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I'm a very loyal, parochial Australian and I can never

I’m a very loyal, parochial Australian and I can never say we’re going to lose a series.
When British or Australian actors perform American characters, we laud them and talk about how great it is they are able to do this other accent that is not their own. Americans have different relationships with other accents.
I’ll be the first Australian to compete in the WWE.
Buddy Murphy
As captain of the Australian team we will do whatever it takes to make sure this game continues to grow.
I feel like I’m both, half Australian and half Swedish. I’ve been in Sweden most of my life but my dad‘s Australian. I eat Vegemite on my toast and all of that.
I grew up being scared of the water, which is embarrassing to say as an Australian, but it’s true.
The Australian team that I was lucky enough to play in had a certain aura and sometimes you had teams beaten before you even walked on the field.
That’s the ultimate goal – to try to go deep into the Australian Open and deep into the other slams throughout the year.
It is time Australian Muslims stop being treated as negotiable citizens in their own country. It is time people stop ‘tolerating‘ us, presuming some right to decide if we have a place in our own home.
I just think Australia tends to make very good movies, so if someone hands me an Australian or an American film script I would guess the Australian film would be more intriguing.
Barbara Hershey
I’m in fact Australian but my mother‘s English so I’ve got no problem playing a domineering English woman.
‘Shantaram’ is fantastic. An Australian prisoner escapes & joins the mafia in India? Sign me up. I love stuff that is based on true stories.
When I was on ‘Terra Nova‘, I had an Australian iPhone and a U.S. iPhone, different time zones, just a couple differences in the machines, but I was able to keep the international aspect of things in order. But I lost my U.S. iPhone right before I left Australia. Somebody‘s got it somewhere out there. Send it back?
Geoffrey Tozer’s death is a national tragedy. For the Australian arts and Australian music, losing Tozer is like Canada having lost Glenn Gould, or France, Ginette Neveu. It is a massive cultural loss. The kind of loss people felt when Germany lost Dresden.
Generally speaking, when Australian winemakers try to make delicate, European-styled wines of finesse and lightness, the wines often come across as pale imitations of the originals. One exception is Australian Riesling, delicious, dry wines meant to be consumed in their first two years of life.
The IIconics are a feisty Australian duo who have been a team since they came to WWE. They’re masters on the microphone, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to win!
And currently, there are four to five new works in the pipeline for upcoming celebrations such as the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Australian Federation, my 50th Birthday, and Sydney Dance Company’s 25th Anniversary.
Graeme Murphy
There’s a part of me that’s very stereotypically Australian, with the lingo, or for lack of a better way of putting it, the way white Australians would speak. And then, Oh, that’s not all I am.
The Australian tour was good for us; it was ideal preparation for us.
Kylie Minogue is the greatest thing that has happened to Australian music.
I’m an Australian – I grew up in Melbourne and Sydney – but as a kid you don’t learn much about the Kimberley.
In a world as competitive as ours, the child who does not get a decent education is condemned to the fringes of society. I think all Australians agree that this is intolerable. So we must demand as much of our schools as we do of our sports teams – and ensure that they keep the Australian dream alive for every child.
I didn’t learn much about writing at Sarah Lawrence, but I learned a lot about the sources of poemsdreams, myth, history – from the really great teachers, Joseph Campbell, Charles Trinkhaus, Bert Loewenberg, and a young Australian anthropologist named Harry Hawthorne.
Carolyn Kizer
I’m trying hard to keep my Australian accent. My mom would disown me if I didn’t.
I had this desk alongside the most beautiful Australian 18-year-old girl with long brown hair, and I got up enough nerve to ask her for a date.
Being involved in sports and having a very sport orientated family just helped the transition extremely well. I guess, in a way, your school colleagues saw you out and about, and you were part of the team you were getting into the Australian way, learning the language. The transition was extremely smooth.
It’s an absolute honour and privilege to get out there and be an Australian headlining an Australian card. That’s unreal; it really is.
What I’ve seen, and the reactions from ‘The Final Quarter‘ and ‘The Australian Dream’, is that a lot more people are more willing to share their stories around racism.
I don’t want to see the Australian players not focus on their preparation and training.
If the Australian Government were to associate itself with the United States attack on Iraq, which was not sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council, then we’d put this country at risk.
