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We turned our planes around after landing and got them

We turned our planes around after landing and got them off again in 20 minutes back in the early days; 15 minutes in many cases. That gave us a huge cost advantage because we could do more flying in a day with a single plane than anybody else.
I’m basically a very happy person and I don’t have to be anybody else.
Jilly Cooper
I’ve been developing mobile for years before anybody else really thought it was that important.
Max Levchin
I’d like to see the giant squid. Nobody has ever seen one. I could tell you people who have spent thousands and thousands of pounds trying to see giant squid. I mean, we know they exist because we have seen dead ones. But I have never seen a living one. Nor has anybody else.
Stay true to your own voice, and don’t worry about needing to be liked or what anybody else thinks. Keep your eyes on your own paper.
You only have one go at life, which is thrilling. Only you can make yourself into who you want to be. Don’t blame anybody else. You are entitled to free fresh air, and that’s it. Do the rest yourself.
I feel like Christianity gets very misconstrued sometimes. People don’t realize that every day is a normal day just like anybody else, but we’re just trying to improve every day. It’s not about putting anybody down or telling anybody they’re wrong. It’s more about trying to do what’s right for your own self.
The thing I try to tell people who are just starting in the business is to listen to yourself, trust yourself, and be kind to yourself. And do the work to cultivate who you are and what your point of view is. Don’t try to be like anybody else. That’s what will make you an interesting artist.
We don’t think about what anybody else with the media or other teams think about us.
Copenhagen is my local club where I live in Denmark and is the club I’ve been to watch more than anybody else. But that’s literally because the stadium is two minutes from my house.
Neal Stephenson handles exposition better than anybody else. I keep trying to learn his tricks, but every time I duck into his pages, I get lost in the stories all over again and forget that I’m a writer.
I play like Bill, I can’t play like anybody else!
I would rather be with my kids than anybody else.
I just don’t understand how Kerry or Obama or anybody else thought Assad was going to change.
I don’t like getting out when I could be painting. And when I’m painting, I don’t want anybody else around.
I’ve never viewed myself as above anybody else or anything like that. I’m a regular guy at the end of the day. I like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and The Powerpuff Girls.
I didn’t get bullied any more than anybody else. I think I got bullied more for being poor than being gay. But no more than any other kid. And I’m sure that I did my fair share of picking on other kids, too. We’re all humans.
Before you can lead anybody else, you gotta put yourself in the right position to be successful.
It’s an old Elizabethan idea. The fool is the only one who is allowed to make fun of the king because he is a fool. I can say whatever I want about anybody else because I’m just an idiot talking – I’m not insisting that I’m any smarter than anyone else. It’s satire.
I’m human, just like anybody else.
As long as you’re not hurting anybody else, as long as you’re being kind to people and you’re doing what you love, only good things can come of it.
We’ve never tried to be anybody else but Five Finger Death Punch.
Everybody’s got a puncher’s chance in this game. I mean every single person on Earth. But my whole focus, my whole style, my whole dynamic is built around taking that power away from you. So where is the logic in why you’re different from anybody else? There is no logic in it.
Once Bob commits to something, it’s almost like a child. He doesn’t want anybody else to take care of it, even if it might be to his detriment.
To me, getting a chance to meet Yogi Berra and knowing how long he played and what he accomplished… I’m a huge fan of it. I’m just as enthralled as anybody else. Maybe a little bit more, because I understand the difficulty of what he accomplished.
When I was a journalist, I didn’t care how many people talked to Ice Cube before I talked Ice Cube. I just knew that when I talked to Ice Cube, it was going to be different than what anybody else had done, and it was the same with any group.
Ultimately, very few people parent their kids in ways that strike anybody else as reasoned, appropriate or sane.
I would never withhold information about the murder of my man Biggie, or anybody else. It’s just silly and ridiculous. The accusations are just flying out. All I’ve been trying to do all my life is to make great music.
The great thing about libertarianism is it really is the American dream: It’s the ability of everybody to live their life and build their life according to what they want, so long as they don’t hurt anybody else.
I can’t claim I’m truly a man’s man, I’m just as much of a dork and a crybaby sometimes as anybody else.
Anson Mount
If you got a disability or a handicap, that means you’re limited to certain things. And I don’t feel like I’m limited to nothing. I can do anything anybody else can do.
I have a lot of songs that I kind of put away, and I do

I have a lot of songs that I kind of put away, and I don’t let anybody else hear them, and those are my songs.
I’d manufactured more gearboxes probably in the aviation industry than anybody else.
Louis R. Chenevert
My father passed me the concept that vicuna was something very special, very expensive. So it was a question of pride. I didn’t want anybody else in the world to be touching vicuna before us.
