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I feel like, as an industry, we've gotten too dependent

I feel like, as an industry, we’ve gotten too dependent on source material originated in other mediums.
Two of our biggest stores are in Dallas NorthPark and Houston Galleria, where the economy and our customers‘ business interests are heavily dependent on the oil and gas industry.
All in all, we Muslims have only two holidays, and they’re always getting moved around from season to season, from month to month, because we’re dependent on the moon and not the sun, and unlike the Jews, we haven‘t created a leap year, so we have no Adar Bet.
To me, money is independence. It gives you freedom to do what you really want to do. It allows you to not be dependent on anyone or anything, and so you can be yourself and follow your passion.
Joe Mansueto
It’s just astonishing to me, but not surprising in some respects, how dependent we are on the somewhat meaningless and certainly ephemeral feedback that we get from strangers on the Internet. I think that’s a dangerous dependence to develop.
I have written to Israel‘s friends around the world, including the U.S. Congress and the E.U., and asked them to make funding for the United Nations dependent on ending blatant discrimination against Israel at the U.N. Human Rights Council.
Students like my son, who has a place at university which is dependent on getting the right grades, must place his fate in the hands of two groups of people: teachers and a faceless team at Ofqual, the exam regulator.
E-mail, when it became mobile – what happened? Utilization of email went through the roof. Just pure Internet access and data – what happens when you mobilize it? Multiples. People are dependent upon broadband and as you mobilize it, they become even more dependent on broadband.
Randall L. Stephenson
Even if the Moon didn’t exist – even if it had been vaporized billions of years ago by cantankerous Klingons – there would still be (somewhat lower) tides raised by the Sun. For creatures dependent on the oceans‘ ebb and flow, life could go on.
I think it starts to feel really redundant when you start to do something the same way over and over again. I don’t think it’s good to become so dependent on a certain writing process.
People who get through life dependent on other people’s possessions are always the first to lecture you on how little possessions count.
Ben Elton
It’s very dependent on your state of mind. And your emotional state as well. And a lot of it comes pouring out, you don’t really have that much control with it.
The unphilosophical majority among men are the ones most helplessly dependent on their era’s dominant ideas.
Leonard Peikoff
When certain doors opened around ‘Twin Peaks,’ I wasn’t interested in walking through them. Now I just feel like I’m more open to life. I have two children. My life is not dependent on the business in that way.
For since it is impossible for a created monad to have a physical influence on the inner nature of another, this is the only way in which one can be dependent on another.
Gottfried Leibniz
I wish people would realize that animals are totally dependent on us, helpless, like children, a trust that is put upon us.
James Herriot
Whenever you make someone dependent on your money… It’s this capitalist idea that I think has made America into a place where it’s hard to breathe as an individual sometimes.
How one life turns out is not dependent on what people do to us or what they don’t do for us.
My first mission was six and a half months. We weren’t exactly sure how long it was going to be because I went up and back on the space shuttle, which was dependent on weather for launch and landing.
As far as the Russians were concerned, I felt the reverse; they had adequate gold, if they wanted to buy, and they weren’t dependent upon international trade. I felt they were more self-sufficient.
The future of the world, dependent as it is upon atomic energy, requires more understanding and knowledge about the atom.
Willard Libby
Any Ambassador or Foreign Service Officer who has his or her head screwed on right knows that the U.S. position in the world is far more dependent on our ability to compete in world markets.
As individuals and as a nation we have become dependent on a vast digital infrastructure. That, in turn, has made us vulnerable to cybercriminals and foreign adversaries that target that infrastructure.
The development of science is basically a social phenomenon, dependent on hard work and mutual support of many scientists and on the societies in which they live.
Charles H. Townes
You can compel fear. You can even make someone feel they’re in love if they’re isolated and dependent for long enough. But laughter is free.
What makes a great standalone piece of hardware is not the same thing as what makes a great networking device. One can work as an essentially closed system. The other is absolutely dependent on its openness.
