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I personally pledge myself to openly counsel, aid, and

I personally pledge myself to openly counsel, aid, and abet youth, both black and white, to quarantine any Jim Crow conscription system.
I knew Jim was going down, but was very pleased that somehow, despite his self-destruction, when we rehearsed, wrote songs and recorded, he showed up. He pulled it together.
Jim Ross has such compassion for the fans. That’s because this is natural for him, it’s a love, just like the love Gordon Solie had for the business.
I’d say people that really inspired me at first were like, Dustin Hoffman, Jim Carrey… serious Jim Carrey though.
My brother Billy was the joke teller. My brother Jim had a really sharp, cutting wit. And the teller of long stories, that was my brother Ed. As a child, I just absorbed everything they said, and I was always in competition for the laughs.
I remember I was up for the role of Jim in ‘Huck Finn,’ and because I went to Harvard and Yale, they didn’t think I would be able to play a slave. I said, ‘Oh, please.’ I had to go in there and prove to them that I wasn’t too intelligent to play a slave.
I’ve had two owners – Jim Dolan and Les Alexander in Houston. Both were terrific. They wanted to win badly and gave you the resources to win.
There are two types of session guitar players. One reads and only plays what the ‘dots‘ say. The other adds that something special and plays notes and solos you dream of. Big Jim Sullivan was such a player.
Natasha Lyonne is fantastic on Twitter. She posts hilarious pictures. I don’t even know where she finds some of them; it’ll be like a random picture of a chinchilla kissing a lion or Bill Murray and Jim Belushi out on a boat or something.
My idol growing up was Charlie Chaplin. I was obsessed with him. I mean, while other kids were watching Jim Carrey and the likes in the ’90s, I was watching Charlie Chaplin films, because I was a bit of a geek. I became obsessed with this idea of physical comedy.
If a person is homosexual by nature – that is, if one’s sexuality is as intrinsic a part of one’s identity as gender or skin colorthen society can no more deny a gay person access to the secular rights and religious sacraments because of his homosexuality than it can reinstate Jim Crow.
The injustices endured by black Americans at the hands of their own government have no parallel in our history, not only during the period of slavery but also in the Jim Crow era that followed.
I had been drawing my weekly comic strip, ‘Life in Hell,’ for about five years when I got a call from Jim Brooks, who was developing ‘The Tracey Ullman Show’ for the brand-new Fox network. He wanted me to come in and pitch an idea for doing little cartoons on that show.
My siblings and I, we were raised on TV and films. Not a day went by that we weren’t watching one of three movies – ‘Caddyshack,’ ‘Animal House,’ ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ – on rotation. Our comedy, our personalities were set watching ‘Sesame Street’: these really sort of wacky, Jim Henson-y characters.
Teddy Sears
Jim Crockett could just advertise Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair, and we would do great numbers just off of the two names being hooked up for the evening. Fans knew we’d go out there and give them a hell of a match, win, lose or draw.
I enjoyed ‘Roswell’ a lot, and I had a lot of fun playing Jim Valenti. I had never done a show that lasted as long as that – that one lasted three years.
William Sadler
SNL‘ ain’t been relevant since Jim Belushi. It’s on every week; it’s not funny. They need to find some black women to put on there to make it funny.
My heroes were people like Jim Jarmusch. Scorsese was my god. Spike Lee was exciting, doing exactly what we thought we were going to do: personal movies based in, and about, New York. My heroes were all participating in an economic model that was collapsing as I was finishing film school.
In our state, I’m really proud of the fact that the ones who overturned Jim Crow in Kentucky were Republicans fighting against an entirely unified Democrat Party. So I am proud to be Republican. I can’t imagine being anything else.
‘Jim Thorpe – All American’ influenced me as a young kid.
I think a lot of Jim Thorpe, the Olympian, and his accomplishments.
The Journey of Reconciliation was organized not only to devise techniques for eliminating Jim Crow in travel, but also as a training ground for similar peaceful projects against discrimination in such major areas as employment and in the armed services.
There’s not one major greatest influence on my career. It would be film and great artists and great imagineers – Jim Henson, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin, people who understand the joy of the imagination.
I rejected most of the folk I was exposed to in the Seventies. I came around later to Tom Waits, some parts of Jim Croce, and a lot of Cat Stevens.
I replaced Jim Garner in ‘Maverick.’ I replaced George Sanders in ‘The Saint.’ I’ve replaced everybody.
Jim Murray’s greatest writings were golf writings.
History is a sly boots, and for a generation of blacks that cannot identify with the frustrations of Jim Crow, and for whites who cannot understand the hard deal that faces working-class blacks, it is difficult to reconcile Hughes‘s reputation as a poet-hero with his topical verse and uncomplicated prose.
I think the greatest all-around athlete ever was Jim Brown. He played lacrosse, basketball and ran track at Syracuse. He played professional football for the Browns.
Will McDonough
Interestingly that some of the characters did not turn out the way Jim and Allen had envisioned them.
Jim Crow laws stripped blacks of basic rights. Despite landmark civil rights laws, many public schools were still segregated, blacks still faced barriers to voting, and violence by white racists continued. Such open racism is mostly gone in America, but covert racism is alive and well.
