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You go to Africa, and you see how things are over there

You go to Africa, and you see how things are over there. Spiritually, it opens you up.
I’m not somebody that opens a playbook and just turns and reads and reads. That doesn’t do it for me.
I think it’s a huge a opportunity for me, because I am part of a film that has stars like Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Bobby Deol. It will grab eyeballs and I will get noticed, too. I hope ‘Race 3’ opens more doors for me.
Art work is inconclusive. It opens your mind up. At least, that’s what I hope it does. And advertising, using exactly the same photograph, closes things down. It makes it conclusive. It sells a product, and that is its primary function.
I’m convinced whenever something opens on Broadway, it’s a miracle. It’s a miracle that people survived.
I like visiting the parliament, listening to the discussions and raising questions. It’s a stimulating environment and it opens your world view.
Jaya Bachchan
The emergence of a child opens up this well of love that you just never knew you were able to have. And it’s empowering.
I long for quiet places and Bhushan is crazy about shopping. He’s at the mall even before it opens! Shopping and cars are his two biggest passions, so we invariably end up shopping and renting a car when we are abroad.
Music is my first love and the thing that I feel extremely connected to. I feel like I still have a long way to go within that in terms of being able to perform and write songs. But, yeah, I really hope ‘The Possession’ opens doors for me to do more acting, because I really enjoyed it.
A man from a primitive culture who sees an automobile might guess that it was powered by the wind or by an antelope hidden under the car, but when he opens up the hood and sees the engine he immediately realizes that it was designed.
There are two types of people in this world: one who opens a packet of biscuits, has one and puts the rest back in the cupboard, and one who eats the whole packet in one go.
Travelling, in general, opens your mind to so many different cultures and different ways of thinking and different ways of seeing stuff. I definitely feel like it has an influence on my music to be a bit more broader and a bit more open.
For me, it’s about eating a bunch of fruit and exercising, which opens up the creativity, makes it easier to give ideas a chance and bubble to the surface. I’m no angel, but it helps me, as does hiking, heading to the ocean to catch some waves – for me, sweating it out is definitely good for the creative process.
Being independent opens the doors to so many other things for you.
I think directing in a team is a really good idea because it stops the cult of the director as God straight away, and also you’re discussing things on set so it opens it out to everyone and it becomes a totally collaborative thing. And you have someone who supports you when you’re feeling a bit insecure.
Anything that opens up people’s perceptions a bit is good.
Kindness is a passport that opens doors and fashions friends. It softens hearts and molds relationships that can last lifetimes.
Hard work opens doors and shows the world that you are serious about being one of those rare – and special – human beings who use the fullness of their talents to do their very best.
There’s something about doing Shakespeare with a single gender, whether it is all-male or all-female, that opens up certain possibilities. You are able to throw the behavior of the men into a particular relief and be playful within a slightly larger-than-life way with it.
Songs are my diaries; they always have been. You have to put your trust in everyone because putting down those real, personal details and thoughts that make a song authentic also opens you right up. I am constantly misunderstood; a lot of people just don’t get me.
The difference that a drama group or a cinema club can make to a small village or a town. It opens people up to ideas, potential about themselves that really, in a way, education often fails to. It’s a way of drawing a community together.
An eyelash curler changes your entire face. It opens your eyes up.
I have two daughters: One an open book, one a locked box. So the question of privacy is a challenging one. How much do kids need? How much should we give? How do we prepare them to live in a world where the very notion of privacy opens a generational chasm?
Education is a way of empowering people; it opens up so many doors and is fundamental to everybody. And teachers are not often appreciated in the way that they should be.
‘Five, Six, Seven, Nate!’ opens on my 13-year-old protagonist packing up a duffel bag and bidding his Midwestern town goodbye, heading off to start rehearsals for his New York City debut in ‘E.T.: The Musical.’
Tim Federle
A good poem is an amazing thing: a perfectly distilled, articulate moment. It opens you up – sometimes slowly, like the blooming of a flower, and sometimes with a quick knife-slice.
You walk through a series of arches, so to speak, and then, presently, at the end of a corridor, a door opens and you see backward through time, and you feel the flow of time, and realize you are only part of a great nameless procession.