People think that coaches are always right, but it’s difficult to teach a runner how to run, because every runner is different. You have to have an understanding of how to assist what that runner has, so they know how to assist what you have without taking away your special ability, because you’re not like anybody else.
I think my worst enemy was myself. It’s like I’ve been in my own way more than anybody else has been.
I don’t have answers for anybody else. What I know is that internal complexity makes for superficiality. There’s never essentially a pure story unless there’s a pure product line that has its own shining clarity.
Christians need jobs just like anybody else, but the years you spend as an undergraduate are like everything else in your life. They’re not yours to do with as you please. They’re Christ’s.
This is the business of football and nothing is guaranteed to you as a player, coach or anybody else. They don’t have to give you the money. They don’t have to give you a longterm contract.
Write a book you’d like to read. If you wouldn’t read it, why would anybody else? Don’t write for a perceived audience or market. It may well have vanished by the time your book’s ready.
There’s a lot of projection that if you’re in service then you shouldn’t look good. I’m no different from anybody else. I like clothes, I like shoes, I like to go have nice dinners, I like to dance. Just because I’ve dedicated myself to serving women, why do you think I need to sacrifice myself?
I can’t tell anybody else how to run their life or their business, but I really believe I’ve got a good bead on myself.
If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anybody else?
My natural disposition is pretty joyful, but you know, I have bad days and sad moments like anybody else.
I consider myself just as normal as anybody else.
I actually grew up with people from all over the world. There wasn’t enough of a difference to feel different from anybody else. Their grandmother hollered at me like my grandmother hollered at all the kids when anybody did anything wrong. And their parents did the same thing.
I always believe that to be the best, you have to smell like the best, dress like the best, act like the best. When you throw your trash in the garbage can, it has to be better than anybody else who ever threw trash in the garbage can.
I made the wrong decision myself in my career. I tried to battle against the system. I should have never done that, but I didn’t have anybody else who showed me how to do it before. I did everything on instinct.
All I can do is make good music and make it for the fans, not for anybody else.
Taio Cruz
Your boyhood club, the one you’ve supported, the one result that you look for more than anybody else because of my upbringing, has always been Newcastle so to go and manage it is arguably the pinnacle but it’s a really difficult job, I have to tell you.
When I was younger, I was a bit of a feisty fighter type of guy. That’s something my father told me as I was becoming a man: ‘You don’t go picking fights, but you don’t run from any of them.’ And I was more afraid of my father than anybody else I had to fight.
Nate Robinson
As a Jew, it is my historic responsibility to defend the Jewish people. I feel this responsibility for the survival of the Jewish people. We’re not going to accept any decision by anybody else about security of the State of Israel. It is our role and only our role.
When a dish works, it works for everyone, whether you’re Asian, European, African, American or anybody else.
If I’m on my game it doesn’t really matter about anybody else.
This has been a great experience for me. The first couple of days you don’t always feel too well. You adjust to the fluid shifting, how to fly through space without hitting things or anybody else. But then you get in a groove.
If I can tell my story, and help anybody else in the interim, then that’s icing on the cake.
Jeff Conaway
I just received the endorsement of the National Right to Life, and more than anybody else, more than any organization I can think of, I’m proud that they recognize the work that we’ve done to save the lives of the unborn.
I learned how to read in second grade, and I entered a summer contest at my local library in Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you read more books than anybody else, you got your Polaroid up on the bulletin board, and I did.
If somebody says to me, ‘Oh, you’re gonna get married and you’ll never be attracted to anybody else again,’ I’m like, right, sure. It’s just not practical to me on an emotional level. Just because I’m married, I’m not dead.
Sean Young
I’ll ride for Atlanta in a war before anybody else gon’ have a chance to do it.
Pimp C
The titleblack swimmer‘ makes it seem like I am not supposed to be able to win a gold medal, I am not supposed to be able to break the Olympic record, and that is not true, as I work as hard as anybody else, and I love the sport, and I want to win, just like everybody else.
Simone Manuel
I never like to say that I’m better than anybody else.
I don't care what anybody else is wearing. I feel like

I don’t care what anybody else is wearing. I feel like they’re all waiting to see what I have on. If you really want to know the truth, that’s what I think. They’re waiting to see what I’mma do next.
Two Chainz
I guess I just believe in Trixie Mattel, and I believe in the work. I don’t think I’m better than anybody else, but I really think that I’m hilarious and beautiful.
When I checked into SEAL Team One many years ago, one of the things that I noticed was there was this old guy, who was younger than I am today, who I decided that I was going to be like. I wanted to emulate what he was doing, and one of those things was he got to work before anybody else.
