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I'm not afraid to challenge guys. I'm not afraid to put

I’m not afraid to challenge guys. I’m not afraid to put guys in positions to help the team. And I’m not beyond accepting criticism and challenges myself. I think that’s why guys are attracted to wanting to play and be around me. They know I’m all in on winning.
I think that if there are positions that you can’t argue… then the responsibility is probably to resign. If one’s own conscience is opposed to the requirements and responsibilities of the job, then it’s time to leave the job.
Elena Kagan
If you go back to his positions, his papers, his speeches, the way he has voted, he is clearly an anti-Semite, anti-Israel individual. Words matter and actions matter more. Keith Ellison would be a disaster for the relationship between the Jewish community and the Democratic Party.
I’ve been involved in politics for quite some time. I’ve held positions, and my experiences are very deep, and I think I have the capacity, the courage, and the character to institute the kinds of reforms that are so desperately needed.
It makes it easier for you to play more often and it makes it easier for the manager if he has players who can be used in different positions.
I propose to construct a new chart for navigating, on which I shall delineate all the sea and lands of the Ocean in their proper positions under their bearings; and further, I propose to prepare a book, and to put down all as it were in a picture, by latitude from the equator, and western longitude.
What matters in the Sun-tzu universe are not positions of strength and power, but situations in which you have options, full of potential force.
If you want to give me a good faceful for one of my political positions, I can take it.
Matt Cartwright
Great broadcasting requires all of us, those who are in positions of power and especially those who are in positions to employ people, to remember you need to look towards the greatest conceivable palate to create greatness.
The Communists were interested in getting into key positions as union officers, statisticians, economists, etc., in order to utilize the apparatus of the unions to promote the cause of revolution.
There’s plenty of talented women. Why do men take over the important positions? It’s simple. Love, family, children – a woman doesn’t want to sacrifice all of that.
Out in the field, I feel like I’m flexible enough to where I’m comfortable at different positions, wherever they want to put me.
I was always writing scripts, and I had made several shorts, before and after film school. But I worked a variety of temp positions over the years.
I think experience is vital for that. You become wiser: you know where to be, what positions to take up, how to play it.
Nine or ten, I like playing both. I like to score goals, and I feel in both positions I can score goals.
I have accumulated so many experiences, so much, that I want to be able to realize so many things. This is why I have basically given up most of my positions.
It’s important for any player to be versatile enough to be able to play in different positions.
Normally, I am a player who can play in different positions, but never in defence.
Sensible and responsible women do not want to vote. The relative positions to be assumed by man and woman in the working out of our civilization were assigned long ago by a higher intelligence than ours.
Grover Cleveland
Trump’s pronounced anti-immigrant stance is reminiscent of both Le Pen in France and Orban in Hungary, although he is far from alone in taking such positions in much of today‘s Republican Party.
When you work for Pat Riley, you’re not just putting your hands on the basket and hanging out during practice. He puts you in positions where you have to coach. You have to be enthusiastic and fierce with your preparation and work ethic.
I don’t think people saw me as a coach. But as a player I concentrated a lot on playing the game and I was always interested in the thinking side of football and speaking to managers about why they would pick a certain formation or play people in certain positions.
I can play in a number of positions, on the left, as a No 10, or off the right.
Positions do not really matter.
I don’t think sometimes people in positions of leadership in the church really engage gay and lesbian people and talk to them and get to know about their lives.
I’ve played a lot of different positions, and when I’ve played in my favourite position as an attacking midfielder, I played well, I was important and created a lot of occasions.
I’m fascinated by how you’ll change your position so many times over a lifetime, but really what you’re doing is occupying a series of positions on a landscape.
Each political party in America contains people with a hodgepodge of beliefs. Their given positions on a topic may shift slightly – or drastically – from year to year or day to day.
Carl Yastrzemski was the best all-around player. He could run, throw and hit. He had the ability to play a number of different positions. He signed as a shortstop. He could play the outfield, of course, and third base and first, too. He was a tremendous athlete. Mickey Mantle was unbelievable, too.
Al Kaline
We haven‘t always been aware of it, but the ‘locker-room bro talk’ has long been going on not just in locker rooms but in some corporate conference rooms. Of course, not by all men. But by some – including some who hold positions of power. And that matters in holding women back.
Obviously, I have certain policy positions that I push and advocate for that would benefit people dealing in a system that breeds inequality and makes life more difficult for people.
Men need to hire more women and put them in higher posi

Men need to hire more women and put them in higher positions of power within organizations.
Research such as ours is driven by the human imperative to understand where we are. It motivates the study of our positions in family, or in society, or on earth. The results may be termed geology, or sociology, or poetry.
I started with Paul Le Guen. He told me to double up in positions if he was missing a left back or a midfielder. From that moment, it was clear in my mind that I would be a professional footballer, and I began working even faster to get there.
Karim Benzema
Obviously, it’s important for any team that wants to be really successful to try to have the best players that they possibly can in all positions, and I think Alisson is definitely one of the best in the world in his position.
I always hate taking categorical positions.
It’s helped to develop me on the pitch, knowing all the positions, but also it’s a good asset to have, that versatility. I’m able to move if I’m needed.
Yes‘ is a far more potent word than ‘no’ in American politics. By adopting the positions which animate the political agenda for the other side, one can disarm them and leave them sputtering with nothing to say.
Neil Young does throw in a major seven chord here and there, so if you’re a new guitar player learning Neil Young songs, you’ll learn some seven chords, and some different positions. Nothing too complicated, just enough to kind of open up your knowledge a little bit.
Jesse Harris
The way Guardiola plays suits me. It enables me to get into space in attacking positions.