John Huston
The way Nolan looks at things is just amazing. It can be easily seen in all his films. I was just watching his videos on how he came up with the screenplay of ‘Memento,’ and it’s just extraordinary. It just opens up your mind.
It’s similar to basketball: when you go to different gyms and win or lose, you learn something new. So when kids get out of the classroom, go to a new environment and meet different people, it opens their eyes to new things, and they have fun learning.
Choosing forgiveness opens the door of your heart and makes way for a miracle in your life.
It is sometimes the man who opens the door who is the last to enter the room.
Character is power; it makes friends, draws patronage a

Character is power; it makes friends, draws patronage and support and opens the way to wealth, honor and happiness.
John Howe
The Islamic culture is a question mark for many people across the world, but Qatar opens its doors to supporters all over the world so they can learn from this old culture.
It opens the lungs, washes the countenance, exercises the eyes, and softens down the temper; so cry away.
History opens up new worlds to film-makers all the time.
People had always vaguely mentioned that when you have children, how part of your life would stop. But they don’t say that some other extraordinary part of your life opens up.
Arriving home on a weeknight is guaranteed to be the least relaxing part of my day. The door opens, and two Tasmanian devil-children fly at me, showing me art projects and asking for snacks. My bag has barely hit the floor before I’m off doing 20 things at once, none of which is preparing dinner.
Point-to-point transit via low orbit could dramatically speed up international flights, connecting the world even further. And safe, consistent space travel opens up the possibility of commercial space stations, trips to the moon and exploration beyond.
Ben Parr
If you are really challenged, and if you are willing to take the plunge, very often some of the path opens up in front of you.
The Internet is a wonderful thing, but it opens the door to many crimes, so you have to stay ahead of it.
The fact is that a bill allowing any employer to deny insurance coverage based on a moral objectionalong with giving an employer permission to ask for medical records showing why a woman is taking birth control – opens up a set of problems that I’m sure its sponsors have not fully considered.
Every boy learns more in his hours of play than in his hours of labor. In school, he lays in the materials of thinking, but in his sports, he actually thinks: he whets his faculties, and he opens his eyes.
If a guy is skilled at anything, that’s attractive. There’s something very primal about that and, sure, it can be as simple as figuring out the tip quickly. It’s really cool when a guy tips 20 percent quickly and effortlessly so that when the check comes, he opens it and signs his name and done.
As you get older, subconsciously you start thinking about mortality and protecting your offspring. It opens up a whole new avenue of life experiences.
Being a father at a later age is different from when I had my other two daughters when I was in my 20s and 30s. If you’re in your 60s and you’re with the kid every day, you’re dealing with the mind of a child, so it opens up that childishness in you again.
Once you work with a studio on a film, the studio is sort of like this enormous clam that just opens, takes everything and then closes, and no one enters again. They own it all.
It’s a wonderful profession, and it opens lots of doors, and I think it’s quite right that people can accuse actors and actresses of being dilettante, but you learn on every job, whatever it is, the process moves you on in some way, and yeah, I want to expand my knowledge of our existence, I suppose.
I’m aware people will think I’ve had an easy way into a dream career. My view is, if anyone has opportunities, they’ll take them. My surname opens doors, but those doors will slam firmly if I’m no good.
Sometimes something opens up in your brain as I’m writing, thinking about the song, and it’s like a whirlwind. It all comes together and I could hear what I wanted the songs to sound like, I just didn’t know how to express it.
The repose of sleep refreshes only the body. It rarely sets the soul at rest. The repose of the night does not belong to us. It is not the possession of our being. Sleep opens within us an inn for phantoms. In the morning we must sweep out the shadows.
Gaston Bachelard
High energy creates more energy, more energy, more energy. It kicks off synapses, I guess. It opens up your brain and you think of one thing after another thing, after another. You can really open yourself up comedically, which is fun.
What we find is that if you have a goal that is very, very far out, and you approach it in little steps, you start to get there faster. Your mind opens up to the possibilities.
I loved to read books in the free world, and there was a lot of time to sit around and do nothing in prison. When you read, it opens up your mind; it helped us take our minds away from where we were.
