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A coach needs time to get to know the players, the envi

A coach needs time to get to know the players, the environment, the fans and the culture of the club. You can’t solve everything in one or two months.
Good characters are rare. As long as I find one or two a year, I’m happy.
Out of the thousands who are known or who want to be known as poets, maybe one or two are genuine and the rest are fakes, hanging around the sacred precincts, trying to look like the real thing.
I didn’t plan to be a politician. The founder of our country, David Ben-Gurion, called me from the kibbutz to serve in the underground. We were short of manpower, short of arms. I was 24 years old. I was supposed to serve my country for one or two years. I am 89 years old this year, and I keep going.
When it comes to snowing people, one effective technique is to get a whole bunch of verifiable facts right and then add one or two that are untrue.
The fact is that ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ has never really worked in the theatre. The film has one or two holes where, in the theatre, you need a song. For example, there’s nothing for either of the two witches to sing.
Games can be won or lost in one or two plays.
You might have a million people in the city that love you. But it only takes one or two or three guys to hate on you and change your whole life.
Every child is different. I think it’s important that we don’t have maybe just one or two books that we’re recommending to all children – but rather we cater the books to fit each individual child.
I have a certain temperament, a disposition that I think lends itself to not playing outside the lines that much. But I do test the boundaries, certainly, and break one or two of my own. Some people are mystified by it, but not me.
I always try to do more than one or two takes if we have the time.
Juan Antonio Bayona
Shows like ‘Seinfeld‘ and ‘Friends,’ they have, like, one or two damn characters throughout the whole series that are minorities.
I did think there were one or two referees who had a personal thing against me. It wasn’t them versus Celtic – it was them against me! I just think they wanted to take me on.
I always layer my vocals a lot. I sing a minimum of three layers of the same line every time, and then it’s always one or two or sometimes even more harmonies.
People who look down never get much of an idea of the sky where the stars are set. And the fellow who doesn’t hitch at least one or two of his wagons to a star never gets very high up. Get your eyes off the ground. Look ahead.
I know from Chelsea that it’s not about one or two brilliant performances. It is also about winning different types of matches.
All my best friends are women except for one or two. I feel women are superior to men, and I love having them around. All that female energy is good for me.
John Polson
I feel very sorry for the one or two North Korean defectors who were caught by Chinese police while entering South Korean or foreign embassies in Beijing, but their arrest drew the whole attention of the world.
Kim Young-sam
In science, each new result, sometimes quite surprising, heralds a step forward and allows one to discard some hypotheses, even though one or two of these might have been highly favored.
Stanley B. Prusiner
So if one, or two, or a handful of guys sells drugs for their own personal gain and profit who just so happens to be a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, we want that same consideration.
Chuck Zito
Maybe NBA teams won’t want me and maybe I’ll play in Europe the last one or two seasons.
When you’re struggling, especially mentally, it’s only the team who can bring you out of that situation. It’s not one or two players.
I think throughout the day; there are always lines or certain words, and I’ll just keep notes in my phone. It might just be one or two words, and then that could inspire a whole song, lyrically.
I probably get one or two days off every five or six weeks.
There are times I might coach one or two workouts a year when the regular coach gets caught in traffic.
I feel lucky. I grew up in an open-minded, multi-cultural community in West Vancouver in Canada. There were people who had escaped some kind of oppression. Some of them were first-generation immigrants, others were one or two generations back.
Sarah Goldberg
For years and hundreds of thousands of miles, I drove with one knee, with the eight-track and the light dome on in the car, and a yellow pad, just writing down random ideas. I had notebooks and notebooks. The next morning, I’d go, ‘Whoa, what was I thinking?’ But there’d be one or two ideas that weren’t that bad.
Social media has given us this idea that we should all have a posse of friends when in reality, if we have one or two really good friends, we are lucky.
Music is the language of the angels. You can hear just one or two chords, one or two notes of a song, and bam – you’re right back there, you’re right back in that moment, you’re back in that day, you’re back at that prom, you’re back in the car.
There is no point mucking around and saying we are just going to have one or two shops and that’s it… we are going to reach, you know, 40 shops around the world. I want 150 shops in China.
The show girls do, like, 12 shows a day. I only did one or two shows a day, and I was like, ‘I need to go to sleep.’
You know, looking at it objectively, I've written one o

You know, looking at it objectively, I’ve written one or two good books.
I get a little freaked out when I’m around too many redheads. I only have about one or two red-haired friends, and when a bunch of us get together, I feel like there’s going to be a fight that breaks out or something.
When only one or two percent of filmmakers are female, you can’t help but have some kind of bias.
Standing at my door, I heard the discharge of a gun, and in four or five seconds of time, after the discharge, the small shot came rattling about me, one or two of which struck the house; which plainly demonstrates that the velocity of sound is greater than that of a cannon bullet.
Benjamin Banneker
Silicon Valley tends to be very myopic – to be focused on one or two things – which has some strengths as well as weaknesses.
October‘s a busy month for me. I usually find myself working but I also try to do one or two conventions in that period. Then whatever city I’m in, they want to drag me to their local horror theme park.
