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The issues surrounding illegal immigration are wide-ran

The issues surrounding illegal immigration are wide-ranging and complex, but there is no question about the need to secure our borders.
It’s great that Trump has engendered a heated debate over illegal immigration and our open borders.
Conflicts do not respect borders.
Courts have long recognized the federal government‘s robust power to inspect people and goods entering the country. After all, the very foundation of national sovereignty is a nation’s ability to protect its borders.
Rising leftists openly call for open borders and seek to erase the distinction between citizens and non-citizens. I tell you what, if you erase our borders, you erase our country.
By patrolling our borders, we can take a proactive stand against human trafficking, violence, terrorism, and illegal immigration from spiraling out of control.
Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally. He introduces me to the world.
The Southern borders of Bavaria are being protected by Hungary.
So much has changed in our business. E-books, that’s been one of the principal developments. There has been also the failure of Borders and the rise of Amazon, just to name two others.
You know, James Franco is one of the most interesting figures because he has no rules. He breaks all the borders.
Virtual currency, where it’s called a bitcoin vs. a U.S. dollar, that’s going to be stopped. No government will ever support a virtual currency that goes around borders and doesn’t have the same controls. It’s not going to happen.
One of the specific powers and responsibilities of the federal government is to secure the borders. Property can be taken with due process of law and just compensation.
Basketball Without Borders is a leadership camp that takes basketball to different places around the world, to Africa, Europe, America and Asia. It’s a camp that brings players from different parts of the continent to one city that’s been assigned as the host city. We’ve been going to a different city every year.
You have one party that’s in favor of open borders, and you have one party that wants to secure the border. And all day long, the American people are going to side with the party that wants to secure the border.
The violence in the schools of today will inevitably graduate to the streets, offices, cities, and borders of tomorrow.
My theology is such that the God who loves Israel and will not forsake Israel – which is why I want to see Israel have a secure nation with secure borders – also loves the Palestinians.
All of the military servicesland, sea, and air – spend a great deal of time awake. This is a direct result of the high tempo of operations we conduct while forward deployed well outside our national borders.
From the Green New Deal to open borders, President Biden is working for the partisan progressives – not the American taxpayers.
Through our concerts and tours, we learned that our music is capable of bringing people together, breaking borders and genres. To symbolize all of that, we decided to sing ‘The One’ in English.
Today in the era of globalization there is no such issue as borders between states of the same nation.
Fatos Nano
I don’t believe in open borders, I don’t think that would work. I think economically they’re a disaster. Therefore there’s nothing wrong with strong borders.
Donald Trump is fighting for working people, and he’s fighting to restore the borders around this country that are the essential ingredient for national sovereignty and national success in a way that nobody has who has held that office not only in my lifetime but, frankly, in the history of this country.
When I went to law school, which after all was back in the dark ages, we never looked beyond our borders for precedents. As a state court judge, it never would have occurred to me to do so, and when I got to the Supreme Court, it was very much the same. We just didn’t do it.
It has become much more difficult to smuggle dangerous substances across our borders over the past three years, and this is creating real problems for drug traffickers.
John Walters
I cannot conceive of Israel withdrawing if Arab states do not recognize Israel, within secure borders.
Romney Marsh remains one of the last great wildernesses of south-east England. Flat as a desert, and at times just as daunting, it is an odd, occasionally eerie wetland straddling the coastal borders of Kent and Sussex, rich in birds, local folklore and solitary medieval churches.
A modern democracy is a tyranny whose borders are undefined; one discovers how far one can go only by traveling in a straight line until one is stopped.
Information is lightning-quick. It crosses cities, states, and national borders in the twinkle of an eye. It passes through many kinds of devices, flowing from phone to phone and computer to computer, rather than being sealed away in those silent marble temples we used to call banks.
A good story can travel in time and borders; it hits you no matter where you are.
Hakan Nesser
In the aftermath of September 11th, it is critical to secure our borders.
I was born in Allied-controlled Pola. At the end of World War II, the victorious wartime Allied powers negotiated the details of peace treaties and borders with Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Finland. The Paris Treaty was signed on February 10, 1947. I was born a few days later.
Most new jobs created by global digital opportunities m

Most new jobs created by global digital opportunities make people more independent. Fewer people will work for one company at a time or in the same country all the time. More will work remotely across borders.
Increased fragmentation of production across international borders – a natural outgrowth of the gains from specialization – meant more trade for any given value of final production, thus adding to the major expansion in gross trade flows in the 1990s and 2000s.
For a small country like Norway, it’s important for our ability to trade and to invest across borders that we have fair trade and that we have multilateral trade systems, also.
The world’s problems transcend borders.
My first real job, I sold Christmas trees when I was twelve for extra money. I did that until I was fifteen. Then I bagged groceries, and I worked at the first Borders ever in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The referendum was clear: the British people voted to leave the single market and to take back control of our borders.