Being Indigenous, I feel very proud being an Australian and there are so many stories I want to tell.
I do notice that when I come in to meet casting people,

I do notice that when I come in to meet casting people, they love that I’m Australian. Maybe it’s our good work ethic.
Making jokes is about the most wrong and stupid thing a bemused, middle-aged, white heterosexual Anglo Saxon sort of Celt Australian male can do these days.
I just wanted to do this all Australian film and we didn’t want to give creative control to overseas ’cause whoever comes on my sets, whether you’re sweeping the floor or an actor, it doesn’t matter who comes up with the ideas, it’s a collaboration.
I don’t think of myself as either American or Australian really, I’m a true hybrid. It’s a good thing for me because both of them are really good countries.
Maybe Australian football and me need a bit of a trial separation, just for both of us to feel good about ourselves.
I’ve always done live art history lectures and small documentaries in the past in Australia, on Australian art and art galleries, so I’ve already done a lot of that.
Hollywood is the place to be for actors – and there’s just a big rush when an Australian comes over just because there’s less of them. I guess that’s just how it is. Like if you pick a pink jellybean out of a jar of green ones it’d be amazing, but if you pick a green one, no one will care.
I think stupid people are surprised that I’m Australian. It’s a small-minded; we live in a global community, but I suppose some people still are small-minded.
I deeply believe that if the Australian Labor Party, a party of which I have been a proud member for more than 30 years, is to have the best future for our nation, then it must change fundamentally its culture and to end the power of faceless men. Australia must be governed by the people, not by the factions.
It’s Australian to do such things because, however uncivilised they may seem, it’s human to do them.
The problem with the Australian practice of abortion is that an objectively grave matter has been reduced to a question of the mother’s convenience.
I have travelled enough internationally to know and accept the reality that, overwhelmingly, people are well disposed to Australia but in truth know very little about it. In particular, people know hardly anything about Australian politics.
By 2050, the Australian population is expected to grow from 22 million to 36 million. That increase alone will put huge pressure on our towns and our cities. We will need more homes, more roads, more rail lines, more hospitals, more schools, just to accommodate so many Australians.
I am not deeply involved in Australian politics but I know there are prime ministers, governments around the world who are not acting responsibly in relation to climate change.
I started off as an Australian model. I had so many knockbacks, having short hair and being rejected, and I always thought: I’m never gonna get to where I want to get unless I start looking more feminine.
It’s beyond belief that any Australian could be so stupid as to carry drugs into any country in Asia.
As Australian palates continue to be curious and enquiring, so does the variety and regional specificity of cuisine options.
If government and media and all of us in the Australian tribe got together, and the rock industry, we’d just be the greatest cultural force the world has ever seen – we’re such an amazing race.
When you arrive in L.A. as an Englishman, you might as well be on the moon. People just don’t understand you if you speak too fast, and most people there think you’re Australian. Ordering was incredibly complicated. I was speechless.
Ben Chaplin
Any quality player can adjust well to the different demands. It is like a good tennis player who is expected to adjust to the clay at the French Open, the grass at Wimbledon, the hard courts of the U.S. and the heat of the Australian Open. A professional is expected to do all that.
I try to use the Australian idiom to its maximum advantage.
Grunge gave me a sense of identity, and I remember really associating with ‘Silverchair,’ who were these chilled-out Australian teenagers. The fact that they were teenagers was a big deal for me. It was like, ‘Oh, man, you don’t have to be a 30-year-old to do this.’
My family are observant Muslims, but I’ve come to the faith through an intellectual conviction, and that’s something that they’ve taught me. It’s never been forced upon me. They’ve given me a very strong identity as an Australian Muslim.
Supposedly I’ve got traces of an English accent, though I can’t hear it. I must have inherited it from my mother, who’s English, and then I think it was exacerbated by the fact that I live with an Australian.
I don’t know, maybe Australian humour isn’t supposed to be funny. It’s as dry as the Sahara, and I think people miss that.
Play tough Australian cricket. Whether we like it or not, that’s in our blood. If you try and walk away from it, we might be the most liked team in the world, we’re not going to win. We won’t win a game.
I was lucky enough to grow up in Western Australia and know that the Australian Outback is vast and spell-binding and heart-stoppingly beautiful, and the characters that inhabit it are unique and hilarious and tough and cheeky.
