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We live in a very different world than the one that we

We live in a very different world than the one that we inherited from our parents and from our grandparents. Times are changing, and states must adapt to win.
Every situation I’ve been in in my career, you just sort of adapt, and figure out where you can be effective.
To survive and even thrive in a changing world, nature offers another great lesson: the survivors are those who at the least adapt to change, or even better learn to benefit from change and grow intellectually and personally. That means careful listening and constant learning.
The Chinese government clearly does pay attention to public opinion expressed on the Internet – the extent to which they choose to adapt their practices based on it, or ignore it, seems to vary.
Whatever you may be thinking when you apply for a job today, you can be sure the employer is asking this: Can this person add value every hour, every day – more than a worker in India, a robot or a computer? Can he or she help my company adapt by not only doing the job today but also reinventing the job for tomorrow?
I think it’s really hard for filmmakers to adapt books.
No industry is immune and no occupation is safe. All of us need to begin to think in terms of our own inner strengths, our resilience and resourcefulness, our capacity to adapt and to rely upon ourselves and our families.
Steven Pressfield
I would not be worried about the physical aspect of the Premier League. I have scored goals in Argentina, Portugal, and now Spain. I am confident I can adapt my game to any league.
With a disaster like global warming, it’s too late to worry about when it’s looming except to figure out how to adapt to it.
I never expected to adapt so quickly, but if you are a foreigner it’s up to you to adapt to English football because you can’t change it. I think I’ve achieved something in the way I adapted.
‘Rent’ was wonderful in that I was able to adapt something that was beloved to fans, something that was very iconic, but something I had nothing to do with the creation of, so I was very removed. ‘Perks‘ is different because it was my book.
I find that my Israeli background actually helps me to break some boundaries because we don’t have such long traditions. We took traditions from Europe, from the Middle East, and we were encouraged to explore and adapt things.
What is certain about the future is that even the best efforts to predict the conditions of future war will prove erroneous. What is important, however, is to not be so far off the mark that visions of the future run counter to the very nature of war and render American forces unable to adapt to unforeseen challenges.
The world around me has changed, and I have learned to adapt but not change. But I’m changing into the woman I am meant to be.
I am a bit difficult to be around sometimes. I can be stubborn on a lot of things, and I’m set, but I can also adapt in a conflict situation and don’t hold on to an ego. I end up seeing the larger good and adapt to it, provided it benefits me. I may come across as a cold person, but I am extremely sentimental.
Elon Musk is worried about AI apocalypse, but I am worried about people losing their jobs. The society will have to adapt to a situation where people learn throughout their lives depending on the skills needed in the marketplace.
Adapt yourself to the things among which your lot has been cast and love sincerely the fellow creatures with whom destiny has ordained that you shall live.
However varied you try to make your work, you still bump up against the end of you. You keep knocking into a wall, and the wall is your own skull. But when you adapt somebody‘s work, it’s like a door into somewhere else. It feels like a holiday from myself.
Fortuna is tricky, he’s a southpaw like me. But you’ve got to adapt to whatever is in front of you.
I know that if I have come to Britain, I must adapt, and I will try to.
Don’t be afraid to adapt new ingredients into your own techniques, and traditional ingredients into new recipes.
Jose Garces
I’m easy to adapt to. I’m not going to come in and say I need this shot, I need the ball here or there. Doesn’t matter.
The assumption must be that those who can see value only in tradition, or versions of it, deny man’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
Stephen Bayley
That’s a sign of a good football team, where we can adjust and adapt to our surroundings.
At the beginning, I didn’t want to arrive at a big team like Ferrari and say: ‘Ok, I want the car like this’ – I just wanted to try and adapt to the car and then see if I wanted to make some changes.
Hope E. L .James doesn’t think I’m being a prankster. I really want to adapt her novels for the screen. Christian Grey is a writer’s dream.
Bret Easton Ellis
I was one of the youngest world champions in boxing. It is not that I was not prepared for it. I was just so young and it happened so quickly. I had to adapt to it. Live up to the hype. It was hard.
When doing a remake, you’re on safer territory. You know you cannot go absolutely wrong. But how right it goes depends on various factors like casting and the way you adapt the film.
I know what I like, and I’m not trying to adapt to new things.
Kyle Kinane
Movies are not novels, and that’s why, when filmmakers try to adapt novels, particularly long or complex novels, the result is almost always failure. It can’t be done.
Being the Barca coach is different to being the coach a

Being the Barca coach is different to being the coach at another club because you have to adapt to the philosophy of the club. At other clubs, maybe you have the freedom to adapt the team to your way of thinking. Here, that’s not the case.
I’ve learned to adapt to the pace of the English game and a different style of football in the Premier League.
When I see how fast technology is advancing, my mind thinks of evolution and how organisms also have to evolve or adapt in order to, in their case, survive.
We have to adapt and overcome, that’s all we can do.
Frank Knight
I wanted to do new things with dance, adapt it to the motion picture medium.
Gene Kelly
Each generation’s job is to question what parents accept on faith, to explore possibilities, and adapt the last generation’s system of values for a new age.
