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I figured out who I was very early on - actually, at th

I figured out who I was very early on – actually, at the age of 13, with the help of the Internet – so I knew that a transition, becoming a woman, was always something I needed to do.
I’m not aggressive by nature and it was tough for me to make the transition to directing.
Everyone is always making transitions in life.
John Paul II, above all, managed to contain the huge mass of frustration, of hate that had accumulated in that region, in favour of a peaceful transition. This was, without doubt, something that changed European history.
Rocco Buttiglione
I find that when I’m ready for something to end, I transition quickly. But when something ends before its time, I find it hard to move on.
Emma Caulfield
I’ve been blessed that my dad taught me at a young age about versatility and how to not be specialized in one area, so it’s made my transition from each step in my career very comfortable because I had the fundamentals and the foundation to do anything the coach needed me to do.
In working with those who are dying, I offer another human being a spacious environment with my mind in which they can die as they need to die. I have no right to define how another person should die. I’m just there to help them transition, however they need to do it.
For every LeBron James that jumps onto the scene, or every Derrick Rose that does really well in year one, you have a lot of others that take time to transition. Those guys are just brilliant in their own way, but a lot of other guys need a little help along the way.
Not to sound corny, but if life is a sport, if you’re moving to dive on a fumble or pick up a basketball in transition or pivoting to grab your toddler so he doesn’t fall into a pool… those are real life movements.
We’re in this transition period of figuring out how to deal with all the new technology that is out there, but television still proves to be the granddaddy of them all.
I lost 90 pounds and my blood pressure went down to a normal level and the salt in my urine disappeared. And that was when I had to make the transition from fat character actor to thin character actor.
I came from a traditional family, and it was an exciting but challenging transition to move to America and live on my own. The world around me was suddenly so different.
Transportation is going to transition from ownership to transportation as a service. What is the best model to address the largest part of that market? We believe it’s peer-to-peer.
I wish football, as a culture, bred more than just a football player. It has the ability to be an incubator and transition players properly.
Transitions are a time for reflection, and a time for looking forward.
I make a good living selling hardback books through paper publishers, and I have many friends in the industry who will suffer as it changes, so on a personal level, the transition to digital isn’t something I welcome wholeheartedly.
Being transgender is not just a medical transition.
Economic and technical imperatives – not any preconceived directives – will keep propelling the process of energy transition.
The transition to the United States was very interesting. I learned the language. I kind of got into the R&B. I’m a huge fan of the ’80s, Journey and all that fun stuff. But when I moved to Orlando, it was more like Boyz II Men.
There’s always the pressure on the director of how to transition from one scene to another, especially when it can really be oblique on ‘Game of Thrones.’
I think it’s a tough transition. It’s easy to go from comedian to rapper, but to go from rapper to comedian is tougher.
I’m still an athlete, I’m still a stockbroker, I’m still an actor. I think of it as more of an opening of new doors than an actual transition. I enjoy all of those things, which is why they remain a part of my life.
I just want to be someone that a football player can look at and say this guy dominated on the field and was able to transition and do just as well. I feel we need more of that.
Star Warsboils down to the transition from adolescence into adulthood.
It is such a tricky transition between education and work.
Scandal,’ I sort of experienced the ascent and the transition from a modest start to a full-blown hit.
A moderate tax on robots, even a temporary tax that merely slows the adoption of disruptive technology, seems a natural component of a policy to address rising inequality. Revenue could be targeted toward wage insurance, to help people replaced by new technology make the transition to a different career.
I always think it’s hard for any young actor to make that transition to more grown-up roles. Because you don’t want to alienate your audience who has been supportive of you for so many years, so you kind of have to tiptoe through that process.
To achieve a successful transition, we don’t just have to remove Maduro. We also have to rescue our institutions themselves. That’s why we have set out three phases: ending Maduro’s usurpation of power, implementing a transition government, and holding free elections.
I was destined to work with dying patients. I had no choice when I encountered my first AIDS patient. I felt called to travel some 250,000 miles each year to hold workshops that helped people cope with the most painful aspects of life, death and the transition between the two.
The transition from tiny movies to less tiny movies to really big movies has been actually quite seamless in a lot of ways as far as my experience of acting in them.
It is our duty as states, citizens, and industry leader

It is our duty as states, citizens, and industry leaders to make the energy transition a reality with the ultimate aim of reconciling two major priorities: to meet ever-increasing demand and to confront the complex issue of climate change.
Christophe de Margerie
I used to look like an American flag. The Padre uniform makes me look like a taco. Actually, the transition has been great. I’ve made 25 new friends, and I never thought I wanted to be anything other than a Dodger, but this is fun.
Steve Garvey
Thematically, most of my work deals with transition, our culture’s constant acceleration, and emotional connection and disconnection through technology.