Traditionally, nations have harnessed taxpayers to their territory by making almost all social guarantees dependent on working in one country, every day, every month, and for at least three decades. In creating free movement of people, this web has only got more complex but never disappeared.
Everything around us is scale dependent. It’s woven into the fabric of the universe.
Well, all life forms are dependent upon water.
Technology has spoiled me and I’m so dependent on it that I do not even remember my mother‘s mobile number! And I used my phone not just for the calls but all my selfies and notes and reminders and as a GPS locator as I’m a frequent traveller.
We need to tell young people that America was built by men and women of all colors and that the future of this country is dependent on the participation of all of our citizens.
I think people like to think I'm in some way financiall

I think people like to think I’m in some way financially dependent on my family – on my dad – but the fact of the matter is I’ve been emancipated from my father since I was 14 years old. That’s something people don’t know or understand.
Devon Aoki
Our customers’ business interests are heavily dependent on the oil and gas industry.
I like training alone. Otherwise, I find I get too dependent on someone else for motivation.
Monetary success is not success. Career success is not success. Life, someone that loves you, giving to others, doing something that makes you feel complete and full. That is success. And it isn’t dependent on anyone else.
James Avery
I always knew I wanted to make my own way; I never wanted to be dependent on my father.
Tamara Mellon
I don’t like anything with too much dependency. Children are very dependent, which is probably why we never had them.
I think someone like Khandi Alexander, who’s now on ‘Treme,’ is one of the most extraordinary actresses I’ve seen in years. But she‘s dependent on someone brilliant like David Simon to realize that and to give her a forum. Tyler Perry‘s not interested in that kind of nuance because it doesn’t sell.
I think we should be less dependent on the outdated concept we call countries.
Clothes are unique sculptures, dependent on a supporting human form and created to move.
Nowadays if you’re dependent on a grant – and 99% of them are – you can’t make mistakes as you won’t get another one if you do.
As an independent person, I find it difficult being dependent for everything, for even my food and medicine, to the prison authorities. I have had to fight through the courts for everything, including even physiotherapy, which is my right under the jail manual.
Bush v. Gore’ gave us a president who lost the popular vote, eventually appointed two more justices, and led us into a war of choice while failing to regulate a financial system dependent on toxic mortgage-backed derivatives.
I got a lot of offers after ‘Rockstar’ but was totally dependent on the team managing my work, who did not want me to sign any of the films I was offered, even though I wanted to.
We are a small, open economy, highly dependent on global flows. It is inevitably a demand that dramatically alters and that is reflected in what we feel here in New Zealand. So there is at its most basic level a limit to what we can do and that is true everywhere.
The world is getting smaller and smaller every day. We cannot find ourselves dependent on somebody who is untrustworthy.
A manufacturing nation is, in every sense of the word, dependent on others. Look to England! Cut off from the markets of the world, misery and ruin await her.
I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs.
James Herriot
Even though I’m totally dependent on modern electronic gizmos, from my laptop to my iPod to my cell phone, I love to embrace old technology or no technology at all.
John Grogan
It is a fine thing to establish one’s own religion in one’s heart, not to be dependent on tradition and second-hand ideals. Life will seem to you, later, not a lesser, but a greater thing.
As long as we’re dependent on those fossil fuels, we’re dependent on the Middle East. If we are not victims, we’re certainly captives.
Giving a life is an extraordinary thing. Holding that little baby in your arms, having them totally dependent on you. You want them to be proud of you. So you re-examine everything.
Patti D’Arbanville
The reality about being economically dependent on someone else usually doesn’t work out for women in the end. It’s about being an adult and being responsible for your life. Most women have to work, so let’s just get on with it.
Europe and North America, we are told, are less dependent on energy-intensive heavy industry than in the 1960s and 1970s. It seems we squeeze more GDP out of a barrel of oil than in those benighted days.
No deal wouldn’t return sovereignty to the U.K., it would make us dependent on a sweetheart deal with Donald Trump.
