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People's lives change dramatically over such a long tim

People’s lives change dramatically over such a long time period, and I think that if you’re still vital, and you’re still interested in writing and things like that, of course your music evolves and reflects where you are in your life.
Pat Benatar
When I lead essay workshops, I ask students to come up with at least five topics, which they’ll narrow down to one. The winning idea should be the story the student is most excited to tell because it honestly reflects his or her best self.
Politics also reflects the fault lines in our society, and the fact is that it is not very easy for any marginalised group to come forward in any domain.
When it comes to period stuff, I think it’s great to see South-Asian actors get their foot in the door there, because it’s nice to tell period stories and tell it in a way that reflects the world now.
Himesh Patel
I have observed Afghani people and their Urdu is not as chaste as it should be and that reflects in the way they speak. Their native language is Pashtun.
My favorite movie is ‘Coming to America.’ It’s a great movie! Eddie Murphy. Arsenio Hall. It kind of reflects my life – being from Canada and coming to America. I can kind of relate to it.
Hip-hop reflects the truth, and the problem is that hip-hop exposes a lot of the negative truth that society tries to conceal. It’s a platform where we could offer information, but it’s also an escape.
Each year, the State of the Union reflects the priorities of the current administration – and it provides the American people with a collective moment to reflect on the strength and security of our country.
In terms of an identity, an identity reflects an individuality, by definition. And, if there is a quality present, it is recognizable and it can be named. If you can’t name it, it means you don’t recognize it.
My perspective on life is now to try to play music that reflects that life and death are part of the same coin. And to know about life, we must really examine the function – like death. Life tells you a lot about what death is, not what people say it is.
I’ve experienced many hardships, but mentally, I’ve always been older, and that reflects in my actions, too.
You have to find a sound that reflects what our souls feel like inside, how our bodies actually feel. That’s why we made our own beats. We couldn’t find a producer who could give us the feeling to match our lyrics.
Domestic inflation reflects domestic monetary policy.
I am young, and that reflects in my designs. I can’t pretend to be 40.
I think ‘The Wire‘ really is relatable. It reflects an ongoing issue across America, about inaccuracies in major cities between rich and the poor and some of the things that go on behind the red tape of council and government bodies.
The whole London football scene is now financially more powerful and ambitious than ever before. That reflects the city‘s economic might and its multiculturalism. Now West Ham have a new , and Spurs and Chelsea will follow. And the London clubs have widened their areas of support.
It reflects a prevailing myth that production technology is no more amenable to human judgment or social interests than the laws of thermodynamics, atomic structure or biological inheritance.
Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself.
Potter Stewart
The original sense of the word ‘influence’ is ‘to flow into.’ For the most part, these writers that I admire… their style flows into me without my intervention, which is what explains the broad range of writers who I’ve been compared with; it reflects my reading.
The conflict between the creatures of Native Lore and the immigration of the European preternatural hosts is hinted at in ‘Blood Bound‘ and reflects the conflicts between the human immigrants and the Indian people who were already here.
Patricia Briggs
The iPhone is made on a global scale, and it blends computers, the Internet, communications, and artificial intelligence in one blockbuster, game-changing innovation. It reflects so many of the things that our contemporary world is good at – indeed, great at.
I feel compelled to make art that on one hand reflects and sometimes almost creates like a sense of comfort when confronted with the strangeness of the world.
I think football reflects our society. Our society changes. The evolution of society dictates the evolution of the game.
If you say one gets influenced watching a character, I think it’s foolish. Cinema reflects society; society rarely reflects cinema.
Isabella is a woman who kind of walks on a tightrope. She walks on that tightrope because in the ‘Narcos’ society that she was born in, it reflects all of the cultural things that society imposes.
Teresa Ruiz
The Fed‘s organization reflects a long-standing desire in American history to ensure that power over our nation’s monetary policy and financial system is not concentrated in a few hands, whether in Washington or in high finance or in any single group or constituency.
Sure, there are moments that you can escape, and you can sit back and just enjoy it, but one of the most fun things about ‘The Witcher’ is that it reflects on our real world, in big thematic ways, in political ways, and in cultural ways.
Lauren Schmidt Hissrich
Human writing reflects that of the universe; it is its translation, but also its metaphor: it says something totally different, and it says the same thing.
My old boyfriend, Warren Beatty, used to say I was a late developer,’ she reflects. ‘He was right. It took me 50 years to find motherhood and unconditional love.’
