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When I finished 'Cocktail,' it took me a very long time

When I finishedCocktail,’ it took me a very long time to get out of Veronica’s mindspace, behaviour, and zone. I had to reconnect with who I am. It is a similar story with ‘Bajirao Mastani.’ Some films demand that.
Lana Turner was adorable and funny. Jimmy Stewart was such a nice person. I quickly realized that if you‘re not a nice person, you’re not going to last in this business. I mean, once your box office starts to drop off, like Veronica Lake, they’ll get rid of you fast.
Trying to convince Warner Bros. to make a $30 million ‘Veronica Marsmovie just wasn’t going to happen, for understandable reasons.
I’d love to be on a show like ‘ER.’ Just watching it is like, ‘Phew.’ I loved watching ‘Veronica Mars.’ ‘Buffy’ was a big… I loved ‘Buffy.’ I would go out of my way to watch ‘Buffy.’
Enrico Colantoni
I remember, the first time I played a parent was – I did a guest spot on ‘Veronica Mars,’ and they were like, ‘OK, and this is your daughter,’ and there’s this little girl standing there. And I remember thinking, ‘OK, this is weird… I guess I’m old enough to have a daughter.’
Before ‘Veronica Mars,’ I was not, and probably am still not, much of a crime reader. My mom left out a copy of ‘Helter Skelter’ when I was 10, and I secretly read it, and then I spent all my teenage years afraid of hippies. I kept away from crime books for, like, ten years.
I think, as an actor, when you’re starting off early in your career, you’re kind of just seeing what lands. But ‘Veronica Mars’ definitely primed me to look for surprising, dynamic women. It took me awhile to realize how cool that job was.
The world domination plan goal is that I would love Veronica Mars to become a brand like Sherlock Holmes is a brand, like Nancy Drew, in a way, is a brand. When people start listing who are the great fictional detectives, I want Veronica Mars to make that list. That would be the dream scenario.
I had read the ‘Wonder Womancomic books when I was a child; I was much more interested in those than I was in ‘Betty and Veronica,’ even though I liked those as well.
Honestly, it’s been amazing to be a part of this journey on ‘Veronica Mars.’
Ryan Hansen
Because the picture is called ‘Veronica Guerin,’ you expect a biopic. But it’s really about the last two years of her life.
Who doesn’t love Veronica Mars?
Molly Quinn
I advise all my novel students to write in the company of ‘Veronica Mars.’
‘Veronica Mars’ was my first job, and for some reason, my character changed her hairstyle halfway through the season from curly to – I don’t even know whysuddenly straight.
Having gotten TV shows on the air, that’s so much less work that trying to get the ‘Veronica Mars’ movie made.
One reason I relate to ‘Veronica Mars’ fans is because I can totally geek out about shows. I mean, I write Vince Gilligan fan mail every year.
In ‘George Lopez’, I played Veronica who’s a bratty 18-year-old, and so I feel like it’s much easier for me to play that because I feel like a late bloomer. It wasn’t difficult or challenging at all because it’s not like I haven‘t been a teenager.
Aimee Garcia
I know that any fan of ‘Veronica Mars’ is hardcore and loyal, so I give them the time; we spend time talking about it because it warrants that.
Enrico Colantoni
I love ‘Gossip Girl’! I still miss ‘Veronica Mars,’ though.
I started my career as a novelist. ‘Veronica Mars’ was first imagined as a novel.
In a weird way, ‘Veronica Mars’ was my reaction to ‘Freaks and Geeks‘ because ‘Freaks and Geeks’ was the show I wanted to write, the one I wanted to create, where there was no gimmick; you didn’t have to have a teenage private eye. It was just these beautiful small stories about real kids.
I loved Veronica right off the bat. She was so strong and I think it is so important because there are so few shows that portray women, especially young women, as being strong and being able to stand up for themselves.
I love that there are so many ‘Veronica Mars’ fans. I was not a regular on the show. I was lucky enough to just come on. I loved the character. But, I never really realized the rabid fans that it had. I just didn’t know.
My mother and my sistersfive girls – were crazy about glamour and Hollywood movies. I styled myself on Veronica Lake and Marlene Dietrich.
Vivian Abenshushan and Veronica Gerber write brilliant books that defy generic conventions.
There are so few strong roles for women, especially young women. And Veronica is very serious but also very likable. She’s a lone wolf, and it appeals to people that she isn’t rich and doesn’t have a lot of friends. No posse. She’s just like you, like most of us.
I think people expect me to dress a bit like Veronica from ‘Shameless,’ in vest tops and denim skirts.
I definitely look up to Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, and J.K. Rowling.
I’m not recognized very often, and if I am, it’s a die-hard Veronica Mars fan. Which is usually flattering and an honor. I really try not to think about it.
So when you go to a set and you just fully trust everybody, you know how hard everybody’s working, you know that the people doing it are good and have such a strong vision – that’s exactly my experience on ‘New Girl,’ and what my experience on ‘Veronica Mars’ was like. Everybody was just so great.
I really like dating stories, like in Betty and Veronica comics; I like David Lynch and H.P. Lovecraft for the dark gut-wrenching stuff, and I’m inspired by Miyazaki’s films for the subtle heart-warming moments, as well as the moments that blew up my imagination.
Fred Seibert
From Lady Carlisle's trip to Moscow in 1663 to Veronica

From Lady Carlisle’s trip to Moscow in 1663 to Veronica Atkinson’s tour of duty during the 1989 Romanian revolution, it is clear that very little has changed. Four hundred years of innovation, liberation, and improvement clearly bypassed the Foreign Office while making its rounds through Westminster.
I’m so… Honestly, it’s been amazing to be a part of this journey on ‘Veronica Mars.’ Because I started out, really, with a word on the show. So it’s kind of fun to look back and be like, ‘Wow, I was basically an extra,’ but not really – I had a little part.
Ryan Hansen