Marco Brambilla
On the one hand, I’m this guy who grew up in the suburbs of New York City to very conservative parents, and the other side of me is fascinated by the peripheries of our culture, maybe because that’s where our culture is most in transition and where there’s likely to be conflict.
I think that it’s important to say that trans people exist, and we are valid, whether we choose to transition or not. It’s really up to anyone to decide what is going to make them feel the most like themselves.
In our view, the main role of the government in the green transition is to ensure a predictable framework and a level playing field for innovation, industry, and enterprise. And, most importantly, to provide clear direction.
Our civilization is now in the transition stage between the age of warring empires and a new age of world unity and peace.
Before my transition I felt trapped, and now I’ve been set free.
In 2012, Vladimir Putin returned to the presidency after a four-year, constitutionally imposed hiatus. It wasn’t the smoothest of transitions. To his surprise, in the run-up to his inauguration, protesters filled the streets of Moscow and other major cities to denounce his comeback.
By far, the greatest contribution Ireland can make is to lead by example, by actively pursuing its own transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.
Cardigans. I stock up on them – I own tons. They go great over dresses and help them transition from season to season.
Struggles do not end when countries attempt the transition to democracy.
In our business, things look like a failure until they’re not. It’s pretty binary transitions.
When I decided to go to art school, it wasn’t necessarily something I thought I needed. No one talked about graduate school when I was an undergrad. I went on to a residency at the Studio Museum in Harlem, and that transition from Yale to the Studio Museum, that was the real beginning of my professional career.
There’s a little bit of pain in every transition, but we can’t let that stop us from making it. If we did, we’d never make any progress at all.
Switching from one career to another can be scary, but it also can be a thrilling experience. Look at it as an opportunity to really go after what you want to accomplish in life and make a difference in the world. The key is to take small, conscious steps and prepare yourself for a successful transition.
Disenchantment, whether it is a minor disappointment or a major shock, is the signal that things are moving into transition in our lives.
William Throsby Bridges
I used to love going out and celebrating with the lads. But we can do that in the hotel and I don’t miss it. I don’t feel that urge any more. Once you make the transition to not doing it then you don’t miss it.
When I told my parents that I was starting my transition, my Dad said, ‘Well that makes so much more sense ’cause I never saw you any other way and now it totally works.’
Candis Cayne
A skilled Transition Team leader will set the general goals for a Transition, and then confer on the other team leaders working with him the power to implement those goals.
Our success at Cisco has been defined by how we anticipate, capture, and lead through market transitions. Over the years, I’ve watched iconic companies disappear – Compaq, Sun Microsystems, Wang, Digital Equipment – as they failed to anticipate where the market was heading.
Probably people always feel that they are living in a time of transition, but we can hardly be mistaken perhaps in thinking that this is an era of particularly momentous change, rapid and proceeding at an ever quickening rate.
I find that putting my make-up on and playing with different looks is really relaxing for me before the show. It kind of helps me make that transition from ‘mommy‘ to ‘performer,’ or star or whatever you want to call it!
You go from Olympic wrestling into pro wrestling, and it’s a very difficult transition, but if you make it, you can earn a great living while at the same time giving amateur wrestling a lot of exposure by being on TV every week. Fans know where you came from.
Every successful organization has to make the transition from a world defined primarily by repetition to one primarily defined by change. This is the biggest transformation in the structure of how humans work together since the Agricultural Revolution.
Bill Drayton
When you step out and do a song in a musical, the easier thing to do is make it funny. But when those transitions become necessary, when they aren’t camp, that, to me, is magic. I’ve done musical comedies and enjoyed them, but subject matter that’s deeper and more realistic is always what’s appealed to me most.
Many transition states have a well-defined preferred geometrical requirement.
Derek Harold Richard Barton
We need robust sustainability regulations for shipping that are internationally recognised and respected. This will ensure shipping plays its part in the global transition to carbon neutrality.
Newt has two transitions behind him. First he had to capture control of the House. He had to get the Republican budget through. He had to get the Contract With America through. He has done that.
I was acting before I did music, so it is an easier transition for me in my own mindset.
And so I’m still giving some thought – I will transition hopefully into the corporate world. And I look forward to getting involved in several other areas that I have a great interest in.
You just don't know when you get in the editing room wh

You just don’t know when you get in the editing room what you will need as a link or a tool for a transition. If you’re in a room, and there’s a kettle boiling, get a shot of it. Don’t worry if people think you’re nuts.
We all have to announce our full solidarity with the struggle of those seeking freedom and justice in Syria, and translate this sympathy into a clear political vision that supports a peaceful transition to a democratic system of rule that reflects the demands of the Syrian people for freedom.