While so many Americans are still struggling to find good jobs, and our manufacturing sector continues to need a boost, it is only common sense to ensure that taxpayer dollars put Americans to work rather than those outside our borders.
We can control our borders, we just choose not too.
Once the people of planet Earth are all hanging out together online in a virtual world without any borders, I think it could change social networking, entertainment and even politics.
There’s no borders or lines you can’t cross anymore. Everything is getting blended with everything. That’s the dope thing about music now. Some people don’t like it, more of the older people. They want to, you know, go back to old-school New York hip-hop.
Marco Rubio continues to this day to be in favor of open borders.
Our feeling of community and security in Europe requires safe external borders.
I believe we could see a North American Union formed. Why else are our borders with Mexico and Canada being left wide open some six years into a War on Terror?
George Noory
If we don’t enforce visa laws, we basically have open borders.
In addition to closed-circuit TV systems and the ability to track cellphone and computer users, advanced biometric identification systems and online coordination across borders are becoming more and more widespread.
As Americans, we have the right to decide who lives within our borders, and we can’t let unscrupulous employers to undercut honest business owners by exploiting cheap labor.
Michael was a type of person the whole family went behind who crossed all borders with his music.
Joe Jackson
There are a few Chinese smuggled in over the borders of British Columbia on the north and Mexico on the south.
Denis Kearney
It is not acceptable for one country to change the borders of another by force.
The GOP‘s insoluble problem is that the multicultural, multiethnic, and multilingual country they created with their open borders appears not to like the brand of dog food the party sells.
Every country in the E.U. should make a personnel and a financial contribution in that area. We shouldn’t leave alone countries like Italy and Greece that have external borders; rather, we must make the external borders safe together.
I am extremely proud to be a part of the NBA’s first game in Africa. Coming from South Sudan and having participated in the Basketball without Borders Africa camps in Johannesburg previously, I am truly honored to be part of this historic event.
Donald Trump called for the closing of borders to Muslims; John McCain said, in response to the President’s address on the San Bernardino shooting, that ‘this is the war of our time.’ As that shooting shows, we react to terrorism with far more intensity than we do to an ordinary crime.
For all its reverb and defiant noise, the sound of Black Tambourine barely reached past the borders of Washington, D.C., in the early ’90s.
One of my big philosophies is that fighting is the sport that crosses all borders. I don’t care what color you are, what country you come from or what language you speak, fighting is in our DNA. We get it and we like it.
Young kids should probably not play tackle football. I know this intellectually, but emotionally, I’m conflicted. I love this sport. I grew up playing and adoring football. I love the brotherhood, teamwork, athletic grace that borders on superhuman, grit, pressure and, yes, contact. I love the contact.
A country without borders is not a country.
I think that each country must protect its own borders, and that is why I’m simply asking for the abolition of Schengen.
I think Ray Charles did as much as anybody when he did his country music album. Ray Charles broke down borders and showed the similarities between country music and R&B.
In a world of global trade and integrated capital markets, it is natural for economic and financial shocks and policy actions to be transmitted across borders.
To me, that’s what the Peace Corps is all about – the impact that simple acts of service can have across borders, generations, and time. It’s a lesson I carry with me every day.
We can never run away from our past. The past will catc

We can never run away from our past. The past will catch up to us because it is us. It is a part of us; it’s what makes us we are. It’s what delineates the borders of our societies.
Our success marketing goods to consumers outside of our borders has played a big role in allowing Missouri‘s agricultural industry to grow and thrive.
Economic activity is moving from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean… Russia has a certain natural advantage because it also borders the Pacific Ocean.
Vladimir Putin
This melting pot of experiences, interests, educations, backgrounds, and cultures makes the U.S. truly amazing. It’s how we can come together to come up with new ideas, to collaborate, and to innovate without having to think about borders.
The North East is a tough, working-class area. Its people boast great humour. But for two days every year, when Newcastle and Sunderland play football, it’s absolute chaos. And very nasty. It borders on tribal hatred.
Operation Sovereign Borders has worked and delivered a human dividend that is compassionate and fair… our plan is simple. We won’t change it. Labor will.
The European Union needs to reinvent its security system. It needs to break the stovepipes that prevent sharing information, enforcing borders and protecting citizens.
There is nothing more exciting than having a life devoted to fundamental knowledge and to contributing to advance the borders of knowledge.
Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire, it wafts across the electrified borders.
There is a huge number of people outside our borders who would love to come here. In fact, many of them come here, get well educated, and then are required to leave… This is a factor in income inequality.
My opponents are the people who gave up our borders.
We will look at the entire immigration question from the protection of outer borders through the asylum procedures to integration, in particular its efficacy.
Football Beyond Borders is about learning, establishing new beliefs in an ability to succeed.
You know, when President Reagan, who was one of my idols, granted amnesty to about three million illegal immigrants it was based on the fact that the borders would be secured. That didn’t happen. It didn’t happen during the Bush administration.
The public health ramifications of our scandalous open borders are possibly even more dangerous and far-reaching than the economic and political consequences.