In the case of Enron, we balance our positions all the time.
Kyle Walker thinks he’s quicker than me. In games, it’s different: you run different distances, players are in different positions, so I don’t know. But one day, we will see!
Being a player that plays multiple positions, that’s my mindset every single day because I don’t have the luxury of just being really good at one thing.
It is my plan to lead the RSC as a member-driven organization which puts forth positions developed through member participation and dialogue consistent with the RSC’s mission and the U.S. Constitution.
When men hold the greater majority of all professional positions of power, it is impossible for a woman to advance her career without the support of men.
Carol Roth
I think it’s extremely important that the citizens of Wisconsin know the positions I’m taking.
Dudes are coming at me every day; I’m playing different positions on the defensive end. I’m really working on that, because that’s the next level. In the league, everybody can dribble.
Without initiative, leaders are simply workers in leadership positions.
I’m well aware that I have put my actors in difficult positions because of my vision, but when they see I work for the betterment of the product, they understand the pain I put them through.
I’ve spent years trying to time up my drops with my throws. You learn to listen to your feet and trust your positions.
The great problem with corporate capitalism is that publicly owned companies have short time horizons. Unlike a privately owned business, the top executives of a publicly owned corporation generally come to their positions late in life. Consequently, they have a few years in which to make their fortune.
It’s important that a player can play in different positions for if we have to change tactics.
It’s important for parents to put kids in positions where they can succeed and to teach competition because competition exists not only in sports.
I haven’t always been warmly welcomed for holding my conservative positions in Hollywood. Then again, I’ve never been very good at being politically correct either, on or off screen. So why start now?
I want to make contributions that help us win Test matches rather than put us in positions where we have to play extremely well to win.
Masood Ahmed brings to the position of director of external relations extensive experience gained in a range of senior positions in international finance and development.
Rodrigo Rato
Venture capitalists buy minority positions in young companies they think will grow quickly; buy-out investors buy most or all of companies they think can be turned around by fixing a few basic things.
I think that what will help women get into positions of power – well, day nurseries, equal pay, family-friendly working hours. And I think all that’s important. I used to think it was the solution. I now think it’s enabling, and it’s important, but still we have got head work to do about this.
Public officials insult our intelligence and our goodwill when they paint rosy pictures about budgets, jobs, bipartisanship, and transparency, and alter their positions on issues simply to keep collecting their paycheck by never disagreeing or disappointing anyone.
Within the U.N. itself, I have appointed a record number of women to high-level positions. I did not fill jobs with women just for the sake of it – I looked for the best possible candidate, and I found that if you strip away discrimination, the best possible candidate is often a woman.
If you start to catalog Hillary Clinton‘s positions between now and 2008, we’re going to have a lot of conversations because there are a lot of places for her to go.
One way that whites protect their positions when challenged on race is to invoke the discourse of self-defense. Through this discourse, whites characterize themselves as victimized, slammed, blamed, and attacked.
The point of journalism is to hold people in positions

The point of journalism is to hold people in positions of power accountable.
I think women benefit from being in places and having positions where the quality of work is the criteria, not what you look like. Not every place is like that.
There’s a lot of positions I like to play. I think maybe the diversity is something positive.
Before the combine, there were a lot of questions about whether I could guard multiple positions.
Donte DiVincenzo
When people campaign for positions, they promise people all kinds of things.
I think that people like Bloomberg, they’re complete thugs. No question about it. But on the other hand, it must be said that they are politically savvy. They don’t get into those positions of power – in the case of Bloomberg, both economic and political power – by being anybody‘s fool.
All the leadership positions that I have had have one common denominator: none has required that I give up my science work.
Before I ever endorse a candidate, I meet them, interview them, interview their colleagues and evaluate their competitors, study their positions and ideas, look at their campaign… then make a decision.
A public expectation, it has to be said, not of poetry as such but of political positions variously approvable by mutually disapproving groups.
I think diversity and having women and people of color in key positions is really important.
I was seeing people of color growing up in my media. I was seeing them in positions of power.
Often, people wonder if she can give the time required at work, given also her responsibilities at home. So a woman has to prove her worth over and over again each time she’s given a new responsibility, especially when she is at junior to mid-level positions.
It always helps to play every game at the back with the same players. You get a good understanding of each other and how one of you works, and what positions to take up.
At the Centers for Disease Control, I rose up fairly quickly into management positions. The first team I led there included many people who had been my supervisors in previous roles or were more senior than I was. So it was kind of a daunting challenge.
When I’ve watched teams that play with five at the back and wing-backs, I’ve looked at their starting positions and positions out of possession because that comes a little bit more unnaturally to me.
Political positions do not belong to the officeholder; they belong to the people that place us in office.
I had some different positions. At first, I was a forward, and then, step by step, I kept moving back, and now I’m here at the goal. This was my way.
There are surely times when a conservative and a liberal would agree. We would agree on how moral it is to discriminate on the basis of race. There’s absolutely no light between those two positions. It becomes a little more complex when you talk about law as opposed to morality.
Obama administration officials who were in key positions on Sept. 11, 2012, acknowledge that a range of mistakes were made the night of the attacks on the U.S. missions in Benghazi, and in messaging to Congress and the public in the aftermath.
I don’t think you decree political positions.
Research conducted throughout the world shows gender balance in top positions contributes to improved competitiveness and better business performance.
Beth Brooke
It gives you a better chance of playing if you can play a number of positions.
I think anyone about to leave one job not surprisingly would use their knowledge, their experience, their skills drawn from their previous positions to try and earn a living in the future. That’s what happens in all interviews.