Frank Pittman
But one thing you need to do in the game, is to adapt and adjust your game to what you have been asked to do and also to what your body is telling you to do.
As an actor, there are a lot of personas and personalities that you carry. Whatever you wear, you adapt to it, and people feel that’s your style. But that’s not necessarily an actor’s style. There are some things that are very ‘you,’ and some are only to suit your persona.
I don’t even know how to speak up for myself, because I don’t really have a father who would give me the confidence or advice. And if you’re always the new kid, you never get a chance to adapt, so your confidence is just zilch.
Perhaps if you are in support functions waiting on the warfighters to spell out the specifics of what you are to do, you can avoid the consequences of not reading. Those who must adapt to overcoming an independent enemy‘s will are not allowed that luxury.
I enjoy adapting my own work, or anybody‘s work. I like to adapt books.
Joseph Wambaugh
You adapt to who you’re photographing.
It took me a long time to adapt to the West Coast. I lived eight years in New York before California and might have gone back. Then I discovered surfing. It’s the California equivalent of ice hockey, I guess. It gave me a real sense of place.
The difference in the Premier League is that it’s very competitive physically, so I’ll try to improve in that aspect as well and adapt as soon as possible to the style of play.
If men can learn to be less defensive, more open to others, and more accepting of accountability, they will adapt well to the new global economy.
John Gerzema
I’ve learnt to adapt on the pitch and, when I think back, also in front of goal.
There are things I need to improve on and things I need to adapt to.
I encourage all humans to do something out of your comfort zone that forces you to adapt. You’ll be pleasantly surprised of your capabilities.
When I was younger and in primary school, I’d do maybe a film a year, and I had to adapt to being away from everyone for a couple of months.
It’s nice to have a band that can adapt to whatever show we’re in, so we can play on a big stage or a house show.
It’s not easy to adapt to losing a lot.
To me, the songs that I’m most thankful to have been a part of creating are the songs that are able to adapt and change over the years and that mean different things to you at different periods of time in your life.
I’m French – it’s less important. Meaning, I remain a Frenchman in America, but I adapt to American culture. I feel good there – but I’m still a foreigner.
I can adapt my game to anyone, whether it’s Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, or Batista.
The more you adapt, the more interesting you are.
Arsenal‘s style of play is so smooth and easy and I hope I can adapt to their style quickly.
Novelty is adaptive when things are changing and you need to adapt yourself. Tradition is essential to lay down the stability to raise families and form cohesive social groups.
If I want to be remembered, I want to be known as a good actor. As times change, we, as actors, need to adapt with it.
The thing about living with any disability is that you adapt; you do what works for you.
You gotta be able to adapt.
When you come to a new club, it takes time to adapt.
That's life in the league for you, though. I mean - tha

That’s life in the league for you, though. I mean – that’s life for you, period. Things don’t always happen in a straight line. There’s usually going to be a zig here, a zag there, that catches you by surprise. And then it’s on you to adapt.
My characteristics are to control the game, stay in the middle and organise the team, but I can adapt as well.
I’ve grown over the years and I know how to adapt to situations, where I can go into a situation where there’s a crowd of people and just take over. But pretty much I’m off to myself. And I’m totally committed to the game of football. That’s why I’ve had so much success.
I learned early on as a baby-face you had adapt to their style. Ravishing Rick Rude had his own style and his own way with a little bit of some Ric Flair-isms. But I always learned to adapt myself.
Life in England was a bit difficult. It is not easy for a South American. Some people get on fine, and for others, it is harder to adapt.
Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.
One of the things that’s interesting is that the PC has always had a huge amount of scalability. It was sort of the wild dog that moved into Australia and killed all the local life because it could just adapt. There used to be these dedicated devices, like dedicated word processors.
The problem was Le Corbusier was a genius and an enormous artist, but he tried to resolve problems to which there is no solution. So the idea to demolish the centre of Paris in order to adapt it to the car – he drew it! – is something not even the most bloody dictators conceived.
I’ve adapted my own work a couple of times, and I’ve also given my novels to other people to adapt, and I do find that quite difficult.
It is not easy to arrive in a different country and adapt quickly, but I think I’m getting there, and I’m proud of that.
Only advanced bakers should endeavor to adapt non-vegan recipes to be vegan, or gluten-full recipes to be gluten-free. There are all sorts of tips and tricks when it comes to subbing vegan ingredients for eggs and dairy, but it’s tricky to say the least.
Going to Watford at such a young age and leaving everyone behind and being around new people was very different for me. Adapting was a challenge. I was staying in a boarding school and in a different culture that I wasn’t used to. It was very hard to adapt, build confidence and change my attitude.
You can’t keep changing managers. Every time the players have to adapt to a new strategy and the thinking of the new manager, which is really difficult and takes time.
My game takes time to adapt to grass; grass is a little bit different.
There are rumors that we want to move back to the U.K., but we’re so happy in America I actually can’t see us ever leaving… People ask me how long it took to adapt. Twenty minutes.
I wanted to write and direct movies and not be forced to adapt them from a bestselling book.