The scariness of manhood to males may be symbolically seen in the many stories of indigenous Australian boys who ran away and hid in the bush as the time of initiation approached.
I stopped this one about two months before federation and I want the next one to be more political. It will deal with the formation of white Australian policy and things like that.
Colleen McCullough
And I grew up watching all the British ones so when you hear that from an early age, it makes it much easier than you guys who don’t grow up with Australian television or British television.
Rachel Griffiths
Yeah, I came over to Cambridge with 500 quid in my pocket and I had to borrow a waistcoat off another Australian player. I couldn’t afford to buy one.
You have to remember that I was an Australian girl of t

You have to remember that I was an Australian girl of the Fifties and Sixties. For Australians at that time, it was imperative to get out of the country and discover the world.
As you know, the Australian Labour Party is committed to turning the country into a republic. We’ve not stipulated a timeline for doing that. We are sensitive to the other priorities we’ve got as a nation and in the world, but in time the country will head in that direction.
When I got associated with Australian Diamonds, I started to know more about it, things like certificate of assurance and that they are sourced from a trusted and iconic mine… If you are spending so much, you should know from where the diamond is coming.
I used to have an Australian accent for school and an Irish accent for home.
No one cares about the Davis Cup. How many people know I won five Davis Cups and seven majors, but that I rarely played the Australian Open?
My mother is Lithuanian Australian, and my father was born in Singapore, but he is Pakistani / Saudi Arabian.
Money is tighter now, with the advertising dollar spread a lot more thinly across a whole range of media because of the Internet. It means the television networks have less power to produce shows, and TV is where most Australian actors make their money.
Grant Bowler
I loved ‘Shantaram’ by Gregory David Roberts, which is going to be made into a film. It’s an amazing story about an Australian guy who escapes from prison and his first port of call is Mumbai.
In ‘A Few Best Men,’ I play a lesbian character. I played the lesbian sister of the bride who ends up kissing a dude at the end, but she was, like, a full-on lesbian in that. And I beat out famous Australian lesbians for the role.
Accompanied by an Australian photographer named Nigel Brennan, I’d gone to Somalia to work as a freelance journalist, on a trip that was meant to last only ten days.
It’s just so funny that when I was growing up, I was very much of an Australian. I just thought it was funny that there was this war, like, ‘No, she’s ours, she’s practically a Miss Australia.’ But I am a Miss Philippines.
I’ve been a Nick Cave fan since the early ’80s when he was part of The Birthday Party thing singing Australian self-destructive rock band and I’ve always followed his work and loved it.
Dotting teams up and bowling maidens back to back cannot be underestimated in Australian conditions because it gives you control of the game.
I’ve been all different shapes and sizes in my lifetime. I started wearing shapewear as a teenager after I did ‘Australian Idol.’ I had a little tummy, and I was always really quite conscious of that.
I’m in kind of a strange position – I have a strong Australian career and a strong British career. Then there’s the American career. For every movie I do here, I do two somewhere else. I bounce back and forth between the three places.
Caroline Goodall
Some people say I sound Australian. I guess it’s all down to Miss Matthews, who taught me English when I was growing up in Dar es Salaam. Nearly everyone in Denmark speaks English, and TV shows are only ever subtitled, not dubbed.
Sidse Babett Knudsen
The reality of it is there is still a massive stigma against Australian coaches and where we come from and I dont think that has changed or will necessarily change very quickly.
It’s unfortunate, I’ve been the victim of some Australian press.
Cameron van der Burgh
I like to say that I do covers of my own songs. And I have about a dozen bands all over the world. That’s no exaggeration. I have a South African band, an Australian band, Swedish bands, English bands, American bands. They’re all notable musicians, too.
I grew up with a lot of Australian rock music. My dad loves AC/DC and INXS was a big one. My mom was more on the softer musical end of the spectrum, so Crowded House and stuff like that. Definitely all of my rock influences are very Australian typical.
I’ve been very physical my whole life. I went out hiking and camping for days in the Australian forest, and when I trained at drama school for three years, we did a whole lot on stage-fighting techniques. And I was a dancer from 5 to 18, so I have a memory for choreography.
Australian women tend to tell it like it is – even if it’s the brutal, honest truth. I think American women usually break it to you a little easier. There’s a softer side to them.