Hockey is not a one-man show; it’s a team effort. If you don’t work as a team – even if one or two guys aren’t working – you’re not going to win. That’s the way it is.
When I was growing up, one or two girls were beautiful, but it was not an aspiration, right?
I remember when I saw ‘The Dark Knightmovie, and I was sitting there watching it, and there actually came one or two places where I had trouble divorcing myself from the reality of the locations because it was filmed in Chicago, and I know that city quite well.
How can it be that the homosexual movement, at one or two percent of the population, gets treated with such solicitude while the Catholic population, which is over a quarter of the country, is given the back of the hand?
I probably tweet one or two things a year. Some guys use it for publicity… I’m not going to put myself out there.
Poverty places not just one or two obstacles but multiple obstacles in a child’s pathway to what we would consider to be regular development – cognitively, intellectually and emotionally.
It’s easier for fans to consume one or two songs at a time. Not everybody buys records, so some songs can get overlooked.
I am constantly being asked about individuals. The only way to win is as a team. Football is not about one or two or three star players.
If you’re an entrepreneur, and you have a choice to go to a place where there are 250 VC firms or somewhere else where there might be one or two, you’re gonna go where all the money is.
Josh Kopelman
Early in 1888 one or two of us got together to establish our own Sheffield Socialist Society.
Edward Carpenter
I was having such a hard time when I made Sylvia. I gave everything I had for that role. It’s one or two or three things I’m most proud of in terms of my work. But it was very dark.
I wanted to master the art of cooking. Maybe, when I slow down and do one or two films a year, I will learn how to cook and pursue it as my hobby.
Occasionally, I’ll want to cover something that’s outside of my audiencestastes or interests. Every week or so I have to try and cover at least one or two of those things to keep my sanity. If you’re only reviewing what is in the top album spots on Apple Music every week, you can get kind of jaded.
Sometimes I rush my swing because I am so anxious to play well. In Cuba, the quality of the pitching is not the same as it is here. There you might find one or two pitchers at 94 or 95 mph. Here, every day I find several, and each pitcher who comes along throws his hardest stuff.
Yoenis Cespedes
At the end of the day, my career is not going to be judged by one or two or three moments in time. It’ll be judged by the longevity of it.
If we do not voluntarily bring population growth under control in the next one or two decades, the nature will do it for us in the most brutal way, whether we like it or not.
Henry W. Kendall
One of the things I wanted to do with ‘The Turn’ was write a production of songs that could be stripped down to one or two instruments if you chose to do it.
You simply cannot do a sitcom by committee. It will not work. You’ve got to have one or two clean, creative voices in charge, and there’s got to be some faith by the studio and network in those people to make the right choices.
Amy Sherman-Palladino
I have been in dialogue with my family about what can actually be done. We’ve come up with this philosophy that in a truly multicultural society, the only way to have liberty and justice for everybody is to have multiple parties. And by multiple parties, I mean 50 parties, not one or two.
Nobody in this country goes around saying: ‘I’m feeling very oppressed by the E.U.’ Well, one or two people do, but they’re a bit odd. Ultimately, if they’re getting oppressed by the E.U., they’re going to start to feel oppressed by something else and just switch to a new subject of oppression.
Every day I do one or two podcasts that 92 percent of people never will hear. I’m constantly producing, constantly making jokes for Twitter. There’s a lot of pressure there. On the flip side, I think having to produce like that makes you a better comedian.
Anytime you look at someone in detail, you’re putting the camera on that person. What I typically look for is one or two or three really strong characters who will hold the narrative throughout the work.
Most of my videos consist of fragments, one or two minutes long. They are haikus or sketches. I have thousands.
My attention span is very limited, and I watch just one or two movies a year.
There are one or two very good women military historians who use imagination, great study and research; they can put themselves in the boots of the soldier.
It is a great boost for confidence in a squad when ther

It is a great boost for confidence in a squad when there is not just one or two players scoring goals, but the whole team is contributing.
Sometimes I play as simply as possible, in one or two touches. But I also make bad decisions, I make mistakes, and I try too-complicated things.
I’m not somebody that just has one or two things in life that are laserlike focused.
When I started doing improv in Chicago, for every five teams, one or two would have one woman.
It’s hard to really get that excited about movies. Think about it like this: how many good comedy movies come out a year? Maybe one or two? And then, in those movies, what are the chances that there’s a character that I’m the best fit to play? It’s really small!
The shows are so different from each other, depending on whether I play with my band, Nine Stories, other musicians, an orchestra, only one or two members of my band.
Until Eleanor Roosevelt, there was only one or two First Ladies in all of American history who made an impact, who people could even have recognized or identified. And it’s really only been since Jackie Kennedy that there’s been this idea that the family life of the president is such a central thing.
I can think of matches I played where I played one or two points perfectly, and that gave me a thrill.
I try to keep at least one or two of my firesuit designs every year.
The market is so competitive. There are so many products that are similar. So we are forced to invest in innovative research in new products that are one or two years ahead of the market.
Barry Lam
I don’t see politics as one or two people just making or delivering announcements – it’s also about winning public support and the public enthusiasm. You’ve got to win public support.