When Gordon Brown becomes prime minister, the balance sheet that reflects his economic stewardship could look very sickly indeed. He could become Labour‘s biggest liability, not its most marketable asset.
Britain should take pride in a foreign policy that refl

Britain should take pride in a foreign policy that reflects her values and responsibilities – but it must be grounded in the tangible interests of the citizens who pay for it.
Italian food really reflects the people. It reflects like a prism that fragments into regions.
My brand reflects my personal style. I think my inspiration comes from wanting to make clothes I want to wear and enjoy.
The trust of the people in the leaders reflects the confidence of the leaders in the people.
Paulo Freire
A strong dollar reflects a strong country and a strong economy, and we need to make sure that we get the – stop the practice of devaluing the dollar.
Faith consists in being vitally concerned with that ultimate reality to which I give the symbolical name of God. Whoever reflects earnestly on the meaning of life is on the verge of an act of faith.
Paul Tillich
I’ve never really been told my game reflects like I’m from Los Angeles. I’m always told that I have more of an East Coast type game.
Brandon Jennings
My apartment reflects my views as an architect. It is minimal, austere. The architecture doesn’t impose itself upon you. The apartment is a stage for other things to take place.
Bernard Tschumi
More than anything, I’m an American kid, and my music reflects that more so than being an Asian-American. I think it’s important but also something that can detrimental to your career if celebrated too much.
Watching people just look out for themselves, I think, is extremely interesting. It goes right back to something like ‘The Beggar‘s Opera’ – the underbelly of society, how it operates, and how that reflects their so-called betters.
If I read a script in the future that I feel like I could have a little fun with or that reflects me well, it may be one of those things that I try out. But, of course, music’s my number one priority.
What makes a loft authentic isn’t its layout or its history but its ability to give people a true home – a dwelling that reflects their personalities and aspirations, including their dreams of urbanity.
Audiences change because life changes. Countries change geographically, climatically, socially and morally. Many things happen, and cinema, in a sense, reflects what’s happening in the world.
I wanted to create a bridal collection that is both a natural extension of the mainline eveningwear but, at the same time, reflects the opulence of such an important celebratory event.
It makes the city unique and hold a charm. In old Kolkata, there are some beautiful old buildings… some of them are well-maintained; somewhere reflects what the city has gone through in the past.
Happiness is a sunbeam which may pass through a thousand bosoms without losing a particle of its original ray; nay, when it strikes on a kindred heart, like the converged light on a mirror, it reflects itself with redoubled brightness. It is not perfected till it is shared.
Jane Porter
The recent fascination, I think, reflects the shift in approach by law enforcement officials to embrace technology as wholeheartedly as the rest of the world.
I do want to be a representative of the African community, and I want to hold myself and dress myself in a way that reflects that. I want black kids to see me and think, ‘Okay, he’s carrying himself as a black man, and that’s how a black man should carry himself.’
Any thief or criminal or robber who enters another country in order to steal should expect to be exposed to murder at any time. For the American forces to expect anything from me personally reflects a very narrow perception.
Osama bin Laden
It’s nice to finally have a CD out which reflects my songwriting, my singing and the band that I have.
The joy of hate reflects people who get off pretending to hate something, or hate you, in order to score political points. I call them the ‘tolerati’ – you know, a group of people who claim to be tolerant, except when they run into someone who disagrees with them.
Marriage is an institution that existed before governments existed. It’s something that reflects nature and reflects God and God’s will for us. And both from the standpoint of faith and reason it makes all the sense in the world. And it’s beneficial for society.
You’ve got to be a thermostat rather than a thermometer. A thermostat shapes the climate of opinion; a thermometer just reflects it.
I like to call it the scalar boson because this reflects an essential component of the theory – it means that the field the boson travels through has no preferred direction, unlike the way a magnetic field does.
Francois Englert
If you really want to see more work that reflects your values, you have to produce it. You have to be a contributor to the business.
Erik King
The administration’s reckless plan doesn’t do one thing to ensure the long term security of social security, rather it undermines our economy. We need a budget and a fiscal policy that reflects the values and interests of America and restores fiscal discipline.
In a free society, government reflects the soul of its people. If people want change at the top, they will have to live in different ways. Our major social problems are not the cause of our decadence. They are a reflection of it.