It is impossible to talk about slowing climate change without talking about reducing CO2 emissions. Equally, it is impossible to talk about adapting to climate change without considering how we will feed ourselves. And it is out of the question that we can adapt agriculture without conserving crop diversity.
Cary Fowler
Change does not mean you will win with a new coach and achieve victories, but rather it causes instability in the team as the new coach needs some time for the players to adapt his new plans, which are always different than the previous coach.
If a prince marries a foreign princess, one to the manner born, he is being snobbish and old-fashioned. If he chooses a Diana or a Fergie, glamorous outsiders, they may never adapt to the restrictions of being Royal, with calamitous results.
I’ll adapt to any situation. I’ve been adapting to different situations my whole life.
Most of the games are decided by a small margin. That shows the intensity and the competitiveness of the English league. Everyone knows here the competition is ferocious. It’s a bit different than the Portuguese league. But I’m going to try to adapt to this league as quick as possible.
If you create open technology that people can use, adapt and play with, it builds capability and they teach themselves.
Charles Leadbeater
We are actors. We can adapt to any different look for the sake of the story and the character.
I love to play with make-up. I adapt my beauty look to my outfit, so as soon as I know what I’m wearing, I know if I want to go for a red lip or a smoky eye. I usually won’t put those two together, but it all depends on what outfit I’m going for.
I’ve had to adapt my wardrobe to my various roles, both at the office, as a mom, and for television. When I shop for the season I look for pieces that will suit every facet of my daily life, not just one single occasion.
Federalists, Whigs, Democratic-Republicans; parties are born, parties die, and parties realign themselves to adapt to shifting demographics and attitudes.
The transition from football to futsal is very difficult, as this is a shorter and faster version. We have no time to think, but I’m trying to adapt the best I can.
I am here to change anything. I’m here to adapt. The critieria between a yellow and red card. What is a foul and what is not.
It would have been tough for anyone to adapt ‘Push’ – an amazing but wrenching novel by Sapphire – for the screen, and I think director Lee Daniels made interesting choices, particularly with Preciousfantasies. In my view, some of them work and some do not, but they are definitely provocative directorial choices.
At KPMG, we believe that companies with inclusive and diverse cultures are better positioned to adapt, grow, and thrive in a changing business environment.
Pentagon not only has the untrainable ‘It’ factor but also the rare ability to adapt and succeed wherever he competes. He has a unique charisma about him that fans connect with, and regardless of where he competes or what style is prominent, he seamlessly blends in – yet stands apart from everyone else on the card.
My theory in the '90s was that I didn't want to take a

My theory in the ’90s was that I didn’t want to take a Jane Austen book I loved and reduce it to a 90-minute movie. The Emma Thompson-Ang Lee ‘Sense and Sensibility‘ was beautiful, but other ones, I didn’t think justice was being done. It’s not a slam dunk to adapt these books.
I have to know the characteristics of the players. I have to adapt myself to the characteristics of the championship and the players. Now I study my players.
The strength of the British constitution is supposedly its ability, because it is unwritten in key respects like the incapacity of the prime minister, to adapt to crises with flexibility and urgency.
What we need to do, as writers, is find out where our market is and adapt to it. I’m not saying that you follow every trend slavishly, but what you see is that, if there is a sea-change in the way that things are being done, then you account for it.
Entrepreneurs – both women and men – need equal and fair access to finance – to create new businesses, to reach to new markets, and to adapt to climate change.
I can work with both the old, revered filmmakers and new directors. It is amazing how they see me in their world, and then I adapt accordingly.
We need to do a lot more thinking about how the regime is going to evolve, how the bad guys are going to adapt their tactics, and what measures we’re going to need in order to go forward.
Many European guys go to the N.H.L. at a young age, even without knowing English. But they quickly adapt to new conditions, another game, a new country. They are also young, receptive, can move mountains.
Jaromir Jagr
When you make a documentary, you have to adapt to what reality imposes upon you.
Captains have their own personalities and the best ones make players adapt to their thinking and methods.
In places where marriage‘s core meaning has been altered through legal action, officials are beginning to target for punishment those believers and churches that refuse to adapt.
Salvatore J. Cordileone
If you want to try new challenges you have to adapt.
Rather than be asked to abandon one’s own heritage and to adapt to the mores of the new country, one was expected to possess a treasure of foreign skills and customs that would enrich the resources of American living.
There are always new challenges in football. You just need to adapt; otherwise, you won’t fit in. And if you don’t fit in, then you will have to go somewhere else.
I feel like I can adapt to any defense.
I go from being not known to being so known in the tennis world, in Canada in general. It’s going to be a little bit of a change to me. I’m going to have to adapt. But that doesn’t change things. I still have to work really hard every day.
Just because I’ve got two prosthetic legs, yeah, I had to adapt in ways, but I’ve also become a lot stronger. It doesn’t mean I’m at any disadvantage, really.
When I moved from Independiente to Atletico Madrid, I was only 18, and I found it hard to adapt. But what surprised me most about moving to England was how fast the game was. I like it, but it is so quick.