I was always crazy about New York, dependent on it, scared of it – well, it is dangerous – but beyond that there was the pressure of being young and of not yet having done work you really liked, trademark work, breakthrough work.
The magnetic cleavage of the spectral lines is dependent on the size of the charge of the electron, or, more accurately, on the ratio between the mass and the charge of the electron.
Pieter Zeeman
When approved, the SAFE Port Act will make progress toward protecting the physical infrastructure of our seaports as well as our national economy which is so clearly dependent on the commercial shipping business.
I know what it’s like to be dependent on the government for food and housing, and what doctor you are going to see, and I know how limiting it can be.
Until space tourism is a destination-based business (e.g. flights to a private space station or to the moon), will flyers pay to fly more than once after having earned their astronaut wings? The answer to this is likely very dependent on the experience itself.
I think it’s dependent on where life takes me. For sure, I absolutely adore acting. It has been my passion from a very young age. But at the same time I am very intrigued by the camera, and also very intrigued by props.
People understand we have a dependence upon foreign oil. What they do not understand and find incredibly ridiculous is that we import refined product just making us more dependent on the industry.
All greatness of character is dependent on individualit

All greatness of character is dependent on individuality. The man who has no other existence than that which he partakes in common with all around him, will never have any other than an existence of mediocrity.
The biggest danger is that actors become entirely too dependent on the idea of training. They think that if they continue to train and train and train, it’s going to make them better.
Titus Welliver
The future of society is 100% dependent on scientific advances.
The relationship of the two problems is rather the reverse. To a great extent disarmament is dependent on guarantees of peace. Security comes first and disarmament second.
When you go to the darkest place, all reason and logic deserts you and you are very dependent on having good people around you.
Record labels collude with some of the radio stations, and the radio stations have their play lists, dependent upon what they call the, quote, ‘hits.’ What’s commercially viable gets recycled, endlessly repeated, and as a result of that, the progressive music can’t break in.
Art is lunging forward without certainty about where you are going or how to get there, being open to and dependent on what luck, the paint, the typo, the dissonance, give you. Without art you’re stuck with yourself as you are and life as you think life is.
Mark Vonnegut
Compounding Iraq‘s problem is that its economy is highly dependent on oil.
We can’t equate democracy with Christianity because the largest democracy on earth is India, which is primarily Hindu. The third largest democracy is Indonesia, which is Islamic. Democracy and freedom are not dependent on Christian beliefs.
My style is super versatile and doesn’t pertain to any one category. It can be best compared to a mood ring. It is very dependent on the mood I am feeling for the day.
I purposefully try to go through days without picking my phone up, and that’s hard to do because we’re so dependent on it.
The innovative process is a fragile one, dependent on a complex, often messy interplay of imagination, competition, and exchange. Curbing new ideas hurts not only individual creators but the audience for which they create and the posterity that inherits their legacy.
The relevant questions now are: How do we move beyond coal? How do we bring new jobs to the coal fields and retrain coal miners for other work? How do we inspire entrepreneurialism and self-reliance in people whose lives have been dependent on the paternalistic coal industry?
Network’s rating dependent. A show might not stick. A lot’s timing. Like, my Bradley Cooper in ‘Kitchen Confidential‘ didn’t always work. Cable supports young shows. TV Land, which you can find on Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, wanted ‘Younger.’ They came to me.
Have a well-thought financial plan that is not dependent upon correctly guessing what will happen in the future.
In this business, you’re dependent on the writer, the filmmaker, the luck of beating out who knows how many people for the part. I’m over getting torn up about that.
The more dependent you are, the more ignorant you must be, and that’s how they want you.
It’s far too much to say that effective hoping is the only – or even the biggest – part of what it takes to succeed. If 14% of business productivity can be attributed to hope, that means 86% is dependent on raw talent, fickle business cycles, the quality of the product you’re selling, and often pure, dumb luck.
