Top 30 Swell Quotes

In this post, you will find great Swell Quotes from famous people, such as Katie Piper, Joan Didion, Garrett McNamara, Cary Fukunaga, E-40. You can learn and implement many lessons from these quotes.

I still have difficult days when I lose hours to anxiet

I still have difficult days when I lose hours to anxiety, feeling my throat swell and my mind race with paranoid thoughts. But – thanks in part to ongoing therapy – they’re happening less and less.
You had to feel the swell change. You had to go with the change. He told me that. No eye is on the sparrow but he did tell me that.
I lose my mind if I miss a swell that I want to be on and I have the ability to be on it.
My mom was married to a Mexican guy – a surfer – and so we’d kind of camp out on the beach the swell season.
I’m the greatest game-spitter of all time. I talk about the swell, the block, the ‘hood. I’m a street commentator. I narrate how people live. That’s E-40.
The old, subjective, stagnant, indolent and wretched life for woman has gone. She has as many resources as men, as many activities beckon her on. As large possibilities swell and inspire her heart.
Anna Julia Cooper
I can be sittin’ at home in Hawaii and see the biggest swell of the year coming here and be so happy and just say, ‘No, I’m happy right here.’
I thought I had swell ideas, and wonderful musicians, but the hell of it, no one else did.
Glenn Miller
It’s real easy in a lot of businesses for your head to swell up, and you become somebody else. So that’s one of my main goals in the business – to continue to be me.
As long as my voice is here, and there is a Holiday Inn waiting for me, then everything‘s just swell.
To produce foie gras, ducks and geese are force-fed enormous amounts of grain and fat, which causes their livers to swell to many times the normal size.
I sort of came out at the dawn of the Internet in the mid-90s and I think it helped break my career. I think I was one of the first artists to really benefit from the grassroots swell that can happen online. I don’t know if I would have broken out without it.
I used to play a lot of tennis and then, next thing you know, same thing with tennis. That banging on the knees, the jarring, twisting motion – I couldn’t do it. All of a sudden, every time I played, my knee would swell up.
After sitting for two to three hours at a stretch, my feet just swell up. So I try to walk as much as I can.
The social-media discourse is very different from what it might be on the ground. It’s easy to bloviate without having to look anyone in the eye and then having those sentiments swell and amplify and go viral.
In Iceland, you can see the contours of the mountains wherever you go, and the swell of the hills, and always beyond that the horizon. And there’s this strange thing: you’re never sort of hidden; you always feel exposed in that landscape. But it makes it very beautiful as well.
It’s a perfect wave when small and the most beautiful and scary wave on Earth when it’s big, as the swell from deep water hits the shallow reef ledge. A ten-foot high wave and a 30-footer break in the same depth of water.
I wonder why there is a designated hitter in baseball after all these years? As an experiment, it seemed like a swell enough idea, but you would think the novelty would have worn off by now and everyone would get back to playing baseball.
Jay Mohr
Talk of unusual swell of waist In maid of honor loosely laced.
Matthew Green
I know only two words of American slang, ‘swell’ and ‘lousy‘. I think ‘swell’ is lousy, but ‘lousy’ is swell.
We hope that the elected officials will respond positively to a ground swell of letters, phone calls, e-mails and visits from parents. The law clearly states that the responsibility for giving a sound basic education to our children lies with New York State.
Let us swell with gratitude and allow it to overwhelm us. It isn’t as cliche as we make it; life truly is short. Let’s spend it all lavishly wallowing in gratitude.
Pictures of me where my face was swelling, I had water retention – where you have filler, your face draws up a load of water. So my face began to swell like a balloon.
The mystic cords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the angels of our nature.
There’s a rising tide of environmental awareness and activism among consumers that’s going to continue to swell in the 21st century. Smart companies will get ahead of that wave and ride it to success and prosperity. Those that don’t are headed for a wipeout.
When people call me the Amitabh of the Bhojpuri experience, I feel my chest swell with pride.
Let a man find himself, in distinction from others, on top of two wheels with a chain – at least in a poor country like Russia – and his vanity begins to swell out like his tires. In America it takes an automobile to produce this effect.
Peppers, garlic, hazelnuts and brazil nuts make my mouth, tongue and eyes swell and itch within minutes of eating them.
Andrea McLean
Often, investors will discover a manager after he’s had a terrific run, usually when he lands on a magazine cover somewhere. Invariably, funds swell up with new investor money just before they revert to their long-term averages.
A ship‘s engine far away on the water expands the summer-night horizon. Both joy and sorrow swell in the dew‘s magnifying glass. Without really knowing, we divine; our life has a sister ship, following quietly another route. While the sun blazes behind the islands.
Tomas Transtromer