to cook at nine and, being one of the youngest, I wanted in on it, too, so I began at six on potato-peeling duty as french fries were my thing.
Being the youngest of twelve kids and having your underwear handed down teaches you how to share.
As the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, I certainly would not be here today without the passion, dedication, and activism of Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
My youngest son has a very clear idea of what he wants to be when he grows up: he wants to be Indiana Jones, Batman and Jack Sparrow. Yes, all three at the same time. So he basically wants to be an archaeologist who wears tights and fights crimes on pirate ships. That’s pretty cool, huh?
I speak with a Northern Irish accent with a tinge of New York. My wife has a bit of a Boston accent; my oldest daughter talks with a Denver accent, and my youngest has a true blue Aussie accent. It’s complicated.
It doesn’t bother me that people compare me as a little sister or youngest daughter of my dad, but when my album does come out, I want to be thought of as Noah Cyrus.
My youngest is 26, and so I hardly remember life not being a father, but my wife and I were hands on-parents.
I grew up in northern California in a town called Fairfield, which is kind of exactly between San Francisco and Sacramento, a small suburb. And I’m the youngest of five children.
Being the youngest, I was a bit of a mama‘s boy. I was really protected as I grew up, almost like I was in a bubble.
Eddie Guerrero
When I did get married and then had children, it was Beatlessongs I sang to them at night. As one of the youngest of 24 cousins, I had never held an infant or baby-sat. I didn’t know any lullabies, so I sang Sam and Grace to sleep with ‘I Will’ and ‘P.S. I Love You.’
I was always the youngest boy in my class at high school. I have retained this feeling of being the youngest, even though now I am almost the oldest person I know.
Oliver Sacks
Since first starting my career, I’ve grown accustomed to working with actors older than me. I’m always the youngest.
Gaspard Ulliel
When I was young, I had two older sisters, and since I was the youngest in my family, my mom took me around with her all the time. I was forever with her when she was having coffee in the middle of the afternoon with her three sisters. And they would talk about men. I absorbed a lot of that.
In swimming, everyone calls me grandma, because I’m the oldest there. Then with my friends, I’m the youngest and I’m the baby. It’s definitely bizarre.
Amanda Beard
I remember growing up as a kid in Houston, playing 3-on-3 in my grandmother’s driveway. I was lucky to be the youngest of four kids, so we had each other to keep ourselves busy and out of trouble. Not all kids are that fortunate.
Rashard Lewis
One day, my youngest uncle – the other one who was first to go to college, Randy – and I were sitting out on the front porch. And he was brilliant. He ended up – he just retired from Boeing Aircraft in Wichita, Kansas.
What we need is an education system that works for every child, not a select few. This starts with providing a quality education for our youngest Americans so they can learn, grow, and become prosperous citizens.
I was the youngest of three brothers by five years, so I spent most of my childhood playing alone, being Zorro or some other superhero, doing Lego, watching telly and riding my bike.
I am one of four, so I have two sisters and a brother, and I’m the youngest.
My reason and inspiration to lose weight and stay fit is my youngest son, Anant, who is fighting obesity. I would like to be an example for him.
I was the youngest kid on our street in Baltimore, and I was always playing sports with kids who were older than me. You learn a lot that way.
My father’s Alfred Newman – born in 1900, child prodigy at the piano, ended up in pit orchestras in the teens. I think he’s one of the youngest conductors to conduct Broadway and worked with George Gershwin and Jerome Kern and Cole Porter – went out with Irvin Berlin in 1930 to Hollywood and never left.
I was the youngest of four boys, raised in North Yorkshire.
From my youngest brother to immigrant women to black queer folks, those are the people who keep me going. When I think about their various acts of courage, it reminds me that I am not alone and that we can do even more, and we deserve more, so we have to keep going.
I’m the youngest of five girls, and I don’t know about you, but it’s really hard to be heard when you have five women. I’ve always been this loud and over the top as a person because I just want to be heard.
Tamar Braxton
There's Catholic guilt about things, then there's the g

There’s Catholic guilt about things, then there’s the guilt of being the youngest of 10, so when nice things happen to you, you’re not really allowed to enjoy them.