After one or two days of good sleep I feel human again.
It’s frustrating that you only have one or two, maybe three drivers that you can root for who are winning.
One thing I would say is that I think in any environment that you work in, there’s always going to be one or two people who you don’t like. But there just wasn’t that on ‘Games Of Thrones’. I know it sounds cheesy and cliched, but it was like a big family.
When you have a chef that wants to be in the spotlight, maybe after one or two appearances on a show, they think they’re at a certain level that they haven‘t reached yet in the kitchen. Shows like ‘Top Chef‘, ‘Hell‘s Kitchen’ have helped bring attention to the culinary world.
I think one or two of the later Holmes stories are among the best.
Rex Stout
People have no clue how demanding my schedule was back in the day. There were times when I might be home for just one or two days a month.
You can put me on a plane now and I can go anywhere and just by talking having one or two conversations I can have an idea where I am in the U.S. or whatever.
Early on, I played one or two disturbed people, and I guess I must have been good at it, because it stuck. But, you know, I’m a regular guy. I stay home a lot, I make an effort to keep a distance from the whole social thing, the openings, the parties. I try to live in a calm way.
People always say ‘Etta, you know what your problem is? You’re neither fish nor fowl. There is no place to rack you.’ When I would go in a record shop, you might find one or two records by me in different stacks.
This kind of devotion doesn’t exist anymore, that you would spend half your life in love with somebody and you never even see that person. One or two meetings is enough.
Certain movies like ‘Wag The Dog,’ we used improv on every scene that we did. Pretty much, we would shoot from the script and then some stuff that we came up with in rehearsal, and then we’d have at least one or two takes where we completely went off the script and just flew by the seat of our pants.
The other political parties are either in alliances or are formed with the collaborations of one or two different parties, but the Congress is different.
I want people to believe that I can pull off more than one or two types of genres or characters.
It started back in 2002, when there was hardly any reality television. ‘Survivor‘ had just started. My hope and dream was that ‘The Bachelor‘ would last one or two nights on network TV, so I might meet somebody in the network and then I could get a real job.
I don’t know if music has ever achieved anything past appealing to the people that it appeals to. If a song could stop a war, then Bob Marley and Bob Dylan songs would have stopped one or two.
So I’m trying to spread myself to the point to where I can do the night shows and not have to worry about the matinees, and do one or two matinees down through the year.
I’m still friends with most of my exes. There are only one or two people that I’ll never talk to again.
In money, and in life, you are very often your own worst enemy. You promise yourself you’re going to diet, then eat not one or two French fries but a whole plate. You decide to really commit to saving for retirement, only to wind up with a new pair of shoes in your closet.
I basically go to the gym three times a week to do weight training for one or two hours.
Takeru Kobayashi
With one or two children at home, I feel that parents concentrate too much on them and hence children lose touch with reality. They get whatever they desire and fail to understand that in real life you may or may not get what you wish for.
As a result of the World War and of a peace whose imper

As a result of the World War and of a peace whose imperfections and risks are no longer denied by anyone, are we not even further away from the great aspirations and hopes for peace and fraternity than we were one or two decades ago?
Every player needs that one or two innings to get the confidence in whatever format to realise that he’s good enough to be successful in whatever conditions or at whatever level.
I drove my mother crazy because I’d juggle the apples in the fruit bowl and take a bite out of one or two.
The only thing I don’t write is the guitar solos, but even then I might suggest one or two things.
It’s not a bad problem to have because a lot of classic acts are known for one or two songs and in their show they basically hold those songs off until the end and you sit through an hour or so of lesser known material but in our case most of the songs are well known.
Gerry Beckley
Like with ‘Starlet,’ we intentionally did not look at ‘Boogie Nights’ before making ‘Starlet,’ and I should have. Because there are one or two scenes that come too close and it looks almost like – because it’s about the same industry, and you’re going to be covering certain subjects.
When my father and I were off in the woods or off fishing, we were communicating all the time. We didn’t catch many fish and my father was a pretty good fisherman but he just like to take one or two fish and then we would make camp and broil those fish and eat them.
It was awkward because the high school that I went to, my aunt taught at, it was this private boy‘s school in D.C. There were one or two teachers that I had the hots for, but never fully expressed my feelings because my aunt was always watching.
My first year in baseball, there were only one or two reporters. My second year, I got to the Triple-A playoffs, there were four or five. When I came up in 1984, I never saw so many people.
Dwight Gooden
When I have parties, I have little sandwiches. I always make sure I have two or three fresh habaneros, and I only put them on one or two. There’s always someone who comes running around the corner, ‘Oh my God! I don’t know what was in those, but my mouth is on fire! What do I do?’
I will say that walking down the street, getting on the subway, taking the elevator, if there’s one or two people and they say, ‘Great job, Mayor,’ that is a real turn-on. I mean, anybody that wouldn’t find that satisfying, rewarding, exciting, thrilling – I think they should see the doctor.
It’s really hard when people write nasty things about you all the time. As much as good things are said about you, it’s always those one or two bad comments that really stay with you and gnaw at you. I try not to read that stuff if I can.