Evil borders upon good, and vices are confounded with virtues; as the report of good qualities is delightful to a well-disposed mind, so the relation of the contrary should not be offensive.
Giraldus Cambrensis
In fiction, you know, there are no borders. You can go anywhere.
The truce brokered by Egypt between Israel and Hamas depends, above all, on the borders between Egypt, Gaza and Israel.
The Israelis would like to live in peace within their borders; the Arabs would like to kill them all.
America, a country that is no longer contained by physical borders, aspires only for more power and control. I want to maximize my usefulness and advocate for the preservation of biodiversity and the pursuit of human decency within my sphere of influence.
I think the sea swallowed dozens of tea setstossed in abandon off liners or consigned to the tide by jilted brides. I collected a shiver of china bits, with borders of larkspur and birds or braids of daisies. No two patterns ever matched.
We are committed to peace but we will defend our borders with full might.
As demonstrated by the emergence of the Mexican swine flu in the U.S., infectious diseases have little respect for borders; helping developing countries detect and deal with their diseases is the surest way for us to protect ourselves from new and potentially devastating epidemics.
Here’s why I cannot vote for Rudy Giuliani. He’s pro-abortion. He’s never repudiated gay marriage in New York City or at least the civil unions in New York City. He’s called a champion of gay rights. Rudy is opposed to school choice. He’s in favor of open borders.
My house borders horse farms, and I can look out my window and see the horses and the new colts. It’s really peaceful.
By definition, transnational crime crosses borders, but efforts to combat it mostly do not.
The Libertarian position on immigration is to have, not open borders with no restrictions, but to have controlled borders that allow hard-working people to come into America to help raise their standard of living and improve the American economy.
Michael Badnarik
The more borders we have, the more quarrels, the more wars. That’s one way to think about borders – they’re trouble.
Robert Krulwich
Democrats simply don’t believe in borders.
Modern threats, like terrorism, disease and organised crime have no respect for borders.
We must ensure a favorable climate for our state’s business community to prosper while enticing businesses outside our borders to make our state their home.
Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector

Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector‘s passion borders on the chaos of memories.
Cinema is universal, beyond flags and borders and passports.
No state should have to endure the threat of terrorists entering our borders.
Peace, plenty, and contentment reign throughout our borders, and our beloved country presents a sublime moral spectacle to the world.
One of President Biden’s first moves was to signal to the world that America’s borders are open. The result? Absolute chaos.
Yet, Puerto Rico‘s economic convergence and political integration with the rest of the nation is in a state of arrest – even though the island has been within the national borders, political system and customs territory of the U.S. for a century.
It’s the federal government’s responsibility to secure our borders. We passed Senate Bill 1070 as another tool in order to protect the citizens of Arizona. We have over 500,000 illegal immigrants living in Arizona. And we simply cannot sustain it.
I think the world should unite and focus on strong health systems to prepare the whole world to prevent epidemics – or if there is an outbreak, to manage it quickly – because viruses don’t respect borders, and they don’t need visas.
The fact of the matter is, is that we need our borders secured. Certainly, we realize that there’s going to have to be some kind of immigration reform, but I don’t believe any of that’s going to move forward until our border is secured.
What ‘Clandestino’ is talking about is problems of borders, and more and more hermetic borders all around the world.
Manu Chao
If the government regulates against use of drones or stem cells or artificial intelligence, all that means is that the work and the research leave the borders of that country and go someplace else.
There’s a point at which we have to control our borders. The bottom line is the world is full up and the population on the planet is getting bigger and bigger and there ain’t much room any more. So, how’s it going to work? I don’t know.
Afghanistan‘s borders are arbitrary, drawn to meet 19th-century political needs rather than to respect ethnic or religious patterns.
I am happy that I have so many friends all over the world who contributed to my research work, and I believe that also in the future, basic research offers the best opportunity of reaching across borders and overcoming ideological barriers.
Klaus von Klitzing
Doors have locks, citizens have guns, and countries have borders.
I’m in favor of building the fence, and doing everything technologically to protect our borders. But the other way to secure the border, and one of the things we must do, is put in place good guest-worker programs that employers can actually use.
David Rouzer
I think our storytellers – our songwriters should be great storytellers, and they should be mountain climbers and explorers, because music is something that can cross all different borders.
In Israel, you see strong borders as the best way to ensure peace, while in Europe, people see it as a cause of war.
Douglas Murray
We continue to advocate and demand that the territorial integrity of both Ukraine and Georgia be preserved… It is absolutely unacceptable that in the 21st century, Russia is shifting borders in Europe by force.
In the ‘Nike Economy,’ there are no standards, no borders and no rules. Clearly, the global economy isn’t working for workers in China and Indonesia and Burma any more than it is for workers here in the United States.
John Sweeney
I like problems at the borders of disciplines. One of the reasons that neurobiology of learning and memory appeal to me so much was that I liked the idea of bringing biology and psychology together.