It makes one a better person to have had hardships and to have overcome hardships and not to blame anybody else for your mistakes.
Maureen Forrester
We had great comic mileage in the ‘SG-1’ episode ‘The Swarm,’ where Woolsey is running away faster than anybody else.
I have as many foibles, challenges, shortcomings and struggles as anybody else.
I am uncomfortable judging people, as we – members of the film fraternity – are judged more than anybody else.
I didn’t think anybody else in the entire world looked like me.
Anybody else who’s gotten the president of the United States elected, tell me you are better than I am at it.
Homosexuals have always been a part of our society and they should be getting the same treatment as anybody else. They have the same blood, skin and emotions. So why do we look at them differently?
I am uncomfortable talking about the things that I write. It seems unseemly to me. I have no problem at all when I see anybody else talking about the same project, but I feel my work should speak for itself.
I love the game just as much as anybody else. But at the same time, I also understand that life is more than football, too. People might get that misconstrued sometimes, too, that I don’t care because I’m not die-hard football, eat, sleep and drink it all day and all night.
I always want to surprise myself, more than anybody else.
Kellin Quinn
I try to enjoy a movie or a television programme just like anybody else. I’d love to be emerged into the story and watch it, but if you work a lot as an actor, in any aspect of the industry, things might arise in a programme that somebody might miss, whereas it might catch your attention.
Rory Cochrane
I probably don’t have any more of a bigger following on the Internet than anybody else does – I just probably have a stranger one.
Regardless of how me or this man right here or anybody else in this business get, when we walk on an airplane in first-class looking like this, we’re gonna get searched.
Method Man
Everything is harder when you are a Nordestino. You have to work harder than anybody else because people will be judging you with much less mercy than the other players.
I think as an actor… I don’t like to compare a character to anybody else, just because I respect other people’s work, and I want that character to have his own identity.
Michael Mando
First of all, you have to understand that I’m like anybody else. When I hear my voice on a record I absolutely loathe my voice. I cannot stand my voice.
I can’t speak for anybody else but myself ’cause I usually get in trouble when I speak for other people, so I’ve learned my lesson not to do that, but for me, I’ve been known to pace for quite a while when I walk onstage, and that’s just because I’m becoming one with my shell.
I don’t have anything to prove to anybody else other than myself and my supporters and my loved ones, so if my health is good, I’m going to go out there and kill it.
No, I’m very patriotic. I’m very British and I’m very pro-British, but that in no way means you therefore exterminate anybody else you meet who doesn’t come from Britain!
I started working at age thirteen. I’m a product of public schools, I’m a product of a public university. I started my first company when I was 21. I’ve subsequently never worked for anybody else. I started that first business when I was still in college.
Victor Mitchell
The law exists for a reason. There is a dominant American culture that people used to want to preserve. That’s going by the wayside, too. But if it’s now okay for an illegal alien to practice law in California, then can anybody else who’s broken the law get a law license? And if not, why not?
I never really had to put much thought into my race, and neither did anybody else. I knew I was black. I knew there was a history that accompanied my skin color, and my parents taught me to be proud of it. End of story.
On ’24,’ it says on the front page of your script: ‘This script is for the production staff and cast. Please don’t show it to anybody else.’
Colm Feore
We always know better than anybody else what looks best on us. Even if people are complimenting you, if you think, ‘I hate what I have on,’ it’s not right.
I’m not trying to get myself up a notch on the ladder by shoving somebody else down on the ladder, whether it’s a candidate or the president of the United States or anybody else. I just don’t believe that’s the way one oughta campaign, I’ve never done that.
I don’t know if a novelist ever fully detaches him- or herself from what they wrote and the way they wrote it. I can watch ‘Presumed Innocent‘ again and again, and I will always be bothered by the same things that will never bother anybody else.
As for my relationship to Beethoven, I admire people who can say what they really think. It’s as though he’s saying, ‘That’s how I feel about the world, and I don’t care what people may say.’ His music is pure and honest. Beethoven never pretends to be anybody else.
One of the illusions that we live by is that we can really know anybody else, and we’re often surprised by traits in people that we thought we knew very well. The struggle to overcome loneliness, which is sort of our universal burden, leads us to leap to conclusions about who other people are.
The pleasure that I take in writing gets me interested

The pleasure that I take in writing gets me interested in writing a poem. It’s not a statement about what I think anybody else should be doing. For me, it’s an interesting tension between interior and exterior.
I was given no special information by the White House, or by anybody else, for that matter.
Jeff Gannon
There are fans of Twenty20 cricket, and we need to ensure that we give them the cricket they want to see. We need to keep Test cricket alive, because there is a section of fans who love and worship Test cricket and have basically helped this game grow, and they are as important as anybody else.
