Top 35 Apprehensive Quotes

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Whatever any boxer does in the ring, I don't think any

Whatever any boxer does in the ring, I don’t think any reporter should call him a coward. Anyone who does that I lose complete respect for. There’s a difference between being a coward and being scared, or apprehensive. Different fighters have got different mentalities.
You always get apprehensive before you do shoots.
I came to bobsledding quite by accident. I was on a skiing holiday in St. Moritz and took a guest ride. I liked it. I thought it was a thrilling experience. It is scary. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was apprehensive at first.
Throughout ‘Doris,’ and while I was recording it, you could hear I was apprehensive towards everything. I can’t explain it. It wasn’t fun; it was like I had to do it.
A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods on his side.
I had become shy of life’s bustle in my solitary retreat and was apprehensive at the thought of facing the world.
Selma Lagerlof
When I started this project, I was a young architect. I was very apprehensive about any changes to the design. Whether I wanted to or not, I learned that you can accept some changes to its form without compromising its intent. But it’s a leap of faith that I didn’t want to make initially – to put it mildly.
Persons who have been homeless carry within them a certain philosophy of life which makes them apprehensive about ownership.
I always wanted to be an actor and my parents were happy with my decision. But that happened later. They were apprehensive initially because I have an MBA degree and I used to work for American Expressmarketing team.
My parents have let me do whatever I am interested in. Initially, they were apprehensive, but when they realised that filmmaking was my passion and that I was doing a good job with the short films and the recognition in ‘Naalaya Iyakkunar’ TV show, they supported and encouraged me.
There were offers from a few Bollywood filmmakers, but I was sceptical as to whether those films will do justice to my vision or even my life. I was also apprehensive because what if I sign an agreement and give the rights to some filmmaker, and he shelves the project?
My disorder has been attended with several symptoms of a consumption; and I have been at times apprehensive that my great change was at hand: yet blessed be God, I have never been affrighted; but, on the contrary, at times much delighted with a view of its approach.
As a director, I was apprehensive about the outcome of ‘Kick.’ As it scored well, it is my duty to get above that expectation.
Everyone finds interviews nerve-wracking so try updating your interview outfit with some new accessories, such as a fabulous silk scarf, so you feel great and know that you look a million dollars, even if you’re feeling a little apprehensive.
Even now, I still get a bit apprehensive before a game because I am worried about whether I have done enough preparation or if something is going to catch me out. But the fear factor has gone – as it should have done by now, really, after nearly 50 years.
I moved to New York first and was really apprehensive about moving to L.A., but I really, really like it.
I never really felt apprehensive because of my voice because after a while I’d gotten used to it, so I figured it would only be a matter of time before everybody else got used to it.
‘Raaz Reboot’ doesn’t have extreme boldness, but I was apprehensive about the kissing scenes.
I hail from a small town. My parents were never apprehensive about my decision to take up acting – they’ve been a constant support to me.
I’ve always been apprehensive about doing comic books, period.
Like most peopleunless they’re very practised at it or have no warm blood at all in their veins – I feel a little apprehensive about the red carpet. It’s always a bit bewildering when people are taking pictures and asking questions before the ceremony.
If children live with hostility, they learn to fight. If they live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive. If they live with criticism, they learn to condemn.
Ron Finley
Everybody was apprehensive about a documentary. When we’re all dead and gone, we don’t want to leave something that is not going to be representing the band in a true and honest way that shows everything that’s important.
I have always been reasonably anonymous, but I suppose that has gone with the success of ‘Homeland.’ I feel a lot more visible, which is good and bad. Good because I am getting recognition, but I am slightly apprehensive because I always enjoyed my anonymity.
If you are a good person, you will probably be a good father. Try not to worry too much. If you don’t feel apprehensive just before your first child arrives, you are abnormal. Though catastrophe doesn’t come as often in childbirth as it did a few generations ago, we naturally fear it.
Every generation looks at literature through the lens of their own experience, but with the Bible, everyone gets apprehensive and thinks it’ll be too stuffy.
The health-care law, irrespective of how people feel about the aims of it – and obviously I don’t agree with Obamacare – but the worry that some businesses have about how the law will impact their bottom line has made people more apprehensive about expanding and growing their business in the 21st century.
I was apprehensive about bringing off this Homer.
In my profession, people are never scared to be nice. They are in fact apprehensive about being critical.
The most memorable engagement for me, I suppose, was an away-day to Leicester. I went without William, so I was rather apprehensive about that.
People are apprehensive about finding ‘The Leftoversfunny because it’s such a dark circumstance, but I think, really, what the show is about is examining how different people deal with loss. There are elements of humour and levity and irony in that… just like in real life.
Directors were apprehensive in trying comedy with me.

Directors were apprehensive in trying comedy with me.
Sometimes the only way to make palatable that which is appalling and apprehensive is to season it with some humor.
After ‘City of Evil,’ the world was still kind of apprehensive about Avenged Sevenfold. They didn’t know if we were a serious band or just some kids trying to play really ambitious music with crazy guitar parts that would be here one minute and gone the next.
I remember actually liking a girl in high school who was kind of an outcast and weird, and people made fun of her. I remember hanging out with her, but I was apprehensive about telling anyone I really liked her.
Beau Mirchoff