Geoff Hoon
When people in positions of trust mislead us – either recklessly, negligently or intentionally – that impacts the republic.
I’m a veteran. I understand the game. I can control a game. I understand systems. I can play several positions.
Once I graduated college, I did a couple of different sort of unique internship positions, if you will. I spent three months in my mother‘s office, who was then the CEO of our company, and I really got to just sit in every meeting that she had, and I would write down questions on a yellow legal pad.
As you enter positions of trust and power, dream a little before you think.
I’m a vulnerable guy, which is always been there, you know? Like, most of the time I put myself in positions where I am vulnerable, because I don’t think you’re living unless you do.
We take every single allegation of Islamophobia seriously and where we do find party members or people who hold positions in local government doing things we suspend them, we investigate thoroughly.
I want to play in every match, score goals when the opportunity presents itself, and help players in good positions to also score goals.
It’s easy to dislike the few senior women out there. What if women were half the positions in power? It would be harder to dislike all of them.
At times I perhaps get a bit frustrated because I maybe

At times I perhaps get a bit frustrated because I maybe don’t get to touch the ball as much as I want, but when I do get to touch the ball, it’s obviously in good positions and I’m scoring so I can’t really argue.
Schools shouldn’t have to choose between serving a student with special needs or cutting an art class, laying off teachers or using outdated textbooks. But these are the positions that far too many schools have been placed in, and only a meaningful acknowledgment of the problem can begin the process of getting them out.
In 1968, the situation at Harvard was not one of which we can be proud. In that year, the proportion of minority persons in salary and wage positions was approximately 3 per cent. Virtually no minority workers were employed on Harvard construction projects.
Actors put ourselves in awkward positions all the time.
Charlie Day
I think we’re struggling with trying to redefine various positions at this point in history. To allow freedom for women, freedom for men, freedom from those sharply defined gender roles.
Fred Ward
When women are starting out in their careers, they tend to be confident and look to aspire to leadership role and really want those positions. But then over time, as they advance, they become less confident and don’t think they can attain those roles.
I’m constantly meeting people who said that they cast their first vote for me, or that they cut their eye teeth on the 1972 campaign, or that they didn’t vote for me but admire my positions.
I think as more women are in positions of power, more people of color are in positions of power, the stories become more inclusive; the casts become more inclusive.
Comey made mistakes, but they weren’t made out of self-interest. To deny he wasn’t put into political positions by lawmakers on Capitol Hill or on the campaign trail would be placing blame in the wrong place.
Costa Rica believes in building bridges, in looking for solutions to problems, and not clinging to positions.
Government lawyers, like private ones, face the problem routinely of aiding in the defense and development of positions in whose correctness they don’t believe.
In our local Baptist church, I sang in the choir and formed a gospel quartet. When our minister caught me messing with his guitar, he taught me three positions – one, four and five. After that, I taught myself to play.
Basically, Islamic State is a combined al Qaeda and Lebanese Hezbollah on steroids, destabilizing the region, dissolving borders/changing the political geography in the Mid-east, and hardening political positions that make Mid-east peace-building more remote by the day.
People notice if you are black. People notice if you are female. We are certainly not either colorblind or gender-blind in this country, so I’m not suggesting that it isn’t a factor. But I think in the final analysis, people will take a look at the positions, and they’ll take a look at the issues.
My No. 1 priority, and it always has been this, is keeping our team together and making sure we have the right guys in the right positions to make a run at this for a long time.
One simple way to keep organizations from becoming cancerous might be to rotate all jobs on a regular, frequent and mandatory basis, including the leadership positions.
Many of us have questions about what Trump’s positions really are. We want to make sure we are on board with each other.
It’s a lot for me, as well, to feel like I’m at my best, because if I am playing multiple positions, I can’t develop. I personally feel like I don’t ever achieve what I want to achieve being thrown around.
For real change, we need feminine energy in the management of the world. We need a critical number of women in positions of power, and we need to nurture the feminine energy in men.
The combat exclusion policy was adopted during the Clinton Administration in 1994 and says women can ‘be assigned to all positions for which they are qualified, except that women shall be excluded from assignment to units below the brigade level whose primary mission is to engage in direct combat on the ground.’
Cynthia Dill
Health care is a design problem. Dependence on foreign oil is a design problem. To some extent, poverty is a design problem. We need design thinkers to solve those problems, and most people who are in positions of political power are not design thinkers, to put it mildly.
In campaigns, promises are usually treated skeptically. Past positions are viewed as the one reliable way to gauge a candidate’s instincts.
I joined the army as a private. I was offered a rank at that time, but I refused. I preferred to remain a private. First of all, I wasn’t taken by ranks, and before I knew it, they put me in the most sensitive positions anyway.
The positions I played in football, being a quarterback and a defensive back, you had to kind of have a little independent thinking.
Hale Irwin
France, after the month of May, will share trust with the current leadership of the United States which, on many subjects, has tended to take useful positions in our view.
I’m hoping to see some minorities in executive offices in positions of power, people who see the merit of projects with minority themes. That may or may not happen.
Should Sen. McCain capture the nomination as many assume, I believe this general election will offer the worst choices for President in my lifetime. I certainly can’t vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama based on their virulently anti-family policy positions.
I think I’m like the kid who loved hip hop, and all of a sudden – I don’t know what it was – it started to put me in positions to do great things.
A lot of these so-called left positions are actually centrist by the standards of the American people, just not by members of the American Congress.
Political science has long tried to tackle a fundamental question of voter behavior: Do voters choose politicians because those politicians hold views that they like, or do voters choose policy positions because the politicians they like say those positions are correct?