Look, we live in a very dangerous world. We know there are people who want to take away our freedoms. New Yorkers probably know that as much if not more than anybody else after the terrible tragedy of 9/11.
When I was little, my parents took me to the San Diego Zoo. I was about 5 years old, and I got a tour of the zoo that hardly anybody else has ever had.
You can’t care what anybody else thinks – even though your life is out there maybe for a bit of public consumption.
In order to satirize adequately, I think you need to bring people down to Earth and be like, ‘Yeah, these people drink coffee and have tummy troubles and they go to the bathroom like anybody else, and they all have relationship problems, if they even have relationships.’
It’s not like some movies where you’re following a bunch of different stories you can cut around. There was nowhere to cut to. It’s these guys. We’re not cutting back to anybody else.
You know, London is so sprawling, and you can sometimes forget that anybody else is on a stage anywhere else.
You’re not better than anybody else, but you’re not less than anybody else. You’re a child of the Most High God.
Do you think that I or anybody else who cares about the NHS would stand by and do nothing if we thought the NHS was going to be privatised in Scotland and its funds were going to be cut? Would we stand back and do nothing without a fight? Of course not.
As a kid, I was like anybody else, playing cricket, enjoying it. The only difference is, right from when I can remember, I always used to love bowling.
If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anybody else. And I think as women we really forget that.
I’m not against making new fans, but I’m not going to go out of my way to pander to someone and try to make them like me; that’s not who we are. It’s not as if we’re fighting to find an audience – we have our audience, and anybody else is definitely welcome.
I was definitely ahead of my friends. I was French-kissing girls way before anybody else was.
I set my own goals higher than what anybody else has set for me.
My mother died in 1997 and I spiralled into this self-destructive vortex of trying to annihilate my consciousness. I was afraid to face the grief of losing her, because she was somebody I loved more than anybody else in the world.
I want to evolve each season. I never want to be one of those brands where people know what they’re going to see. I always want an element of surprise. One thing I never want to do is copy what anybody else is doing. I have a signature, and it’s very important to me to stay true to that.
You go through all the training camps, all the blood and sweat and tears. I think you play for the guys in the locker room. We don’t play for anybody else.
A passionate belief in your business and personal objectives can make all the difference between success and failure. If you aren’t proud of what you’re doing, why should anybody else be?
You can never satisfy other people, I learned. End of the day, it’s extremely important that you know yourself better than anybody else, and if you can do that, it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about you, good or bad.
People try to tell me like that, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t be proud,’ or, ‘You’re not this,’ or, ‘You aren’t that,’ or whatever the hell. I’m just kinda here to say, like, who is anybody else to tell me who I am or what I’ve gone through or what I haven‘t gone through?
It’s just like anybody else – some people, most people don’t wanna go to school. They just don’t want to. It’s… not fun. I was just somebody who got away with it.
I think it’s important to be happy before you can make anybody else happy.
When I am speaking about American presidents, I have to speak about my very special relations with President Clinton. He contributed more to peace than anybody else in the American sense.
I’m building shopping centers and movie theaters in the inner cities. So that means supplying jobs and letting blacks understand that we have to build our communities back, not looking to anybody else.
I have a very fun life. I don’t recommend it for anybody else, but it sure has been fun for me.
My job as an actress is to make things work and come up with reasons of my own and not just fill in the blanks for anybody else, you know what I mean?
You can’t let someone else lower your self-esteem, because that’s what it is – self-esteem. You need to first love yourself before you have anybody else love you.
It’s my personal opinion, and I’m not espousing it to anybody else, I think your immune system and how healthy you are determines how you react to any excess of any kind.
We need to expose the lies and educate the Palestinian public that Israel is not the enemy. Israel actually helps the people of Gaza more than anybody else. We need the average Palestinian to see this clearly.
Mosab Hassan Yousef
Jesse Stone did more to develop the basic rock-and-roll

Jesse Stone did more to develop the basic rock-and-roll sound than anybody else.
Number one, I tell the quarterbacks, do your job. You’ve gotta do your job before you can even worry about anybody else or any other situation.
The restaurant business is something that you have to treat like a baby. You have to constantly be there. You can’t trust it to anybody else, because no one’s going to love it like you do.
People talk about great motivators, but I think motivation has to come from within the individual first, because if you haven’t got that inner strength yourself, and belief and you want to do well, it doesn’t matter what anybody else says. You have to have that; it has to be inbuilt.
When I wake up in the morning, I don’t think of myself as being better than anybody else. I think of myself as a good hitter.
Tony Gwynn
On a film set, there are runners who are 19, it’s their first job, but to me they’re as important as anybody else because if they don’t do their job then nobody else can. So I don’t think anybody should be treated disrespectfully or as if they’re of a lower status.
