Top 35 Rave Quotes

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I grew up around salsa, merengue, bachata, bass music,

I grew up around salsa, merengue, bachata, bass music, freestyle, hip-hop, techno, house, rave.
CalArts was incredible for me. It’s a school that I rave about and constantly want to give back to.
Derek Magyar
I would go to college and people would know me from the rave they went to at the weekend. So I would get a bit of respect. But I would always go to class and do my work. My mother made sure of that.
I was big into hip-hop as a kid, and when I was eighteen, I got into dance and rave music, which was popular in Ireland at the time.
Most raves used to end by getting CS gassed. It wouldn’t be like: ‘Last orders! We’ve gotta go!’ It’d be: ‘Sigh, it’s been CS gassed, we’ve gotta leave.’
The world that I come from is the world of raves, hip-hop clubs, and rock and roll.
All the rappers in rave music are like the sloppy seconds of rappers who couldn’t make it.
I tend to sit around with my friends a lot and rant and rave about things I think are ridiculous in the world, and I tend to make fun of myself a lot.
Our intention when we first started as a band, was to be a rave band. We kind of just got it wrong. We tried, but we didn’t have the talent or the knowledge to make a rave record.
When doing comedy, I do what makes me laugh. The first person I learned from said I should talk about things I am passionate about – that I love or hatebecause the audience likes to see passion. The stuff I rant and rave about stems from a place that really pisses me off.
I’ve always loved listening to music on my own, but there’s another side of me that is just fascinated by… like Goa trance, for example – just a rave on a beach in India, you know? Where there’s someone that’s spinning the music, and it’s just this free-flowing, continuous energy.
My father assigned me to keep his scrapbooks. At first I was interested in reading only his rave notices, but I got interested in reading what the critics were saying about whether the play was good or not.
Dorothy Fields
I rant and rave about noise pollution.
Spectrum‘ is in part a disco song. But we play it hard, and it’s a real euphoric, wailing tune. It’s kind of like a total house anthem, in a way, but it seems to be going down really well. We’ve got all the grunge kids going mad for disco house raves.
Who loves, raves.
I was playing hip-hop when everybody else was playing the giant rave music.
I’ve always been attracted to romantic secondhand clothes. But my style developed as I started going to these strange raves where everybody had these very definitive costumes.
When I started working on electronic music, that was after the rave period. I haven‘t even seen that part of it that much.
My love for dance music started when I was a child. Some of my earliest memories are hearing Trance music in the charts and later being heavily influenced by the eclectic tastes of my big brother, he quickly turned me into an avid Drum ‘n’ Bass head even though I was too young to rave.
Becky Hill
Holland was one of the first countries to adopt dance music into their culture, and we were the first ones to have really big raves. I grew up in that atmosphere in the early 1990s, and I was very interested in how dance music was made.
Armin van Buuren
When I finally turned 18, I started to wonder if rave was now different to what it was and whether I’d missed out on the golden days of rave. So, I thought I’d talk to some of the legends in the game and get an education on how music was made, listened to and the rave scene from before I was even born.
Becky Hill
In 2015, I was at a high point in my career: Superstore,’ the sitcom I star in as Dina, premiered on NBC and was getting rave reviews. But at the same time, my health hit rock bottom.
Australians are crazy, man! Every night, I feel like I’m in a scene from Brad Pitt’s ‘World War Z’… the kids are going to figure out a way to from a zombie rave ladder over the plexiglass and come into the DJ booth and eat me alive… Not in a bad way at all.
I observe a lot, and I try to pick out what looks good on me. I like to keep it basic and simple. Never too flashy. Remember, whatever suits you is the best, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the trend or the rave of the season.
Sometimes I have given my husband a manuscript to read that has turned out to have fantastic rave reviews and he’ll tell me it is no good. Well, if I didn’t know him as well as I know him I would be terribly depressed.
My own view would be to let Saddam bluster, let him rant and rave all he wants. As long as he behaves himself within his own borders, we should not be addressing any attack or resources against him.
Dick Armey
New Rave was like the 60s – if you can remember it then you weren’t there.
I grew up in a place where everybody was a storyteller, but nobody wrote. It was that kind of Celtic, storytelling tradition: everybody would have a story at the pub or at parties, even at the clubs and raves.
So I thought I’d find out for myself and educate my generation on how rave has changed over the last 30 years, and how the creation of music and discovery of music had changed too.
Becky Hill
I have one rave ‘New York Times‘ review framed next to a flopLos Angeles Times’ review. And it’s for the same show. These people watched the same show. That’s what happens. They love it, they hate it.
When Paul Beatty’s ‘The Sellout‘ was first published in America in 2015, it was a small release. It got a rave review in the daily ‘New York Times’ and one in the weekly ‘New York Times Book Review,’ too, for good measure. But by and large, it was not a conversation-generating book.
A friend of mine back in 1989 did an illegal rave in Va

A friend of mine back in 1989 did an illegal rave in Vauxhall. He got Keith Haring to come along and tag the side of the wall. My friend cut it out of the wall and he kept it under his bed for 20 years. Then a few years ago he asks me if I want to buy it… so I spent £12,000 on a Keith Haring.
I used to go to raves, but I was never into the whistles and white gloves.
Rhona Mitra
We don’t feel like we changed from rave, because we were never rave, to punk, because we’re not punk.
I wouldn’t call myself ‘into the DJ scene.’ I have friends who are DJs, like James Murphy. I was really into the DJ scene at his wedding. But generally, I’m not at the clubs. I’ve never been to a rave.