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I live in the area where the Hollywood sign is. Every a

I live in the area where the Hollywood sign is. Every afternoon, I’ll take a daily walk, and there are loads of tourists always on the street taking photos of the Hollywood sign. Occasionally, I’ll still get recognized as ‘Gunther,’ which is okay with me.
James Michael Tyler
I have loads of cellulite!
Loads of my jewellery was my mum‘s.
I was so fortunate to play my club cricket at Moseley Ashfield. We had loads of Asians, white players, black players. You grow up from that knowing it just doesn’t matter what religion or culture people are into, everyone is different.
When I used to play for Peterborough I played against loads of players who, now I’ve stepped up into the Premiership, I believe could have played at this level. You just need to have the rub of the green.
People think I got loads of money at City and then left for Chelsea to chase more money. I didn’t get that money. I moved to Chelsea because they made promises to me. They told me I would get opportunities, I would play and that they believed in me as a young player.
I’ve got loads of ideas, but I need some structure in my life. I need a mission.
Mesut is a player that has been through a lot in his career through loads of ups and downs, but most of all he’s a born champion and he’s a player who has so many records in the world of football, so he’s a player that is an example for everyone.
I turn my feet in when I’m sitting down. I tend to put my arms across me when I’m sat thinking; I bend forwards. Loads of protective curves.
Loads of computer graphics equals a terrible video in my book.
Dan Hawkins
The thing is, when I feel like I have to lose weight, the opposite happens. I remember stuffing loads of chocolate on the plane to the shoot, and I thought, ‘Why don’t you have the courage to show up in a body that’s natural, not overly worked out?’
I love people who smile… and always try to smile loads.
My favorite time at NPR has been ‘Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!’ It was loads of fun and gave me a chance to meet and talk in person to the audiences that I felt I had known for so many years on the air.
Carl Kasell
I’m so jealous of my friends who came from these super musical households where they were learning piano at three years old. My parents didn’t really play loads of music around the house. We had the radio, but they weren’t teaching me about music.
In year 10 or 11, I used to buy packs of doughnuts for 50p from Morrisons, and sell them for 50p each. I made loads of money. So I was a doughnut hustler!
However, my problems with my memory are further complicated by the fact that while I don’t have any recollection of things I have actually done, I have very vivid recollections of loads of things that I haven‘t done.
I was in the school plays, I did a lot of music. I carried on through university for short films and loads of plays.
I don’t think the public want to see loads and loads of firearms officers everywhere, what they do want to know is that we are able to respond well and prevent things and we will protect them properly.
I’ll sometimes go a week or two without tweeting, and then when I’m in the mood, tweet loads, and clog up people’s in-boxes. It’s a moment when you feel like sharing something.
Football is made up of all kinds of conflict. In a dressing room, between players, between us and the manager, between us and loads of people who don’t seem to matter. It’s constant and harsh sometimes.
When I’m not writing, I read loads of fiction, but I’ve been writing quite constantly lately so I’ve been reading a lot of nonfictionphilosophy, religion, science, history, social or cultural studies.
Loads of people thought we were gay.
I have stripped back with loads of things, my hair, my make-up, my lips, right down to my clothes. I feel less is more.
I had so much fun filming ‘Starstruck.’ It was an amazing experience, and I bonded right away with Sterling Knight, so we had loads of fun together!
Working with Vic Reeves in a beautiful English field surrounded by loads of chicken wire – it’s every person’s dream job.
I came from a background where there wasn’t loads of money in the family so I wasn’t necessarily always the first to get jerseys but I did always make sure I had the England kit.
That’s the thing with acting. There are always loads of people who are more successful, richer, more famous and seemingly able to do anything they want.
I’ve had people spit in my face. I’ve had bottles thrown at me. My house has been attacked. I’ve had loads of things happen. People have written to me saying they are going to find me.
I’d had my time in the charts and made loads of money. I was no longer hungry for success.
I do most of my vocalsaside from a couple of little one-shot vocal samples. I record everything into the Saffire with an SM58 then scratch it with loads of plug-ins. I don’t do much vocoding to be honest. All my vocals are usually done with Melodyne and a ton of other plug-ins to make it sound weird.