Sergio Aguero
I will become the greatest, because all travellers have to be able to adapt. That quality, adaptability, is essential to that way of life. Not many boxers have it but I can adapt before a fight to the opponent, during the fight if necessary.
I had proposals from England, but I believe they would have had to adapt to my style.
Mario Mandzukic
One of the immutable patterns of history is the rise and fall of great powers. Those that survive are the ones that adapt as the world changes.
I think when you move to a country like the U.S., you need to understand the culture, to understand how people see the game, and adapt yourself.
As an international player, the players have to adapt to the condition no matter what the situation is.
As with Cesc Fabregas, some players who go and play for foreign clubs improve on a cultural level. It makes them grow on many levels; intellectually, because you have to learn a new language and adapt to another culture, and on a footballing level too.
Vicente del Bosque
The free trade movement in the middle of the last century represents the first conscious recognition of these new circumstances and of the necessity to adapt to them.
We know growing technological developments in artificial intelligence, automation and big data mean that democratic socialism in the 21st century must adapt to such a rapidly changing world.
My experience on clay is less than possibly on hard and grass courts, but in terms of my game style and my physical abilities, I think there’s no reason why I can’t adapt well to the surface and really try to maximize what I can do well on clay.
If you look after yourself and are willing to adapt – there is no reason why you can’t play at the top level until your late 30s.
No matter who we are, God does not adapt to please us; we always have to adapt to him.
Now with our Software Developer Kit (SDK), any developer can embed Emotion AI into the apps, games, devices, and digital experiences they are building, so that these can sense human emotion and adapt. This approach is rapidly driving more ubiquitous use of Emotion AI across a number of different industries.
Of course, Minneapolis, we think, ‘Oh well, it’s cold there, lethally cold.’ But the reality is you adapt to weather… Humans are consummately adaptable creatures.
Superman is pretty much the way he was - you know - wha

Superman is pretty much the way he was – you know – what he’s always been. A lot of the Marvel characters are products of their time. I think Batman, as a character, has been able to adapt; he’s pretty malleable.
The 2008 Democratic presidential candidates would be wise to note that unwarranted negativism is dangerous and badly underestimates the strengths of the American people to adapt to and prosper with change.
Bernard L. Schwartz
I will carry with me always the deep sense of what it feels like to be an outsider and how tough it was, how hard it was to adapt to this country.
I think it has been a tremendous feat on the part of East Germans since 1990 to adapt to everything changing.
We’re always thinking of different things to be on the cutting edge of what’s entertaining or what’s hot on Twitter or social media or even society in general. I’ve had little goals here and there. But that’s the main goal. Always changing, always be prepared to adapt.
If you’re in big-time situations all the time – like for me, high school was big-time situations, college, big time situations – you adapt.
Players who are not from the U.K. have to get used to the winds. I have to adapt my style as a result as well. Often, you are forced to keep things simple.
By empowering players – not just players, but grown men – to think for themselves outside of the game, you hope that they will be more likely to adapt to a situation and seize the moment in a sporting contest.
I have my philosophy in my mind: you need to adapt for each moment and each team.
The thing I enjoy is that I have come to league as a union player, and I have to adapt to different situations I am facing.
You have to adapt to each level and it improves you when you’re in better teams. That’s what’s happened to me over the years. Every team I’ve played in has just got better and better. It’s become a lot easier.
At Samasource, a company I founded in 2008, we train people living in poverty from Kenya to California to develop and market 21st century digital skills to adapt to new economic realities.
I think part of being a professional cricket player is being able to adapt to conditions.
There are teams in England who play the football I like, keeping the ball on the ground, playing a quick game with one-twos, pressing their opponents high up the pitch. If one of these clubs were interested in me, I’d adapt to them well, and they could adapt to my way of playing, which isn’t so common.
I will respect Ferrari’s decision for whoever is next to me and at the end it’s my job to adapt to the person next to me and you can always learn from whoever is your team mate.
As we develop the moral aspect of our lives, we often adapt standards of right and wrong that serve as guides and deterrents for our conduct.
Even if I was in prison, I could be free in my head. I can adapt easily.
As a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security‘s Subcommittee on Transportation and Maritime Security, it is my responsibility to help our country adapt to and overcome the threats that COVID-19 presents to air travel.
Ancelotti immediately understood me and put me in the right situation to adapt quickly. I was 18 and, at that age, it is difficult. He helped me a lot off the field, too. He advised me on how to behave. You can say he was a father to me in the footballing world.
Fitness is important, but the most important thing is how you adapt and the way you feel physically. To adapt to a new position. To try to change your game.
I’ve come to learn from my own experiences and those around me that it’s not about survival of the fittest but about who can adapt the best to change.
I read ‘The Last Wish‘ and really loved it. But I never would have called myself a fantasy writer before this. I’ve done some comic book shows, I’ve done a lot of drama. So when I read the book I loved it but never thought I should adapt it personally.
Lauren Schmidt Hissrich
You have to have the ability to adapt. That’s probably the single most important quality you need to have as a WWE Superstar.
When I was coach at Ajax, in the first half of the season, the players needed time to adapt to me, to know who I am as a person and as a coach.