You can get suckered into believing you have to always be attacking with the bat, ball or fielding positions. But Test cricket is not always like that. There are times when it is a bit slow paced and even a bit boring.
Copy my favorite moves and my Tour-proven setup positio

Copy my favorite moves and my Tour-proven setup positions, and you’ll start catching it on the sweet spot every time, with every club in your bag.
Sergio Garcia
I’m lucky to have played two different positions. But of course the experience I gained as a full back – knowledge of defending, and taking up the right positions, helps me as a midfielder.
I really only respect the Arab culture. I ain’t really trying to pay no attention to, ya know, these little people in political positions and executive positions that ain’t Arab culture oriented people because a lot of the times, what are you really showing all of this concern for?
Provincial governments in Canada have terminated the positions of marriage commissioners who have, for personal religious convictions, not performed same sex marriages. It has happened in Saskatchewan.
Doctors‘ positions and recommendations about drugs, procedures, surgical interventions, health and nutrition are not always based on strong scientific evidence.
I am an ambitious person, but I am not ambitious in the sense that I want jobs only for the sake of them… I am here to do things I think are worthwhile. I am always careful that the political positions I take are consistent with good policy. I would not want to be prime minister of Australia at any price.
Catholicism is a wide tent in terms of political and legal positions. We could have nine Catholics on the Supreme Court and a great deal of diversity toward the law.
I can play small ball because I can guard multiple positions because I can really move.
There was that argument that if we had more women in positions of authority, the world would be a nicer place. And then we got Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Indira Gandhi. When women become acclimatised to war, they can become every bit as ruthless as men.
I take care of my positions when they come.
I would say I am more comfortable in the centre of midfield. But when you are at a big club like Liverpool, you maybe get played in positions with which you might not be so familiar. But you have got to learn the different roles, because it gives you a better opportunity to play.
I am a part of the political process whether the multinational forces are present or not. Politics is serving the people, not chairs and positions.
Visual art and writing don’t exist on an aesthetic hierarchy that positions one above the other, because each is capable of things the other can’t do at all. Sometimes one picture is equal to 30 pages of discourse, just as there are things images are completely incapable of communicating.
I was fortunate to have served in leadership positions throughout my entire service in the Army. I was in my first unit for two or three months before deploying to Desert Storm. I immediate knew I was in the right place.
We work to create a new wave of feminism that is more inclusive. I want others to feel equal. It’s so great to see women in positions of power, which is why other artists, such as Marilyn Minter, are so inspirational to me.
Sometimes I think they should set up an asylum for people like that… a whole slew of paparazzi defending their positions.
When we get a chance to take part in elections, I am ready to fight for leading positions, including in the presidential vote.
Alexei Navalny
Part of the problem is there are people in Washington, D.C. in positions of power to whom the border is just a nuisance, and I think some of them believe that illegal immigration is a moral good. It is not. It undermines legal immigration.
I think losing your mother at such a young age does end up shaping your life massively. Of course it does, and now I find myself trying to be there and give advice to other people who are in similar positions.
We know that, relative to GPS, radar is not as accurate – we’d be seeing our planesprecise positions in 3-D, not just approximate locations every eight seconds.
If you look at your companies, and half of your staff are not female, and a decent percentage of them are not people of color, then you are part of the problem because you need people working for you and you need people in positions of leadership who can exercise their bias and who can exercise their perspective.
A doctor or lawyer who has reached the top can stay there or move on to higher prestige positions. But an actor of comparable competence and success and age has little or no control over his career.
My teammates have put me in all different kinds of positions to score goals, and I can’t say it enough, and I really through and through believe it in my heart that I’m only as good as my teammates allow me to be.
Sometimes my backswing gets long, and I get in bad positions. The club also can get behind me coming down, so I have to flip my hands to catch up to my body.
Louis Oosthuizen
We must take positions. Our weakness in the West is born of the fact of so-called ‘objectivity.’ Objectivity does not exist – it cannot exist!… The word is a hypocrisy which is sustained by the lie that the truth stays in the middle. No, sir: Sometimes truth stays on one side only.
Some people are in positions of power, and when incentives go haywire, we are all human and it’s easy to make mistakes. I am not saying everybody is Bernie Madoff.
Nicholas Jarecki
My first novel, ‘Compromising Positions,’ was a whodunit. The protagonist was a Long Island Jewish housewife who turns private investigator. But she was Jewish the way I was: lighting Sabbath candles but envying her Protestant and Catholic friendsDecember decorating options.
It’s good to have the option to have someone else who can come in and play in different positions.
I do not celebrate the appointment of women to high positions in regimes where cruelty is a favored tool of governance by a patriarchy; if they accept, they are nothing short of foot soldiers of that patriarchy and the violence it has instituted.
Some of us have held the hands of friends or brothers as they struggled with military and police academy recruiters, and though many of them never dreamed of being policemen, a lack of opportunities led them to those positions.
I have some cool talents. I’m really flexible and can do all sorts of twisted yoga positions. And I’m a big athlete and especially love soccer.
Genevieve Padalecki
We ought to have more women in various management posit

We ought to have more women in various management positions, because women are the ones who decide almost everything in the home.
Ingvar Kamprad
Mick Jagger visited us backstage and told us how much he liked our show. Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts came back too, and they wanted to get their pictures taken with us. Bill Wyman knew our chart positions. I couldn’t believe it.
When you’re younger, you see the people who are in power and think they must have that position because of some degree of skill. And as you get older, you realize it’s not true, that most people in those positions are absolutely inept. And this naturally makes you feel better about yourself.
You can see the absence of women in governing bodies from Congress to state legislators, on corporate boards, in tenured positions in academia, and as forepeople in factories.