My dad was a club musician. He was always playing guitar and playing loads of soul records and ’60s rock n’ roll. Whenever he used to cook, he used to play Donny Hathaway, Aretha Franklin, The Kinks, and the Spencer Davis Group – a lot of really earthy things.
There's fresh fish, and then there's fresh fish. Samoa

There’s fresh fish, and then there’s fresh fish. Samoa is ranked as one of the best places for game fishing in all the world, and runs thick in the waters off the island chain. In fact, it’s used as an edible currency in local markets. The day I fished there, we caught loads of yellowfin.
Loads of stuff that I’ve done has always had a hint of comedy. I did this show called ‘Psychoville’ that’s a horror-comedy. Because I just think that’s what life’s like.
I don’t buy loads of clothing. But I do have a lot of vintage dresses and ’80s one-pieces, which are quite fun.
For me, ‘rich’ isn’t having lots of money; rich is having loads of things in your head.
The 90s for me was the best era for clubbing. I was having a great time working as a DJ, loads of money and travelling the world, but I found that the crowds were getting younger and younger and less appreciative of the soulful, funky music I was playing, so I jacked it in.
There’s loads of eyes and expectations. People are almost waiting for you to make a mistake so they can say, ‘Oh, she’s a one-hit wonder!’
It feels like there are more good youts out there following their dreams. It’s not just music; they’re doing loads of stuff – they are getting creative and doing mad out of the box stuff.
My favourite designers are Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel and Givenchy, but I wish I had loads of money to spend on them.
I use loads of moisturising products and make sure I cleanse, tone and moisturise every day. It’s just so important to always keep your skin moisturised.
I’ve always had loads of teddy bears.
I find it easier to strike the ball with my instep across goal. But I’ve scored in loads of other ways, too.
Francesco Totti
I thought that I had a really healthy relationship with food, and I went home to my parents’ house for a week because I cut my foot, and was recovering. I just ate loads, ate family meals, went along with group activities. And I realized how unhealthy my relationship actually is with food.
I used to like loads of boys and get rejected all the time.
I’m really careful with what the music gets put with, and we say no to so much stuff, loads of it, for things that might quadruple the sales of my album. But if it doesn’t fit then it doesn’t fit, you know?
Personally, I don’t have a Twitter account. I like to be in control of the way the stand up of Stewart Lee is perceived, I don’t want to have to engage with individual people. Also, when I do look at it, loads of factually inaccurate things about me are written.
Until I was about ten, I wasn’t that good. I just had loads of energy and loved running around.
I like to wear things that don’t need ironing. It seems a fundamental design flaw when clothing needs ironing. There are loads of fabrics these days that don’t need ironing, so I stick to those.
I have the greatest job in the world. I get paid loads of cash for beating the crap out of people. And I’m very good at it.
There are loads of actresses that modelled. They just weren’t famous. There weren’t a lot that were really known as models that became actresses, but there are hordes of them that did modelling before such as Anjelica Huston, Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore and Geena Davis. There are loads of ’em.
My mum loves jazz, and together we listen to loads of Chet Baker back home.
I get offered loads of unusual stuff. I just don’t do loads because I like staying at home a lot, and I’m a little bit lazy. I don’t get that thing of going from film to film that people do. It would drive me nuts, and that level of fame is quite scary.
So what I did was stuff my face with anything around, any old rubbish, burgers, chocolate, crisps, fish and chips, loads of it, till I felt sick – but at least I’d had the pleasure of stuffing my face and feeling really full.
Pressed by the Obama administration and consumers, Kraft, Nestle, Pepsi, Campbell and General Mills, among others, have begun to trim the loads of salt, sugar and fat in many products.
Best place I’ve visited is probably Tanzania when I was younger and I’d love to go to America as I haven’t been to loads of places there yet.
I got asked to do loads of TV series, all sorts of things that weren’t me.
It’s great to have loads of Marvel movies, but the movies that reflect our lives – that’s why I came to the movies, and that’s what I love. I want to see stories about my life being reflected back at me, and there’s not that many of those anymore. It’s a real shame.
Sharon Maguire
I don’t have much time for the ‘sad clown‘ thing. It’s only associated with comedians because of the disparity between feeling like that and what we do for a living. I bet there are loads of sad bankers and sad dentists. We just don’t notice because they aren’t bringing that much joy to the world.
