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It is hard to put aside partisanship. It is hard to giv

It is hard to put aside partisanship. It is hard to give up the easy wisecracking jeer that divides and destroys. It is hard – very hard – to have worked sincerely and wholeheartedly for a cause and to have lost. Most of all, it is hard to put aside personal prejudices. And yet we must put these things aside.
Aside from being bad sportsmanshipRomney basically said Obama won by cheating – he was displaying the same obtuseness about the wants and needs of ordinary people that did more to torpedo his campaign than any goodies Obama might have had to dole out.
I’m confident in all my fights. You have to be. You have to put any negative thoughts aside.
Aside from the can, everything about LaCroix is gentle.
When you drive, you can kind of put your identity aside in the passenger‘s seat because you’re not being watched, and you can just be the watcher.
The Chili Peppers have a real strict two-week on/two-week off policy – aside from me, everybody has families.
Josh Klinghoffer
Why do I put myself in a position to be cast aside or not considered as I would like to? Because I am a creative mind, because I still aspire to be one.
One of my favorite luxuries in life is travel. Jet lag and lost baggage aside, it’s an incredible way to learn about other cultures, meet new people, broaden your horizons… and do some amazing shopping!
Hell is yourself and the only redemption is when a person puts himself aside to feel deeply for another person.
For a successful entrepreneur it can mean extreme wealth. But with extreme wealth comes extreme responsibility. And the responsibility for me is to invest in creating new businesses, create jobs, employ people, and to put money aside to tackle issues where we can make a difference.
I just want to say that aside from Atlanta United, any national team gives you a little bit more free time. I don’t want to get completely into the analysis. There are different responsibilities compared to clubs and national team.
I’m really proud that we have so many companies on the same stage, putting competition aside to share a first look at where games are going in 2019 and beyond. That’s something a lot of awards shows don’t do. We think the urgency and excitement around that drives a lot of viewers.
Geoff Keighley
America isn’t Congress. America isn’t Washington. America is the striving immigrant who starts a business, or the mom who works two low-wage jobs to give her kid a better life. America is the union leader and the CEO who put aside their differences to make the economy stronger.
The time Yash and I planned to get settled together it was difficult for me. I remember my career was at high peak and I had to make a decision. I choose to keep career aside for my marriage and I’m proud of it.
Man has not really vanquished Shamanism and its spooks till he possesses the strength to lay aside not only the belief in ghosts or in spirits, but also the belief in the spirit.
When I was about to break a world record and become well known, my mother used to say that for her the important thing was for me to become a doctor – a career which had not been possible in her generation and in her society. Sport was something to be set aside.
You lie awake at 3 in the morning thinking of story ideas. You’re online at 8 a.m. on a Sunday or midnight on a Wednesday. It’s a job that you never push aside.
There are many great fighters in the UFC; some of my favorites are Rodrigo Nogueira, Lyoto Machida, and B. J. Penn, but aside from these guys, the UFC has many great fighters in every division.
I think when everyone found out I was Moana, we got banana bread practically every night of the week. Aside from that, it’s been really normal!
Because of my voice, speaking words which had been carefully chosen, women had used money they had set aside for other purposes to buy war bonds.
Aside from my work, in my everyday private life, I’m not a very adventureous person. I don’t look for change.
Namie Amuro
I was one of the first practitioners of social engineering as a hacking technique, and today it is my only tool of use, aside from a smartphone – in a purely white hat sort of way. But if you don’t trust me, then ask any reasonably competent social engineer.
You can do any number of things in the music business aside from trying to look like you’re 25. To me it’s embarrassing.
The thing you have to understand is that there are only so many things you can do in a year. There are only so many days in a year. There is only so much time you can set aside for certain projects.
So I went to Chicago in 1940, I think, ’41, and the photographs that I made there, aside from fashion, were things that I was trying to express in a social conscious way.
Gordon Parks
I suppose if I did get into a situation with a friend where we both liked the same girl, I like to think we’d sit down maturely and decide who was going to get in there, and then the other would stand aside.
Every year, I travel extensively in the autumn and the spring. I set most of the winter and summer aside for my family and my own tribal relatives. But during that traveling time, I often find myself visiting other native communities around the continentperhaps a dozen or more each year.
Politics is too partisan, and sometimes patriotism is cast aside. Patriotism is honor and love of your country and your brothers and sisters. With politics I get the impression that it’s all about what’s good for the party and not necessarily what’s good for the country.
Ricardo Montalban
I’m not going to coach again. I’ve done my coaching, and I think I can put that aside.
Adolescence is when girls experience social pressure to put aside their authentic selves and to display only a small portion of their gifts.
Mary Pipher
We must gather our courage. Hold hands and cast aside our divisions. We must embrace what unites us, together we can.
Most of the musicians I play with - aside from the form

Most of the musicians I play with – aside from the form and structure of the music – the interpretation is up to them.
We were elected to serve our districts, and that demands putting bygones aside. That’s what leadership‘s all about.
Morality aside, there are other factors deterring ‘strategic defaults,’ whether in recourse or nonrecourse states. These include the economic and emotional costs of giving up one’s home and moving, the perceived social stigma of defaulting, and a serious hit to a borrower’s credit rating.
But you can catch yourself entertaining habitually certain ideas and setting others aside; and that, I think, is where our personal destinies are largely decided.
And I think it’s that time. And I think if you just step aside and Mr. Romney can kind of take over. You can maybe still use a plane. Though maybe a smaller one. Not that big gas guzzler you are going around to colleges and talking about student loans and stuff like that.
I was at Caesar‘s Palace in Las Vegas, and I was performing at a show there. Jimmy Carter was going to be coming through with his Secret Service detail. The manager pulled me aside, and they didn’t want me to shake Jimmy Carter’s hand because they were afraid it would make the news if I stole from him.
We can’t pick and choose when to adhere to the Constitution and when to cast it aside.
Dan Coats
Well, I never got into the young adult headspace. With ‘Twilight,’ they are pretty adult themes, aside from maybe the first one, but even that. They’re very adult themes, actually, particularly as the characters age. I never wrote for young adults. I wrote for myself, as an audience.
Let’s cast aside notions of red counties or blue counties and recognize that these are artificial divisions.
The most important part of the body is the brain. Of my face, I like the eyebrows and eyes. Aside from that, I like nothing. My head is too small.
My favorite part of any military feature, aside from the people themselves, is how clean and organized everything is. I like things clean and organized, and they don’t get any cleaner or more organized than they are in any branch of the military.
Disasters happen. We still have no way to eliminate earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, floods or droughts. We cope as best we can by fortifying ourselves against danger with building codes and levees, and by setting aside money to clean up afterwards.