If 30 Australians drowned in Sydney Harbour, it would be a national tragedy. But when 30 or more refugees drown off the Australian coast, it is a political question.
To me, anyone with an Australian accent wielding a tennis racket is cool.
Adrian Smith
There’s something intrinsically Australian about a bunch of brothers and school friends getting together as a band at a very young age and all pulling together as a band at a very young age and all pulling together as mates to make something happen.
Michael Hutchence
For me, David Warner isn’t just the future of Australian batting, he’s the future for cricket in general because he can excel in any form of the game. I’m excited just watching him.
I think the Australian public would love to see the best Australian team on the park for every game. It’s difficult to do that with the schedule and how much we play.
The greatest stain upon this great Australian nation’s character, without any question, is the great gaps that exist between our Aboriginal brothers and sisters in terms of their health, their education, their living conditions, their incarceration rates and life expectancy. It’s a great stain.
I’d love to be on an Australian show and in Australian cinemas – they’ve really picked up their game.
There’s an interesting thing I’ve seen with Australian bands: when you put them side-by-side with bands from other parts of the world, they’re just more musical. They’re just better.
I’m developing some screenplays at the moment with my Australian producer.
Rachel Griffiths
I think that Americans find the Australian humour and t

I think that Americans find the Australian humour and the energy of Australians very refreshing – we are quite self-deprecating, we’re light-hearted and can have a laugh.
I carry my iPod everywhere. My favorite group is the John Butler Trio, an Australian jam band. The lead singer and guitarist writes amazing lyrics.
Australian SF book publishing has undergone a boom recently, and sometimes it’s easier for new writers to sell a book to a local publisher first, which then makes a US edition more likely.
Greg Egan
The quoll is like the Australian version of the honey badger. It’s a little mongrel that gets around and is pretty fierce and will take on a few things. You don’t want to get that in your campsite.
The first confrontation I had with an Aussie wine was a well-known Cabernet/Shiraz and it reminded me of boiled sweets. I find a lot of Australian wines unsubtle.
I am very proud of my Australian roots.
Now both my films have been number one at the Australian box office and it took about two years just to get the finance for this film, so if it’s hard for me then God help everyone else.
Receiving the Newcombe Medal for a third year in a row is an amazing honour. The Newcombe Medal is a great occasion for the Australian tennis community to come together and celebrate our sport, recognise people’s achievements and contributions to Australian tennis.
There are things I read doing research, and there are certain books and writers I just love to read. There are books of Brian Morten’s that I love, for instance. There’s a wonderful book by an Australian writer named Helen Garner called ‘The Children’s Bach,’ and I just love the way she uses language in it.
Sue Miller
Coffee in Italy and some places in Europe is great, but there’s just something about Australian coffee.
When you go to Australia you are always asked whether you can perform in hostile environments against high pace and every Australian side I have played against has had guys bowling over 90mph.
I grew up listening to Nirvana and then went through some bad ’90s pop stuff – a lot of Australian one-hit wonders.
When Im older, I would love to write and direct something and work with Australian people.
You see, before I became prime minister, the Australian prime minister only attended ever two meetings in the world: the British Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and the South Pacific Forum.
If you’re becoming weary and disillusioned with Australian values, Judeo-Christian values or Western civilisation, I recommend strangers – they’re such a glorious, redeeming wilderness to wander into.
I’ve been voted one of Australia’s 50 national treasures. I’ve even had my face on an Australian stamp – the only non-Australian to do so, apart from the Queen, of course.
Public service and respect for ideas is a recurrent theme in both the American and Australian sides of my family.
Bill Drayton
You know, I’m Australian, and we have got the worst sense of humor. We are cruel to each other.
Our commitment to defence goes beyond this. It’s a long-term commitment to make SA the home for Australian defence. It’s a commitment to providing the right infrastructure and the right people.
For the young, and those newly introduced to Australia, milkbars represented an opportunity to dip a toe in the water when it came to discovering Australian food culture at a grass roots level.
I ask every Australian to think about what the constitutional exclusion says to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, to see our vast and inspiring history in this land not mentioned in the official picture like that.
None of the serious maritime incidents I had to deal with as transport minister off the pristine Queensland or Western Australian coastline involved an Australian flagged and crewed vessel.
I think Australian food is probably some of the best in the world.
