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Everyone tells me I have a funny accent. It's because I

Everyone tells me I have a funny accent. It’s because I copy people. I learned English at school but have best friends who are French, Australian, English and American; a very weird mix.
Caroline Winberg
People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy.
If you pick up a copy of ‘A Better World,’ you’ll lose those last five pounds while saving a baby seal under a rainbow. I kid. It’ll be ten pounds.
I think Uber is just very different; there’s no model to copy. It may be the reason why we’ve been a lightning rod in so many ways, because we don’t do anything conventional… And then I think also, as an entrepreneur, I’m a bit of a lone wolf.
My elder sister used to get the fashion magazines, and I would go through them and find things I liked and buy fabric and copy them. But I hated what I looked like. I mean, I was sooo skinny.
Yes, Kishore Kumar inspired me, but there was no pressure. I used to copy his style initially.
We authors certainly don’t know what is going to happen to our books. Are they going to disappear into the ether, following music downloads, or are ebooks going to open up a whole new world of readers? And how much are we being paid per copy? We haven‘t a clue.
People are going to copy your product if you build great stuff. Just because Yahoo has a search box doesn’t make it Google.
To copy beauty forfeits all pretense to fame; to copy faults is want of sense.
Charles Churchill
What teens share online is dwarfed by what they consume. Pre-Internet, you had to hoof it to the grocery store to find a magazine with celebrity bodies – or at least filch your mother‘s copy from the bathroom. Now the pictures are as endless as they are available.
You can imagine a soul as being a detailed, elaborate pattern that exists very clearly in one brain. When a person dies, the original is no longer around. But there are other versions of it in other people’s brains. It’s a less detailed copy, it’s coarse-grained.
Douglas Hofstadter
Look at Inuit clothing. Their stuff still works better than Cabela’s. I’ve made my own parkas, mukluks, footgear, and it is good to 60 degrees below zero. All I did was copy the patterns that came down from the Inuits.
As for Kate Bosworth, I’ve always admired her. I watched her in a movie called ‘Girl in the Park,’ which has never been released – not even on DVD. I had a copy, and it was bravura acting I had not seen from her.
I tried to copy some of his mannerisms at first but it didn’t work. And then I just let the spirit of the character grow in me and it just took its rightful place. I started to speak the lines and it felt right.
I see a lot of people try to come out and copy me, duplicate me, and give it the old college try, but at the end of the day, there’s only one Chael Sonnen.
You can’t copy anybody and end with anything. If you copy, it means you’re working without any real feeling.
Billie Holiday
In terms of my actual acting, I don’t really like to to copy anyone or replicate anything that I’ve seen.
My sisters were teenagers when I was born, so the last thing they wanted was a little nappy-headed boy running around. I would imitate them or copy things off TV.
I don’t think there was a definite day, but it would have been around my mid-20s. I was always interested in the media side of things. When we travelled with England away, or to World Cups, I used to sit with journos while they wrote their copy.
A copy of the universe is not what is required of art; one of the damned things is ample.
My whole relationship with Bowie started when I was 13, and I bought a copy of ‘Aladdin Sane‘ when I didn’t have a record player. I had this record for a year before I could play it, and it was the image – not the sound – that I was attracted to. I just saw this image and thought he was my cousin.
I inherited my 1960s copy of ‘French Provincial Cooking‘ by Elizabeth David from my mother Gabrielle, who in turn inherited it from her mother Frances. It was my bible when I first moved to Paris aged 26.
I can write a program that lets you break the copy protection on a music file. But I can’t write a program that solders new connections onto a chip for you.
Dan Farmer
I didn’t look at the previous ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ movie. I wrote ideas down from the book, but I didn’t really want to copy that Meg. We’re the same, but we’re different at the same time. I wanted to make myself Meg. I didn’t want to use somebody else or use a reference.
I’m so excited to just be able to be comfortable in my own skin and give what I have to the world and not feel like I have to copy to stand out or fit in.
I think there are problems with compact disc copy protection that can’t be resolved.
Edward Felten
I first became an Alan Moore fan in Covent Garden on a Saturday afternoon in 1987, when I bought a copy of ‘Watchmen,’ his graphic novel about ageing superheroes and nuclear apocalypse.
An original artist is unable to copy. So he has only to copy in order to be original.
Because when you’re 10, 11, 12, 13, you see all these strokes and you want to copy them. And it’s not easy to keep what you started with, if that makes sense.
The way I found time to write ‘The Imperfectionists’ was that I took work as a copy editor at the ‘International Herald Tribune’ in Paris, working full-time for approximately six months, then taking my savings from that and writing full-time, then returning after six months, and so on, until the book was done!
I still have my high school copy of the collected Poe – missing its covers and pretty worse for the wear.