A narrative is like a room on whose walls a number of false doors have been painted; while within the narrative, we have many apparent choices of exit, but when the author leads us to one particular door, we know it is the right one because it opens.
A lot of the game of AI today is finding the appropriate business context to fit it in. I love technology. It opens up lots of opportunities. But in the end, technology needs to be contextualized and fit into a business use case.
Whether it’s color palettes for my apparel collection or materials for handbags and shoes or inspiration for fine jewelry, traveling expands your mind and opens you up to different things you haven‘t seen before.
Saying, ‘I’ll find the answer for you,’ opens the door for people to still come to me with questions. Even if I don’t have an immediate answer, I build trust by finding the answer.
We’ve always used that as a goal – the record that literally every single track on it could be a hit. A record that breaks doors down, that opens up new opportunities to us, that helps you achieve true immortality as an artist.
We’re made for the light of a cave and for twilight. Twilight is the time we see best. When we dim the light down, and the pupil opens, feeling comes out of the eye like touch. Then you really can feel colour, and experience it.
Just be honest with yourself. That opens the door.
The test of a real comedian is whether you laugh at him before he opens his mouth.
My greatest platform is not with all my degrees, everything else, it’s not all my books, everything. It’s that I’m known as a man who loves his wife and spends time with his children. That opens more; I speak as a daddy.
I might be eating something, and the bag opens in a coo

I might be eating something, and the bag opens in a cool way, and I’m like, ‘I wanna put that in the song.’
He who opens a school door, closes a prison.
If you’ve got a wound, and it’s just about to heal up, and it’s got a nice scab on it, and you think in two or three days, that’s gonna be completely healed, then somebody comes along and pokes it with a stick, and it opens up again. And that’s what happens with the Ritchie-and-Deep Purple situation.
Why do alcoholics begin down the same hazardous road day after day? They are in search of that elusive window of well-being that opens when you drink your way out of a hangover and aren’t yet drunk all over again. The alcoholic’s day consists of trying to keep that window open.
I think education is one of the greatest tools for most kids not only to expand their book knowledge, but their ability to experience new things – I think it opens more doors than any other experience I can think of.
A deep ocean under the icy crust of Ganymede opens up further exciting possibilities for life beyond Earth.
I have so many things that I want to do with my life. I just don’t see myself being a fighter forever. Boxing is my love and passion. It also opens up and sets up other things in my life as well.
The great thing about games is that it’s tremendously collaborative, and it opens you up to this other world of thinking and storytelling and how you construct those stories.
Bruce Feirstein
I read to my children, and now they love to read. I encourage parents to carve out just 20 minutes a day. It helps you learn more about them, and really opens the door for you to speak into their life!
Sometimes I feel an obligation to be accessible as a personality, but for me the driving force since the beginning has always been good work, taking risks, trying new things. If the door opens, go through it. Always go forwards.
David Soul
Wagner always opens you a second breath, and then you go on, and you are absolutely into his musical world, and you can’t stop, and you can listen for four hours, five hours, six hours, and then you are like in his mystical hands of his music. He’s such a great poet of music.
Most dressing rooms are sterile and they feel like someone else’s space. But over two weeks of previews, before the show officially opens, they transformfilling up with cards, flowers, home comforts.
The Internet opens up so many doors. It’s a phenomenal tool for education but also a way for people to be scary and dangerous. We’re living in a world where we can be hacked and exposed.
God our Heavenly Father knows us by name. Jesus Christ lives; He is the Messiah. He loves us. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real; it brings immortality to all and opens the door to eternal life.
As you grow older, there are lesser and lesser roles for you in the movies, while in dance the field opens up as you mature.
I never got a formal education. So my intellect is my common sense. I don’t have anything else going for me. And my common sense opens the door to instinct.
I think the more wins you have, it shows that your players are more talented so it opens up your ability to upgrade the team if necessary.
Whenever one reads of the determination of the species, or opens a book on natural science and history, in whatever language, one inevitably comes across the name of Linne.
Johannes Vilhelm Jensen
If you spend long enough with a bunch of guys, things will inevitably start to rankle. You’re going to hate the way the singer comes into the room and opens the curtains ‘cos he’s done it too fast or whatever.