I can comfortably say that I very much dislike a person like Jim Cornette, so the day that he disappears from this business permanently, I think, will be a happy day for professional wrestling.
As a teenager growing up during Jim Crow, all I wanted

As a teenager growing up during Jim Crow, all I wanted to do was leave Mississippi. But I came back and raised my own family here.
I used to imagine what it would be like to do what Jim Brown was doing. I used to imagine what it would be like to be like a Tony Dorsett. I used to imagine what it would be like to be like a Walter Payton. I was imagining Emmitt Smith doing exactly what they were doing.
Jim Henson was the only piece of fan mail I ever wrote when I was a little kid.
In a world where most billionaires are all about talking about taking care of and helping people, Jim Irsay walks it.
Jim Thompson understood something about the serial killer before the psychology caught up to it, which is that they are detached to it and they do want to get caught.
If I had to feel one thing towards Jim Hellwig, I guess it would be pity a little bit.
If you have the opportunity to watch Nathan Fillion or Jim Carrey do a scene, it’s like getting a Ph.D. in acting.
Molly Quinn
I knew what kind of actor I was going to be, and I looked for inspiration to people like Alec Guinness, Cyril Cusack, Timothy Spall and Jim Broadbent. I looked at them and thought, ‘They play human beings as they really are.’
It’s good Xerox is known for its copying machines, and it’s good Jim Carrey is known for comedy.
In L.A., I played with Joe Pass and Gabor Szabo. Mick Goodrick plays guitar in the Liberation Music Orchestra, and he’s a real special player. Then I did a duet concert with Jim Hall at the 1990 Montreal Festival.
The quality of our lives is diminished every time we lose a great artist. It’s a different world without Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Curtis Mayfield, Brian Jones and the rest.
I did a movie with Jamie Foxx that was kind of action, and, you know, Jim Hopper’s a little bit action; he does throw a good punch.
I didn’t love Jim Morrison ’cause he was self-destructive. I loved him because of his work. Because of the way he merged poetry and rock-and-roll. Because he did something new.
Jim Norton and Harland Williams always make me laugh.
If you work with Jim Carrey, you’re working with the best.
Peter Farrelly
I like connecting new synapses. Like Jim Morrison did.
Jim was Dionysus, but it took three Apollos to balance that Dionysian energy. He was a force.
The plunder of black communities is not a bump along the road, but it is, in fact, the road itself that you can’t have in America without enslavement, without Jim Crow, terrorism, everything that came after that.
I struggled and I did theater for 10 years, for 15 years, I tried to get little parts here and there in TV shows. So, for me, the opportunity to work with Jim Carrey was amazing, it was phenomenal, it was eye-opening.
Never did I think I would live to see the day Jim Crow was resurrected, making repeat appearances in the South. And he has packed his bags, and he has moved North. Something is wrong.
Jim Cameron is proof that if you are good, you’ll get promoted.
Roger Corman
Jim Crow was king… and I heard a game in which Jackie Robinson was playing, and I felt pride in being alive.
Lou Brock
Working with Jim Carrey is an absolute gas. I have never laughed so hard for so long. Had he been on-board for the sequel of Dumb & Dumber, I would’ve jumped on, with no hesitation.
One of my first heroes was Jim Robson, the hall-of-fame broadcaster with the Canucks and Hockey Night in Canada, and Jim Ross with the WWE and Howard Cosell was a big influence on me.
Jim Brooks is a very powerful director and it was a lot of intense work.
My report card always said, ‘Jim finishes first and then disrupts the other students‘.
Let us look at Jim Crow for the criminal he is and what he has done to one life multiplied millions of times over these United States and the world. He walks us on a tightrope from birth.
After graduating high school, Betty attended the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute in Birmingham, Alabama, the alma mater of both her parents. My mother relocated to New York because she refused to accept the oppressive racism of the Jim Crow south.
Ilyasah Shabazz
Alf Wight was remarkable, and I keep in touch regularly with his children Rosie and Jim, I love them dearly and I owe them.
In the glory days of Orioles, when I was a newbie baseball writer for the Post, the roster of talkers was as good as the everyday lineup. Singy – Ken Singleton – Flanny, and Cakes – the underwear spokesman Jim Palmer – were my go-to guys, occupying stalls along one wall of the shabby chic clubhouse.
Jim played – he had a great stretch in the middle of the round there, and Chad made that long putt on 16. Almost got that match. We ended up losing, but we almost won it, too.
Hal Sutton
One of the best features of my career is that I have go

One of the best features of my career is that I have gotten to meet and work with some of the most stellar people in the business. From Tim Russert and Jim Lehrer to Bryant Gumbel, Andrea Mitchell and Judy Woodruff, I have learned from the leading lights.
We went on stage with the Jefferson Airplane, Jim started singing with Grace Slick and hugging her. Then he danced off the stage, went back into the dressing room and passed out cold.
Ray Manzarek
Jim Harbaugh has done a great job of coaching in the NFL no matter how you put it.
If Jim Nantz is tweeting at me, ‘Go back to baseball, you suck at golf,’ then I’ve got problems. If it’s somebody else who’s just a voice out there, well, that just comes with the job.