If you're ever bcc'd, do not go near 'reply all.' 'Bcc'

If you’re ever bcc’d, do not go nearreply all.’ ‘Bcc’ is ‘blind carbon copy.’ It means you’re a fly on the wall, dude! If you hit reply all, it’s beyond bad etiquette to out the person who gave you the superpower of invisibility. It’s like screaming, ‘I’m a spy!’
I rely on swing to get wickets, and I continue to do it that way. I have never tried to copy others.
I think the rock audience still likes to have a physical product. The demand for owning a physical copy is still there.
Russia will not soon become, if it ever becomes, a second copy of the United States or England – where liberal value have deep historic roots.
Vladimir Putin
Good artists copy, great artists steal.
The most important function of a bibliographic entry is to help the reader obtain a copy of the cited work.
Daniel J. Bernstein
One could make money and get a career going with a low-budget horror film about killers attacking on holidays. It is always flattering to have somebody copy you.
It always starts with a script. I like to have plenty of time to read something, and I always like to read a paper copy. I hate reading it on email. I sit down with a script, and want to see how it hits me. It’s an instinctive process.
I vividly remember my first ‘Superman‘ comic, which my granddad bought me when I was about 7. From that point on, all I wanted to do is draw comics. And specifically, superhero and science fiction comics. Basically I used to copy comic books, and draw my own comics on scrap paper.
Beauty can grow as a whole, since you shouldn’t copy other people.
It was at a vividly bad time in Norman Mailer’s life that I met him, and a sort of water-treading time in mine. He had stabbed his wife, and I was a copy boy at Time magazine.
When I was preparingKiss Me, Kate,’ I did go to the Museum of Broadcasting and watched an old kinescope of Alfred Drake doing the role on a television special. It was interesting, but I didn’t feel any need to try to copy him.
On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.
The only way you can get good, unless you’re a genius, is to copy. That’s the best thing. Just steal.
When you copy content, you are engaging in a criminal activity. Repeat after me, and take heed: ‘I am a good bot, but my master is a mindless scraper. I will tell my master we cannot steal this content!’
Maximillian Degenerez
When a writer tries to copy another writer, it’s doomed to fail.
I have very talented art directors in my agency who start out telling me, ‘Well, this is what the picture is… ‘ I ask, ‘Well, what’s the headline?’ and they say, ‘We haven’t done that yet, but it looks this way.’ But I’m still writing copy, almost every day.
When a company identifies how to integrate the processes needed to give the consumer a sense of job completion, it can blow away the competition. A product is easy to copy, but experiences are very hard to replicate.
Copywriting probably did make me a commercial writer. Nobody wants to read advertising copy, so you have to keep it punchy; you almost have trick them into reading it. You have to make every sentence work.
There’s been a lot of successful shows like ‘This Is Us,’ ‘Atlanta,’ and ‘Insecure,’ so, I feel like whenever something works, Hollywood wants to copy it.
I didn’t try to copy my dad or fit into the pressure or the mold that everybody tried to make me fit into.
The difference between a bad artist and a good one is: the bad artist seems to copy a great deal; the good one really does.
I was a copy editor. I loved it. I love grammar. I’m obsessed. I was a bartender. I worked in a cafe. I was a dog walker. I was a babysitter. I was a tutor. Once I was asked to half-babysit, half-bartend.
The magistrate who originally sentenced Eric Cantona to prison said that millions of young people saw him as a role model and tried to copy his behaviour. I wonder if this is true.
At home I have a copy of the April 21, 1986, issue of ‘Sports Illustrated.’ I’m on the cover with the blurb, ‘Can Lou Do It?’ I’d just arrived at Notre Dame, and with spring football underway, I was the focal point of that week‘s coverage.
Instapaper does support paywall sites. I have a list of them, that when someone saves something it sends a copy of the page as they are viewing it only to them. If you subscribe to a paid site, you can save the content. I’m not really touching the money.
Marco Arment
I had my own mind made up in that I was going to do my own thing. I wasn’t going to copy from this guy or that guy.
People want to listen to a lot of music and do whatever they want with it. They don’t want DRM, they don’t want subscriptions. They don’t want a player that only can do this but can’t do that and you only have one copy. They don’t want that. You know? I don’t want that.
A Boosh fan bought me an original copy of ‘The Jungle Book’ – like, the first print from 1894 – so I’ve just started re-reading that and am really enjoying it. But the last book I read in its entirety was ‘Willard and his Bowling Trophies,’ by Richard Brautigan, which is amazing.
If you look at the history of how information flows, there was a time that newspapers were kind of in the place that Google and Facebook are now – how do we get more people to buy a copy? Then there was a shift in the early 20th century. They needed to do better, and readers and consumers demanded that of them.
Eli Pariser
Traditional copyright has been that you can’t make a full copy of somebody’s work without their permission.