I’m fortunate in that I’m a lecturer too and this gets me out and about and away from the computer. I also have loads of friends all around the world, plus a core group of special people in my life that I can lean on, chat to, or just hang with.
You write in songs what you’re too scared to write in real life, and then you sing the songs to loads of people instead of telling it to the person you should be telling it to… Songs are a great way of dealing with those issues but kind of a coward‘s way as well.
I’m not a booky actor, I don’t go away and do loads of reading up on a part, generally. I’m more interested in what the people we’re portraying do physically, and looking at their sentence construction.
Andrew Buchan
Arsenal has been always been a big club in my eyes and I’ve seen them win loads of trophies. To be a part of it is just amazing, I just want to make history with the club.
I listen to loads of different music all the time.

I listen to loads of different music all the time.
We concentrate too much on ethnic diversity and not enough on class. It’s dead important to represent loads of different cultures. But what the BBC doesn’t do enough of is thinking about getting people from more working-class backgrounds.
If Im out and Im around loads of very high-profile footballers, fans always come up to me. I think they just feel comfortable coming over.
On long haul flights I always drink loads and loads of water and eat light and healthy food.
Lisa Snowdon
My mum is a primary school teacher and my dad is a music teacher and I’ve got loads of brothers and sisters.
I have a personal trainer who I work out with. She’s amazing and as well as making sure I do loads of sit-ups and press-ups, she also keeps an eye on what I eat.
Mollie King
I gained 65 pounds with my first baby and 70 with my second. I had severe morning sickness both times, so I mostly ate supersize bowls of white pasta with loads of butter and cheese because that was the only thing that took away the nausea.
It was different coming from Hale End to London Colney. The coaching is so much different and the environment – you’ve got loads of first team players and world-class players there.
Going into Chelsea when I was around seven for the trial, there were loads of boys there.
Tino Livramento
Busquets is a sitting midfield player who breaks up play, intercepts, passes it very quickly and is intelligent. That’s what he is. He’s not much more than that, but he gets a lot of praise for it. Whereas Eric Dier does a similar job, but sometimes gets loads of criticism for it.
Because I grew up listening to and watching loads of pop/pop rock videos, I’m very influenced by the 1990s.
Whenever a young comic asks me for advice I only have two things to say. One is to try and do what you think is genuinely funny and the other is just do loads of gigs.
The highs of having a big family were that there was always someone to play with and you get loads of birthday presents. The lows were sharing the bathroom.
All my life, as down an abyss without a bottom. I have been pouring van loads of information into that vacancy of oblivion I call my mind.
Festivals are fun for kids, fun for parents and offer a welcome break from the stresses of the nuclear family. The sheer quantities of people make life easier: loads of adults for the adults to talk to and loads of kids for the kids to play with.
It’s brilliant having loads of girls running after you. It’s also a shock when you realise just how much attention you’re getting. Eventually, you start to think, ‘I’d rather settle down and be normal.’
My very first acting job was with Alan Parker on’ Angela’s Ashes,’ but as a child, I had written to so many other productions just applying for any role. I always wanted to be an actress, and I did loads of acting summer schools.
Kerry Condon
I’ve met loads of black and brown and various people who are well into comics.
I think that writers are best served by sticking to their writing. Not having loads of theories about the best way to position the writing. I think that if the writing is good and the point of view is strong, the writing is going to take care of itself.
Confidence is something you’re born with. I know I had loads of it even at the age of 15.
No U.K. rapper has been in my position; there are loads of big rappers like Tinie Tempah or Skepta, but no one has done what I have: had mainstream success with underground music and pop music.
There are loads of women that don’t want children. What does it matter? I’m still a woman.
The meat that I choose to feed my family, it’s healthy meats such as lamb, which is very low in cholesterol and saturated fat. And then turkey – we eat a lot of turkey. We don’t eat loads of beef.
My standard training week, there’s a lot of training in there. I have a high-performance coach who manages these spreadsheets of mine, manages my sessions and my loads. It’s a very complicated process, and he puts me through about 22 sessions a week.