I watch these old films in black and white, and suddenly the door opens, and there I am. The other day, I was wearing the most awful hat.
Joan Hickson
Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness.
I rarely asks people for advice or permission when I’m planning on doing something I feel strongly about. That only opens the plan up to be crapped on.
Freedom requires religion just as religion requires freedom. Freedom opens the windows of the soul so that man can discover his most profound beliefs and commune with God. Freedom and religion endure together, or perish alone.
A. S. Byatt is a writer in mid-career whose time has certainly come, because ‘Possession’ is a tour de force that opens every narrative device of English fiction to inspection without, for a moment, ceasing to delight.
In contrast, Christianity, while acknowledging the presence of suffering, declares that life can be infinitely worth living and opens the way to eternal life in fellowship with God Who so loved the world that He gave Himself in Christ.
You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.
Barbara Sher
Truthfully, I think anything involving Tebow opens people’s eyes.
I guess I’m pleased and proud of the respect of my peers, and that when I disappear from the scene or from this earth, I will have left a mark. They’ll say, ‘He did it well.’ I like being funny; it opens people up.
If a great opportunity opens itself up, I would love to be involved… or star in a movie.
I’m not a person who opens up to people, and I feel like music is my way of doing that.
Not everything that happens in an in-person classroom is currently replicated with an online course, and perhaps the experience will never be the quite the same. But there are new opportunities that online learning opens up that would have never been possible without this technology.
Daphne Koller
Have you ever wondered why young people take to music l

Have you ever wondered why young people take to music like fish to water? Maybe it’s because music is fun. Plan and simple. It opens up their minds to dream great dreams about where they can go and what they can do when they get older.
Isaac Hayes
What the iPad does is it opens people’s minds to a new way of doing things. They’re actually thirsting for it.
Music can be just one-sided if you hear it, but if you see it with a visual and an image, it opens up a whole new world. I feel like it’s all connected.
I’d open doors for anyone who opens doors for me.
I believe if you can have an open dialogue about anything, whether it’s a book or a movie or TV show, it’s this door that suddenly opens your mind to new ideas.
Camera 1.0 was film. Camera 2.0 was digital. 3.0 is a light-field camera that opens all these new possibilities for your picture taking.
Art is something that opens up and enhances your emotions and that’s what I like to think I’m doing.
Anyone who spends time on the road knows there’s something special about being in the middle of Utah or Nebraska – you sit with it, and there’s a peace about it. You can go left or right, and it opens up all kinds of doors. You take your own path.
That’s the magic of art and the magic of theatre: it has the power to transform an audience, an individual, or en masse, to transform them and give them an epiphanal experience that changes their life, opens their hearts and their minds and the way they think.
Food is kind of my entry card into everything. Food kind of opens the doors… because food is peace. It’s good; it’s positive.
For me, education is very important. It opens up vistas of life and makes it easy for you to deal with it, because if you learn from other people’s experiences, it enhances your life.
It’s an exciting life. I don’t know where God is leading us. I just know that He opens doors and He closes the doors, and it is always the best for us.
When Joker hits his three, it opens up the game for everybody.
Lympne Castle opens its doors to visitors during the summer only. It is privately owned, and more an interesting medieval manor than a castle.
When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.
Prince Philip
The resolution has made a real threat of war go away and opens the way for further work in the interests of a political- diplomatic settlement of the situation around Iraq.
Igor Ivanov
Fun opens the doors to creativity, which then leads to inspiration, which then births passion, which all together equals both happiness and success!
Rachele Brooke Smith
When I’m out and people ask me what I do for a living, the worst thing you can say is, ‘I’m a singer.’ It opens up a can of worms.
Humor disarms people. It opens them up to starting a dialogue about things they wouldn’t normally talk about. I don’t understand how people who don’t have a sense of humor get through life.
If god closes one door, he opens 10 other doors. I believe Im alive today to achieve something. Set the goal and work relentlessly without fear.
The Secret Revelation of John opens, again, in crisis. The disciple John, grieving Jesus’ death, is walking toward the temple when he meets a Pharisee who mocks him for having been deceived by a false messiah. These taunts echoed John’s own fear and doubt.