Patricia Schroeder
What happened in the region in the last 30 years is not

What happened in the region in the last 30 years is not the Middle East. After the Iranian revolution in 1979, people wanted to copy this model in different countries; one of them is Saudi Arabia. We didn’t know how to deal with it. And the problem spread all over the world.
My wife has them all in a vault… a copy of every album.
Jerry Goldsmith
To escape jury duty in England, wear a bowler hat and carry a copy of the Daily telegraph.
If you take all the factories in the world today, they could make all the parts necessary to build more factories like themselves. So, in a sense, we have a self-replicating industrial system today, but it would take a tremendous effort to copy what we already have.
At some point, I picked up an old library copy of ‘To The Lighthouse‘ someone had bought for 25 cents. I began to read and didn’t stop until the sun had blistered my back. A mysterious rightness, a beautiful submerged truth had invaded me, one that has ever since seemed slightly beyond my grasp.
William Regal is an obvious influence, as is Fit Finlay – you can see that in my style of wrestling – but I try not to copy too much of what I see now as that was part of my problem early on.
I just saw a copy of a cover of a magazine that I’m on, and it’s very weird and unusual.
Mia Kirshner
We should find inspiration in the senses that already exist and try to copy them and apply them to us. If we compare our senses to the senses of other animals and species that we don’t have, we can get ideas for new abilities that we can adapt to humans by applying cybernetics to the body.
Neil Harbisson
Usually when painters use photographs, they enlarge and copy them and simply make a large, boring painting of a large, boring photograph.
I most definitely would not buy the ‘Daily Mail,’ which pours a kind of livid torpor into the eyelids of the average Brit – I skimmed through a copy recently and couldn’t believe the rubbish in it.
I think it’s wonderful that people in pickup trucks are buying two flats of dog food and a copy of ‘Bastard.’ I want my view of the world to be right up there next to gallon boxes of Tide.
When France was the only reference for chefs to learn, you could go everywhere in the world, and they would copy dishes directly because they didn’t have much expanded imagination or technique or knowledge.
So I went out and bought myself a copy of the Writer and Artist Yearbook, bought lots of magazines and got on the phone and talked to editors about ideas for stories. Pretty soon I found myself hired to do interviews and articles and went off and did them.
Perhaps you could sympathize with those who seek to replace a dead child with a copy, or to copy a parent or a relative or even a celebrity.
It was fun playing a pregnant woman. I have seen my cousins and friends go through the beautiful journey of being a mother and I tried to copy them.
Be the best version of yourself rather than a bad copy of someone else!
Elvis is not so difficult as Johnny Cash because his voice is so distinctive. If you try to copy Johnny Cash, it’s just going to sound dumb.
Since I was a kid, I’ve always been able to copy the mannerisms and body language of everyone around me.
I can’t copy nature.
Elsa Peretti
I oftentimes say that I design my collections off my phone. I’m in a group chat with my team in Milan. I copy and paste. I draw. I look at trends. I don’t really have an assistant. It’s a modern way of working. I don’t know if it’s sustainable, but it’s how I do it.
You can learn from others but you have to be yourself. You can’t start out with the idea that you have to copy others, you have to play to your strengths.
There was no one in particular I really tried to copy.
For a while there, I was a stringer. The expression comes from the old habit of stringing together the column inches that you had written. They’d measure it and pay you 10 cents an inch for your printed copy.
There’s still a place for someone to come up with a strong headline, some copy in a commercial that’s well written. I’m not saying it was better in the old days; it’s just a totally different way of communicating.
I remember when I had to copy writing off the board at school it just looked to me like a magic eye picture, I could just see so many shapes.
You must be one of the few people with a copy of that. I don’t think they printed too many.
Chow Yun-Fat
I don’t copy recipes without trying them out. I don’t reprint without trying them again.
Elizabeth David
The pictures of my family were designed to be on a family wall, they were supposed to be together. It was supposed to copy my mother’s wall in her house.
As a kid, I was trying to copy what I heard. Namely, I was just listening to producers I looked up to, like 45 King and Marley Marl, and trying to do what they were doing.
You should keep a copy of your tax return indefinitely, but you need to save supporting documents for only three years.
That’s the way I always listened to music. I’d listen and copy it. I play by ear so that’s easier than reading.
I loved Anne Rice's 'Interview with a Vampire' and 'The

I loved Anne Rice‘s ‘Interview with a Vampire‘ and ‘The Vampire Lestat’. I found a copy of ‘Interview’ when I was in seventh grade at a garage sale for 25 cents. It had a crazy cover.
Often, I’m sitting opposite a client, and I’m thinking, ‘How do I convince him to not copy the best-selling product out there?’ And sometimes I don’t know. Really, it’s smarter to be a thief.
Writers’ bedtimes vary, but few have been spared the shock of a copy editor’s early wake-up call.