I am faster than other players and I can get to a lot of balls. They have big serves, much power, they can finish points with one or two shots. For me, it’s not like that, but I still enjoy matching up to them.
I did one pudding match, but that was one or two times out of a span of 6 years or 7 years, and everybody wants to think that those 7 years were nothing but bra and panties matches when they weren’t.
Melina Perez
I walk into a room, there’s one or two black women. There aren’t that many because the pipeline of talent just isn’t there.
I wasn’t happy playing one or two games then coming out of the team. I wanted to carry on playing week in, week out.
At United, there are great traditions, which you can’t buy in one or two years. They are created by victories. You need to prove again and again that you are better than the others. Manchester United have always done this, and are still doing it, so they are the best.
I spoke to the Sporting Chance clinic and I was seeing a guy in London every one or two weeks for an hour-long meeting about my gambling.
Art goes beyond politics. Even if there are writers who are involved in politics, eventually, in one or two centuries, it’s not their politics which is going to count, but the fact of having given life to feelings, of having created characters and made a living work of art.
I don’t think I know a Scientologist except when I see one or two of their actors on the Hollywood screen.
The problem with existing biology is you change only one or two genes at a time.
In every era, there are only one or two moments when nations come together and reach agreements that make history, because they change the course of history.
Where do you go from Real Madrid that’s better? There’s one or two clubs up there but none better.
A handful of works in history have had a direct impact on social policy: one or two works of Dickens, some of Zola, ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin‘ and, in modern drama, Larry Kramer’s ‘The Normal Heart.’
No cricket team in the world depends on one or two players. The team always plays to win.
I have been advocating for a long time that the Export Import Bank shouldn’t be for one or two companies, and that’s what it’s for, basically.
If you were to stand on an asteroid in the main belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter in our solar system, you might be able to see one or two asteroids in the sky, but they would be very far away and very, very small. So you wouldn’t have this ‘dodging through tons of rocksbusiness you get in the movies.
New York has surprised me a couple of times. I was a snob about pizza, but I’ve found one or two places that allow me to forget deep dish for a while.
The important desideratum is freedom of the market; a country or region will often best develop, depending on conditions of resources or the market, by concentrating on one or two items and then exchanging them for other items produced elsewhere.
Nothing is so great an example of bad manners as flattery. If you flatter all the company, you please none; If you flatter only one or two, you offend the rest.
I can play in the centre or on the wing, behind one or two strikers, on the left or the right.
People make a star out of actors after one or two films

People make a star out of actors after one or two films and keep capitalising on the same thing without having the courage of exploring the world of cinema, which has so much to offer.
When I was about seven, one or two people encouraged me, and art became an enormous and important refuge. By adolescence, I was absolutely passionate about it and felt those paintings and those painters, whether they lived a few hundred years ago or were still alive, were somehow my companions.
Back in the day when I was on The WB, I may have only had one or two female directors throughout the entire run of a series.
One or two people have named their children after characters in my songs. That’s pretty intense.
Since 9/11, the Bush administration has used that tragic event as a justification to rip up our constitution and our civil liberties. And I honestly believe that one or two 9/11s, and martial law will be declared in our country and we’re inching towards a police state.
As football gets more globalised, it’s probably more important than ever to have one or two players in your team who have grown up in the same streets or been to the same schools as the hard-core fans.
I want to do one or two commercial films, but also want to do off-beat movies.
I want to be on a successful team, and I know that paying one or two or three players premium hurts your chances of being able to bring in extra talent.
Jay Cutler
Soap operas are like TV boot camp. You have to be able to self-direct, learn a ton of dialogue in a short amount of time, and deliver a performance in one or two takes.
You were turning up to games and one or two people would boo. Then a few more would join in. I was painted as the villain of darts. I accepted it to a certain extent. But it got a bit over the top.
The thing that you don’t understand about college basketball until you’re one or two seasons in – and something I’ve struggled with – is that you have to be 100 percent connected to your other four guys on the court at all times.
Nowadays, with technology coming into cricket, people start to analyse, and if you only have one or two tricks, people will start to line you up.
Other artists, they write 13 songs, and hopefully one or two of them are successful singles. And the other 11, for the most part, are filler.
When I was 22, I had the opportunity to work as a bouncer. I only had to work one or two nights and could make enough money to spend the rest of my time training.
I don’t go by the screen time. Even if I have one or two scenes, it is essential that people remember me.
I’ve been involved in one or two successes in classical plays but nothing to touch the excitement and the glamour and the gratification of being a children’s hero for so long.
One or two wrong turns where I’m from could put you on a path that’s hard to reverse… We had to stick together to get through down South.
When the women in any other film industry are almost equal to men, in Malayalam only one or two women are among the crew.
I remember that I wanted the Razor scooter, and my dad went to the garage, spent one or two days, and built one out of wood and painted it with the Colombian colors.
I’ve had one or two interactions with Scott Holtzman and I’ve watched his fights and I thought to myself, great fight, great competition and a great guy. The few interactions I had with him, he’s such a great guy.
But when you’re six records deep, every record has one or two songs that need to be in every set, so you’re already looking at 12 songs that you know you’re going to play.