It’s more a tennis problem than a mental problem. The transition is difficult. It depends how much time you have. Playing on grass can sometimes be a bit of a lottery.
I think we all evolve as we get older, and that’s normal, but I like to think that my recent transition hasn’t made me into a different individual. Same person – no difference at all, just a different sex.
There was an age, however, when the transition from savagery to civilization, with all its impressive outward manifestations in art and architecture, took place for the first time.
James Henry Breasted
We’re competing with everything: the beach, the mall, bookstores. Libraries are in a transition right now, caught between two forces, the old ways and technology. Libraries are under a lot of pressure to provide both.
John Callahan
I leftWired‘ before it was sold to Conde Nast and Lycos, so I didn’t experience that transition.
I suppose whenever you go through periods of transition, or in a way, it’s a very definite closing of a certain chapter of your life – I suppose those times are always going to be both very upsetting and also very exciting by the very nature because things are changing and you don’t know what’s going to happen.
I think I have a lot of room for improvement. My serve is okay, but I need to work on a lot of things: return, transition game, backhand.
You always have years when you go through transition and the side needs to be rebuilt. Or you have changes in terms of managers.
In ‘Saving Mr. Banks,’ the challenge was just transitions. Time transitions from 1961 to 1906; how do you follow a character in one environment to another? And sometimes these transitions were quick, so how do you do that?
In any business that grows big on one business model, transitions can throw everything in the air.
Many foster children have had difficulty making the transition to independent living. Several are homeless, become single parents, commit crimes, or live in poverty. They are also frequent targets of crime.
If we can understand that death is not the end but is really a transition into the next life, the great part of life, that frees us up into receiving God‘s courage and his help.
Being involved in sports and having a very sport orientated family just helped the transition extremely well. I guess, in a way, your school colleagues saw you out and about, and you were part of the team you were getting into the Australian way, learning the language. The transition was extremely smooth.
I’ve had a great time making the transition from playing to talking about the game, and there is no better place to talk football than NFL Network.
We want to bring awareness for all those cats still searching for their forever home and not only help them find their perfect match but also make the transition home a success.
The recognition that things that are not sustainable will eventually come to an end does not give us much of a guide to whether the transition will be calm or exciting.
When I left the military, I thought I would not have any problems with the transition – I’m very adaptable and very versatile – but I was wrong.
I don’t think of bouncing between acting and singing as a transition but rather as an expansion. I love both crafts so deeply, I feel my heart and soul have no choice but to explore both. I could never choose between the two of them. I am passionate about both for equal yet different reasons.
Ryan McCartan
I don’t think I want to transition into being a recording artist for the rest of my life or anything like that, but it’s something I’d like to try.
Some people in Hollywood think of me as a model for dramatic midlife transitions: suburban housewife to Emmy-winning actress. But I never plotted a master plan for following my dreams.
Kathryn Joosten
Even for runners who never make the transition to more sophisticated workouts, easing into speedwork will lead to more enjoyable running.
We make a lot of fun at President Clinton‘s expense. But this transition is going to be tough because it’s been 25 years since this guy has gotten laid in the private sector.
I try to transition my energy into just having fun.
Standing beside each brave servicemember is a spouse with their own unique professional dreams and career goals that shouldn’t be stifled by the constant transitions that our military families are subjected to.
You’ve got to respect your body and know the time to transition to what’s next. A lot of athletes cannot transition. They don’t have nothing to do after.
Eventually, I would love to hold the RAW title at some point before I retire or make that transition.
Creating on-campus communities for student veterans will help ease the transition from military to student life by providing networking opportunities, assistance with federal benefits, and career services.
Fidelity does have a succession plan in place to ensure a smooth transition.
Edward Johnson, III
The foundations of democratic transition should be laid in accordance with a sincere and committed strategy that is supported by various policy tools, and implemented wisely.
It's maybe an unrecognized fact of academia that what y

It’s maybe an unrecognized fact of academia that what you spend a lot of your time doing is convincing people of your vision and raising funds to support your research activity. So in that sense, transitioning to a startup wasn’t that big of a transition.
Now that I’ve experienced ageism, I don’t regard it as a bad thing. It’s been a transition to something more exciting and maybe edgier.
The clever, albeit fragile, coalition against terrorism brought together by the U.S. government might be able to advance the transition from classical international law to a cosmopolitan order.
My first job in all honesty is going to continue to be mom-in-chief. Making sure that in this transition, which will be even more of a transition for the girls… that they are settled and that they know they will continue to be the center of our universe.
All transitions are hard. We took over a country beaten down by lies and corruption.
Fraud really thrives in moments of great social change and transition. We’re in the midst of a technological revolution. That gives con artists huge opportunities. People lose their frame of reference for what can and can’t be real.