Jim Carter
I’ve never wanted to be like anybody else. I’m me.
I didn’t know if I was going to be drafted, period. I remember sitting there and just praying that whatever God has for me to happen, and I didn’t get any calls from anybody else the whole round. And then I got a call from New England five hours after the draft started.
I pray every night, sometimes long prayers about a lot of things and a lot of people, but I don’t talk about it or brag about it because that’s between God and me, and I’m no better than anybody else in God’s sight.
I don’t care what anybody else says about age or years or whatever. I always feel I can get better.
The thing you must really do in television is bring yourself to everything you do – you can’t try to be anybody else.
I can’t stand outside myself and be anybody else.
I never tried to sing like anybody else, fortunately I didn’t sound like anybody else. It just happened.
Andy Williams
Don’t let anyone call you a minority if you’re black or Hispanic or belong to some other ethnic group. You’re not less than anybody else.
Gwendolyn Brooks
You should write, first of all, to please yourself. You shouldn’t care a damn about anybody else at all. But writing can’t be a way of life; the important part of writing is living. You have to live in such a way that your writing emerges from it.
I think people found out I’m just like anybody else. I’ve got problems, too.
Dale Murphy
I’m there to support my kids no matter what happens. I just do the best I can, just like anybody else would for their family.
When you are part of a megachurch, you have no responsibility to anybody else.
The thing is I don’t feel like my story is special. I don’t feel like it’s different to anybody else.
I don’t want to be anybody else. I want to be the best version of Christian Coleman that I can.
AMD’s history is we’ve always had great technology. We’ve had periods of time where we’ve done really, really well, and we’ve had periods of time where we’ve done not so well. But most of the time we’ve done well, it’s because we’ve had a leadership product or some technology where we were out in front before anybody else.
America… just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.
What anybody else thinks about you is really of no consequence. It’s what you think of yourself.
There’s times where I go off the rails like anybody else. For the most part, I try to keep it, ‘Hey, this is what we’re dealt and this is the situation, so let’s make the best of it.’ Keep a positive attitude.
Michael Strahan should get the amount of money that anybody else in the league is getting. I don’t care if it is a quarterback, wide receiver, defensive lineman, linebacker. He should make the kind of money Brett Favre, Marshall Faulk make, because he’s that type of player.
I’m not concerned about Kell Brook. People were asking me about his power, and I don’t have much to say about that other than that I haven’t seen anything on film that makes him different from anybody else.
I am a great believer in having the power to end your life and knowing that, in extremis, you can. But I would not want to involve anybody else in my actions if it could imperil them.
I don’t think anybody else can play the Hulk like I could. I was able to show emotions even with all of the makeup. I don’t think it can be duplicated.
I’m a football player. I believe I’m just as tough as anybody else. I try not to play like a wide receiver.
I’ve never wished I was anybody else.
We were growing up in West Virginia. Everybody was poor there in the southern part of the state. It was like growing up in the Great Depression from the stories I hear people tell. Everybody was poor and so we didn’t know that we were any different from anybody else.
James Green Somerville
There is always some universal proportion, but along wi

There is always some universal proportion, but along with that there are some places where special things happen. Ireland, for example. I’ve always felt it’s interesting to play there. Maybe they just drink more than anybody else.
Ed O’Brien
It’s not my place to say how Zoe Saldana perceives herself, and I can’t say how anybody else perceives her, either. I see her as a black person of Hispanic origin, but I don’t even know what that really means, because I don’t know anything about race and Hispanic culture.
Novelists are no more moral or certain than anybody else; we are ideologically adrift, and if we are any good then our writing will live in several places at once. That is both our curse and our charm.
I think on our first two movies we weren’t really writing for anybody else above us and that’s not to say that movies aren’t ours in the way we want them to be in terms of the scripts.
I think number one is what my mom and dad preached to me when I was a little kid: Just because you may have athletic ability and you may be able to play a sport doesn’t make you any more special than anybody else. Doesn’t mean God loves you more than anybody else.
I think Francis at half form is better than anybody else by 50%, you know? I think it’s just that he has never… he has a late pick of the things that are ambitious enough for him.
John Milius
I object to the actual phrase ‘Follow me.’ You’ve gotta be kidding! Why would I want to follow anybody else? Nor do I want them to follow me. The machinations of my life, the banalities – they’re mine. They belong to me.
You gotta have confidence in yourself first before anybody else will. I’ve always had that.
I’d bite off the Beatles, or anybody else. It’s all one world, one planet and one groove. You’re supposed to learn from each other, blend from each other, and it moves around like that.