People are looking for a way in which their spiritual life can be deepened. They are finding it in some of our Catholic parishes and sometimes not in others, and that opens the door for them to go elsewhere.
I don’t immerse myself in the Internet chatter because it opens you up to a whole source of danger.
I only use one side of the Physicians Formula Twin Cream Concealer Opens a New Window – the yellower side. It’s great for covering up red spots.
We’ve learned that when a consumer moves from a relationship rooted in ‘me’ to one powered by ‘we,’ a new world of buying and advocacy opens up for a brand.
Indulged habits of dependence create habits of indolence, and indolence opens the portal to petty errors, to many degrading habits, and to vice and crime with their attendant train of miseries.
On my first mission, I was the spacewalk supervisor: the person that runs the spacewalk from inside the vehicle. As such, I was the one that closed the hatch when my colleagues left to work outside for six hours. And I was also the person who opens the hatch when they come back, and we repressurize.
When you’re talking about people’s clothes, you’re also talking about their bodies. That opens up some kind of vulnerability.
Television opens up some bloody great doors. That’s the plus. The minus is the attention it brings.
Little Richard opens his mouth, and out comes liberation.
One trick I swear by: I pour a little neroli or lavender oil onto a hot towel and use it to wipe off my makeup. It opens up my pores, and then my face cream sinks in better.
I think everyone is just expanding, with the centers sh

I think everyone is just expanding, with the centers shooting 3s. I think that just opens the floor up a lot more. A lot more shots are going up, a lot more freedom of movement. It makes it more of an exciting game.
Bilingualism opens doors and provides opportunity to our children so they can shine and become successful in a labor market that is increasingly competitive and globalized.
Luis Fortuno
The people of Canada have worked hard to build a country that opens its doors to include all, regardless of their differences; a country that respects all, regardless of their differences; a country that demands equality for all, regardless of their differences.
Akshay Kumar is a senior in the industry, and I consider myself lucky to be working with him. Each film of his opens to a packed house. Today, a film will sell only if you have a story. The audience is smart and won’t be taken for a ride. And I’m confident about my movies.
Country radio certainly widens the boundaries of what I can do. Other artists may do something more edgy that gets on radio and that opens the door for me to be more edgy, I think.
Clint Black
I always said that I want to write a book about success and my story and my brand and everything that goes with it, as a woman, as a leader, as someone who has stepped up to the plate and who opens the door for the rest of the women from the Middle East.
Technology has changed the fan/actor interaction quite a bit. Now it’s really easy to communicate with a large group of people in a really short time, and that… opens a lot of possibilities. You can do a lot of things with it that you couldn’t do before. It’s kind of fun to figure out how that can be employed.
It’s really about making opportunities for yourself and connecting with people on a more-than-normal level. That opens doors. You never know if the caterer’s brother is someone. You don’t know who someone is having dinner with that night. So being a nice person and touching people creates opportunity.
I think it helps in any comedy room for a woman to have very strong, respected convictions, because then it opens the door up a little bit for other women to have that.
I have witnessed how education opens doors, and I know that when sound instruction takes place, students experience the joys of new-found knowledge and the ability to excel.
Daniel Akaka
President Obama called for a ‘we’ nation in his Inauguration Address. Art convenes. It is not just inspirational. It is aspirational. It pricks the walls of our compartmentalized minds, opens our hearts and makes us brave. And that’s what we need most in our country today.
I think every credit you get and every film you have your name attached to makes things a little bit easier. It definitely opens doors up, but it’s still a grind.
Depression opens the door to beauty of some kind.
If you desire something, you don’t have it. It is more interesting than enjoyment, because enjoyment erases the mysteries and the vision of desire. Desire opens up possibilities but never achieves anything, whereas enjoyment is just the brutal achievement of something – and after that, it’s done.
A lot of people think that, as a person, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is very serious. However, he is very funny and witty. Once he opens up with you, he can be the funniest person around.
It’s rare when suddenly a window opens up, and you see a side of a celebrity you’ve never seen before, good or bad.
But I could not imagine having a child and the child not having a relationship with music that opens up their mind and their imagination and teaches them things.
It is nice to know different languages and cultures because it opens up your window to life.