I like to also have an hour and a half around lunchtime every day, set aside to exercise.
I’ve set aside a nice chunk of my advertising revenue each month for giveaways, like a KitchenAid mixer. I like buying them for the audience, because without the audience I wouldn’t have the blog or the revenue in the first place.
What I’ve learned how to do as I’ve gotten older is to take all of the information that I have, and push it aside, and try to distill each song into an emotional theme. The hardest thing that I’ve ever had to learn how to do in playing music is use the sound of my instrument to create an emotional effect.
Mine is a job that never ends, a function where it is almost impossible to set aside time to rest or take a breather.
We know somebody‘s got to win, somebody’s got to lose, but aside from that, there’s a lot of latitude and spontaneity and free-wheeling that I think would make it a much better product. I’m not knocking the product on RAW or Smackdown or NXT; these guys are good, but they’re following a television format.
Gene Okerlund
Looking back across the years, so many pictures flash on the screen of my memory that just as I begin to see one clearly, another slides in, blotting out the first, itself to be pushed aside by the next and the next and the next.
Some people don’t have the luxury to see a future without the man, as they are dependent on him. That’s because they put their education or priorities aside to be mothers or wives to somebody.
I’ve seen incredible acts of humanity in the military because people put themselves aside, and it’s about the other person.
As I have to have low-sugar foods, I eat more berries, dragonfruit and kiwis. Aside from that, my go-to sweet treat is Chinese dessert soups.
I’m still a shy person. I’ve learned to put that aside on certain occasions. I have to. It’s part of my job.
I like Canada for a number of reasons, politics and people and all that stuff aside. I was raised there, and I write music best when I’m in situations that I’m surrounded by nature, and when there’s seasons.
While one can’t always begrudge the wealth of people who have at least produced something of value, the rich of the financial world don’t make anything but more money. They’re not creative, aside from, perhaps, in accounting.
If ever a man and his wife, or a man and his mistress, who pass nights as well as days together, absolutely lay aside all good breeding, their intimacy will soon degenerate into a coarse familiarity, infallibly productive of contempt or disgust.
New York is the opposite of East Germany, the crown of individuality. That’s why I can work well here and find out what I personally think of the pieces I’m learning. I can lay aside all the baggage of German education. In any case, whatever I do, I can’t lose it altogether.
Jan Vogler
Smith and Carlos aside, I object to using the Olympic awards stand to make a political statement.
Brent Musburger
Immigration is not about visa numbers or building a fence. It is about reclaiming our roots as a nation of immigrants and a refuge for those who have been cast aside.
I put my diet chart aside when I am in MP! Be it poha, jalebi, daal baafla, or namkeen, I always make sure that I relish the local delicacies before leaving Indore. Indore is a must visit for all the foodies.
Religion can make it worse. Are you supposing that if people were encouraged to believe in a transcendent reality, and to be encouraged by grand rituals and music and preaching, to love their neighbors, then they would put jealousy and frustration aside?
There are enough people who lost faith in me that it’s time to step aside and let there be a new voice for the 6th district in Washington, so I am not going to run for re-election.
If you have a fantastic idea you're really passionate a

If you have a fantastic idea you’re really passionate about and are making $100,000 in your job, if you can set aside some of that to invest in servers or contractors or other folks, that’s actually the best way to start a business in my opinion.
Cast aside any column about two subjects. It means the pundit chickened out on the hard decision about what to write about that day.
As children, my siblings and I were actively discouraged from acting. I have no memories of going on set with my parents – aside from ‘Gulliver’s Travels.’
I saw a hockey game where they threw the puck aside and just started fighting. I saw that, and I’m like, ‘So I’m the thug?’
The writer of prose can only step aside when the poet passes.
Even leaving aside its military bases, America’s influence on the domestic ordering of British life has been enormous, though sometimes unrecognised.
‘Discipleship’ as a term has lost its content, and this is one reason why it has been moved aside. I’ve tried to redeem the idea of discipleship, and I think it can be done; you have to get it out of the contemporary mode.
I think the main influence has been living in New York City. Aside from all the crap around 9/11, I find it very demanding to think amid all the noise and visual pollution.
George Murray
We were always able to sing and blend well together; that’s our gift. But aside from that, we’re really two different guys.
I’ve seen teams where there are bad relationships in the locker room, but they can leave that aside and win on the field. For me, I’m not satisfied with any part of that.
But I am convinced that those Jews who stand aside today with a malicious smile and with their hands in their trouserspockets will also want to dwell in our beautiful home.
Aside from my family, I have two great loves in my life: acting and the fight for social justice.
Alan Rosenberg
We must learn to set our emotions aside and embrace what science tells us. GMOs and nuclear power are two of the most effective and most important green technologies we have. If – after looking at the data – you aren’t in favour of using them responsibly, you aren’t an environmentalist.
Too often the great decisions are originated and given form in bodies made up wholly of men, or so completely dominated by them that whatever of special value women have to offer is shunted aside without expression.
I thought this was the most incredible opportunity. Because ‘Planet Of The Apes,’ aside from the fantasy element of talking apes, is such an amazing franchise, because under the surface of that genre, you’re actually looking at human nature.
Experiences are savings which a miser puts aside. Wisdom is an inheritance which a wastrel cannot exhaust.
Nothing important has ever come out of San Francisco, Rice-a-Roni aside.
Michael O’Donoghue
The main thing that those two albums have in common aside from my music, which of course, a sense of it, you can recognize, it is that the bass on Infinite Search was playing much, much less like a bass.
It’s with pleasure that I’m putting film-making aside. I never enjoyed making films. I didn’t like the whole film world – an invented, unreal world whose values are completely different to those I’m used to.
My wife, as proud as she was of me, hated show business for good reasons. There was something about the spouse always being pushed out of the way, shoved aside. She wanted to get away from it.
Fish banks are areas we set aside without fishing, reserves where we allow marine life to come back.
Enric Sala
I like that ‘Pitch Perfect’ is one of my first forays into film and just being seen in that kind of light, aside from some people who know me from ‘Spring Awakening‘ or the other things that I’ve done. I think in so many ways it’s kind of like my own ‘Glee‘ or ‘Smash‘.
The avant-garde theater is fun; it is free-swinging, bold, iconoclastic, and often wildly, wildly funny. If you will approach it with childlike innocence – putting your standard responses aside, for they do not apply – if you will approach it on its own terms, I think you will be in for a liberating surprise.
Even putting aside the Judeo-Christian morality upon which the Constitution and our nation’s culture are based, the notion of forced euthanasia would contradict the long-held body of medical ethics to which all American doctors must adhere.