I’ve hit 1, 2 and surprisingly I’ve hit 3 most of my life. Not that I’m going to be hitting 3, but I feel like those are three really different positions in the lineup. And I feel like I’ve done all of them. I know what’s expected at each one of those, and I feel like you can take that experience away.
I never really got that chance at Manchester City and developed into a utility player. Playing in all the positions has made me a better player because it’s not easy to do that. Understanding the game has made me a more rounded player as well.
Conservative beliefs are not based on personal whims or feelings or polls but rather anchored in defensible core, time-tested positions. It’s what makes a conservative somewhat boring compared to the liberal, independent, or populist.
Yeah, I play a lot of point guard. LeBron plays a lot of point guard. A lot of people are thinking too much on positions.
Beta males and females historically fare poorly in anchor positions, and whoever has the dominate, or more alpha, personality will always win out in spoken word count simply because they don’t wait for an opening.
I think the only way you can really grow is if you push yourself and put yourself in uncomfortable positions and doing things that you’re not used to; it’s exciting.
And if we don’t have a test, what we may end up doing is going back to what this country has done before. We could use social class and we still do, but in the 50s, it was, do you have the right last name and are your parents in privileged positions?
I think I’m more than capable of playing in positions such as right-back, centre-back and centre-mid.
Political people give speeches and espouse positions declaring that America is the best and strongest nation in the world.
Every position is a bit different, but for a young player it’s important to be able to play different positions, to see the game in a different view, to learn of every position. Because you need different skills, and it’s perfect for a young player to develop.
For Internacional I played in several different positions, so I have no problem adapting.
I got rid of one bat tap I used to have as I was about to face up, and getting rid of that’s made me more stable and able to get in better positions and play, particularly fast bowling, a lot easier.
Too often we shape our public positions on the basis of our economic connections. That brings us dangerously close to economic determinism.
George W. Romney
Thank you for the sacrifices you and your families are making. Our Vietnam Veterans have taught us that no matter what are positions may be on policy, as Americans and patriots, we must support all of our soldiers with our thoughts and our prayers.
As a kid, you put yourself in those positions. Bases loaded, two outs, you’re at the plate. That’s kind of the way I envision it as a kid playing whiffle ball or whatever the case was.
In addition to a timeline, I have proposed that U.S. troops be removed from front line combat positions in Iraqi cities and towns, turning over daily security patrols, interactions with citizens, and any offensive security actions to the Iraqis themselves.
Jack Nicholson didn’t get anything until he was in his thirties. You have to persevere and put yourself in positions, and sooner or later, you will break through.
It’s been said that horror films are experimental forms of art, and I agree. As an actress, you’re put in positions and have to experience emotions that are way beyond reality, whether fighting in a post-apocalyptic world or being possessed by the Devil.
Ashley Bell
I am very happy to be at Fiorentina and I hope to help the team to fight for the first positions.
I have spent my life working to protect our country. I served three tours in Iraq with the CIA, served in national security positions under Presidents of both parties, and at the Pentagon.
I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well and score more, and it will be a matter of time. Once you get back into that rhythm, you will start getting balls that drop to you in positions where it wasn’t before. I do have that feeling that it is going to come soon.
As Governor I, and my office, have the responsibility to appoint members to various boards and commissions; this executive order ensures that we will no longer appoint registered lobbyists to those positions.
I think one thing that helped the sound change, it’s a real subtle thing; it’s just one switch on my bass, it has three positions, and I usually boost the mid-range frequency, I lowered the frequency that I boost, and that goes out to the sound system, too.
I feel like I can defend three different positions: point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards who don’t want to play too much in the post.
Like a lot of people, I’m very, very concerned about Senator Clinton’s record. I’m very, very concerned about where her positions were in the 1990s, when we had some of the most disgusting legislation in terms of our criminal justice, really, in this country’s history.
I have no illusions that my work can rouse the masses to create change, because literature simply doesn’t have that power anymore in my country, if it does anywhere. But I do hope that it can be read by those who are in positions to create change, or that it can at least be part of that dialogue.
I know and the manager knows my best position is centre-half but if I can learn two other positions if needed then it’s great for me as a player and my development.
My outspoken positions haven't always been popular in t

My outspoken positions haven’t always been popular in the halls of Congress, but they have been rooted in what I believed was right and necessary.
An embedded growth obligation is how fast a structure has to grow in order to maintain its honest positions.
Eric Weinstein
I certainly know there are people in positions of power in the business who lack imagination and, perhaps as a result of that, think of me as ‘David‘. But I wouldn’t really want to work with those people, you know?
I’m a relatively shy person, but I love being challenged and putting myself in positions that are scary.
Why are young adults so self-centered and always seeking instant gratification? Because older adults, often in positions of power, paint them that way.
Raymond Arroyo
I know my positions hurt him. In his political future it hurts him. I worry that my son will have to pay for the sin of his father. I will not change my belief, but it hurts like crazy.
Ruben Diaz Sr.
I’ve been very lucky to work in a newsroom where there are lots of strong, funny, clever women in senior positions.
I have women working in high positions. I was one of the first people to put women in charge of big construction jobs. And, you know, I’ve had a great relationship with women.
Donald Trump
The people in the decision-making positions need to be thinking differently about who to hire, and looking more unsparingly at their choices. Why give this person a break over that person? Why give this person a second chance over that person? I do think that’s where gender comes into play.
I think the more women we have in leadership positions, the more women will see examples, can see themselves in those roles.
With regards to American foreign policy all across the globe, it is important for us to be operating from positions of strength, and not to just concede that.
That’s one of the challenges of investing in China, is the lack of clarity with respect to tax positions.
