Top 33 Muppet Quotes

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If you think hard enough about it, Rowlf the dog playin

If you think hard enough about it, Rowlf the dog playing the piano on ‘The Muppet Show’ – what kind of insanity was happening underneath the cameras to make that happen? His mouth is moving, and he’s got two hands playing the piano. That’s two people under there!
You guys own the Muppets, and you’re just kind of sitting on ’em. I really love the Muppets, and I think I know how to bring the franchise back.
I was raised by a dad who has a fantastic sense of humor who raised me on ‘The Muppet Show,’ Steve Martin movies, and Woody Allen‘s standup, and he really encouraged me to ham it up from an early age.
The power of the ‘Muppets,’ and the popularity of these characters, is so iconic in people’s lives that I had to distance myself from publicly. Not privately… Privately, hell, I’m with them for life, and I love these people. They’re my second family.
I think I learned a lot about not buying into a lot of hype. I wanted to be a kind of faceless entity; I didn’t want to be Dhani Harrison and the Muppets or something like that.
I’m a huge Muppets fan. Gigantic. I think they’re genius. I think they’re some of the best work out there and completely underrated, just because of how genius they are. I love that kind of humor. It’s so innocent but brilliant.
Stephen Merchant looks like a Muppet. I mean, he looks like Beaker.
Jim Henson once allowed me to visit the Muppets on set and spent an entire day showing me how he and the other puppeteers performed Kermit and all the characters! After that, I was lucky enough to work with both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg on many fun animation projects and learned so much from them.
Doing the Muppet Show you forget about conventional filming.
Peter Mayhew
I watched ‘The Muppet Movie’ obsessively. I can still pretty much say a lot of the lines and do a pretty mean Fozzie Bear.
Yeah, I think we did the term Muppets before we got the show Sam and Friends – a few months after I started working.
I was a huge Muppet fan growing up. I want to bring it back to the early ’80s Muppet movies, when the scripts could have been performed by humans.
In South Africa, where HIV-positive children are often shunned, we have an HIV-positive Muppet to teach children to be friendly with children with HIV. But they use local actors. And it’s not always a street. Sometimes it’s ‘Sesame Plaza,’ or ‘Sesame Tree.’
Joan Ganz Cooney
Every time I see the rails of my photo shoots, it’s like Dr. Seuss, or as if they’ve skinned Muppets.
I was born in Englandthough both of my parents are American – and there’s something about the ‘Muppets’ where they have this combination of English and American humor.
‘The Muppet Show’ was huge. I watched it all the time as a kid, and I really loved the way they used music on that. I also remember hearing the radio in the car as a kid, like Stevie Wonder and Simon and Garfunkel.
I’ve said before, if you’re going to earnestly sing a song around a campfire, you’d better be a Muppet!
I’m odd looking. Sometimes I think I look like a funny muppet.
In England, ‘The Muppet Show’ is very much seen as an English thing. So for us in the U.K., it is one of the treasures of the history of children’s TV and of comedy, basically.
When I was old enough to know better, I ate a bar of soap in the shape of the Muppets’ Fozzie Bear, because I loved him so much I wanted to consume him, even if doing so made me ill. I didn’t yet know the word ‘foreshadowing.’ Fozzie was the only first of many pop-culture icons I feel shaped by.
Emma Forrest
I’ve always liked the Muppets. I watched ‘The Muppet Show’ in England every week as a child. The show was originally broadcast in England.
Watching ‘Dark Crystal‘ now, having made Muppet films, it really strikes me just how ambitious that film is in terms of the constructs, the builds, the puppeteering.
The Muppets have such a great tradition of bringing together all of genres of actors and all ages of actors.
I think I learned everything about comedy and timing and drama from watching ‘The Muppet Show,’ which was one of the best shows ever produced.
I can’t believe I managed to go through a liberal-arts and theater education and take all these women‘s-studies classes and never have addressed that the ‘Muppets’ were all boys, except for one pig who was obsessed with herself!
I was persuaded to see ‘The Muppets’ by a friend, and I regretted it. A very boring hour and a half.
It’s a beacon of hope in a dark world. You watch ‘The Muppets’ and you’re smiling for an hour and a half, and then you go outside, and the economy is in crisis.
I am odd-looking. I sometimes think I look like a funny Muppet.
I’m like the luckiest girl in the world. I’ve gotten to be a princess, I’ve gotten to work with the Muppets. A lot of my childhood dreams about who I wanted to be when I was a grown-up, I at least get to play them in movies.
I delight in the sweet and sour moments we routinely share, together applauded by muppets in leotards.
Bradley Chicho
Amongst the financial Twitterati, the term ‘muppets’ has come to describe any client used and abused by some financial predator. I’ve adopted the term to describe portfolios that have been assembled for purposes other than serving the clientsbest interests.
I loved 'Dumbo.' I watched Bugs Bunny time and again. T

I loved ‘Dumbo.’ I watched Bugs Bunny time and again. The Muppets were big, too. All of those, they have this real, not darkness but poignancy, that’s what makes it stick with you.
‘The Muppet Show’ spoke to me at 5, and it speaks to me in my late 30s in the same way.