Karrie Webb
There’s definitely a couple of people I’ll play stuff to when it’s nearly finished just to see what they think; Mark, our producer, his wife is Australian and just listens to the radio – she’s awesome – and, I guess, is quite a casual music listener.
The Australian approach to playing cricket in general is quite an aggressive one.
Mum told me stories about her time in the Women’s Royal Navy, and about her dad, who had died before I was born – he’d been sent to Australia as a child, then joined the Australian Army in the First World War and fought at Gallipoli.
Tony Bradman
Being the first Australian to ever actually hold a WWE promoted championship – it is a huge honour. It’s something that can never be taken away. Words can’t describe it.
Buddy Murphy
Technically, the green screen acting can be difficult because there’s something worse than a tennis ball on the end of a stick; it’s an Australian visual effects assistant running around a field with a cardboard dinosaur head on the end of a stick while wearing sandals.
It’s really actually been pretty shoddy and appalling, the amount of local content, Australian drama, on ABC TV.
Funny thing about the volatile and biased French crowds. While they’d prefer to be cheering a countryman and giving his foreign opponent merry hell, if there was no Frenchman in the game, they’d always support a Continental player over an Englishman, an American, or an Australian.
I’m not sure it’s affection for Australian or New Zealand films or not. I think it’s just that there’s something about ‘Wilderpeople’ that has really struck a chord.
My mum was a children's librarian, so I spent a lot of

My mum was a children‘s librarian, so I spent a lot of time in the library. My reading life, because of my mum’s work, was evenly split between American, Canadian, Australian and British authors.
I started off in England and very few people knew I was Australian. I mean, the clues were in the poems, but they didn’t read them very carefully, and so for years and years I was considered completely part of the English poetry scene.
Peter Porter
I’ve got this rep as a party boy, but the only show I’ve ever missed was when I had food poisoning from an Australian duck curry. I was puking buckets.
I still listen to a lot of the classics from Bob Dylan and John Martin, but I love electronic music as well. I’m a big fan of an Australian DJ and producer called Flume, who I think is incredible. He should be more successful in the U.K.!
I remember that feeling when I was a young reader: finding books that were set in Sydney with Australian characters was incredibly exciting.
Justine Larbalestier
If you’re a single Sheila and you’re trying to find an Australian bloke, you duck off down there to Australia. You go to the Red Centre: you’ll find there’s a few shearers, a few stockmen, and there you will find an Australian bloke.
The Australian Outback can be quite unforgiving.
I’m definitely attracted to other Australians; I have a laid-back attitude to life that I feel is very Australian; I love a good barbie.
I am very good with dialects, but the two that I can’t do for some reason are the South African and Australian.
I call on the Australian Government to set out the conditions upon which they will provide a taxpayer funded backing for wholesale term funding for Australian deposit taking institutions. I call on the Government it make clear the conditions upon which taxpayer funds will be used in this way.
The concept of cancer immunotherapy was theoretically proposed by the Australian Nobel Laureate Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet over sixty years ago, and since then, a large number of people have tried to apply it, but without success.
Australian golf did so much for me, and that is why I am here today.
Being British, you see a lot of Australian movies and TV shows.
If the states and territories do not sign up to fundamental reform, then my message is equally simple: we will take this reform plan to the people at the next election – along with a referendum by or at that same election to give the Australian Government all the power it needs to reform the health system.
In 1957, which is now 57 years ago, my grandfather and then-Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi welcomed Prime Minister Menzies as the first Australian Prime Minister to visit Japan after World War II and drove the conclusion of the Japan-Australia Agreement on Commerce.
The Australian crowd was magnificent. It felt like just a big embrace. They really made me try to lift my best.
We were just four unknown, aspiring Australian musicians singing happy, uplifting, melodic and inspiring songs, and being true to ourselves.
In Australia we had the Australian stolen generation of our voting rights. I think a lot of people think its a distant memory, but its not, this happened to our parents or our grandparents.
I started ice-skating when I was about 12 or 13 and I was selected in the Australian team for ice hockey. I met my wife at St Moritz Ice Skating about 1955.
I was lucky enough to be a child during the renaissance of Australian children’s literature, when people like Ivan Southall, Colin Thiele, Lilith Norman and Wrightson were pumping out hugely inspiring stuff.