Jim Longenbach, poet, critic, and my husband, is always passing along life-changing books for me to read.
My husband, Jim, converted to Judaism just before our wedding.
Anita Diament
All I would say is it doesn’t matter where you come from. Like, Jim Sheridan comes from the inner city, and he’s one of the top ones, a top lad.
People like Bill Burr and Jim Gaffigan and Zach Galifianakis and Sarah Silverman – they were all amazing and helpful to me.
Any rookie that can develop a mentorship with a former quarterback like Jim Kelly, it’s going to be huge.
Sitting around with Jim Carrey, coming up with bits, is, like, beyond a dream come true.
There was a time when people said, ‘Jim, if you keep on making faces, your face will freeze like that.’ Now they just say, ‘Pay him!’
When Jim Leyland calls – and I have so much respect for Jim Leyland – when he asked me to play, you don’t say no.
I think ‘Blood‘ is honest about the dysfunction of family life and Jim will have to get to the bottom of secrets being kept from him.
‘Lollipop Opera‘ is the backdrop to Finsbury Park. A place that is very thriving, interracial and lot of music stores, Greek, Turkish, all sorts of immigrant music. It’s utter Englishness. It blends the Jamaicans, the Irish. It’s like what Jim Reeves did with American country music.
What I wanted to do in rock ‘n roll was merge poetry with sonic scapes, and the two people who had contributed so much to that were Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison.
Jim Carrey and my dad were best friends. He would always be in my house and stuff like that.
Damon Wayans, Jr.
I got to work with Cillian Murphy and my dad, Jim Broadbent and Jodie Whittaker on ‘Perrier’s Bounty.’ It was a small part, but it was really special.
To me, there is no more conscientious umpire in the Major Leagues than Jim Joyce. He gives you a hellacious effort every time.
Jim had a spirit that was incapable of compromise.
The separate water foundations, park benches, bathrooms and restaurants of the Jim Crow South startled me. These experiences motivated my lifelong study of the status of African Americans and the sources of improvement in that status.
Yeah, I’ve done Jim Breuer’s radio show a couple times, and I heard from Larry the Cable Guy when I got ‘Mike & Molly,’ wishing me congratulations. I’m always the last one to the party, man. But that’s okay. I got there.
The hardest working guy when I got into this business was Jim Rome… That guy grinds it every day. You don’t know anybody that works like him.
I bake bread nearly every day; I use Jim Lahey’s no-knead method and leave it to rise overnight.
I know that when I’ve passed the Jim Nabors set at our studio, I call out ‘Hi Gomer,’ and I can’t honestly think of his real name.
I did host the Jim Rome show with Jerry Ferrara for three hours when he was on vacation. Three hours is a long time. Think about how long that is. It was tricky, but it was a great experience.
What bothers me is that Jim Bakker lies. Jim Bakker knows for a fact that I was virgin.
Jim Newman, the business visionary who created the term ‘comfort zone,’ showed me how to expand my horizons. Thanks to Jim, after I attended one of his PACE Seminars in 1978; I moved out of my comfort zone at Bear Stearns and became a super successful oilman.
Jim Crace’s novels have one thing in common, which is that each is set in an entirely original world. None of these worlds is of a specific time or place, but they seem to have some connection to our own lives.
Jim Bakker came along. He said, Jessica Hahn, listen. You’re a virgin. As God as my witness. He said, We need a girl that we can trust.
We wanted to do a sequel with Jim and Jeff. They said that the word was that Jim didn’t want to do any sequels. We approached him and he said he would do it, but not until next year. New Line said it was too long to wait.
Bobby Farrelly
I love playing Jim. I love working with this cast and the opportunity to come back and work with them again was just way too appealing for me. Also, I think this is a great way to wrap up the franchise.
Jason Biggs
Jim Bakker is an extremely talented preacher, if he wou

Jim Bakker is an extremely talented preacher, if he would just get it together.
I think other than Jim Cornette, who’s just, you know, a bitter old man who wants viewings, other than people like that guy who are just bitter, I could probably find whatever fan out there and show them some match that I’ve done that they would enjoy.
We have always policed the bodies of people of color, and black people in particular. The Jim Crow South is a classic example. White flight in the North. School segregation. Gerrymandering.
I still think that if one of Jim’s masterpieces were downgraded to sell crap, I would get sick.
Seems like my iron play gets a little better every year. Which makes sense – I’ve been working hard on things with my teacher, Jim McLean.
Keegan Bradley
Many thought that the abolition of slavery, the end of Jim Crow, and the legislative progress of the Civil Rights Era, among other watershed moments, would have fundamentally done away with the racist structures that have long oppressed black people. However, we know that has been far from the case.
In a sense, mass incarceration has emerged as a far more extreme form of physical and residential segregation than Jim Crow segregation. Rather than merely shunting people of color to the other side of town, people are locked in literal cages – en masse.
I have talked to Debbie Hammond quite a bit, Jim Hammond’s wife, his widow. I’ve seen their kids. And last time we played Dallas, a lot of them came over. It’s hard for them to come see the show. It’s still hard.