Cal Thomas
You need to recognize that the copyright date on a book reflects when it came out, not when it was writtenassume that the information in the book is at least a year older than the copyright date, and possibly two.
I love white walls because white reflects the light and is a great backdrop for art.
Growing up in Ireland, there are a lot of aspects of God that hang in the air. And my music reflects that.
I write fiction that reflects Islamic logic: fictional worlds where cause and effect are governed by Muslim rationale. However, my characters do not necessarily behave as ‘good’ Muslims; they are not ideals or role models.
Leila Aboulela
My wardrobe reflects my long-standing belief that great

My wardrobe reflects my long-standing belief that great style lives in the details.
In the hip-hop community, it’s about how real are you, or how strong can you be, and really my music just reflects me. If you can accept me, then you can accept my music.
We build our technologies as a way of addressing all our anxieties and desires. They are our passions congealed into these prosthetic extensions of ourselves. And they do it in a way that reflects what we dream ourselves capable of doing.
The Citizen’s Petition reflects Vermont‘s spirit of pragmatism and across-the-board cooperation. I applaud the ‘Campaign to Fix the Debt’ for calling attention to one of the country’s most pressing problems, our ballooning national debt, and for urging policymakers to find practical solutions.
No, my work does not reflect my sexual preferences, it reflects the fact that I feel total freedom as an artist.
1900 was a bit of mixed bag, it seems to me, on the one hand, because this is the year when this country becomes the premiere producer of manufactured goods. Clearly, a lot of people were making a lot of money, but it’s also a time that reflects the savaging of one of the deepest depressions.
I believe that Harvard can have, and must have, a strong affirmative action program that reflects our commitment to equal opportunity while fully respecting the academic standards of the University.
Very often what will happen between actors is that they’ll develop kind of a ghost relationship in real life that reflects their relationship on screen or in the play that they’re doing. In fact, I’d say that happens almost every time. I don’t know why that happens, but it seems very common.
The tone of good web writing grows out of email. It’s more direct, personal, colloquial, urgent, witty, efficient. It doesn’t waste your time. It reflects that engagement, responsiveness, and haste of web surfers, as opposed to the more general passivity of print readers.
We want a fully comprehensive trade deal that reflects our deep, ongoing relationship, the friendship between our two countries, the fact that Australians want to come and live and work in Britain, and Brits want to come and live and work in Australia.
A new forum is needed that reflects the realities of today‘s globalised world and the rising importance of emerging markets.
I grew up in a rough environment. You want to be strong and have your presence felt out there. That attitude reflects how people see you.
An attorney general‘s duty is to render her opinion and honest advice; she cannot set herself up as a judge overruling the president‘s decision. The president need not ‘convince‘ his subordinate that his decision reflects the best view of the law.
This Budget reflects a choice – not an easy choice, but the right choice. And when you think about it, the only choice. The choice to take the responsible, prudent path to fiscal stability, economic growth and opportunity.
What I hope my writing reflects… is a sense of the connections between all human beings… and a different perspective on the true nature of courage. For me, those are things worth exploring and writing about.
There’s a great deal of enthusiasm about quality, serious journalism. And some of it relates to personalities because it’s people who do the news. But I think it reflects a real desire for facts, real news and reporting.
Ordinary readers, forgive my paradoxes: one must make them when one reflects; and whatever you may say, I prefer being a man with paradoxes than a man with prejudices.
The call to rein in globalization reflects a belief that it has eliminated jobs in the West, sending them East and South. But the biggest threat to traditional jobs is not Chinese or Mexican; it is a robot.
When I think about voting, I can skip it and still see myself as a good citizen. But when I think about being a voter, now the choice reflects on my character. It casts a shadow.
I’m under no illusions about the importance of my work. But if it has any worth, it is that it truly reflects the Brazilian people.
Jorge Amado
War on terrorism reflects, in my view, a rather narrow and extremist vision of foreign policy for a superpower and for a great democracy with genuinely idealistic traditions.
Arizonans want us to come together, put aside politics, and solve problems. You want us to do our jobs in way that reflects the best of our state. You want us to stop and listen – something that doesn’t always come naturally to people in politics.
Day by day, we are meant to continue the work of building a nation that better reflects the values, honors the diversity, and lives up to the aspirations of every single one of its citizens.
Since ‘The Office,’ everyone has this idea that comedy is only good if it reflects the way people really speak. But that’s nonsense – and it’s a problem unique to comedy.