Most of India’s 300 odd news channels are making losses and are dependent on dubious cross holding, black money and dodgy private equity investors, both foreign and Indian.
Mohammad Hamid Ansari
If you could wean yourself off of oil and not be dependent on the Middle East, obviously it’s better.
Democratic leaders, whose power is ultimately dependent on popular support, are held accountable for failing to improve the lives of their citizens. Therefore, they have a powerful incentive to keep their societies peaceful and prosperous.
Is our national goal to place as many people on welfare, food stamp support, as we can possibly put on that program? Is that our goal? Is that a moral vision for the United States of America, just to see how many people we can place in a situation where they’re dependent on the federal government for their food?
Too many Mainers are dependent on government handouts. Government dependency has not – and never will – create prosperity.
I grew up in Mexico City at a time when the country was a repressive one-party dictatorship almost wholly dependent on oil revenues.
We stand in the shadow of Jefferson who believed that a society founded upon the rule of law and liberty was dependent upon public education and the diffusion of knowledge.
Matt Blunt
I developed a sense of maturity when it comes to being dependent upon other people. I don’t feel anyone really truly wants me to win more than I do.
Shani Davis
The amount of detailed information which an individual has at his command and his theoretical elaborations of the same are mutually dependent; they grow in and through each other.
Well, we lost a lot of our independence already. We are dependent on China for credit. We are dependent on Middle Eastern countries for energy supplies. And many Americans are dependent on the government for their income, health care, education of their children, food stamps.
Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.
To think that we have to depend on some of the most dependent people in our population to fund our government when corporations won’t even pay their fair share.
The influence I would hope to have is to create an environment where we’re not singling Americans out – that we are creating opportunities for all Americans. Not saying, ‘I’m going to funnel money into your city so that you’re completely dependent on government.’
Mia Love
As we have seen, the wireless and the airplane have mad

As we have seen, the wireless and the airplane have made the world so small and nations so dependent on each other that the only alternative to war is the United States of the World.
One term that’s used in this industry a lot is this notion of ‘feeding the beast.’ You’ve got all of these people whose livelihoods are dependent on it. There are enormous pressures to keep material going into it, and the pressures to feed it are not irrational. They’re the basis of your business.
I’m really interested in the collaborative thing. It’s what makes it scary because you never know what it’s going to end up like. But you hope. You put yourself in the hands of the best people you can find, and you’re completely dependent on the kindness of strangers and their commitment. It’s like this mutual delusion.
There’s a lot of propaganda that contaminates a discussion around what we should do about pipelines, how our economy may or may not be dependent on exports of raw bitumen.
People often talk about the self-driving car and what will that do. In 32 states, the number one job is to be the driver. But remember, it’s not just the driver. Let’s think about the truck stops along the way. When you suddenly have a lot of other people who are dependent on those careers.
The development of a rational view of the nature of catalysis was thus absolutely dependent on the creation of the concept of the rate of chemical reaction.
Wilhelm Ostwald
Having excessive power in the hands of one country meant the fate of the world was too dependent on what happened in that one country.
In space, everything is dependent on everything else and one hiccup causes a lot of ripple effects.
Part of protecting our homeland means being less dependent on foreign countries for our energy.
Rod Blagojevich
Russia was dependent on China growing and driving the demand for its commodities: oil, gas and minerals. China was an alternative to Europe.
Well, gauge theory is very fundamental to our understanding of physical forces these days. But they are also dependent on a mathematical idea, which has been around for longer than gauge theory has.
Our quality of life and our way of life is dependent on the Royal Navy and the other Armed Forces.
Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you. It is not dependent on some other body, some external form.
The ability for employment benefits to be shared among spouses, the ability to move people who are dependent on visas for trailing spouses, all hinges on being able to deal with families of gay people in the same way that you deal with families of straight people. Otherwise, they can’t move around.
I don’t like being dependent on other people.
Obama has become too dependent on formal speeches and set town halls. His idea of mixing it up is taking off his jacket.