Once we relieve them from sanctions, their economy opens up, and they can sell oil and pistachios and whatever else they sell around the world. That was why Iran needed a deal. Everyone knows they fund terrorism around the world. Having that extra money will add a lot of problems and create a lot more hot spots.
Driving and getting downhill kind of opens everything up for me, opens up the shot, allows me to get to the free throw line.
Home – that blessed word, which opens to the human heart the most perfect glimpse of Heaven, and helps to carry it thither, as on an angel’s wings.
Lydia M. Child
Frank‘s audience doesn’t care if a girl singer, a comic or an organ grinder with a monkey opens the show. They are there to see HIM.
I always pray for God’s guidance in my life and he always provides it. He opens the right doors he shuts the right doors. And I have tremendous faith in him. He just guided my career in an amazing way.
Look at Colby Covington. The guy can fight, and the guy can talk. To a lot of people, he just grinds people out, and many people consider him boring, but because he opens his mouth, people want to watch him fight. A lot of people want to see him win; a lot of people want to see him lose.
I am ketchup conscious, so I do carry ketchup around with me. The best one is the Heinz Organic Ketchup Opens a New Window.
Evolution seems to close the heart to some of the plainest spiritual truths while it opens the mind to the wildest guesses advanced in the name of science.
John is a cottage industry in Baltimore and the city opens its doors for him whenever he is making a new film.
Mink Stole
With the R&B, gospel feel that ‘Sparkle‘ has, that opens the door for my fans to be more accepting of that sound and also for me to try it.
As long as your ideology identifies the main source of the world’s ills as a definable group, it opens the world up to genocide.
Lake Garda it’s very different. The northern part of the lake is very much Loch Ness, deep sides, but as soon as you get into the south it opens out. You walk around, you see shallow waters, and you see weeds that should feed a small fish. You think, ‘Ah, this is different’.
I learned that if we embrace what’s happening, we are also embracing what is possible – and a road opens up for God to meet us halfway.
Suzan-Lori Parks
Acting is my interest, but it opens up avenues.

Acting is my interest, but it opens up avenues.
When a door closes, if you look long enough and hard enough, if you’re strong enough, you’ll find a window that opens.
Sneakers are a new era. Anyone can feel new with a new pair of shoes. They make you feel contemporary. It’s fun because I’m not a young designer, and it opens my brain. Hip-hop isn’t just for the U.S. Everyone loves it.
Earning a certificate or degree, or both, after high school opens the door to countless economic opportunities.
The cosmical importance of this conclusion is profound and the possibilities it opens for the future very remarkable, greater in fact than any suggested before by science in the whole history of the human race.
Francis William Aston
Myself and Tony Parker must be aggressive and attack the rim, because when we do so, we are at our best, and that opens up perimeter opportunities.
Everybody loves vampire stories, and if there’s one show in particular that’s done really well, it just opens the door and the opportunity for more of those kind of stories to get through.
My number-one website is It opens you up to different authors and gives insights into the literary world. Reading about the love letters novelist Vladimir Nabokov wrote to his wife Vera blew my mind. Fascinating.
The study of the human character opens at once a beautiful and a deformed picture of the soul.
I think you only hold U.S. Opens on great courses.
Tom Lehman
Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren’t even there before.
A virtuous character is likened to an unblemished flower. Piety is a fadeless bud that half opens on earth and expands through eternity. Sweetness of temper is the odor of fresh blooms, and the amaranth flowers of pure affection open but to bloom forever.
Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or you stay afraid of taking them.
Money opens up wonderful worlds of possibilities.
Like all sciences, chemistry is marked by magic moments. For someone fortunate enough to live such a moment, it is an instant of intense emotion: an immense field of investigation suddenly opens up before you.
Yves Chauvin
Becoming a CoverGirl is truly an honor and a gift. It opens up a new platform for me to inspire women to feel stronger, braver and more beautiful inside and out.
The idea of a poem as a message in a bottle means that it’s sent out towards some future reader, and the reader who opens that bottle becomes the addressee of the literary text.
The Internet opens a lot of doors to those who are passionate.
Our trade opens to all the world.