I don’t just want to do something to do something. I’ve been spoiled by Glen Morgan, Jim Wong, by the ‘X-Files‘ experience.
I don’t think there’s any danger of me playing Indian music. However, I did a song of George Harrison’s ‘Beware of Darkness‘ that was kind of like that. That was an illusion. I was playing that on a thumbtack piano, and Jim Gordon was playing tablas. He’s an amazing player. That was as close to India as I ever got.
I like pure pro-wrestling, when it’s serious in its orientation and presentation – like it’s a legit sport with Jim Ross calling the action.
There’s a long traditioncertainly with country, but in all kinds of genres of music – to have humorous lyrics. Certainly with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and, if you look at country, Roger Miller and Jim Stafford.
You can play football and be the next Jim Brown or play baseball and be the next Reggie Jackson.
I gravitated towards Jim Ward, because I knew he was totally into the work aspect of being in a band.
Three of the brightest baseball pitchers of their times staged comebacks without much successDavid Cone, Jim Bouton and Jim Palmer – but there was room to admire their quixotic gesture.
It must be hard being Jim Carrey. His precipitous fall from comedic grace has climaxed in a sad thud as the once brilliant rubber-faced comic has transformed into an unfunny, thick human hemorrhoid.
I wanted to be the female Jim Carrey.
Jim Morrison’s very good looking, but I don’t like this version of the song. The Feliciano version is better.
I was the second guy to submit Jim Miller, so I’m up there in catching guys that have been deemed uncatchable.
I remember doing a comedy show with Jim Carrey once, and he was out there with his foot behind his neck and rubbing his face with it.
I wasn’t that into crime novels at all, but a friend introduced me to the work of Jim Thompson – I loved all his books.
Tragedy is a great storytelling form. It worked extremely well for Shakespeare. It worked extremely well for Jim Cameron with ‘Titanic.’
Eugene Levy is such an incredible legend. He’s truly Jim’s dad from ‘American Pie.’ He’s the kindest, most fatherly man, who is just concerned about everyone and making sure they’re comfortable on set.
Annie Murphy
It’s grossly unfair to judge Walter Payton solely on the yards he gains. He is a complete football player, better than Jim Brown, better than O.J. Simpson.
Jim Finks
I was about 10 when I first began to sing. My mother had been away for three weeks, and I learned ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.’ When she came back, I sang it in front of her, my auntie Linda, my father, my uncle Jim, and my grandmother.
My style is not specific to the antebellum South, but it’s heavily inspired by the Jim Crow era.
The folks celebrating Jim Bunning are seeing him as an anti-government, anti-spending activist. But to embrace Jim Bunning is to embrace a strange record, if you really are a libertarian, if you really are a deficit hawk, if you really care about spending and responsibility.
When I first arrived in WWE after having a somewhat high profile on-air role in WCW, it was WrestleMania season. In a way, I was perceived to be the voice of WCW after the Ted Turner/TBS buyout of Jim Crockett Promotions. That ‘claim to fame’ did not endear me to many WWE personnel.
I’m a big fan of Katt Williams, Jim Gaffigan, Louie CK, Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin, Rich Vas, Joey Vega and Matt Claybrooks.
When I think about our HBCUs, I think of icons like my mentor Jim Clyburn, a South Carolina State graduate, who fought against discrimination and segregation, and continues to champion for civil rights and equality.
When I first went to Georgia Championship Wrestling, the promoter at the time Jim Barnett brought in Robert Fuller, who later became Colonel Rob Parker in WCW, as the booker. Everybody has their own style and way of doing things, and I was just not impressed with Robert Fuller. As a booker. As a talent he was fine.
I bought a tape recorder and some stuff and went to Eur

I bought a tape recorder and some stuff and went to Europe for three months when I was 18. The puppeteering was only there as a hobby. I wanted to be a journalist. When I was 19, and after I had spent about a year in college, Jim Henson asked me to come out and try puppeteering for awhile.
When I was 8 years old, I made my own encyclopedia of American biographyJohnny Appleseed, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Charles Lindbergh, my pantheon of favorite heroes. Then I would write my own things and sew them together and try to make my own book.
In picking Gen. Jim Mattis for Defense secretary, President-elect Donald Trump has said that he found his ‘Gen. George Patton.’ Yet that label may not really capture what makes Mattis a distinctive choice.
One of the great things personally coming to Hawai’i is my friendship of Jim Nicholson.
Dan Fouts
Jim Carrey, a comic genius, has a harder time overcoming the public’s desire for him to be funny simply because he’s so good at it.
When I grew up, one of comedy idols was Rowan Atkinson, who of course is Mr. Bean and uses physical comedy. Same with Jim Carrey. Both of those guys. And Peter Sellers. Most of my comedy idols are physical comics.
You wanted to be in the foxhole with Jim Harbaugh. He hates to lose.
My parents are my major supporters. I look up to Denzel Washington, Jack Nicholson and Jim Carrey. They have all opened my mind and helped me with my craft.
Adam Hicks
It all started in a local park in El Paso called Madeleine Park. At a ditch, a very small ditch, that everybody used to go skateboarding in. It was me and Jim Ward and an acoustic guitar. He and I constructed the very first phases of At The Drive In.