In bourgeois society capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependent and has no individuality.
The livelihood of the restaurant is dependent upon getting the word out.
Rock music is electronic music, dependent entirely on electronic circuitry and amplification.
Thus the sum of things is ever being reviewed, and mortals dependent one upon another. Some nations increase, others diminish, and in a short space the generations of living creatures are changed and like runners pass on the torch of life.
The female of the genus homo is economically dependent on the male. He is her food supply.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Readers and viewers will differ about what’s totally standalone, what’s totally serially dependent, and what’s merely enriched by reading/viewing in a particular order.
The important discovery I made very early is that my novels had to be written without any given plan or outline. I can’t do it in any other way. But then they are dependent on the sentences, my intuition, and, as I have experienced many times, the subconscious.
I hope that the United States would cooperate with the partners to reduce its debt. The debt is a problem. The debt is with you, but unfortunately, the debt is not only with you but with us and with the rest of the world because we all, one way or another, are dependent on the dollar.
Women do not want to be dependent on government but want opportunities for all Americans to succeed.
The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.
One year of parenthood made us realize our responsibility towards our son. We also understood how a child needs his parents and how much they are dependent on their parents for anything to everything.
The country remains dependent on oil. But as we are now learning, oil is becoming increasingly scarce.
Disney had made such a great deal of money on Snow White that the banks gave him the go-ahead on the next three films. But he was heavily dependent on the foreign market.
Marc Davis
I do not love immigration. I think immigration has been harmful to the United States. I think it’s brought more persons more dependent on the government into this country.
People are willing to pay for the right to cheer or boo Roman Reigns. That is your job as a box office attraction. Your job and the manner in which you feed your family is not dependent upon whether the audience respects you or disrespects you. It’s dependent on the audience’s willingness to pay to see you.
My parents had a wonderful marriage, but it was a very

My parents had a wonderful marriage, but it was a very dependent relationship. My mother was entirely dependent on my father because that’s how it was in those days.
The one thing about program television that’s absolutely incompatible with any concept of art is that all decisions have to be made by program directors, whereas art is autonomous. It may be dependent, but it knows no superiors.
Alexander Kluge
We can create the ultimate job security by becoming less dependent on the organization for which we work and more dependent on our own resources.
The taste of any simple tomato-based salad is dependent on the quality of the tomatoes.
I feel very lucky and privileged to be a writer. I feel lucky in the sense that I can branch out into prose and tell different kinds of stories and stuff. But being a writer is so great because you’re literally not dependent on anybody.
We are four individuals on trial. But The Pirate Bay has its own life. It is not dependent on us as persons.
Is France a northern European export powerhouse, or a Mediterranean indebted and dependent economy? Yes to both.
I love auditioning on tape because you have the time and the freedom to work on it, a little bit. A lot of film is slightly dependent on what your composition is and what your lighting is.
Comedy can be more difficult than drama. It requires more attention to timing. In the theater, you’re always dependent on the audience for the energy, but in comedy the feedback you get is more important. You can judge by the quickness and the length of the laugh just where you stand with the audience.
David Alan Basche
We are dependent not so much on Earth, the third planet orbiting the sun, as on Gaea, the integrated system that includes, sustains and is shaped by life.
My idea of opening a restaurant was important. The whole point is that I couldn’t have been totally dependent on acting for my income… even though I want to remain in the field of entertainment forever.
I don’t have a dime left. I am dependent on my friends for food and a small old-age pension.
A solitary child growing up in Africa, you’re really quite dependent on books.
Not one single country in the world is dependent for their trade wholly on WTO guidelines – they aren’t ‘rules,’ because the sanctions for breaching the guidelines are puny.
Everyone knows of great projects that were too dependent on a charismatic individual, or simply too expensive to be replicated.
Part of the problem is that we have become so dependent upon this system that is killing and exploiting us, it has become almost impossible for us to imagine living outside of it, and it’s very difficult physically for us to live outside of it.