We should always be learning. However, we must be careful not to set aside our faith in the process, because faith actually enhances our ability to learn.
Aside from the likability factor, I can criticize Hillary‘s politics all day long, but I never question her intelligence. I have never doubted that she is a strong, capable, smart leader.
I casually advise a few young companies, and I’m always surprised when I see them overthinking simple problems, adding too much structure too early, and trying to get formal too soon. Start-ups should embrace their scrappiness, not rush to toss it aside.
I first considered writing ‘New York’ in 1991. I’d been in the city for a decade, was married to an American wife, and sending my children to New York schools. I was even on the board of a coop building. But I wasn’t sure how to organize such complex material, and for many years I put the project aside.
Edward Rutherfurd
Publishers, editors, agents all have one thing in common, aside from their love of cocktail parties. It’s an incredible taste and an ability to find and nurture authors.
To me, the sax is rock n’ roll, even though electric guitars kind of pushed it aside for a while.
Learning to accept failure on multiple levels is, to my way of thinking, the key to become a world-class therapist. But that means humility, and setting your ego aside, while you develop superb new technical skills.
I'd always wanted to write a novel, but after attending

I’d always wanted to write a novel, but after attending film school, I’d spent five years knocking on Hollywood‘s door and had put that idea aside.
Aside from that reservation, a fictive tale even has the advantage of manifesting symbolic necessity more purely to the extent that we may believe its conception arbitrary.
Jacques Lacan
The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis, but it must be followed by a sense of futility.
You have to keep time aside for life, which I haven‘t done enough over the past couple years.
Let’s set aside our political and ideological differences and take a moment to love our families, hug our children, parents and grandparents and through love and respect, strengthen the bonds that made us the greatest nation on Earth.
I eat egg whites a lot. Aside from that, I eat everything. I try to avoid too much oily food, but I do eat carbs. I have to have a balanced diet.
Genelia D’Souza
I don’t follow any system. All the laws you can lay down are only so many props to be cast aside when the hour of creation arrives.
Raoul Dufy
If you can, put aside for a moment your opinion of Donald Trump‘s words and actions and let’s be perfectly honest: One year into his presidency, could the economy be any rosier?
Love has its own instinct, finding the way to the heart, as the feeblest insect finds the way to its flower, with a will which nothing can dismay nor turn aside.
Let’s set aside political gamesmanship and work together for the sake of our children.
I make a note, set it aside, and hope it makes sense when the time comes to look at it again.
Often, I find it really hard to see what I’m doing when I’m in the thick of things. I can get too precious and have to force myself to put my paintings aside. There’s a wall in my studio where I hang paintings that I think are done or nearly done. Over time, I’ll realise which ones are working and which aren’t.
Cecily Brown
I had a mental breakdown while doing my Ph.D. at Cambridge, soon after I cut off contact with my parents, and I started seeing the university counsellor, one of the best decisions I ever made. There’s something very nourishing in setting aside an hour a week to talk.
I really think that aside from admiring my talent you really admire me as a person and as a woman.
Saint Mochua was the son of a certain Cronan, of noble race, and spent his youth in fighting. At the age of thirty, he laid aside his arms and burnt a house, with all its contents, which had been given to him by his uncle, saying that a servant of Christ should take nothing from sinners.
It’s a really unfair world because life is, where I am; all day long we listen to American music. So I don’t see why the radios in the U.S. cannot even put aside one hour a day just to play music that is not American.
Miriam Makeba
Step on the moist, pillowsoft earth, walking gingerly aside a weeping steam that calls your name, for it knows how to heal a wounded heart.
Maximillian Degenerez
If you’re a retail investor, you have set aside some of your hard-earned money for investment or to create a nest egg, for your kids or family.
Those who imagine polygamy to be handy cover for promiscuity are apparently off the mark. If polygamists share one quality, it is that, polygamy aside, they are extraordinarily strait-laced.
Students were pulled aside to spend more time in art class, and I wasn’t one of them.
I think poems belong as much in the news pages as the literary pages. A lot of people throw aside the literary pages! Whereas everybody looks at the news section.
I used to be so angry. I think back to my early days as a critic in the late 1990s, and I blush. I would go swaggering into restaurants in some ridiculous tramp disguise, challenging them to mistreat me, order the things I was least likely to enjoy, then hurl my plate aside in a fury and demand to see the manager.
If we can tell a good story with characters audiences can care about, I’d like to think that prejudices can fall aside and people can just experience the story and these characters for the human beings that they are.
Aged six, I sailed from South Africa to England by steam ship with my family. It was a three-week journey. I remember crying on my birthday when I didn’t get the enormous teddy bear that was for sale in the ship’s shop but, aside from that, I had a wonderful time.
When your child stops breathing 60 times a night, you don’t worry about what’s going on next year or even next week. You put aside thoughts about which preschool you’re going to enroll him in and focus on how he’s doing right now. It’s not the Norman Rockwell relationship that you sign on for when becoming a parent.
Arizonans want us to come together, put aside politics, and solve problems. You want us to do our jobs in way that reflects the best of our state. You want us to stop and listen – something that doesn’t always come naturally to people in politics.
Science fiction made me aware of how big and strange the universe was, leaving aside the whole question of aliens.
Ken MacLeod
As far as my goals are concerned, Eli Drake needs to be a household name any and everywhere it can be. Aside from that I want to rack up championships.
I’ve been performing since I was a child; my mother would have to pull me aside and tell me that I wasn’t onstage. I was a cheerleader, president of choir, and in the school play.
On Friday I was in Washington for a meeting with Administration officials. In the course of that meeting, they requested that I ‘step aside’ as CEO of GM, and so I have.
Rick Wagoner
Why, in our ‘free’ country, do Americans meekly stand aside and let the state limit our choices, even when we are dying?
There is much that makes one pause in 'If This is a Man

There is much that makes one pause in ‘If This is a Man’, the record of Levi’s 11-month incarceration in Auschwitz, much one cannot read without needing to lay aside the book and inhale the breath of common air.
Be grateful for what you already have. Set aside the time to take care of yourself, too.
Aside from my son, no person has ever shown for me the gentle concern I knew from Governor Adlai Stevenson.
In the person with autism, the brain may already be seeing the part and be less distracted by the whole, and in the person without autism the brain may have to set aside its picture of the whole to analyze the detail.
You’ve got to be pretty mean to pick up on women who only know you from television and then cast them aside.
David Eigenberg
When I talk about feminism, sometimes I feel like being a black woman is cast aside.