I think the biggest lesson that I take from ‘Avatar‘ on any set that I go to is just work ethic. Working with Jim Cameron, you’re used to working very, very long days and you’re very meticulous about details. He’s very, very picky about little details, little character-isms and things.
One Day‘ is definitely heartbreaking in a few ways, but one of the main ways is that my character and Jim Sturgess’s character are just people from two different worlds who love each other in so many ways and can’t quite seem to get it together.
I will say that there are genuine and serious concerns about what Hillary Clinton did before the Benghazi attacks, during them, and after them. I think her extremely careless handling of classified information, to use FBI Director Jim Comey’s term, disqualifies her from being president.
Jim Carrey is a consummate actor and professional. He comes on set, knows his lines and knows his moves.
I grew up on the crime stuff. Spillane, Chandler, Jim Thompson, and noir movies like Fuller, Orson Welles, Fritz Lang. When I first showed up in New York to write comics back in the late 1970s, I came with a bunch of crime stories but everybody just wanted men in tights.
Jim Udinski has been coaching in the league for the past fourteen years, and his Division II team, the Lenape Valley Indians from suburban Philadelphia, has already made history – twice.
President Trump has criticized the Mueller investigation, fired Jim Comey, savagely attacked the FBI, and repeatedly suggested the Russia campaign influence in 2016 was a hoax. In the wake of all of this, the American people need to be assured that Mueller can carry out his investigation without interference.
If anybody is interested in listening to good modern music, I would recommend Jim Fassett, ‘Symphony of the Birds.’ It’s really beautiful… with real birds.
I was onstage with Menudo since I was 12 years old. To us, the most successful one was the guy with the most fans. If you moved your hips and the girls screamed, you were getting it right. Who wouldn’t want to be like Elvis or Jim Morrison!
During the Jim Crow era, we know that racially targeted and racially motivated voter suppression was often blatant. Legislators adapted overtly racist policies like literacy tests, and poll taxes in an effort to shape the electorate.
The Doors were successful. It was Jim Morrison as the centre and the figure and the spokesman, the figurehead, but we were all into the same thing. That’s why we were a band.
Ray Manzarek
Jim, as just a spoken poet, was not that good. He needed the music behind him. He felt a security and a sense of abandon when the music existed around him.
Ray Manzarek
The perpetuation of slavery, the exile and extermination of American Indians, and the passage of Jim Crow laws weren’t carried out at the bidding of a few malefactors of great wealth.
I think the secret to what Jim Henson did, ultimately, is that he understood how to cut through to the… I know this sounds corny… but the child inside of you.
Jim Bakker spells his name with two k’s because three would be too obvious.
Faith in God helped black Americans endure slavery and Jim Crow.
Jesse Lee Peterson
I don’t think I have the pulling power of Jim Carrey.
Dev Patel
I wanted to remind myself and others of the old Jim Crow, so that we can remind ourselves that we’re still living in the new Jim Crow. I feel it’s important to dress in the fashion of the times.
It took me a while to open up to the idea that you don’t have to be a wrestler to have ideas. Jim Ross isn’t a wrestler and you will learn a lot from Jim Ross.
I was a great fan of Jim Henson.
I have always been a fan of Jim Henson, and I love his Creature Shop creations, the skill of the puppets and the characters he creates.
Time begins the healing process of wounds cut deeply by oppression. We soothe ourselves with the salve of attempted indifference, accepting the false pattern set up by the horrible restriction of Jim Crow laws.
When I got to New York, I had no place to sleep. The pa

When I got to New York, I had no place to sleep. The pay from ‘Sesame Street‘ wasn’t enough to rent an apartment. I was staying on people’s couches. I stayed in the dressing room until they found out. I stayed with Jim Henson and his family for a week, and I wanted to do that permanently. I didn’t dare ask, though.
I knew since third grade I wanted to be Jim Carrey. His freedom, his goofiness, his crazy, loud, sudden energy. I told my family I was going to be a pediatrician, but in the back of my mind, I was like, ‘Nope, I’m going to be the biggest movie star ever.’
King Bach
My brother Jim and I shared a womb without a view for nine months.
I was real close with Jim Duggan and Jake Roberts. We all came out of Mid-South, so we all had that in common.
The black press, some liberal sportswriters, and even a few politicians were banging away at those Jim Crow barriers in baseball. I never expected the walls to come tumbling down in my lifetime.
Guys like Howard Stern, Bill O’Reilly, Jim Rome, Bill Maher, those are the guys I love and respect as broadcasters.
It’s funny, in some of the interviews I’ve seen that were done for the film, some people say things like, ‘Oh, I was never a very big Jim Woodring fan. I’ve never thought his work was that great.’
I’ve done two movies with Jim Mickle. He’s somebody that I’d love to do another movie with.
James Ralston, my guitar player, has performed with Tina Turner for about 22 years. Jim Hanson on bass has played with Johnny Cash, Rodney Crowell and Bruce Springsteen, and they’re fantastic musicians and amazing singers they get a really cool vocal sound together.