The transition state of manners and language cannot be too often insisted upon: for this affected the process at both ends, giving the artist in fictitious life an uncertain model to copy and unstable materials to work in.
George Saintsbury
I talk about acting to students making the transition from high school to UCLA. Kids going into this profession really need to know the reality of it.
My mentor in the transition from the old Gabriel Heatter and John Cameron Swayze way of doing things was David Brinkley. He brought an entirely different style to what we were doing.
I love Nakamura, but it’s a transition for anybody who comes to WWE.
Any transition is easier if you believe in yourself and your talent.
Community colleges play an important role in helping people transition between careers by providing the retooling they need to take on a new career.
I lived in France during the ’60s. I was there from the early ’60s until 1970, so my view of the ’60s is more global. It was a time of tremendous transition, not only for America but for the whole world.
That transition from child to adult actor is so incredibly elusive. The roles that were coming to me as a young adult were not that great, but I was taking them anyway to pay the rent. And the more bad roles in bad movies I took, the less anybody wanted me for a good role in a good movie.
Jackie Earle Haley
The government can help, but we need to make this transition now to a recovery led by private investment, private.
When ‘Desperate Housewives‘ ends, I think my girls will be about the kindergarten age. I will be so happy to be there for them through that huge transition.
Marcia Cross
Man is in a transition stage; he has 31 pairs of spinal nerves which keys him to the solar month, but the nerves in the so-called cauda-equina – literally horse-tail, at the end of our spinal cord, are still too undeveloped to act as avenues for the spiritual ray of the sun.
Central to achieving progress in Afghanistan – and to setting the conditions necessary to transition security tasks from the international community to the Afghan government – is increasing the size and capability of ANSF.
Dorm-room life was a tough transition. You’re young, and you realize how much you miss the comfort of home.
I feel so lucky. When an actor that has been struggling for so long makes the transition into being an actor full-time, it is the most amazing feeling. It’s just sort of like a 3,000-pound weight gets lifted from you, and you’re able to mostly focus on just being an artist, which is an amazing, blessed luxury I have.
Steve Zissis
Unfortunately, modeling takes you with no transition from being a girl to being a business woman.
Karolina Kurkova
I wanted to finish at the top of the game and on my own terms. I thought it was the perfect time at the World Cup and to go out at Chelsea. Chelsea and England were immense in how they have supported me in that transition.
I think for me it was a natural transition to move full time into acting rather than figure skating.
Julie Benz
Light is one of the basic areas that will give you comfort, but it is undergoing a technological revolution in moving from conventional lighting to semiconductor-based lighting, and as it does that, it is becoming intelligent with the transition from analogue to digital.
Feeling comfortable with your body as you go through a transition is not easy, and honestly, as a trans person on hormones or after surgery, you just don’t really know what your results will be, how you’ll finally look. Managing all of that is a challenge.
Kyrie is the ultimate versatility weapon. He’s good in isos, he’s good in pick-and-rolls, he’s good in transition. He got game.
If you live close to an International Rescue Committee office in the United States, find out how you can assist a refugee family as they transition to American life. Invite a newly arrived family to your home for a welcoming meal. Listen to their hopes and dreams, and share your own.
I love my husband, and I wanted to support him, but the transition to Washington has been my hardest experience. I felt very lonely and isolated.
One of the things that we have to realize is we cannot get off gas, we cannot get off oil, fossil fuels tomorrow – it’s going to take a few decades. Maybe we can shorten it, but there’s going to have to be a transition time.
I just feel like you have to go through this crazy transition if you’re going to continue on with your career from a child star to an adult star.
We have a very structured process for taking in refugees. It takes almost two years to transition from another country into the United States through the refugee process.
Life is one big transition.

Life is one big transition.
Navigating the transition from child actor to an adult actor isn’t easy.
Something is happening to Britain and the British. Or has happened. We are said to be passing through a transition, or a turning point, or a transformation; nobody is quite sure which.
Ferdinand Mount
We Americans think, in every country in transition, there’s a Thomas Jefferson hiding behind some rock or a James Madison beyond one sand dune.
I was obsessed with the idea of going to college. And I took many years off after that, so I sort of missed the weird, crazy transition that was what making movies was in the nineties to what’s happening now.
I’m a writer-director originally from Rhode Island, now living in Los Angeles. I’ve spent the past eleven years working with a writing partner, Joni Lefkowitz, and am now making the transition into feature directing thanks to this script we wrote together and our incredible producer Jordana Mollick.
I’m very lucky to be on ‘Melissa and Joey’ because it’s a multi-cam sitcom, and it was a nice transition from theatre because it’s taped in front of a live audience.
Nick Robinson
It’s important to remember that finding a job is only the beginning of a smooth transition to civilian life for our troops – as employers, we must also ensure their ongoing success.