Jim Oberweis
Identity politics is not politics at all, since it precisely negates the political as such by re-construing political positions in ethnic terms, subsuming ‘ought’ under ‘is.’
South Korea first allowed women into the military in 1950 during the Korean War. Back then, female soldiers mainly held administrative and support positions. Women began to take on combat roles in the 1990s when the three military academies, exclusive to men, began accepting women.
All progress has resulted from people who took unpopular positions.
I’m an advocate for women to become more aware of the different positions in the music industry.
Victoria Monet
I’m always aware of trying to put my body in different positions to test it and strengthen muscles that you don’t get when you do dumbbell press or pulls or weight-type exercises.
My time as an MP has made me more aware of the power dynamics that exist in society: between men and women, between people of different backgrounds and ethnicities, between those in positions of power and those with very little of it.
Women should not be forced to accept sexual harassment as the price of admission to a life and career in the political world. They should not have to endure unwanted touching, innuendo, and propositioning from men in positions of power.
When I started in the business there were no women in executive positions, no women producers or directors and certainly no camerawomen and we were destined to do very archetypal roles, very cliched things, so I was a dizzy blonde for years.
We train six days a week, and each day includes some type of running or strength workout. It’s all about getting functionally stronger in the positions that matter for racing, which means balancing the strength between my quads and hamstrings.
Quite frankly, I would prefer to have a non-Christian like Mitt Romney who at least pretends to embrace biblical principles over a professing Christian like Barack Obama who embraces very unbiblical positions on abortion.
I’m not an encyclopedia of ancient Egyptian history, but women did hold positions of status in ancient Egypt. Obviously, famously, people like Nefertiti and Cleopatra actually ruled, which we don’t often think about women having a lot of agency in the ancient world, but in ancient Egypt, they did.
I can play in six different positions where managers can trust me. It must give them food for thought knowing I can do a job in different positions.
Most of Gingrich’s moderate positions are rooted in a realpolitik that transcends ideology.
I am aware that I can play in various positions.
It’s a sense in Minnesota that we need to get back to common sense. We need to get back to taking sensible looks at positions and understanding the proper role of government.
Offensively, I can play different positions.
I think the biggest thing in this league is how many positions can you guard and do you have a strength offensively that’s applicable?
But among them now were a large number of Communists in positions of great power within the new union movement, some of them actually moving close to the center of power. This was the crack in the wall through which they entered. Their power was to grow and prosper.
It’s good that I can play in two positions, as a centre-back or as a holding midfielder, as I just want to get minutes and get games.
While there are few records of Viking women participati

While there are few records of Viking women participating in battle, they certainly held positions of high status in society as human sorceresses known as ‘volvas.’
George McGovern and his supporters committed what, in a two-party system, are capital crimes: they did not compromise, they took hard ideological positions, they alienated a large portion of their party’s traditional supporters, and they lost – very, very badly.
Mary Jo and I have three teenagers who are in their last years at home. In addition, I was just offered and accepted a position with Williams College as a visiting lecturer on leadership beginning in February 2017, and anticipate accepting other academic positions shortly.
Judaism doesn’t recognize gay marriage, just as we don’t recognize milk and meat together as kosher, and nothing will change it… I’m not a hypocrite; I state my positions.
The failure of women to have reached positions of leadership has been due in large part to social and professional discrimination.
When I was in meditation, God began to speak to me, and God said, ‘Roland, I have enough preachers. I need people where you are in your positions. When you are on radio, when you are on television, you speak into more people in the five minutes than some preachers speak to in an entire year.’
I think I am strong on the field, I am versatile, I can play in several midfield positions. Some coaches like that, it grabs their attention, it is a big deal for me.
To all the positions, I just bring the determination to win. Me being an unselfish player, I think that can carry on to my teammates. When you have one of the best players on the court being unselfish, I think that transfers to the other players.
A midfielder should be able to play several positions.
I have played up front for England, been away to tournaments, and scored goals there, so I know once I get into those positions I will put the chances away.
The things I love are scoring goals and getting in the box, getting on the end of crosses and taking up positions where the ball might fall to you.
If I was a guy, based on how I performed in pilot training, I would have been able to have selected a fighter. I mean, I have always said unemotionally, if we want the best fighting force, why would we have 50 percent of our population not competing for these positions?
My own view is that left-wing positions largely come about from resentment – I agree with Nietzsche about this – a resentment about the surrounding social order. They have privileges, I don’t. Or, I have them and I can’t live up to them.
We need to have women in more powerful positions that are making decisions, so when that 10-year-old girl is looking up and wondering, ‘What can I do and what do I want to be when I get older?’ She has the opportunity to do and be whatever she wants.
Rather than embracing mainstream, majority-held positions, 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have made it exceedingly clear that they will sacrifice themselves on the altar of the radical left – endorsing positions held by a select few and fueling an unstoppable tailwind behind President Trump‘s reelection.
I’ve never walked away from any of my positions. I take pride in them.
I did learn a lot of things in different positions, wing-back, winger and striker as well so I am happy to go and learn different positions which I like and I trust the process of Nuno Espirito Santo.
Every one of my positions cuts – out half the country. I’m pro-choice, I’m pro-gay rights, I’m pro-immigration, I’m against guns, I believe in Darwin.
I can play in different positions, and if I can do what I’m good at, score goals, show how good I can play football, then it’s OK with me.
My films are inquiries. I’ve chopped down all the signposts, I really resist taking moral positions.
When I saw Wonder Woman being constantly put in positions where she’d get tied up with her own rope, or held hostage, even as a kid, my reaction was ‘C’mon, she’s too smart for that.’