Until I went to Aston Villa I was scoring ‘X’ amount. It just did not happen there. That is it. I have seen it happen with loads of players.
Ross McCormack
They saw that it was a passion of mine from really young… My parents did a good job. They wanted me to win. They let me do all these things. If some old guy came to the house asking, ‘I want your kid to sign a contract,’ they were so open to it. Yeah, I credit them loads.
Loads of people talk about meditation and what it can do for your anxiety and I just really struggle to do traditional meditation. When they say, ‘Lay still and empty your brain,’ the minute I lay still, is the minute I think about everything that’s going on.
Obviously when I was younger, when I was three years old, I used to kick a football around in the park or in the garden. I’ve got loads of videos, pictures of me doing it.
I’d say, whatever happens, happens for good and that is what happened with me, loads of good.
‘Roc The Life’ is a song I wrote with The Dream, who made ‘Umbrella,’ ‘Single Ladies’ and loads more.
I’ve done an awful lot of skiing all over Europe: I’ve done Italy, Austria, France. I skied loads in New Zealand – I did pretty much every ski slope I could find.
Tokyo is unbelievable. They have loads for kids, and th

Tokyo is unbelievable. They have loads for kids, and the range of activities they can propose for young kids is incredible.
I did loads of jobs all the way through college, just for a bit of money in my pocket. There were some tough jobs, but I was lucky enough I enjoyed doing them. It was okay.
The thing about Prince Harry is that he has no choice. He’s not some egotistical rock star who wants loads of attention. That is his life. He didn’t ask for it, but he just has to deal with it.
I’m a really hectic dreamer; I never wake up not out of a dream, and there’s loads going on, lots of action, big blockbuster dreams, they’re all major enterprises.
Linda Grant
I cut up loads. I always want everything shorter, shorter, shorter.
London seems to be one step ahead of everywhere else which I like because you see things first. It’s where British fashion is developed and there are so many little vintage shops and boutiques; there are always loads on offer.
I don’t really have loads of friends – three or four who are close. The thing that I love the most is playing with my band, and with everything else I feel kind of uncomfortable. I don’t think I’m socially awkward. I just prefer being behind a piano.
I get recognised a fair bit. It goes up when ‘Peep Show’ or the sketch show is on the telly or when we’re doing loads of interviews.
I just did loads of dead-end jobs and a lot of travelling – just farting around, really. I had quite a lot of fun, but I’ve got no qualifications, no skills.
They will accuse me of stealing from my father. They already stand in baited judgement, waiting for my first move, waiting to dump their loads of garbage on me.
Game ideas on Kickstarter have found loads of success, even when they’re not as unusual as ‘BlindSide.’
Most organisms have loads of junk DNA – less pejoratively, noncoding DNA – cluttering their cells.
Keira was in America when we were having our moment in the sun in the U.K., so she was oblivious. But over the years, she came to loads of gigs and loved ‘Surfing the Void.’
There was a point when I was doing loads of shows that weren’t getting a series two and I was like, ‘One day, I’ll be in a show that comes back.’
I never wanted to do rap-rock because it had been done loads in the ’90s, but I love hip-hop and I love metal.
Have I ever presented a programme I don’t watch? Well, I’ve done loads of programmes that no one else watched!
Every player would like to go and win loads more, but not every player can.
With Juliet, if you read the Shake‘speare there is quite a clear idea of how she should be, but with the ballet you can get your teeth into her even more because there are loads of moments when you realise she is growing up.
I don’t want to be the same all the time and changing my hair is loads of fun.
People balk at the fact that I’ve played loads of gay characters. Maybe I have, but you know what? It doesn’t matter.
Dele Alli is probably the perfect example. He played loads of games for MK Dons at a young age. He got a move and kicked on from there because he had that experience behind him.
People sometimes get ideas about us that are not of our creation. Journalists, for instance, have always wanted us to be something we’re not. They’ve said that we have a big student fan-base, but that’s simply not true. We have loads of older fans as well. Increasingly, ladies in their mid-fifties seem to like us.
For pity‘s sake, if you don’t take a shine to a novel, there are loads more in the world; read something else. Continue suffering, and it’s not the author‘s fault. It’s yours.
I’ve got loads of nieces and nephews.