To a lot of MMA fighters, pro wrestling is a very popular thing and I’m very thankful for them to try and make the transition into professional wrestling. But then they figure out its not as easy as a lot of people think.
One might have thought that the most significant change in the film industry that would come about with a transition from the communist economy to capitalism would fundamentally concern the sources of funding.
In transition I think the spirit goes somewhere, but I don’t think it leaves.
Valerie Simpson
You know how many times I have to witness the transition from, ‘Oh, get away from that thug,’ to, ‘Oh, wait a minute, that’s the guy from ‘Weeds‘! Hey, can I shake your hand?’
Romany Malco
Receptor chemistry, the chemistry of artificial receptor molecules, may be considered a generalized coordination chemistry, not limited to transition metal ions but extending to all types of substrates: cationic, anionic or neutral species of organic, inorganic or biological nature.
Jean-Marie Lehn
When I was going through transition, I didn’t push it on everyone.
Just as soaps were very pivotal in the transition from radio to television, they will be right in the thick of things again in the transition from television to the Internet. Exciting news.
Cameron Mathison
Let me even say before I even get inaugurated, during the transition we are going to be having meetings all across the country with community organizations so that you have input into the agenda for the next presidency of the United States of America.
People ask me about the decision to transition from fashion to ‘Rookie’ magazine. But it wasn’t a decision. I was 14, and my interests were changing.
When you grow up in life and you’re poor, and because you’re an athlete or you got rich overnight in music, unless you have access to financial advice or for the transition or matriculation of that process, then of course, you’re going to go broke.
Gender transition isn’t about gender. It’s about literally making yourself a better person because you know that’s a better you.
It is true that the U.S. could and should have been more generous as Russia made its painful transition to a market economy in the 1990s.
Americans know our only response in the face of mounting risks from climate change must be the swift transition to a clean energy economy. We do not have the luxury of burying our heads in the sand.
I’ve written virtually as long as I’ve acted, it wasn’t a sudden transition. I acted in my first play when I was 16 and I wrote my first play when I was 17.
We must transition away from the dirtiest fossil fuels toward renewable sources of energy for the sake of our economy and our planet.
As the cost of renewables plummets, the clean energy transition is increasingly driven by the business case.
My biggest accomplishment has been making a transition from athlete to author.
Any rookie is going to go through a transition process that’s going to be tough.
While the transition from a combustion-powered society to electrification is already underway due to market forces alone, this transition will take generations without support. But we have every incentiveenvironmental, economic, and yes, moral – to speed the evolution.
When I made the transition from player to coach, I evaluated myself and saw that I needed to improve my personality. I would fight with players – literally. I was 35, and you can’t be like that; you have young players to guide. You have to transmit calm.
Paper publishers are doing everything they can to slow the transition to eBooks because, in a digital world, paper publishers’ high hardback margins essentially disappear.
I do not think that Caitlyn Jenner’s transition was easy. Coming out and transitioning as a public figure – even for someone like her – is an extraordinarily difficult task to undertake. I might not agree with her on a couple of points, but I will refuse to say that her transition was easy.
Chelsea Manning
I try not to hit a swing volley and run back. So my swing volley is kind of that transition to the net. It’s been one of my favorite shots ever since I was young.
My first interest was always music, and somehow that ch

My first interest was always music, and somehow that channelled itself into films and acting. I don’t know what the natural transition of it was. I mean I acted a little bit when I was young and like any kid would in a community theatre.
I always think to myself that if I was able to transition from lucha libre style to American style, then I can always go back. You never lose your roots.
I love adventure, so I’m excited to be working on something new and making the transition from reality show contestant to host.
Rob Mariano
Around 20. I’d been trying to transition from the streets to the music business, but I would make demos and then quit for six months. And I started to realize that I couldn’t be successful until I let the street life go.
As we go through this transition where a lot more people will be reading on devices, nobody is paying enough attention to make sure it’s a smooth transition. I believe we still need places where people can go to handle, hold and talk about books, get information about what books are out there, and so on.
The history of energy use is a sequence of transitions to sources that are cheaper, cleaner, and more flexible.
I think that the world is in the middle of a huge transition that we have to make to renewable energy. We have to transition away from fossil fuels very, very quickly.
Our economy, for a long while, has been transitioning from one reliant on industrial strength to one based on digital information. The next step in this transition is a digital economy shaped by connectivity.
Stand-up comedy is a lot about amplifying emotions and situations; movie acting has a lot to do with mellowing things down and making them subtle. The transition was almost terrifying because of the magnitude of change.
The problem with the spectrum that is trans-ness and where people like Caitlyn Jenner lie, transitioning and being trans is more than a physical thing. Transition is a process.