To the extent that philosophical positions both confuse us and close doors to further inquiry, they are likely to be wrong.
I definitely followed him. Coming up, if you wanted to see some fights on YouTube, you pulled up Fedor. His tenacity, aggression and ability to get out of bad positions and bad situations – he used to be in those freak-show fights against guys who were 7 feet – he’d figure it out and get it done.
We still have not been able to move into those positions in our country that are really directing traffic among that 1 percent, and that’s where women have to break through.
There are 80 jobs in which women earn more than men – positions like financial analyst, speech-language pathologist, radiation therapist, library worker, biological technician, motion picture projectionist.
For my grandfather, there was no distinction. There was no tension between his support for civil rights for black people and his animus toward gay people because both of those positions were scripturally derived.
Every time that zealots clash with the zany and Religion and Freedom take opposite positions across the trenches, the issue becomes larger than the individual.
The only changes that we can make as people is changes in leadership. But as a people, it’s very, very difficult once those people get into those positions for us to make any changes.
My goal is get those chart positions, doing something good in music, and seeing that money in the bank.
Firmino is a player who is really good at adapting to different positions. He is a No. 9, but he helps a lot in build-up play.
I stand with all the athletes who believe in doing things right. The ones who win and the ones who lose while knowing they have been cheated out of their positions. There are thousands if not tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of those kinds of athletes out there. We have to remember them.
You have to take positions on bills. There is no button

You have to take positions on bills. There is no button for maybe or possibly.
Charlie Dent
I would argue that one of the issues which the public should be much more emphatic about with all politicians… is patronage, appointing people to high positions because they supported your campaign or helped you raise money.
I share the anger, but, ultimately, to govern this country, it takes more than anger. It takes experience. It takes positions that reflect the best values of the American people.
Corruption happens because there is impunity. That’s the reason why corruption is widespread at all levels – from the person who asks for a bribe on the street to those who hold prominent positions.
Joao Lourenco
Businesses perform better when you have diversity of view in your senior leadership positions. This is not just the right thing to do socially; it’s the right thing to do for your business.
That was always something I remember, playing in loads of different positions when I was younger, and learning about what it takes to play a right-wing role, or holding midfield, or as a striker. I had a lot of experiences in those different formations and positions.
I’m a versatile player, can play in numerous positions, and I have a good football brain, even if it is getting older.
PAP leaders, including Mr. Shanmugam, routinely ask WP MPs to clarify their positions on the spot, in Parliament. WP MPs routinely do the same to PAP ministers.
Of course, politicians always say they’re just describing their opponents‘ positions, even if they are in fact offering absurd caricatures, if not outright lies.
Barack Obama has brought glamour back to American politics – not the faux glamour-by-association of campaigning with movie stars or sailing with the Kennedys, but the real thing. The candidate himself is glamorous. Audiences project onto him the personal qualities and political positions they want in a president.
We have people working for us full-time because they were forced to retire at 65. I know that I never want to stop working, and I am glad that I can offer positions to others who feel the same way.
Carl Karcher
Oppositions usually say ridiculous things and must embarrassingly then ditch untenable positions.
When women are in positions of power it’s a hard place to be, especially when that position involves bossing men around.
Alison Pill
If we are quite defensive and we lose the ball, we just try to get back into our positions and try to defend. That’s something you have to do from time to time.
You know, I think when people are in important positions in big organizations, they often get tied up with the minutia of managing money, managing things. They often forget that people deserve to be led.
Our acquisition strategy is very clear: 3×3. Three continentsAsia, Africa and South America, and in three categories where we have strong positions – personal wash, household care and hair care.
The more positions you can play, the more ways you can help the team.
We need to lift up the nation so we can find a more civil way to deal with our disagreements because, in these United States of America, no one should ever feel their life threatened over their political beliefs and positions.
It means, people who are in high and responsible positions, if they go against righteousness, righteousness itself will get transformed into a destroyer.
I know it could be a bit more difficult in England because you are not playing all the time and you play in different positions. But I do expect to score many goals for Chelsea and I hope to keep the average of between 10 to 20 goals a season, that would be good.
In modern day football, you’ve got to play in different positions. I’ve played in numerous positions, apart from centre-back and goalkeeper, I think.
In the United States, commentators recognize that, generally speaking, most people who hold liberal positions over a range of issues will likely vote Democratic, while most people, again generally speaking, who hold conservative positions will vote Republican.
I’m more inclined to say the presidency has changed Trump rather than Trump changed the presidency. He has moderated or reversed himself on most of the positions he took as a candidate. Reality has set in, as it does with every new president.
We are all put in different positions for different reasons.
For a lot of white people, just suggesting that being white has meaning will trigger a deep, defensive response. And that defensiveness serves to maintain both our comfort and our positions in a racially inequitable society from which we benefit.
Criminals gravitate into government positions like natural law.
There’s a lot of guys that just get comfortable with their positions and rest on their laurels. I had to earn my way.
There is no right to work in a think tank, and these are very privileged positions.
When the Americans advance, we harass and retreat, fire from new positions and then retreat again. If the attacking force is too big, we call for support.
With the money I’m making, I should be playing two positions.
I’d like to think I can put myself in positions where I can get the odd half-chance to score, that’s what I was best known for and I like to think if the chances came along I’d be able to stick them in the back of the net.
Matt Le Tissier
Note the three most important Cabinet positions. Rice s

Note the three most important Cabinet positions. Rice said that it was better to find the weapons of mass destruction than to see a mushroom cloud.
I think maybe the people in elected positions are more interested in preserving their jobs than in doing the best job possible.