There’s less mystery in the sea than there is in fresh water. If you look at television there’s lots of documentaries on whales, on coral reefs, the deep oceanic trenches. There’s loads of stuff. But as soon as you look for anything about fresh water, the information is very sketchy.
My dad showed me loads of films when I was young, but I never thought I would be in movies. That didn’t seem like a real job to me.
For my mum, it was really important to teach me and my brothers, so it came more from her to be honest than anything else. She made sure that we just read loads of books about slavery, about black culture, about black history but I don’t think everyone would have had that obviously.
That was always something I remember, playing in loads of different positions when I was younger, and learning about what it takes to play a right-wing role, or holding midfield, or as a striker. I had a lot of experiences in those different formations and positions.
There were loads of managers who said, ‘You have to concentrate on being a winger because you have more potential there.’ But I was like, ‘You can say what you want, but I’m a midfielder, and I know what’s the best for me.’
I’ve always found that there are loads of people out there with real talent will never get discovered. Shows like ‘The X Factor‘ can help that and give people the confidence to do what they want.
Loads of people call me Bax. In my family I’m often called Hel, which isn’t as nice.
We'd love to collaborate with Sam Smith. I've told him.

We’d love to collaborate with Sam Smith. I’ve told him. Many times. We’ve got loads of songs we’ve written that we can literally just hear his voice on.
I don’t think I’ve ever properly been in love. I’ve had a few girlfriends and have liked them loads, but I’m not sure it was love.
Anger is an unnecessary emotion. Loads of stuff in life can trigger it, but what matters is how you react. I choose not to react.
It’s no secret that beauty starts with water. It’s just a basic thing – you look better if you drink loads of water. When I’m working, that’s definitely the main thing I do.
I’m a naturally upbeat person. Friends sometimes compare me to a labrador puppy, and I take that as a great compliment. I love life, I love people and I’ve got loads of energy right up to the moment when I’m suddenly asleep.
During a game, it comes down to your mind – the pressure. There are loads of other aspects, too. Many people say taking penalties is easy, but when you’re stood over one, that’s not the case. It’s in no way easy. The goal really does become a lot smaller.
Francesco Totti
I really do like the independent way of working. You don’t get much studio intrusion compared to when you’re working on a big Hollywood film where there tends to always be loads of people interfering. The only problem, though, with independent features is that they are hard to sell.
Steven Bauer
The newer homes did not sustain as much damage because they were built to better safety codes; they were better designed, higher wind loads for the roof. All of those facets made those homes sustain the storm a whole lot better.
Being mixed race in Britain in the ’80s and ’90s, there just weren’t loads of people who looked like me.
Biggie has definitely stood the test of time. He’s the reason Jay-Z and loads of other rappers are who they are. His flow and wordplay is brilliant – the stories he would tell are just nuts.
I get a trickling few scripts that I’m lucky enough that some of them are great. I don’t get loads of scripts.
If a novelist has created vivid characters, interesting relationships, settings the reader can easily imagine, and intriguing stories, a screenwriter has loads to work with. The challenge comes with deciding what to cut and what to keep.
I have loads of lip balm and lip glosses. Eve Lom Kiss Mix is one that I love. I also use a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Amazing Grace. In a pinch, I’ll put some on my cheeks as a blush.
Bands like Little Mix do represent youth culture because loads of 16 year old girls listen to them.
When the audience is awful you can still have a great night and people will walk out thinking they had a great time even though there was loads of loudmouths and the sound was terrible.
I was never the cool kid in school, and loads of people told me that I was weird, that I dressed uncool and did uncool things, that I was too nice, too happy.
I don’t think anyone ever plans to change line-ups, but it’s something that comes with being in bands. I was in a band once and there were always problems – members come and go – and some of the world’s biggest bands have changed line-ups loads!
I’ve got loads of photographs of me at home with two orbs that visit me. The two that I have are about the size of melons. One sits on my arm and the other is usually in the back of the shot, sitting just over my right shoulder.
I watch loads of football; whenever I am not playing, I am at home watching matches, including the English league.
I mean I get loads of money, all from different sources. You give it to your accountant. They manage it. But you pay corporation tax. If you’re then taking it out and spending it on yourself, you have to pay more.