Anger about the wars isn’t the only reason voters support Mr. Trump. But his willingness to say what other G.O.P. candidates won‘t reflects what people like most about him: his complete break with the party elite.
In general it can be said that a nation’s art is greatest when it most reflects the character of its people.
Nothing reflects so much honor on a workman as a trial of his work and its endurance of it. So it is with God. It honors Him when His saints preserve their integrity.
I can be incredibly stubborn and I’m not sure how that reflects in my looks. The family name is German and translates as donkey! If I think I’m right, I hope I don’t seem grumpy.
The dumbing down of the country reflects itself on Broadway. The shows get dumber, and the public gets used to them.
I’m not trying to stay in the same place and I’m not trying to compete with what’s currently in fashion. That would be dishonest. But, at the same time, I’m different and the music reflects that to some degree.
Eddie Money
I just think that when you’ve been singing for 30 years, which I have been, you just want to find different things you can do with your voice. It’s a constant journey. It’s not like any one album that you make is who you are. It just reflects that particular day.
White House staff spends enormous amounts of time plann

White House staff spends enormous amounts of time planning a president’s every move so that his public persona reflects the mood of the public.
Instead of books, art, theatre, and music being consigned to specialized niches, we might have a criticism that better reflects the eclecticism of our time, a criticism that takes in various arts all at once.
Lee Siegel
You like the style of the people you like because it reflects something inside them.
I feel I am confident in my own skin and I think that’s important for any girl. It reflects in the way you speak, in the way you walk and sit.
Belief in the supernatural reflects a failure of the imagination.
If you’re in a motion-capture studio, you have spherical, reflective markers, which are picked up by cameras that emit infrared – it reflects it, and then the cameras pick up the data.
OSHA’s decision to regulate home workplaces reflects the agency‘s expanding conception of its own mission.
When people look at ‘Aadai’s posters and say that I’ve attempted something bold, it actually reflects me being secure about myself.
At times, yes, I have been typecast. But I love having a regional identity in my songs. I want to deliver music that reflects the culture of our soil.
D. Imman
Your look reflects what’s happening in your mind. You gotta have some swag to you.
I try to create a style that reflects my music. So I would say it’s definitely got some ’90s elements, some pop elements that are a bit more feminine, and then more indie, androdgynous elements.
The vote by the Judiciary Committee reflects the fact that John Roberts is an exceptional nominee with a conservative judicial philosophy – a philosophy that represents mainstream America.
Terror outfits like ISIS don’t believe in a plural society and diversity of faith, which reflects inherent beauty of human beings.
Although being economics editor sounds impressive, it does not mean I actually edit anything. It mainly reflects two decades of title-inflation at the BBC, which has given ever more status to senior reporters, presumably because it is cheaper to do that than to offer higher pay.
I enjoy wearing fragrance every day and have found myself searching for the one signature scent that truly reflects my personality and the things I love, such as Bulgarian rose. I have always wanted to create a fragrance from its inception to fruition and articulate femininity, confidence, and fortitude.
Sometimes, an inability to believe in Satan reflects a larger inability to believe in a spiritual plane at all.
When you feel healthy, it boosts your confidence level and it reflects on your face.
The Pledge of Allegiance reflects the truth that faith in God has played a significant role in America since the days of the founding of our country.
For sure, the ‘Obamania’ that’s fast taking hold reflects an incredible thirst for change in global politics and, dare I say, a wave of optimism that things can be different.
The suffragettes were women of action. Their motto was ‘Deeds not Words,’ and the film reflects that with a number of big set pieces, from the smashing of windows in central London to a riot at the Houses of Parliament.
The organization reflects the behavior and characteristics of the CEO, and that establishes the culture. Foster an environment of open communication, and the organization inherits a culture of open communication.
A film reflects who you are as a building reflects the soul of its architect. I think what you feel and what you think and what you are is what the film is. It’s not for me to talk about.
My office is definitely an extension of my personality. I spend more time here than anywhere else, so it’s important that it reflects my style and that it’s an inspiring place to think – although it’s admittedly impossible to keep clean with a gazillion beauty products coming in and out all the time.
I’m very interested in language because it reflects our obsessions and ways of conceptualising the world.
A lot of millennials really want a company that signs their paycheck, or whoever it is that signs their paycheck, to be an entity that reflects to them in a way that is consistent with their personal idea of who they are.
