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There's a substantial difference between dumping 100 co

There’s a substantial difference between dumping 100 copies of the ‘Telegraph’ at a Connex South Central station and giving away copies of the ‘Business‘ with the ‘Mail on Sunday.’ ‘This kind of circulation is valuable and enhances the brand. Leaving them anywhere willy-nilly devalues the brand.
I started at ‘The Daily Telegraph’ as a daily news reporter. I moved then to ‘The Guardian,’ and then I moved to New York as the correspondent for ‘The Guardian,’ moved to ‘The Times of London.’ And really, it was the best job you could imagine. You could cover any story you wanted in America.
I used to go and cop stacks of blanks CDs and sit there and burn copies of my mixtapes and print up my own mixtape covers and post up in downtown Oakland and Telegraph in Berkeley and literally was selling my mixtapes for five bucks, hand-to-hand.
Why is everyone so obsessed with attracting the young? The Telegraph, Radio 4 – everyone wants a younger audience when everyone knows the population is getting older and older, and that older people have more dosh than young people.
Wisdom cannot come by railroad or automobile or aeroplane, or be hurried up by telegraph or telephone.
Nicholas I has been called ‘Genghis Khan with a telegraph.’ Stalin was ‘Genghis Khan with a telephone.’ But Mr. Putin is not Genghis Khan with a BlackBerry.
My dad was a telegraph operator for the Cotton Belt Railroad. He worked seven nights a week from 4 until midnight, no vacation.
Johnny Gimble
One of the things I thought a lot about was how can we get the views, for instance, the main plaza, you look up to Telegraph Hill from there and therefore it would be a disaster to close that view off.
Lawrence Halprin
The press, the machine, the railway, the telegraph are premises whose thousand-year conclusion no one has yet dared to draw.
The minute I saw the front page of the ‘Daily Telegraph’ – me with my arm around the latest ‘X-Factor’ contestant – I realised I’d gone into a new realm.
The major advances in speed of communication and ability to interact took place more than a century ago. The shift from sailing ships to telegraph was far more radical than that from telephone to email!
I’ve always hopedChopped‘ would telegraph our enormous affection and love and admiration for chefs and food, but at the same time, we are inflicting extraordinary cruelty on them.
When people say that the Internet is going to make us all geniuses, that was said about the telegraph. On the other hand, when they say the Internet is going to make us stupid, that also was said about the telegraph.
It is not, of course, complete yet – but some sentences were understood this afternoon… I feel that I have at last struck the solution of a great problem – and the day is coming when telegraph wires will be laid onto houses just like water or gas – and friends converse with each other without leaving home.
I made it clear when the Barclays took over the ‘Telegraph’ that I wanted no editorial position there. There is no way I could take a high-level editorial position at the papers. I have my work for the BBC, and that would be compromised if I did.
There were always plenty of newspapers in the house. ‘The Times’, ‘Guardian’, ‘Daily Telegraph’ and ‘Daily Mail’ were all regular fixtures on the coffee table. I used to enjoy reading ‘The Times’ editorial pages and the ‘Daily Mail’ sports pages.
Lionel Barber
For a brief time in the 1850s, the telegraph companies of England and the United States thought that they could (and should) preserve every message that passed through their wires. Millions of telegrams – in fireproof safes. Imagine the possibilities for history!
The radio was an improvement on the telegraph but it didn’t have the same exponential, transformative effect.
We create constructs to understand ourselves, the way we look, how we feel, what we believe – and we telegraph that ‘branding’ to the world.
As to Bell‘s talking telegraph, it only creates interest in scientific circles… its commercial values will be limited.
Elisha Gray
Just as characteristic, perhaps, is the intellectual interdependence created through the development of the modern media of communication: post, telegraph, telephone, and popular press.
Ru and I have been best friends since, well, let’s just say they used the telegraph when we first met. Being able to work with my BFF is a dream come true and even more? To see what he has done for himself, the art of drag and the gay community in general constantly blows me away.
When Roger Ailes hired me, he knew I was the daughter of a college professor and a nurse. There was nothing in this resume that would telegraph, ‘She‘s a secret conservative.’
People always think they’re in the middle of a revolution while they tend not to realize the enormity of a change that has happened in the past. The telegraph was a revolution, but who looks at it that way these days? The telegraph sped up the transportation of messages over long distances by a huge factor.
I have managed to infuriate the bank bosses; acquire a fatwa from the revolutionary guards of the trades union movement; frighten the ‘Daily Telegraph’ with a progressive graduate payment; and upset very rich people who are trying to dodge British taxes. I must be doing something right.
When we developed written language, we significantly increased our functional memory and our ability to share insights and knowledge across time and space. The same thing happened with the invention of the printing press, the telegraph, and the radio.
To escape jury duty in England, wear a bowler hat and carry a copy of the Daily telegraph.
I don’t like the Sunday newspapers – I read them because I have to. ‘Sunday Times,’ ‘Telegraph,’ ‘Independent‘ on Sunday – I find them heavy and too much! I prefer ‘The Economist.’
There is a long history of newspapers being doomed. They were doomed by radio. They were doomed by television. They were probably doomed by the telegraph way back when.
I turn to the ‘Telegraph’s’ obituaries page with trepidation.
No, I’m not interested in developing a powerful brain. All I’m after is just a mediocre brain, something like the President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.
Alan Turing
Everything great in science and art is simple. What can

Everything great in science and art is simple. What can be less complicated than the greatest discoveries of humanity – gravitation, the compass, the printing press, the steam engine, the electric telegraph?
Science, as illustrated by the printing press, the telegraph, the railway, is a double-edged sword. At the same moment that it puts an enormous power in the hands of the good man, it also offers an equal advantage to the evil disposed.