Catherine Jinks
I love simple, elegant clothing with a hint of sexy, and that, for me, is so hard to find. I usually always end up finding Australian brands, and Kookai is an example of that.
Milkbars were not only a crucial part of Australian food culture for nearly half a century, but also influenced the way many of us connected with neighbours.
My dad served in the Australian Navy until I was a toddler.
I need to make one thing clear, the IIndian way of playing cricket is loved around the world. People love to watch an Indian batsman, because he is different from say an Australian one. That is why we are special, we play with our own kind of flair, our own style, and we shouldn’t change that.
The newspapers were against me. They were telling me that the Australian dream was a home. But that dream became worse and worse as they had to live further away from the city. My dream became better as we could build higher and higher.
I no longer knew what it was like to feel Australian.
Phillip Noyce
I played football when I was little. I didn’t want to be an actress at all, I wanted to be a majorette in an Australian circus. That was my ambition.
Being Australian, I sometimes feel I’ll never walk into a dressing room and get that instant credibility because of where I’m from. But that’s fine. Even in Australia, where I’ve had success, I never assumed that people would follow me because of who I am.
If, in schools, we keep teaching that history is divided into American history and Chinese history and Russian history and Australian history, we’re teaching kids that they are divided into tribes. And we’re failing to teach them that we also, as human beings, share problems that we need to work together with.
I’m an Australian, and when I grew up much of my influences were American – blues music and country music, all that sort of thing.
I think the Australian people are very conscientious. During the 1980s and 1990s we proved they will respond conscientiously to necessary reforms. They mightn’t like them but they’ll accept them. But reforms have to be presented in a digestible format.
I'm black. I'm Latina. My mom is Cuban. Afro-Cuban. My

I’m black. I’m Latina. My mom is Cuban. Afro-Cuban. My dad is white and Australian.
The 2007 Labor campaign was the most presidential in Australian history, with a slogan – Kevin07 – exceeded in its banality only by its success.
In primary school, I was bored witless by Australian history.
Catherine Jinks
It’s so funny how it’s impossible for an American actor to play an English part or an Australian part. But by all means, come and bastardize our accent as much as you want.
I love Australian people.
I live in a town called Beerwah, right in the middle of Australia Zoo. It’s not hustle and bustle and busy, so that’s helpful. We travel all over the world, but I’ve always been able to come home and run around in the middle of the Australian outback.
Both my parents are English and came out to Australia in 1967. I was born the following year. My parents, and immigrants like them, were known as ‘£10 poms.’ Back then, the Australian government was trying to get educated British people and Canadiansto be honest, educated white people – to come and live in Australia.
I felt completely ready to become prime minister. I came to office better equipped, in terms of knowledge of economics and of the Australian economy, than anyone before me, or since, I would say.
Media were never allowed into an Australian dressing room until I became skipper. I changed that and invited them in at the close of play each day, thereby confirming for many administrators they had appointed a madman as captain.
Richie Benaud
I think, often with Australian films, if an Australian film has been given the seal of approval by an offshore festival or an offshore release, then it does mean a lot to a local audience.
I’m so used to Australian films not getting a release outside Australia.
I think mine’s such a mish-mash now: I get criticised for sounding like a Yank when I come home, and everybody thinks I’m Australian when I’m in America.
If you want to go and build a company that exists in Silicon Valley, then you should go and do it there. But if you want to build a company that is Australian, that represents your culture and your being, then you should do it in Sydney.
The Australian cast of mind is not something I would want to be without – and I couldn’t be without. It’s not a choice.
My mother’s Maori, and my father’s Australian. I take my strength from both my ancestors, and I’m really privileged.
I want to make sure we are presenting to the South Australian people a Government that is open and accountable. I want to make sure that we maintain public confidence in government at all levels.
It’s a fun day, a day which kicks off the start of our tour, it’s got great tradition – Australian cricketers just love tradition – and it’s been a really pleasant day.
Matthew Hayden
The Australian film industry is a small industry, so you have to really be flexible within working in different mediums. A lot of actors work in theater, film, and television, because there’s not much opportunity in terms of employment there.
I have enough trouble just speaking normal Australian. On ‘Vikings,’ we had a great vocal coach who helped make all of us sound the same. But I’m very bad at accents, to be honest.
I was born in Australia and am proud of my Australian provenance, but I am now an American. Like so many naturalized citizens, I felt that I was an American before I formally became one.