I live in Los Angeles, which is the youngest place – there’s no history to Los Angeles. Everything’s fake.
I’m the youngest of four boys, and my oldest brother, Todd, was like a father figure to me. We were very close even though we were 23 years apart. When my parents were working, he was the one there for me. He was diagnosed with lung cancer when he was 15 years old.
The highest grade I’ve taught is the 11th grade, and the youngest I’ve taught is the 4th grade.
It was tennis that got me started in business. When I was 16 and about to embark on my A-levels, I set up a tennis academy and became one of the youngest qualified tennis coaches in the country. It did well; by the time I was 19 I was able to buy my first house.
The kids never listen to you, especially the youngest ones.
I was the youngest of about nine boys in the neighborhood, and we played ball all the time, and I looked up to them, and they let me play around with them, and we just had a good time.
I was always the youngest and I think girls, period, try to psych each other out, there are a lot of head games.
We know that young babies, as they become capable of moving voluntarily, will share. They will share food, for instance, with their siblings and with kids that are around. They will sooth. If they see somebody else in pain, even the youngest of toddlers will try to reach out and pat the person.
Even when I lost my job at CBS News, I set up shop in my youngest daughter’s bedroom and started Brainstormin’ Productions and the Hannah Storm Foundation. And guess who was there, visiting me and enthusiastically making business charts and graphs that covered my entire kitchen table? My dad, of course.
I grew up in a place called Port Harcourt, Nigeria, the youngest of four. What I remember most about Nigeria was the ease. I would play by the pool, have fun with friends.
The painful truth may be that Zimbabwe, the youngest of Africa‘s former colonies, has simply followed where the continent has led, treading the well-worn path beaten out of the lie that taking power from the colonialists and delivering democracy to the people are one and the same.
As the youngest of nine on a dairy farm, life was never easy. We’d get up and milk, haul hay, change the pipe, then go to school, wrestling practice, and come home and milk all over again.
When blue-eyed Donald Trump married hazel-eyed Ivana Zelnickova, he probably figured his broad-shouldered DNA would dominate her girly alleles. But genetics played a cruel trick on Trump: Of the couple‘s three children, only the youngest, Eric, wound up with his father’s fishy blue eyes.
I was always the youngest person in class, skinny, scrawny, no good at sports. I asserted myself by being smart. But then I got to college and started to get C’s and D’s. That was fantastic. I no longer had to be the smartest person in the room.
I would like to be the youngest UFC world champion. I believe I can accomplish that.
I can’t think of anything that’s hit me harder in my life than when I learned that three of our youngest grandchildren were diagnosed with Niemann-Pick C.
I realised when I sang at family parties and Christmases I’d suddenly get everyone’s attention, and, being the youngest of three, I thought what a brilliant attention-seeking ploy it was.
Kiki Dee
I’m the youngest of five – three girls and two boys. There was one record player for the seven of us. It was good for me, because I got to hear everyone else‘s music.
To the best of my knowledge, my youngest reader is 10 and the oldest is 95.
Since I’m the youngest in the family, I sulk when my parents deny me something, although I come around when they explain why it was denied.
To be a manager, you’ve got to gamble. Be brave, be bold, but be humble in everything that you do, and from the kit man to the physio to your best player to your youngest player, make sure you treat everybody the same.
I have two older sisters; I’m the youngest.
Elizabeth Perkins
Being the youngest of five boys with a younger sister, being the only one who didn’t go to university, I had to prove it was the right decision to go into advertising.
I was the youngest member of the New York International Brotherhood of Magicians. It was me and a bunch of 60-year-old Jewish men.
I was the youngest child and really spoiled. I loved to play make-believe. I loved pretending to be all kinds of different people and it just seemed natural that I would go into acting.
When I was elected, I was the youngest member of the Tennessee congressional delegation; now, I’m one of the oldest. In fact, I have members of my staff who weren’t even born when I took office. That tells me it’s time for a new chapter.
Bart Gordon
Being the youngest of 12, I always had to wait my turn in line to play my records.
I’m the youngest of four siblings and the baby of the family. My family just treated me like anyone else growing up. They taught me that everyone has a special and unique trait about them, and that mine is that I have a girl brain and a boy body.
