Top 30 Sketch Comedy Quotes

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'Mad TV' is one of my most favorite shows of all time a

‘Mad TV‘ is one of my most favorite shows of all time and is a huge part of my obsession with sketch comedy.
I was doing this really wacky sketch comedy but at the same time writing these dark, cerebral plays about characters coming to grips with their loneliness and heartbreak. My dream job has always been a way to combine the two. I would say ‘BoJack Horseman’ is the culmination of all of that.
We did sketch comedy, performed live improv, and then we made the transition to TV with ‘Impractical Jokers.’
I always loved acting and improv and sketch comedy and theater, which I did at a local youth theater.
When we started doing sketch comedy – actually in ’91 in Chicagomaking your own videos, which we did, took forever. It would take like, a year to make one video. It was just so difficult to edit and just do everything you had to do.
That’s what I love about sketch comedy: a sketch is five minutes, then it goes dark, and there’s the potential for something else.
Jason Sudeikis
I did sketch comedy, but I never did improv. So I’ve just tried to learn as I go.
My friends say I make them laugh a lot, so I think that somewhere in me is a little comedic ability that comes out in the most inappropriate or unexpected moments. I did a lot of sketch comedy years ago. That’s always in me.
Selenis Leyva
My experience – and it might be just the kind of comedy that I do, which is usually sketch comedy – is that there’s a lot more texture and subplot in drama than in comedy.
I can’t think of another place other than TV where a five-person sketch comedy group could make a living.
I think I’m one of those guys who was sort of always in comedy. I thought of myself – and other people seemed to think of me – as funny from a very young age. I was a very young comedy nerd and I even did sketch comedy in high school and college. I wrote and shot sketches on video and acted in them.
Andy Daly
Nobody wants to see sketch comedy that’s the same sketch they’ve seen time and time again, or that’s just a rehash of that thing.
I’ve just written this six-part sketch comedy series, which I’ve never done before. And I don’t know how to pitch it. Am I supposed to just pick up a camera and put stuff on YouTube? Is that how it works?
David Alpay
You really have no idea whether or not what you’re writing is funny. In stand-up and sketch comedy, you know right away and you can make your changes accordingly.
Michael Showalter
It’s certainly strange to do sketch comedy with cue cards at midnight in a skyscraper as opposed to in a basement with your friends.
My younger sister‘s a comedian. She has a sketch comedy group in Chicago called Schadenfreude and I look at her with such admiration and envy because it’s such an amazing thing to make someone laugh.
Brian d’Arcy James
Every movie I do, or when I’m on the sketch comedy show, I don’t really get into it until I have an outfit or something funny with my head or face or something.
Kel Mitchell
Dealing with sketch comedy and buddy teams like Abbott and Costello, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby – I just loved buddy comedies.
I’ve done some version of that Minnesota accent – that Midwestern accent – in sketch comedy for years. It’s the quickest way to symbolize you’re a mom.
I grew up surrounded by sketch comedy.
Because it’s uncensored cable, I think we’ll be able to do the kind of sketch comedy that really hasn’t been seen before. We can actually finish jokes.
Aries Spears
I was very serene, and I still am, until I start talking in another voice, then suddenly I have a lot of volume and I’m frantic. But I didn’t want to be one of those people who’s always talking in accents in real life, so I started doing sketch comedy.
When you’re doing sketch comedy and you’re pregnant, it’s like wearing a giant sombrero in every sketch.
I was a big fan of sketch comedy and cartoons growing up.
I did sketch comedy with a troupe at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.
Selenis Leyva
Animation is very similar to sketch comedy: you have a short amount of time to do something big and ridiculous and funny.
But long story short, I didn’t start doing stand-up because I wanted to have a TV show or be an actor or even wanted to write sketch comedy. I got into stand-up because I love stand-up.
I liked that improv and sketch comedy were collaborative, but you really depended on other people and a stage to perform. With stand-up comedy, I liked that you had no one else to blame and depend on.
A couple of friends and I started a sketch comedy group when we were teenagers, just for fun and to start creating stuff. It was a blast.
Reece Thompson
Comedy is really my passion. I started out way before television doing sketch comedy with other women. Very much along the lines of, at the time it was ‘Sensible Footwear’, but now it’s ‘Smack The Pony‘, ‘French And Saunders’, that kind of thing. That’s how I started out.
Amanda Tapping