Let us put the normal divisions of politics aside. Let us come together as one country; let us seize this historic moment to shift the balance of power from the corridors of Westminster to the streets and communities of Scotland.
I will be doing a bit more television, but, you know, aside from ‘MasterChef’ which is judging, I really want to do some travel with something that can really show up my creativity or something I can be creative on.
It felt very natural to me to write a Christmas song, but at the same time I had to really put all sorts of pressure aside and just let the creativity flow and see what came out.
Christina Perri
We are definitely a team, from each band member to our management/booking agent. I like to be as involved as possible with business decisions, but at a certain point, it’s important to me to step aside and let the professionals do their thing.
I played ball in college and semi-professional, and aside from the game and all that, the most valuable thing is the relationships. Who can care how many rings you have or how many championships you’ve won or how many records you broke. The most valuable stuff is the intangible stuff.
Any successful nominee should possess both the temperament to interpret the law and the wisdom to do so fairly. The next Supreme Court Justice should have a record of protecting individual rights and a strong willingness to put aside any political agenda.
Bennie Thompson
I suggest that the introductory courses in science, at all levels from grade school through college, be radically revised. Leave the fundamentals, the so-called basics, aside for a while, and concentrate the attention of all students on the things that are not known.
Let me put it this way: I don’t feel as settled as I look. I think that’s true of everyone, probably. Except for Beyonce and Jay-Z. I don’t think they wake up and think, ‘Ugh, when’s it going to work out for us? Why can’t we catch a break?’ Aside from them, I’m pretty sure everyone’s life feels a lot less intentional.
I am very proud of my public record and the many accomplishments of my office. It has been a tremendous honor to represent the 6th District of Texas for over three decades, but now it is time to step aside and let there be a new voice.
When people ask me if I’m liberal or conservative, I say, ‘Yeah.’ I’m both of them. To be a liberal means to be open-minded and generous and open to new ideas. And to be conservative means to hold onto things that are important, things that shouldn’t be cast aside.
To hold that the act of homosexual sodomy is somehow protected as a fundamental right would be to cast aside millennia of moral teaching.
Warren E. Burger
I’d argue that in the last few decades in America, when people are asked what they hope the future will look like, they still turn to ‘Star Trek.’ They hope we put aside our differences and come together as humanity, that we rise above war, poverty, racism, and other problems that have beset us.
One day a week should be set aside for field trips.
Every player thinks he’s Maradona when he joins a big club. That happens to all of us, but then you start to notice it in the younger players. You see kids who think they’re rock stars, wearing extravagant clothes and driving fancy cars… and sometimes you have to take them aside and have a word.
In countries where there are no racial differences or no religious differences, people find other reasons to set aside one certain group of people and generally spit in their direction.
When you are younger, you are running on that pure naive adrenalin, you don’t have any real responsibility aside from making sure you get there and play. And there’s usually someone there to help you do that!
To help staff recharge and think better, companies are setting aside quiet places to relax, practise yoga or even take a nap. With hi-tech giants such as Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft underlining the pitfalls of being ‘always on,’ firms are imposing speed limits on the information superhighway.
If I’m healthy, I’m going to go out there and pitch. If I’m tired, I’m going to put that aside and just get through it.
I usually set aside a lot of time in advance of a movie with important roles for kids to search, but when you have great ones, they can be a real ace in the hole.
Unfortunately, the spouses of performers have a terrible, terrible life. They get shunted aside, pushed aside, ignored.
I am much more productive late at night because I have no one to look to for entertainment aside from myself.
Be honest: if your pitch is 90 minutes and you only have 60 set aside for a business lunch or a cup of coffee, there is no way that you can give an honest representation of your company or products. You’re lying to yourself and wasting your own time as well as that of your prospect or partner.
Ever since I was a little girl music was my escape and it was something that I did and was a huge part of me; aside from what my grades were in school. It was something that was truly mine.
Aside from rabid Islamists, no one who wishes to be taken seriously can publicly say anything bad about the old Jews of Europe without sounding like reactionary troglodytes.
We say that anytime budgets are balanced and an ample savings account has been set aside, government should just stop collecting taxes. Better to leave that money in the pockets of those who earned it, than to let it burn a hole, as it always does, in the pockets of government.
I've become a lot more relaxed about my career, but may

I’ve become a lot more relaxed about my career, but maybe that’s a part of growing up. I realise there are things I hold dear and value, aside from professional achievements.
‘In The Heights‘ was my favorite show, so hip hop is something that’s really close to my heart, but aside from the hip hop, there are so many wondrous things about it.
Rather than set aside daily time for prayer, I pray constantly and spontaneously about everything I encounter on a daily basis. When someone shares something with me, I’ll often simply say, ‘let’s pray about this right now.’
If people are offering help, it’s because they want to and you have to let them do it. It just makes life so much easier. You just have to put your pride aside.
When you put fear aside and follow your convictions, you get to try and achieve so many more things.
For the kids out there that are worried about what the future holds, especially the LGBTQI+ kids, our brothers and sisters that came before us didn’t fight for nothing. Trust me: we will only move forward, but you need to put your fear aside and find the strength to believe that.
Aside from doing everything possible to provide programs for people who are seriously ill, I want to do everything humanly possible to help create a more caring society so that we can begin to counter the painful loneliness and sense of helplessness which has engulfed too many of our people.
Back in 1985, I was working on my third solo album when the band came to me and asked me to produce the next Fleetwood Mac project. At that point, I put aside my solo work – which was half finished – and committed myself for the next seventeen months to producingTango in the Night.’
There’s so much diversity of opinion out there, so ultimately you have to listen to it, put it aside, and make what you want to make.
David Twohy
My personal failures aside, 500 has long supported a diverse community of entrepreneurs including women, minorities, LGTBQ, international, and other overlooked founders.
The quality of the Lord‘s church on earth, cannot be seen by any man, so long as he lives in the world, still less how the church in process of time has turned aside from good to evil.
The key to forming good habits is to make them part of your ‘rituals.’ I have a morning ritual, afternoon ritual, and Sunday ritual. It’s one way to bundle good habits into regular times that you set aside to prepare yourself for the life you want. Rituals help you form habits.
A writer can’t afford to just focus on writing and leave marketing aside in today’s competitive market.
The whole world is global. With the Internet, it’s like we’re all living in a small village. We’re starting more and more to realize there is no difference, we can work together, we can put aside our differences and work on our similarities and be successful in that way.
Shohreh Aghdashloo
I distributed my wealth among my children and set aside a portion for endowment to run charity projects.
Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi
I’ve been put down, pushed aside, knocked out.