Adapt to yourself, bro. What I wanna say is don’t let nobody tell you that you should stay in your lane, bro.
Web series is a new format, where everything, from the writing to storytelling is different. As an actor you have to approach it differently because you have a character which can go on for a long time. It is my duty to be on my toes, understand the new technology and adapt.
I’m really focused on looking at where the industry is headed and how the world is evolving. Toys really need to adapt to this new era.
Margo Georgiadis
We know from research that the reading circuit is not given to human beings through a genetic blueprint like vision or language; it needs an environment to develop. Further, it will adapt to that environment’s requirements – from different writing systems to the characteristics of whatever medium is used.
There’s no real excuse for being successful enough as an actor to do what you want and then selling out. You do it pure. You don’t try to adapt it, make it commercial.
I feel like I can really adapt to any type of fashion sense that I want to.
The way you adapt and play against different teams and different styles is going to be important.
We make adjustments and changes before and sometimes al

We make adjustments and changes before and sometimes also during the games in order adapt to the opposition. The manager will, for example, tell the striker to make different runs or position the central midfielders slightly differently in relation to each other.
It’s difficult to adapt to Barcelona.
When you experience playing in two different leagues, you learn to adapt; you pick up elements from the best virtues of each culture.
It’s never easy to adapt a book, especially as the author, because it’s as if you’re chopping off appendages. It really feels painful to decide what has to go.
We may come to Jesus and ask Him; He will know all about it; if He comes to a little child, he will adapt himself to the language and capacity of a little child.
It’s a very difficult thing to adapt a piece of existing material into film.
Reasonable men adapt to the world around them; unreasonable men make the world adapt to them. The world is changed by unreasonable men.
Cyborg doesn’t need to eat or sleep, and whenever he encounters an issue that he’s not initially equipped to handle, his technology can transmogrify and immediately adapt to that situation.
I played with Michy for Belgium. He is still young; he can finish and is very good. He just needs to adapt to English football, and he will. He is intelligent and a good player.
I’m listening to Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino. I’m just trying to just get as many different inspirations as I can. I love artists that can adapt and have different styles.
Nowadays you never see players playing cards. We used to sit around playing cards together all the time. But I can’t fight that, I have to adapt and change.
You just have to adapt, and you have to realize where people are going to actually play their games. It used to just be Nintendo and PlayStation, and now it’s all kind of devices. So you’ve got to learn to adapt what you know from the technology into those areas… I’ve been wanting to do a mobile game for a long time.
I think the F2 tyres are probably one of the hardest things to adapt to, harder than the Formula One Pirellis were to get used to.
I think, when I was younger and I was on loan, I used to get nervous before games, but as you get older, you adapt to it, and it becomes second nature to walk out onto the pitch and perform.
Since he was 17 years old in Atlanta, I think people always knew that there was something different about Key. He’s obviously been able to adapt to so many sounds and time periods in his own way, which is clear from the long list of collaborators; but he has always retained an effortlessly weird perspective.
I do think one of my strengths is the ability to adapt to whatever the situation is.
Things you don’t expect come up, and you have to adapt. You can’t let it throw you off. You have to cope. Those are all really valuable skills, in life and racing.
Every horse I get on I can adapt to. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle.
We have a show very early on called ‘Slap Bang‘ on a Saturday night and it didn’t work. It started off peak time and started getting earlier and earlier in the schedule. I think that that taught us you have to adapt.
It’s the cross-training that’s key. It doesn’t let your body adapt to one stimulus too much and it keeps your workouts exciting.
Brett Hoebel
You change your business plan to anticipate and adapt to changes in the marketplace.
Brains are tricky and adaptable organs. For all the ‘neuroplasticity’ allowing our brains to reconfigure themselves to the biases of our computers, we are just as neuroplastic in our ability to eventually recover and adapt.
The Green Revolution focused on the big three – maize, rice and wheat – and the Green Revolution did not adapt the big three to African conditions, other than South Africa, as much as they should have.
People no longer have one job for life, so it is right that younger generations adapt.
What has truly impeded ESPN from overcoming its financial mistakes and inability to adapt to technological advances? The decadelong culture war ESPN lost to Deadspin, a snarky, politically progressive sports blog launched by Gawker’s Nick Denton in 2005.
I have always believed governments must adapt to the needs of the people, not the other way around.
I really like being thrown into the works. Many actors, I have found, have this as a common trait. We had to, as children, adapt to various situations with either a military family or things like that.
Adelaide Clemens
In our personal and professional lives, we are constantly hit with one adversity after the other, most of which we have no control over. But the four things we have total control over is how we react, how we adapt, how we breathe, and how we take action.
If players cannot see what’s going on in a game and adapt then they are no good and they will not win anything.
I adapt and I adjust to whatever environment I’m in.
I’ve always said to everyone that ever worked for me, if you get too dug in on a position, the facts change, and you don’t change to adapt to the facts, you will never be successful.
Yesterday, we fought wars which destroyed cities. Today

Yesterday, we fought wars which destroyed cities. Today, we are concerned with avoiding a war which will destroy the earth. We can adapt atomic energy to produce electricity and move ships, but can we control its use in anger?