The one or two I’m comfortable playing. They might even play me at the five sometimes.
Every team needs leaders, but not just one or two.
I can say that on the record ‘Transit of Venus,’ there’s maybe one or two songs that actually do come from my heart, but a lot of songs have been written just for radio and for fans, you know, to relate to.
Adam Gontier
If you see the kids now they have attitude and a strong character. They play one or two games and demand they are involved. I didn’t have that. I was too polite. It is not maybe always good to have fight, but gives a stamp – it shows directly that ‘I am here. I mean business.’
I did one or two plays at school. Once I played a tree, so I never thought I would be a good actor.
Suraj Sharma
In 2001, we were like most high-tech companies, with one or two primary products that were really important to us.
On crosses, sometimes I make my move one or two seconds before the ball is coming because I’m trying to guess that the ball is coming there. It’s intuition. So I run. Sometimes the ball comes…sometimes not. But that intuition is working.
Our economics are not baseball’s economics. Our game is not baseball’s game. Our owners are not baseball’s owners, with one or two exceptions. Our union is not baseball’s union. What we do has to be crafted and suited to address hockey, to address the NHL, to address our 30 teams and our 700-plus players.
When you play against a top side, you know they will have more possession, and they will be in more control, and you have to find one or two counterattacks.
There's nothing humane about the flesh of animals who h

There’s nothing humane about the flesh of animals who have had one or two or even three improvements made in their singularly rotten lives on today‘s factory farms.
I’m a natural clown, I suppose, in writing, and one has to accept that; I can’t do anything about it. I have written one or two novels which are not specifically funny. I wrote a study of Shakespeare which was not intended to be funny, but some people regard it as such.
Anthony Burgess
I’ve got a distribution system that goes to 170 countries. If I acquire properly, you know, you may be successful in one or two countries, or one place; I can scale, and that’s part of the value that IBM brings.
I used to think I had and needed so many friends to feel loved. I know now that if you have one or two, you are good. More than that, you are great.
Most of the guys I grew up with let the streets and the gangs influence them. Maybe one or two of them made it to college. All the negative things were all around me.
For the most part, since the time I was in EliteXC fighting, maybe there were one or two fights here and there that they had me to win, but for the most part I’ve been an underdog. I’m not a kickboxer so I’m going to lose to a kickboxer. I’m not a wrestler, my wrestling sucks, so I’m going to lose to a wrestler.
It is that range of biodiversity that we must care for – the whole thing – rather than just one or two stars.
When you’re Scottish you’re brought up to play anywhere and it’s fine to play for one or two games but you need to play in your right position, especially on the back of scoring nine goals for Hull City.
They said ‘the SEC this, the SEC that.’ I said, ‘You talk like all 14 teams are this, that and the other thing.’ I said, ‘You have to give credit to the first one or two that have won the national championship, but don’t act like they’re all doing that.’
I’d work with soccer coordinators at Game Changing Films and have one or two combat training sessions with my stunt double, who’s a wushu master.
Gabriel Luna
In most scripts, one or two characters have a lot of colors.
I have done one or two plays in New York briefly.
When a market isn’t in transition, gaining market share is hard – you’re fighting to take one or two points of share from competitors.
Where a new guy may only know one or two ways to do something, I know all of the moves, and I’ve forgotten more stuff than the newer guys might even know.
I always have one or two, sometimes more, Navajo or other tribes‘ cultural elements in mind when I start a plot. In Thief of Time, I wanted to make readers aware of Navajo attitude toward the dead, respect for burial sites.
Tony Hillerman
My dad told me something long before I was in politics, and when your dad gives you advice every single day, eventually one or two of the things stick in your mind. And he said, don’t believe what people say, believe what they do.
There were a whole lot, I bought every blues record I could find, it wasn’t just one or two people. My vocal influences were Ray Charles and Bobby Blue Bland.
Johnny Winter
I create a lot of my content in one or two days for the next month because I can get really creatively inspired and then I can spend the rest of the couple of months thinking about other creative ideas but focusing on business, logistics, being effective, practical, and productive.
I couldn’t tell if any frames were removed. Seen as a whole it shows that I have seen. Seeing you have 18 frames a second you can take out one or two and I couldn’t tell.
Abraham Zapruder
I’m not eager at all to present my life out there for public consumption. I like to do one or two films a year and then do what is absolutely obligatory in terms of promoting them. My life outside of films is vital to me.
Why did Barry Humphries play Dame Edna for so many years? Why is Steve Coogan still doing Alan Partridge? Because there are just one or two characters they love doing. I’m lucky enough to have six that I’m crazy about.
I can speak English. I can speak Hindi. I can understand one or two other languages.
I have decided that I want one or two seasons in England before the end of my career, and I want it to be at Liverpool.
If I physically made every work myself, I would get only one or two paintings done a year, if that.
There are in most states one or two ministers of war, one of whom is the minister of naval affairs.
I think there’s only one or two films where I’ve had all the financial support I needed. All the rest, I wish I’d had the money to shoot another ten days.