I was happy at ESPN, I was succeeding at ESPN and I love sports. But the very foundational principles, set aside politics, the bedrocks of Western Civilization are being vilified.
I feel like, all things aside, it’s a really great time to be a woman. And I don’t want to hear stories from, like, white dudes anymore. Like, not really. I want to hear stories from women.
At first everyone predicted that it would be impossible to hold these divergent people together, but aside from the skilled men, some of whom belonged to craft unions, comparatively few went back to the mills. And as a whole, the strike was conducted with little violence.
Ray Stannard Baker
A cook never knows if the dish he perfected for hours was described properly or if a guest even liked his food. It’s hard to spend hours perfecting a dish only to relinquish control. But chefs need to put aside their egos and trust the people serving the food.
In the morning before all the craziness happens, I make sure to pray, and I’ll put aside 10 minutes to meditate. I feel when I do that, I’m able to get through my day a lot better.
Tom Kitt aside – he’s in his own category with me, of course – Stephen Sondheim is one of my all-time favorite composers.
I’m not one of those people that wears something once and tosses it aside. I wear my shoes until they beg to be thrown away. Parting is such sweet sorrow – and then it’s onto the next pair.
It’s funny, oftentimes the really great roles that I enjoy are in classic plays, and there aren’t many theatres in New York who will do them, aside from Roundabout.
Laila Robins
I’ve studied documentarians extensively to come up with my own in-house style. I’m a student of Michael Moore‘s films, of Eisenstein, Riefenstahl. Leave the politics aside, you have to learn from those past masters on how they were trying to communicate their ideas.
Broadcasting is a team effort and two, or three, individuals not functioning as a team cannot be as effective as they can if they set aside their own agendas and focus on what they see on their TV monitors and embellish the TV personas of the talents involved. I’ve been blessed to have had many outstanding partners.
All respect for the office of the presidency aside, I assumed that the obvious and unadulterated decline of freedom and constitutional sovereignty, not to mention the efforts to curb the power of judicial review, spoke for itself.
Small films, made on shoe-string budget work in big centres, and for that a substantial amount of budget should be set aside for marketing.
We must understand that the British public’s relationship with Europe is – and always has been, the sporting arena aside – about the benefits we can achieve in jobs, security, and quality of life from membership and how these benefits outweigh any disadvantages.
Maybe the Tory party might, instead of telling the Brexit Party what to do, make an approach to the Brexit Party and say I’ll tell you what, we’ll stand aside in certain areas. That would be a very positive thing for me, let’s work together for a new kind of politics.
When BP was not moving fast enough on claims, we told BP to set aside $20 billion in a fund – managed by an independent third party – to help all those whose lives have been turned upside down by the spill.
I have the LGBT audience behind me, and there's all the

I have the LGBT audience behind me, and there’s all these people that I want to make proud, and I want to do well aside from just myself.
It’s a question of why they come for your advice. Whatever I tell you, it doesn’t matter, it is completely irrelevant in a way. I know so many actors who were discouraged and put that aside. You will get half-baked opinions.
Michael York
The hypocrisy and false piety of the deniers aside, the relationships of gays have no effect on heteros. Especially all the heteros who’ve done such a marvelous job of debasing marriage on their own all these many years.
But my answer to that question would have to be, aside from the obvious, which is the people and the relationships that you garner over a long period of time but the catering. The catering. They’re the best. So it’s the food.
I’ve been very fortunate to have people pull me aside and mentor me.
Handwriting challenges aside, I love paper cards. I love the endless stewing involved in picking them out at the store. I love buying holiday stamps at the post office, and I love that ‘whoosh’ sound the cards make when I drop them into the mail slot.
While we face economic obstacles that challenge every decision made in Washington, decisions made merely for political gain must stop. It’s time to restore civility in Congress. It’s time for action where action is needed – all politics aside.
Aside from Donald Trump, the Clintons are the best for ratings and click-throughs.
Nick hasn’t seen me naked – I’m not a person who’s constantly flinging my clothes aside and strutting about.
Confront your fears, list them, get to know them, and only then will you be able to put them aside and move ahead.
Jerry Gillies
And when it comes to the music, the fans are the most important thing because they get you and put you where you are. And so often – too often – that whole idea gets cast aside.
The perception that I was just a pop star was pushed upon me by the public, and it’s very hard to change the public’s perception even though I never really pushed aside the musician aspect of my career. After I releasedFingerprints,’ my peers reassured me that I was on a level that I always hoped I would be on.
If you take most men aside when their wives are pregnant, most men are pretty frightened and worried and faintly disgusted by the whole experience.
When you go out onto the stage, all the preparation has to be forced into your subconscious. For the moment of the performance, we all have to return to a new level of unconsciousness. All the reflection and all the doubts have to be laid aside before you start.
Aside from Joan Rivers and Roseanne, it’s hard for me to think of any female comedian who’s had kids and has a serious level of fame – like, the level where your mother has heard of them.
I wouldn’t live in Chicago cause it’s too conservative, aside for the fact that Oprah Winfrey lives there.
From the core, I’m a shy person, but when I’m on stage, I know how to put it aside. Of course, I’m not perfect, but I’ve definitely grown as far as being comfortable on stage.
Memory, so complete and clear or so evasive, has to be ended, has to be put aside, as if one were leaving a chapel and bringing the prayer to an end in one’s head.
I used to brush aside when people used to say ‘Poonam, you’re different.’ It was much later that I realised, I was different.
I believe in infrastructure, I believe in investing in your hard assets. Where I think government starts to fail is when it starts getting itself weighed down with the social programs. And I think the American public just feels like a lot of that money is tossed aside and wasted.
I remember, in my senior year, one of my teachers taking me aside and saying: ‘You look really tired.’ This was when I was being a bad kid and she knew that something was wrong.
A lot of music for me was about – I mean, aside from the fun and challenge of writing and being really good friends with my bandmates – getting to perform.
Opium teaches only one thing, which is that aside from physical suffering, there is nothing real.
Andre Malraux
We must have courage to set partisanship aside and embrace the best ideas and solutions no matter which side of the aisle they come from.
In the very early years of our marriage I took seriously ill and I had to be hospitalised in London. Leaving everything aside, my Jaan was by my side, staying awake at times while I slept secure in the knowledge that I have strong hands clasping my hand, praying silently for my recovery.
To the hard-working people who set a little bit aside each month, to provide for their children, or to fund their own retirement, I say: you should be rewarded not punished.
I’ve said many times how big a wrestling fan I am, but all my bias aside as her husband, I’m a huge Candice LeRae fan. I was a huge Candice LeRae fan before we started dating. I was a huge Candice LeRae fan before we got married.