Ezra Stiles
You need doors to open, you need a chance – and you have got to have something, to take your chance when the door opens at the right time. My first port of call was to be a manager, then it was a successful manager, then it was a Premier League manager.
I work very hard, but when God opens that door for you – when life opens that door for you, I should say – I think it’s important to be giving, to return the love back.
The fact of being an underdog changes people in ways that we often fail to appreciate. It opens doors and creates opportunities and enlightens and permits things that might otherwise have seemed unthinkable.
When we shift back to feeling the sensations in our body and connect to what’s in front of us, the creative channel opens up.
Josh Pais
Oscar always opens up doors, especially the night of the Oscars. On that night, you hold that gold man, and it’s like having Gandalf’s staff. You can go anywhere and do anything. It’s a talisman of such power.
That’s why I love wine, it opens people up, brings people together, and it’s an important part of so many of my favourite memories.
The thing is I write to music, so every script I have has its own playlist. Music just opens me up to the emotions that I’m writing. It’s just a pretty cool thing.
I think the really cool and compelling thing about math and physics is that it opens up entry to all these hypotheticals – or at least, it gives you the language to talk about them. But at the same time, if a scenario is completely disconnected from reality, it’s not all that interesting.
I think, for me, winning opens doors to all types of shapes and sizes and genres to come on the show and kill it. I’m probably the antithesis of what American Idols have been.
Caleb Johnson
You know, the great thing about acting or, indeed, filmmaking in general, is that we’re all given a reason to do research. You kind of have to, really, if you want to know what you’re doing, but it opens up this whole new understanding.
Danny Huston
When the transfer window opens, every player can leave his club and find another challenge.
If you play well and consistently, it opens up a lot of opportunities.
Being out there, as a 22-year-old, it opens your eyes u

Being out there, as a 22-year-old, it opens your eyes up to the highest level of the sport. It can only do good things.
Shirley Temple opens doors for Shirley Temple Black.
One result of moviemaking – and a side effect of moviegoing – is familiarity. If an actor is particularly good, familiarity opens into something deeper: care, concern, identification, empathy. Yet even those concepts can feel inadequate for some actors.
I have an interest in spirituality, and it opens up so many different areas of Indian life.
Francois Gautier
Why does there exist a global American entertainment industry, but there isn’t an equivalent coming from France or Italy? This is the case simply because the English language opens the whole world to the American cinema.
A bore is a person who opens his mouth and puts his feats in it.
Ab-Souls Outro’ serves as a jazzy, spoken summation of ‘Section.80’s themes. Guest cohort Ab-Soul opens the song with one urgent verse after another: Flowing freely like the saxophone behind him, his words advocate veering outside life’s most predictable pathways.
What is important is not getting intoxicated with a good feeling or getting intoxicated even with an insight. These take many forms in our practice. We go through times of great release, where there has been physical holding for what feels like forever, and something opens up and releases.
Becoming a father increases your capacity for love and your level of patience. It opens up another door in a person – a door which you may not even have known was there. That’s what I feel with my son. There’s suddenly another level of love that expands. My son is my greatest joy, out of everything in my life.
If something comes that it is so extreme that you have difficulty thinking of it as a good thing, don’t think of it as a good thing and kid yourself. To the extent that you can, don’t label it a bad thing. Refusing to label something a bad thing opens you up to possibilities you would not have even considered otherwise.
There is going to be a hundred thousand doors slammed in your face before one opens, so feel ok about taking rejection.
Heather Matarazzo
I think that being a conscious parent opens your eyes to the fact that any adult relationships that you have, whenever children are present on a daily basis, that they’re modeling how they get along with people by what they see how you get along.
I work hard on the precision of my long shots, but you can’t plan it in games. Sometimes it all just opens up for you to give it a try.
Anything that opens you up emotionally is going to impact your acting. Parenthood, becoming a mom, certainly does that.
When I graduated, I was told I was the first Latino to have three graduate degrees from Harvard. And Harvard does something amazing to you. It opens the doors to the world.
Raul Ruiz
Mainstream American society finds it easiest to be tolerant when the outsider chooses to minimize the differences that separate him from the majority. The country club opens its doors to Jews. The university welcomes African-Americans. Heterosexuals extend the privilege of marriage to the gay community.