I feel like the most fascinating parts of a trans life take place after the decision to transition. They take place when you’re in this new body, in this new life, and you start realizing things.
There is obviously going to be a transition. There is a transition with every quarterback going from college to the NFL. I’m excited for it.
I would love to help guys transition from ‘NXT’ to ‘Raw.’
Managing through ambiguity can be difficult for even the most experienced leaders. Defining a clear set of goals for your team demonstrates that there is an end in sight. However, it’s crucial during this time to move through the transition in phases.
Kettlebells are the best for everything. We do snatches and swings with them for explosiveness and hamstring and lower back strength, and we’ll also throw them into conditioning circuits where I’ll do a burpee holding the kettlebells and transition into a 2-handed snatch.
It wasn’t easy once I started running 20th Century Fox. There were a lot of eyebrows raised, and it wasn’t easy, that transition, because, you know, I had big shoes to fill and I was very young, 27.
After 37 years in the Navy, there were no further jobs in uniform, and it was my time to transition. But I wanted to continue to mentor and educate young people, which is, of course, a big part of being a senior officer in the military.
As to the Amazon itself, the transition from conservation to sustainable development was a huge awakening since conservation was a western concept and strategy to encourage the developing world to protect biodiversity resources for the sake of future generations and the wellbeing of the planet.
I remember going with my mom to a random garage sale as a kid and thinking what a cool treasure hunt that whole world was. Only to transition as an adult to think, ‘What a gross place that really is.’
For a big club, you can accept that the team does not win the league because it is in transition, but you cannot afford to slip out of the Champions League spot.
The transition to clean energy should not be viewed as a burden to be overcome but, rather, an extraordinary job creation opportunity for the United States.
One-on-one is different than actually going through picks, hitting the floor, playing 5-on-5, getting back in transition, making quick moves without thinking about it.
‘MyMusic’ is a great showcase of what we can do as creators on a modest budget when we’re given the opportunity to put together a television-sized project, and hopefully, whether it’s ‘MyMusic’ making that transition to television or having something sprout off from it, it’s an exciting time to be a creator.
Commercial directing felt like a very natural transition from my comedy, sketch, music video directing experience.
There’s always a transition if you go to a new territory or a new company or a new country or wherever because there’s different styles and different crowds that you perform in front of. Of course, it always takes a little bit of time to find your groove.
I guess when people ask what is the biggest transition to the NBA from college, it is definitely defense and the mental part.
There is a fundamental shift that social media necessitates in business today – the need to transition from ‘Me First’ to ‘We First’ thinking.
Puerto Rico has two divergent paths forward. After a reasonable transition period, it could become a state. Or it can become a sovereign nation.
Pedro Pierluisi
I main-evented a sold-out Budokan Arena show; I participated in the first-ever ladder match in NJPW, made the transition from junior to heavyweight, and earned a G1 win with a series full of performances that I’m personally very proud of.
Not a lot of people make that transition from child actor to bigger, better roles.
Moises Arias
Most child actors, once they hit 18, once they hit 21, that’s it. Even teenage kids often don’t make the transition.
In the first years after the systemic transition, our s

In the first years after the systemic transition, our screens showed American entertainment that had not been available before, or had been available only sporadically.
Almost all paleontologists recognize that the discovery of a complete transition is in any case unlikely.
George Gaylord Simpson
If you think about it, candidate Obama, Sen. Obama, was running on sort of long-run economic issues, like restoring prosperity to the middle class, dealing with the perennial problem of health care in the United States. He talked a lot about the budget deficit, about the need to transition to clean energy.
The transition from fan to performer to recording artist, for me, was like learning how to dive… and each board got higher and higher.
I enjoy being slept on. It’s like being on the verge of a cult movement. But making the underground-to-aboveground transition is cool.
If every company becomes a technology company, business models and transitions are going to occur. From a CEO’s perspective, this is going to be the biggest technology transition of all times.
Making the leap from the best sunglasses company in the world to a world-class brand is a natural transition.
James Jannard
One of the keys to Jewish culinary history is that the Jewish role was not so much innovation but transition and transformation.
I want to be respected as a woman, as a mother, as a wife. That’s why I transition.
I went through a huge transition in my life where everything and everyone I knew and trusted didn’t turn out to be that way.
The transition from football to futsal is very difficult, as this is a shorter and faster version. We have no time to think, but I’m trying to adapt the best I can.
You’d like to transition with continuity, have people in your own organization rise up and continue forward, whether in coaching or personnel or players.
Let’s get government support for farmers to make the transition to organic.
There are still many things to work on – the start, the transition, the finish. I am not just going to sit around and wait.