All I can say is we will fully utilise our right to self-defence. No one can just do what they want on our borders.
There is no question that we must do more to secure our borders – but how we go about securing them is also important.
We must re-ignite that American spirit in order to create good jobs, to keep America safe from terror, to replace Obamacare with consumer choice solutions, and to secure our borders.
Ryan Frazier
I tell you this: I’m not an outdoorsman. Actually, one of my things is to pick a little corner in Borders or Barnes & Noble and fall back and just read.
Terrorist groups are working and communicating across E.U. borders – our efforts to track those groups must do so as well.
Following the devastating India Ocean tsunami of 2004, I founded Chefs for Humanity, modeled after Doctors Without Borders, but comprised of chefs. There wasn’t anything out there like it, and there was a definite need for chefs to be able to offer assistance and aid.
This election is a critical step in that overall plan – transforming the Iraqi government into a fully constitutional one, able to secure its own borders and ensure the safety of its citizens.
We are a continent of refugees, and if you say we can’t integrate refugees, that’s not consistent with our values, even if borders cannot be wide open.
Currently, most States do not recognize within their borders concealed carry permits issued in other States.
We should continue all the time to look out for those who have less, to stand for those who can’t, to reach out across differences, to use our land intelligently, to open our borders and welcome those who seek harbour, and never, ever cease to be curious, ask questions, and to explore and search.
We've always been the most generous nation in the world

We’ve always been the most generous nation in the world when it comes to caring for those outside of our borders.
Cinema is an art form that is designed to go across borders. And as a filmmaker, the only way I can direct a movie is when I feel close to my culture.
Climate change respects no borders.
Operation Sovereign Borders has been one of Australia‘s greatest national security policy successes.
Clearly, border security has been the top domestic issue of the year, and rightly so. Securing our borders is an essential aspect of our national security.
I grew up just outside Hay-on-Wye, on the borders of Wales, on a farm. It was an amazing childhood, but I got a bit stir crazy when I hit my teens. There was the feeling of having to get out, you know, but it was definitely idyllic.
A vote for Eric Cantor is a vote for open borders. A vote for Eric Cantor is a vote for amnesty.
The first thing we need is for President Obama to finally enforce current immigration law and strengthen our borders. To take up any other agenda is bad policy for the American people and bad politics for Republicans.
No issue is more important to this Congress than securing our borders and protecting our homeland, and I guarantee it is very important to our constituents.
Borders are liminal spaces. Anyone worthy of the title of ‘writer‘ is a border writer. We all are border people.
One of poetry‘s great effects, through its emphasis upon feeling, association, music, and image – things we recognize and respond to even before we understand why – is to guide us toward the part of ourselves so deeply buried that it borders upon the collective.
If there is not a united policy, this mechanism will not work: it will collapse, and it will… undoubtedly be the end of Schengen, the return of national borders.
Basketball without Borders made me who I am and it’s just something that is such a huge part of my life.
Home is not land and borders. It’s about people you love.
Sarah Hegazi
We need to protect immigrants who come here seeking a better life, rather than turning our backs on refugees and closing our borders and our hearts to others.
We should be able to support our own economy within our own borders.
Dennis Weaver
We have to get control of our borders. You can only do that if you make companies obey the law and not hire undocumented or illegals. They can only do that is if they have a Social Security Card that has biometrics so they know whether the person is legal or not.
What built America’s called the American system, from Hamilton to Polk to Henry Clay to Lincoln to the Roosevelts. A system of protection of our manufacturing, financial system that lends to manufacturers, OK, and the control of our borders.
Britain is relatively compact and much closer to the borders of the U.S.S.R. than anywhere in North America.
There’s no neutral language about travel. Either travel is described in ways that make it sound kind of shallow or just glossy or silly or a way for rich people to spend their time; or else travel is often described in quite derogatory ways, you know, like immigrants swarming across borders, for instance.
As an American, and especially as a Christian, I am convinced that a love for our own people is not a bad thing, but love doesn’t stop at borders. Love is infinitely boundless and all about holy trespassing and offensive friendships.
Shane Claiborne
After school, I’d hang out at the Borders bookstore until it closed.
The Republican party is not inflamed, as some would fain have the country believe, against the South. Its borders are wide enough for all truly loyal men to find within them peace and repose from the din and discord of angry faction.
I was working at Nordstrom Rack, Borders Books, and I was cleaning yachts on the weekends for private parties and being a busboy. I had to break down the tables and roll the forks up in napkins. And I was still doing standup.
When goods do not cross borders, soldiers will.
Frederic Bastiat
Russia wants stability along its Western borders, neighbors who treat their Russian minorities with respect and prosperous trading partners. NATO enlargement promotes such developments.
Paul Ryan was grown in a petri dish in D.C. He is absolutely an open borders guy, through and through.
I want to explore the borders between being a genius and being an idiot.
I have fallen back in love with music, which has allowed me to get back to my roots and create sounds without borders.