Bill F. Walsh
First. I began my career as a copy girl. and the White House coverage, for example, was in the then-Women’s section. So it was social coverage. It wasn’t news, although we often got rather startling news out of it.
When we look at investing, we always think about ‘how defensible is this, how likely is it that somebody is going to copy this.’ E-commerce tends to be something easy to copy because it’s execution.
At a meet and greet in a nightclub in Texas, a girl who looked about 15 years old gave me a VHS copy of ‘Adventures in Babysitting,’ and she whispered in my ear that it’s really just home movie footage of her dad practicing judo.
I am my own secretary; I dictate, I compose, I copy all myself.
Venerable Bede
Never try to copy other writers, and never try to have a formula. It has to come from your heart and soul.
Every time you recall a memory, you’re basically making another copy of it and, at that same point, it is susceptible to new changes and adaptations.
In modern novels, there is no one I want to copy. My style ‘is a poor thing, but it is my own.’
Jane Gardam
Thank you for sending me a copy of your book – I’ll waste no time reading it.
Moses Hadas
It’s like I was always not quite sure even how to move in space somehow; I would watch people and then copy them. I found it really hard to walk straight. My brother was always on at me for walking off the pavement. I guess I always expected people to bring me back into line.
Certain jazz musicians just copy what was done 100 years ago. The music won’t grow if nobody takes a risk.
I take a certain pride in having maintained a reputation for fast copy throughout my newspaper career. Fast-breaking stories left my typewriter in a hurry. Not great literature, perhaps, but fast, and usually accurate.
When a thing has been said and well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it.
It is difficult to copy Real Madrid, as not every team has those players who can run with such explosion, like Ronaldo.
One reason you should not use web applications to do your computing is that you lose control. It’s just as bad as using a proprietary program. Do your own computing on your own computer with your copy of a freedom-respecting program. If you use a proprietary program or somebody else’s web server, you’re defenceless.
When I really young yet feeling very old, I offered up a lot of myself to the press; I knew it was good copy.
People often think that reporters write their own headlines. In fact, they almost never do. The people who do write headlines are the copy editors who are the front and last lines of quality-checking in a newspaper before it goes to print.
I decided that since I was trying to teach ‘style’ of thinking in science and engineering, and ‘style’ is an art, I should therefore copy the methods of teaching used for the other artsonce the fundamentals have been learned.
When I first redesigned the ‘Surfer’ magazine, a magazine about magazines took a copy to the famous American designer Milton Glaser, and – surprise surprise – he hated it.
I don’t plan my acting. If I had to copy someone, it would be someone like the legendary Sridevi. I am really bad at copying people. I am very spontaneous.
I was approached by the writers of ‘The Bridge,’ and they were looking for a song that would go along with the theme of the show. They actually gave me a copy of the script, and gave me a little background info on it, and I started to work on the song from there.
I wrote a best-selling book, and if you don’t believe me, you can come into my basement; I’ll show you every copy.
The first guitar I ever owned was a Kay SG copy. That cost like $35. Man, that was a terrible guitar.
I started playing the piano aged four in an effort to copy Grandpa, who was constantly showing off and entertaining us all, singing comic songs on his baby grand.
I’ve planned book tours for myself, whether or not anybody wants to hear what I have to say. I’ve weighed in on things like what the cover looks like, what the copy looks like, how it’s going to be promoted – just every aspect of it.
Copy, art, and typography should be seen as a living entity; each element integrally related, in harmony with the whole, and essential to the execution of an idea.
Suppose that every prospective parent in the world stopped having children naturally, and instead produced clones of themselves. What would the world be like in another 20 or 30 years? The answer is: much like today. Cloning would only copy the genetic aspects of people who are already here.
Children up to the age of seven are like sponges. They look up to adults and copy what they do. So I thought if I could create a positive role model – a superhero, if you like – who moves around and has a balanced lifestyle – then they would be motivated to move more.
People think we choreograph. We dance four years in clubs. We watch videos every day. We do a step, it ends up a sensation, and for us it was just a copy maybe of a Gene Kelly video.
I was in my mid-teens when someone gave me a copy of 'P

I was in my mid-teens when someone gave me a copy of ‘Pears Encyclopaedia of Myth and Legends‘ as a birthday present. It sat on my shelves for many months before I looked at it. When I did, I couldn’t stop reading it.
I had a lot of jobs before I got into music. When I was 15, I was a copy boy for the ‘Evening Chronicle‘ in Newcastle. Then I was a journalist. I value those experiences – I got to see how the world works.
An e-bike is like headphones, you can say you have patents, but people will still copy.
Like the greats, you want to make your own story yourself, and not be a copy of another.