Kicking is a weird thing. You can go stretches and stretches of just doing really good, then you could have one or two kicks that can derail you. You’ve just got to learn to ride the wave.
My first professional fight was a tournament with maybe one or two thousand people there.
Aleksei Oleinik
However, the radio and national media depend much more on the hype from a good record label, and from a ‘ buzz ‘ about a band, then from just one or two good shows. There are a lot of artists that have a ton of good press going for them, and still do not make it big in the US.
Pat Garrett
I’m glad to see goal-line technology working; we should have had it for years. I do believe we will soon see managers being allowed one, or two, challenges.
I always wanted to make a show that had everything I wanted to watch, as opposed to just one or two things.
When I started acting, I thought if I got one or two jo

When I started acting, I thought if I got one or two jobs a year I’d be lucky. So yeah, my career has gone so much farther than I ever suspected it would, and as such I feel lucky for everything I get. I feel thankful and grateful.
In football, you never know. There could be one or two injuries that crop up and you may be needed so I always try to prepare myself as though I will be playing in the next game or that I need to be available – that’s my philosophy, even when I’m not 100 per cent.
I’ve always found when I was captain when other people were doing the talking for me, I didn’t need to say as much, and when I did say one or two things, people tended to listen all the more.
You find a lot of junk when you’re searching through lost and tossed photo ephemera, but every so often you’ll find a gem, a wallet-sized masterpiece you’re certain could hang on the wall of a gallery if only someone with a name had taken it. Find one or two of those and you’re hooked for life.
It’s very difficult to find even one or two criteria that you will find in every Internet situation, and the reason is that the technology constrains language in individual ways.
You either have commercial pressure or ideological pressure. I prefer commercial pressure; otherwise, you can be at the mercy of one or two idiots.
I am a huge fan of the Premier League, but do you think it will maintain its attractiveness if the Champions League is only an affair between English clubs and one or two others?
If we go and see hundreds of different market resources, you are seeing hundreds of different points of view, and once in a while, my experience is, you will come across one or two that are just outstanding, and you never would have thought of them.
One of the things that often frustrates me with cookbooks is that there are one or two recipes that are really good and the rest of them are not so great.
In my case, my videos are zero-cost productions. I don’t spend a single penny on them. I take 15 to 16 days to come up with a video and do one or two videos a month. That’s a long time.
Breakaway goals are fun. When you score a quick one in front of the net, it just happens, but during a breakaway, there’s about one or two seconds where you’re not sure.
If you’re very introverted, you prefer to spend much of your time alone, and when you do connect, you’d rather get together with one or two close friends than face a crowd.
When I started wrestling, WWE was a light at the end of the tunnel that no-one thought they could ever get to. Especially being British, only one or two people ever got there.
I think I belong to America’s last generation of novelists. Novelists will come one by one from now on, not in seeming families, and will perhaps write only one or two novels, and let it go at that.
It’s really irritating when you open a book, and 10 pages into it you know that the hero you met on page one or two is gonna come through unscathed, because he’s the hero. This is completely unreal, and I don’t like it.
Some of my team-mates in the Under-18s used to play ‘Call of Duty‘ and they told me I should jump on it. I have played it ever since, for my first one or two years I played it pretty much ever day, I was mad about it.
At Tesla, we don’t go into a community and think we’re going to sell one or two cars.
While there used to be one or two Pops orchestras, now there are all kinds of European orchestras that suddenly look upon this as a golden wand that can enable them to make money recording this music.
Skitch Henderson
Rod Lurie is one of the most wonderful directors I have had the pleasure to work with. He shoots like Clint Eastwood: no fuss. When he gets it, he knows it – one or two takes.
It is dangerous to sit on your laurels, but a lot of the time you only have to add one or two people to the fringes of a winning team to improve it.
My mother told me I was begging her to be an actor when I was four. My father and my grandfather saw at least one or two movies a week; they were film buffs, so I guess it just rubbed off on me. And now it’s kind of become a way of life for me.
In features, we’re languid: we shoot one or two scenes over, like, three days. In TV, the pace is so different. You’re shooting ten scenes a day, going way into the future or way back into the past. It’s complete madness, and I’m just trying to keep up with this really electric pace.
When a nation is over-reliant on one or two commodities like oil or precious minerals, corrupt government ministers and their dodgy associates hoard profits and taxes instead of properly allocating them to schools and hospitals.
Sharks don’t particularly have a great interest in divers. It seemed that in a normal dive, I would jump in the water, and one or two gray reef sharks would swim in and kind of check me out – and then they would keep their distance. So they weren’t particularly threatening or anything to be afraid of.
I was supposed to do only one or two episodes of ‘Big Little Lies,’ but I realized I couldn’t just step away.
In a business that’s driven purely by economics, the fact that one or two unique shows happen to get on and reach a public for a brief time doesn’t constitute a trend.
I’m making a record that’s half stripped down acoustic which is the way I perform a lot and half of it is very produced. It’s really hard to keep music simple but I was trying to keep it simple and focus on one or two instruments and vocals.
It’s not as if we can’t play bounce well or do well only in India. It’s just that in one or two matches,the batting collapses sometimes.