I don’t think that anyone seriously fears that the world can be blown to pieces all together. But what one can fear and rightly so are regional things, like in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, the Korean Peninsula, borders in Africa, etc.
Basketball Without Borders is very important.
Towards the end of touring 'The North Borders' I had a

Towards the end of touring ‘The North Borders’ I had a lot of personal stuff going on – family members who had died – and I was feeling displaced.
There is a Canadian culture that is in some ways unique to Canada, but I don’t think Canadian culture coincides neatly with borders.
Open borders drive wages down for the black community.
Jesse Watters
On one hand, it is very important that democracy and human rights be defended across borders. But it is also very important to respect the right of each country to choose its own path.
Sebastian Pinera
The dependencies of inner and outer Mongolia are the bulwarks of China. The desert of Gobi, stretching for ten thousand li, is a barrier set by Heaven to the Russians, and if they seek to invade our borders, they will find it everywhere along the Northern frontier difficult and troublesome.
Developing countries can make great strides towards more progressive and effective taxation and spending through action within their own borders. But the damage caused by exemptions, loopholes, and tax havens requires action beyond national borders – it requires international action and cooperation.
What exactly is trade facilitation? In a nutshell, it is an effort to enable global trade by reducing red tape and streamline customs. In even simpler words: making it easier for companies to trade across borders.
Perhaps the single most dramatic example of this phenomenon of software eating a traditional business is the suicide of Borders and corresponding rise of Amazon.
The fact is this is a great country because we’ve always embraced immigrants. The fact is we have every right to enforce our borders and to protect them, but we also need to provide a pathway for citizenship.
I think that when we take the long view, the notion that some people are deemed less worthy of being able to move – to not have the right to cross borders – over time, that’s going to seem as outmoded and as unfair, really, as racial discrimination or other kinds of discrimination.
There will never be peace unless we have open borders. But that does not mean open on our side and you continue to hit me on the other.
I’m not particularly good at page layouts. I make an effort to stay out of the way of the artist. What I’ll try to express instead is, ‘What we’re going for here on this page is the idea of the containment of these women‘s bodies. So I want them framed as though they’re bursting out of the panel borders.’
It’s the swirling river of time that makes our identities, not the monochromatic simplicity of skin colour or the definitive lines of international borders.
Giles Foden
Along the borders to Ethiopia and Somalia, anarchy reigns, the police and military have retreated quite some distance.
Richard Leakey
You don’t see any borders between countries from space. That’s man-made, and one experiences it only when you return to Earth.
I would like free movement within the E.U. as a result of us protecting external borders.
The U.S. government has a sacred, solemn, inviolable obligation to enforce the laws of the United States to stop illegal immigration and to secure and protect the borders.
The covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that infectious diseases know no borders.
And now, since I’ve been governor since last January, I have written numerous letters to the administration in regards to securing our borders with absolutely no response. So we have been facing this crisis, and it’s devastating the people of Arizona. And I feel as governor I have a responsibility to protect the citizens.
I always looked at it as, the character of Edge gives me complete free reign with no borders, where you can get away with anything, just a complete… no social qualities, no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
It’s important that we elevate and primarily focus on the rights of American citizens, but it’s also important that we don’t forget, 95 percent of the world’s population lives beyond our own borders.
Trump is more conservative on individual rights, domestic issues, economic issues and defense. On the other hand, Clinton is quite liberal and wishes to open the borders for more trades and more immigrants.
I think most Americans would agree that we need sensible solutions that fix our immigration system and deal humanely with aspiring citizens currently in our country. At the same time, these solutions must increase the security of our borders.
Our ability to create jobs, our future growth, is built on the free market. It’s built on open borders.
Companies and capital operate internationally, often beyond the economic reach of any particular nation-state. People are pretty global, too, living lives that freely cross national borders.
Science doesn’t have flags. Science doesn’t have borders.
The Hussein regime‘s support for terrorism, within and outside of its borders, its appetite for the world’s most dangerous weapons, and its openly declared hostility to the United States were a combination that was a gathering and growing danger to our country.
You can either invade a country or leave them alone and trade with them. When goods cross borders, armies don’t.
There is no quick fix for illegal immigration. But only when we achieve better control of our borders and better respect for our immigration laws can we give meaning to the discussion we need to have over reforming the numbers, categories, and procedures for legal immigration into the United States.
Our actors are crossing borders and now so are our stories. And that is what I saw in ‘Bachaana.’ The film is light and easy.
Everything in Italy that is particularly elegant and grand borders upon insanity and absurdity or at least is reminiscent of childhood.
Alexander Herzen
The left has become increasingly dogmatic on immigratio

The left has become increasingly dogmatic on immigration. Any position short of supporting open borders is described as racist. That’s nonsensical.
I think nowadays, women are breaking the borders or the boundaries and also trying to give a new interpretation in terms of impact you can have to the society.
Yang Lan
Government officials and citizens care about many causes – and they all require resources. For example, I am personally passionate about ending the human trafficking that still occurs within our borders.