I think when you work on fossils, and you realize that a species is there, and it’s abundant for quite a long period of time, and then at some point it’s no longer there – and so, when you look at that bigger picture, yes, you realize that either you change and adapt, or, as a species, you go extinct.
Louise Leakey
I player my lower-lofted irons slightly higher-up in my stance. Not as much as variable-length, but a little further up can help golfers adapt to the lower-lofted irons.
There will be ups and downs. Other teams will adapt to us, but everything will be OK in the end. We know we have to learn everything perfectly for this to work.
I don’t know how long ‘The Vlog Squad‘ will last, but I think for YouTube, as long as you adapt it can last a while.
The mere fact of my novel being filmed means very little to me. For a long while after ‘The Crimson Petal’s publication in 2002, it looked as though Hollywood was going to adapt it.
It’s always a challenge to adapt a novel for screen, a visual medium.
I had noticed that many of these successful people, historical and contemporary, shared certain common traits. They had a way of thinking that was exceptionally fluid; they could adapt to almost any circumstance; when confronted with problems, they could look at them from novel perspectives and solve them.
The rich agricultural nations are the ones that can adapt to the new biotechnologies.
The fight against terrorism will not be over tomorrow or next month, or even next year. The fight will endure for years to come, and as the threat changes, so too must we adapt to these transformations.
I can adapt to any environment or any situation I need to, so I am ready to go to Russia. You take what you get or start crying about it, but I am re-doing ‘Rocky IV.’ I am doing the black ‘Rocky.’
When you change teams, cities or countries it’s obvious there’s a period of adaption, but some players can adapt quicker than others.
Theoretically, an open-plan office is a great format for a changeable work environment, a place where employees have a say over how they work and a place that can adapt to their needs and to the needs of the business.
It’s not easy when you have a new manager because you have to try and adapt yourself to him, the team, training sessions, and the game.
The chalkboards are no longer cutting it. We’ve got to adapt education at every level to this new paradigm to keep our kids competitive. Affordability of technology has to be at the forefront of everything we do.
Scott Howell
A longstanding dream of mine is to adapt ‘Dune,’ but it’s a long process to get the rights, and I don’t think I will succeed.
Good players always adapt well.
I am definitely quick to adapt. I am not scared to come into a new environment.
The brain adapts very quickly. It is incredible how quickly we can adapt and what progress we can make in a very short time.
Part of what makes a great chef is the ability to adapt, cook, and to taste. A great chef will use all their food knowledge, food memories, and senses to work with each ingredient and apply themselves to the dish they are creating.
I’ve learned to adapt to a situation, to make the best of it.
The Earth we evolved to inhabit is turning into something more turbulent and unreliable at a pace too fast for most living things to adapt to.
A change is always difficult for a player and his family. You are starting from zero and you have to adapt to a new league.
I just have tried to adapt to the constant changes that happen all the time in my schedule and try and find any sort of mini-predictability and balance within my very unpredictable life.
That’s one of the cool things I love about television, is it’s able to evolve and able to adapt and the actors and the performers are actually a more integral part of the process. So they’re informing not just the characters, but the story.
If I’m really under pressure to get work done, I can adapt to most situations, but I prefer to be at home, in a comfortable chair, with as few distractions as possible.
A career is about learning to adapt yourself to the new environment and learning to sink or swim.
There’s no substitute for taking a clear-eyed look at the threats we’ll face and asking how our force will adapt to meet those threats.
People, a lot of times, don’t like what’s different. When it’s something different out there, the majority of people will be like ‘aww, that’s wack!’ but if it’s regular, plain or a straight through flow, it’s easier for them to adapt to, because everyone likes the normal.
But you really – I always think that a director has got to adapt to whatever the needs of the actor are. You know, so if you take someone like Eddie Murphy, who is not a big fan of rehearsal. You know he comes out of stand-up. He comes – it’s all about capturing the moment – in the moment, you know.
Basketball players can adapt to any situation.
Guys don't adapt as well as women do to getting their h

Guys don’t adapt as well as women do to getting their heart broken for the first time. It’s tragic.
I would go into practice pushing the body despite any injuries. It’s a good thing but a bad thing. It’s good because your body is quick to adapt, but it’s a bad thing because you are forcing your body, and it can’t recover as well.
It’s a remarkable pace of which things change and adapt, and it’s hard for us to keep up with as a species.
I’d love to adapt more contemporary novels. But there isn’t really enough story and character to make a really satisfying serial, so they tend to be single dramas.
I think it is a good challenge when you have different balls in different countries. Naturally, it is a bit of skill to adapt quicker than the opposition in different conditions. It is an interesting debate, one that is thankfully not in my hands.
Mitchell Starc
When you’re in a situation that is foreign to you, you just have to pull yourself together and adapt.
I use the transition of the airport, the flying from one place to another to really let go of the -isms, and the ideas that I have as an individual and kind of adapt and begin to morph.
