Top 25 Weirdness Quotes

In this post, you will find great Weirdness Quotes from famous people, such as Hunter S. Thompson, Jonathan Franzen, Paul Feig, Paul Guilfoyle, Mike Mills. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

When I finally gave up any hope of doing anything representative of the American family, I actually seemed to have tapped into other people‘s weirdness in that way.
I love funny people, and when I’m with funny people, or people who are amusing in their weirdness, I love it. Because that to me is funny, as opposed to someone who stops and says, ‘Hey let me tell you a joke.’
The thing that attracted me to ‘CSI’ is that these guys are always professional, but underneath, it’s teeming with a heavy shadow. Maybe even some decadence and some weirdness with certain characters! And that always intrigued me as an actor.
Paul Guilfoyle
My dad‘s gay experiences really had a very positive influence on me and my straight relationshipshow to better accept all the weirdness and ambiguity and ups and downs and paradoxes. I knew from the beginning I was writing about love.
Just being out in the world, you see so many things, and every day, you experience so many concepts and different people and their coolness and weirdness. It’s a feast of ideas.
I don’t imagine my parents are too excited about my kind of life. The surrounding weirdness bothers them. Still, I think they’re pretty good. Their lives are based on what their friends think, just like ours are.
Growing up as a product of the black civil-rights movement, I had a lot of different models for black weirdness, whether it’s Richard Pryor or James Baldwin or Jimmy Walker.
I couldn’t ever write a straight crime novel: there’d be an intrusion of weirdness at some point.
The thing about comedy is it gives you a platform to expose your own shortcomings, so it becomes a public display of weirdness.
What happens when children reach puberty earlier and adulthood later? The answer is: a good deal of teenage weirdness.
Ever since I started all of this TV weirdness, I just tried to make each year better than before professionally.
My sense of injustice about our family’s ‘weirdness’ in not owning a car was amplified by the fact that we did not own a television, either – my parents were unapologetic about this and told me very cheerfully that I would thank them for it when I was older, which was quite true.
I love some kind of pressure in the air. Some kind of weirdness in the crowd, good or bad. That’s what we thrive on.
I’m actually an evil bastard in real life. Fark allows me to vent weirdness. Thank god for that, too.
Drew Curtis
My dad has a dry, deadpan sense of humor, and my mom has an unexpected, wacky take on things. They really encouraged laughing at ourselves and the weirdness of situations that come up growing up in politics.
We talk about quantum weirdness and things being in two places at once, but it all involves atoms and molecules, stuff we don’t normally interact with.
Aaron D. O’Connell
Baltimore breeds a really specific type of weirdo. Animal Collective is from Baltimore. Dan Deacon, John Waters. There’s a through line of weirdness and a hard edge that I see when I meet people from that area.
Embrace your weirdness!
‘A Streetcar Named Desire‘ is the play I’ve probably read the most times in my life, and I love the weirdness of all the scene outs but especially the end of the second scene, when Williams brings a tamale vendor on stage to simply say, ‘Red hot!’
The nice thing about movies is that you can sort of steer your audience toward seeing that there’s discomfort, but there’s also this sense of, ‘Well, we’ll tolerate this weirdness because maybe it’ll be interesting.’
Weirdness is not my game. I’m just a square boy from Wisconsin.
It’s difficult to describe the weirdness of speaking to a man who appears to be perfectly in control of his faculties, who can deliver off-the-cuff repartee, and yet who is actually utterly disconnected from who he is.
I think in the old days, the nexus of weirdness ran through Southern California, and to a degree New York City. I think it’s changed so that every bizarre story in the country now has a Florida connection. I don’t know why, except it must be some inversion of magnetic poles or something.
In a novel, even if you put a country in the wrong hemisphere, which I’ve done, I can always claim it was part of the additional weirdness of the story.