Article II of the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon was just the simple fact that he talked about and suggested the potential use of the IRS against one or two political opponents.
Once I had asked God for one or two extra inches in height, but instead, he made me as tall as the sky, so high that I could not measure myself… By giving me this height to reach people, he has also given me great responsibilities.
In theater, you sometimes can only do one or two jobs a year because they’re long periods. In film, you can shoot so many. It’s quite interesting.
It's necessary to track characters all the way through

It’s necessary to track characters all the way through an opera. If you’re dealing with more than one or two characters, it’s very easy to forget that the others have lives of their own that feed into the story.
My closet contains plenty of clothes I don’t wear any more, a few I’ve never worn and one or two items I still struggle to believe I ever bought in the first place.
It’s funny, I lived my first 38 years of my life with maybe one or two people ever saying that I looked like Greg Kinnear. As soon as I get into the entertainment industry, now it’s 100 percent of people.
Greg Poehler
I have this magpie instinct for the next glittering object. There are one or two things I know I can’t write about, though: DIY, cricket, automobile repair. I could study it for a lifetime and not produce a word on the carburettor.
It’s always just one or two pieces that a team needs to really change things around.
Representative democracy is a remarkably blunt instrument. Hundreds of issues are bundled together at every election, yet the vote tends to swing on just one or two of them.
My career does not depend on AJ. He’s got four of the belts, but if I’m mandatory for one or two of them and he doesn’t fight me, they will strip him at some point.
I’m in the kitchen five days a week, no matter what, and one or two of those days I’m on the line. Not because I have to be, but because I want to be.
Marc Forgione
If I don’t write down a thought – or an image or a line of poetry – the instant it comes to mind, it vanishes, which explains why I have pens and notebooks in my pants and coat pockets, the car, the bicycle basket, on one or two desks in every room including bathrooms and the kitchen.
Some artists get so comfortable now after even one or two albums and think, ‘I’m the biggest artist in the world,’ but it’s like, yeah, you are for now, but you’ve gotta work so that you’re remembered further, and that’s what I’m trying to do.
Every day, I ate just one or two things. I wouldn’t stuff too much variety in my daily consumption of food. For example, if I ate dal and moong for lunch, I would eat the same for dinner.
I doubt there’s any government in the world that guides itself primarily by strategy or conceptual documents or worldview. Anybody who has the reins of power has to look at practical limitations and tradeoffs – the fact that you can focus at most on one or two things at a time, that resources are limited.
At the age of 16 I was already dreaming of having a baby because I felt myself to be an adult, but my mum forbid it. Right now, I feel like a teenager and I want to have fun for one or two more years before starting a family.
When there’s a great horror movie, people are like, ‘Horror’s back!’ And when there’s a series of not so good ones, ‘Horror’s dead.’ I think it’s all about the quality. When there are one or two good horror movies in a row, people come out interested again.
The process of overbooking is a complicated one. It’s actually minimal. We, on certain flights, overbook by one or two people.
Filibusters have proliferated because under current rules just one or two determined senators can stop the Senate from functioning. Today, the mere threat of a filibuster is enough to stop a vote; senators are rarely asked to pull all-nighters like Jimmy Stewart in ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.’
Long-lived persons have one or two lines which extend through the whole hand; short-lived persons have two lines not extending through the whole hand.
It may be that a majority of superheroes are white males. But that’s because they used to all be white males, except for Wonder Woman and Black Canary and maybe one or two others. Now there are Spanish, Puerto Rican comic book superheroes, black superheroes, and women superheroes.
It does happen sometimes that you aren’t able to understand whether you should go for a particular film or not, and you are left with only one or two choices.
About one or two songs per record is me doing a little bloodletting.
I did ‘Batman v Superman‘ for one or two days.
I think there’s a misconception that I eat everything. The one or two bites that you see me take, that’s it.
When you are playing teams of this quality, you might get one or two good chances in 90 minutes; that is why it is so important that we take them.
My dream, dream acquisition would probably be a Twombly chalkboard. I’ve been fortunate to see one or two in a private context, and I think it’s just sort of quintessentially brilliant, timeless, modern.
One or two great lay downs per tournament will give you a few extra lives while a few well-timed bluffs will give you a ton of extra chips.
Some people don’t like my fiction, because they prefer the nonfiction. But moving around keeps the work fresh for me and, hopefully, for my one or two readers who follow me from book to book!
Every game is decided by one or two plays that teams do or don’t make; you’ve got to make them or else you lose.
Honey Boo Boo is a handful, baby. She says what she wants to say, does what she wants to do. I’ve only seen, like, snippets, like one or two or three, you know, little shots of her, but yeah, she’s a handful, baby.
In order to win you must be prepared to lose sometime. And leave one or two cards showing.
I think 19 years, what I’ve done, you see nowadays people get there with money and so on, but they last one or two years. To be able to have lasted that long, it’s still impressive for me. I had a blast being a Formula 1 driver.
I would film one or two videos a weekend and upload those throughout the week. For a month and a half, I was just constantly filming. There was no downtime. There was always a camera in front of my face.