There is international criminal organizations penetrating our southern based borders, and we need to do something about it. Secure the border, enforce the law, no amnesty, and go forward with the legal immigration system that gives priority to American working families and wages.
Historically courts in this country have been insulated. We do not look beyond our borders for precedents.
The threat of terrorism is great and with today’s porous borders, someone could bring a biological weapon into our country or sneak a dirty bomb across unmanned portions of our borders.
All things considered, defending our borders by building a fence to keep out people is a necessity. There is no more humane alternative when it comes to protecting ourselves. We must act humanely, within the law, while honoring transparency, but with firm resolve.
If terrorists aren’t limited by borders and boundaries, we can’t be, either.
We have absolutely no intention of, or interest in, crossing Ukraine’s borders.
When one cow was found with BSE in 2003, many of our trading partners closed their borders to our beef.
Our ports and our borders are the most unprotected fronts in the war on terror.
Everybody who stands against Donald Trump are the people who have been running the country into the ground, who have been controlling the levers of power. They’re the people who are responsible for our open borders, for our shrinking middle class, for our terrible trade deals.
Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the grave.
Joseph Hall
Should the U.S. grant preferential treatment on trade to an egregious human rights violator that allows human traffickers to operate unencumbered within its borders? The obvious answer would seem to be ‘No.’
Trump is a cultural candidate for president, not an economic one. He clearly loves America and wants America to stay America. America won’t be America if it has open borders and mass Muslim immigration.
We have been getting out of the situation where we found ourselves in the early ’90s, when the Soviet Union disappeared and the Russian Federation became what it is – you know, with no borders, with no budget, no money, and with huge problems starting with lack of food and so on and so forth.
Refugees tend to avoid planes, airports and fake passports, even though flying may appear to be the most obvious way to flee. For one thing, security procedures at airports are far stricter than at land borders.
While I don’t face the same barriers as so many people in our country, I have seen love that transcends borders, race, and country of origin.
Without sovereignty, a nation cannot exist. Without borders, it can’t be defined or protected.
Our borders have got to be secured. You know, when President Reagan, who was one of my idols, granted amnesty to about three million illegal immigrants, it was based on the fact that the borders would be secured. That didn’t happen. It didn’t happen during the Bush administration.
I think we have to secure our borders and make sure that people coming in are coming here not to do us harm.
Women who are living near the borders are never included in peace talks. It’s the woman, who sits in her air conditioned room and never leaves Lahore or Delhi, who participates in such talks.
So if Arizona sees the federal government isn’t assuming its responsibilities, it creates local laws. But migration and keeping security on the borders is not a local or state issue, it’s a federal issue.
Increasing extremism – across Africa and the world – must be understood in the context of the failure of our leaders properly to manage diversity within their borders.
In fiction, too, after the death of Cooper the main tendency for nearly a generation was away from the conquest of new borders to the closer cultivation, east of the Mississippi, of ground already marked.
Carl Clinton Van Doren
What is more important than your son? Still, we send our sons to fight at the borders of the nation. Similarly, for the sake of development of our country, we have to give away our land. Not an inch of land that the government will acquire will go into the hands of industrialists.
I’ve been criticized by my generation, artists from the ’70s – and there’s nothing more tragic than artists from the ’70s still doing art from the ’70s – because I blur all these borders between fashion and pop.
If we open the borders tomorrow there would be 50 million people who came here, all good people, mostly good people. But they’d all want jobs. They’d drive wages down. Not because they intend to, that’s not what they’re coming for, but that would be the result.
As a nation, we face a choice. With parts of the world on fire, can we ignore the despair beyond our borders? Or do we use our global influence and leadership to confront these challenges head-on?
Israel sees the world just beyond its borders collapsing.
It is important to have safe borders, but at the same time, we can’t forget what brought us here. This is an immigrant nation.
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Take that off the t

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Take that off the table. Tell both sides to come together and say, ‘Okay, you decide how you want to split up Jerusalem. You decide if you’re going to create boundaries or borders there.’ And let them decide.
This notion that borders wouldn’t matter, that we would have commonality of interests around the world. Well, guess who got there first? The plutocrats.
America is more than just a country. It’s more than Chicago or Wisconsin. It’s more than our borders. America is an idea. It’s a very precious idea.
I believe the people of Arizona and the people of America are fed up with the federal government. The bottom line is, is that they need to secure our borders. And in regards to Senate Bill 1070, what a disappointment! It hasn’t been divisive; it has united Arizona! It has united America!
We must secure our borders and restore the rule of law, and more than anyone running, Ted Cruz has fought to make this nation secure while protecting our constitutional rights.
I do not have the slightest bit of confidence in the European Union to protect the borders of the European Union.
Afghanistan can’t police its borders, and its neighbors give sanctuary and assistance to insurgents.
We have to treat people who cross our borders with a measure of dignity. Right? It has to be reflective of our values.