Unfortunately, my dad had a brain tumor, and my father-in-law passed away from leukemia, so I spend a lot of time on those two causes. I also tend to support military charities like Warrior Gateway, which helps guys transition from combat back into civilian life.
I definitely see myself continuing to transition into more acting roles. I’ll always be a coach. I’m always going to have a training center, always going to work with guys that are looking for some input and want help. I love commentating, and that’s something I can always go back to and enjoy doing.
Randy Couture
When you transition, it’s a long process. Some people are so, like, ignorant about it. They’re like, ‘Oh she‘s a girl tomorrow.’ It’s not like that. You have to literally, you take all this medication. It’s really hard on your body.
Anytime you have a difficult encounter with your child, there is a good chance that at least one of these factors is bringing out the worst in him or her: transitions, time pressure, competition for your attention, conflicting objectives.
Cathy Rindner Tempelsman
The biggest thing I remember is that there was just no transition. You hit the ground diapering.
Coming from the music business and seeing the transition from artists to fans, fans to consumers, it’s really about understanding the psychology of why people want to associate with your brand.
To simply demand that Assad go, and create a vacuum, could make the circumstances worse. To ‘protect’ Assad and his brutality is unconscionable. So you have to have a transition period here.
The most universal challenge that we face is the transition from seeing our human institutions as machines to seeing them as embodiments of nature.
Peter Senge
Berlin is still going through a transition since the Cold War – both in what used to be East and West Berlin. I can still sense the confusion and the struggle for identity there in the streets. There’s a pulse to it.
We urge all democratic nations and the United Nations to answer the Iraqi Governing Council‘s call for support for the people of Iraq in making the transition to democracy.
When I realised I was transgender I was so afraid of what my transition would do to everyone else in my life and how they would react to it and would I be rejected?
Although I’ve watched myself making the transition from being a girl to being a woman, I still feel 15 years old. My reflection disagrees.
Jaime Winstone
CEOs resign when the internal dynamics of the company and the external dynamics of the company actually come together to say it is appropriate. When the internal dynamics ask you whether you have a replacement. I think the transition from CEOships have also become cartoonish.
Traditionally, in the technology industry, companies need to re-invent themselves every 3-7 years to survive. If the company misses one transition, it can still recover, but if it misses two, it is usually fatal.
Maciej Kranz
We have to acknowledge that adolescence is that time of transition where we begin to introduce to children that life isn’t pretty, that there are difficult things, there are hard situations, it’s not fair. Bad things happen to good people.
I think what people don’t realize is the transition from NXT to the main roster is a big jump. It’s getting a whole new audience familiar with a certain character. If you debut too many women at one time, it’s hard for the audience to get to know, understand, and see the rise of that character.
In a time of transition for journalism all around the world, it’s reassuring to know that some of the old ways endure.
Dirt has given me a really good car control ability, bu

Dirt has given me a really good car control ability, but it would have been an easier transition if I’d been racing pavement my whole life. But off-road has given me such a good foundation for car control when the car is loose, because the competitions are so intensebasically 30 minutes of utter chaos.
The transition after the Vietnam War to an all-volunteer force created the world’s finest professional military. But it also reinforced geographic and cultural divisions that reveal themselves in our voting.
Veteran causes are an extremely important issue, especially the transition from military to civilian life.
America tends to assume Silicon Valley-style innovators can drive quick and transformative changes, but even Silicon Valley‘s would-be masters of the universe have discovered that energy transitions are subject to time spans and technical constraints that defy their reach.
Making the transition from softball to bobsleigh was difficult, but my family and friends believed in me when no one else would.
I had an agenda. It was a very smooth transition.
Frank Press
A transition to clean energy is about making an investment in our future.
As a prisoner of conscience committed to peaceful transition to democracy, I urge Europe to apply economic sanctions against Ethiopia. What short-term pain may result will be compensated by long-term gain. A pledge to re-engage energetically with a democratic Ethiopia would act as a catalyst for reform.
Eskinder Nega
I think the end of last year when we were aware of that transition was for everyone in their own way kind of bittersweet, but it’s also what the show’s about, one administration ends and another begins.
Stockard Channing
As kids, we have all handled shot guns. From there on, there is no transition. It stays in the toy box. The idea is to get the transition and bridge the gap between the toy box and the shooting range.
Gagan Narang
As the greatest and last major crisis before 1836, the panic of 1819 holds considerable interest for the study of business cycles and for the present day. It was an economy in transition, as it were, to a state where business cycles as we know them would develop.
We must do everything we can to help our service members and veterans transition into civilian life once they return home, and that means preparing them for the tough job market.
Most startups flame out or just muddle along. Your chances of spotting a unicorn, pre-horn, are incalculably small. But if, knowing that, you still want to toss aside your cushy job, at least listen to corporate vets who have made the transition.