I definitely have loads of respect for writers and the art of writing.
The make-up on ‘Footballers’ Wives‘ is unbelievable – there’s loads of fake tan.
When I was a teenager, I was really into hair; I dyed it different colours and had loads of haircuts. I shaved my head when I was 17 – it was pretty radical!
I literally did it through hard work and dedication. People out there who think you have to have loads of money to do this sport… it just shows you.
I use Amazon for books. I use Amazon for loads of other things. I regard Amazon as a source, as I think a lot of other people do.
When Chelsea let me go, it was really deflating. For me, as a youngster, it’s all I ever knew – living 10 minutes from the training ground, going to loads of the games.
Loads of people wrote me off.
One of my sons has a tattoo on his ankle that was meant to be Africa but looks like Australia, one of my sons mumbles, and one of my sons is a gay man. I’ll be honest, there’s been loads of nights when me and my wife have sat up and worried and worried and worried, ‘What are we going to do if he doesn’t stop mumbling?’
When you see the American chat shows, they’ve got so many ideas about what they could with the guests. I did stand-up on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ and they had loads of sketches and ideas, we don’t tend to do that here.
There’s loads of succession stories to draw on.
I feel really lucky that I somehow have blagged my way into loads of different experiences. I find making a film fascinating, I find making a play amazing, and working with my band and scoring things… it’s all really cool. I’m just a glutton for experience, really.
I always think the best players come from the areas whe

I always think the best players come from the areas where there are loads of chimney pots, where they have been brought up a little bit tougher than the others.
When I get home after being away for work, my wife always stuffs the fridge with loads of what she calls ‘nibbles’ – all the great things you can eat straight from the fridge, like chunks of cheese, slices of ham, bowls of hummus.
After ‘X Factor,’ I got loads of gigs. Then I went on holiday just after the tour and bought my Rolex in Tenerife. I needed to go through that phase – splurge and see that it’s worthless – to get it out of my system.
I get loads of messages from people telling me they’ve been helped through some bad relationship when they’ve listened to my song. That’s what I want to do.
I think sometimes men find it easier to be a carer than an accessory. I mean, most women I know in bands are pretty lonely. Guys don’t want to travel around with you. I know loads of women who do it, but guys don’t do it. They’re not brought up for it.
In some ways, I was confident as a teenager – I didn’t mind standing on stage in front of loads of people – but innately, I didn’t believe in myself. I would always put myself down before anyone else could.
Pair of Kings‘ is so much fun, literally. It is a very physical show with loads of stunts and green screen work, and you never know what great adventure is ahead of you! It’s also a nice change in terms of being of similar ages to Doc Shaw and Mitchel Musso.
I think ‘Sightseers’ was a bit of an epiphany, a massive learning curve, and it gave me loads of confidence to go out there, and also to create a female character which is completely unexpected and defies convention.
The only advantage of the CD is that you have a booklet that can tell a bit of a story, but the little covers are just boring. I love vinyl, and I have loads of it. It’s the same thing as digital photography versus film photography. It’s a quality thing.
I’ve had loads of kicks over the years, and I’m not really too fussed about them. I get kicked, and I don’t like to roll around or anything. I like to get back up pretty quickly, even if it hurt.
When I was in grade school in L.A., I really loved Cyndi Lauper. I did everything I could to look like her. I had wild outfits and always wore different coloured socks. I wore loads of ribbons in my hair and let them fall in my eyes.
If I wanted to show family or friends content that had loads of cursing in it, I wouldn’t be as proud of that.
To make a vehicle autonomous, you need to gather massive streams of data from loads of sensors and cameras and process that data on the fly so that the car can ‘see’ what’s around it.
I don’t know anyone, from any class, who’s had a perfectly easy life. I’ve met people born into wealthy families who feel like they didn’t have much emotional support, and people who come from working-class families who had loads of love but no money.
I didnt learn until I was about 26 that my dad was a national ballroom dancing champion. He won loads of trophies. Im not sure why he was so quiet about his achievements. Maybe he thought ballroom dancing wasnt a manly thing to do.
I don’t want to be forever rewinding the Groves fight because I want to have loads of others to watch too.
My dad took me to loads of concerts when I was growing up.