My husband is Australian, and my family is scattered around the U.K. and France mostly, but we try to get a big group together for the holidays.
I think we have to keep working enormously hard to see that every single Indigenous child – every Australian child – has true equality of opportunity. We’ve got to work harder at it. I think, you know, the heartland issue for us is the gap; the gap in life expectancy in this country.
Poor quality of representatives… is not a purely Australian phenomenon – it’s a worldwide phenomenon.
No one knows who I am in Australia. They don’t even know I am Australian, because ‘The Secret Circle‘ is on in Australia, and I’m sure everyone’s like, ‘Oh, she’s American. She’s from, like, North Carolina.’ Like, nobody knows me in Australia, I’m just telling you.
Being in Australia makes me happy. My partner is Australian, and my home is in Australia, and it’s ridiculous not to be Australian – it’s a logical step to take.
I don’t think a swimmer on film works unless you’re Australian, because for them, swimmers are like their football players, their basketball players; they’re huge stars.
You don’t leave Australia unless you are passionate. Any Australian actor who comes to America is really committed. There are no dabblers – it’s all or nothing.
Being Australian is a lot more than saying ‘g’day mate‘ and ‘throw a shrimp on the Barbie.’
I used to have 30 different species of tarantulas, as well as two Australian scorpions that are considered the deadliest in the world. If stung by one, a person would die in 30 minutes. But when I had kids I had to get rid of them, of course. Those were intense!
Although I’m Australian, I find myself much more in sympathy with the Austrian version!
I’m Australian! How much more alpha can you get?
I wasn't aware of my dad being an actor when I was youn

I wasn’t aware of my dad being an actor when I was young. I remember there was an Australian children’s entertainer on television called Ralph Harris and when I’d say my father was an actor, kids would say, you know, ‘oh, is he Ralph Harris?’ And I had to say no and then they would lose interest.
Tracks‘ is based on the book by Robyn Davidson who, in the mid-Seventies, decided to leave the city, go to the outback, learn to train camels and walk across the Australian desert to the ocean: a journey that is about two thousand miles and will take about six or seven months.
John Curran
‘Australian Rules‘ was my moment of truth.
Nathan Phillips
I’m black and Cuban, Australian and Irish, and like most people in America, I’m someone whose roots come from somewhere else. I’m a mixed race, first-generation American.
With Australian audiences, there’s a certain level of education – as far as how much access and exposure they have to music from various genres. So when you do ‘Big Day Out’ and there are all these different musical acts, you see the same people in your crowd that were there for a completely different artist.
It’s the pinnacle of Australian cricket, playing in an Ashes series.
I liked Pat Cash, and I loved Mats Wilander. I went to the Australian Open with my parents, and I used to watch Wilander being cheered on by the Swedish fans, and with his game style being like mine, I drew comparisons with him.
I love to play Australian Open.
An Australian prime minister once said that his job was the second most important job in the country – behind being captain of the cricket team. It’s not a job you take on lightly.
Australia’s beautiful, but I’m not too into Australian culture.
Every impression that I do is just a terrible variation on an awful Bill Cosby impression. You’re doing an Australian accent, but it’s just Australian Bill Cosby; or that’s just British Bill Cosby; that’s Pirate Bill Cosby.
Being an Australian that’s been No. 1 in the world back home playing in Australia, that’s a pretty cool moment to have.
I’m half Greek, half Australian.
When you disrespect Australian law, they will tell your firmly. Declare everything when you enter Australia.
My fundamental interests are to preserve the good name and standing of this Australian Labor Party and to act in the national interest on behalf of the Australian Government.
I have to confess that I’ve never seen Australian ‘MasterChef.’
I feel like I’ve been marinated in Australian theatre.
I do have a lot of Australian friends.
With the Australian Government paying more of the hospital bills, it will have the incentive to make sure people are treated through less expensive and more appropriate primary care services.
I support all Australian films.
The goal of Australian foreign policy should be to promote the maximum harmony between the U.S. and China.
But I don’t think of myself as a foreigner or a Frenchman! I just think of myself as a director. Whether I’m French or Australian or whatever, it’s really not important.
The Australian accent is sort of like going down a step in smartness, you could say, because you guys pronounce things as they’re spelled. We add and abbreviate stuff.
