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In college, I was a huge fan of 'Les Miserables.' I see

In college, I was a huge fan of ‘Les Miserables.’ I seem to remember that people who were into French literature preferred Hugo’s poetry.
I guess I see a part of myself in everyone I write about. I tend to write about kids who are obsessed with something, and even though I have never been good with machines the way Hugo is, I did love miniature things when I was a kid.
When I was a kid, I watched Hugo Sanchez videos. The backflip I sometimes do when I score is actually an homage to him.
Where I am they can smell out a hurricane. My house survived Hurricane Hazel, but it didn’t get past Hugo.
Mickey Spillane
One of my biggest inspirations is President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Yea, President Hugo.
The two books I’ve re-read more than any others are Guenter Grass‘s ‘The Tin Drum‘ and Victor Hugo’s ‘Notre-Dame de Paris‘.
Paul Kaye
Anything I learned about the fine art of acting I learned from Hugo.
Cleo Moore
My career has been like that – when I went to Newcastle, Kieron Dyer and Gary Speed were ahead of me and I got into that team. Then they bought Hugo Viana, who had just been crowned Young European Player of the Year, and I still got into the side.
I saw my potential as artistic director, which is very different from designer. Fashion companies might have $200 million to $300 million in annual sales – Hugo Boss has €2.5 billion. I have to create a world that is believable and also relevant in 7,000 sales points around the world.
I’ve been asking my partner for a dog for a while and she kept saying no. She was obviously keeping it for a birthday surprise, and when I came home from Rotherham, Hugo was sat on the sofa waiting for me. It was a really nice surprise.
It wasn’t until I did ‘Hugo’ where I sort of started to think that this could be something that I do for a long time – not necessarily the rest of my life, but we’ll see.
The Kitchen, which my wife and I opened with our friend and amazing chef Hugo Matheson, was quickly recognized as the pioneer in ‘greenrestaurants across the country.
Any adaptation – and I’ve done three in my career. I did ‘Sweeney Todd’ and ‘Hugo’ and ‘Coriolanus.’ It’s important to find what makes it a movie as opposed to just a film presentation of a stage play.
I have interviewed Hugo Chavez, Tim McVeigh, and hundreds of fascinating characters in South America, where I have lived for the past 15 years.
Can you imagine what Bush would say if someone like Hugo Chavez asked him for a little piece of land to install a military base, and he only wanted to plant a Venezuelan flag there?
Tom Hooper did an amazing job in capturing the feel of Victor Hugo’s book. I thought some of the performances were incredible. I thought the Bishop would be a nice part to play, and they all made such a fuss of me being there.
Hugo Boss is my kind of label.
Doing 3D on ‘Hugo’ was a big learning curve for me, but fun!
When I wear Hugo Boss ‘The Scent For Her’, I feel more confident, attractive, and seductive – it’s the perfect fragrance for a date.
Anna Ewers
Sure, ‘Les Miserables’ can be melodramatic. And seeing the musical instead of reading the novel will save you some time and spare you the long part where Hugo goes on and on about the Parisian sewer system. But I would hate for the novel to lose that.
The war broke out, and for a number of years I lived in darkness, with the memory of the lakes, the trees and the skies of Sweden, until I returned in 1946 to spend two unforgettable years in the laboratory of Hugo Theorell.
I like All Saints. They make great leathers. I love Hugo Boss, especially the suits. I like James Perse for T-shirts, and Supra and Radii for sneakers. And God Is in the Details.
We wanted ‘Hugo’ to be a cornucopia of cinema, a celebration of everything we do in movies.
I barely need to reiterate what you already know: the close links that exist between our people and the people of Venezuela and Hugo Chavez, the promoter of the Bolivarian Revolution and the United Socialist Party he founded.
I’m a Joseph Abboud fan. I’m a Hugo Boss fan. I’m a Brooks Brothers fan. As far as suits go, those are my go-tos.
I watched films growing up, but no more than the next guy, really. Working on ‘Hugo’ made me appreciate cinema and the art of cinema a lot more.
Richard Hugo taught me that anyone with a desire to write, an ear for language and a bit of imagination could become a writer. He also, in a way, gave me permission to write about northern Montana.
James Welch
For fiction, I’m not particularly nationalistic. I’m not like the Hugo Chavez of Latin American letters, you know? I want people to read good work.
All praise to the masters indeed, but we too could produce a Kant or a Hugo.
Jose Clemente Orozco
When I do my own wardrobe, I try to wear a designer from each of the countries I’m visiting: Tom Ford for New York, Hugo Boss for Germany, Burberry for England.
Everything about ‘Hugo’ to me is poignant, from the broken orphan to the old man losing his past to the fragility of film itself.
I like to be comfortable. If I go out, if it's a premie

I like to be comfortable. If I go out, if it’s a premiere, I’ll put on a suit and look nice. I like Hugo Boss for that.
My reading and drawing drew me away from the ordinary interests, and I lived a great deal in the world of imagination, feeding upon any book that fell into my hands. When I had got hold of a really thick book like Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables,’ I was happy and would go off into a corner to devour it.
Jacob Epstein
I really gravitate toward having all different styles in my closet because I feel like I always want to dress to fit my mood or where I am going. I do love Jason Wu; he is also a really good friend of mine, and I love what he is doing for Hugo Boss these days.
He was just always Uncle Hugo. He still is. I remember the first time I was watching ‘Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert,’ and I was like, ‘Oh that’s what he does!’