Top 33 Drained Quotes

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A person comes home with all the tension of his life, h

A person comes home with all the tension of his life, he or she is totally drained due to all the stress they had faced in a days time. So what I think is whenever viewers watch me they should not be more burdened with tension but they should be relaxed.
Often, when Jim Carrey plays it straight, all of the vitality is drained from his face; he looks like a root-canal patient trying out a pleasant expression for his oral surgeon.
Something can be said for quitting for a little while. You can get completely drained as a performer and creator. You have to fill back up.
Every day I went to the ballpark in Yankee Stadium as well as on the road people were on my back. The last six years in the American League were mental hell for me. I was drained of all my desire to play baseball.
Roger Maris
When I have to do an emotional scene, I sometimes feel drained right before doing it.
If you think that starving yourself all day is going to make you happy, you’re a fool, because not only are you physically drained, you’re mentally drained, with nothing left to give to your work or your lover or whoever it is you so want to be beautiful for.
Under the lights, there’s a lot of pressure, my first big show. The mental pressure drained me out a bit. I was fit and healthy, but I was thinking, ‘Why am I tired?’ There are so many things that go on in there.
Stegosaurus was common only on well drained, dry soil.
Robert T. Bakker
Fear, conformity, immorality: these are heavy burdens. They drain us of creative energy. And when we are drained of creative energy, we do not create. We procreate, but we do not create.
David McCallum
Two hours of writing fiction leaves this writer completely drained. For those two hours he has been in a different place with totally different people.
If I feel like I’ve completely drained every ounce of energy out of me for this song, and I can’t go any further with it, then I stop, even if the song is unfinished. Most of the time, when it’s finished, it’s because I’ve used every ounce of me to write it.
London, that great cesspool into which all the loungers and idlers of the Empire are irresistibly drained.
I ate while I was taking chemo. The doctors didn’t know. I really didn’t get any nausea. I didn’t have side effects. I would be drained for a day and a half.
But the whole reason I fish is that you never know for sure what is down there. Unless you drained Loch Ness you will never be certain what’s living in it.
I’ve never felt so physically and emotionally and mentally drained than I have on our shoots.
I hate it when people slag us off. We had done three tours during 1970 and we finished off feeling we had just about had enough. We had done so much in that short space of time, we were drained.
John Bonham
For me everything in the film was gradually building, becoming more emotional, so it helped. At the end of it all I was emotionally drained. At that point I took Rose‘s view, that this has to happen, there’s nothing I can do about it.
Camilla Belle
In tennis, you can make a couple of mistakes and still win. Not in golf. I played three rounds in that Tahoe event, and I was drained. Mentally, not physically.
Goalkeeping is so mental you’ve got to be focused all the time. You come off the pitch drained in a different way to an outfield player. You’d probably be more mentally drained.
I put a hell of a lot of myself into ‘Love Never Dies,’ and I felt quite drained afterwards.
Actually, after ‘All Love Lost‘ I was so drained creatively that I didn’t have any clue where I wanted to go. So I just started from scratch.
Though I thoroughly enjoyed playing crime branch officer Gautam Savant, it drained a lot out of me, too. It shook my faith in myself, as I explored my hidden side and wondered if I was just acting or using the character as an excuse to vent my mean side.
When confronted with a direct threat to American security, Obama has shown he is willing to act unilaterally – in a targeted, get-in-and-get-out fashion, that avoids, at all costs, the kind of messy ground wars and lengthy occupations that have drained America’s treasury and spirit for the past decades.
The ’90s were a time of building for me. Building a life that was sober, drained of harmful, wasteful excess and manufacturing in its place a family of my own.
The hiatus you spoke about happened in 1998. I was somewhat numb from being out on the road every night. I had to stop because I was emotionally and physically drained.
When I finish a film, I want to feel drained. I want to feel like I couldn’t have possibly done any more to service a character and a story.
It’s somewhat of a normal procedure sometimes when you have a knee drained… so long as it’s not something you have to do every game.
James Worthy
I did four or five years in telly, and by the end of it was drained. I was a bit sick of myself. I didn’t feel like an actor anymore. That sounds silly, but when you’re doing a play you’re using different muscles, and it blew all the cobwebs away.
For too long, unfunded federal mandates have drained the budgets of states and communities. The strength and vitality of our communities must be restored.
Kids and adults alike are having their curiosity drained away by boredom in class or the workplace, and by the unremitting background noise of a dumbed-down pop culture.
Spending hours stressed out in front of the TV isn’t the same as volunteering or donating. Feeling a high level of personal distress makes people feel agitated and emotionally drained, to the point that they lack the energy or detachment to help – or the energy to manage themselves.
I've learned to surround myself with women who lift me

I’ve learned to surround myself with women who lift me up and leave me feeling nurtured rather than drained.
I don’t get much time to rehearse for dance everyday. At the end of the day, I get drained out. With a heavy body, it’s difficult to manage but I am trying.