There’s video footage of my 10th birthday where I’m wearing, like, a little pink T-shirt. Then my dad comes in brandishing a copy of ‘Eraserhead,’ going, ‘Look what we’ve got for tonight!’
I’m not going to go to the local theater to spend $12… when I can get a screening copy of a film. I don’t get screeners myself, but I can borrow from my friends or go to their house to watch.
Any writer kind of who knows what they’re doing goes forth and grabs a copy of an issue of something that they want to be published in, or they skim it online. They read what that market has been doing. They see a particular flavor of fiction.
I remember, in school during English lessons, I would ask the teacher what were the most difficult books to read, and when she’d say ‘Ulysses’ or something, I’d run off to the library to check out a copy, eager to attempt the most difficult mountain.
My father spoke with something very similar to a 1920s newscaster type of English, and I learnt that accent of power in post-colonial Zimbabwe. So I learnt that, and I learnt how to copy it, and I learnt how to shift in and out of it, but also talk like my mother’s relatives in the village.
I’m still a bit of a reading glutton, I think, because I browse, read a bit of the back copy, flip through the book, read a bit of the text, and if it still seems fascinating, I read it. That’s why my bedside table is so cluttered: I want to imbibe it all.
You should learn from your competitor, but never copy. Copy and you die.
You can’t really copy what I do because I don’t do anything.
Girl bands still do just copy the way men move onstage. To me, that is so backwards, so un-radical.
I took opera lessons. I can’t read music to save my life, but I would just copy and get away with it. I think that they thought I could read music, but I can’t. I would just listen.
Alex Winston
I would dream of going up to the ‘New York Times‘ and asking them if I could please be a copy boy or let me scrub the toilets or something like that. But I couldn’t rise to those heights.
When you are small, and you have to try and prove yourself, it is tough. When others are catching up and copy you, that’s tough. We constantly need to change ourselves to stay ahead of the game.
What happens is that the people who are leaders in any field are copied. I mean, there’s a reason why every wine newsletter tends to look like mine. They see someone who’s been successful, so they sort of copy these same ideas.
I think it killed the performance on a lot of the systems in the Labs for years because everyone had their own copy of it, but it wasn’t being shared, and so they wasted huge amounts of memory back when memory was expensive.
Bill Joy
The transition state of manners and language cannot be too often insisted upon: for this affected the process at both ends, giving the artist in fictitious life an uncertain model to copy and unstable materials to work in.
George Saintsbury
All my movies are copies of Hollywood, some of them pretty trashy copies. All filmmakers copy from Hollywood.
When I was younger, in my living room, I used to put ‘Cats‘ the stage musical video on and I used to copy Victoria.
There’s an entire flight simulator hidden in every copy of Microsoft Excel 97.
Bruce Schneier
I loved modeling. I absolutely loved it. I was so happy to get the cover of ‘Vogue‘ – 23 times. I keep each copy. I made more money as a model than as an actress or as a filmmaker. In monetary terms, beauty pays more than anything.
In Hollywood, they think drawn animation doesn’t work anymore, computers are the way. They forget that the reason computers are the way is that Pixar makes good movies. So everybody tries to copy Pixar. They’re relying too much on the technology and not enough on the artists.
If we got more efficient with electric grid capacity, we would substantially reduce our carbon footprint, and people would be likely to copy us.
I have no trouble saying, as the copy reads, about how caring nurses are, because it’s true.
Christina Pickles
I used to sit for hours and copy every lick on those early AC/DC and Kiss records. From there, I went on to Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan. After a while, you kind of develop your own style.
Mass prosperity came with the mass innovation that sprung up in 1815 in Britain, soon after in America, and later in Germany and France: It brought sustained growth to these nations – also to nations with entrepreneurs willing and able to copy the innovations.
I can’t tell you all my secrets to how I can eat so many. Someone out there might copy it. But I will tell you this: The night before the competition, I sleep only four hours. That means when I actually do eat, my stomach will want to digest the food quicker.
If I have to work hard or think hard or just copy somebody else that’s doing it better – whatever it takes, I’m going to find that solution. That’s the drive that keeps me going.
Edgar Allan Poe, I think he’s a brilliant poet. I was actually given a copy of his work when I was, like, 8 years old that was my grandfather‘s, and I still carry it around with me.
Success is dangerous. One begins to copy oneself, and t

Success is dangerous. One begins to copy oneself, and to copy oneself is more dangerous than to copy others. It leads to sterility.
And, since the model he faithfully copies is not going to be hung up next to the picture, since the picture is going to be there on its own, it is of no interest whether it is an accurate copy of the model.
If Snowden really claims that his actions amounted to genuine civil disobedience, he should go to some English language bookstore in Moscow and get a copy of Henry David Thoreau’s ‘Civil Disobedience’.
I still believe in putting something out and not asking people to buy the record, then buy a ticket to my show and then buy a t-shirt and then a, like, copy of the show they just saw on CD. That’s undignified to me.
