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A lot of times in a record company environment, it's, '

A lot of times in a record company environment, it’s, ‘All right, go out on the road, go get some experience, come back in six months, and we’ll see where we are.’ I’ve erased that. Now it’s, ‘This is what we’re working on today. I expect you to come in tomorrow and address this and be better.’
I’m a huge Springsteen fan, and yet if either he or Bob Dylan had to be erased from the world‘s hard drive, I would save Bob Dylan’s work for sure – he’s the greater talent, and by leaps and bounds and skyscrapers and rocket blasts. But Bob Dylan is an alien to his public.
We are human beings, we matter, and we will not be erased.
Memory is this one attempt to not be erased by time. And I think that ties back to what I learned watching my grandmother lose her memories is, you know, we are all facing erasure eventually.
It’s odd, because ‘Mad Men‘ was the first long-form TV thing I ever did. I’d done loads of independent movies, but after that, it was ‘TV actor.’ You go, ‘When did that happen? Everything else has been erased?’
There’s a reason why young people think what they think. They are taught it. In many cases when they learn at home is erased or countered or overcome.
I’ve been airbrushed out, as it were. You can imagine my frustration at being erased from history deliberately. I really don’t know how Yoko can sleep at night knowing what she‘s done. But I can tell you I sleep very peacefully.
The notion that Cuba is the only country in the world where you can live without working must be erased forever.
Raul Castro
If there has been any match-fixing then we need to make sure that it’s erased from our sport because it’s a crime in sports. We have no place for it in any sport let alone tennis.
Those that clamor loudest for Columbus to be erased from the pages of American history do so far more because of their hatred for America than their love of the Indians.
When I lost my friends, it was because I had used the power of giving on them recklessly. I swept into their lives with my big fat checkbook, and I erased years of obstacles for them overnight – but sometimes, in the process, I also accidentally erased years of dignity.
Every time a bit of information is erased, we know it doesn’t disappear. It goes out into the environment. It may be horribly scrambled and confused, but it never really gets lost. It’s just converted into a different form.
If you look at history, at the first time hip-hop was invented, there was a Latino right there. How they got erased, I don’t know how that all came about.
I feel like I have at least begun to make a contribution, but my most significant concern has to do with whether my actual art will be preserved for future generations or be erased.
Judy Chicago
The margins don’t get erased by simply insisting that the powers-that-be erase them.
Human memory is a marvelous but fallacious instrument. The memories which lie within us are not carved in stone; not only do they tend to become erased as the years go by, but often they change, or even increase by incorporating extraneous features.
Primo Levi
The year after I graduated college I had a job in a library. When people underlined passages in the library books, or made notes in the margins, the books were sent to me. I erased the lines and the notes. Yes, that was my job.
The album ‘Physicist,’ I erased all the work that I had done halfway through. I think that’s probably why that contributed to that album being sort of sub-par for me, just because by the time I had to go back and do it, I was just over it.
It’s not that that I’m not comfortable being naked, but when you grow up fat, you can’t take away the shame or embarrassment even though you’re a model. It’s not just erased.
The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself; and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power.
The past can never be erased. It is always going to be there.
In many countries today, moral and ethical norms are being reconsidered; national traditions, differences in nation and culture are being erased.
Vladimir Putin
I don’t really believe in trying to erase every Woody Allen movie from history. For one thing, that’s kind of unfair to all the people who worked on those movies or albums or whatever it is. What did they do wrong to have their work erased from culture?
I’m glad Wu-Tang was able to inspire other producers and artists, but I would never want to be erased or removed.
I don’t think I will ever be erased from people’s memory as I like to believe the work I do leaves an impact on people.
I used to visualise the stadium erupting as the ball hit the back of the net. I erased all negative thoughts from my head.
Matt Le Tissier
When it mattered the most, my mother was there for me. It was the moment that erased all those days she wasn’t there.
Becoming a parent erased many of my negative childhood feelings and filled them in with something new.
Far too many LGBTQ individuals are the victims of violence and hatred, and we must all fight together to ensure that no one is erased or marginalized because of how they identify or who they love.
Films made by women belong to the history of cinema; it’s just that we get erased pretty quickly.
Hulk will always be a part of sports entertainment/professional wrestling history, and there’s nothing that’s gonna change that. His relationship with the WWE, whether it’s official or unofficial, is something that can’t really be erased.
The end of the 'tech bubble' in the year 2000 is, of co

The end of the ‘tech bubble‘ in the year 2000 is, of course, widely recognized, as the NASDAQ stock index erased three-quarters of its value between 2000 and 2003.
There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.