Some government expenditure actually makes a profit. Our theatre leads the world. Loads of tourists must be attracted by the fact that you could spend a week in London doing nothing but visit superb museums and galleries, free.
I just had loads of thoughts in my head, and I didn’t like talking about them, so I kind of just sung about them.
Thomas Grennan
I think, as a tire manufacturer, you need to deliver a product that, up to a certain specification, needs to hold the loads and the speed. But you want a tire which degrades in performance so the races are not boring, while at the same time, you want it to have peak performance. All together is a very difficult task.
Because even very young people are expert readers of pictures, you can convey very complex and subtle messages through pictures that you’d need loads of words to explain. Making a picture book is also a bit like making your own film – and you can make anything you want happen, however impossible!
Mini Grey
We really wanted to be rock ‘n’ roll, so we became rock ‘n’ roll, and really good at it, but you pick up loads of layers and you completely forget who you are and what you are.
I have taken a good look at myself loads of times.
I’m not the guy that wants to be famous and make loads of money and sell loads of records. I don’t want that. I just want to be true. I want to be… I want to serve music. I want to be honest.
I like to help create team spirit in the dressing room. I feel that I’ve got loads of love to give.
You can never say never in this game, but I can’t see myself boxing again. There’s loads of things I want to do.
People offer me loads of stuff, and some of it I like, but I just can’t do it because I can’t write it all. So I might get in the position where I have some sort of company and just write maybe the first episode, but these are love projects, in a way.
I got offered loads of reality shows, including ‘I’m A Celebrity‘ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’
I want to do comedy films, serious films – I admire the actors who fly under the radar but get loads done, pop up in a lot of good films.
Craig Roberts
I have long been one of those tedious people who rails against the coronation of ‘student-athletes.’ I have heard the argument that big-time athletics bring in loads of money to universities. I don’t believe the money goes anywhere other than back into the sports teams, but that’s another story.
Loads of players love the stock markets. For me, it’s fashion.
I was getting loads of tweets from people saying that S

I was getting loads of tweets from people saying that Shawn Michaels had talked about me on Chris Jericho’s podcast and then I got to meet Shawn Michaels when I was over in Florida.
I do cryotherapy, which is where you’re in minus 70 and you have three minutes of deep freeze and your body thinks it’s dying so it produces loads of blood cells and then you’re fineapparently.
Loads of verses don’t make it into the finished song.
I auditioned for ‘Game of Thrones’ seven times! Loads of times.
My dad Peter, who was my roadie when I was starting out, had loads of confidence but couldn’t sing.
My songwriting process, and maybe loads of other people’s, is just this sort of smashing together of emotions and stuff to make some music. It’s kind of simple and really complex at the same time and, as you can see, incredibly hard to explain.
When you’re working so much, it’s so hard. When you do have time off, or when I had time off, rather than going out and seeing loads of people and being really sociable, I was always quite a homebody.
Whole foods like grains and beans release their sugar very, very slowly because of the fiber in them, and they don’t give you a sugar rush. They feed your cells as needed, and as a result, you have loads of stable energy that powers you through the day.
I was at sea the other day and loads of meat floated past. It was a bit choppy.
I never started in boxing to be a British champion or a world champion. There are loads of world champions in Britain, and if you mention them to someone out there on the street, nobody knows who they are.
There aren’t many people who say that Europe is a territory, or Asia is a territory – it’d be suicide. And there are even more people in America than in Europe. I think it’s strange, really. I basically see it as loads of different places.
Turn up your radio. Watch lots of telly and eat loads of choc. Feel guilty. Stay up all night. Learn everything in six hours that has taken you two years to compile. That’s how I did it.
There are loads of bands I’d love to produce.
I always try to travel as light as possible. I feel really embarrassed having loads of luggage.
I see my music as Emotional Therapeutic Pop music that bleeds into loads of different genres.
You can make loads of great saves, but if you concede, it’s, ‘That’s what we will show the world.’
People like Little Mix… they’ve got a big lot of choreography that they need to do so it’s difficult to sing and dance at the same time. I think if they’ve got to do a big performance with loads of visuals behind, they need to possibly mime at some point.