This may be a dream, but I’ll say it anyway: I was supposed to be married last year, and I bought a gown. When I meet Nelson Mandela, I shall put on this gown and have the train of it removed and put aside, and kiss the ground that he walks on and then kiss his feet.
Aside from my own fight, I was continuously engaged in the fight for others. So, for decades, all I did was fight. What that did to me is it didn’t give me the time to reflect on my own feelings.
In life when you get tested, when you get rejected by everyone and when you get pushed aside, you actually get the best out of it. That has been a learning curve for me.
My failure to lay aside the sin that so easily entangles is the direct result of my refusal to die to my natural proclivity toward attaining my own freedom, meaning, value, worth, and righteousness – not believing that, by virtue of my Spirit – wrought union with Christ, everything I need, I already possess.
I know what I'm going to write for the next three years

I know what I’m going to write for the next three years. It’s frustrating, because if I get a good new idea, I have to put it aside.
Bruce Coville
My friend, Sue Ann, in college pulled me aside and said, ‘Honey I love you but you have got to start waxing your eyebrows. They look wild!’ So thank you, that kinda changed my life.
But once I went for it, left my inhibitions aside and saw its eventual success, it made me much more comfortable and eager THIS time around to take it to a whole new level.
Jason Biggs
I hope everybody’s had fun, because I’ve enjoyed my ride. I can tell you that. Now it’s time to step aside and let some other young kid come in and win. Hopefully, they will, too.
Those who sacrifice for the good of this nation are not simply a resource to be utilized and cast aside.
I am hopeful for the Newcastle fans, for the club, for everybody that I will be able to step aside and we will be able to get an owner in that will please everybody.
If you were to ask my agent, they would confirm this: I’m drawn to locations. What really drew me to ‘The 4400,’ aside from the fact that it was sci-fi, was the fact that it was shot in the city of my dreams: Vancouver.
Aside from the Rizzoli & Isles books, there are many other stories I want to write. The question is whether I’ll live long enough to write them all!
When we talk about safety and security of the American people, politics falls aside pretty quickly.
Aside from ROH, just getting a taste of Wrestle Kingdom at the Tokyo Dome with NJPW has me really excited at the prospect of furthering and developing my career in Japan.
I had done everything I could do as an astronaut, and we have a long line of inexperienced astronauts waiting for their first missions, and so my role really should be to step aside and help them prepare for their missions, rather than to try to get another mission.
Concerns about the possible side-effects of connected care are swept aside by the expectations of the benefits when people are confronted with a chronic disease themselves. Resistance that could be privacy-related completely disappears.
I don’t think anyone should be banned. If you don’t like a book, set it aside.
Do we look horrendous when people don’t work together? Oh, God, yes. If the leave campaign is not prepared to show that it’s big enough and ugly enough to put aside party differences in the interests of this great cause, then it has a great problem.
The only thing that was economic, I might say, about my music career, aside from the fact that I did everybody’s tax returns in the band, was the decision I made to leave the music business on economic grounds.
Foreman told Ray to plead guilty and he’d then give his brother $500, if Ray didn’t cause any problems at the guilty plea hearing, and he could take that $500 and hire a lawyer to set aside the plea. Foreman actually put that in writing.
William Pepper
Everything comes back to the horse, which is why I love it. You put your ego aside, and you concentrate on getting the best performance out of this creature.
I’m a typical middle child. I’m the mediator. The one that makes everything OK, puts their own needs aside to make sure everybody’s happy. It’s hard to change your nature, even with years and years of therapy.
Sports fans have an unbelievable ability at the end of the day, when the game comes on, to kind of put everything aside and watch the game.
John Skipper
Generally, I feel I’m cast aside because of the kind of movies that I make.
That’s the downside of playing for one of the top teams: that no matter how well you play, sometimes you have to step aside.
I don’t know how anybody gets better at anything aside from doing it.
As Brian Urquhart has said quite correctly, I don’t think that individual countries in the international community can stand aside and let all of these slaughters continue without doing anything.
Alex Morrison
The forms of thought, into which we throw our timid views of God, are but symbols of truths greater than our thoughts. Yet we may not set them aside as worthless, for they are the rungs on which we dwellers in the cave climb to the full view of the Truth, as he is.
Music was something I had put aside to make movies. Somehow I earlier felt there was only so much creative energy allotted to your life and only that much time to pursue your creativity. But I was wrong.
I listen to my songs so many times that I tend to lose objectivity. After I hear a tune around 30 times, I keep it aside, and revisit it after a while. Then, it starts sounding fresh again.
Santhosh Narayanan
It’s in our best interest to put some of the old rules aside and create new ones and follow the consumer – what the consumer wants and where the consumer wants to go.
Putting a little time aside for clean fun and good humor is very necessary to relieve the tensions of our time.
Hattie McDaniel
I was only the servant of my country and had I, at any moment, failed to express her unflinching resolve to fight and conquer, I should at once have been rightly cast aside.
One of my direct subordinates, one of my guys that worked for me, he would call me up or pull me aside with some major problem, some issue that was going on. And he’d say, ‘Boss, we’ve got this, and that, and the other thing.’ And I’d look at him and I’d say, ‘Good.’
The video aside, ‘P.D.A’ is a song about when you really love somebody, you just can’t resist wanting to show that out in public sometimes.
On the cover of 'All the Stars' is a red grosgrain ribb

On the cover of ‘All the Stars’ is a red grosgrain ribbon. It’s Loos’s ribbon. Ageless, fabulous Loos – she tricked the very people who would have cast her aside like an old shoe if they knew the truth.
My father was a factory worker, and we were really poor. But everything I earned peddling papers and working in stores, he made me put aside for education.
Abraham A. Ribicoff
Gone are the days when a gentleman lightly took your hand in his and brushed his lips across it, or tipped his hat to acknowledge you as he chivalrously stepped aside to let you pass.
Yeah, we have our differences, but we put those aside, and now we’re making music. It’s great.
Alex Van Halen
My first priority is my children. If at any moment I put aside something that I want to do to be a better parent than that is more than okay for me.
I keep my perfume in the fridge. If someone sees me in the morning pushing aside the eggs to grab my perfume, it might look a little odd, but it’s so refreshing to spray cold fragrance on your skin.
If we put our differences aside, we can do great things.
We have to give feminism a shot. Out of sheer self preservation, we have to stand aside and let women run the show.
If you’re asked, you’ve got to serve – put aside any reservations based on campaign rhetoric… and figure out what’s best for the country.