Skinniness is a new fashion. It reflects an obsession with youth, a suggestion of pre-adolescence when a female’s fertility can be dominated. It implies vulnerability, feebleness and fragility.
NATO expansion and Russian expansion – one leads to the other, and one reflects the other.
I want to build a Big Labor party. A party of big ideas. A party which is deeply connected to the community. A party which reflects our diverse nation.
I think my life is a movie and your life reflects your work.
I’m an independent conservative. And what I mean by that – when I think we’re right, I’m with us all the way, and I am a conservative. And I think my record reflects that.
I think our music reflects us and has grown with us, and as our fans have grown, too.
Probably careful plotting reflects my personality. I am

Probably careful plotting reflects my personality. I am meticulous by nature. I can’t imagine speed-writing anything that happens to pop into my head.
William Landay
No one can deny that Russia fired some big rockets and placed satellites into orbit. But there’s been a deluge of poppycock about ‘miraculousscientific advances that enabled them to do it. Much of this analysis reflects ignorance about rocketry.
Willy Ley
My music reflects my strong belief in equal opportunities for all – specifically young girls and women. Many, many children do not have anywhere near the opportunities that we kids did in my community – great schools, public safety, etc.
I probably don’t make as much money as people think I make. I make more than the usual medium household. I’m one of the few middle class actors out there. The microcosm of Hollywood reflects the macrocosm of international finance.
I’ve never wanted to live in a ghetto or write in a ghetto. I want to write about a world that reflects the one most people live in. Gay people are just one aspect of that.
I feel like I’m totally me, and I feel like the show reflects my intensity, my vibe, and my search for evidence and answers.
I had to unlearn everything, as Maya’s character is the essence of ‘Allama.’ She reflects feminism, an in-depth and powerful role where she feels that she can never lose.
If you’re an honest person, it reflects on the screen.
I hate prejudice, discrimination, and snobbishness of any kind – it always reflects on the person judging and not the person being judged. Everyone should be treated equally.
Developing a good, healthy culture is extremely important at a startup. Culture reflects the essence of a startup’s operation because it directly affects the success of a company’s hiring practices and overall strategy.
We want people to experience art and think about it. The art reflects our time, it is about our culture.
David Elliott
I Am She is an institution that reflects and personifies the grace, charm, and elegance of an Indian woman.
People don’t understand the tyranny of media. The few women that the media will allow in have to think about male approval and their own success – and their writing reflects that.
How can anybody learn anything from an artwork when the piece of art only reflects the vanity of the artist and not reality?
There is only one social system that reflects the sovereignty of the individual: the free-market, or capitalist, system.
The coming and going of the seasons give us more than the springtimes, summers, autumns, and winters of our lives. It reflects the coming and going of the circumstances of our lives like the glassy surface of a pond that shows our faces radiant with joy or contorted with pain.
I try to make an album that reflects what I love about country music. It’s not just all about happy parties all the time. There are some sad songs.
We talk a lot about building benevolent technology. Our technology reflects our values.
The way I see queerness now is that, best case scenario, another queer person reflects it back at you. Worst case scenario, which is what happened to me, is having people say, Well, you like Michelle Branch, so you must be gay.’
If you’re not drinking enough water, or you’re not eating enough vegetables, or you’re not working out enough, or you’re not getting your toxins out, I feel like it always reflects.
I’m turning 22, so I want to start getting into work that reflects where I’m at in life now.
There is a history of thinking about space science from an environmental ethics perspective. And part of what I want to do is turn that back and use that experience to see if it reflects how we think about the Earth.
What is most troubling about Mr. Putin‘s aggression in Crimea is that it reflects a growing disregard for America’s credibility in the world. That has emboldened other aggressive actors – from Chinese nationalists to Al Qaeda terrorists and Iranian theocrats.
Speaker Ryan’s vision for a confident America, both at home and abroad, reflects his thoughtful leadership.
New terms used like, ‘overseas contingency operation’ instead of the word ‘war‘ – that reflects a worldview that is out of touch with the enemy that we face. We can’t spin our way out of this threat.
New York and San Francisco are distinctly different. San Francisco is driving the American media, not New York. You have young, microwaved millionaires and billionaires reshaping the American media in a way that reflects San Francisco values.
A government reflects the views of those who select it, and if people are unable to cast their ballot because the voting hours aren’t convenient for them or because other hurdles have been raised too high we get a less representative government as a result.
