Top 35 Fiscal Responsibility Quotes

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I see the demographics increasing, and by that I mean t

I see the demographics increasing, and by that I mean the notion of social acceptance is growing, not decreasing; I think the notion of fiscal responsibility is growing, not decreasing. And Republicans seem to be moving further away from those two categories than closer.
We combine fiscal responsibility with social responsibility.
Rather than waiting to restore fiscal responsibility after we pass legislation, we must work to ensure we remain committed to it as we draft legislation.
During his campaign, Donald J. Trump embraced the cause of fiscal responsibility and accused President Barack Obama of shackling the country with a ‘mountain of debt.’
I think it is really important when we’re talking about fiscal responsibility that we are balancing the budget in ways that really benefit the working people and Americans.
With its record spending and deficits, the Obama administration has shown little interest in taking fiscal responsibility. That is a mistake.
We in Scotland need fiscal responsibility. Quite simply, we need to be responsible for what we raise in tax and what we spend in tax.
Tom Hunter
Stemming the tide of special interest campaign cash – and restoring fiscal responsibility in Congress – is no easy task. But there is one place where concerned citizens in both parties can begin: Changing the source of money that funds all campaigns.
In Congress, I was a relentless advocate for fiscal responsibility.
Ann Kirkpatrick
One of the greatest falsehoods of American politics over the past several decades is that the Republican party is the party of fiscal responsibility.
Being lectured by the president on fiscal responsibility is a little bit like Tony Soprano talking to me about law and order in this country.
I represent what I think is a traditional Republican… a limited government, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, individual freedom and liberty.
This election presents a stark choice – we can continue down the road of the Obama Democrats, more and more spending, debt and government control of the economy, or we can return to the founding principles of our nation – free markets, fiscal responsibility and individual liberty.
As the President reviewed the state of the union and unveiled his second-term agenda, he fell short of adequately explaining how he intends to set America back on the course of fiscal responsibility and secure the fiscal health of the nation.
What I am is a principled conservative individual who believes in fiscal responsibility.
Spending and tax cut decisions must be both fiscally responsible and fair to our working families. I believe that fiscal responsibility is the way to create prosperity for America and secure the retirement of America’s seniors.
Blanche Lincoln
There’s no reason why fiscal responsibility is a Democrat or a Republican point of view. It ought to be all of our points of view.
President Obama has ignored or dismissed proposals that would address our anti-competitive tax code and unsustainable trajectory of federal debt – including his own bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform – and submitted no plan for entitlement reform.
Glenn Hubbard
Fiscal responsibility and government reform are going to be good themes for governing, well at any time, but particularly coming out of a recovery.
Congress must demonstrate fiscal responsibility.
More generally, I strongly believe in the importance of fiscal responsibility.
Rishi Sunak
Because of fiscal responsibility, we will keep taxes low and maintain important priorities like IPERS.
The Republican Party is either going to return to the party of fiscal responsibility and consistent conservative principles as it was under Ronald Reagan, or it will continue down the path of ‘sporadic moderation.’
But in this Congress, accountability is just a catch phrase, usually directed elsewhere. Demands to personal responsibility or corporate accountability abound, but rarely congressional accountability or fiscal responsibility.
Because of my upbringing, I believe in things like limited government, fiscal responsibility and personal accountability. I believe in the wisdom of our founders and the sanctity of our Constitution.
I served three terms in the U.S. Senate and was co-chairman of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform in 2010. So I know a bit about how Washington operates, and I have had plenty of experience doing the work of running for office.
The lack of fiscal responsibility is one of the main reasons I finally left my old Party.
Lincoln Chafee
The Democratic Party is on the move across the country. Voters are responding to our message of progress and fiscal responsibility.
Joe Andrew
When I came to Congress, I campaigned for fiscal responsibility. And the earmarking problem and crisis caused a great erosion in the public‘s confidence in Congress. We’ve got to find a way to do it without that. And I’m confident that we can.
My grandfather was a popular senator, known as an advocate for fiscal responsibility, including the line-item veto for the president.
Republicans should simply focus on first principles and

Republicans should simply focus on first principles and give the American people what they want – an honest party dedicated to common sense, fiscal responsibility and limited government. If we govern to save the country, we’ll do well as a party.
Tom Coburn
I’m not really conservative. I’m conservative on certain things. I believe in less government. I believe in fiscal responsibility and all those things that maybe Republicans used to believe in but don’t any more.
There are two important things to remember about ‘entitlements’: They are hugely popular programs for a very good reason, and actual sensible ‘reform’ would mean improving them, not sacrificing them at the altar of ‘fiscal responsibility.’
I will work to restore fiscal responsibility to our country’s budget and to provide for a more robust economy.
Ed Pastor