I’m a terrible sleeper because I work all the time. I stay up late almost every night working, whether it’s on a TV or live show. I come up with new ideas, do research, watch loads of TED talks, or find psychology articles.
There are loads of things you can sit and assess but it does come down to one match at a time. This game does speak for itself.
I love single life! Why would it be boring? I mean, I get to travel around and have loads of girls screaming at me, so it’s definitely not boring. However, it can get lonely on the road, but I’m sorted I’ve got good people around me.
If we had loads of money as a family, things would be different and they’d come to visit more and I’d get to spend more time here. But I’m laying down roots in America so when I’m there, just being at home, it’s harder to break away from that.
I have been in many teams that have had loads of talent but did not make it through and been with teams that did not have that much talent and ended up being champions.
I don’t think I can plate-spin, I’ve turned loads of things down because I just can’t get the time to do it.
I couldn’t hope to be in anything better than ‘Misfits.’ The reaction from fans has been mental. The weirdest thing is when people tell me I’m their inspiration. I can’t believe I get fan mail, and loads of free clothes. Adidas sent me lots of stuff; it’s wicked!
Lauren Socha
This game is a profession now, it’s not a hobby any more. You can earn great money and there are loads of people earning a living out of the game.
I’m obsessed with not chucking away food. I’m lucky enough to have a gardener, so we grow sweetcorn, tomatoes, beetroots, cabbages, pumpkins, lettuce. I’m trying to get into blanching it and freezing so I don’t have to buy veg over the winter, but then you need loads of freezers, and that’s not ideal.
I’ve played in practically every city in Scotland, and loads of towns as well. I just feel very grateful that I’m able to do that.
I get quite lazy about cooking because when I come back from work it is the last thing I want to do, really is spend loads of time cooking.
I have loads of underwear, but only wear the bras because I never wear knickers.
Loads of chemicals and hazardous wastes have been introduced into the atmosphere that didn’t even exist in 1948. The environmental condition of the planet is far worse than it was 42 years ago.
Gaylord Nelson
I’ve done loads of things people have never seen – dramas on BBC4 and plays upstairs at the Royal Court and the Bush – and because I didn’t go to drama school, they gave me an education.
Rafe Spall
I would want like, model-slash-actress-slash-designer-s

I would want like, model-slash-actress-slash-designer-slash-mother-slash… cook! I just like having my finger in loads of pies all the time.
I’d rather go to school and do loads of music than anything else.
I think the best thing that I can do is be myself. I don’t know about being a role model; I think placing that sort of title on myself is too much. It’s trying to be this thing that puts loads of pressure on something.
The attractions of Thailand for me are the shops and the colorful street markets. There are loads of bargains and it’s a dream destination for shopaholics like myself.
Work hard, play hard, dream big, love loads, laugh as much as you can, and give back.
I studied classics, and I find it mystifying that we had Medea and Electra and Antigone and all these amazing characters, and they don’t really exist in cinema now. The only person who’s really doing it, and he gets loads of criticism for it, is Lars Von Trier.
My character in ‘Fanaah’ has a cool and crazy look at the same time. I’m very particular about my accessories and clothes and love discussing and working on the look with the team. We all work on it together and gather loads of references.
But for me it’s loads of pressure. Like, my mum is a strong independent woman, but obviously she relies on me a little bit. My little brother has his own job but he relies on me.
I’ve been moved around my whole life and it’s been documented, so if you get paid loads of money to go on TV and act like a right idiot… great stuff!
I’ll tell you who I really like – the lawyer Imran Khan. I did my dissertation on stop-and-search powers, and I put in loads of quotes from him. Years later, when I was selling insurance over in Harley Street, he rang up and asked for insurance. He told me his name, and I asked him if he was the lawyer, and he said yes.
Adeel Akhtar
As a kid I had a very unhealthy diet. I try not to place any blame. Mum was uneducated in cooking. She left school and home at 15, had my older brother when she was 17 and me at 19. It was usually frozen meals and lots of cola, peanut butter, jam sandwiches, sweets and loads of chocolates.
I grew up listening to loads of afrobeats; my grandad’s Sierra Leonean, so that was always around. My mum loves those kind of beats, too.
I didn’t want a big, dramatic wedding, but loads of drama happened anyway.