Even when I interviewed bands, it was about asking them about writing songs, so it was more for me than anybody else.
Benjamin Booker
I’m really happy with where I am, the movies in my life. Not satisfied, necessarily. But I won‘t put it on somebody else, blame anybody else for my position in the business. It’s the choices I have made.
I’m not playing myself. It’s a symbolic situation, where I want to introduce a fascist behind the table. I couldn’t have had anybody else do that; for it to be successful, I had to do it myself.
I’m very lucky. Most of my friends wait long times for jobs and also don’t get the chance to work on 20 films, like I have, with someone like Scorsese. I love working for him. I just would never – I can’t imagine working for anybody else.
I consider myself a Chicagoan, and if anybody else does, that gratifies me.
I’ve seen a lot of people come out of Carol City, but I had this distinct vision for Carol City, just me coming out of there, because my music is so different from anybody else who came out of there.
My guitar was loud as hell, and I had no sympathy for anybody else.
Brownie McGhee
I wouldn’t trade my life with anybody else. I played during the golden day of baseball, back when it was a game and when it was fun.
For me, I’m honored to be able to wear a Canadiens uniform for the rest of my career. I can’t really imagine playing for anybody else, to be honest.
Where Charlie Christian left off, Papoose started a new thing; he was an innovator of the guitar. The things he did during his recording career with Fats Domino in the Fifties and Sixties until the day he died was as much a part of the music of New Orleans as anybody else has had to offer.
My father never felt the need to wrap himself in anybody’s mantle. He never felt the need to pretend to be anybody else. This is their administration. This is their war. If they can’t stand on their own two feet, well, they’re no Ronald Reagans, that’s for sure.
A lot of what I’ve been learning in the last two years is due to therapy – about my sexuality, why things go wrong, why relationships haven’t worked. It isn’t anything to do with anybody else; it’s to do with me.
I don’t like to appoint myself to nothing, knowing I’m no better than anybody else. But it always makes me feel good to know I try to do the best I can, and those who might observe say, ‘Hey, I can take a little something from that person.’
One, I push my deadlines closer than anybody else, or let’s say it this way: I’m really late.
Aaron McGruder
I take none of that to heart. I don’t feel like there’s anything that I need to do for anybody else. I want to win bad enough for myself anyway, that nothing anybody can say can make me want to win any more.
It is the unshakeable determination and will of our Party to put forward young people in the vanguard of the ranks of the general onward march as masters of the times and help them put up the doorplate of a thriving country before anybody else.
I got things like the lotus position long before anybody else did, or at least in the mainstream. But I had fun. I guess my legs are pretty flexible, so I used to get a kick out of doing things like that. I would get into a full lotus with my legs and then roll around.
People have to remember: If I’m not able to do my job and be healthy and safe, I can’t help anybody else.
There’s no doubt that I do have extremes of mood that are greater than just about anybody else I know.
I’m very confident in my point of view. ‘Cause I think that that’s all you can really have. I’m never really going to know what anybody else is going through, so it’s just kind of your job to be expressive with your point of view.
The year I was born, 1956, was the peak year for babies being born, and there are more people essentially our age than anybody else. We could crush these new generations if we decided too.
If you hug to yourself any resentment against anybody else, you destroy the bridge by which God would come to you.
I punish myself more than anybody else does if I am stu

I punish myself more than anybody else does if I am stupid about my actions, and I suffer, really suffer.
Women I know are smart, educated, intelligent, capable of doing anything that anybody else can do.
I would say, if you come out, they can’t take away how you play football. That was the thing for me: once I did come out, it’s not going to affect my diving. I can still perform, no matter what anybody else thinks of me. I’m judged for what I do in the diving pool.
My wife, she knows me better than anybody else. She knows what I’m struggling with, and she knows where I’m at. And I have friends, pastors, and it’s good not to have my only friends be people who think I’m special. It’s really good to have people who think I’m just an ordinary guy.
My dad knows me better than anybody else. He probably knows me better than me.
I have a discipline that has served me very well in my career and in my personal life… and that’s gotten stronger as I’ve gotten older. I’ve always felt if I don’t just have a natural knack for it, I will just out-discipline the competition if I have to – work harder than anybody else.
I never looked at ECW as wrestling. I always considered it more of a theology. I don’t know whether I had or didn’t have a messianic complex during that time. But I bought into the movement as much as, if not more than, anybody else. If I sold anyone on the religion of extreme, I was its number-one customer.
I watch artists say they wrote all these songs and don’t mention anybody else who was involved, and that’s fine. I don’t expect an artist to give me credit. I know that they’re gonna take the credit for everything. But, it’s my job to give myself that exposure and not make excuses, not grow bitter.