The South was very segregated. I mean, all through my childhood, long after Jim Crow was supposed to not be in existence, it was still a very segregated South.
Right from the outset, the prevailing mindset in British comics fandom was a radical and progressive one. We were all proto-hippies, and we all thought that comics would be greatly improved if everything was a bit psychedelic like Jim Steranko.
We’re all very sensitive that Jim has the shortest history with the band. He wants to be somewhat of a free agent. I’m just going to let time dictate how Jim’s future evolves.
My first winner was on Legal Steps, in Ireland, at Thurles, in March 1992. I rode for Jim Bolger, and his stable jockey was Christy Roche.
Super Bowl V was the Colts against the Cowboys and Jim O’Brien kicked a 32 yard field goal to beat the Cowboys. I was traumatized by it. Everyone at school knew I was the only Cowboy fan in the area. I didn’t want to go to school and I begged and pleaded with my parents. Those are indelible memories when you are a kid.
I wanted to be in Jim Carrey comedy movies before I met him. I wanted to be a comedian on Stage 19, yukking it up.
Growing up, I was all about Jim Varney’s character, Ernest P. Worrell, specifically ‘Ernest Goes to Camp.’ I was also obsessed with ‘3 Ninjas,’ ‘Cop and a Half‘ and ‘Rookie of the Year.’
I tell people my only successful long-term relationship was with Jim Packard. He was my rock. I didn’t realize how codependent I was.
Michael Feldman
Those labeled felons may be denied the right to vote, are automatically excluded from juries, and may be legally discriminated against in employment, housing, access to education, public benefits, much like their grandparents or great grandparents may have been discriminated against during the Jim Crow era.
When he was a player, I was always close to Jim Fregosi.
Gene Autry
Listening to Dr. King on the radio inspired me. Coming under the influence of Jim Lawson inspired me to think that I, too, could do something.
I’ve talked a lot with Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem. Being on Team PokerStars with them has helped me out quite a bit. I’ve traveled around Europe playing with them. I’ve also talked with Robert Williamson here and there and Jim Worth. So I’ve had some good people to talk to and bounce ideas off of.
Jim Sheridan, the MP who wants to ban sketchwriters from the Commons for being rude about politicians, is a blithering idiot. Sorry, scrub that – clearly a very thoughtful person with whom I might conceivably disagree on some marginal issues. A blithering savant, perhaps.
The ideological distance between Jim Webb and Bertrand Russell can be measured in light years. An author who reaches both of them exerts something like universal appeal.
I think the only thing that happened when I fought Jim Miller is that I was a just kid, he had way more experience. I was winning the fight, landing punches and trying to get 10 submissions at the same time, and Jim Miller went for one attack only, a kneebar, and got it. His experience made the difference.
I can tell you as a black person in South Carolina whose grandparents grew up through Jim Crow, when you lose the courts and justice no longer becomes just, we’re in a world of trouble.
I always say one of the great scenes from ‘The Dirty Dozen‘ is where Jim Brown has to get grenades in the chimney.
Philadelphia is a great market for local TV news. Both KYW and Channel 10 have had good runs. But Channel 6 doesn’t give you a reason to turn the channel. I have such profound respect for Jim Gardner. He is Philadelphia television news.
One thing Jim McGreevey wants the world to know: Leading a double life as a gay man trying to appear straight was easy for him to pull off. He was ‘good’ at it. Not only that – it helped him become a better politician.
I know Jim Cornette says the reason that I’m successful now is because I changed my attitude, and I must be listening to what people tell me now, and I used to not listen to him. But the thing is, I used to not listen to him or question his methods because I didn’t agree with him, and I didn’t share his vision.
Profit‘ was an intriguing fellow that couldn’t be approached as a villain or a hero. The challenge in hanging a show on a character like Jim Profit was that we knew that we were in for a rough reception.
Even with the fact that I grew up in North Carolina, ‘Jim Rash‘ just screams ‘Southern boy.’
Young people and Indian people need to know that we exi

Young people and Indian people need to know that we existed in the 20th Century. We need to know who our heroes are and to know what we have done and accomplished in this century other than what Olympic athletes Jim Thorpe and Billy Mills have done.
Russell Means
I’ve worked with all these guys, Jim Ross, Mr. Fuji, Nick Bockwinkel, Bobby Heenan.
Gene Okerlund
As a closeted gay man, Jim McGreevey lived a life of presentation, a gay man portraying a straight man.
At age 68, I expect to be strapped to the couch with the remote control like Jim Royle.
It was the biggest suppression of voting rights in our country’s history since Jim Crow. And the thread of race runs from the beginning to the end of my book.
I didn’t see Kirby Puckett as a Hall of Famer. I didn’t see Gary Carter as a Hall of Famer. I didn’t see Don Sutton as a Hall of Famer. I didn’t see Phil Niekro as a Hall of Famer. As much as I like Jim Rice, I’m not so sure he’s a Hall of Famer.
I once sat next to Jim from Wild Kingdom on a flight from Atlanta. I find mentioning that opens a lot of doors.
I am very proud of Jim Leiken. He has worked with me for six years and has been patient enough to learn the ropes. He’s now matured into a true chef and is working on building his team.