It is essential for our national security to know who resides within our borders.
One of the greatest things that could really happen to Africa is for us to get rid of the borders and for the leadership not to think that the countries belong to them… We didn’t create the borders to start with.
We all learned in kindergarten that the beginning is a very good place to start. As we have this debate on illegal immigration and illegal entry into this country, let’s begin at the very beginning by sealing the borders to this great Nation.
In today’s world, it is shortsighted to think that infectious diseases cannot cross borders. By allowing developing countries access to generic drugs, we not only help improve health in those nations, we also help ourselves control these debilitating and often deadly diseases.
At a time when the Nation is becoming a more parochial concept, Tagore’s view of a liberal, open and a nation without borders and boundaries can give us hope and inspiration.
The U.S., like any other country, allows tourists into its borders in order to make money off them, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Why give out tourist visas if you’re not going to let tourists be tourists?
Francisco Goldman
I have a fear of heights that borders on mania.
It’s safe to assume none of us actually wants to see ISIS-inspired terrorists armed with semi-automatic rifles, able to attack at will within our own borders.
Climate change knows no borders. It will not stop before the Pacific islands and the whole of the international community here has to shoulder a responsibility to bring about a sustainable development.
Basketball Without Borders gave me an edge.
To be called a sovereign nation, a nation has to be able to control its own borders. It is controlling your own destiny in a way, and we don’t control our own borders.
I think 2017 is going to be the year of the grand return of the nation-state, the control of borders and currencies.
We will bring back our jobs. We will bring back our borders. We will bring back our wealth. And we will bring back our dreams.
Donald Trump
The shortcomings of America’s political leaders do not stop at our borders.
We tend to default to complacency. Stick to the easy option. We all do it. We’ve tried to create a business model and society around us that is as easy and boxed as possible. We love creating boundaries and borders.
Well, I think we need to have attrition by enforcement. We need to secure our borders. We need to enforce our laws.
There is a certain amount of momentum that is achieved when one country after another reopens their borders.
I literally integrated the small town of Libertyville, Illinois. I was the first person of color to reside within its borders.
We’re living in a world where international governance is failing to overcome borders, but technology is succeeding in removing them.
While nations protect their physical borders, tech platforms leave digital borders wide open.
To have a live choir there on the stage and then these singers from different countries signing with us in real time through Skype, it’s as if there aren’t borders anymore.
I have Algerian, Turkish, Swedish, Spanish blood: I feel like a citizen of the world. Life and cinema don’t have borders.
You don’t have to be a brilliant historian to know that in Europe, messing with countries’ borders, messing with their self-determination, their ability to choose their own futures, this is extremely dangerous, and that’s why I think it is important to stand up to Putin.
We always think of borders as something that separates

We always think of borders as something that separates two peoples but of course they unite them. It’s something you have in common, literally.
The Eurozone allows for the largely unimpeded movement of people, goods, services, and capital across borders. It has also resulted in unprecedented cooperation on crime, security, and finance among its members.
The people of South and Central Texas and the Coastal Bend need jobs, they need health care, they need water infrastructure improvements, they need a quality education, and they need the resources to keep our borders safe and secure.
I drove from Addis Ababa to Aksum, where they have the Ark of the Covenant, to the Semien Mountains in the Highlands. I love how the country has a distinct identity and historical borders that werent randomly carved up by explorers.
When I help a farmer, I don’t differentiate between them based on their region, as farmers have no borders. I want to live like a world citizen and react like a human being.
Prakash Raj
America has an obligation to secure its borders, but it is wrong to pass laws that treat human beings as something less than human. If my father were alive, he would be in the forefront of the struggle for a fair and humane reform of our immigration laws.
Secure, safe borders with physical barriers, proper technology, manpower, and a sufficient number of judges is attainable and important to the security of our nation. We must also treat these children at the border with compassion and decency.
I had been one of the earliest social media adopters, driven by a mix of curiosity and enthusiasm for the way in which it levels borders and connects people who couldn’t really have connected otherwise.
There should be an investigation into other organizations that have been working here since 2010. For example, Doctors Without Borders had to repatriate about 17 people for misconduct which was not explained.
Human dignity is independent of national borders. We must always defend the interests of the poor and the persecuted in other countries.
Kjell Magne Bondevik
Nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants currently live within our borders. That’s 11 million people living in the shadows whom we know next to nothing about.
Steve Israel
Murdoch Mysteries‘ is in good company with a few other Canadian shows that have experienced huge international popularity. The show, in my opinion, is unapologetically Canadian, and the format is transferable across borders, languages and cultures and is currently available around the world.
We are pushing towards the dream of having our independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. If there is a real project that aims to resolve the Palestinian cause on establishing a Palestinian state on 1967 borders, under full Palestinian sovereignty, we will support it.
They perform an essential function in keeping our borders secure and I oppose an abolishing of ICE.
‘Sicario’ is about how the Western world reacts toward problems outside of its borders. Should we become monsters in order to fight the monsters? It’s not about the cartels. The movie could have been set in Africa or the Middle East.