Will I switch to E-reading? I won’t, mainly because I love the look and feel of books – particularly hardbacks. I love them enough to put up with the minor hassles of lugging them around and maneuvering them in my lap and having to set them aside while I eat my cheeseburger.
I may see a way I want to do something, and I understand when you have a team, everybody can’t do their own thing. I’m willing to put my own agenda aside to do what’s best for the team.
Richard Seymour
To be admitted to Nature’s hearth costs nothing. None is excluded, but excludes himself. You have only to push aside the curtain.
We have to push aside what generally concerns us most in our thought life, namely, the content of our thoughts, and learn instead to make conscious use of the element of will in our thinking.
On climbs, there is a general way we manage fear. We look at things objectively, separating out perceived risk from real risk. You can really bring down the level of fear by knowing the real risks and setting aside the others. You also know that panicking just makes things worse.
I think, as written, ‘Assassins’ simply acknowledges the very human need to be acknowledged. As director, I’ve got to put aside any particular biases or prejudices that, as a moral human being, this is not an appropriate or acceptable way to get what you want.
The biologists have essentially been pushed aside. Al Gore‘s just an opportunist. The person who is really responsible for this overestimate of global warming is Jim Hansen. He consistently exaggerates all the dangers.
Writing can’t be too calculated. My best writing is when I set it aside, move on. It’s not when I’m crafting a sentence, thinking about what word should follow another.
Working together during the past three years, we have confounded the skeptics and the cynics. We’ve shown that here in Virginia, Democrats and Republicans can come together, put politics aside, and make tough decisions when times demand it.
Mark Warner
Learning that someone is gay, queer, trans, doesn’t tell you much by itself. They could be any kind of person aside from that particular slice of identity.
Music is my biggest passion aside from anything else.
Law cannot stand aside from the social changes around it.
William J. Brennan, Jr.
I think the Olympics are a time for the world to come together and put aside differences, but we’re also coming to represent ourselves, our communities, and our countries, so I think it’s important to stand up and be a voice.
We should take every moment we have and enjoy it now. Put all this cattiness aside and have fun.
You can only do so many things great, and you should cast aside everything else.
That’s a lot of words about the weather, but in Canberra you can’t help but be aware of the seasons, and there is something wonderful about that. Okay, so there’s a distinct lack of beach, but aside from that, the place grows on you.
Judy Horacek
I would not mind stepping into movies if it is a good project. If it is changing my career in a good way, then of course I will keep money aside.
Acting isn’t always about the amount of talent you have, or your ability to cry on command. The point is, how well can you take direction? How well can you put aside your own ideas or ego and listen to the ideas of the director and the people above you, while not giving up the passion and drive of that character?
Government doesn’t have to come up with new killer features on its own. It has to step aside and let others come up with them.
I’m very business-minded. I think that’s something that sets me aside from other drag queens.
Writing a novel is a huge adventure; when it’s going well it’s more fun than fun. When it stutters to a halt put it aside. Go for a swim, go for a walk, take a week off. Don’t panic or be afraid; you and your characters are in it together. Trust them to come to your rescue.
When things don’t go your way, you brush it aside and carry on. Don’t take what you have for granted. Enjoy what you have.
Many seniors understand that Social Security is social

Many seniors understand that Social Security is social insurance as opposed to a program where we put money aside for our own retirement. But most elderly individuals think they’re getting their money back. So it isn’t selfishness as much as a misunderstanding.
Make it a priority to have at least eight months of living costs set aside in a federally insured bank or credit union account.
I decided that I was going to leave State House, and I was going also to step up and step aside so that I give President Peter Mutharika an opportunity to run the country without my interference.
When New Labour came to power, we got a Right-wing Conservative government. I came to realise that voting Labour wasn’t in Scotland’s interests any more. Any doubt I had about that was cast aside for ever when I saw Gordon Brown cosying up to Margaret Thatcher in Downing Street.
Jimmy Reid
We have to put aside the customary historical reading of works of art in order to invite art to respond to certain quite specific pains and dilemmas of our psyches.
When I was younger, I used to say, ‘I’m not making music. I am getting catharsis for emotion.’ For me, vulnerability is an act of uncovering. It’s a revealing: the idea of putting aside your armour and allowing pain to enter.
The Pleasure Seekers eventually turned into Cradle, when we started writing our own material. My younger sister Nancy was brought in as singer and I kind of stepped aside as main lead singer and concentrated on my instrument.
I think I take away a naturalistic approach to acting from doing ‘The Larry Sanders Show,’ a way to put aside acting and just exist in the world of what’s being handed to me.
People have lost what this nation was built on. I think our core values have been set aside… I believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.
Diane Hendricks
Like many things, the hardest part about meditation is the decision to put aside the time for it.
When I go out for dinner with friends, we all put our phones aside and the first person to pick up their phone has to pay the bill.
Since most startups operate at a break-neck pace, with a concept to prove or a product to launch within a rapidly shortening runway of financing, company culture often gets shoved aside. This is a big, big mistake: Nobody serious about their business should put culture in the corner.
Whence it follows that God is absolutely perfect, since perfection is nothing but magnitude of positive reality, in the strict sense, setting aside the limits or bounds in things which are limited.
Gottfried Leibniz
I’m now in my late 30s, and I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage and family. To be honest, I’ve decided to push aside thoughts of marriage and personal questions for now.
Gong Yoo
There must be something in the water in Minnesota because historically, despite its seemingly homogeneous population, the state has produced some of our more radical political thinkers, and its people have put their prejudices aside to vote for them.
The state has no right to cast people aside because they are sick or disabled.
The fact that I don’t have any particular need for religion doesn’t mean that I have a need to cast religion aside the way some of my colleagues do.
Innovation is a good thing. The human condition – put aside bioterrorism and a few footnotes – is improving because of innovation.
Breaking In’ is a very different office comedy and a caper comedy. Aside from ‘Chuck,’ there is no half-hour comedy that does stuff like that.
A forest – the word dates back to the Norman occupancy, when it meant an area set aside for England’s violent new masters to hunt boar and deer – is necessarily larger than a wood. It belonged to the king and was a fit place for his recreation.
Leaving all the glamour and air-kissing aside, at the end of the day, fashion is about operations and getting things done. The best way to be successful, therefore, is to learn from the people who do it best.
I was trained by Method acting teachers and we were taught that aside from whatever gift you may or may not have or the level of that gift, that you were obliged to know how to build a table. It’s a craft. It’s like being a ballerina or a violinist.
I generally don’t follow domestic news that much aside from how it relates to the stories I’m covering abroad, like what Americans think of the War in Afghanistan.