Jim Gaffigan is someone I’ve always been a fan of.
The Masters isn’t about Jim Nantz and his storytelling. It’s about golf’s greatest tournament.
He told me that Francis Crick and Jim Watson had solved the structure of DNA, so we decided to go across to Cambridge to see it. This was in April of 1953.
You know if we were to look back and how we were in 1955 living in Jim Crow, living in segregation, living in segregated schools, it’s hard to believe that it was America, but it really was.
One of the points in which I was especially interested was the Jim Crow regulations, that is, the system of separation of the races in street cars and railroad trains.
Ray Stannard Baker
The Doors are Ray, Robby, Jim and John.
When I look back at what I had to go through in black baseball, I can only marvel at the many black players who stuck it out for years in the Jim Crow leagues because they had nowhere else to go.
I basically look like a lot of modern Orthodox people you know, but I work on a TV show where I sometimes have to kiss Jim Parsons. That’s why I don’t take on the title of modern Orthodox, but in terms of ideology and theology I pretty much sound like a liberal modern Orthodox person.
Jim Henson was an absolute genius.
In a perfect world, you make a seamless transition from one great era to the next, but that rarely happens. I’ve studied these things: how do you go from the Aikman-Irvin-Smith Cowboys to the next era? I’m all for continuity. I wish we could have done it that way with Bill Polian, Jim Caldwell, Peyton.
A fatherless boy raised in Jim Crow Texas, my dad was a tenacious autodidact, the first in his family to get a college degree.
So here we are, just two months away from the election, with more and more examples that modern day Jim Crowe laws are alive and well in the state of Florida.
I would like to do comedy. I can be a bit of a Jim Carrey. I was always the class clown.
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
There are comedians that I like. I think a lot of it, you just figure out on your own. It’s definitely one of those things that you get good at by doing it a lot. But I like Jim Gaffigan. Patton Oswalt. Janeane Garofalo.
Michael Showalter
I can’t tell you how many spot shows little Johnny Nitro, like, pulled the chair out in the arena in Shelbyville Fair and did a moonsault only to get chewed out by Rip Rogers and Jim Cornette about it. I mean, I did years of it.
I used to write letters to Jim McKay in college. ‘Wide World of Sports’ was this travelogue, really, that introduced us to sports and it introduced us to parts of the world that we had never seen before. And no one was a bigger tour guide than Mr. McKay.
My grandparents, Jim and Pat Moore, were an incredible couple. They drove me to the community theater, where I did plays as a kid.
The first time I saw Pearl Jam, I thought Eddie Vedder had seen too many Jim Morrison videos, and I didn’t like the music very much. But by the third album, I really liked them after all.
I think people think Jim Carrey’s just wild and crazy. He really is very disciplined. It is true of Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams as well.
Mike Leigh taught me about making choices – as an actor, you choose between being honest and clever, and with Mike, it’s always about being honest. I learned how to behave on a film set from Jim Broadbent. He was a great example of someone with a fantastic career who kept his feet on the ground.
Racism is not just slavery and Jim Crow. It is the daily violence that is enacted on our communities each and every day we live in this White supremacist society.
Even after Jim Crow was supposed to not be a part of the South anymore, there were still ways in which you couldn’t get away from it. And I think once I got to Brooklyn, there was this freedom we had.
I think that business book reporting, it’s all Jim Collins, it’s the story of victory; it’s success bias over and over again.
When Trump says, 'Make America great again,' he is refe

When Trump says, ‘Make America great again,’ he is referencing an era when people were singled out and harmed because of their race and religious beliefs, and when violent enforcement of Jim Crow masqueraded as the will of the people.
My father joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote. The Republicans did.
I don’t know, examination I guess. And then they put the jump suit back on me again. I went through the compound – I remember somebody shouting, Jim don’t let them break you.
I enjoyed my time at DC. Dan Didio, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee were great to me, and I’m very grateful for the opportunities they gave me. Having said that, I think it’s important to try new things and work with new people to keep myself fresh.
They did is sent me down Clearwater, Florida, and they said to me, Jessica, I need you to make Jim Bakker feel better.
In 1974, when I started working with the material that became ‘Horses,’ a lot of our great voices had died. We’d lost Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, and people like Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.
I’m in Ring of Honor about four years. I was cast as The Sicilian Psychopath there and right from the start one thing that felt weird where I got signed after a tryout because Jim Cornette saw me and ‘Delirious’ Hunter Johnston and they really liked my promo. The match was fine, but they really liked my promo.
Jim wanted to be known as a poet, first and foremost.
Ray Manzarek
I used to really like Method Man and Redman for some reason. And Fabolous. A lot of New York rappers, too. Cam’ron. Jim Jones. Hurricane Chris.
I used to go salmon fishing with the late Jim Slater, the renowned investor, and he would give me tips. He told me to buy shares in football clubs, so I invested in Manchester United before its shares went through the roof.
Jim Thorpe is someone I’ve always loved. He was an Olympic athlete, you know, and a football player from back in the day. I’d love to play him. And then there’s a guy called Iceman who was a top hit man for the mob. I would love to play him. Actually, it’s sort of in the works, so I hope it goes through.