Growing up South African, I was comparatively in a world of privilege, especially being the youngest and being figuratively wrapped up in cotton wool by the rest of the family.
Jodi Balfour
As the youngest, I wanted to be my father’s son and perpetuate the family name.
I've gone from being one of the youngest governors to n

I’ve gone from being one of the youngest governors to now the longest consecutive serving governor in the country.
The 14th of 15 kids, I was the second youngest – not a coveted spot on the family totem pole.
I’m the youngest of three children. We lived beside a big beech wood, on the edge of the moors, in Northumberland, which was enormously good fun.
It was strange, especially because all of the projects I did when I was young, I was always the youngest on set or the only child, so I spent my formative years hanging out with 24-year-olds when I was 13.
I am the youngest of four children – three boys and one girl. I don’t think becoming an actor had anything to do with seeking attention, though. My relationship with my siblings when I was growing up was close and playful.
I’ve known Hillary, and her husband Bill, for more than half of my life. I remember her playing mermaid in the pool with our youngest daughter Sally for hours on family vacations.
I was the youngest, and there was my mother, my father and my brother. They each had their own way of turning anything, from washing up an eggcup to a chase across the North York Moors to catch up with a train, into a comic account.
I did not have a chance to write novels until my youngest child started school fulltime.
The original fairy tale was about the youngest sister going into a room in the castle and finding all the bodies of the wives that came before her – she is confronted with truth, thinking about how often we think we know people and we really don’t.
I think I was the youngest, fastest-promoted buyer in the history of Bloomingdale’s.
In 1988, my mother led a nationwide election campaign, wrote a bestselling book, had her first child, and became the youngest and first female prime minister of the Muslim world. All in one year! For her detractors, this wasn’t good enough. She was unacceptable because she was a woman.
I am the youngest of three girls. My first linguistics book was a study of ‘New York Jewish conversational style‘. That was my dissertation.
I’ve always been one of the youngest guys on the team. But now I’m one of the older guys, one of the more experienced guys, and I have to be more of a leader. The guys are looking up to me, asking me questions and looking at me to step up.
I joined a writing class at a nearby community center, where I was the youngest participant by about 40 years. Once a week, I’d funnel down a staircase and join the dozen retirees crowded in folding chairs around a table to discuss one another’s stories.
I’m the youngest of four. I have two older sisters and an older brother and was raised by a single mother. Basically, my household was just full of life. Everything was lit all the time.
It’s critical that we continue to develop and grow strong education programs that are child and teacher focused, starting with strong early learning programs for our youngest children.
Tommy Smothers is my longest mentor, and Dave Eggers is my youngest.
Don Novello
I’m the youngest of seven kids.
The oldest of the arts and the youngest of the professions.
‘One Tree Hill‘ was my first television experience, so naturally I was nervous initially. There is no rehearsal, you get your script a few days ahead, and you work. I was also the youngest actor, 13, on set at that time, but it was amazing to be able to ‘learn the ropes‘ with such a supportive group of people.
I want to always serve other people. It could be the youngest guy in the gym that looks up to me or the oldest fella. I just want to be there for them.
I’m the youngest of eight kids in my family. All tall, we all played basketball, so at my earliest memory, I was bouncing a ball in the backyard.
When I came out of school, my mum was one of the youngest mums waiting at the gate. She was the cool mum on the block.
For me, I’ve never been too concerned of what people think of me, so now as the youngest Baldwin brother in Hollywood making movies while simultaneously being a charismatic evangelical born again Christian who’s an evangelist – that’s a pretty crazy combination.
As the youngest of six kids, I grew up spending summers on Martha’s Vineyard, and I was always topless. All the pictures are of me in jean shorts, no shirt – with my brothers, playing football.
I was the youngest; I had two imperious older brothers – I didn’t get to often complete sentences at the dinner table. So writing was a way of saying what nobody asked me to say.
My dad taught me from my youngest childhood memories through these connections with Aboriginal and tribal people that you must always protect people’s sacred status, regardless of the past.
I’m the youngest of four boys. My whole life I had to fight. I had to get down and do things in order to secure my spot in the household. So, coming onto the court, it’s nothing different.
I’m the youngest of six children; both of my sisters are housewives and they each have four kids.