Derrick Jensen
Why is the feeling of insecurity so prevalent in this field? Because the actor is such a dependent person on other people. If I am a painter, poet, composer, I am not really dependent on others.
For me the question was, do I want my paycheck to be dependent on how other people think I look?
I think it’s important to remember that civil rights and economic rights are mutually dependent.
I think the key to happiness is allowing ourselves to not feel bad or guilty for feeling it, and letting it be contagious. And to not be dependent on other people to create your own happiness.
It is necessary to expose the false propaganda of the imperialists and thoroughly dispel the illusion that the imperialists will give up their positions in the colonies and dependent countries with good will.
Kim Il-sung
Today, we’re very dependent on cheap energy. We just take it for granted – all the things you have in the house, the way industry works.
I think sometimes as an actor your career and life are kind of dependent on other people’s decisions, what other people tell you, what time other people tell you to get up in the morning, what lines people tell you to say.
Upon the creatures we have made, we are, ourselves, at last, dependent.
I’m dependent on writing for a living, so really it’s to my advantage to understand how the creative process works. One of the problems is, when you start to do that, in effect you’re going to have to step off the edge of science and rationality.
So we are now still dependent on foreign oil, have a problem with global warming, and are losing jobs rapidly to the Japanese in fuel-efficient vehicles as a result of that very shortsighted progress.
I think there is a danger with young people of being dependent in the sense that they don’t acquire any identity or self-image of themselves as thinkers.
Our view is that consumer finance – what people think of as retail finance – that arena is ripe for disruption. Bitcoin is absolutely a core platform and asset format that we are dependent on to build this business.
I know my own father’s business was very dependent on the goodwill and business and trade from people in northern Mexico. We knew their families and went to their weddings and baptisms and balls and picnics, and we had a great time with them.
I’m no longer dependent on the movie business to make a living. So if I want to make movies as other old guys would play golf, I can.
Actors live dependent on being validated by other people’s opinions. I don’t understand what it is I do that people want. I don’t know what an actor does. I have no credentials. I don’t know what I’m doing.
Friendships, like marriages, are dependent on avoiding

Friendships, like marriages, are dependent on avoiding the unforgivable.
John D. MacDonald
More than 54,000 jobs in the region are dependent upon the Port of Philadelphia alone.
Robert Brady
We are 100 percent responsible for the pursuit of holiness, but at the same time we are 100 percent dependent upon the Holy Spirit to enable us in that pursuit. The pursuit of holiness is not a pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps approach to the Christian life.
Jerry Bridges
I think the advantage of democracy is that it makes us less dependent on a group of leaders.
Monetary policy should remain data dependent, be well communicated, and ensure that inflation expectations remain anchored.
Dancing has a continuity of its own that need not be dependent upon either the rise or fall of sound or the pitch and cry of words. Its force of feeling lies in the physical image, fleeting or static.
A key element of Web blogs is the community element. Most blogs are not self-contained; they are highly dependent on linking to each other.
If there is anyone dependent on your income – parents, children, relatives – you need life insurance.
Technological change always accelerates. It never stagnates over time. Which means we are going to face the fact that, if nothing in the States changes, we will find ourselves dependent on other countries for almost everything that can and will be manufactured in a quickly approaching future.
We live in a world economically, socially, and culturally dependent on science not only functioning well, but being wisely applied.
Harry Kroto
Last year, I was proud to be an original co-sponsor of legislation that would increase federal judgessalaries by more than 40 percent. It also built in a cost of living adjustment, so the Judicial Branch would not be dependent on the Legislative Branch for increases each year.
We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth.
I’ve worked on some movies that get put in the horror shelf on the video stores, but they’re really structurally like mysteries, and not so dependent on the gore factor, so they really don’t need to be R-rated movies.
Ehren Kruger
Big-government proponents embrace both the power of the federal government and the idea that millions of Americans ought to be dependent on its largesse. It’s time to return to our Founders‘ love for small government. More is not always better.
