Top 25 Emotive Quotes

In this post, you will find great Emotive Quotes from famous people, such as Genesis P-Orridge, Kate Bush, Christopher Wylie, King Krule, Angela Ahrendts. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

In the art world, sentimentality and intimacy and the e

In the art world, sentimentality and intimacy and the emotive side of lives are considered very uncool. There’s nervousness around intimacy.
I think it’s almost a law of nature that there are only certain things that hit an emotive space, and that’s what was always special for me about music: it made me feel something.
Fashion and politics are almost the same industry, in many regards, because it’s about identity, and it’s cyclical, and people get really emotive about it.
All of my stuff is raw, it’s emotive, it’s real.
Great brands and great businesses have to be great storytellers, too. We have to tell stories – emotive, compelling stories – and even more so because we’re nonfiction.
I would say I am one of those people who just love to connect to people doing something I love. Can’t lie, love a ballad, so expect big, powerful, emotive stuff from me!
Some people like music to be far more immediate and make you dance straight away. But I like to engage with it on a different level and for it to have that human element where it moves you in an emotive way.
The narrative of, ‘You won an award, so you’re going to skyrocket‘ – it’s very emotive language but not necessarily true. I’ve definitely got auditions I wouldn’t have got before, but it’s not like jobs get rained down on you.
You listen to a piece of music and it will remind you of something – it might make you happy, it might make you sad, but it is very emotive. And I think that Duran Duran have always understood that.
Nick Rhodes
In every song, there is a vocal element that doesn’t have any words. I wanted to play around with how emotive and expressive my voice could be.
Lia Ices
There is a real formula to writing music, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge. It’s very formulaic. The subject matter that you can address in pop music is somewhat restricted. It just doesn’t allow that same emotive quality that you can put into poetry.
We will stand by Punjab, Punjabis and Punjabiat, unlike Parkash Singh Badal, who makes Chandigarh, river waters and other emotive issues his bread and butter during the elections.
Emphasis on the common emotive or affective origins of music and words in the first cries of humankind undermines words.
Jean Philippe Rameau
I think it is important the communities are listened to and that their voice is heard, particularly with local government boundaries more than parliamentary boundaries, because you are talking very much about communities. It can be a very emotive thing.
Propaganda requires a permanent network of communication so that it can systematically stifle reflection with emotive or utopian slogans. Its pace is usually fast.
Energy can’t be created or destroyed, and energy flows. It must be in a direction, with some kind of internal, emotive, spiritual direction. It must have some effect somewhere.
As a guitar player, you can gravitate to the blues because you can play it easily. It’s not a style that’s difficult to pick up. It’s purely emotive and dead easy to get a start with.
Boz Scaggs
Previously people were treated anonymously particular on a drugs situation which is obviously highly emotive. They have been treated anonymously even after the verdict had been reached.
David Gill will accelerate making human co-experiences more immersive and personal, adding world-class facial animation technology as part of Roblox’s efforts to provide expressive emotive actions to avatars that will enable deeper connections for our community.
I would have to say Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Because of You’ would be the song I would associate with coming out. It’s really emotive, and personally, it reminds me of my father.
When you say ‘design,’ everybody thinks of magazine pages. So it’s an emotive word. Everybody thinks it’s how something looks, whereas for me, design is pretty much everything.
I started to call myself a rational therapist in 1955; later I used the term rational emotive. Now I call myself a rational emotive behavior therapist.
My ability to be emotive and cry… I think I’m so fearful of tapping that that I won’t know how to turn it off.
People tend to like an athlete‘s performance, but if you don’t get a feeling for the individual, you’re not very emotive about them.
Especially with the live, just the way I curve words, it’s about expression. It’s so emotive, to be able to release these words into a mike. It really emphasizes this insane tingle down my spine whenever I play.