Not a single illegal immigrant should or need enter the United States, not one. Contrary to the common wisdom, the borders are easy to seal, and controlling entry is hardly totalitarian.
Transnational organized crime does not recognize any borders.
I’m very optimistic because I think that the real strength of a nation like the United States comes from blending cultures. There’s no way that you can close the frontiers anywhere. The borders are there to be violated permanently.
I believe AI and its benefits have no borders. Whether a breakthrough occurs in Silicon Valley, Beijing, or anywhere else, it has the potential to make everyone‘s life better for the entire world.
My favourite kind of comedy comes from the awkwardness of living, the stuff that makes you cringe but borders on tragic – that is more interesting to me. It resonates; it comes from emotional truth.
The twenty-first century will be characterized by the mass movement of people being pushed and pulled within and beyond their borders by conflict, calamity, or opportunity.
My first act as president will be to reinstate France‘s borders.
Human society has dense borders – economic, religious and cultural – inculcated from an early age. We hate change.
As we all know from the Roman empire, big empires go down if the borders are not well-protected.
When I first arrived in the U.S. House of Representatives, I naively believed that it was primarily the Democrats who were committed to open borders. But I quickly learned the entire Republican establishment also supported a policy of immigration non-enforcement.
It is quite plausible that the process of increased fragmentation of production across borders is subject to ‘diminishing returns‘ and has its natural limits.
I have never understood why so many gardeners favour straight lines and narrow, regulated borders; perhaps they think wildness could work only in a larger space.
Al-Qa’ida does not follow a traditional command structure, wear uniforms, carry its arms openly, or mass its troops at the borders of the nations it attacks. Nonetheless, it possesses the demonstrated capability to strike with little notice and cause significant civilian or military casualties.
I really believe there are no borders for science.
Music and dance is universal, and I want to break borders and represent.
Africa Rising is as much about improving standards of governance as it is about an increasingly confident youths and civil society. It is also about businessmen and women who are stepping beyond national borders and going global.
What makes you a good citizen makes you a good Christia

What makes you a good citizen makes you a good Christian… Obey the law of your land by not crossing the borders of your nation with Ebola virus.
My vision of the border with Mexico is that a truck from the United States going into Mexico and a truck coming from Mexico into the United States will pass each other at the border going 60 miles an hour. Yes, we should have open borders.
I love crossing borders.
I think it’s a fundamental responsibility of the federal government to enforce our nation’s borders.
Pat Toomey
The respect for the rights of minorities that China’s Tibetan and Uighur activists champion would prevent instability that could spill across China’s borders.
Instead of trying to bring freedom to the Arab world, couldn’t we just concentrate on trying to fend off the European Union and defending our own porous borders?
There are 12 million illegal immigrants in this country – drawing welfare benefits, sending their children to public schools, and pushing down wages for American workers – but the problem extends well beyond amnesty and open borders.
A nation without borders is like a house without walls – it collapses. And that is what is going to happen to our wonderful America.
Abolishing ICE means abandoning our borders and leaving them open to anyone. That’s just irresponsible and certainly not in the best interest of the American people and their security.
Every day, we rely on a number of partnerships to help us accomplish our mission to secure our borders. State and local officials, interagency federal partners, Congress, and of course, our international partners. I have been with and will and continue to work with these partners.
Sport is a great equalizer that can build bridges, transcend borders and cultures, and render even the fiercest conflicts temporarily irrelevant.
Companies that operate across borders have the expertise SMEs need. Who better to help smallholder farmers navigate complex sustainability standards than the companies who demand – or set – them?
Throwing open our borders to everyone who wants to enter is impractical and could cause grave harm to our nation and the American people.
History will tell you that borders are not inevitable, they hardly existed at the end of the 19th century.
In my America, you’re allowed to cross the state borders. That’s the America I know.
Globalism began as a vision of a world with free trade, shared prosperity, and open borders. These are good, even noble things to aim for.
Every country has the right to manage who comes in and out of those borders.
Here’s what we must do: Completely reform the vetting process for immigrants and foreign visitors. Change the screening process. Come up with a new visa-application review process. Stop this nonsense of marriage-visa fraud. And in the meantime, seal the borders.
I am very happy that Japanese film can cross borders.
For me, there are no borders in music in general.
I don’t believe love has borders. If I meet a nice man in China, I definitely think it’s possible.
Israelis and Palestinians are suspicious of each other and of promises from outside. But the need for a negotiated solution between the parties should not stymie international clarity and consensus about the endgame in terms of borders and other issues.
Put your idol worship on firemen or a schoolteacher or a rescue worker or a first-aid worker or Doctors Without Borders. I love those guys. Those are your heroes.
I’m not sure whether Los Angeles borders on the ocean or on oblivion. I always feel that I’m two steps away from the other side when I’m out there. It’s more like a vacation place or a place to visit than a place to hunker down.