The competitive advantage professional journalism enjoys over the free is just that: professional journalists, whose paid positions give them the time and resources they need to commit more fully to the task. If we can’t do better, so be it.
The school made it very clear that women were entitled to positions of authority. That sense of entitlement allowed us to feel that we have a natural place in leadership in the world. That gave me a mental and emotional confidence.
Linda Vester
I think that you can disagree with people and debate over their positions with issues without engaging in the politics of personal destruction.
I have to be in the right positions and create the right runs as much as I can.
I think it’s worth putting energy into affirmative action in terms of having diversity in positions of power because the door was shut for so long.
I play a lot of positions in high school, but in the end I’ll probably be a pitcher.
I know what I bring to the table: my ability to shoot the ball, defend multiple positions, play multiple positions, two through the four.
I wasn’t making music consciously when I was younger. I was a musician, but that has its own stigmas. Anywhere on the planet, it’s one of the more undervalued positions.
Russians in top positions always told me, ‘We don’t want to deal with our allies the way that the Americans dealt with Mubarak,’ which is a very live example in the minds of many.
When I was younger and women first started to get in public positions, in my case the law, we went through a period where we wore those little ribbon ties, little bows. We tried to figure out what was our appropriate dress.
These guys were the best. They were the best at their positions and made playing the game easier. And at the same time it made it so much more enjoyable.
Johnny Bench
The failure of women to have reached positions of leadership has been due in large part to social and professional discrimination. In the past, few women have tried, and even fewer have succeeded.
Conservatives the world over need to grasp the difference between being pro-market and being pro-business. Sometimes the two positions happen to coincide; often they don’t.
You play in different situations and conditions, and you have to come up with new solutions for the problems. It has made me a more rounded player, who can handle different tactics and positions.
I am different because I have better schooling, better understanding of the line, gesture, how feet working, positions. They taught me modern things… and I wanted to give what I had: my schooling.
Natalia Makarova
We do make sure that one person doesn’t stand out. But then, we are really unique. We all have our style, so I think we all stand out. We each have our own roles and positions in the band, and then we work together to make sure we all try hard for the Army.
But maybe because the dot-com world gives people positions at a younger age, and many women are prominent in this business, it will help change the view about who can run big companies.
A big part of the problem that we face today is that our children have been taught at schools that every idea is right, that no one should criticize others’ positions, no matter how odious.
Ed Royce
If more people were actively engaged in advocating their positions I think we’d have a better society.
For more than 20 years, Camfed has supported a generation of African girls and women with access to secondary and higher education, employment opportunities, and, ultimately, into positions of leadership.
For me, there are no ‘between players’ in football. For me, there are clear positions and clear characteristics for all players.
While we know, on average, that certain positions experience more repetitive head impacts and are more likely at greater risk for CTE, no position is immune.
The opportunities for black cultures need to change and we need to get more culture in higher positions in football, because I think the racism that happens on football fields hasn’t been addressed properly and it’s been brushed under the carpet.
Leaders don’t change their positions mid-debate. They welcome scorn from the masses because it creates the opportunity for dialogue.
I’ve been playing football for a while, but Guardiola really made me a better player. I was 29 when I started working with him, so I wasn’t very young, but if you see the steps I made thanks to him, it shows you what he is capable of doing. Guardiola didn’t just put me on the flanks but in other positions as well.
It’s about what the players are doing. My job is facilitate that. My job is to put them in positions to succeed. My job is to listen to their ideas, take them if they’re good, quietly push them to the side if they’re not. My job is to help them grow.
There may be as much nobility in being last as in being first, because the two positions are equally necessary in the world, the one to complement the other.
You have to ask if the country would have been ready for Barack Obama if we hadn’t been prepared by Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. If they hadn’t already been in positions of enormous power and influencesecretary of state, secretary of defence – you know what I mean?
Trump very much wants to be liked by Putin and I think sincerely admires him. Putin doesn’t know how to deal with somebody who positions himself like that.
The only technical difference you will find is, if you

The only technical difference you will find is, if you are keeping goal as a male, they will play a bit further out, but set positions are the same, and techniques are constantly evolving.
When it comes to the game they both focus on different things. Pep is maybe more about positions, dominating the ball while Jurgen is maybe more like winning the ball and trying to score goals as quick as possible with high intensity.
You’re always trying to find ways of getting guys in positions in which they will be comfortable.
Among the responsibilities of each citizen in a participatory democracy is keeping ourselves sufficiently informed so that we can participate effectively, argue our positions honorably, and hopefully, forge sufficient consensus to understand each other and then to govern.
We know that companies which have more women in leadership positions have a better performance.
I love it when coaches don’t talk about which position they see me at. When they just refer to me as a basketball player and talk about all of the different positions they can see me playing in, I definitely listen more.
One thing that became abundantly clear right away was that the more women you have in positions of power, the bigger the opportunity you have to serve women. If a woman is not in the room to speak about what a woman needs, then those decisions aren’t being made.
Desi Lydic
Having more women in company boards, in senior management, supervisory positions and workers in the formal sector is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. It’s good for the bottom line.
In our system of government, the Supreme Court ultimately decides on the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress or of presidential actions. When their actions are challenged, both Congress and the president are entitled to have their positions forcefully advocated in court.
We need more women in positions of power so that women’s issues are thought of more, because a room full of men in government and in power don’t think the type of things needed to make a change.
I think the majority of politicians keep their positions for too long.
I would like to think that there are more women in positions of power, to actually get these projects off the ground that are more balanced, where the story is about men and women.
I get into certain yoga positions at times, when I’m working out and for exercises. I use a little of it in some of my meditation, but I chant now and that sort of replaced it.