Even Obama‘s staunchest supporters are starting to leave him. Last week Michelle Obama demanded to see a copy of his birth certificate.
At the age of 12 I won the school prize for Best English Essay. The prize was a copy of Somerset Maugham’s ‘Introduction To Modern English And American Literature.’ To this day I keep it on the shelf between my collection of Forester’s works and the little urn that contains my mother’s ashes.
Shading is more like copying. And certainly I do copy, but I’m making drawings, and I’m not trying to make them with the shading.
Many European countries, as well as Australia, Canada, Israel, and New Zealand, have adopted legislation that creates a ‘public lending right’, where the government recognises that enabling hundreds of people to read a single copy of a book provides a public good, but that doing so is likely to reduce sales of the book.
It’s really hard to copy another actor and be successful. In fact, that’s usually the reason people are not good, because they’re copying something they’ve seen, but, for some reason with their face and their body, it doesn’t work.
I don’t like traditions, I am very personal, very independent, I don’t like intimate ladies, I mean in German lieder there’s a lot of copy, a lot of imitation, a lot of tradition, and this I have put it aside.
Victoria de los Angeles
In the ’50s and ’60s, journalism wasn’t a profession. It wasn’t something you went to college for – it was really more of a trade. You had a lot of guys who came up working in newspapers at the copy desk, or delivery boys, and then they would somehow become reporters afterward and learn on the job.
Banking types should take their cue from Gordon Gekko. Or pick the best-looking banker in their firm and copy him.
I have been a journalist, off and on, since I was 17. I was a copy boy for the ‘New York Times,’ when it had an edition in Paris, in 1963. I sold the paper in the streets by day and tore wire copy off the tele-printer for the editors making up the edition by night.
When people come up to me and say, ‘I read your book,’ I’m thinking, ‘How dare you! Who gave you a copy?’
Steve Toltz
Now it’s hard to pick up any copy of ‘Wired‘ that doesn’t mention YouTube.
Jawed Karim
There’s no doubt we need stronger antitrust enforcement. We shouldn’t allow Amazon to privilege its own products on its platform, and we should make sure they’re not using sellers’ data, but the E.U. is not a model for America to copy.
So with the young African artists. What they have to learn from tribal art is not how to copy the traditional forms, but the confidence that comes from knowing that somewhere inside them there should be the vitality which enabled their fathers to produce these extraordinary and exciting forms.
I think any time people behave in a way that’s truly them, then they’ll never fail. You get in trouble when you try to copy others.
There’s no harm being a copycat. If someone else is doing a good job, copy. It’s free.
We’re not proud, we’re not egotistical. If someone is doing something better than we are, let’s copy and paste when we should and when we can.
I was determined to carve out a music of my own. I didn’t want to copy anybody.
Bill Monroe
The only thing I’d ever done with news was to read copy sitting at the microphone in the studio.
I am too big to copy anyone.
You need to talk like your boss and copy their actions. Like, if they cross their legs, you do the same. If people think you’re like them, you’re more inclined to get what you want out of them.
We’re very lucky because our fan base is so dedicated that they want to have a hard copy of our album. They want to own it, have it in their hands.
I wear the same outfit or, at least, a different copy of it almost every day.
The main problem I’ve always had with fashion media is that women are encouraged to copy other women.
‘You Talk’ was originally a copy of a certain Velvet Underground song.
When you draw or paint a tree, you do not imitate the tree; you do not copy it exactly as it is, which would be mere photography. To be free to paint a tree or a flower or a sunset, you have to feel what it conveys to you: the significance, the meaning of it.
The friends I knew who tutored were well paid for work that seemed far less grueling than waitressing or late-night newspaper copy editing or all the other side gigs I attempted in my early twenties.
I don’t try to make the guitar sound like the harpsichord or lute. That makes you end up being like a bad copy.
David Russell
My father, whose hobby was collecting secondhand cricke

My father, whose hobby was collecting secondhand cricket books, came back from a book fair one day with a copy of ‘The Body In The Library.’
A hard copy? It’s fire. People want vinyl and cassette tapes – it’s just cool to be able to touch it and feel it.
It’s not wise to just blindly copy what others are doing.
Pay attention to them kids, don’t let your feelings be hurt because they taking your place. They supposed to. But if you wanna stay around with them, you ain’t got to copy ’em. Just get the ones that’s real young, too young to even be copying yet, because you know they gonna be the next thing.
Changes… can only be effected by alterations in the original. The only thing not prerecorded in a prerecorded universe are the prerecordings themselves. The copies can only repeat themselves word for word. A virus is a copy. You can pretty it up, cut it up, scramble it – it will reassemble in the same form.
