Top 25 Post-Production Quotes

In this post, you will find great Post-Production Quotes from famous people, such as Masi Oka, Shura, Michel Gondry, Varun Sandesh, Jason Bateman. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

I would say that there's definitely some advantages wit

I would say that there’s definitely some advantages with me being able to talk shop with some of the effects people. Because I come from a post-production world, I can speak shorthand with them. I don’t think many other actors can say that and know how the process 100% works.
I worked in a post-production facility for television, but in the machine room, so I was one of the nerds, essentiallymaking sure everyone had their footage in and all of that stuff.
There’s nothing worse than a dream sequence done all in post-production.
I accept that ‘Ee Varsham Sakshiga’ had some flaws, which could have been rectified during post-production.
Varun Sandesh
Pre-production and post-production is something that I’ve never been exposed to. I was pleasantly surprised that you could accomplish a lot during pre-production.
If you would ask me what my ideal process is, I would say, long pre-production, long production and long post-production.
Financing for ‘Shotgun Stories‘ was initiated with money from close friends and family. This is where the money to go into production came from. After production, a company called ‘Upload Films’ came on board and provided post-production funds and services. In both instances, people were taking a gamble on us.
Writing is fantasizing about what your film will be like. Shooting is reality. And the post-production is recovering the idea you had.
My time on the set is the least of my involvement. Most of my time is in pre-production and post-production.
You know, post-production is a bit of a grind to me. If I’m producing a film, I really… I mean I like editing, but all the other crap, the color mixing and… it’s all a grind. And so as a result I cut back producing the number of films I was producing.
Editing and post-production is so important with comedy.
Eddie Kaye Thomas
I’m a student. I want to do better, and I want directors who can find the actress in me and be my teachers. I’m interested in the whole process of editing, post-production and direction.
Taking employment out of the country – now that’s taking away jobs. These shows employ a lot of people: production, post-production, music supervisors, camera people. A hundred people or more.
There are two phases to a movie. First you shoot the movie, and then you make the movie. Generally, post-production is longer than filming.
Robert Altman was a very jovial guy and obviously a famed improviser and perhaps less effective in post-production, which is like the crystallising process. So I found myself at sea often with him because we’d have conversations about what music is, and in the end, I don’t know how interested he was?
Nowadays shots are created in post-production, on computers. It’s not really photography.
What I’ve learned is sometimes it’s good not to have all the same actions and have all the same takes. The variety you provide gives the director later on in post-production the ability to construct a more interesting performance as he puts the movie together.
I try to listen to a lot of music when I’m in the mixing process of a record, when I’m in post-production and trying to get everything to sound a certain way.
Jay Reatard
Actors play a small part in all the things that go into the making of a movie. I want to know about pre-production, post-production, shot divisions – everything.
Going from ‘Shark Night‘ to ‘Piranha,’ a guy holding a fish on a stick in front of you that they’re going to replace in post-production, it’s a lot different than seeing this animatronic shark that, if you get caught up in the moment, looks, acts and you sometimes think could be real.
I cannot state enough how important post-production is for the success of a horror movie. You bring so much to it with the way you edit it, the way it is sound-designed, and the way the music works with it.
I’m attracted to directors in general because I appreciate the work and the job they have to do. I watched the post-production, I watched the pre-production… post-production is something that I’m very interested in and I did spend a lot of time in editing rooms when I was young pretending to be sick.
I was so in debt by the end of ‘Dust Devil,’ having picked up the tab personally for the post-production of the movie, and having no way to recoup because I didn’t own the rights to the movie. There was no way I could see any money back on it, so any money spent was just a dead loss.
Richard Stanley
As for me, my foundations were laid in the south. We did the post-production of ‘Hum Paanch’ in Chennai, with many technicians from here working for us.
Kaante’ will help the film industry. Very few films are like this one – pre-production in Europe, one-schedule shoot, well planned post-production.