I’m opposed to Blue Cross telling me how to practice medicine. Or anybody else.
Like anybody else that goes and does their job, there’s a way to do your job with excellence.
Look, nobody is ever exactly the same as anybody else. You’re handed the cards you are for a particular reason, so you follow that path and see where it takes you.
I can’t watch other people doing comedy. As soon as somebody starts being funny I have to turn off because it upsets me. I get comedy indigestion. I just hate anybody else being funny. That’s my job.
Each individual human being has a lot of stuff that nobody knows about. Nobody knows what anybody else is going through at any point in their lives.
Until you can be happy, you can’t facilitate happiness for anybody else.
Wendy Raquel Robinson
Never in a million years would I want to live at Versailles with Marie Antoinette or anybody else. I hate to tell you this but I did not even like visiting Versailles. I found it just too ornate. It was like a complete diet of cotton candy, marzipan, and whipped cream.
When he wakes up in the morning Brock does what he wants to do and my hats off to him for that. I don’t know of anybody else but Brock does what Brock wants and you gotta respect that.
I’m not going to see anybody else in the mirror. That’s how I live, day by day. When I look in the mirror, it’s up to me to accomplish everything I want out of life.
I don’t think anybody else has the kind of charisma Mammootty has.
I think my family needs me more than anybody else, and tennis doesn’t need me anymore. I respect my wife a lot for taking all that in. She said, ‘I didn’t marry a tennis player; you’d retired.’ Now it’s time to do something else.
Thomas Muster
A lot of people would write to me long stories from their lives, and I felt they were thinking of me as some sort of treasure chest to keep their secrets. I felt like sometimes they would tell me stories they wouldn’t tell anybody else in the whole world. And I loved these stories.
I was always telling girls who said that they wanted to be the ‘next’ Kate Moss or the ‘next’ Gisele that it wasn’t possible, because the ‘next’ girl wasn’t going to look like anybody else; she would be somebody unique. If you look at all the great models… they all have an individual look.
I signed a contract with Phil Jackson, the man who has more championship rings, as far as I know, than anybody else. He was the best guy we thought we could find to run the New York Knicks.
You can say Pizza Hut is terrible pizza, but they also sell more pizzas than anybody else.
I have never stated Russia is an energy superpower, but we have more reserves than almost anybody else. We have always behaved, and we will continue to behave, in a responsible way. We intend to participate in the elaboration of common rules in the energy sector and to abide by rules which are developed together.
Vladimir Putin
It’s not my style to blame anybody else.
I create music for myself first of all because if I’m not happy with the music I create, I can’t make anybody else happy.
You have to be you. You can’t be anybody else. If you speak loudly, and people tell you to speak quietly, you can do it for a little bit, but loud people are loud, and people who are not, are not.
Then, with lots of people doing that without ever looking over their shoulders to see how they were affecting anybody else, it couldn’t work, and it didn’t work, and it just came to a standstill.
Barbara Castle
I really can’t describe what my stand-up is like – people see it and they say it’s like that, or it’s like this, and that’s really up to them, that’s fine, but I don’t sit around all day analysing it. I just try and enjoy a show and interest myself because if I don’t do that then I won’t interest anybody else.
I’ve probably failed more often than anybody else in Silicon Valley. Those don’t matter. I don’t remember the failures. You remember the big successes.
You have to believe in yourself before anybody else believes in you.
I am a teacher and the reason I'm a teacher is because

I am a teacher and the reason I’m a teacher is because I’m learning as hard as I can. I’m not any different from anybody else. I am searching and having some success finding answers.
Andy Andrews
If I get a song – a good song – I just sing it the way I hear it in my head. If anybody else wanted to add whistles and bells and chains rattling, that’s fine. Just not too much. I actually just do things as straight ahead as possible.
I felt brave when I sang and could put into lyrics what I couldn’t tell anybody else.
For the most part, I don’t think I’m any different than anybody else.
Curtis Granderson
I don’t want to bring my personal issues to the field during game time. I don’t want to take focus from anybody else.
Look I can’t get into the minds of people who made decisions to support us or support anybody else. But I can tell you that Scott Lively, a lot of what he says and a lot of what he believes doesn’t belong in public discourse.
Certain songs mean a lot to you, and they don’t really resonate with anybody else, and the ones you don’t necessarily love are the ones that become really meaningful to a lot of other people.
Ryan Hurd
It’s hard for me to be open with anybody else. I can say that I lost relationships over that.
If I’m slimmer, I feel better about myself, but I don’t lose weight for anybody else or for a magazine.
I don’t see myself as ever being like anybody else.
I get that there is no one quite like me, nor should there be anybody quite like anybody else in any field. I’ve always said, ‘Don’t be the next anyone; be the first you.’