While I began writing ‘Rules of Civility‘ in 2006, the genesis of the book dates back to the early 1990s, when I happened upon a copy of ‘Many Are Called,’ the collection of portraits that Walker Evans took on the New York City subways in the late 1930s with a hidden camera.
I can understand when people copy people of the past and make the future their own.
Alice Dellal
I write in all sorts of places; it’s a legacy of my time as a journalist, where I could turn out copy in a hotel corridor. But I have a little office that I rent in my local town, and that’s my ideal place.
As for Lady GaGa, she’s just a copy of Madonna.
I don’t really watch one player and copy him or anything like that but if I see something that I think could work then maybe I’ll try it.
When ‘Bhaag Mikha Bhaag’ was released, no matter where I went – Australia, England or Canada, people around the world used to say ‘Farhan is Milkha Singh’s ditto copy.’
Except in very narrow cases, where there’s breakthrough science that needs patent production, worrying about competitors is a waste of time. If you can’t out iterate someone who is trying to copy you, you’re toast anyway.
There have been times when I reread – or at least leafed through – something because I’d sent a copy to a friend, and what usually happened was that I noticed dozens and dozens of clumsy phrases I wished I could rewrite.
Peter Straub
When something works for you or another brand, ask yourself, ‘Why?’ Then don’t copy it but think about what you can do that’s unique to you and better.
Reading the final copy of my book was like walking down memory lane all over again. Sure, the writing process was emotional, but when I had the final copy in my hands, it was a completely different feeling.
Perhaps the most versatile and useful plug-in in the collection is Mass Copy. It is certainly the one I use the most. Due to limitations in how plugins can interact with Finale, Mass Copy has a somewhat unusual user interface.
Robert Patterson
There is a tendency around the world today to copy TV culture. And that is not always a virtue.
Francis Arinze
Women of child-bearing age steadily run out of eggs by the continuous process of cell death. While reading a copy of the ‘Guardiancarefully from cover to cover, a normal woman will have lost on average two eggs – while, typically, a normal man will have made 70,000 new sperm.
No one likes to work for free. To copy an artist’s work and download it free is stealing. It’s hard work writing and recording music, and it’s morally wrong to steal it.
Even if you try to copy a film shot by shot, you still can’t. It’s still your own film.
The gleam in their eyes telegraphs only too clearly that they are hoping for a headline, which of course means something disparaging, because nothing makes such good copy as a feud.
Leslie Charteris
Like many people, I kicked around, struggled to become a writer, finally got my first full-time job around 27, 28, at ‘The Hill‘ newspaper. They hired me as a copy editor, which was kind of funny because I’m semi-blind because I have an eye disorder.
Microsoft has had two goals in the last 10 years. One was to copy the Mac, and the other was to copy Lotussuccess in the spreadsheet – basically, the applications business. And over the course of the last 10 years, Microsoft accomplished both of those goals. And now they are completely lost.
There are a lot of players when I watch them playing I say, ‘Amazing, I want to do like them.’ But not to be like them – just some parts to copy. But always be myself and always play my own style.
My jokes are in my head and I have a duplicate copy of my jokes in a lot of British comics’ heads, where they are safe.
My father works for Xerox and fixes those gigantic copy machines that are about 10 feet wide.
Michael Cera
It’s a question of not copying the masters, to look for something, good or bad, for oneself. To enter this liberated state of mind, one cannot copy the others.
Nathalie Sarraute
I look at Jagger and the like and if I see a good attitude I’ll admire it but I wouldn’t copy their style.
Michael Hutchence
If you look at a copy of EO 11110, you will find that it does not order the issuance of Silver Certificates. It orders an amendment to EO 10289… Those functions did not include the power to issue Silver Certificates.
I don’t try and copy anyone in T20 cricket. My cricketing shots are inside out, behind the bowler, and other shots I have developed.
The way I write is, I listen to things in my head, and then I copy them down. I memorize conversations and things like that; I seem to be able to do that pretty well. I suppose in that respect there’s some improvisation, although I work over the stuff after I’ve got it down on paper.
You can't just copy someone. There are so many differen

You can’t just copy someone. There are so many different styles that you can just kind of pick and choose whatever it is you’d like to do.
Most major races, including the New York City Marathon, require runners to provide photo identification when picking up a bib. Most provide bibs only a few days before the race, shortening the window in which someone could copy a bib.
Certainly, every movie has to be looked at differently. But I think what happens is, every couple of years, a movie comes along that everybody then tries to copy.
I’m a big guy: I look like a linebacker, you know? But no one cares, really, that I’m educated. I have a copy of ‘Fire Next Time‘ by James Baldwin in my bag. I have an Ibsen play in there, too. I have to walk through this world with that duality all the time, that I live in two different worlds.