Denmark is a small nation of five million people, but our economy is completely dependent on our commercial fleet. Every family has some connection to it.
Tobias Lindholm
Being an actor, we’re so dependent on the writers.
Amy Ryan
Everybody in America has been dependent on the government at some time. We owe everybody in America the right to vote and access to capital. What I say is, let’s make America work, let’s make democracy and free enterprise work for everybody.
You must not lean on a tree on Sabbath, if the tree might be dependent on you for support.
Ovadia Yosef
All Americans are dependent for their energy on the Arabian peninsula.
Happiness is dependent on self-discipline. We are the biggest obstacles to our own happiness. It is much easier to do battle with society and with others than to fight our own nature.
As Americans lose the wider face-to-face ties that build social trust, they become more dependent on romantic relationships for intimacy and deep communication and more vulnerable to isolation if a relationship breaks down.
I was an actor for a little bit. That’s when I started to understand fiction – and that one of the great things about fiction is that you’re dependent on the characters as much as they’re dependent on you.
If Russia shuts off central Asia and the Caspian Sea from Europe, the European allies of the United States will be totally dependent on Russian gas and energy.
Mikheil Saakashvili
TV journalism is a much more collaborative, horizontal business than print reporting. It has to be, because of the logistics. Anchors are wholly dependent on producers to do all the hustling.
We can get more energy out of the north slope of Alaska; we have available the ability to make ourselves less dependent on those uncertain sources of supply from the Middle East. And it’s important we do that.
Our economy is increasingly dependent on the success and integrity of the financial markets.
There is nothing worse that a thirteen-year-old boy. You’re embarrassed by your parents, and you’re trying to find your independance because, deep inside, you are so dependent on your mom.
Why do we feel jealousy? Therapists often regard the demon as a scar of childhood trauma or a symptom of a psychological problem. And it’s true that people who feel inadequate, insecure, or overly dependent tend to be more jealous than others.
So many women are financially dependent on men. So why can’t men be dependent on women? I’m totally okay with it.
Social Security, for example – I’m 43. I’ve paid into the system. You know what? That money has been stolen from me. I know that my parents who are on Social Security – they’ve got to continue to receive it. They’re dependent on it. It is their primary source of income.
Joe Miller
There are a whole bunch of structural and systemic factors we need to address in order to move away from the model in which women really are still dependent on men.
Success is dependent upon the glands - sweat glands.

Success is dependent upon the glandssweat glands.
America is becoming more and more dependent upon imports from foreign manufacturers than we are exports from our country in all fields: in appliances, in clothing, even food. This year America may become for the first time in its history a net food importer.
It is a political thriller. It’s very action packed and it’s very exciting, but at the same time it’s a very big soulful love story about longing and loss. They’re not separate, they’re completely dependent on one another.
Success in math and the hard sciences, far from being a matter of gender, is almost entirely dependent on culture – a culture that teaches girls math isn’t cool and no one will date them if they excel in physics.
Our country presents on every side the evidences of that continued favor under whose auspices it, has gradually risen from a few feeble and dependent colonies to a prosperous and powerful confederacy.
I’ve always viewed ‘Sons of the Prophet‘ as the first part of a larger trilogy – not three plays dependent on each other but three stand-alone plays connected by theme and, likely, further adventures of the Douaihy family.
In the U.K., my mother had been the breadwinner. I’d seen my parents side by side. In Saudi Arabia, my mother was basically rendered disabled. She was unable to drive, dependent on my dad for everything. The religious zealotry was so suffocating.
Television’s very dependent on images. That’s not what news is.
I conduct business, not dependent of public sentiment, but according to the rules of fair business.
Victor Pinchuk
Ants are the leading removers of dead creatures on the land. And the rest of life is substantially dependent upon them.
Remember: your bosses prefer to keep you in dependent positions. It is in their interest that you do not become self-reliant, and so they will tend to hoard information. You must secretly work against this and seize this information for yourself.