If Paul McCartney tells me that so-and-so song is his favorite song, what do I care? What do I care what anybody else says?
I learn more from the audience than I can from anybody else. Not from what they write on the scorecards, but how they respond to the movie while they’re watching it – where they laugh and where they react.
Probably more than anybody else, I loved Nat ‘King’ Cole as a performer – not only his singing but his piano playing. Whenever he had a new record come out, I’d get it and try to learn how he was playing. And he was one of the nicest people I’d ever met.
I think the most important thing for an artist is to not worry about what anybody else thinks. You just have to do what comes from your heart and your being and put it out there-that’s true in any of the arts.
I don’t think of my music in terms of a career. I just want to get it out there and do it. I’m not manipulating my sound to be like anybody or trying to write to sound like anybody else.
Don’t try to be anybody else, because that’s what I do. I do me. I’m not trying to impress anybody. I’m not trying to please my pastor at church. I’m not trying to even please my mom, to be honest.
The great thing about the Wilburys was that none of us had to take the heat by ourselves. I was just a member of the band. Nobody felt like he was above anybody else. We had such a good time.
If hackers, if anyone committing a criminal act, wants to reduce their risk, they obviously don’t involve anybody else. The greater the circle of people that know what you’re doing, the higher the risk.
I have a natural right to do whatever I want with my body… as long as it doesn’t affect anybody else or any other property.
I’m not really worried about anybody else but myself, honestly.
What’s interesting when you see ‘Black Panther‘ is you realize it couldn’t have been directed by anybody else but Ryan Coogler. It’s a great adventure movie, and it works on all those different levels as entertainment, but it has this kind of cultural through-line that is so specific that it makes it universal.
First and foremost, I love Riddick Bowe more than anybody else could love him. If I wasn’t 100 percent sure that I was 100 percent sound, I wouldn’t jeopardize my life by getting back into the ring.
The Safe Drinking Water Act, the safety provisions of the Clean Water Acts, the Clean Air Act, the Superfund Law – the gas industry is exempt from all these basic environmental and worker protections. They don’t have to disclose the chemicals they use. They don’t have to play by the same rules as anybody else.
My sister taught me addition and subtraction and multiplication and division, so by the time I got to school, I knew it all, and when we’d do the times tables, I was just focused on doing it faster than anybody else. I already had the information, so it just got me to focus on excellence.
If people want to see Beaux-Arts, it’s fine with me. I’m interested in good architecture as anybody else.
Louis Kahn
Was anybody else bothered by the sight of mine-resistant vehicles and guns pointed at unarmed men in Ferguson?
Success comes to you with luck and a lot of hard work, but it doesn’t give you the right to be any better than anybody else.
Well, I don’t have any greater insight than anybody else.
We’re not paying attention to the fact that Hillary Clinton is running in 2006. Everyone is looking to her for the future. It’s the same with anybody else who’s positioning themselves.
He has the obligation to society that any human being has. I don’t think a satirist has any greater obligation to society than a bricklayer or anybody else.
At midlife, I think a woman has more in common with her

At midlife, I think a woman has more in common with her teenage children than anybody else. We all are kind of uncertain. We realize for the first time in either our lives or decades that we’re in charge now.
Although there’s been a fighter before me called Mike Tyson, I’m my own Tyson. I’m Tyson Fury. I ain’t trying to be anybody else.
I’ve always been the person at the table who is like, ‘I have this weird rash. Anybody else have this?’
I never wanted to work for anybody else; I always wanted to be my own boss.
John Barry
There is no question that I was given a lot of interesting and unique opportunities growing up… But I think people often misunderstand that I work as hard and want things just as badly as anybody else.
I probably have a very controversial view on autonomous driving versus anybody else in the auto industry. I don’t believe that it makes any sense for an automaker to develop autonomous driving.
The thing about Sheeran is that he is an incredibly real artist and songwriter. He is not trying to be anybody else other than himself.
I just want to remind people that you know yourself better than anybody else and if you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?
Every drummer that had a name, had a name because of his individual playing. He didn’t sound like anybody else, So everybody that I ever listened to, in some form, influenced my taste.
Professional wrestlers are human beings like anybody else.
The Cube was a wonder – a wonder for itself and a wonder for myself. To me, it was much more strange than to anybody else.
It was my father who taught us that an immigrant must work twice as hard as anybody else, that he must never give up.
Well, I like regulation as little as anybody else. It can be intrusive. It can be detailed. It can be bureaucratic. It can be unevenly administered. It can be unfair. But most regulations that we have for mutual funds and for banks are regulations that we earned. We did something wrong and we’re paying a price for it.
I know that I can do myself better than anybody else can.