Creating a regulatory system that reflects the modern-day realities of financial markets is not as difficult as it may appear.
Art makes you a better human being, and that reflects in society.
There are dozens of references to God in the Scriptures for every one to the figure of Satan. This reflects a sometimes forgotten theological truth that the devil is by no means God’s counterpart. He is a creature, not the Creator.
Monetary policy ultimately must be conducted in a pragmatic manner that relies not on any particular indicator or model but, instead, reflects an ongoing assessment of a wide range of information in the context of our ever-evolving understanding of the economy.
Your music essentially reflects everything you do, ever

Your music essentially reflects everything you do, everything you’ve been through, in the deepest part of you.
I can honestly say I’ve never thought for a second about whether a character reflects poorly on any group. All that matters to me is that the character is true to my belief in who he or she is.
David Levithan
I’d like to see us Pakistani actors do more work that reflects our culture, morals and values.
It is my pleasure to support a candidate who truly reflects our values and highest ideals.
Multi- polarisation has become an inevitable trend in the process of shaping a global political pattern and has been widely welcomed by the international community as it reflects the common interests and aspiration of the overwhelming majority of countries.
I believe that it’s better to have a conviction, believe strongly in something, and then the convictions create a style that reflects your mentality.
Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for aesthetic perfection. Its basic elements are logic and intuition, analysis and construction, generality and individuality.
Richard Courant
To me, music’s something I can dance to or listen to. To write about it is always more of what the music represents, or what it reflects. Like an ideal song, to me, is a song that you can dance to, that summons up some darker and greater mystery.
Nick Tosches
What I choose to do reflects who I am.
When we make a comedy film, its important to have a light atmosphere on the sets so that the mood reflects in the film.
Entourage‘ is a great show, but it’s fantasy. I spent my twenties in L.A. in this business, and my life didn’t look anything like that. ‘Big Bang‘ reflects a side of men that is rarely shown. We see their flaws – all of them.
‘Kiri’ reflects the society we’re living in now, where everything has to be transparent and people are under so much pressure. The scrutiny is extraordinary and you really get a sense of panic emerging.
Somehow, we have to realize that what we watch and what we listen to not only often reflects our most violent tendencies but cultivates more violence.
People see that I have my own voice, my own opinion, my own likes. The album really reflects that.
I’m not over the top; I’m not wacky. I’m fairly understated, and that reflects in the way I sing.
A premium in the oil price of somewhere between 10 to 15 dollars a barrel reflects this heightened anxiety.
Whether the story reflects the facts is obviously a different matter.
Ken Starr
I think it reflects well on the state of animation that people are knowledgeable about it and love the fantasy and imagination that goes into it.
People always accuse me of being motivational in a way, like it was a bad thing, but that’s just how I was raised. My mom raised me in a positive environment, with lots of love in my heart, and that reflects in my music.
My music reflects the time on which we live, both in terms of arrangements, as well as in the subjects treated in the lyrics.
Lara Fabian
I like a guy who’s sarcastic, serious, sensitiveeven just silent. But you have to do it at the right times. That’s sexy. To me, it reflects intelligence.
Moran Atias
I think London as a city is so diverse and multicultural, anything goes really. The fashion here reflects that – there are so many different styles of dressing throughout the city. In London, you can be very experimental with fashion; it’s totally accepted, even if you stand out.
A home is more than just where you live; it reflects who you are.
Ty Pennington
Obviously, a bass sounds like a bass and a guitar sounds like a guitar, but the way you play the guitar reflects your personality.
Paul Simonon
What your insides are doing, your outside reflects, and what you give to yourself, you can give to others.
Well, a deficit reflects an imbalance between spending and revenue, and so narrowing it requires acting on one, the other or both.
Peter Orszag
The transitional period is tough. You can find yourself too old to play high school roles but too young to play the leading man. You have to be quite smart about how you present yourself. Your public image reflects your range.
If we, as individuals, want to keep control of our democracy – rather than have a government paid for by corporate interest checks – then we have to fight back now and make sure our system reflects the belief that people, not corporations, control our democracy.
The Kennedy Center Honors reflects our humanity and higher purpose. We are a great nation, in part, because we value culture.
It is important for me that I represent a brand that reflects my personality.
The Second Amendment reflects the brilliance of our founders, who knew that no right is guaranteed unless we are willing to fight for it, and I remain committed to fighting for the rights of lawful gun owners as the senator for Alabama.