You can’t underestimate rest. Sometimes in tennis we don’t realize that to rest your body is as important as it is to practice. We are traveling so much, all year, in different conditions, different courts, different surfaces, different balls – so we always have to adapt.
My strength is my flexibility. As a batsman, I have to adapt to different roles and numbers and frankly, I have been around for a long time now to understand different situations.
It’s important to go into the grocery store with a plan and a list. But it’s a skeleton – you need to know how to deviate from it and adapt it to what ingredients are available and fresh.
Ask most people, and they will say their name or profession, but you have to know who you are both physically and mentally. It’s really important in football because then you know your trigger points, how to adapt and improve.
It takes time to adapt to become an Arsenal player.
If technology and communications can adapt to people’s modern lifestyles, then why can’t our labor laws follow suit? Private-sector businesses continue to live under an outdated federal mandate that says the only way to compensate for overtime is through cash wages.
Renee Ellmers
I think a firm grip helps you control the club and prevents it from turning in your hands. Another thing about feel is, if you make a change in your grip, it takes time for your brain to adapt.
‘Adapt and overcome’ is my new motto.
They tried to get me to use a pick when I first joined the band. They had certain things they thought were appropriate. I tried to adapt as much as I could.
I’ve really just had to learn and adapt more than ever before, because there’s so much to do in F1. There’s so much to be on top of as a driver. It really requires perfection just to walk out of a weekend with a decent result.
Sometimes styles don’t translate. Rey Mysterio was a master of doing that. No matter where he went, Rey could make his style adapt. But not everyone is Rey Mysterio.
I realise I have to adapt my game a bit at international level; that the combativeness in the Premier League is a little bit different at international level.
It is how you approach the role given to you, and how you relate to that character and then how you adapt and gel into that role which makes you a good actor.
I was brought up with a scientific outlook on life. It’s the way my father deciphers the world – whether it’s football, politics or hairstyles. So I don’t get anxious about the future, because I was raised to believe and accept that nothing stays the same, and the best way to survive is to adapt.
Whatever happens, I’m going to adapt to it. I always been like that all my life.
Living in a jungle is not something easy; it’s not something that you just adapt yourself to. And I think that in my case, I didn’t want to adapt.
We talk of our mastery of nature, which sounds very grand; but the fact is we respectfully adapt ourselves, first, to her ways.
Clarence Day
There’s more to life than being an actor in a Hollywood movie. I’m not going to adapt my life after that existence, where a lot of people do. And they get the publicist, and they get all that stuff, and it becomes them. I think it’s a stupid way to live your life. A really dumb way to live your life.
You have to have something in your head to understand the Barcelona play. You have to adapt as quickly as possible.
I wouldn’t want to try to adapt something of my own. It would be like going back to school and doing all my exams again.
I grew up everywhere because my dad was in the Navy. I had to adapt to each environment.
Some things are difficult to adapt to.
Ahmet Davutoglu
Those who are truly contemporary are those who neither perfectly coincide with their time nor adapt to its demands… Contemporariness, then, is that relationship with time that adheres to it through a disconnection.
Giorgio Agamben
Our nation has endured and flourished because people of goodwill adapt and innovate productive solutions to our nation’s problems – not because of top-down dictates.
Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
The best mother is the mother who adapts, and the best children are the children who adapt as well.
I think that’s each and every week, you’re always gonna start with the basics, the fundamentals. One, stop the run. I think beyond that once you start there you’re always looking out what their personnel is, in which ways can they beat you and then you have to adapt and adjust during the course of the game.
To achieve success in this game you need specific talents and attributes. But we also have to adapt to the fact that we work in the public eye, with all its pros and cons.
My first, what, five, six years I was never given a microphone. Now we have this New Day thing where we talk pretty much every single week. It allows me to open up a whole different side, so I just think it’s really important to be able to adapt.
I like to talk about food, ingredients, and how to adapt recipes. It’s a dialogue.
It’s a challenge for any writer to write beyond what he knows. You get material, adapt it, and do the best you can with it.
There is a sort of theory that you should adapt bad books because they always make more successful films.
Christopher Hampton
Toy time is holding steady, but kids are spending more time on digital, and toys need to adapt.
Margo Georgiadis
With the House of Marley, over the years we’ve been trying to establish ourselves not just as a brand but a lifestyle movement. So it’s been a challenge to get people to adapt to our new way of thinking. We’re all about sustainability, the natural life, the eco life.
The truth is, bad things don’t affect us as profoundly as we expect them to. That’s true of good things, too. We adapt very quickly to either.
Daniel Gilbert
Snapchat works because using a selfie is way easier than texting or tweeting. Stories should adapt to the medium and do so without cheapening the story.
I’m a player coming into Manchester United, I’ve got to adapt like every other, no matter how old I am.
Luke Shaw
You have to adapt yourself to the changing times. There is no other way. You must keep up with what’s happening around you. You afford to be complacent on that front at all. Otherwise you won’t be relevant.
I think the consistency in my performances, my ability to adapt to different coaches, systems or competitions work in my favour.
Wissam Ben Yedder
This league does teach you that it’s inevitable that there’s constant change, and you always have to continue to embrace change, adapt with change.