Woody Harrelson played a long-term love interest of Debra Messing‘s; I think it was for a whole season. They almost cast Nick in that part. They almost had given to him. But at the eleventh hour, Jim Burrows put in a call to Woody, and he said he would do it.
All the girls over there in Ireland are well versed in American country music. Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline are like king and queen over there.
My dad, Jim, was 55 when I was born.
It is an honor to join my former colleague in Congress, Jim McCrery, and the very talented team at Capitol Counsel.
I’ve always been a big fan of Jim Neidhart.
Jim Rollins is the king of the weird science action genre.
The hardest achievement in acting – in my opinion, anyway – is nailing a role that absolutely nobody else could have played. Pacino owned Michael Corleone… but DeNiro could have owned it as well. Who else, though, but Val Kilmer could have nailed Jim Morrison? Does anyone besides Will Ferrell pull off Ron Burgundy?
Jim Cornette and I have never really seen eye-to-eye.
The Stones without Mick. The Police without Sting. The Doors without Jim. It doesn’t work.
I think Jim got screwed. I think Jim Bakker would have been a great preacher. Jim Bakker was very good at what he did.
The stupidest thing I ever did was turn down ‘Terms of Endearment’ to do ‘Cannonball Run II.’ Jim Brooks wrote the part of the astronaut for me. Taking that role would have been a way to get all the things I wanted.
I didn’t discover how music and film could work together until Jim Jarmusch had me do ‘Ghost Dog.’
We have about 4 million people who have voted for who they want to see in the Hall of Fame. There are some people they put down that are pretty good players. You have Ray Guy, Jim Plunkett, Lester Hayes and Donnie Shell.
Rest in peace, Harold Lederman. When I was younger, my brother and I used to imitate his famous ‘OK, Jim!’ line while watching the big ‘HBO Boxingevents. What an amazing character he was, and while I never met him, he seemed to be a lovely man.
Well, it was kind of accidental that Jim started playing with us, although it wasn’t sudden… we hadn’t really looked around to think who could be a fifth member.
When I was eight or nine years old, my older cousin took me to the St. George Theatre on Staten Island to see a Bruce Lee movie and a Jim Kelly movie. Those were my first martial-arts films, and I fell in love with the genre back then.
My mother liked Jim Reeves. I hated his records. He was unbearable.
Diane Abbott
I’m always dancing in my kitchen. And I love to sing. I’ve always sung. My father was a lovely singer. Always sang Jim Reeves at parties.
Historically, Hollywood comedy has arrived in skinny envelopes. From fence post Buster Keaton to herky-jerky Jerry Lewis to wiry nerve-bundle Woody Allen to hung-loose Richard Pryor to whippy contortionist Jim Carrey, its comics and clowns have tended to be sliced thin and bendable.
The extraordinary nature of individual black achievement in formerly white domain certainly does suggest that the old Jim Crow is dead, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of racial caste – if history is any guide, it may have just taken a different form.
Man, I'm the No. 1 living and breathing rock star. I am

Man, I’m the No. 1 living and breathing rock star. I am Axl Rose; I am Jim Morrison; I am Jimi Hendrix.
Did Robert De Niro actually look like Al Capone in ‘The Untouchables?’ Or did Van Kilmer look like Jim Morrison in ‘The Doors?’ No. It’s the core, the essence of the personality that matters.
I sent some scenes from ‘Life on Mars‘… and then I didn’t hear anything for about 48 hours, and I was sure that I wouldn’t get this. Then I got a phone call saying, ‘They want you to take the role of Jim Shannon on ‘Terra Nova,’ and would I be interested!
I adopted a motto: Never say no. Jim Morrison never said no, Kurt Cobain never said no. You couldn’t have great things to write about if all you did was sit in your living room with your roommates talking about the phone bill.
Our co-founder and company president, Jim Levy, came from a record industry background and understood the marketing and promotion of artists as well as products. So the video game business went from absolutely zero designer credit to something approaching rock star promotion.
David Crane
I had a really good time working with Jim Cameron. A lot of people didn’t, but I did as I got on with him really quite well. For a director who spends most of his time looking down a lens or in the digitisation studio or working out some graphics, he is actually very good with actors.
Bernard Hill
I love Jim and Pam at ‘The Office.’
I’m a sucker for movies about uncommon friendships: ‘Midnight Cowboy,’ ‘Harold and Maude,’ ‘Scarecrow,’ ‘The Last Detail,’ ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien,’ ‘Jules and Jim,’ ‘Rushmore,’ ‘Stand by Me.’
Filmmakers have to commit to making 3-D films properly like Jim Cameron did and not do cheap conversions at the tail end of the process.
I was focused as a writer and marketing and a character. I was like Jim Carrey.
I grew up watching those blaxploitation movies. Ron O’Neal, Richard Roundtree, Jim Brown, Pam Grier. For the first time, I saw ‘The Negro’ get one over on ‘The Man.’
I was trained in storytelling by Jim Shooter, Stan Lee, and Larry Hama. Doesn’t make me a genius, and there really isn’t anything fancy about the stage direction in my scripts.