Advertising reflects the mores of society, but it does

Advertising reflects the mores of society, but it does not influence them.
The way I’ve grown up, the manner I am today, reflects on my mother.
What’s fun is that the characters in ‘Broad City’ are rushing and hustling, and our process reflects that.
Ilana Glazer
The job at Brooklyn is interesting because Brooklyn reflects what happened to university art departments everywhere. It might be the worst department now, and yet at one point it was the best in the country.
Ad Reinhardt
The notion that the U.S. can impose its will unilaterally on the World Bank reflects a fundamental misunderstanding about how multilateral organizations should work.
We journalists are a bit like vultures, feasting on war, scandal and disaster. Turn on the news, and you see Syrian refugees, Volkswagen corruption, dysfunctional government. Yet that reflects a selection bias in how we report the news: We cover planes that crash, not planes that take off.
The mind of the painter must resemble a mirror, which always takes the colour of the object it reflects and is completely occupied by the images of as many objects as are in front of it.
I belong to the political party that generally fits my philosophical beliefs, but I reserve the right to vote my conscience after careful deliberation. My voting record reflects this.
You’ll see that the strong, the affirmative, the positive voice in any of the plays I’ve written is that of a woman. My men are, well, not quite worthless, but they are certainly weak, and that reflects the reality I grew up with and what I think has in a sense shaped me.
I became startled by the extraordinary difference between something whose surface is completely invisible which only makes itself present by virtue of what it reflects, and a window, which doesn’t make itself apparent at all, in the ideal case.
Azam Khan has made me the focus of his campaign. I have for long been suffering his tongue-lash. It only reflects his state of mind. He does a lot of drama.
I think that water is immediately interesting. It’s just, as an element, it is full of life. It is associated with origin; it is bright – it reflects you.
These are clothes my friends and I could wear. This ain’t Prada. I don’t want to be one of those celebrities that slaps their name on a label and collects royalty checks. Everything on that runway reflects me.
Nicky Hilton
Whatever you eat, reflects on your skin.
The genius of our country is improvisation, and jazz reflects that. It’s our great contribution to the arts.
I’m a big fan of hip-hop, so it reflects in my approach.
Not to say there’s not good TV out there, but I think TV is better when it accurately reflects the world as it is.
This nation’s 23 million small businesses need a budget that reflects their value to the economy.
Most of us complain about Congress. We say it’s a place that doesn’t reflect us; they don’t listen to us. Actually, Congress well reflects the American people. It gives us exactly what we ask for.
Bob Inglis
Because Bollywood reflects society, we are all living in a society. We are not a special entity. So whatever prejudices society has for us, we carry into the films.
What you feel inside reflects on your face. So be happy and positive all the time.
I think real life reflects your movies. In your life, you pick stuff that influences what movie roles you wanna pick. I think if you’ve got an interesting life, you wanna do interesting movies about interesting things.
I love the sea’s sounds and the way it reflects the sky. The colours that shimmer across its surface are unbelievable. This, combined with the colour of the water over white sand, surprises me every time.
If somebody, without knowing me, comes up to me and wants to upset or belittle me, I think that reflects badly on them, not me… if you’re ever unsure of what to call me or someone like me, my name always does well.
I always say that cinema reflects life, not the other way round.
We are afraid of ourselves and our own unconscious minds. When we are building something that reflects us, it’s the one thing we’re all afraid to face. We’re afraid to face ourselves. Building machines that mirror our consciousness is a very frightening proposition because we have seen how evil people can be.
The first-sale doctrine reflects basic common sense – and follows from the logic of treating copyrights and other ‘intellectual property‘ with no more protection than regular property.
We will not build a society that reflects who we are and that has opportunities for equality or justice if we don’t make progress for all participants.
You can’t hide God in you. God was not meant to become part of you, and you hide out in the closet. I don’t think He wanted that. I think He wanted people to see the Christ in you that reflects Him.
Lou Brock
I believe excellent fantasy reflects us all, and yes, it can use those myths that underpin societies, our subconscious yearnings and longings, and perhaps our barren spirituality.
Isobelle Carmody
Beauty comes from having a good metabolism because it enhances you from the inside. It reflects on the skin and face.
I like to write a piece of music that reflects how I fe

I like to write a piece of music that reflects how I felt about a film as opposed to, here’s this action scene; here’s this set piece.