To adapt a play into a movie, you have to change it.
Randa Haines
My parents, Gary and Patricia, let me be in my world. They never told me what I couldn’t do. It helped me adapt in a positive way.
Candis Cayne
If a translation doesn’t have obvious writing problems, it may seem quite all right at first glance. We readers, after all, quickly adapt to the style of a translator, stop noticing it, and get caught up in the story.
You’ve got to adapt – or get out.
Players at the highest level have got high football intelligence, so they can adapt, but at the same time you need a structure and an idea of how you’ve got to play that system.
The cutest part is that both my grandparents have tried to adapt to my dream. When I sat them down and showed them a film that I did – with an intimate scene in it – I was surprised that their reaction wasn’t dramatic. My grandmother even came to me to ask, ‘How do you do it?’
The digitally native vertical brand (DNVB) is born on the Internet. It is aimed squarely at millennials and digital natives. It doesn’t have to adapt to the future; it is the future. It doesn’t need to get younger customers. It starts with younger customers.
Historically, science-fiction and fantasy literature is no stranger to controversy, but it has learned how to adapt and endure.
Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game and you have to adapt, keep faith, trust and never give up.
Being a professional cricketer, you have to adapt to the conditions quickly. It takes time to get rhythm when you are constantly traveling from one country to another.
You need to adapt your game for what the team needs.
Our farmers and ranchers constantly evolve and adapt to the conditions surrounding them, and if provided better and faster connectivity, the development of new technologies on the farm will rival any other sector.
If you see a gaggle of teenagers walking towards you, you tend not to make eye contact, because you know they’re going to recognise you. You learn to adapt: 99.999 per cent of people aren’t looking to be harmful or unpleasant; they just want something, a photograph or an autograph.
You work around a body and adapt the clothes to your own customer, and this is the interesting part. This is why the haute couture exists: because in ready-to-wear, you have not too much fitting.
The failings in Afghanistan don’t fall on the shoulders of the American service personnel trying to complete their mission. The failure falls on military leadership unable to adapt to irregular warfare, and a Congress that blindly continues to fund failure.
Learning disabilities do not go away, but you learn how

Learning disabilities do not go away, but you learn how to adapt. You may have to work a little bit harder; it may take a long time. You just may do it differently – but you can do it.
You never know for sure whether a player will adapt to a new country until he gets there.
At my age – 31, nearly 32 – the No. 9 role is perfect for me. But it is important to adapt to whatever the team and the coach need.
Values are the foundation of a company. Culture is the manifestation of values – the day to day actions and behavior. Adapt tactical cultural behavior that helps you execute on your values.
Access to information, to music or any kind of culture, is getting faster and faster and more streamlined. At each juncture, people are thrown into tumult and have to adapt or die.
Whenever I write for television, I plan the story on whiteboard wallpaper in my office, using a system created by the American writer Dan Harmon. It’s remarkably simple: a character wants something; they enter a new world and adapt to it; they get what they want, re-enter the old world and change.
If I can adapt to different tactics I think I will be a better player.
We all bullet point our triumphs, but I am who I am because of everything you don’t see on my CV. The stuff that doesn’t work out teaches you how to trust your instincts and adapt.
I am always trying to learn and adapt.
Good musicals, a strange world, seem so easy. People say, ‘Ohhh, it’s magic.’ Nothing’s magic. A thing doesn’t jell. Adapt. Change the rhythm. Shorten the scene. Rewrite the character. Maneuver the waters. Seeming easy is why so many shows aren’t good.
As more and more Americans spend their earliest hours scrolling through news alerts and weather forecasts on their smartphones and tablets, morning shows have to adapt, too. And their biggest competitive advantage may be that, unlike an iPhone, they offer some form of companionship.
It’s strange to play outdoors, especially in the daytime. But we’re figuring it out. The rules are different for festival shows – how you talk to the crowd, how you can try to get them involved. Things are just a little different, and I think we’ve learned to adapt our show.
Andrew Dost
Starting a company, your success is going to be very dependent on how you adapt. You’re going to make decisions, you’re going to make bets; most of them are going to turn out to be wrong.
Good decisions are not necessarily playing it short every time you get the ball. The best teams can play longer or have a threat behind or play through or around. They adapt.
One of the first places where I started to respond to song lyrics was in reggae music. A lot of what I was responding to were references to the Old Testament. It was not that I had to adapt the lyrics to the sound. Reggae and the Old Testament are bound up together. There wasn’t anything that I had to do.
What makes me unique is my ability to adapt to different situations and switch onto smaller guards and stay out there. Another component to being out there on the floor – and this is something that I learned as my college career went on – was staying on the floor, literally, comes down to not picking up fouls.
I wouldn’t say I’m a very original thinker, but if I have a good experience with something, I’ll want to take it further or adapt it in some way.
It is a challenging task to adapt a book to screen presentation and you will not be able to satisfy those who read the classic novel.
The human mind and body remains the most complex, powerful machine on the planet, and we will adapt and thrive in a world of accelerating technological change.
You must adapt to the situation. This is where the pictures come from.
Douglas Kirkland