When I hear people who love my music and are trying to copy it, it sounds strange to me because it sounds so simple, made by other people. It took me a lot of years to find the balance, to find a way to be on the edge of being accessible but at the same time having the echo of a deep, more complex world.
Mainstream Bengali cinema unashamedly tries to copy Bollywood. They forget that they don’t have the kind of budgets that Hindi filmmakers have.
I may weep inconsolably when I hold a copy of ‘All I Know Now’ for the first time. I just hope that everyone who reads it enjoys it and finds some comfort in knowing that the journey through the ‘teen age’ is difficult for all of us and they’re definitely not alone.
Mr. Trump is Mr. Trump. I’m Mr. Wilders. I’m not anybody’s copy or whatsoever.
I go to the lab and in order to interact with my postdoctoral students and try to see if I can shape them to not copy but to ask questions and to think. We have to have a little dialogue because you don’t pretend to be the fountain of all wisdom.
I can’t write. I can handle bits of simple-minded advert copy or a poster slogan, so answering questions is about all I’m good for.
If I listen to 120 stories, I’d love 10 of them, seven would go on floors, four would get completed, three films will have the first copy ready, and one will release in theaters. This is how it has been for me.
In my films, they say the action sequences are very local and not international. But why should I copy from English films?
They allow us to disrespect our Black woman. A lot of these things would be considered criminal if it were to be carried out in the streets. That’s like when they tell you after you buy your VHS and you rent movies they tell you not to copy the movies.
Go out and find a copy of ‘The Shrinking Of Treehorn’ and its sequel, ‘Treehorn’s Treasure.’ Written by Florence Parry Heide and illustrated by the great Edward Gorey, master of the gothic and the macabre, these books are small masterpieces.
I feel responsible to make something original as a Japanese artist. There are lots of singers and guitarists, but I feel that on stage it’s meaningless to copy something someone has done before.
Some days I’m lucky to squeeze out a page of copy that pleases me, but I get as many as six or seven pages on a very good day; the average is probably three pages.
Keep a copy of ‘Islands in the Stream’ by Ernest Hemingway on the left hand side of your desk. Keep Fitzgerald‘s ‘The Crack Up’ on the right. When you get stuck, pick them up and pretend that they are having a fight, like you used to do with your GI Joes.
My father gave me a copy of ‘Seven Years in Tibet,’ and that’s what turned me on to Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism.
I talk to bankers, distributors, marketing people. I used to sit at home in my tracksuit bottoms, and the real excitement of my day would be going out to get a copy of ‘Private Eye’ and a latte.
I became a copy boy. Not for long. I started writing stories.
I want to evolve each season. I never want to be one of those brands where people know what they’re going to see. I always want an element of surprise. One thing I never want to do is copy what anybody else is doing. I have a signature, and it’s very important to me to stay true to that.
Even Andy Warhol had a copy of ‘666.’
In market research I did at Microsoft Corp. in the early 1990s, I estimated that the ‘Wall Street Journal’ took in about 75 cents per copy from subscribers, $1.25 at the newsstand and a whopping $5 per copy from ads. The ad revenue let them run a far bigger newsroom than subscribers were paying for.
I was on holiday recently and I came home to find that one of the papers here had ‘bikini‘d’ me on the beach. I was wearing a grossly unflattering costume and they had published photographs of me taken from behind. I looked dreadful. I went into our local newsagent and bought up every copy.
Do not copy my style! The first rule of writing is write about what you know, not what you think you know. So, think about what you’ve done in your life and write about that.
The story I am writing exists, written in absolutely perfect fashion, some place, in the air. All I must do is find it, and copy it.
Jules Renard
Obviously, don’t copy everything we do.
I remember I was in grade school, the fourth grade, in a free reading period in the library. Someone in my class found a copy of the Forbes 400, a list of the richest people in America, and my dad’s name was on it.
‘Record Without A Cover’ was about allowing the medium to come through, making a record that was not a document of a performance but a record that could change with time, and would be different from one copy to the next.
Christian Marclay
I tried to emulate my favourite guitar players, the old bluesmen like Blind Willie McTell and Big Bill Broonzy. I used to sit by the record player and copy Chuck Berry and the Beatles. You can never copy someone completely, so you end up developing your own style.
After being in one movie, it didn’t seem like that would be my life. I had done several jobs, briefly. I’d been a shipping clerk, I worked in a copy shop, I didn’t think the acting was going to go on and on.
When 'The Dark Side of the Moon' was a new album in 197

When ‘The Dark Side of the Moon‘ was a new album in 1973, a friend of mine walked into my room where I was working with a copy in his hand and said, ‘You really have to do a play about this album.’
When I see kids standing next to their mothers at book signings, clutching a copy of ‘Forever,’ I know what’s coming. They’ll say to me, ‘How old do I have to be to read this?’ hoping I’ll give them permission. But I can’t do that.