Europe has, to put it mildly, been in a poor state since the transition to the 21st century. This is down to national issues, European missteps, and an economic and financial crisis that crashed down on us with enough force to dislodge the essential European idea.
The choice of personnel, perhaps the most important choice (because ‘people are policy’), never proceeds according to plan, but there have been some successful transitions that upheld high standards.
Everyone talks about how, in your 30s, all of these growing pains transition into wisdom and you feel more self-assured and confident, but I think I had a bit of a jump-start on that at 27.
One of the cornerstones of our democracy is the peaceful transition of power.
I clung to my vegan friends for more support than anyone because they helped guide me and made the transition much easier. My family was a bit skeptical, as they felt like I wasn’t getting enough protein in my vegan diet.
Making a transition to the adult acting industry was pretty smooth for me, and I had a great balance and a great opportunity not to do just children shows.
Raven Goodwin
Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.
When you transition, everyone kind of has to transition around you.
The transition to WWE has been an incredible road. It’s been great, it’s been difficult, it’s been motivating, and it has allowed me as a person to just completely see myself differently and allowed me to grow in a different perspective with their input.
I want to get my MBA. I want to create my own business. When I’m finished with football, I want a seamless transition to life and work and what I’ve dreamed about doing all my life.
I could have hidden in Boston and lived at home for three years, gone through my transition, taken voice lessons to make my voice more feminine, gotten gender reassignment surgery, and spent time to complete my transition, but I didn’t want to wait. I wanted to be in the world.
By then, I was making the slow transition from classical biochemistry to molecular biology and becoming increasingly preoccupied with how genes act and how proteins are made.
Paul Berg
There is no such thing as a Fourth Industrial Revolution with 9 billion thriving co-citizens in the world if it is accomplished on linear economic principles. We need a transition to circular economic principles and practice.
But transitions from the politics of violence to democratic compromise are always messy.
Timothy Garton Ash
I was definitely acutely aware, the transition of being seen as a child actor to being taken seriously as an adult actor. It’s not always a smooth one.
I’m at the transition place myself, still playing high school girls but moving to a stage when I’m playing older roles and going to the places of stillness and wisdom and knowledge and weight. It’s exciting and scary.
Really, anyone in the business who transitions into directing as a writer or editor or an actor or a cinematographer, at some point you have to kind of take a leap and say, ‘I’m committed to this.’
My transition from scientist to entrepreneur? Some would say that I still haven‘t made that transition.
Robert Moog
The 'transition' involves the transfer of power from on

The ‘transition’ involves the transfer of power from one president to another. In recent times, the incoming President has designated a Director of the Transition, a team leader, to oversee and administer the orderly transfer of power.
Aly and I went through just a long period of time where we just didn’t feel creative musically. And, you know, we went through the whole writer’s block thing, and we went through having two pretty successful records and figuring out how we want to transition as adults.
Being a writer is an endless study in human transition and lessons learned or forgotten or misapplied.
The transition from dictatorship to democracy is always very difficult, and if you read a history of any country that went through this, it wasn’t easy. And, you know, you don’t end dictatorship one day and next day you have fully fledged democracy.
Wael Ghonim
I’ve been listening to Herbie Hancock forever. He’s gone through so many transitions, even before bringing hip-hop to the forefront with ‘Rockit’ and everything.
We should note that this latter type of shift was successfully amplified to a considerable extent by Russian physicists using the intense light of a ruby laser whose wavelength is close to that of a transition of the potassium atom.
Alfred Kastler
College and the responsibilities that came with it helped me transition from teenager to adulthood.
Lee Thompson Young
After I finish writing a chapter, I’ll print it out, cut it up into paragraphs, and cut away any transition sentences. Then I shuffle all the paragraphs and lay them out as they come. As I arrange and hold them next to each other, very quickly a natural structure for the chapter presents itself.
We are the transition from one education to the other.
Alfred Rosenberg
The roles that men and women play are no longer the standard traditional roles of way back when but are those of two very individual people living their lives. I think it’s been a hard transition in society – just take a look at the divorce rate – to figure out what that means now. How do you resolve that?
When I was running the Troubadour, there was this transition from the classic singer/songwriter Jackson Browne types to bands like Black Flag, the Dead Kennedys, and Fear. Those are just some that come to mind. Oh, and Adam Ant! The Fear fans wanted to ‘crush‘ the Ants. These guys hated each other.
As I sat back and imagined what my transition from the Red Sox might be, I thought it would smell more like champagne than beer, I guess you would say.
Though every nation must do its part to address climate change, developed nations are responsible for the lion‘s share of carbon pollution in the atmosphere, and they have an obligation to help developing nations transition to a sustainable future.
I don’t see my singing for films as a transition from singing my own songs because I see it as part of the same picture.