Audiences like me doing action and comedy. I am a jovial person and have been so from childhood. I like to laugh my way through my work, and that attitude reflects in my roles. Even women hate me doing rona-dhona roles. So I don’t do emotional films.
Cinema reflects culture and there is no harm in adapting technology, but not at the cost of losing your originality.
Electing pro-choice Republican women can help foster a discussion that reflects the full spectrum of views and can lead to a more balanced and responsible public dialogue.
Linda Lingle
When I talk to some of the younger filmmakers, they are so worried about their films that, eventually, this state of being worried reflects itself in and helps the final work. Whereas, with projects that are meticulously planned, you look at the end result and it is full of emptiness.
In 2012, I launched Andrew Zimmern’s Canteen. Inspired by visits to street stalls and markets around the world, Andrew Zimmern’s Canteen reflects the intersection of food and travel.
The more successful Navy SEALs there are, the more glory it reflects on the community and the better it is for our country.
The intellect of the wise is like glass; it admits the light of heaven and reflects it.
Augustus Hare
The fact that my female characters have strong personalities but are also physically attractive probably reflects the women I’ve known in my life.
Acting is revealing the truth that is already within you and that reflects the character that you’re doing.
We all have to announce our full solidarity with the struggle of those seeking freedom and justice in Syria, and translate this sympathy into a clear political vision that supports a peaceful transition to a democratic system of rule that reflects the demands of the Syrian people for freedom.
Whenever I make music, it reflects where I’m at mentally.
I always say this about my music, and music in general: Music is like a time capsule. Each album reflects what I’m going through or what’s going on in my life at that moment.
A truly united Singapore means having a Parliament that reflects all views, and not just the PAP view or the group-think of a single political party.
It’s never a surprise to me that a job that I’m doing reflects what I’m going through or what I’m thinking about.
I dress in my ‘uniform,’ or my own dress code, which reflects my personal method and work ethic. My belief is that my plain T-shirt – I have about 40 of them – or blue sweater helps focus others’ attention on me and on what I say.
I think that the attraction to camp is its irreverence, it’s strange, it in no way reflects reality while using real characters.
The most important thing I feel in the acting profession is to create a community that reflects you back to you.
When you are comfortable with your co-star, it reflects on screen.
Science without respect for human life is degrading to us all and reflects a hollow and deceptive philosophy, a philosophy that we as a people should never condone.
All along we find that social lifereligion, politics, art – reflects the stages reached in the development of the knowledge of self; it shows the social uses made of this knowledge.
James Mark Baldwin
First, I eat healthy; it comes from the inside out. If you eat right, your skin, hair, nails will look good. The same if you have negative thoughts – they can give you a bad look, too; we reflect what we eat and think. We also taste and smell what we eat. Being happy and doing what I love really reflects.
Our American history reflects a long-standing tension between people and power. In fact, all government everywhere does. But our American form of government solved the problem, better than most, of moderating this tension between people and power.
Our culture reflects back what is true. It doesn’t always reflect it back reliably. It can distort things.
Go out and make something that reflects your interests, your taste, and your ideas. No one will pay you to make something until you have a few things you can show that you’ve directed. I got my start by making short films on my own.
Joseph Kosinski
Tribalism reflects strong ethnic or cultural identities that separate members of one group from another, making them loyal to people like them and suspicious of outsiders, which undermines efforts to forge common cause across groups.
I’m hoping that college students and young professionals in general will pay very close attention to what is being said by both parties and all the candidates in the parties and pick the best person that best reflects the values that we all have.
There’s nothing that reflects me. I’m unreflectable!
I don’t think voters give a hoot about the character of their political advisors, except to the extent that character reflects on the candidates.
The content I create reflects my personality: goofy, fun, positive, a bit clumsy, family-friendly, educational and helpful.
Antiques Roadshow’ is a public service. It reflects the nation back to itself, as does ‘Question Time.’
One travels more usefully when alone, because he reflec

One travels more usefully when alone, because he reflects more.
What my voting record reflects is constantly looking to improve the amount of resources we having going into research, development, and prototypes we have going into renewable energy sources.
The word ‘Namaste’ means ‘the light in me reflects the light in you’ and I think the thing that makes people attractive are the people who shine their light and the people who can recognize that light in others.
I guess I do what I like and enjoy my job thoroughly, that reflects on my face.