After finishing a draft, no matter how rough, I almost always put it aside for a while. It doesn’t matter if it’s a story or a novel, I find that when it’s still fresh in my mind I’m either thoroughly sick of its flaws or completely blind to them. Either way, I’m unable to make substantive edits of any value.
Politics has come to resemble a cynical team game played by politicians, while the public has been pushed aside as if sitting on the seats of a stadium in which passion for politics is gradually making room for blindness and desperation.
Edi Rama
Aside from a handful of guys boxing is missing the good trainers, that’s why our sport is so in the air now because we don’t have people who have the capability to not only train fighters but also train and create decent respectable citizens of the world.
I’m often asked, ‘What was, for you, your greatest film experience?’ And it always comes back to ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo‘s Nest,’ aside from being a film that really handled subject matter in such a brilliant, brilliant way.
I remember the first couple of years when I was coming up through the ranks, some of the old-timers would take me aside after the match and critique me.
I’m sure when alternative comedy started, before which – Billy Connolly aside – standup was essentially a person being racist and sexist onstage, there was also the sense that this was the death of comedy. But it’s just progress.
Aside from sales, the letters from readers have been primarily positive.
There is no finer sensations in life that which comes with victory over one’s self. Go forward to a goal of inward achievement, brushing aside all your old internal enemies as you advance.
Vash Young
The thought of me not having to clock in for a job anym

The thought of me not having to clock in for a job anymore is something that I can’t really put into words, aside from ‘amazing’ and ‘awesome.’
My constant battle is putting aside time wasters, and I have to watch out for procrastination. Staying on the path of something you’re trying to create has much to do with having confidence in yourself and in your capacity to realize the things you want out of life.
For me, it’s a compliment to be compared with Marilyn, the unforgettable actress, the most beautiful one of all. But, curves aside, we have very little in common.
Eva Herzigova
There’s no question that sources sometimes have interests aside from the truth when they talk to reporters. That’s why reporters have to very aggressively report against their own theses and against their initial information.
The most important thing that everybody can do, aside from building and keeping your network strong, is make good choices about your health.
I try to treat writing as part of my daily routine: I write for at least two hours, five days per week. I tend to write at home, in a room I’ve set aside for the task. I don’t work well in cafes or busy, loud spaces, although I wish I could. It would mean greater flexibility for me.
We have a rare and perhaps small window of opportunity to set partisan differences aside, and attempt to achieve what many in recent years have felt was unreachable – greater retirement security for ourselves and our children.
My comedy career aside, I am a father of three, a husband, a son, a brother and a vegan.
You have to establish in your life some sense of prioritizing things, of giving emphasis to the important things and of laying aside the unimportant things that will lead to nothing.
Aside from birthing me my first grey hairs and keeping me up at night more times than I’d like to count, ‘The Subtle Art’ taught me a lot about the nature of work. And a lot of that had to do with how my perception of the work itself evolved over the course of writing the book.
While we were promotingWide Open Spaces,’ we set aside time to write. We went on several writing retreats where nobody could get hold of us. It was the only way we could take a step back and reflect and write and be living a semi-normal life for a while.
I suffered during the military intervention of May 27, 1960, and then again on March 12, 1971 and again on September 12, 1980, and I was targeted February 28, 1997. My respect for the military aside, I have always been against interventions.
Americans want Washington to put aside political differences, find common ground, and start producing real economic solutions for the middle class.
Being able to step away from your work is big. Not even the actual work of sitting down and looking at game tape, but actually putting your job aside and focusing on other things. That’s a big part of being successful in this league.
Prince, Bootsy Collins, Earth Wind & Fire and Parliament all had albums that sound different. I wanted to show, as a hip-hop producer, I’m one of those that can do anything, because I was raised on so much music aside from rap and hip-hop.
As a catcher, you have to put your focus on what you’re doing defensively. You learn how to put your at-bats aside if you’re struggling.
Long ago, I realized that my only talent – aside from the rugged good looks, of course, and the strange power I hold over elderly women – can be reduced to a single word: doggedness.
Saying you must rotate three crops a year, a certain percentage of your land must be set aside, and some of the other proposals, my sense is that it’s a little anti-technology, and the ability of European farmers to feed Europe is reduced as a result.
One of the things I do to stay healthy and fit is to make sure I exercise every single day. Aside from eating right and getting enough sleep, exercise keeps me trim and boosts my energy.
The Washington leadership has put aside non-proliferation programmes and devoted its energies and resources to driving the country to war by extraordinary deceit, then trying to manage the catastrophe it created in Iraq.
Our imaginations are strong as children. Sometimes they get shoved aside, these imaginations. They get dusty and mildewed with age. The imagination is a muscle that has to be put to use or it shrivels.
When you’re failing, there’s a very powerful incentive to put ideology aside and just do what seems to work.
In the back of your mind there’s always these contractual things you have to deal with. You try to put that aside when it comes to training and playing.
I think Thurston’s and my weird tunings lent Sonic Youth a very different sound from the get-go. In the band’s 30 years – aside from covers – there are maybe two or three songs we wrote using traditional tuning.
It was 1981. I was working on a novel. And I put that novel aside one day after I read a newspaper article. The story said there were 19 women still on the pension payroll who were Confederate war widows. They were women who very early in their lives had married very old men.
Aside from being the funniest play in N.Y.C., ’39 Steps‘ is also the only show crazy enough to ask me to be a part of it.
It’s not always easy to stand aside and be unable to do anything except record the sufferings around one.
Robert Capa
I grew up in Zimbabwe and we didn’t have much. My dad worked away for the whole week as an engineer, came back on Friday with his pay and gave the rent money to my mum. He’d put aside money for food and stuff and he’d keep the rest. That’s how Africans lived, but there was enough to go around.
That’s the thing about writing for a lot of the villains is that, as a writer, you kind of have to put the best part of your own personality aside and instead focus on whatever little strange quirks you may have in your personality.
I wasn’t really taught about the value of money. I just learnt it as I grew up, but I do remember my dad telling me that it was important to always have some savings, and that stuck with me. I’ve always believed that putting money aside is a good thing.
When I was starting out, when I put aside my career as an economist. I looked at every book, went to every show, did my first stories, developed my first films. A fabulous time.
In many ways, products are a reflection of their founde

In many ways, products are a reflection of their founders, and I consider myself a geek. But aside from that, Imgur just organically evolved into the epicenter of geek culture.
Just think: people decided one day that a day should be set aside for motherhood and fatherhood. What a great concept that is.
No period of history has ever been great or ever can be that does not act on some sort of high, idealistic motives, and idealism in our time has been shoved aside, and we are paying the penalty for it.