I understand now why Hillary Clinton always wore navy b

I understand now why Hillary Clinton always wore navy blue pantsuits. Remember, for four years? If you have one or two themes, then you have the same shoes, the same bag. Otherwise, it’s a nightmare.
I know people who have a much better recollection of their childhood than I do. They remember very well when they were a year and a half and two years old. I’ve only one or two daguerreotypes that come to mind.
You have moments where you’re down, but I can be sad for one or two hours, no more. The rest of the time, I have to be happy because the team needs me to be positive. My brain needs it. I need it.
I’d much rather do one or two takes of one thing and then see how it goes.
Rider Strong
All I ever wanted to do was wear Jordans. I think there was only one or two pair I never had.
I want players to think: ‘OK, this has happened now, what is next for me?’ That’s a very big target because what are academies about nowadays? Is it really just to find one or two players? But what happened to the others? I’m very, very interested in that.
If I come to Aspen for one or two nights, I stay at the St. Regis.
It’s fairness to say those who work hard, get up in the morning, cut their clothin other words ‘we can only afford to have one or two children because we don’t earn enough’. They pay their taxes and they want to know that the same kind of decision-making is taking place for those on benefits.
My position is one that brings balance to the team. It’s a position where I’m always playing with one or two touches and I keep the rhythm of the play going.
If you win one or two matches at home on good wickets, on grassy wickets, you’ll develop confidence automatically.
For me, a very chilled out day would be me on my couch or cooking, sitting with one or two friends watching TV or films over a glass of wine.
You look around the world in 2013, and you say, ‘How many prime ministers or presidents are in prison?’ One or two. ‘How many generals or bankers?’ Two or three. ‘But how many writers?’ 850 or so.
Create a garden; bring children to farms for field trips. I think it’s important that parents and teachers get together to do one or two things they can accomplish well – a teaching garden, connecting with farms nearby, weave food into the curriculum.
It’s really great to see the queer landscape really change to include everybody and make the rest of the world understand that we’re not just one or two things. There’s so much about the queer community that needs to be represented.
By and large, I’m in the same boat as other inventors. If we’re lucky, of the 10 or 15 items we do a year, maybe one or two of them wind up with a licensing agreement.
In science, as in art, and, as I believe, in every other sphere of human activity, there may be wisdom in a multitude of counsellors, but it is only in one or two of them.
We are made up of multiple emotions. And it would be unnatural to completely eliminate even one or two or three of those. It’s impossible. You’d become a robot if the emotions weren’t there.
You might be asking too much if you’re looking for one vaccine for every conceivable influenza. If you have one or two that cover the vast majority of isolates, I wouldn’t be ashamed to call that a ‘universal vaccine.’
If they conducted a raid in this room, you’d all be policed up. They’d take all of you to Abu Ghraib and turn you over to the soldiers. Maybe there’s only one or two of you in this group who was a known associate or had any piece of information that they are trying to exploit.
You always get one or two people that aren’t going to be saying nice things. It doesn’t really bother me, but you’re always going to get a few people like that.
Georgia Salpa
Slipstream fiction is usually defined as fiction with a contemporary setting in which story elements are mimetic (that is, seem real) – except for one or two eerie strangenesses. Unlike outright fantasy, these are not explained or integrated into an alternate-reality setting.
I haven’t got one or two people that I aspired to be like.
There’s always been a quality to being a science-fiction reader. Usually, you’re the only one in your class, or there are only one or two in your whole town. You’re always the guy who reads that strange stuff.
Consolidation is so overwhelming. Someone who has one or two stations doesn’t have much clout.
Fred Eychaner
You don’t knock Ray Mercer out with one or two shots. You have to make him quit.
I’ve read crime fiction all my life. A thing that’s bothered me about crime fiction is that it’s generally about one or two people, but there’s not much about society. I want to get away from that particular pattern: a lead, a supporting role and backdrop characters.
Stieg Larsson
I do tend to like movies that challenge me professionally. That’s mostly on a smaller scale, when you have one or two or five actors, and it’s all about the acting and not the camera.
Ayelet Zurer
Even with seemingly simple things like eye color, you can’t tell from my genetic code whether I have blue eyes or not. So it’s naive to think that complex human behaviors, like risk-seeking, are driven by changes in one or two genes.
I’ve followed Tegan and Sara’s music for quite a while, and I’ve been a fan of them and what they do and what they stand for. We’ve run into each other at one or two festivals over the years, and I kind of fanned out on them.
It is necessary to get a lot of men together, for the show of the thing, otherwise the world will not believe. That is the meaning of committees. But the real work must always be done by one or two men.
During one or two summers, as well as part-time during the school year, I worked for a small Canadian company which developed electrical instruments for military planes.
Walter Kohn
The colour of my skin determines what opportunities I h

The colour of my skin determines what opportunities I have; the colour of my skin says there’s only room for one or two of us to be accepted in a certain job; the colour of my skin has dictated everything I’ve done in my whole life.
I’ve said in earlier interviews maybe I should have stayed one or two more years in Holland.
No one is going to keep giving me work because I am Salman Khan’s brother. People may give me one or two films because of Salman but no one can make my career. I have to work towards it.