‘Australian Rules’ was such a beautiful film – it was art for me.
Nathan Phillips
Tolerance has to be shown by those who come to this country for a new way of life. If you are not prepared to become Australian and give this country your undivided loyalty, obey our laws, respect our culture and way of life, then I suggest you go back where you came from.
I really miss the Australian lifestyle and being around my friends and family.
Nathaniel Buzolic
I’ve worked with a lot of ‘American Idols‘ over there and I’ve worked with the ‘German Idol’ winner and had songs on ‘Australian Idol.’ It’s a place for songs. ‘The X Factor‘ U.K. is the holy grail.
My Mother was a very wild Australian woman. When we were in Africa she could kill a snake with one blow from a crow bar, which she kept at the back door.
Mem Fox
An Ashes series is huge for Australian cricketers – and English cricketers for that matter – and there’s always that added pressure.
Across the board, Australian films need to have a lot more money spent on selling them.
I don’t see why, if you look at how the Australian culture and psyche is, that we can’t be amongst the most generous, from the grassroots up, nations in the world.
Before The Ultimate Fighter, I was appearing before a c

Before The Ultimate Fighter, I was appearing before a couple of hundred people at most. Now, I’m on the card of a Las Vegas blockbuster… this is every Australian fighter‘s dream.
My commitment to the Republican movement was pure and simply patriotism, a love of Australia… a desire or passion that all of our national symbols should be unequivocally and unambiguously Australian.
Music is my number one, it’s my life, it’s my everything. I’m enjoying challenging myself; I want to raise the bar and set a new standard for Australian pop artists.
I love New York, and I love being here, but I think I’ll always be Australian at heart.
Murray Bartlett
I still, by and large, make low-budget Australian films.
No Australian of any faith should be fired for practising their religion.
It’s hard to pinpoint why all of a sudden a group of Australian films will be doing well and why they perhaps are better made than some from the past.
I can hardly understand the Australian accent.
Joey Santiago
I’ve played Beckett. I put on in the 1950s the first Australian production of ‘Waiting for Godot.’ I played Estragon. The most interesting conversation I’ve had about Beckett was with a Dublin taxi driver.
I’d always felt the Australian cricketers’ behaviour had been appalling. Tampering the ball too constitutes poor behaviour.
Australian people are dope. They’re so fun. They want to just have a good time, and they have a great sense of humour.
The Australian film industry has recognised Tropfest as a place to nurture young talent. It’s a stepping stone between amateur and professional.
John Polson
I like the sensibility of Australian film a lot and the crews are fantastic. Great characters, wonderful people and no line between – I think in Hollywood they have this line between actors and crew a lot, and that just didn’t exist, which I really appreciated.
Barbara Hershey
In some ways, Australian fans are more dedicated and more enthusiastic than some of our most loyal fans in the U.S.
We cheer everyone who goes off to Hollywood and tells American stories but telling Australian stories is the greatest thing you can do.
Years later, when I was working as a trolley wally in a supermarket, I tackled the boredom by talking to the customers in as many different accents as I could manage. I started with one that I didn’t think would alert any suspiciongeneric Asian – then moved on to Irish, Welsh, Australian and American.
I have a TV Soap Boomerang award, and I always start my year with the Australian Open tennis! Tennis, soccer, you name it.
Doug Davidson
I find it a lot with Australian and New Zealand comics, and people from that part of the world, we share quite a similar sense of humour I think.
For me, even just being English was a whole sort of experience in as much as I’m Australian.
It’s a pleasure to land here and see Australia upholding its commitment to free speech and Western culture – something that may not be here for much longer if left-wing Australian politicians continue their pathological worship of multiculturalism.
If we are to celebrate the giants in Australian public life, then Robert Garran must be among them. A lawyer and passionate advocate of Federation, Garran was one of several hands that drafted our constitution.
I wish that one of my children will be like the Australian guy from the Discovery Channel show. The crocodile hunter.
I stress the uniqueness of the Australian landscape and its metaphysical and mythic content.
Arthur Boyd
I really miss Australia. I miss eating fish n’ chips, oh my God, and Australian pies and the wonderful corner shops.
I kind of worry about that a little bit – we lost our film culture for 30 years because the Americans came in and bought up all the cinema chains and wouldn’t show any Australian films.