I’m the first to admit that we were totally dependent on a particular place and time… for us, seeing Minor Threat at the CBGB hardcore matinee was just as necessary a force in our lives as the Treacherous Three at Club Negril or the Funky Four + One More at the Rock Lounge.
The Obama economy has led to more women dependent on government programs including food stamps.
Women didn’t go to school when they were young because parents preferred to send their brothers. The women couldn’t access loans in their own right because the banks sought the approval of a male dependent.
Playing a plainer role means everything is dependent on the credentials of the actor, not the fact that they are as pretty as Julia Roberts. People start to look at their talent rather than their appearance. And playing the ugly part often means less time in the make-up chair, which is a great benefit on set.
The pleasures of mental agility are much overstated, inevitably – as it now appears to me – by those not exclusively dependent upon them.
I decided that the stock market was not an option for IKEA. I knew that only a long-term perspective could secure our growth plans, and I didn’t want IKEA to become dependent on financial institutions.
Ingvar Kamprad
Independence? That’s middle class blasphemy. We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth.
I didn’t want to raise my daughter in the church because from what I experienced and what I saw, the church becomes everything – your mother, your father, your everything. You are dependent on the church.
The motto is, control our destiny, do new things, where we talk directly with our consumers and aren’t dependent on ad revenue.
The NRA has become financially dependent on more and more guns being sold – especially the expensive ones. In turn, the NRA has stated that its top legislative priority is to protect gun makers by advocating for legislation that benefits them.
I do not believe the picture that some people paint of Scottish towns dependent on welfare. Every time I come here, I meet people who are determined to get into work. Who, with the right help are desperate to get off benefits, support their family and set an example for their children.
Little girls are taught to be dependent, incapable of valuing themselves in many aspects of their daily lives.
Josefina Vazquez Mota
There’s just always going to be both positives and negatives to any evolution that we’re a part of. And there’s really no stopping the evolution of technology. There has been more and more integration in our daily lives, so we become more and more dependent on it.
We are more dependent on science and engineering than at any other time in history. However, there is plenty of evidence that far too many people are scientifically illiterate, often having been put off science at school.
A woman doesn’t just love a man. She loves who he is. And, who he is is dependent on what he needs.
Men are very emotionally dependent upon women from the day they are born to the day they expire.
If I find the person that I love, it is because I love them, not because I will be dependent on them.
The hardware business is all about per-unit manufacturing cost and functionality. The services business is less asset-intensive and more dependent on people.
I find the whole feminist thing very boring. They are so much on the defensive that they dare not love a man because they feel assaulted by being dependent.
Sky Harbor may be a city airport, but it’s an Arizona vital resource used by citizens all over the state, and our economy is dependent on its success.
For older actresses, the story is still the same. They

For older actresses, the story is still the same. They are either subservient wives taking care of their husbands – like that typical age-old character of a woman, who serves her husband a hot cup of tea as soon as he comes home; or they are mothers dependent on their sons.
You become a better dater when you have a truly fulfilling life that is not dependent on someone else. Even if someone leaves, your life continues unscathed.
The main purpose of Social Security is to redistribute wealth, to make an increasingly large number of Americans dependent on government for their basic needs in their retirement years.
My three-year ride by horse from Mongolia to Hungary was the most difficult, most revealing, and interesting of any of my travels. Travelling by horse, you’re far more engaged and dependent on the land and other people than by any other means.
Love is a state of Being. Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you. It is not dependent on some other body, some external form.
When you cook, you get to shop. You get to vote if you want the pastured raised pork or the organic grain. You can get to help produce your agricultural system, and you give that up when you outsource your cooking. You become dependent on what’s offered – and that’s a shame.
Somerset is the first proper country county you come to in the West, which isn’t dependent on London and isn’t full of commuters. Somerset is full of the most fantastically interesting people.
I’m not ever going to be dependent on someone else for a job.