‘Minecraft’ opens up a world of limitless possibilities, driven by the player and created by the fans who love it.
Believe me, it jabs you. When you’re on the side of buses and New York loves you, you love to go out there every night. It’s like a race. Curtain opens, out you go, and New York is yours.
Angela Lansbury
My favourite places on earth are the wild waterways where the forest opens its arms and a silver curve of river folds the traveller into its embrace.
When one door closes, another window opens.
I’m in a place in my life where I get offered parts that I didn’t get offered before – fathers and uncles and grandfathers and so on. And it took me a long time to get to that place, but I’m glad because it opens up new territory.
I was convinced that eventually I would die of heart disease, that we’d run out of time and out of treatment, the technology wouldn’t keep ahead of my disease. And now all of the sudden, when you get the new heart, your life opens up before you again.
There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.
Your weak point is the open, vulnerable place where you can always be hurt. Love, in all its aspects, opens the self so fully.
There’s nothing like a hit movie to make you think you’re one of the chosen people. It’s amazing how smart we are the morning after a hit opens.
Ned Tanen
Turin is a city which entices a writer towards vigor, linearity, style. It encourages logic, and through logic it opens the way towards madness.
Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.
So many black kids aspire to be entertainers or professional athletes because those are the only role models they see that look like them. There are only 300 jobs in the NBA but an endless amount of opportunities as an entrepreneur. With enough hustle, entrepreneurship opens doors to a world of opportunities.
Ballet opens up the chest and the arms and elongates the body, so you carry yourself straighter. That’s so important for a model. But also every woman.
Making accessible games opens up the world of digital play to people living with disability, or even simply people who lack the literacy of an intimidating twin-stick controller.
I think my mouth just opens and I spontaneously say things that occur to me.
When you learn to code, it opens up for you to learn ma

When you learn to code, it opens up for you to learn many other things.
You have to take every opportunity that comes your way and do anything that opens up.
I’m naturally attracted to something I don’t understand because when you try to deal with something you don’t understand, it opens a door into another world.
Why am I sharing this part of my life when it opens me up to judgment? But part of me wants to share that part of my life because I think non-monogamy is a normal thing for human beings to want.
Bilingualism lets you have your cake and eat it. The new language opens the doors to the best jobs in society; the old language allows you to keep your sense of ‘who you are.’ It preserves your identity. With two languages, you have the best of both worlds.
I listen to R&B when I ain’t rapping. It’s soothing, it relaxes my mind, it takes me to different places, and it just opens up my brain.
Every day, every one of us sets the stage for our sentiment, our confidence, and our success by getting dressed. When you feel great, when you feel your best, it opens up a world of possibility. Feeling confident and self-assured are important inputs into good days, successful days, and happy days.
You have to struggle a bit, hustle a little, and be willing to go bankrupt. Once you’re willing to do that, everything opens up and you get the freedom. My joke is that next year, I’ll make the first film that costs zero dollars.
Giving opens the way for receiving.
Florence Scovel Shinn
Education makes children less dependent upon others and opens doors to better jobs and career possibilities.
It’s night by night, just figuring out watching film on different passes I can make, and the ball will find you and it comes back to you, but it opens up the floor for other guys too.
Belarus will become the first government in the world that opens wide opportunities for the use of blockchain technology.
Silently, God opens his golden eyes over the place of skulls.
Georg Trakl
Books give us insight into other people, other cultures. They make us laugh. They make us think. If they are really good, they make us believe that we are better for having read them. You don’t read a book – you experience it. Every story opens up a new world.
I envision a day when a businesswoman will be having lunch, and then her phone will ring. When she opens it up, she will see an image of the latest Marc Jacobs coat that just arrived in stock. With a click of a button, she can purchase it and then find it waiting for her when she gets back to her office.
Doubtless there are things in nature which have not yet been seen. If an artist discovers them, he opens the way for his successors.
For whatever reason somebody can be convinced to buy a PC, it opens up a whole new market for all of us in the software business.
Because for every Lin Miranda performance, there’s some young person out there saying, ‘Oh, I can write something like this.’ Or, ‘I didn’t think that this was possible.’ It opens a world of possibilities.